Blackwater Lobbyist Is Now ‘Staff Director’ For House Intelligence Committee

Our republic is hopelessly doomed. Lobbyists pay their employees to become “public servants” and come back into the fold afterward. Not only do they write legislation, now they control who and what gets investigated. The republic will not last.

…legislators are now appointing lobbyists to literally manage the day-to-day affairs of Congress. For the House Intelligence Committee, which oversees government intelligence operations and agencies, the changing of the guard means a lobbyist for Academi, the defense contractor formerly known as Blackwater, is now in charge.

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA), the incoming chairman of the Intelligence Committee when the House reconvenes in January, announced that Jeff Shockey will be the new Staff Director of the committee[….]

Other committees are also hiring lobbyists. Congessman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) replacement as chair of the Oversight Committee, just hired Podesta Group lobbyist Sean McLaughlin as his new Staff Director[….] Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) also hired a new chief of staff, Mark Isakowitz, who represents BP.

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Time Magazine: Right-Wing Militias A Threat To Cops


Time Magazine Is Right Again… /sarc

Time Magazine warned of a growing threat to cops nationwide in September 2010. The nationally renowned publication argued that sinister individuals would launch targeted attacks against police officers and even ambush them in their patrol cars.[…]

Who are these groups that present such a threat to police? Right-wing militias, according to Time.

In a lengthy six-page article entitled “The Secret World of Extremist Militias,” then-Time Contributing Editor-at-Large Barton Gellman made the case that America should be deeply worried about private citizens forming militias.

“Scores of armed antigovernment groups, some of them far more radical, have formed or been revived during the Obama years, according to law-enforcement agencies and outside watchdogs. A six-month TIME investigation reveals that recruiting, planning, training and explicit calls for a shooting war are on the rise, as are criminal investigations by the FBI and state authorities. Readier for bloodshed than at any time since at least the confrontations in the 1990s in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, and Waco, Texas, the radical right has raised the threat level against the President and other government targets,” the article says.

As always, the progressives projected their true selves and, as always, it is angry, degenerate leftists who perpetrate the most heinous crimes.


“North Korea threatens to ‘blow up’ the White House “


Image from iOTW

Story from the UK Daily Mail:

North Korea threatens to ‘blow up’ the White House after claiming to find ‘clear evidence’ that the GOVERNMENT was behind controversial Sony film The Interview

Kim Jung Un - The only fat man in North Korea

Kim Jung Un – The only fat man in North Korea

North Korea has threatened more attacks against the U.S. government and other American institutions in the wake of the hack on Sony which cancelled the release of The Interview.
The government – which was outraged by the film showing the assassination of leader Kim Jong Un – also claimed to have ‘clear evidence’ that the U.S. government engineered the project as a ‘propaganda’ attack against North Korea.”

Best comment at the Daily Mail article: “Why bother with the white house, it’s not like Obama is ever there”

It doesn’t sound like anyone is taking Lil’ Kim seriously.


Senator Mike Lee Braces For Primary Challenge Fom GOP Establishment

This is from Politico, a left-leaning site. It may be only wishful thinking but the quotes from Jon Huntsman Sr. sound genuine. Huntsman has some powerful pull within the Republican party in Utah.

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah)

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah)

As the 43-year-old Lee plots his 2016 reelection bid, he is courting business leaders under the radar, hoping to head off a primary challenge backed by business leaders and other establishment figures in his home state, like billionaire Jon Huntsman Sr., an influential bank CEO and a former Utah GOP party chairman.
Some powerful establishment Republicans in Utah are tired of Lee’s hard-line positions. He stood with Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas last year when the federal government closed and again this month when they tried to take on President Barack Obama on immigration but ended up giving Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada leverage to confirm controversial nominations.

Huntsman, who founded the petrochemical giant that bears his name, refuses to meet with Lee because of his “extremely radical” positions and is considering putting his political and financial muscle behind a primary challenger.”

Read more at Politico

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Andrew Klavan: “Defend Cancer Against the Jews”

Brilliantly done.

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Big Fur Hat Forgot A Few Faces But This Is Very Good

Maybe he’ll do the rest.

bloody sharpton

From iOTW.

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Good Stuff You Don’t See Much Any More

From Wikipedia: William Ewart Fairbairn (/ˈfɛrbɛrn/; 28 February 1885 – 20 June 1960) was a British soldier, police officer and exponent of hand-to-hand combat method, the close combat, for the Shanghai Police between the world wars, and allied special forces in World War II. He developed his own fighting system known as Defendu, as well as other weapons tactics. Notably, this included innovative pistol shooting techniques and the development of the Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife.

The Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife

The Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife

Together with Eric A. Sykes he developed innovative pistol shooting techniques and handgun specifications for the SMP which were later disseminated through their book Shooting To Live With The One-Hand Gun (1942), along with various other police innovations such as riot batons, armoured vests and other equipment.

He is perhaps best known for designing the famous Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife, or ‘Commando’ knife, a stilletto-style fighting dagger used by British Special Forces in the Second World War, and featured in his textbook Scientific Self-Defence.[1]:p:191 Fairbairn also designed the lesser known Smatchet, and collaborated on the design of several other combat knife designs.”



Tip ‘O the hat to WSRA

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Sunday Matinee – The Battling Bastards of Bastion Bastogne

This is one of the greatest stories of battle in American History. The German Ardennes Offensive was rolling hard towards its objectives. Key to the success of the operation was the capture of the town of Bastogne. The defenders of Bastogne were surrounded and could only be resupplied from the air. As the Paratroopers defending Bastogne were down to the last of their ammunition they were given a surrender ultimatum. The weather forecast indicated that Airborne Resupply would not be possible for another Week. General McAuliffe responded to the German Surrender Ultimatum with the words “Nuts”.

Days before the Ardennes Offensive began, General Patton issued orders to his Army to pray for a break in the weather. Those orders reached the Troops after the German Offensive had begun. Those orders reached the Soldiers under Patton’s Command on the day the Germans issued their Ultimatum. The very next day the prayers of Patton’s Army were answered and the 9th Troop Carrier Command was able to take resupply and reinforcement into Bastogne.

The German Ardennes Offensive was stopped and with it was destroyed any possibility of a negotiated end to the War. Europe was liberated of the scourge of the Nazis. All of that was decided because an American General ordered his Troops to pray unceasingly, 70 Years ago this week.

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A Sunday Sermon from the Archives

This week I have been searching for a proper sermon to share with Revoworld on this Sunday before Christmas. I just found it. It’s a Sunday Sermon from Years gone by. It’s always fun to go back and read things from the archives that are frozen in time, yet still has something to say years later. The publication at the link that follows is all about Prayer and Thanksgiving. They are things worth considering this Christmas and always.

It is God alone who blesses us with Victory in Battle – A Christmas Miracle

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An Open Letter To The Leaders Of The Republican Party

You have come up with a sure way for GOP candidates to lose every time. I don’t know how you got to this point but I suspect you have been listening to people who don’t have the best wishes for Republicans.

Today’s GOP leaders point fingers and laugh at the rubes in the Tea Party, religious groups, and other traditional Americans. You think you are on the right track but you are not.

Do you remember the 2012 election? Republican voters stayed home in droves. Millions did not vote. As a result, 2012 was a terrible year for Republicans. I know that 2014 was better but have you looked at the voter participation rate? We are still staying away from the polls. The reason Republicans won in 2014 was not turn-out. It was lack of voters. Democrats stayed home, too.

I remember well working with my county party chief, trying to bring in people from diverse groups. We worked with Libertarians, Constitutional Party members, anyone who loved freedom. We were encouraged to do this, to strengthen our base. We did and then the national party made it all go away.

At the 2012 GOP national convention you folks refused to let anyone from any of those disparate groups speak to the assembly of delegates. I don’t know what was behind that decision but I’ll tell you what it caused. It caused the relationship we had nurtured with people to be shattered. They didn’t trust us any more. They were right, too.

Now we see Republican leaders doing similar things. Senators and Representatives who were elected because of their love of our Constitution are being sidelined by their new leaders. They are being ignored and worse.

Governor Jeb Bush makes no bones about his desire to become President of the United States. He also says he can accomplish that without support from Conservatives. He can not.

Governor Bush is a progressive. He will not get my vote and he will not get the votes of millions of other Constitution loving Americans, just like Mitt Romney didn’t. We will stay home like so many did in 2012 if he is our candidate.

Understand this: You are wrong if you think progressive centrism is a winning strategy. Our country is being systematically dismantled by Progressives and you are complicit.

Americans know in their hearts and minds what is going on. We know that there is a reckoning coming and it will be terrible. It may be that our country has come too far to reverse it but we know one thing: The longer we let it go on the more terrible it will be. The earlier we stop the slide the less damage we will see.


Head Of NYC Police Union: “Deblasio Thinks He’s Running A F*cking Revolution”

No, actually, he Knows he’s running one. He, Obama, Holder, et al are revolutionaries who are devoted to one thing – control. They want control over every aspect of American life. They can’t accomplish that while Americans are armed. They intend to take our guns away.

To do that they must incite enough violence that the American public starts to fight back. Once that happens they intend to swoop in with overwhelming force, kill constitution lovers and disarm those they don’t have to kill.

They know they are running a revolution. They have wanted one all their lives. They almost have it.


This is from the New York Post:

Mayor Bill de Blasio acts more like the leader of “a f- -king revolution” than a city, police union president Pat Lynch said at a recent delegate meeting.

“He is not running the City of New York. He thinks he’s running a f- -king revolution,” said Lynch, head of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, during the private gathering in Queens last Friday.

Lynch, who was secretly recorded, also all but ordered a rule-book slowdown, according to the seven-minute tape obtained by Capital New York.”


NYP: “2 NYPD cops shot dead ‘execution style’ as ‘revenge’ for Garner”

Obama, Holder, and Sharpton are starting things.

Brooklyn cops shot

Two uniformed NYPD officers were shot dead Saturday afternoon as they sat in their marked police car on a Brooklyn street corner — in what investigators believe was a crazed gunman’s execution-style mission to avenge Eric Garner and Michael Brown.
“It’s an execution,” one law enforcement source said of the 3 p.m. shooting of the two officers, whose names were being withheld pending family notification of their deaths.”



More at New York Post


“Jeb Bush announces and will do a fine job, just like Presidents Dole, McCain, and Romney.”

Just one example of, “How People Reacted to Jeb Bush’s 2016 Announcement, in 36 Tweets“.

Jeb Bush stumping for Thom Tillis


“Judicial Watch Forces Release Of Photos Of Gang Attack With Fast & Furious Rifle”

‘Obama Specials’ is what Bob Owens is calling the Fast and Furious guns when they show up at a crime scene. I like it.

I won’t post images of the crime scene.

Two sources for this:

Bearing Arms refers us to Judicial Watch.

This 7.62×39 WASR AKM “Obama Special” used in a 2013 gang attack in Phoenix, AZ, is one of thousands of weapons provided to narco-terrorists in one of the Obama Department of Justice’s gun smuggling operations.

This 7.62×39 WASR AKM “Obama Special” used in a 2013 gang attack in Phoenix, AZ, is one of thousands of weapons provided to narco-terrorists in one of the Obama Department of Justice’s gun smuggling operations.

Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained graphic crime scene photos taken at the site of a 2013 gang-style assault on a Phoenix, AZ, apartment building, including a close-up photo revealing the serial number of the AK-47 rifle used by the assailants. As a result of Judicial Watch’s October 2, 2014, public records lawsuit, the weapon has been already traced to the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) Operation Fast and Furious gunrunning program. The photos were also produced by the Phoenix Police Department in response to this lawsuit (Judicial Watch v. City of Phoenix (No. CV2014- 012018)).”


“1,000 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne headed to Iraq”

How many men now have boots on the ground in Iraq?

Oh, that’s right. The President said, “None”.

Paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne's 3rd Brigade Combat Team and Division Special Troops Battalion exit an Air Force C-130 during a jump at Fort Bragg's Sicily Drop Zone, July 14, 2010. ANDREW ALFANO/U.S. ARMY

Paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team and Division Special Troops Battalion exit an Air Force C-130 during a jump at Fort Bragg’s Sicily Drop Zone, July 14, 2010.

From Stars and Stripes:

WASHINGTON — Approximately 1,000 paratroopers from the Army’s famed 82nd Airborne Division will deploy to Iraq early next year to help the Iraqi security forces take on the Islamic State, the Pentagon announced Friday.

The soldiers from the 82nd’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team, based at Fort Bragg, N.C., will begin to deploy in late January to train, advise and assist the ISF, Pentagon press secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby told reporters.”


Putin’s Pushing The Envelope

Russian Nuclear Bombers Again Buzz Guam

Earlier aircraft incursions near Alaska and Europe”

Russia Military

Russian Czar Vladimir Putin is trying to elicit a reaction from the United States. He keeps sending his air force into our air space. So far there have been no mushroom clouds but he’s up to something.

Russian strategic bombers conducted a third circumnavigation of the U.S. Pacific island of Guam last week as other bombers flew close to Alaska and Europe, defense officials said.

Two Tu-95 Bear H bombers made the flight around Guam, a key U.S. military hub in the western Pacific, on Dec. 13. No U.S. interceptor jets were dispatched to shadow the bombers.

Separately, two Canadian F-18s intercepted two Bear bombers that intruded into the Alaska air defense identification zone on Dec. 8 that a military spokesman called “unwanted, provocative, and potentially destabilizing.”

Around the same time in Europe, NATO jets intercepted Russian Tu-95 and Tu-22 Backfire bombers also conducting provocative flights.”

Hmmm. So now the United States is relying on Canadian planes to protect Alaska? That’s the first I’ve heard of that.

Read more at the Washington Free Beacon


PBS Gun Poll Backfires

PBS has asked their fans to react to a poll about restricting gun rights. The title of the poll is, “Poll: Would you support more restrictive gun laws in your state?“. They try everything they can to skew the results with propaganda like this,

Even so, after more than 118,000 people have voted the results look like this:

pbs gun poll

Their agenda is showing. They are not keeping up with the rest of the people in the American public. PBS has become tone deaf. In spite of indicators like this, they continue to try to peddle their anti-gun lines.

Stupid, really.


Friday Night at the Movies – A Midnight Clear

untitled (21)

It’s another Friday night and here you are… WOOOooo! Christmas is nearly upon us and I do hope that you have enjoyed the season at your own pace, whatever that may be. My pace dictates that I begin my shopping tonight… but a WWE/NXT show was at the National Guard Armory tonight so shopping has to wait. I will be watching a young man see his first Rasslin’ show and that is going to put me in even better holiday spirits.

As far as shopping goes, I only have a few people to buy for and I actually know what I’m going to get for one of them. The others will be at the whim of whatever inspires me. I find that all of the people on my Christmas List like to eat and they like to drink, thus sustaining life. If I focus my gift giving thoughts around things that people might like to eat or drink, typically my gift will be well received. Thus it is proper to present Barbeque Sauce from a favorite establishment as a gift this and every holiday season. Gourmet Beers from around the World, shoved into a straw lined drywall bucket and capped with a plastic lid adorned with a festive holiday ribbon or bow will absolutely steal the adoration of every recipient. It’s always great to show up to a family gathering with Six or Eight drywall buckets with bows and/or ribbons on the lid along with the name of the recipient written with a sharpie. People absolutely go insane looking at something like that with their name on it and it will be the first thing they go for when it’s time to open presents. BBQ Sauce and Beer. You can’t go wrong.

What makes this Christmas different than any Christmas in quite a number of Years is that I… have a girlfriend to buy for this Year.

More below the fold…


Communists order CBS to remove Rudolph from the public airwaves

The Obama Administration has ordered CBS to comply with the Communist Revolutionaries making these demands after consulting with the Pope who has now also proclaimed this 50 Year Old Christmas Cartoon as counter-revolutionary.

“We no longer live in an era when white men inflict their desires for Silver and Gold on the American population. By banning Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer from further broadcast in the United States we will also strengthen our vitally important diplomatic ties with Cuba and North Korea…” a Presidential Spokesperson said.


Freaky Friday Caption Contest



Everyone We Have A Problem With Helped North Korea Hack Sony!


China may have helped North Korea carry out the hacking attack on Sony Pictures, a US official has told Reuters.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the conclusion of the US investigation was to be announced later by federal authorities.

The Chinese embassy in Washington later stated that China does not support “cyber illegalities”.

There were also reports on Friday that Iran and Russia may have also helped the North Korean hackers.

The software used in the hacking was at a level of sophistication not previously seen in past North Korean attacks, a US intelligence source told Fox News, adding that China, Iran and Russia had all used the technology previously.

The hackers who launched a cyberattack on Sony Pictures praised the company’s decision to cancel the release of The Interview on Friday and said its data will be secure if they continue to comply, CNN reported.

“It’s very wise that you have made a decision to cancel the release of ‘The Interview,'” the message said, according to CNN. “We ensure the security of your data unless you make additional trouble.”

Meanwhile, George Clooney started a petition calling for The Interview to be released immediately online, saying “we cannot be told we can’t see something by Kim Jong-un, of all —-ing people”.

The Hollywood star said it was “insane” that North Korea has been allowed to “dictate content”.

“We should be in the position right now of going on offence with this,” Clooney told the Deadline on Thursday.

“I just talked to Amy (Pascal, Sony Pictures co-chair) an hour ago. She wants to put that movie out. What do I do? My partner Grant Heslov and I had the conversation with her this morning. … Stick it online. Do whatever you can to get this movie out […]

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Coming Soon? A Federal Police Czar?

From everyone’s least-favorite “reverend”… I’ve been telling you that there is an ulterior motive driving this “anti-cop agenda”. The progressives are trying to consolidate federal authority. I saw it when I was a cop. In exchange for grants of money or gear, the .gov demanded subservience from the locals. As the rise of the “warrior cop” progressed, the level of control by the feds increased. There were training requirements for nationalization by DHS during “emergency”.

It is possible – as I prove day-in and day-out – to support good policing and still call out the scumbags. Joining in the rallying cry to subjugate the local police to the feds, is moving us in a very dangerous direction.

We need federal intervention without delay,” declared the “Reverend” Al Sharpton, in his December 8 column for the online Huffington Post. Capitalizing on the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and other black men to centralize police powers[…]

“Congress must immediately start hearings to deal with laws that will change the jurisdiction threshold for federal cases and policing,” Sharpton insists. “The executive branch has addressed this most pressing issue, and now it’s time the legislative branch do the same.”

“When local prosecutors fail to conduct a fair grand-jury investigation at the state level, as happened in Ferguson and Staten Island recently,” says Sharpton “the threshold is so high for the federal government to be able to take over the case. That must change…. And in order for federal authorities to step in, we must reform current laws.”

What about the U.S. Constitution, the supreme law of the land, which restricts federal involvement in criminal and policing matters to a very narrow area of jurisdiction? Rev. Al cannot be troubled with such trivialities. “The state has already proven that it cannot do the job,” he insists.

On December 13, thousands of protesters joined Sharpton’s March on Washington, and tens of thousands more engaged in similar protests in New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and dozens of other cities.

This past August the Congressional Black Caucus wrote a letter to President Obama insisting, “The administration must quickly establish a national commission to review existing police policies and practices.” Even more ominously, the radical Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) demanded the appointment of a national police “Czar.” The CBC letter, which was signed by dozens of celebrities, activists, and academics, demanded:

The Administration must appoint a federal Czar, housed in the U.S. Department of Justice, who is specifically tasked with promoting the professionalization of local law enforcement, monitoring egregious law enforcement activities, and adjudicating suspicious actions of local law enforcement agencies that receive federal funding.

In an ironic twist, the CBC letter validly notes that “the militarization of police departments across the country is creating conditions that will further erode the trust that should exist between residents and the police who serve them. The proliferation of machine guns, silencers, armored vehicles and aircraft, and camouflage in local law enforcement units does not bode well for police-community relations, the future of our cities, or our country.” This has been the cry, as well, of many other liberal-left activists decrying the alleged “systemic racism” in American society, and especially in our local police departments.

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Did U.S. Soldiers Rape Iraqi Boys?

If this is true, these people (every single person who knew about it and covered it up – all the way up the chain-of-command) needs to be tried, convicted, and imprisoned for the rest of eternity.


In the most revealing portion of his speech he said that:

“Debating about it, ummm … Some of the worst things that happened you don’t know about, okay? Videos, um, there are women there. Some of you may have read that they were passing letters out, communications out to their men. This is at Abu Ghraib …

The women were passing messages out saying ‘Please come and kill me, because of what’s happened’ and basically what happened is that those women who were arrested with young boys, children in cases that have been recorded. The boys were sodomized with the cameras rolling. And the worst above all of that is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking that your government has. They are in total terror. It’s going to come out.”

More below the fold…


Kim Jong Un: Exploding Head

Suck it, North Korea.


Ruger Fixed Their LC9

I was excited when Ruger announced their LC9. It’s a compact 9mm pistol that’s designed to be easily concealed. They are only slightly larger than Ruger’s LCP but chambered for the 9mm Luger cartridge.

But the company listened to their lawyers and included a thumb safety and a magazine disconnect safety so the gun can not be fired if the mag is removed.

I was not amused. I even wrote to Ruger, telling them of my disappointment. They wrote back with a nice letter that said, in effect, “Sorry you don’t like those added safeties but that’s the way it is”.

Now they have come out with a ‘Pro’ version, the LC9s. It doesn’t have either a thumb safety or a mag disconnect. I’ll have to take another look now.


Ruger announced they will begin selling a new version of the LC9s that deletes the thumb safety and magazine disconnect.

The Pro Model will retain the same dimensions and other features of the LC9s, including:

caliber: 9mm
magazine capacity: 7 rounds
barrel length: 3.12″
width: 0.9″
weight (unloaded): 17.2 oz
sights: 3-dot
MSRP: $449″

Probably sell in the mid to high $300’s.

Read more at TFB

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