In honor of the sacrifice of those who lost their lives in the Vietnam War

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No Wonder People Think Libertarians Are Nuts

Love the Iron Cross tattoo.

“Libertarian Party chair candidate strips on stage at national convention”

libertarian chair stripped



“DNA test traces origins of Hillary cackle to hyena ancestors”


When asked for comment, Hillary for America campaign responded that all information relating to Mrs. Clinton’s family tree was lost along with her emails during the unfortunate private server incident. At the same time, being a strong believer in identity politics, Mrs. Clinton is hopeful that these findings will help her to secure the support of minority animal voters in the coming presidential elections.”

More at the People’s Cube

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A Sunday Night Special

In honor of the Americans who fell in “The War to end all Wars”.

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In honored memory of our fallen Heroes of World War Two


Why we fight


Ace Explains Why Donald Trump Is Winning

Ace makes some observations. He, himself, is tired of the weak-kneed politicians who can be molded by politically correct accusations. He cites Marco Rubio and his campaign derisively.

From Ace of Spades:

“Why Trump Won, and Why the Current Crop of Purported Leaders Must Be Swept Aside”

spade and skull Banner2

Trump won because when a Native American activist (posing as a journalist) declared that “Pocahantas” was “very offensive” as used in regard to Elizabeth Warren — dishonestly, I might add, as everyone knows the term is used to deny she’s an Indian, not to denigrate her as an Indian, and everyone knows this, and only a liar pretends otherwise — Trump did not begin falling over himself to make apologies and keep the well-wishes of the increasingly unreasonable left-wing hegemony.

He just began making fun of the stupid silly bitch for being a stupid silly bitch.

People are f*cking tired of walking around on eggshells and being made to apologize for every f*cking g*ddamn thing in the world.”

Well, he’s right there. But what can GOP leaders learn from Mr. Trump?

It’s time to start treating them as what they are — dishonest liars trying to control you.

And it’s time to start treating them as straight up internal enemies.

We tried it polite. We’ve been falling all ourselves for 30 years to try to convince the increasingly extremist left wing assh*les that we’re not all the foul things they call us.

It’s impossible — their jobs, their income, and their government subsidies depend on us being treated as second-class citizens and beasts for taxation.

It’s about time we woke and realized they cannot be convinced, because they never really believed their bullsh*t anyway, it was always for the purposes of exacting rents out of people and making them knuckle under.

And I’m afraid our current leadership just can never get that — they find themselves too afraid to go against their class, they fear too much the idea of being outcasts from their castes.”

This, really, is what Trump has given Americans. Many of us don’t care as much about his positions on border walls or immigration or his mindless platitudes as we do about defeating the strongest weapons those on the left have with which to bludgeon you and me into submission. It amounts to this:

They call us vile names.

That scares the crap out of the leaders who do not want to have their names removed from the guest lists at cocktail parties at Georgetown, Manhattan, or Seattle. Mr. Trump has shown them and the list makers that he doesn’t care, that he can throw parties and you can expect his to be more well-attended.

I, for one, am eager to use the Trump tactic.


A Sunday Sermon

Good morning Real Revo. It’s a beautiful day today and it’s a real blessing to be alive to enjoy it. Regardless of what the government and the mainstream media would have you believe, GOD is in control. There is no time or place when he’s not in control and the days we are living have been prophesied. In spite of how others would have us feel, it’s an exciting time to be alive.

Jesus Christ said that we would be sanctified by the Truth and that God’s Word is Truth. That is what we bring you today, the uttermost Truth. If you are weary and in need of a blessing, let his Word be that blessing today.

At the link below you will find the streaming webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church. The webcast will stream content all day, along with the live webcast of our Sunday Morning Worship Service that starts at 10:45am East Coast time. Please feel welcome to join us.

The streaming television webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church is found HERE

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In Honor of our lost Heroes from the War that has never ended

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In Honor of our Submariners on Eternal Patrol

Our own Submariners here on the Revo have stories that will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

We dedicate this presentation in honor of their Brothers who never made it back to the dock…


The Buddy Poppy


The VFW conducted its first poppy distribution before Memorial Day in 1922, becoming the first veterans’ organization to organize a nationwide distribution. The poppy soon was adopted as the official memorial flower of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

During the 1923 encampment the VFW decided that VFW “Buddy”® Poppies would be assembled by disabled and needy veterans who would be paid for their work to provide them with financial assistance. The next year, disabled veterans at the Buddy Poppy factory in Pittsburgh assembled VFW Buddy Poppies. The designation “Buddy Poppy” was adopted at that time.”

But, why a poppy?

by John McCrae

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow,
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky,
The larks, still bravely singing, fly,
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the dead.
Short days ago,
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved and now we lie,
In Flanders Fields.
Take up our quarrel with the foe
To you, from failing hands, we throw,
The torch, be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us, who die,
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow,
In Flanders Fields.

From the Veterans Of Foreign Wars


Cringeworthy Discussion About Hillary Clinton On MSNBC

I was convinced that the media would ignore the Inspector General’s report on Clinton’s emails and server. I was wrong. Here are several people on the All-In-For- Hillary network, including Andrea Mitchell. They are as brutal as they would be if Clinton was a Republican.

“It Feels Like She’s Lying Straight Out”

Chuck Todd said that “She could not get confirmed as Attorney General right now” because of her blatant disregard for the rules and dishonesty about it. How in the world could we elect someone President if they couldn’t even pass muster for a cabinet position at this point?

Mika Brzezinski said “she is straight out lying right now” and has been all along.

No person has been more faithful to Hillary than Andrea Mitchell Reports and Andrea, when pressed by Mika if Hillary was a liar, said “That’s for the American people to decide, but this is indefensible.”

There is a longer, ten minute version here.


Memories Are Made Like This

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We Made Slimy Katie Couric Unhappy

We criticized her for deceptively editing her hit piece on guns. She does not say she did anything wrong. Instead she says she is sorry that people didn’t like it.


Bravely assuming that this person really had Couric’s permission to talk and isn’t just a “friend” or acquaintance trying to do her an unauthorized “favor,” there’s still nothing resembling an adult apology (bolds are mine):

Katie Couric Regrets ‘Poor Decision’ to Insert Pause in Gun Documentary Interview

“This was an unnecessary mistake,” an individual with knowledge of Couric’s thinking told TheWrap.

Katie Couric is upset that an eight-second pause inserted into an interview she did with gun rights activists in the documentary “Under the Gun” has drawn criticism, calling the edit an “unnecessary mistake,” according to an individual with knowledge of her thinking.

The individual spoke to TheWrap and said that director Stephanie Soechtig inserted the pause, which critics are calling an example of “deceptive” and “appalling journalism.”

“This was an unnecessary mistake,” the individual told TheWrap. “It did not represent editing someone’s sentences, there was no factual error, this is not a mistake that is a substantive mistake. It could have been avoided,” he said, adding: “This was a poor decision that was made and it involves silence.”

Read the rest of the ‘Non-Apology’ at News Busters


Palestinians Compared To Israelis

Of course there are plenty of people who support the destruction that Islam teaches. It’s all based on one thing: Hatred of others.

This is an insightful essay on the differences between western values and Islam. Included is a stark image of a greenhouse installed by Israelis in which to grow vegetables. It was abandoned by them when Gaza was turned over to the Palestinians. Did they continue to grow food there? No.


Records show it has always been so. Sadly, this is what our President and most of the rest of the American left believe we should emulate. Me, I prefer the examples set by the Israelis.

150 years ago, Mark Twain visited Muslim-occupied Israel and wrote of “unpeopled deserts” and “mounds of barrenness”, of “forlorn” and “untenanted” cities.

Palestine is “desolate”, he concluded. “One may ride ten miles hereabouts and not see ten human beings.” The same is true of the Palestinian Museum which opened with much fanfare and one slight problem. While admission is free, there’s nothing inside for any of the visitors to see except the bare walls.

The Palestinian Museum had been in the works since 1998, but has no exhibits. The museum cost $24 million. All it has to show for it are a few low sloping sandy buildings indistinguishable from the dirt and a “garden” of scraggly bushes and shrubs. The Palestinian Museum is open, but there’s nothing inside.”


Friday Night at the Movies

Our Friday Night Movie is presented this evening to remember and honor all who have fallen in the defense of the United States.

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The wisdom of the people in making decisions…

People don’t know what they want because they don’t know what they don’t know.

You might have heard that Americans overwhelmingly favor mandatory labeling for foods containing genetically modified ingredients. That’s true, according to a new study: 84 percent of respondents said they support the labels.

But a nearly identical percentage—80 percent—in the same survey said they’d also like to see labels on food containing DNA.

The study, published in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Journal last week, also found that 33 percent of respondents thought that non-GM tomatoes “did not contain genes” and 32 percent thought that “vegetables did not have DNA.” So there’s that.



Secret Service Agents Strike Back At Congressman

So it’s not just the IRS that has become weaponized. The Secret Service is part of the Treasury Department. Somehow these federal employees took it upon themselves to attack a sitting Congressman, endangering him and his family. They got light slaps on the wrist for actions that should have landed them in jail.

“US Secret Service agents disciplined over congressman”

Forty-one US Secret Service personnel faced measures ranging from a letter of reprimand to suspensions without pay for up to 45 days for improperly accessing and leaking the personal information of a congressman

Forty-one US Secret Service personnel faced measures ranging from a letter of reprimand to suspensions without pay for up to 45 days for improperly accessing and leaking the personal information of a congressman

The US authorities have disciplined 41 Secret Service personnel for improperly accessing and leaking the personal information of a congressman who had scrutinized the agency, the Department of Homeland Security said.

The announcement comes after a report in September by the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General accused the Secret Service employees of accessing the personal files of Republican congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, who has led several inquiries into alleged misconduct at the agency.

They were punished with measures ranging from a letter of reprimand to suspensions without pay for up to 45 days, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said in a statement on Thursday.”

More here


The Title IX Paradox


According to the Obama Administration, Title IX requires that schools allow students to use restrooms and locker rooms that conform to the gender identity they have adopted, not necessarily to the one they were born. But Title IX does more than let boys in the girl’s room. Title IX requires schools to protect students from sexual harassment.

Under Title IX, sexual harassment in education includes any unwanted and unwelcome sexual behavior that significantly interferes with a student’s access to educational opportunities. This includes making sexual comments, jokes, gestures, or looks; claiming that a person is gay or lesbian; spreading sexual rumors about a person; touching, grabbing or pinching someone in a sexual way; intentionally brushing up against someone in a sexual way; and flashing or “mooning” someone.

In other words, Title IX requires both that schools let boys use the girl’s locker room AND that girls in the locker room be protected from sexual harassment in the form of unwanted looks or flashing.

Okay folks, release the lawsuits! This should be interesting.

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The Bigger Question Is Will Trump?

The whole trouble with this damning report from the Inspector General is that almost no one will read it and mainstream media will gloss over it. It is said to be a game changer. But someone with a bully pulpit needs to condense the report into bite sized sound bites and feed it to voters. Hillary is doing just the opposite. When she does refer to it, because some insensitive reporter asks her about it, she spins it in a way that her followers can accept.

Donald Trump is in a unique position here. Almost every thing he says is broadcast and repeated, then dissected. If he starts to explain what the IG’s report says about Clinton people will begin to understand. Bernie could do it as well but it is questionable whether he is smart enough to figure out how.

“After IG Report, Will Bernie Have the Guts to Take Hillary Down?”


With the publication of the State Department inspector general’s extraordinarily damning report on Hillary Clinton’s private email server, we’re going to find out if Bernie Sanders really wants to be president or if his campaign has merely been an academic exercise in socialism promotion.

Donald Trump will certainly be able to use the report to wound Clinton and has already started, but Sanders is now in a position to use it to actually take her down. Right now, before the California primary.

But will he?”

More at PJ Media


Now That’s Funny Right There

Socialist Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders appeared on Univision, the Hispanic television network. There he was interviewed by Univision’s Leon Krauze. During the interview Krauze pointed out that three countries in latin America have been run by socialists and their economies are failing. He mentioned Venezuela, Argentina, and Brazil. He then asked Sanders to explain why his preferred socialism was not working there.

Sanders refused to answer.

Here is video of the interchange. Be warned. It’s annoying. It was originally recorded in English. Then Spanish was dubbed in over the English. Finally English subtitles were added.

LEÓN KRAUZE, UNIVISION: I am sure that you know about this topic: various leftist governments, especially the populists, are in serious trouble in Latin America. The socialist model in Venezuela has the country near collapse. Argentina, also Brazil, how do you explain that failure?

BERNIE SANDERS, DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE: You are asking me questions…

LEÓN KRAUZE, UNIVISION: I am sure you’re interested in that.

BERNIE SANDERS, DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE: I am very interested, but right now I’m running for President of the United States.

LEÓN KRAUZE, UNIVISION: So you don’t have an opinion about the crisis in Venezuela?

BERNIE SANDERS, DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE: Of course I have an opinion, but as I said, I’m focused on my campaign.”

From Newsbusters


Trump gets his 1,237 delegates

That pretty much ties it up.

The Associated Press declared Thursday that Donald Trump earned the support of enough delegates to win the nomination at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July.

Based on interviews with several dozen unbound delegates — those free to vote as they choose in Cleveland — the AP determined that enough had pledged support to Trump to guarantee him support of the 1,237 delegates required to clinch the nomination.

About 200 of the delegates are unbound so if it turned out that Trump was on Putin’s payroll or, worse, on Hillary Clinton’s payroll he could still be thrown under the bus at the convention. That’s not going to happen, however.

I will go on the record as predicting that the Democrats have an October Surprise queued up and it will be a doozy.

On to the general election!



Freaky Friday Jibber-Jabber

There is Jibber-Jabber this morning about who Donald Trump may pick as his running mate. I predicted that it would be Gene Simmons, knowing fully that he isn’t eligible to be VP based on his birther issue. Then I thought maybe he will help Mike Tyson get his Rights restored so he could become the VP pick. Thus far I have heard nothing that would support either theory.

The latest talk is that he might pick a registered Democrat for the job.

Hmmm… Democrat or not, I like his resume. If chosen he would become the first Jumpmaster to ever become Vice President. That’s right, I said it. Donald Trump will be our next President if the Secret Service is effective at protecting him through the Election. I think that General Flynn would make a fine choice for VP as well.

More on General Flynn HERE.


The Battle of Tampa


Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest