War-Gaming Unlikely Outcomes Of The Election

Feel free to share your own ‘unlikely outcomes’ after you answer the question.


Let’s do a quick mental exercise of possible (however improbable) outcomes of the election. Apply the following to both sides of the political spectrum’s most passionate & vociferous factions. Both are capable of such, even if it’s unlikely.

We wake up on November 9th and Candidate wins the presidential election. Suddenly rumblings begin being heard from the opposing side of a call to more-decisive “action”. Next thing you know, attacks begin occurring around the country. The government allows the attacks to continue in an attempt to destabilize matters, further. Retaliations begin and before you know it, we’re no safer than Yazidis living in the Nineveh Province of Iraq.

Left & right are fighting each other, even as the government clamps down further on our civil liberties. The markets tank and bailouts begin. This only further-deepens the distrust and further-entrenches the self-serving political class.

People across the country who want nothing to do with the violence are begging for the new president to put an end to it. The nutjobs of the new president’s faction are screaming for the heads of those who they see as being at fault. The new president, to look presidential and prove that they are in control, clamps down in a harsh and excessively heavy-handed manner. The American people return to nervously-peaceful existence, but their rights have been further infringed and degraded by the now all-powerful tyrant-in-chief. A new precedent has been set and the doctrine of Rule By Executive Fiat is now a pillar of American governance.

My question to you is simple:

Do you have trouble envisioning either candidate as the Tyrant-In-Chief I mentioned above?


So, After The Election, What’s Next?

The American people have been clamoring for someone – anyone – to stand up and change the corrupt ways of our government. Unfortunately, in their zeal, they nominated two clowns to run the circus. The angst over military adventurism, regime change, the debauching of our currency, corporatist bailouts, and special-interest giveaways goes unanswered, yet again.

On both sides of the spectrum, I see the same caustic, fatalist rhetoric. It’s some variation of this refrain:

We need ______ to fix the problems. If we can’t get that, then destruction is the only option left.

I’m as guilty as anyone of this view, but I’ve gone a step further and openly called for the dissolution of the republic. I do not believe it can be fixed. I believe we have outgrown the size at which a representative republic is a viable form of government.

For the tards of the new left, the savior was Bernie Sanders. For the alt-right, it was the Orange Menace. In the end, the choice is a continuation of the same failed policies or a total question mark, both of whom I will begrudgingly admit have managed to steel the resolve of two (opposite but not-insignificant) demographics who despises the insular, self-serving political class in this country.

(As I’ve shown, I chose “Option C”, neither of the above. You don’t have to agree with me. I don’t care. I didn’t ask anyone else to choose for me and I wouldn’t presume to choose for them.)

Of much greater concern to me, is what comes next. When the global financial markets (inevitably) implode, who do those people clamor for? They clamor for a tyrant who will force their will upon the unrepentant political class. Note the tyrant bit. This is how history plays out, always & everywhere. If someone manages to harness the passions (and more importantly the power) of both these disaffected demographics, we will have officially paved our own road to ruin.


40 Million Russians Practice For Nuclear War

…or nuclear accidents, I mean, this is Russia we’re talking about.


Up to 40 million people were involved in the terrifying drill, organised following deteriorating relations between Russia and the West
Soldiers were seen carrying away ‘victims’ of a nuclear attack while civilians scampered into protective tents.

More than 200,000 emergency service staff are believed to have taken part in the drill.

Capital Moscow’s entire population of 12 million would be able to fit into refurbished underground shelters, Russian authorities confirmed.


Clarence Thomas Speaks

So rarely, and rightfully so, do Supreme Court Justices speak out publicly, that when they do, it is interesting, if not useful, to listen to what they have to say. Recently Justice Clarence Thomas spoke at the Heritage Foundation. In that talk he made a number of points, beginning with the, accurate but uselessly vague, notion that Washington is in many ways “broken”, and that government institutions are being destroyed by an inability to debate issues with civility.

In my opinion Thomas really misses the mark here. Civility is nice, but when the Constitution, and the liberty it guarantees, is being destroyed, civility is not the paramount concern. After all, despotic governments can destroy liberty in a civil tone … nice sounding words, in an NPR cadence, all the better to deceive. So screw civility. Our governmental institution are being destroyed because the Constitution is being destroyed, not the other way round. And I find it disturbing that Thomas, as a man charged with defending the Constitution and consequently our liberties, seems to confuse cause and effect.
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Support for “assault weapon” ban at an all time low

Gun control is one battle in the culture war that conservatives are winning.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The fewest Americans in 20 years favor making it illegal to manufacture, sell or possess semi-automatic guns known as assault rifles. Thirty-six percent now want an assault weapons ban, down from 44% in 2012 and 57% when Gallup first asked the question in 1996.


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This election is getting edgy

Here we have a former congressman violating one of the Revo’s four simple rules.



Remember David Shippers?

Hoping in Professor Peabody’s Way back machine, we head back to the time of Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings. There we find Democrat Chicago attorney David Schippers. Shippers was hired by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde as the Chief Investigative Counsel to help prosecute the House committee’s case for impeachment against President Clinton. Daily Caller Article

Recently Sandy Rios of American Family Radio interviewed Shippers about how the evidence against Clinton was stored and studied by Congress at the time. David Shippers Interview

One of the most surprising things about the evidence against Bill Clinton is that it is still today being stored and is locked away from the public under executive session seal. I always assumed it was destroyed. But this revelation means that maybe one day the truth about Bill Clinton will out. (Dear Lord PLEASE!)
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For That Young Prog In Your Life

Peter Schweizer recently wrote a book entitled Clinton Cash, detailing the ins and outs of the Clintons providing political favors to foreign government leaders in exchange for speaking fees for Bill, access to Sec. of State Hillary, and large donations to the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative. Clinton Cash

I’ve not read Clinton Cash, but I hear it is good, and very well sourced. It’s the kind of book you might give to a misguided young progressive hoping to nudge them onto a better path. The problem, however, is that no matter how fine your intentions, that young prog in all probability will not once even crack that book open.

So that sucks. And what to do? You can’t force them to read it … or can you?

Well … maybe not force. But yes, you can irresistibly lure them to read that book. Well, not THAT book exactly, but one with essentially the same content, but in a form that the most ideological prog won’t be able to resist. And by that I mean in comic book … graphic novel form. After all, what prog can resist a comic – any comic – even Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel.

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Rigging the Election – Part 4

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Welcome Satan II

As if Satan I wasn’t enough, Russia has revealed its newest and biggest thermonuclear missile. The missile, known as ‘Satan II,’ is officially named RS-28 Sarmat, and will replace the NATO designated SS-18 ‘Satan’. According to Russia the weapon has a range of 10,000 km, and can: reach American and European cities; “wipe out parts of the Earth the size of Texas or France;” evade radar; and avoid anti-missile weapons via stealth technology. Herald Sun Article

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In A Sane World, This Would Deep Six Comey

The NY Post is reporting that Hillary’s missing 33,000 emails exist in a number of places, and that the FBI made no effort to obtain them. NY Post Article

For months now, we’ve been told that Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 missing emails were permanently erased and destroyed beyond recovery. But newly released FBI notes strongly suggest they still exist in several locations — and they could be recovered, if only someone would impanel a grand jury and seize them.

In a May interview with FBI agents, an executive with the Denver contractor that maintained Clinton’s private server revealed that an underling didn’t bleach-clean all her subpoenaed emails, just ones he stored in a data file he used to transfer the emails from the server to Clinton’s aides, who in turn sorted them for delivery to Congress.

The Platte River Networks executive, whose name was redacted from the interview report, said PRN tech Paul Combetta “created a ‘vehicle’ to transfer email files from the live mailboxes of [Clinton Executive Services Corp.] email accounts [and] then later used BleachBit software to shred the ‘vehicle,’ but the email content still existed in the live email accounts.”

The article goes on the say that Hillary’s emails also may exist: on a Google server; mirrored on a cloud server in Pennsylvania maintained by Datto Inc.; and on a laptop reported by a Clinton aide as lost in the mail but in reality sent to the NYC Clinton Foundation. None of these were subpoenaed by the FBI either.

This failure of the FBI to obtain Hillary’s “missing” emails, which apparently are in fact anything but missing, is crazy. Even investigators of mediocre competence wouldn’t miss this. And for whatever faults the FBI may have, mediocre investigators they are not.

Veteran FBI special agent Michael M. Biasello, who worked criminal cases out of New York and other field offices for 27 years agrees.

“Never — I repeat, never — in my career have I or any FBI agent known to me investigated a criminal case without the use of a federal grand jury, grand jury subpoenas or search warrants,” he said. “It’s disgraceful they weren’t used in this case.”

I am certain as I can be that the agents working the Hillary email case would not have missed recovering these emails. So, to my thinking, this investigatory omission reeks of the tainted hands of FBI Director James Comey. No wonder his people think he is dirty. With this revelation, how can he be thought otherwise.


The Colonialist Canoe

Coming to us from Justin Trudeau’s leftist nation to our North, Canadian Professor of English Misao Dean takes umbrage with the well known imperialist symbol – the canoe.

“we have a whole set of narratives that make the canoe into a kind of morally untouchable symbol, something that seems natural, that seems ordinary, and seems to promote values that we ascribe to.” …

“But I think if you look a little further that narrative obscures or erases another narrative—and that narrative is about, to be blunt, it’s about theft and genocide”, the professor said.
Heatstreet Article

The Professor, in a CBC Radio interview, was asked if he canoe was a non-controversial symbol, or one of colonialism. She replied:

“Absolutely a symbol of colonialism. It seems to me that this narrative we tell ourselves about the canoe about how canoeing makes us in touch with nature, how canoeing makes us in some way guiltless of the terrible things that the Canadian government and Canadians in general did to First Nations people.”

And thus we now need add the lowly canoe to the long list of things in our lives that are “ist”; namely, capitalist, imperialist, colonialist, racist, sexist, culturalist, etc. But honestly, since Native Americans brought us the canoe, how on earth does it become a symbol of colonialism used by privileged “white men of a certain age?” I have no rational answer for that, but someone needs to warn Justin Trudeau that he and his family are doing a No No.

Thrilled to let you know we’re going to need another seat in our canoe: Sophie is pregnant! #threeisthenewtwo


College Students Taught That Capitalism Is to Blame for Poverty

Students in a sociology class at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) are required to read a textbook that blames poverty on capitalism and claims that teaching American exceptionalism has “racist overtones.” Moonbattery Article


The text in the photo reads:

The Political Economy of Society

The basic tenant of capitalism – that who gets what is determined by private profit rather than collective need – explains the persistence of poverty. The primacy of maximizing profit works to promote poverty in several ways. First, employers are constrained to pay their workers the least possible in wages and benefits. Only a portion of the wealth created by the laborers is distributed to them; the rest goes to the owners for investment and profit. Therefore employers must keep wages low. That they are successful in this is demonstrated in the more than 2.8 million people that worked full time in 2012 but remained under the poverty level.

A second way that the primacy of profit induces poverty is by maintaining a surplus of laborers, because a surplus depresses wages. … .

The leftist inanity of the above is just mind boggling. For example, the government has so manipulated the so called poverty level as to make it essentially meaningless. But even given that, in a nation of 300-330 million, having less that 1% working full time “under the poverty level,” meaning essentially in entry level jobs, is good because it tells you that more than 99% of people are doing better than that. To bring this point home, perhaps the professor will ask the kids to compare and contrast poverty in Venezuela, Cuba, China, North Korea and the USA. That would, I think, show the snowflakes what the absence of capitalism actually does to people, and how well those in a capitalist system, by comparison, fare.


Megyn Kelly v. Newt Gingrich

Gingrich believes Trump will win, Kelly doubts it. The sparks fly…


“How the Elites blew up the world”

The latest publication from one of my favorite political commentators, Laura Ingraham.

How the Elites Blew Up the World

Criticism to begin in 3, 2, 1…


There was a proposal for a Trump cartoon…

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am that it never came to pass.

Around 2006, Donald Trump was enjoying a run as the namesake of Trump Magazine— a publication that had begun primarily as a marketing vehicle to be distributed at his properties, but had come to be distributed on newsstands nationally. The magazine celebrated Trump’s “opulence and business savvy,” according to press releases. Covers featured Trump, his kids, or Trump and his kids. Articles highlighted other Trump-branded ventures, like Trump Vodka, and profiled comedians and TV hosts.

But the short-lived magazine almost birthed another Trump-branded venture: a TV cartoon for kids, starring The Donald as a wrong-righting, crusading superhero.


So perfect… and prescient.


This cat is really, really into promoting his own ego. I mean, all politicians are but Donald takes it to a new level.

More here.


SNL is on to something with this sketch…

In fact, I think it is something pretty damned important.

If you haven’t seen Black Jeopardy before, it is a recurring sketch that comments on African American culture and how it differs from white American culture. The running gag is that there is always a white contestant and the white contestant is usually a person who is totally, 100 percent clueless about all things African American.

Not tonight. Tonight Tom Hanks plays a white dude with a Make America Great Again cap and he… Well. Just watch.



Jabba The Hut Agrees That Trump Is Going To Win

And for the same reason..44c56c27-e51e-4fd9-872d-57b81950a807_zpsvxxdxppv.

Donald Trump came to the Detroit Economic Club and stood there in front of Ford Motor executives and said “if you close these factories as you’re planning to do in Detroit and build them in Mexico, I’m going to put a 35% tariff on those cars when you send them back and nobody’s going to buy them.” It was an amazing thing to see. No politician, Republican or Democrat, had ever said anything like that to these executives, and it was music to the ears of people in Michigan and Ohio and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – the “Brexit” states.

They might be penniless, they might be homeless, they might be fucked over and fucked up it doesn’t matter, because it’s equalized on that day – a millionaire has the same number of votes as the person without a job: one. […]

They see that the elite who ruined their lives hate Trump. Corporate America hates Trump. Wall Street hates Trump. The career politicians hate Trump. The media hates Trump, after they loved him and created him, and now hate. Thank you media: the enemy of my enemy is who I’m voting for on November 8.

Yes, on November 8, you Joe Blow, Steve Blow, Bob Blow, Billy Blow, all the Blows get to go and blow up the whole goddamn system because it’s your right. Trump’s election is going to be the biggest fuck you ever recorded in human history and it will feel good.


Wikileaks: “At Least 65 MSM Reporters Were Meeting with and/or Coordinating Offline with Top Hillary Advisors”

“Thanks to Wikileaks we now know that at least 65 mainstream reporters were working closely with the Clinton campaign this election year. They were invited to top elitist dinners with Hillary Campaign Chairman John Podesta or Chief Campaign strategist Joel Benenson.”

A few of the “journalists” meeting offline with Hillary advisers

A few of the “journalists” meeting offline with Hillary advisers


More here


Voting Machines: Check Your Ballot Before You Hit ‘Vote’

“TEXAS REPUBLICAN VOTERS Report Ballots Changed to Clinton-Kaine”


Texas voters are reporting their ballots were changed on the ballot.

The Republicans claim their votes were switched from Republican to Clinton-Kaine.”


Read the rest at Gateway Pundit

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The Colonel Is Being Sued


A New York woman is accusing KFC of advertising Kentucky Fraudulent Chicken according to a suit recently filed against the fast food giant.
Anna Wurtzburger, a 64-year-old retiree, ordered a $20 bucket of fried chicken over the summer and was appalled that the bucket was not overflowing with poultry.

Anyone want to take a stab at how much she is suing for? Go ahead. Take a guess.

It’s finger lickin’ good.


Remember the Obamacare lies…

Obamacare rates to rise yet again and this time they will soar.

Obamacare premiums are set to skyrocket an average of 22% for the benchmark silver plan in 2017, according to a government report released Monday.

The price hike is the latest blow to Obamacare. Insurers are raising prices and downsizing their presence on the exchanges as they try to stem losses from sicker-than-anticipated customers. Enrollment for 2017 will be closely watched since insurers want to see younger and healthier consumers enroll.

The benchmark silver plan — upon which federal subsidies are based — will cost an average of $296 a month next year. That figure is based on prices for a 27-year-old enrollee in the 39 states that use the federal healthcare.gov exchange, plus the four states and Washington D.C. that have their own exchanges.

For 2016, the benchmark plan’s premium rose only 7.2%, on average, for the states that use healthcare.gov. (Looking only at states on the federal exchange, premiums are rising 25% for 2017.)

The average premium increase masks wide variation among the states. In Arizona, the benchmark plan’s average premium will increase 116% in 2017. Arizona had the lowest rates of any state this year, said Kathryn Martin, an acting assistant secretary at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

Remember the lies.


Why I Don’t Believe In Eternal-Torment Hell

I would like to start out by apologizing for jacking Madbrad’s thread. That was not my intention. Bman asked a question that I and millions of others struggle(d) with, so I answered from my perspective. In short, my perspective is that what we know as “Hell” was a wholly-Roman insertian of Greek mythos into pure Christianity and doesn’t exist. I see it as one of the many dogmas we were warned against, ‘teaching for doctrines, the commandments of men.’ I believe that a thorough exegesis and proper hermeneutics bears out my view.

To be clear, I am not saying that there is no punishment for the wicked. The bible is clear that there will be, for it is “appointed unto all men, once to die, then the judgment”. The second death is not appointed unto all men, but it is death – not eternal torture. I don’t question judgment or punishment for being wicked, only the idea of eternal punishment for that wickedness.


I will lay out my case as simply as possible and let the discussion flow wherever it flows. I know this topic will likely get heated. All I ask is that we maintain a level of civility which keeps everyone engaged – i.e. don’t call people heretics, hypocrites, or other incendiary names. This is a reason-based discussion of different views. No one wants to put up with name-calling.

I would like for everyone (atheists & agnostics included) to feel comfortable and engage in this conversation, as it’s an important one to have.

What is Hell?

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Worth A Read

“Just In Case: Preparing for the Evening and Day After Election 2016”

By James Wesley Rawles | October 24, 2016 | Print This Post | Email This Post |
There is a substantial risk that Hillary “Hitlery” Clinton will become our next President. She is notoriously anti-gun, and has made many promises to her gun-grabbing campaign donors to give “gun control” (read: civilian disarmament) her top priority.

Consider the guidance in this article just a contingency. You can simply ignore it, if Donald Trump is elected. (Since he is outspokenly pro-gun.) But if Clinton is indeed elected, then gun, ammunition, and magazine prices will surely start to rise immediately. And by the time she actually takes office, prices might well have already doubled or tripled, and shortages of some item–particularly standard military caliber ammunition and many 11+ round magazines–will be widespread.

To be ready for the possible Hill-ection, I recommend that you take the following steps:

Get Ready…

Withdraw some substantial cash (but not more that $9,700), and keep it well-hidden, at home.

Pay off your credit card balances, so that you will have your full purchase credit limit available.

Consult gun show calendars, and make plans to attend local shows. Note that many gun shows are now run as three-day shows, open Friday through Sunday. Check the advertised hours closely, and call to confirm days and show hours with the gun show management, before traveling. You will want to be there on Friday, to avoid the Saturday mob scene. Expend a vacation day from your work, if need be.

Get Set…

Make prioritized shopping lists

Set bookmarks in your browser for ordering the particular items that you have in mind to purchase.

Make detailed comparison price lists (or an electronic spreadsheet, if you are so inclined),in descending order of prices so you that won’t pay too much for what you buy. This research takes time, but that translates into saving money, so it is time well spent.


On Election Night immediately after announcement that Hitlery is the projected winner in the Electoral College, go online and place orders with Internet sellers that take orders 24 hours per day, such as: CDNN Sports, GunMagWarehouse, Brownells, KeepShooting.com, CheaperThanDirt, Midway, Cabela’s (now part of Bass Pro Shops), J&G Sales, Bud’s Gun Shop, Dan’s Ammo, Lucky Gunner, Able Ammo, Ammunition Store, Ammunition Depot, Cope’s Distributing, Centerfire Systems, and GlockPro. href=”http://www.michaelzwilliamson.com/index.php”>Mike Williamson recently mentioned that SlickGuns.com is now selling Federal .22 Long Rifle ammo for as little as 6 cents per round. (I suspect that .22LR will again become scarce and jump back up over 15 cents per round, if Hitler In Heels is elected.)
Keep in mind that many manufacturers such as SIGArms, Beretta USA, and The Beta Company also take direct Internet orders.
Stay up and complete as many of your planned orders as you can afford, late into the night. It you tarry and say: “I’ll do it tomorrow”, then you will probably be disappointed to to see “Out Of Stock” showing at many vendor web sites.
The Morning After

Set your alarm clock, and start making calls to the mailorder vendors that don’t take Internet orders, starting right at 8 AM, Eastern Time.
Be outside the door of your local gun shop before it opens. Bring lots of cash.
In The Weeks Following

Attend guns shows in your state. If it is possible under your state and local laws, buy used private party guns, with no paper trail. If that is not an option in your state, then buy a pre-1899 antique cartridge rifle, such as a 7mm Model 1895 Chilean Mauser. These are exempt from paperwork, in most states.)
Watch auction sites such as GunBroker.com and GunAuction.com closely, for guns that are on your purchase list. Concentrate on “Buy It Now” items, since the multi-day auctions will probably be bid up to stratospheric heights, in the panic period following election day.
What To Buy
Start with your own needs, then with your children’s needs, and then with barter in mind, as follows:

First Priority: Magazines and ammunition for your primary battle rifles
Second Priority: Magazines and ammunition for your primary carry pistols
Third Priority: Stripped AR-15 and AR-10 receivers (for later assembly)

Fourth Priority: Secondary firearms, plus magazines and ammunition, to match
Fifth Priority: Magazines and ammunition for planned acquisitions that will expand your battery of guns–including guns for children and grandchildren
Sixth Priority: Magazines and ammunition for barter or re-sale.
Note: Be sure to buy only either original military contract or original factory-made full capacity magazines–don’t buy aftermarket junk!

Any extra magazines that are intended for barter should be of the types that will be in the highest demand. Examples include: AR-15/M16, M14, Mini-14, AR-10, FAL, Glock, S&W M&P, Beretta, and SIG. In particular, I predict that 33-round Glock magazines, 30-round Beretta Model 92 magazines, 100-round Beta C-MAGs, and 40-round Mag-Pul AR-15 PMAGs will all be in particularly high demand.)

Potential Resistance
In some families, a spouse might object to you making such purchases. Sit down and dispassionately show them the history of other “scare” and “ban”periods, and point out how much prices rose. (For example: stripped AR-15 lower receivers jumped from $60 each to $300 each, during the last big scare.) Tell them: “This is the equivalent of having the foreknowledge of what Dow Jones stocks will double or triple in price. It is wise to buy low and sell high.” If need be, promise your spouse that you will sell off half of what you plan to buy, after prices have doubled. That will leave the purchase cost of what you then retain, effectively at zero.

In Closing
Don’t panic, but recognize that Hitlery Clinton will probably act swiftly to restrict privately-owned firearms and accessories, using Executive Orders. Her transition team might even prepare them before she takes office. Most likely would be an import ban on magazines that can hold more than 10 cartridges, for civilians. Another likelihood is an import ban on military style firearms and/or parts sets. Another possibility is reclassifying 80% complete receivers. She might also direct the BATFE to expand the definition of “Destructive Devices” to include semi-automatic shotguns with detachable magazines. (Such as the Saiga-12, which is already import banned.) Plan accordingly.

And regardless of the outcome of the upcoming election, you should have already spread out your guns, ammo, optics, and field gear between hidden places in several houses owned by members of your family, and in underground caches. DO NOT keep all your eggs in one basket! – JWR

Note: Permission is granted for re-posting of this entire article, but only if done so in full, with proper attribution to James Wesley, Rawles and SurvivalBlog, and only if the included links are preserved.)”

Reprinted by permission from Survival Blog


Ugly Women Protest Beautiful Woman

“Go home feminists, you’re drunk. Harpies protest ‘large-breasted’ Wonder Woman as Honorary Ambassador”


Recently the United Nations ‘appointed’ Wonder Woman as an Honorary Ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls, which makes perfect sense if you understand Wonder Woman’s history and her storyline.

Of course feminists can’t be bothered to understand anything but their asinine agenda so they have an issue with it.”

Read the rest of the story at Twitchy