Friday Night at the Movies – Omega Doom

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Friday Night at the Real Revo Theater. We celebrate crossing the threshold into the weekend with an escape. We have traveled to many exotic places and times right here in this theater. It’s a great place to be for someone who discovers value in finding an escape where the destination has been selected by seasoned navigator.

Tonight our destination is quite otherworldly.

We are entering the world of Rutger Hauer.

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Friday Night Music Videos

The sounds and images in the music videos that follow serve as clues as to the nature of our Friday Night Flight…

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“Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch launches ‘Hookers for Hillary’”

Maybe Hillary would put Bill in charge of selecting White House staff. Quality control. These ladies…

A Democrat might be thankful for this support.

Who is the woman in red in the back row on the far right. Some think it’s Chelsea. Momma would be proud.

hookers 4 hillary
Nevada sex workers at Dennis Hof’s famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch have launched a “Hookers for Hillary” Clinton website that endorses the former secretary of state’s campaign for president.

The legal brothel near Carson City, which was the subject of HBO’s “Cathouse” series, has drafted a four-point platform explaining their endorsement.

From the Washington Times where there is more.


Team Hillary preps for spontaneous, everyday American activity

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They say the teacher struck her daughter…

So the mother came to school, confronted the teacher, they got into an argument, and then the mother choked out the teacher. Seems pretty severe. It doesn’t look like the mother was arrested.

“Student’s MOTHER leaves teacher unconscious in school hall after ‘kicking and strangling’ her to the ground”

A middle school teacher is recovering in hospital in New York after being viciously assaulted by one of her student’s mothers and the woman’s 14-year-old niece.
The incident occurred Wednesday afternoon at Alverta B. Gray Schultz Middle School in Hempstead.
Police say the parent, Annika McKenzie, 34, walked into the building without being cleared by security and waited in the hallway for her daughter’s math teacher, Catherine Engelhardt.
McKenzie believed Engelhardt had ‘put her hands’ on her 12-year-old daughter earlier in the day, according to ABC 7.

Read the rest at the UK Daily Mail

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Tell Me There Isn’t A Connection:

Al Gore at SXSW: We Need to ‘Punish Climate-Change Deniers’”

Charleston WV Gazette:

guy shooting into cop car

“Oil worker shot in Lincoln County”

A gas company employee was shot in Lincoln County on Monday afternoon, Chief Sheriff’s Deputy J.J. Napier said Tuesday.

A man dressed in camouflage with his face painted black approached Mark Miller, an employee with HG Energy LLC, on Joe’s Creek near Sod, Napier said.

“At that time he played Mr. Miller a recording that said ‘Stop the drilling’ and then stuck a gun through the window of the passenger side of the truck,” Napier said.

Miller told police he grabbed the gun, which fired, shooting him in the hand, Napier said.”

I’d have to say Mr. Miller saved his own life. He also gave us a lesson in self-defense.


Welcome to Big Spring

KWES NewsWest 9 / Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, TX: |


Photos from our Southern Border that President Bush promised to secure

I wonder what the next crop of Republican Candidates are going to promise.

ANSWER: Anything they think they have to.


A Mainstream Media Source outside of the United States is actually carrying this story HERE

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Interesting Image:

Click to enlarge:


These are for sale at the website for the Home School Legal Defense Association. They offer a series of six ‘History of…” posters. It’s a fundraiser.

But it’s interesting how the police uniform has changed during the history of our country. Robert Farago at The Truth About Guns calls it an incendiary image and asks,

To be fair to the presentation of the artist, this is something done by Police for Police. It will mean something completely different to those on the other side of the Thin Blue Line. But it does raise some questions.

Like if the overall crime rate is going down, why is the militarization of the Police going up?”

He may be right. There may be more than one way to view this. Trouble is, many Americans see the SWAT gear as a threat. Then, too, all cops don’t wear military garb. Most still sport a more conventional uniform. Maybe whomever made this poster got it wrong.


WSJ: “Hillary and the Liberal Way of Lying”

Stevens is still calling the left ‘Liberals’. Maybe one day he will figure out that they are not liberal. They call themselves ‘Progressives’.

“How the Clintons pioneered the methods by which Obama sold his Iran deal.”

hillary announcing

Brett Stevens in the Wall Street Journal writes:

Sometime in the 1990s I began to understand the Clinton way of lying, and why it was so successful. To you and me, the Clinton lies were statements demonstrably at variance with the truth, and therefore wrong and shameful. But to the initiated they were an invitation to an intoxicating secret knowledge.

What was this knowledge? That the lying was for the greater good, usually to fend off some form of Republican malevolence. What was so intoxicating? That the initiated were smart enough to see through it all. Why be scandalized when they could be amused? Why moralize when they could collude?

It always works. We are hardly a month past Hillary Clinton’s Server-gate press conference, in which she served up whoppers faster than a Burger King burger flipper—lies large and small, venial and potentially criminal, and all of them quickly found out. Emails to Bill, who never emails? The convenience of one device, despite having more than one device?”


“California continuing its quest to brand all men as rapists”

If they pass this law every man in the state will either be subject to legal action or will leave.

California has been on the leading edge of leftist hate for a long time. Nothing is sacred there. And it looks like the feel-good leftists have chosen mass suicide to save the little fishes.

california breaking off

Last year California passed a law that defined nearly all sex on college campuses as rape unless proven otherwise. Now, in addition to making it easier to label someone a rapist for just about every sexual encounter, state legislators want to go further to ensure that accused students’ lives are severely disrupted — if not ruined — by introducing mandatory minimums for their punishment.

The mandatory minimum would be a suspension of two years for students found responsible for sexual assault. But bear in mind that the burden of proof already lies with the accused, thanks to California’s “yes means yes” law. Accusers do not have to provide any proof that that they failed to give consent or were unable to consent due to incapacitation, and now a guilty finding would carry a minimum punishment under this new proposal.

First they made it easier to brand a student a rapist, and now they want to make it easier to ruin that student’s life.”

Read it all at the Washington Examiner

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“Can the president kill Americans?”

“Not legally, but that doesn’t deter him”


This article was written by Judge Andrew Napolitano and published in the Washington Times.

Can the president kill you? The short answer is: yes, but not legally. Yet, President Obama has established a secret process that involves officials from the departments of Justice and Defense, the CIA, and the White House senior staff whereby candidates are proposed for execution, and the collective wisdom of the officials then recommends execution to the president, who then accepts or rejects the recommendation.

If the recommendation is to kill and the president rejects the recommendation, the CIA is directed to arrest the person. If the president accepts the recommendation to kill, then death is ordered. This is not unlike the procedure used in the reign of the monstrous British King Henry VIII, except that the king himself delegated the final say to his chancellor so that he could publicly disavow participation in the government murders.

Mr. Obama does not disavow them; he defends them.”

You really ought to read the rest here. Napolitano is a defender of liberty.


Americans Left In Yemen Rescued By …. Russians

Yemen got too scary for American diplomats so they were pulled out a couple of weeks ago. Our State Department made a big deal about getting US diplomats out. Trouble is there were still some US citizens left there. The State Dept. did not try to get them out.

A reporter asked State Department spokesgirl Marie Harf, “How are they supposed to get out, Swim?” she didn’t respond. She just gave him an evil eye.

She, and the rest of the department didn’t have a plan.

Now it is reported that the Russian Navy has rescued 300 people from Yemen including 18 Americans.

The Russian Navy vessel Priazovye has helped to evacuate 308 people from war-torn Yemen. The Russian Defense Ministry stated citizens from 19 countries had been rescued, including Russian, Ukrainian, US and Yemini nationals.

The Russian warship departed the southern Yemeni port of Aden on Sunday night and is due to arrive in Djibouti, on the east coast of Africa on Monday morning.

“Among those evacuated from the zone of hostilities in the Aden area, were citizens of 19 countries, including 45 Russian nationals,” Igor Konashenkov, a Defense Ministry spokesman said on Sunday.

There were also a number of foreign citizens aboard the Priazovye, including 18 Americans, 14 Ukrainians, nine Belorusians, five UK citizens, as well as 159 Yemeni nationals.”

Were we just going to leave those people there? Why isn’t this more well reported? Those people were being sacrificed because of the incompetence and the lack of concern of the Obama administration. That is evil


Freaky Friday Follies

untitled (41)

I know that many in our Country may find the story that was at the top of Drudge last night, to which we have provided a link, to be quite alarming. I haven’t even read the whole thing and… well let’s just say that I find the title to our publication here on the Revo that brings you this news, to be quite appropriate. Why? What do I find so humorous here?

Here are some excerpts that may provide clues…

Army morale low despite 6-year, $287M optimism program.

“I rarely count on good things happening to me.”

In addition to low optimism and job satisfaction, more than half reported poor nutrition and sleep, and only 14% said they are eating right and getting enough rest.

“I’ve sat and looked at your numbers for quite some time and our team can’t figure out how your numbers came about.”

More below the fold…


Thanks Vlad

U.S. military and Embassy staff were too busy following the President’s Order to retreat that some other American Citizens got left behind.

The President and the State Department were too busy planning our surrender to Iran to attend to these trivial matters.

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



Handicap Parking Restrictions Are For The Little People

She and her handlers are completely unaware of the image she projects.

hillary handicap space


Monkeys WILL fly out of my Butt when…

Hillary Clinton acknowledges and complies with THIS request.

Nothing else to add.

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$15.00 Can’t Fix Stupid

bad choices


This “Living Wage” / $15 per hour demand really drives me nuts. And I am yet to see a reporter call any of them out on the real issue.   I have this dialogue with my daughters all the time.  I keep the mantra simple so that it hopefully soaks in:

I cannot guarantee your success, but will do everything in my power to provide you with the tools you need to be successful.  The rest is up to you. I can, however, absolutely guarantee that you will have a much harder, much more stressful and much more difficult life if you

  1. Drop out of school
  2. Get pregnant young and/or out of wedlock
  3. Become addicted to drugs or alcohol
  4. Be convicted of a serious crime.

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Oathkeepers Supporting 5th Amendment In Grant’s Pass Oregon

Seems like the feds are – so far – handling this in a reasonable manner. This could easily spiral out of control, but all parties involved seem to be squared away, for the time being. We’re going to continue seeing these types of regional outbursts of resistance.

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) – Some local constitutional activists have gathered in southern Oregon to support gold miners in a dispute with the federal government.

The Grants Pass Daily Courier (here) reported that about a dozen people, some dressed in military gear and carrying guns, were milling about a rural property outside Grants Pass on Tuesday. A sign at the end of the driveway said they were the Josephine County Oath Keepers.

Group spokeswoman Mary Emerick says they also had people at the mining claim, located on federal land outside the community of Galice. She says they are defending constitutional rights.

“Our mission is simply to make sure that the mine owners constitutional, Fifth Amendment rights are in place- the right to due process,” she told the Mail Tribune newspaper in Medford. “If this resolves itself tomorrow, we’re ready to pack up and leave, but we’re prepared (for the long term).”

It was not immediately clear if the action would escalate.

U.S. Bureau of Land Management Medford District spokesman Jim Whittington said a crew looking for abandoned mine tunnels left over from the Gold Rush stumbled on the Suger Pine Mine claim late last year on federal land outside the historical mining community of Galice. Miners had posted a watchman to keep people out, built a cabin, put in a water line and cut down trees and were digging with a backhoe and a bulldozer.

Claim holders George Backes of Grants Pass and Rick Barclay of Applegate were formally notified to cease operations until they filed a plan of operations, required for major excavation, Whittington said. They could tear down the cabin and restore the site, or appeal the finding they are in non-compliance to the BLM state director or the Interior Board of Land Appeals.

Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel said in a statement that a deputy and a BLM ranger served the notice of non-compliance and forms to file an appeal on a claim holder Monday, and the Oath Keepers started providing private security at the claim.

Whittington said the agency was dealing with the dispute administratively and had no plans to send in law enforcement.

“We’re just trying to work through the issues and give people time to figure stuff out and come into compliance,” he told The Associated Press.

He added that the district geologist had heard from a lawyer representing the miners, who indicated they planned to appeal. They have 10 days to appeal.

“What country ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”

~Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, Paris, 13 Nov. 1787

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There Ya Go – Getting Logic Involved…

Republican Assemblywoman Shannon Grove — who represents part of Kern County, California, the second largest agricultural sector in the country asks, “What Civilized Society Destroys Its Own Food Source for a Three-Inch Fish?”

An uncivilized society run by moonbats and leftists.

Hat tip to Moonbattery for finding this.


Your Daily Smile

C.J. Pearson says we should elect a President because of their qualifications – not their genitalia. What a concept.


Hillary’s Coffee Stop With Ordinary Americans Was As Phony As Everything Else She Does

Remember seeing this perfectly staged, perfectly lighted pic?

hillary coffee mtg

It was staged. The UK Daily Mail tells us that each one of the people at the table was driven to the event by Clinton’s Iowa political director Troy Price. The three people are:

every day iowans

From here

Will Iowa voters give her a pass on this? At least she didn’t have to answer any questions. When question time actually comes she will fall hard.


Scratch Tim McGraw Off The List

This is the kind of moonbattery that ruined the Dixie Chicks’ career.

tim mcgraw anti gun

Tim McGraw has announced that on Friday, July 17, at XFINITY Theatre in Hartford, he will hold a concert to benefit Sandy Hook Promise. One-hundred percent of the net proceeds of this event will support Sandy Hook Promise, founded in the wake of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, with a mission of protecting children from gun violence.”

Next thing you know he’ll be a forgotten singer.

Out of this tragedy a group was formed that made a promise to honor the lives lost and turn it into a moment of transformation,” said Mr McGraw. “Sandy Hook Promise teaches that we can do something to protect our children from gun violence. I want to be a part of that promise — as a father and as a friend.”

From Bearing Arms


Am I the only one…

..that notices something wrong here?

From The BLAZE..

Houston Cops fatally shoot suspect..


Now this isn’t about justified/unjustified use of force. This isn’t about oppression of a minority. This isn’t about Cops going off on yet another perceived “negro hunting expedition”.. Even though many of the comments take it that way..

No.. My question is this..

Video below fold.
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