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How the left in the West sees Islamic terrorism

This is priceless

It must be incredibly frustrating as an Islamic terrorist not to have your views and motives taken seriously by the societies you terrorize, even after you have explicitly and repeatedly stated them. Even worse, those on the regressive left, in their endless capacity for masochism and self-loathing, have attempted to shift blame inwardly on themselves, denying the terrorists even the satisfaction of claiming responsibility.

It’s like a bad Monty Python sketch:

    “We did this because our holy texts exhort us to to do it.”

    “No you didn’t.”

    “Wait, what? Yes we did…”

    “No, this has nothing to do with religion. You guys are just using religion as a front for social and geopolitical reasons.”

    “WHAT!? Did you even read our official statement? We give explicit Quranic justification. This is jihad, a holy crusade against pagans, blasphemers, and disbelievers.”

    “No, this is definitely not a Muslim thing. You guys are not true Muslims, and you defame a great religion by saying so.”

    “Huh!? Who are you to tell us we’re not true Muslims!? Islam is literally at the core of everything we do, and we have implemented the truest most literal and honest interpretation of its founding texts. It is our very reason for being.”

    “Nope. We created you. We installed a social and economic system that alienates and disenfranchises you, and that’s why you did this. We’re sorry.”

    “What? Why are you apologizing? We just slaughtered you mercilessly in the streets. We targeted unwitting civilians – disenfranchisement doesn’t even enter into it!”

    “Listen, it’s our fault. We don’t blame you for feeling unwelcome and lashing out.”

    “Seriously, stop taking credit for this! We worked really hard to pull this off, and we’re not going to let you take it away from us.”

    “No, we nourished your extremism. We accept full blame.”

    “OMG, how many people do we have to kill around here to finally get our message across?”


Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

Meanwhile at the library at Dartmouth, not a lot of studying is going on. The students trying to study, instead, get culturally enriched.

A group of Black Lives Matter protestors at Dartmouth College led a violent protest Thursday, hurling racial insults at students and pushing them up against a wall as they tried to study in the library, The Dartmouth Review reports.

“Fuck you, you filthy white fucks!” “Fuck you and your comfort!” “Fuck you, you racist shit!” they reportedly yelled.

About a 150 Dartmouth protesters shouted as they marched through Baker-Berry Library at Dartmouth College. Students who didn’t join in on their protests were harassed, one woman was pinned to a wall by protesters who shouted, “filthy white bitch!” in her face. Students who were seated were told to, “Stand the fuck up!” “You filthy racist white piece of shit!”

Quoting Michelle Obama in 2008: “Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.” I am pretty sure this is what she was talking about.


The most clueless thing you will read this week


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Happy Birthday to the Real Revo

We almost forgot!



France is one big gun free zone

Nobody except the government can own an assault weapon in France. Last night the terrorists had, among other weapons, fully automatic rifles. These are weapons that are illegal for civilians to own even in the United States and yet the terrorists were in possession of them in France.

In a place where gun laws have precluded private ownership of firearms, cold-blooded killers were in possession of automatic weapons and used them to kill.

The foundation of the argument for complete gun control is that a society without guns will have no gun violence. The logic of that argument is sound but, as a practical matter, it is a fantasy. The attacks in France last night prove that gun control does not disarm those who are willing to kill. A man who is prepared to engage in mass murder has no qualms regarding the violation of gun laws.

This leads to an inescapable conclusion. If governments cannot keep firearms out of the hands of criminals, murderers, brigands, pirates, road agents, bandits, sociopaths and terrorists, the government has no moral or ethical right taking them away from the citizenry. None.

Any law that disarms the citizenry but leaves arms in the hands of enemies of the citizenry is unethical, immoral and against the natural rights of man. As it has been proved impossible to disarm the enemies of the citizenry, disarming the people is a violation of their natural rights.


President François Hollande: ‘An act of war’

Hollande blames ISIS as ISIS takes credit.

“It is an act of war that was committed by a terrorist army, a jihadist army, Daesh, against France,” Mr. Hollande told the nation from the Élysée Palace, using an Arabic acronym for the Islamic State. “It is an act of war that was prepared, organized and planned from abroad, with complicity from the inside, which the investigation will help establish.”

Mr. Hollande did not specify what intelligence pointed to the militant group’s involvement. On Saturday, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attacks, but its claim could not be independently verified.

“France, because it was foully, disgracefully and violently attacked, will be unforgiving with the barbarians from Daesh,” Mr. Hollande said on Saturday, adding that France would act within the law but with “all the necessary means, and on all terrains, inside and outside, in coordination with our allies, who are, themselves, targeted by this terrorist threat.”

Horrifying video outside the concert hall…

Images de la fusillade au Bataclan by lemondefr

Yesterday German Chancellor Angela Merkel said “welcoming refugees is the right thing to do” and lamented the difficulty in getting other European nations to share the burden.

Facing growing criticism from within her own ranks, Chancellor Angela Merkel defended her strategy to cope with the refugee crisis Friday night in an interview broadcast by German state TV while also criticizing other E.U. countries for failing to show solidarity.

She said her “greatest disappointment” has been to realize how hard it is “to find a way how to fairly share the burden in Europe.”

Referring to her mantra “Wir schaffen das,”(“We can do it,)” she said: “We can’t do it by ourselves in Germany, but we need a fair burden sharing in Europe.”


Breaking: Attacks in Paris

This looks bad.


The Cultural Revolution is underway!



As always, it starts with students as the stormtroopers of totalitarian movements. Here are the observations of a student at the University of Missouri.

An innocent man lost his job. Racial tensions are at an all time high. Faculty members refuse to acknowledge students’ First Amendment rights. Campus authorities are policing speech.

This is my reality as a student at the University of Missouri.

I believe in liberty for all people, but the current climate on campus runs counter to that. Some friends tell me they are afraid to voice their opinions lest they come under fire from the administration or peers – or the police.

The University of Missouri police department sent an email urging students to report offensive or hurtful speech – not because it is illegal – but so the Office of Student Conduct could take disciplinary action against these students.

Several of us are afraid to disagree with other students, who in turn may report us to the authorities so we can be “dealt with.” Many students have told me they are also afraid to speak out against the protest narrative, afraid they will be called “racist” and become campus pariahs.

It will be interesting to watch how this plays out and it may well get worse before it gets better, Nevertheless, it won’t end well for the campus Maoists.

I think this is a leftist reaction to an inability to control the narrative. The culture is, if anything, getting courser. These students want to police and punish micro-aggression on campus but have you read the comment section on any given YouTube video? Free speech on the Internet is raw, nasty, brutal and very often blatantly racist. On campus you can get punished trivial, meaningless “micro-aggressions” but on the Internet nothing gets punished no matter how offensive.

The progressives aren’t getting the traction they hoped. When Obama took office, they didn’t just expect to turn back rising seas, they expected a full-on, fundamentally transformative cultural revolution. Obama is about tapped out and things didn’t even come close to matching their expectations.

Conservative movies are blockbusters while leftist tripe bombs in the box office. Fox News has more viewership than any other news franchise. Duck Dynasty couldn’t be forced off the air. Chik-Fil-A is the number one rated fast food restaurant in America. Girls still aspire to be princesses, mommies and fashion models. Donald Trump says whatever he wants and nobody can shame him out of his public life. Gun ownership is at an all time high. Political correctness is 100% nonexistent on the ‘Net in millions of comment section comments a day. Americans continue to oppose Obamacare, illegal immigrant amnesty and affirmative action. Fewer women identify as feminists today than did so 40 years ago. Majorities of Americans continue to reject socialist solutions for unproven climate change nightmare scenarios.

In fact, seven years after the progressive dream candidate took office, there is no evidence whatsoever that the progressive revolution is any closer to reality than when he took office. The radicals see this and feel this and they are doubling down on cultural revolution where they are in control: On campus. They see the handwriting on the wall. The hoped for Obama Great Leap Forward is a dud. The cultural revolution has fizzled. What you are seeing on campuses now is the last great effort to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and reclaim the lost cause.

I predict that their campus cultural revolution will get far worse before it gets better but, in the end, it will implode in spectacular failure and what will emerge from the ashes will be more conducive to open thought and intellectual exchange.

I don’t think the colleges have hit peak progressivism yet, but it is coming.


Evidently the poop swastika at Mizzou was real…

There are photos and The Federalist has the police report.

poop swastika

I have a question or two about the poop swastika that brought down a university president.

First what does a poop swastika mean? If a poop swastika appeared on the wall of the restroom at Hitler’s Reich Chancellery in 1940, would it be considered a statement in support of Nazism? I am guessing no. I am guessing someone promoting Nazism would no more make a poop swastika than members of the American Legion would make a poop version of Old Glory. It just isn’t done.

In fact, if a poop cross turned up in your church, you would assume that it was meant to disparage Christianity and all it stands for, right? Why, then, do the perennially offended students at Mizzou assume a poop swastika is meant to promote the racist policies of National Socialism? It doesn’t really make sense; a poop swastika is pretty much a symbol of anti-Nazism.

Furthermore, at least as often as not on campuses, anonymously rendered swastikas and so forth turn out to be hoaxes.

For example, last March a Jewish frat student painted a swastika on his Jewish frat house.

Here is another university swastika hoax. Here is another self-inflicted Nazi hoax on campus. Here is yet another swastika hoax on campus. There are many, many more.

So swastikas that turn up on campus, as often as not, are scrawled by the supposed targets to garner sympathy for themselves. This, with the fact that it is very unlikely that the sacred symbol of the Nazis would be rendered in shit by actual Nazis makes me ask, why the hullabaloo?

Just kidding. We know why. The perennially offended, safe space seeking, special snowflakes of Mizzou want a hullabaloo and that is reason enough to have a hullabaloo.


Watch Keely get beclowned on national TV

Keely wants a free lunch.

This is cringe comedy but it is worth hitting the play button. Trust me.

I kind of felt sorry for Keely but this sort of willful ignorance really must be humiliated into silence.


College adminstrators are just like ISIS…


…and according to Hillary Clinton we should spend a trillion tax dollars to send every American to college.

Any questions?

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Taking a stand against relentless white privilege!

Jonathan Butler is the person at the University of Missouri who staged a hunger strike saying that he would starve himself to death if needed to force the university system’s president, Timothy M. Wolfe, from office. Butler was angry because he didn’t believe Wolfe was doing enough to end racism and white privilege at Mizzou.

How has Butler and his family suffered under the institutional racism of white privilege? Here is what we know about Mr. Butler.

Jonathan Butler played high-school football at Omaha Central High, where he won a state championship, and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Mizzou, the newspaper reports. He is working toward a master’s degree in educational leadership and policy.

He is a member of a prominent Omaha family. The newspaper says that Butler’s father is Eric L. Butler, executive vice president for sales and marketing for the Union Pacific Railroad. His 2014 compensation was $8.4 million, according to regulatory filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Rough. Very rough.


Note to College Snowflakes

This is what an unsafe and hostile environment looks like. Make a note of it.


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Professor who called for ‘muscle’ to remove press no longer a professor | UPDATED


The communications professor who called for “muscle” to remove journalists from a public event on public property has imploded. It turns out that the people who run the Missouri School of Journalism still bitterly cling to the idea of a free press and didn’t appreciate one of their own advocating for anti-press thuggery. Therefore, she “resigned”.

There is still hope.

An assistant communications professor at the Missouri School of Journalism resigned from her courtesy appointment Tuesday after she was caught on video confronting a student journalist and attempting to block him from shooting photos on a public quad.

The video, showing University of Missouri protesters and Assistant Professor Melissa Click, was posted on Youtube shortly after University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe resigned following a week of protests after his perceived lack of response to a series of racially-charged incidents.

Earlier on Tuesday, [Dean of the Missouri School of Journalism David] Kurpius lambasted Click while lauding the photojournalist.

“The Missouri School of Journalism is proud of photojournalism senior Tim Tai for how he handled himself during a protest on Carnahan Quad on the University of Missouri campus,” Kurpius said in Tuesday’s statement.

“The news media have First Amendment rights to cover public events,” Kurpius said. “Tai handled himself professionally and with poise.”

Tom Warhover, the executive editor of the Columbia Missourian, a university newspaper, told the Times he was “pretty incensed” about Tai’s treatment.


Well, damn. I apologize. There actually is no hope. She is still employed as a professor at the University of Missouri she just resigned an at-will appointment at the School of Journalism. She will keep her main professorship in the Communications Department.

A courtesy appointment permits members of one academic department to serve on graduate committees for students from other academic departments. Click teaches mass media in the Communication Department. The School of Journalism is separate from the Communications Department.


Happy Veterans’ Day

This is a message to my fellow veterans. Today someone is likely to thank you for your service. When that happens, the proper response is, “And thank you for your support.” It’s a two way street.



Senator McCaskill (D-MO) prattles on and on about some damned thing…

I don’t know what. I wasn’t listening.


Sticks and stones may break my bones…

…but words will result in disciplinary action.


Modern Educayshun

This is very, very well done. It is also mandatory viewing. This material will be on the test.


Sneaking into Europe through the back door


Afghans are taking the long way around to get into Western Europe.

A record 2,452 people applied for asylum in Norway last week, setting a new record for the second week in a row, with almost half coming over the country’s northern border with Russia.

With last week’s arrivals factored in, the total number of asylum seekers arriving in Norway this year is at 24,400, meaning the country is on course to this year receive three times the 11,480 people who sought asylum in 2014.

Last week, 899 of the new arrivals came from Afghanistan, with people from the central Asian country outnumbering those fleeing the ongoing civil war in Syria for the second week running.

Many Norwegians want the back door locked.

Serious calls are being issued this week, also on the floor of Parliament, to close Norway’s far northern border to Russia. Years of border cooperation between Norwegian and Russian authorities is now threatened by the record and “unsustainable” numbers of asylum seekers now using the border crossing every day.

Maybe all they need to do is stop the bicycles. No, seriously.

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The state of the First Amendment in academia

Students and faculty block the media on a public part of a public university. They keep telling him he has no right to take photos. This is just sad.

A filmed confrontation between protesters at the University of Missouri and a student journalist went viral Monday afternoon after the demonstrators, including two university administrators, attempted to block the student from shooting photographs on a public quad.

The confrontation appeared to show the protesters engaging in a clear violation of the First Amendment, since the incident occurred in a public space on the campus of a public university.

I no longer believe that it is blogger hyperbole to say that these students are part of a budding fascist movement. They are politically as far from the student movements of the 1960s as is possible.

They have tasted blood. This is just starting.


Obama’s Amnesty Plan Blocked by Court

The 5th Circuit says no.

A federal appeals court has rejected President Barack Obama’s effort to move forward with a series of executive actions he announced last year seeking to give quasi-legal status and work permits to millions of illegal immigrants.

The 2-1 ruling Monday from the New Orleans-based 5th Circuit is a defeat for the Obama administration, but one that may have come just in the nick of time to give the Supreme Court the chance to revive Obama’s attempt to make it easier for many immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally to live and work here.

It will now likely go to the Supreme Court. Had the 5th Circuit waited a few days, it would have been too late to get on SCOTUS’ docket this session and would have been pushed out, possibly, to after Obama left office. The nail biter continues.


40 years ago today: Came the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes into hours?


Whiskey vs Weed


Today I had a short debate with someone who made the argument that marijuana should be made legal in all 50 states. I didn’t disagree with that.

The weed advocate did what most weed advocates do. He told me all the ways that legalizing weed would be a good thing. “It would reduce crime”, he said. With that I agreed.

“It would create immense wealth in sales and sales tax”, he said. Of that claim that I was a little less certain but didn’t disagree.

Then, like all good Mary Jane enthusiasts, he recited the standard litany of societal benefits resulting from the unalloyed societal good that legal marijuana is. On this I called bullshit. “A vice is a vice”, I said.

He then compared it to whiskey, a vice which he knew I am apt to occasionally partake. He said whiskey is EXACTLY like weed. I said it was not.

I argued that about 95 percent of the time I limit myself to two fingers of whiskey and that two fingers is not enough to make feel intoxicated in the least. This, I said, is evidence that most of my enjoyment of whiskey is strictly for the taste and the wonderful warmth of its amber current going down.

“The vast majority of my enjoyment of whiskey, therefore, has nothing to do with altering my state of consciousness”, I said. An intoxicant that does not intoxicate, I argued, is no vice at all. I argued that 100 percent of doobage use is to get high and serves no other purpose. Therefore, whiskey is a potential vice where weed is a certain vice.

He countered, 1) The purpose for which each product is used is irrelevant to its status as a vice and, 2) some people, do, in fact, use pot for its flavor and not its mind altering qualities.

We debated his first point without resolution and, being a marijuana virgin, I had no real answer to his second point.

So, what say you? Is marijuana use a vice? Is whiskey use a vice? If they both are, is either worse than the other? Should I have tried a coffee shop doob when I was in Amsterdam last month?


Uh oh! They have tasted blood!

The University of Missouri system’s president has been run out on a rail.

The University of Missouri system’s president, Tim Wolfe, resigned Monday morning in the face of growing protests by African-American students, the threat of a walkout by faculty and a strike by football players who said he had done too little to combat racism on campus.

Now that the Social Justice Zombies have tasted human blood, there will be no appeasing them. The leader and hunger striker wants you to know, he wants more.

“This is only the first step! More change is to come!!” Butler posted on his Twitter account.


Good news folks. We live in utopia!

Only in a world in which every problem of any import has been resolved could the following exchange occur. What you are about to witness could never had occurred in any other time an place in history. The angry child in the video is a delicate hot-house flower who has been protected by society from any and all discomforts of the real world.

Like the princess who tossed and turned in discomfort caused by a pea under the 20 mattresses and 20 feather-beds upon which she slept, the delicate snowflake in this video is bruised and injured by the prospect that, hypothetically, a student at Yale might wear a problematic Halloween costume.

The details are here but the situation isn’t complex. The child is angry because somebody told her that, if she sees a Halloween costume she doesn’t like, she should “just look away”.

Again, congratulations. You live in a world without hunger, without violence, without disease, without loneliness and without pain. Only in world with every other problem was resolved would people get upset about something as inconsequential and trivial as the prospect of a hypothetically offensive costume on a total stranger. Right?