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Obama argues forcefully against executive amnesty


Get ready, here it comes…


There is weather and then there is climate

The EPA chief wants you stupid deniers to understand the difference between climate and weather.

‘Weather’ is any meteorological event, either long term or short term, that is not evidence for global warming.

‘Climate’ is any meteorological event, either long term or short term, that can be used to justify more governmental control over the economy and society.

Environmental Protection Agency chief Gina McCarthy told reporters Monday morning that the so-called pause in global warming was not representative of the broader trends in climate, which she says point to global warming.

“That is a short-lived issue that doesn’t represent climate,” McCarthy told reporters at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, adding that many other factors show the planet is changing because of human influence– though she did not elaborate on this point because the breakfast was nearing its end.

Satellite temperature data, which measures the lower parts of the Earth’s atmosphere, shows there has been no significant warming trend for the last 18 years or so. Surface temperatures from weather stations, buoys and ships show a lack of warming for about the last 15 years or so.

See? A lack of warming for almost two decades is not ‘climate’ since it doesn’t help the government justify further regulating your life.


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An important message regarding the Ebola Nurse

The Ebola Nurse wants you to know that she no longer wants to be known as “The Ebola Nurse”. As part of our editorial style-book here at the Real Revo we will honor her wishes and, from now on, refer to her more appropriately as “The Nurse Formerly Known as the Ebola Nurse”.

Thank you.



Simultaneously believe this is empowering…


…and this is demeaning.

And that is insane.


Jonathan Gruber told the truth…

Obamacare was distorted in order to deceive stupid American voters into supporting it. That’s a truth Team Obama didn’t want stated. You know how they feel about the truth.


The Real Revo is seven years old today…

We almost missed it but for Bman’s reminder!



Why won’t the House impeach Obama over immigration?

Trey Gowdy answers that with a question: “Have you met Joe Biden?”

Yep, Biden is Obama’s impeachment insurance policy.


Did Ukraine shoot down Malaysian Air Flight 17?

That is the question in the Daily Mail.

Russian experts have claimed Malaysian Boeing MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian warplane and not a ground to air missile.

This follows the release of ‘leaked’ satellite images which show a missile streaking towards the passenger plane, produced tonight by Russia’s main state broadcaster.

It was claimed that the space pictures were from a British or US satellite.

The image of the MIG firing the missile is a fake and I can prove it. MA Flight 17 crashed on July 17, 2014. Google Earth has a satellite image taken on July 20, 2014; just three days later. In the July 20 imagery, you can clearly see the burned area at the crash site. It is evident that the Google imagery was taken to document the crash.

I found the location of the supposed MIG firing the missile. Beneath the aircraft in that photo, the configuration of the agriculture is radically different from that in the July 20 Google image. In fact, it is so different that it is impossible that there could only be three days difference between the two photos. It is clear that the image with the MIG was taken months, if not years, before the day MA 17 was shot down.

I have prepared an animated GIF to make it easy to compare Google’s July 20 image and the obviously fraudulent image claimed to be captured just three days earlier. Check it out…


There can be no doubt whatsoever the the photo, and thus the claim of the air-to-air fire, is fraudulent.

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Yet another Gruber video explains the genius behind Obamacare

Your employer provided health care is not taxed as income. Team Obama wants to tax your health care benefit but they knew they couldn’t pull it off in 2010. First, it would be a gross violation of Obama’s pledge to not raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 per year. Second, you wouldn’t stand for it and, if he tried it, Obamacare would never have passed.

So rather than taxing your health insurance $100 per month, he taxed insurance carriers providing gold plans $100 per month. As Gruber points out, the effect on you is identical. The government taxes the provider $100 and the provider raises your premium $100. Obama gets his $100 from you and he gets to pretend he didn’t raise your taxes.

Better yet, he tied that tax on plans to the consumer price index in a way that, in the future, the tax on providers wouldn’t just be on gold plans, it would be on all plans… even bronze plans.

Gruber points out that this is pure genius. Obama basically eliminated the tax exempt status of your health care plan and stupid voters didn’t even notice that they had been swindled. Awesome, huh?

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Venezuela cracking down on street sales of food, toilet paper, etc…

Black market: It is all part of the process.

The sprawling street market that radiates outward from the metro station in Petare, Caracas’s largest slum, is the retail equivalent of an anti-Target.

There’s no organization to it. Tube socks and school supplies are sold beside giant pyramids of pineapple and piled yucca. Leopard-print hot pants stretch over mannequin buttocks next to the stinky stalls of fishmongers.

The bazaar was known until this month as one of the city’s biggest open-air black markets, the place to find all the scarce items that shoppers must queue up for hours to get in supermarkets, or can’t find at all. Earlier this year, toilet paper and corn­meal were scarce; lately it’s diapers and deodorant that have “gotten lost,” as Venezuelans say.

Authorities mostly turned a blind eye to the informal commerce, but late last month Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro went on TV to decree a ban on street sales of coffee, eggs, shampoo and some 50 other “regulated” items whose prices­ are capped by the government. He ordered the National Guard to police market stalls for such items as mayonnaise and powdered milk, and threatened to prosecute recidivist violators.

So let’s review what happens every, single time price ceilings below equilibrium are set.

Price ceilings below equilibrium price result in buyers demanding more product than producers want to sell.

This results in shortages as buyers purchase all available stock and sellers do not fully restock.

Shortages result in a black market of sellers willing to illegally sell at prices above the price ceilings and buyers willing to pay that amount.

Governments crack down on illegal black markets. This is what is happening in Venezuela now.

Black markets go underground. Goods are smuggled, loans are made and, since contracts cannot be enforced by courts, they are enforced by organized crime.

Organized crime and black markets result in violence, death and murder.

This doesn’t happen sometimes when price ceilings below equilibrium are set. It happens every time.


Comet lander bounced a half a mile…

On the comet, the washing machine sized lander weighs about a half and ounce. So, when the harpoons didn’t fire, it bounced like a balloon. Now, well, it is kind of lost.

The European Space Agency’s Philae lander bounced twice before finally settling on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on Wednesday, leaving scientists uncertain about its exact location.

The good news is that Philae is stable and already collecting data to send back to Earth. However, the bad news is that the craft’s useful lifetime may be significantly less than anticipated after it landed in the shadow of a cliff.

Philae’s 60-hour battery will run out of power within a day or two. At that point, scientists had planned to use the lander’s solar panels, which are designed to provide an hour of battery power each day. The shadow cast by the cliff now poses a huge challenge for the ESA.

“We see that we get less solar power than we planned for,” said Koen Geurts of the ESA’s lander team.

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Freaky Friday Caption Contest



Nancy Pelosi claims she doesn’t even know who Jonathan Gruber is…

In start of this video, Nancy claims that she doesn’t know Gruber. At the end of the video, we go down the memory hole to 2009 where she talks about Gruber’s involvement in healthcare legislation.

Hmmmm… If he didn’t write it, then why did we pay him $400k?

In fairness, I think the old grey mare needs staffers to tell her what her own name is most days.


Has Jonathan Gruber been put in the Witness Protection Program yet?

Republicans want to put him under oath. Democrats want him to disappear like Jimmy Hoffa.

House Republicans have been sending each other a blizzard of e-mails and text messages this week, and he expects the interest in “bringing [Gruber] up here to talk” will gain traction as members return to Washington. House Republicans will gather Thursday evening for their first series of votes since the election.

“I just had a colleague text me saying, ‘We’ve got to look into this!” Jordan said as he glanced at his phone outside the House floor Wednesday morning.

The chatter among lawmakers echoes the outrage among the conservative grassroots over the comments. Sen. Ted Cruz in a speech last week said targeting ACA must remain the party’s top priority. “Now is the time to go after and do everything humanely possible to repeal Obamacare,” he said.

Gruber really doesn’t need to be put under oath, he tells the truth when he isn’t. Gruber said…

    Obamacare was passed with deception.

    If the American people knew what it really was, it would have never passed.

    The deception was a feature of the bill, not a bug.

    The American people were too stupid to see through the deception and, therefore, the bill was able to be passed.

Every word is true.

More here.


Here come the immigration executive orders…

Obama’s ten-part plan to undermine the law comes next week.

President Obama is planning to unveil a 10-part plan for overhauling U.S. immigration policy via executive action — including suspending deportations for millions — as early as next Friday, a source close to the White House told Fox News.

The president’s plans were contained in a draft proposal from a U.S. government agency. The source said the plan could be announced as early as Nov. 21, though the date might slip a few days pending final White House approval.

Obama was briefed at the White House by Homeland Security officials before leaving on his Asia-Pacific trip last week, Fox News has learned.

Frankly, this is a good thing. Illegals are already 1) not being deported, 2) getting driver licences, 3) receiving welfare, 4) receiving college grants, 5) receiving federally backed home loans… Amnesty is pretty much the status quo but nobody is really paying any political price for its existence.

Obama sticking his neck out, resisting the will of the voters in the last election, thumbing his nose at the Constitution, waving a red flag in front of Congress and declaring his willingness to claim powers he has not been given – all to do nothing but support the status quo – is something we should support. Nothing will change except a energized hue and cry regarding the tiny little imperial president.


Joe Wilson was explicitly, precisely correct…

Watch Obama lie.

Illegal immigrants do get Obamacare and Obama was lying when he said they won’t.

President Obama’s 2012 program to defer deportation of young illegal immigrants greatly eased their ability to get jobs, credit cards, bank accounts, driver’s licenses and even Obamacare despite their undocumented status, according to a new Harvard University report.

The review of over 2,000 young illegals given relief from deportation by Obama’s June 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, found that many have won the same benefits as U.S. citizens, including higher education despite the failure of the so-called Dream Act that led to the president’s initiative.

“Since receiving DACA, many have obtained new jobs and internships. Some have also opened bank accounts and obtained credit cards,” said the study just published in the journal American Behavioral Scientist.

It added: “And although the Affordable Care Act does not guarantee health insurance to DACA recipients, a significant share of our respondents have reported obtaining health care since receiving their DACA paperwork.


How to use wildlife to drive up cost of energy…

For example…

Federal wildlife officials have granted protection to the Gunnison sage grouse, a move that could bring restrictions on oil and gas drilling and other land uses to preserve the bird’s habitat in Colorado and Utah.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Wednesday the bird is a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.

“We believe the best science available points to the conclusion that the bird, while not facing extinction … is still likely to face extinction in the future,” said Dan Ashe, the agency’s director.

About 1.4 million acres will be designated as the species’ critical habitat, Ashe said. About 5,000 Gunnison sage grouse remain in southwestern Colorado and southeastern Utah.

The extent of restrictions on oil and gas drilling and other land use was not immediately known.

“…not facing extinction … is still likely to face extinction in the future…” Can you name a species to which that statement doesn’t apply?

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luck [luhk] – noun, definition: See Below

And then he went home and changed his underwear.


2nd Video of Gruber calling voters ‘stupid’

He was saying that voters would balk if Democrats put a heavy tax on their insurance policies so, instead, Democrats taxed insurers. The result, however was the same. They could tax your policy $100 or they could tax the insurer $100 who would, in turn, raise your premium $100. The net effect to you is the same except that Obama could claim that he wasn’t raising your taxes.

People swallowed it hook, line and sinker and let the Democrats get away with it.

So tell me, where is Gruber wrong?


Probe Lands on Comet

And I don’t mean a Ford Probe landed on a Mercury Comet either.


The European Space Agency’s Philae lander has made space history by successfully reaching the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

The landing, which took place at 11.03 AM ET, was accompanied by rapturous scenes at the ESA’s control room in Darmstadt, Germany.

Philae is the first probe to land on a comet.

Earlier on Wednesday, the ESA released the first image of its Philae lander separating from the Rosetta mothership on its ambitious mission toward the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

The separation, which took place around 4 AM ET, marked the start of a 7-hour journey to the comet’s surface. The Rosetta spacecraft and its Philae lander have been on a decade-long mission through the solar system to rendezvous with the comet.


Trey Gowdy reacts to Gruber’s praise of lies about Obamacare

Recall, Professor Jonathan Gruber – a key architect of Obamacare – explained how lies and deception about the law were necessary to get it passed and were, therefore, beneficial features of the process.

Rep. Trey Gowdy and Fox News’ Megan Kelly discuss the admission of M.I.T. Professor Jonathan Gruber that deception was used to get the Affordable Health Care Act through Congress. Megan Kelly states this story may be the “smoking gun”. Gowdy states he “cannot get past the irony” to deal with the arrogance of the remarks.

Gruber is credited as being the bill’s “architect”. He said “the lack transparency” can be a “huge political advantage”. He states it was necessary because of the “stupidity of the American voter. In video shot late last year he appeared to be sharing with a like-minded group the cleverness of their strategy.


FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler on the hotseat

He really isn’t 100% on board with Obama’s plan to treat the World Wide Web like the 1952 Bell System.

Wheeler worries that the president’s more drastic approach is too simplistic, according to people familiar with his thinking. With his long experience in the telecommunications industry, Wheeler is well aware of concerns that ill-considered regulations could stifle innovation and slow the growth of the country’s broadband infrastructure, those people said. And he worries that the White House is being naive about the ripple effects of changing how a major piece of national infrastructure is governed.

One telecom industry lobbyist was sympathetic to Wheeler’s position: “I don’t think anybody goes into the FCC saying, ‘I want to be at the center of drama.’ But they seem to find themselves there frequently.”

Behind closed doors, Wheeler has fretted about how Republicans on Capitol Hill would react to far-reaching net neutrality rules, according to people familiar with his deliberations. Already on Monday, the Senate Republican leadership dismissed Obama’s plan as “last century’s rules.”

Obama would probably veto an attempt by Republicans to roll back any FCC rules. But Congress could hamstring the FCC by withholding funding on other, lower-profile issues, and it could put Wheeler in the hot seat during congressional hearings or as the target of lengthy investigations.

Obama insists, however, that a pornographer pumping out ten trillion bits a day of high definition smut should pay the same amount for last-mile infrastructure as your church pays for its five-hits-a-day website.

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Historic agreement with China on climate change

China has agreed to stop its massive and ongoing increases in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Just 15 more years of huge increases and then, they promise, they won’t grow any further. They are producing about 8 billion tons now and will increase that to 11 billion tons (about 40%) by 2030.

The US, meanwhile, will start cutting right now. Under the deal, the United States must cut its carbon emissions – and thus energy production – between 26-28% — from levels established in 2005 — by 2025.

China and the United States made common cause on Wednesday against the threat of climate change, staking out an ambitious joint plan to curb carbon emissions as a way to spur nations around the world to make their own cuts in greenhouse gases.

The landmark agreement, jointly announced here by President Obama and President Xi Jinping, includes new targets for carbon emissions reductions by the United States and a first-ever commitment by China to stop its emissions from growing by 2030.

So the agreement with China is that China gets to continue to increase energy growth for 15 years and the US must start cutting back radically right now. None of this, of course, will have the slightest impact on the climate.

Brilliant diplomacy.


Where can I smoke weed and carry a gun?

Reason Magazine provides a helpful Venn diagram.