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Mexico to accept Syrian migrants?

The Mexican government says it is studying the possibility of accepting refugees from Syria, where war has sent millions fleeing.

Mexico’s foreign relations secretary suggested Thursday the analysis is still at an early stage.

Claudia Ruiz Massieu said Mexico hasn’t determined how many refugees it might accept.

Ruiz Massieu said “we are following this and working on studying the possibility of accepting some refugees at some point.”


Arab history flows in reverse

In 1958 Gamal Abdel Nasser, the second president of Egypt, gave a speech in which he mocked the Muslim Brotherhood for proposing that women be required to cover their heads in public. The audience hooted with laughter at the absurdity of such an idea.

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Many “refugees” aren’t…

Refugees want refuge. Migrants want benefits. These aren’t refugees.

The head of a UNHCR camp called Syrian refugees “The most difficult refugees I’ve ever seen. In Bulgaria, they complained that there were no jobs. In Sweden, they took off their clothes to protest that it was too cold.

In Italy, Muslim African “refugees” rejected pasta and demanded food from their own countries. But the cruel Europeans who “mistreat” migrants set up a kitchen in Calais with imported spices cooked by a Michelin chef determined to give them the stir-fried rabbit and lamb meatballs they’re used to. There are also mobile phone charging stations so the destitute refugees can check on their Facebook accounts.

It had to be done because the refugees in Italy were throwing rocks at police while demanding free wifi.

Read it all.



“His Holiness is wrong.”

So says a Hungarian Bishop.

BUDAPEST — Pope Francis’s message Sunday couldn’t have been clearer: With hundreds of thousands of refugees flowing into Europe, Catholics across the continent had a moral duty to help by opening their churches, monasteries and homes as sanctuaries.

On Monday, the church’s spiritual leader for southern Hungary — scene of some of the heaviest migrant flows anywhere in Europe — had a message just as clear: His Holiness is wrong.

“They’re not refugees. This is an invasion,” said Bishop Laszlo Kiss-Rigo, whose dominion stretches across the southern reaches of this predominantly Catholic nation. “They come here with cries of ‘Allahu Akbar.’ They want to take over.”

Hungarians understand. Here is a little history.

Ottoman Hungary was the territory in modern Hungary which was ruled by the Ottoman Empire from 1541 to 1699. Ottoman rule covered mostly the central and southern territories of the former medieval Kingdom of Hungary as almost the entire region of the Great Hungarian Plain (except the northeastern parts) and Southern Transdanubia.

…and, regarding the Muslim conquest of Hungary…

    The [the Turk] wins [converts] by craft more than by force, and snatches away Christ by fraud out of the hearts of men. For the Turk, it is true, at the present time compels no country by violence to apostatise; but he uses other means whereby imperceptibly he roots out Christianity…

There were approximately 80,000 Muslim settlers in Ottoman-controlled territory of present-day Hungary; being mainly administrators, soldiers, artisans and merchants of Bosnian Slavic origin, and gradually growing in number throughout the 16th century. The religious life of the Muslims was supervised by the mosques that were either newly built or transformed from older Christian churches. Payment for the servants of the mosques, as well as the maintenance of the churches, was the responsibility of the Ottoman state or charities.


Of course the Muslim armies were stopped at the Gates of Vienna sparing modern day Austria and Germany from what Hungary and the Balkins faced under Ottoman domination.

On this matter, a Hungarian Bishop trumps an Argentinian Pope.


The State of the American Way

This is a representative comment from a New York Times article that opines that gay marriage rights can be accommodated without the jailing of Kim Davis. The article is entitled: We Don’t Need Kim Davis to Be in Jail

It’s difficult to have “peaceful coexistence” (as Anderson suggests in this article) in a world where the fanatical religious right is constantly concerned about all matters of other people that relate to their pelvis — from abortion to sex to homosexuality and more. These crazies have NO RIGHT under our Constitution to IMPOSE their religious views on others. That’s the bottom line of what this woman is doing. She needs to get a job in the PRIVATE section – not in Government because what she is doing is UNAMERICAN and ILLEGAL. I say lock her up IN THE GENERAL PRISON POPULATION – no special hide-a-ways with her mythical Bible. This shouldn’t have been an issue at all. She should have been fired for failure to do her job right away.

This is the sewer in which the American left now lives. Mothers killing their children is just a pelvic matter. Religious faith is based on myth. Conscientious objectors should not just be jailed, they should be imprisoned with murderers and rapists. Elected officials should be fired, not by the voters, but by some autocrat.

Because mothers killing their offspring is the American way. Because judges creating laws out of thin air and then jailing those who do not immediately comply is the American way. Because criminalizing conscientious objection is the American way. Because ridiculing religious faith is the American way. Because judges “firing” elected representatives of the people is the American way.


Prepare to be irradiated by weapons grade hypocrisy…

Remember the Occupy Movement? You know, the movement that was formed to squat on government properties in violation of the law of the land? Sure you do. They have an important message for you: You must obey the law of the land or be jailed.

11949479_938424092917312_5030530527591629557_n (1)

That’s right because when five justices on the Supreme Court fabricate a brand new statutory right that never existed before, everyone in America must immediately comply or be jailed. This, along with illegal squatting, is the American way!


And there you have it…

The Senate won’t even send Obama a resolution to veto.

Remember how we all celebrated when the Republicans took the House and Senate?


That was one hell of a short generation!

Here are some highlights from Obama’s speech in Alaska regarding climate change.

Reduced sea levels leaves villages unprotected from floods and storm surges. Some are in imminent danger; some will have to relocate entirely.

…we will condemn our children to a planet beyond their capacity to repair: Submerged countries. Abandoned cities

Warmer, more acidic oceans and rivers, and the migration of entire species, threatens the livelihoods of indigenous peoples, and local economies dependent on fishing and tourism.

Climate change is already disrupting our agriculture and ecosystems.

Entire nations will find themselves under severe, severe problems. More drought; more floods; rising sea level…

Consider, as well, that many of the fires burning today are actually burning through the permafrost in the Arctic.

On this issue, of all issues, there is such a thing as being too late. That moment is almost upon us.

Of course a month ago, following his executive order on coal fired power plants, Obama said this…

“Climate change is not a problem for another generation, not anymore…”

That was definitely a short generation.


The GFY Candidate


It turns out that the Republican Party base isn’t really conservative. It is actually populist. The base isn’t interested in economics or political science. The Republican base believes that the common people are engaged in a never ending struggle with the privileged elite. It is mortal combat. The base isn’t interested in conservative or libertarian principles per se. They just want to stick a thumb in the eye of establishment.

This is, I think, the lesson of Donald Trump and his success in garnering support. Trump is a man who, late in life, supported abortion on demand, confiscatory taxation, single payer government health care, the Kelo property seizure ruling, gun bans and the Clinton Crime Family. None of this matters to the base, however, because Trump is the “GFY candidate”.

Trump’s political and economic positions are nebulous at best and non-existent at worst. He was recently a leftist progressive and now he is a, supposedly, a right winger. In truth he is an opportunist and a self-promoter and he has stumbled on a winning formula: GFY.

He is saying it to the Democrats and he is saying it to the Republicans. He says it to anyone who crosses him. Most importantly, he says it to the establishment.

The base loves it. They bask in it. They don’t give a damn that his policies are all sail and no anchor and drift with the fickle wind. They aren’t really interested in politics, economic theory or foreign policy. They are interested in telling the powers-that-be to GFY.

Of course outsiders become insiders and one day you wake up and find out that you have elected a man made up of nothing but an ability to tell others to GFY. That’s the day you discover that, when an insider says GFY, it sounds an awful lot like Barack Hussein Obama.

More below the fold…


What happened in San Francisco?

Can anybody think of anything that recently occurred in San Francisco that might have brought about this? Looks like we have a mystery on our hands, Scooby!

Those sick and tired of having to deal with their fellow humans all the time have a new respite – a fully automated restaurant in San Francisco.

Customers at Eatsa in the Financial District will order from an iPad, sending the order to the kitchen. When the meal is ready, it appears in a small glass compartment. The food is prepared by real people, but the patrons never have to see them.

The owners of Eatsa may have felt that San Franciscans needed to ease themselves into such a radical change, however; for the launch on Monday, concierges in red shirts met guests to help them order. But eventually they will disappear.

Hundreds visited the shop on Monday to try the vegetarian dishes, which prominently feature quinoa and at $6.95 are well below market average in the city.

Answer key for economic muggles.


The Planned Parenthood horror show continues with another video…

“Oh yeah, the fetus was already in the vaginal canal whenever we put her in the stirrups, it just fell out…”

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 1–The ninth video in the Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal focuses on Advanced Bioscience Resources, Inc. (ABR), the small and secretive company that has harvested and sold fetal body parts at Planned Parenthood clinics longer than any other entity.

The video features undercover conversations with Dr. Katharine Sheehan, the long-time medical director of Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest until 2013; Perrin Larton, the Procurement Manager for ABR; and Cate Dyer, the CEO of rival fetal tissue procurement company StemExpress.

Sheehan tells actors posing as a new human biologics company that at Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest, “We have already a relationship with ABR.” Sheehan explains, “We’ve been using them for over 10 years, really a long time, just kind of renegotiated the contract. They’re doing the big collections for government-level collections and things like that.” When one of the actors negotiates, “We return a portion of our fees to the clinics,” Sheehan responds eagerly, “Right, get a toe in and make it, make a pro–alright.”

In an August 27 letter to Congress, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards referenced a California Planned Parenthood affiliate that currently receives $60 “per tissue specimen” from a tissue procurement organization. The Center for Medical Progress, the group producing the videos, identified Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest and ABR as the affiliate and TPO referred to in Richards’ letter, based on process of elimination.

“We now know from Cecile Richards’ letter that $60 per collected tissue specimen is what will ‘get a toe in’ to harvest baby parts at Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest,” wrote CMP Project Lead David Daleiden. As multiple tissue specimens often come from a single fetus, $60/specimen can quickly add up to hundreds of extra dollars in revenue per abortion. The sale or purchase of human fetal tissue is a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison or a fine of up to $500,000 (42 U.S.C. 289g-2).

Perrin Larton, the Procurement Manager at ABR, is shown describing ABR’s fetal tissue harvesting practice to a prospective buyer. “I literally have had women come in and they’ll go in the O.R. and they’re back out in 3 minutes, and I’m going, ‘What’s going on?’ Oh yeah, the fetus was already in the vaginal canal whenever we put her in the stirrups, it just fell out,” she explains of situations where there has been a great enough degree of cervical dilation to procure an intact fetus.

ABR, founded in 1989 by CEO Linda Tracy, charges $340 per second-trimester fetal tissue specimen, yet seems less concerned about tissue quality than other harvesting companies: “Whenever we have a smooth portion of liver, we think that’s good!” says Larton.

Cate Dyer, who used to work as a procurement technician for ABR before founding her own company StemExpress, shares some of the financial details of ABR: “They were funding places in Hawaii for themselves,” she divulges. “Some staff–not that I know so much on the Planned Parenthood side, but I wouldn’t be surprised–there are some staff in the past that have been on the payroll with ABR.” According to Dyer, ABR would pay an “advisor fee” to a clinic manager or director in order to preserve their exclusive right to harvest fetal tissue at that location. “There’s like, well enough known,” says Dyer, that “for a long time there were certain clinics that because they had paid advisors that were sitting on boards for these clinics, that were also an advisor to ABR, you were just never going to go anywhere with them, you know what I mean?”

“In the twisted world of baby parts trafficking from Planned Parenthood abortion clinics, there are few unbroken rules,” notes CMP’s Daleiden. “After the serious admissions in Planned Parenthood’s letter to Congress last week, it is imperative for lawmakers and law enforcement to act decisively to determine the full extent of Planned Parenthood and their proxies’ lawbreaking, hold them accountable, and stop the taxpayer funding of these barbaric atrocities against humanity.”


Do these look like US troops to you?


Just exactly how out of touch with the US military and its traditions must one be to mistake Polish veterans for Americans?

Democrats’ election outreach efforts to veterans may need to start with a refresher course on what U.S. troops look like.

For starters, they don’t wear Polish military uniforms.

Until Thursday, the Democratic National Committee’s “Veterans and Military Families” website had as its only picture a shot from White House photographers during President Obama’s visit to Warsaw in 2011.

The president had been cropped out, but faces of four elderly veterans wearing European-style military uniforms were visible above several paragraphs asserting the party’s “commitment to America’s veterans.” The Polish military’s White Eagle insignia was clear on the headgear of two of the veterans.


Regarding the current GOP front runner…

A campaign largely built around scapegoating a minority group? Check.

Calls for the destruction of the elite establishment? Check.

Powerful oratory that appeals to the most populist base? Check.

Belief in the need for a strong leader? Check.

Campaign built around relentless attacks against all opposition no matter how trivial? Check.

Belief that the only problem with the massive state apparatus is inefficient management? Check.

Calls for a powerful military and projection of national power? Check.

Is anybody else seeing this?


What we know about the killer of the journalist and cameraman…

This from ABC News.

He was an on-air personality at the same station as his victim. His on air-name was Bryce Williams but his real name was Vester Lee Flanagan II.

He hadn’t worked at the television station for two years.

He put a down payment on his gun two days after, and as a result of, the Charleston Church Shooting. That suggests he bought it in a store and, therefore, passed the background check.

He was angry because the world is racist and he wanted revenge.

He was inspired by, and an admirer of, mass killers.

He was black.

He was gay.

He said he has been attacked by black men and white females.

He claimed he had bullets with his intended victims’ initials on them.

He wanted to start a race war. “You want a race war (deleted)? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE …(deleted)!!!”

He is dead.


BREAKING: Cameraman and Reporter killed on air…

He must have targeted them at 6:45 AM.

A man with a gun has shot and killed two media members and wounded a third person on live television while they were filming in central Virginia and police are still searching for the assailant.

The two killed were identified by WDBJ colleagues as reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27.

A third person, who was being interviewed at the time of the shooting, was shot in the back and is in surgery, according to CNN. That person was identified as Vicki Gardner, head of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce, by the Roanoke Times.

The incident occurred at 6:45 a.m. at Bridgewater Plaza in Moneta, Va., according to Franklin County Sheriff Department spokesperson Phillip Young.


NoDak: The Armed Drone State

North Dakota ups the ante and authorized non-lethal but armed drones.

It is now legal for law enforcement in North Dakota to fly drones armed with everything from Tasers to tear gas thanks to a last-minute push by a pro-police lobbyist.

With all the concern over the militarization of police in the past year, no one noticed that the state became the first in the union to allow police to equip drones with “less than lethal” weapons. House Bill 1328 wasn’t drafted that way, but then a lobbyist representing law enforcement—tight with a booming drone industry—got his hands on it.

Well, now it’s only a matter of time until SkyNet assumes control of the Peace Garden State.

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Clinton Fatigue

At the end, there is a text message that says “Paid for by Keep the Promise 1 and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.” When that pops up, listen to the P.A. page in the video. :-)


Rally Tuesday!

The market is up sharply after three days of sell-offs. Evidently the market likes China’s plan to reduce interest rates to improve liquidity.

Of course the Chinese bubble is still there. Pouring easy money into a boom is pretty much like waking up with a hangover and curing it with six fingers of rum.

But hey, don’t worry about a decade of absurd Chinese malinvestment. Easy money will keep the good times rolling. Everybody drink!

I am sure there is nothing to worry about.



The Obamas are back from vacation…

Evidently it was a holiday in Hell.


Got a caption? Have at it.


Why Jeb? Why are you turning black in Cedar Rapids?

This flier went out to 86,000 Iowans. What’s up with Jeb’s left hand?


Yeah, that’s Cedar Rapids behind him.


Obama Propaganda 101


He didn’t triple the stock market. The market grew because it always grows following a recession. Every single time… It grew as much as it has because of the Fed’s quantitative easing and low interest rates. It is a classic bubble and it will burst. It may already be in the process for doing so. They will continue to credit him for the boom and absolve him of all guilt for the bust. Laughable.

He didn’t end any wars. The war in Iraq was over when he took office. Under Obama, we have seen the war in Iraq reignited and now rages on nightmarishly. He didn’t end it. He restated it. In Afghanistan, the war goes on and US soldiers continue to die. He also started an optional war in Libya that resulted in a vacuum of power and the ongoing refugee disaster Europe is now facing.

Unemployment is low because it measures only those actively looking for work. It does not measure those who have given up looking for work or who are underemployed doing part-time work. The labor force participation rate – the measure of the percentage of Americans actually working – has plummeted since Obama took office. As a percentage of the population, fewer Americans are working now than since the 1970s. As a percentage of all men, fewer working age men are working since the Great Depression. Obama is an employment disaster.

The price of gasoline has dropped despite Obama’s policies, not because of them. If he actually promoted low gas prices, it would probably be a dollar a gallon. The price of gasoline dropped even as Obama has refused to issue new drilling permits on public land, refused to authorize new offshore drilling, refused to allow new pipeline construction and blocked new refinery construction. Gasoline prices are down due to tar sand extraction, new reserves, fracking and other new extraction technologies on private land… which Obama also opposes but – so far – hasn’t been able to stop. That China is flirting with recession driving down demand there doesn’t hurt either.

The annual budget deficit has decreased a bit primarily due to quantitative easing. This is virtually meaningless, however, when you realize that the national debt has skyrocketed to the highest level in US history under Obama. By the time he leaves office, it will exceed World War II levels in terms of percentage of GDP.

In July 1969, Apollo 11 landed men on the moon for the first time. This followed a decade of work and billions of dollars spent. It happened less than six months after Nixon took office. Saying that Obama killed bin Laden is exactly the same as saying Nixon put a man on the moon.

If Fox News says Obama is a failure, they are understating things.


Why is Sandra Bland dead?

It looks to me like Ms. Bland had a lot of opportunities to deescalate and chose not to take them. That said, why in the world should the onus to deescalate be hers?



Is Obama taking down Hillary Clinton?

That’s one theory. Why hasn’t he put the kabash on the email investigation like he did investigations of Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS/Lois Lerner, the Veterans Administration malfeasance, etc? If he wanted to kill the investigation of Clinton’s emails it would be dead. It isn’t, however.

Monica Crowley says it is because Obama wants a third term. Not a literal third term but he wants to control the White House after he leaves. He can’t do that with Hillary so he needs a different team. That ticket would be Joe Biden/Elizabeth Warren. She says that will be the Democrat Ticket in 2016.

What say you?


Ashley Madison Data Leaked

My two favorite parts, so far….

1) About 15,000 gubmint email addresses in the database. I doubt, however, this is why Hillary refused to use a government email account.

It is not clear how much of the data belongs to real customers or are from fake, so-called “burner” accounts. However, WIRED reported that approximately 15,000 leaked e-mail addresses use .gov and .mil domains, meaning that they are hosted by U.S. government and military servers.

2) About 90% to 95% of the users are men. Anyone with a modicum of sense would have known that going in.

The statement continued: “Find someone you know in here? Keep in mind the site is a scam with thousands of fake female profiles. See ashley madison fake profile lawsuit [sic]; 90-95% of actual users are male. Chances are your man signed up on the world’s biggest affair site, but never had one. He just tried to. If that distinction matters.


“That’s for the investigators to try to figure out.”

That was the only answer Hillary would give when asked if she wiped the server. Un-frinkin-believable.

You gotta watch this pathetic tap dance.