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Some Mexicans really like Señor Trump

He spends a lot of money manufacturing his products there.

It turns out Donald Trump understands the benefits of international trade.

“The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.” ~ H.L. Mencken

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It looks like Trump just about has it in the bag


Last night Donald Trump did something that he hasn’t done before: He outperformed the polls. In five states where it was widely expected Cruz would fare poorly, Trump did even better than expected.

If Trump wins Indiana, it is definitely over. If Cruz wins Indiana it is probably over. Last night Trump called himself the presumptive nominee and that was a fair statement.

Cruz has actually performed pretty badly during this campaign. Trump won with evangelicals(!) in the South. This is a man who was pro-abortion until about 20 minutes ago. He has been married three times and his current wife is imaged nude all over the Internet. He is a New Jersey casino and strip-club owner who boasted about bedding the wives of men with whom he was acquainted. To this day he defends Planned Parenthood. This is a man who and says he’s never asked for God’s forgiveness because he has nothing for which he needs be forgiven. Evangelicals.

Trump beat Cruz with fiscal conservatives. This is a man who has made the case that making America great again involves using the power of the administrative state to put increased restrictions on trade and commerce. A man who said he would perform the mathematically impossible task of paying off the national debt in eight years while cutting taxes, increasing military spending, increasing infrastructure spending and making no cuts in Social Security or Medicare.

It is inexplicable.

If Trump is the Republican nominee, the election of 2016 is already over. We lost. Again.

I don’t think America is the nation I thought was.

Vote Libertarian.


Update: I take it back. I said it in frustration and haste. Don’t vote Libertarian.


Justice involved, asylum seeking, travel occupied individual pleads guilty to emergency response opertations


In fairness, he did use the gender appropriate locker room.

An asylum seeker from Iraq accused of raping a ten-year-old boy in a toilet cubicle at a swimming pool in Vienna pleaded guilty in court yesterday.

Twenty-year-old Amir A., who is from Iraq and married with a child of his own, claimed that was a “sexual emergency” when he attacked the schoolboy last December at the Theresienbad in Vienna’s Meidling area.

The young boy was swimming at the pool by himself and had befriended a 15-year-old boy, who was with the Iraqi man. When the youngster went off to the showers after his swim the 20-year-old followed him and pushed the boy into a toilet cubicle, where he assaulted him.

Later during his police interrogation, Amir A. attempted to excuse himself, saying that it had been a “sexual emergency” as he hadn’t had sex “for four months”.

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It’s true, men can use the ladies’ room at Target

You don’t even need to put on a show of being a Transgenderfied American. Just head on in.

The reality, of course, is that there aren’t enough gender-metamorphosis involved individuals for this to be a matter for which Target or any business should be willing to take a controversial stand.

What Target is doing is virtue signalling to the much larger group of non-transposed people who feel noble and righteous when they make a show of abandoning traditional gender boundaries. They are Target’s real target.

I any case, fellas, if you ever wondered what the inside of the ladies room looks like, Target says come on in and take a tour.


“Justice Involved Individuals”


“Justice Involved Individuals” is Newspeak for “criminals” and it is featured in this Orwellian Obama Administration press release.

In an effort to help young people involved in the justice system find jobs and housing, the U.S. Departments of Justice and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today announced $1.75 million for Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) and nonprofit legal service organizations to address the challenges justice-involved individuals face when trying to find work and a place to call home. …

“The future of our nation depends upon the future of our young people – including young people who have become involved with our justice system,” said Attorney General Lynch. “By helping justice-involved youth find decent jobs and stable housing after they return home, these critical grants provide a foundation for a fresh start and offer a path towards productivity and purpose. In the months ahead, the Department of Justice will continue helping justice-involved youth enrich their lives and improve our country.”

Damn. This sort of thing makes me want to go to a palliative involved place of conveyance, negotiate the vending of a spirit involved beverage and consume it with other inebriated-Americans until I become a compotation involved citizen.


“Never trust the wizard.”

Peggy Joseph learned something that Trump supporters still need to learn. Pay attention guys.


American’s aren’t supposed to idolize and glorify politicians

If there should ever come a day that I find myself running to catch sight of a man so that I can revere and venerate him, it had better be Jesus Christ returned to earth or I will rate my life a total loss.

We laughed at this crap when it was Obama worshipers. It is no different now.

There is something in the human psyche that makes humans worship and venerate leaders. We have seen it all through history. Don’t succumb to it.



Ten Reasons for Republicans to support Donald Trump


1) Because you believe that what the economy needs to get back on track is a new round of governmental restrictions on trade and commerce.

2) Because a biannual roundup of illegal immigrants and transporting them to interment camps for processing and their eventual deportation to their nation of birth sounds like something that is actually doable in America.

3) You are a conservative who supports massive increases in federal spending on infrastructure.

4) Because you believe that NATO has no strategic value and is a nothing more than a scam to extort money from the United States.

5) You think it would be good policy for the United States to arm Japan and South Korea with nuclear weapons.

6) You want a federal database tracking all Muslims including US citizens but believe a national database of gun-owners is unconstitutional.

7) Because you actually believe that Trump is self-funding his campaign (Really?)

8 ) You oppose abortion but you think billions in federal funding of Planned Parenthood is good policy.

9) Because you think it is possible to cut taxes, increase military spending, leave Medicare and Social Security alone and still pay off the national debt in eight years

10) You, like Donald Trump, think Vladimir Putin’s strength as a leader is something to admire and America needs more of that sort of thing.


Obama: Merkel is “on the right side of history”

As the savior of the world, she has his blessings…

President Obama today defended German Chancellor Angela Merkel for how she has handled the Syrian refugee crisis, even as she faces political backlash for her policy.

Merkel announced last year that Germany would accept hundreds of thousands of refugees. But just last month, a political party whose platform opposes Merkel’s open-door refugee policy made historic gains in state elections — an outcome seen as a referendum on the chancellor’s migrant position.

Obama praised Merkel, saying that he is “proud” of her and the German people.

“She is on the right side of history on this,” he said in a press conference as Merkel stood beside him. “She is giving voice, I think, to the kinds of principles that bring people together rather than divide them. And I’m very proud of her for that and I’m proud of the German people for that.”

That phrase, “the right side of history” reeks of Marxism and the inevitable “march of history” as laid out by Kark Marx. Here is Marx in the Communist Manifesto…

“The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.

Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guildmaster and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight, that each time ended, either in the revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes.”

He was arguing that human history was on an inexorable march to a particular outcome and the march was predictable. The proletarian workers were on the “right side of history” and the corrupt bourgeoisie were on the wrong side.

Be wary of anyone who speaks of history as if it has a right and wrong side. This is a Marxist instinct as they believe they can foresee the march of future history.

“Communism is the riddle of history solved, and it knows itself to be this solution.”
― Karl Marx

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In Britain, Obama explains how he saved the world…

Obama was asked by asked by student in London what he wanted his legacy to be.

I don’t think I’ll have a good sense of my legacy until 10 years from now when I can look back with some perspective and get a sense of what worked and what didn’t. There are things I’m proud of: the basic principle that in a country as wealthy as the United States, every person should have access to high quality healthcare that they can afford. Saving the world economy from a Great Depression, that was pretty good.


Weekend Stuff

1) Pick one…


2) Does the sight of a lotus pod creep you out?

3) Would you rather be a genius no one believes or an idiot everyone believes?

4) Which one?

Tropical Cabin

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They are coming for your guns…

This isn’t a conspiracy theory. They are coming right out and saying it. Chelsea Clinton explicitly states that Scalia’s death will mean that her mother can and will appoint a SCOTUS justice who will tilt to the court in a way that will allow the majority to debauch the clear meaning of the Second Amendment.

Meanwhile Chelsea’s mother had this to say.

“Any right that requires you to take extraordinary measures to access it is no right at all,” Clinton recently lamented as she spoke about the persistence of the anti-abortion movement’s activism. Women won’t have a true right on this issue, she says, “as long as we have laws on the book like the Hyde Amendment, making it harder for low-income women to exercise their full rights.”

She was talking about the Hyde Amendment which prevents the use of government funds for abortions. Her argument is that, without government subsidies, the right to abortion is being repressed.

By that logic, gun buying needs to be subsidized by the government.


Socialists act just like monkeys

It’s science!

Punishment of non-cooperators is important for the maintenance of large-scale cooperation in humans, but relatively little is known about the relationship between punishment and cooperation across phylogeny. The current study examined second-party punishment behavior in a nonhuman primate species known for its cooperative tendencies—the brown capuchin monkey (Cebus apella). We found that capuchins consistently punished a conspecific partner who gained possession of a food resource, regardless of whether the unequal distribution of this resource was intentional on the part of the partner. A non-social comparison confirmed that punishment behavior was not due to frustration, nor did punishment stem from increased emotional arousal. Instead, punishment behavior in capuchins appears to be decidedly social in nature, as monkeys only pursued punitive actions when such actions directly decreased the welfare of a recently endowed conspecific. This pattern of results is consistent with two features central to human cooperation: spite and inequity aversion, suggesting that the evolutionary origins of some human-like punitive tendencies may extend even deeper than previously thought.


Republican to replace Democrat on $20 bill


That’s right, a gun toting, fundamentalist Christian member of the Republican Party will replace a Democrat president on the $20.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on Wednesday will announce plans to both keep Alexander Hamilton on the front of the $10 bill and to knock Andrew Jackson off the front of the $20 in favor of Harriet Tubman, sources tell POLITICO.

Lew is expected to roll out a set of changes that also include putting leaders of the women’s suffrage movement on the back of the $10 bill, and incorporating civil rights era leaders and other important moments in American history into the $5 bill.

The idiots at the Treasury Department refused to even consider my submission.


Bill Nye the Pseudoscience Guy

You refusing to get on board with the climate alarmist hysteria is affecting Nye’s life and he wants your ass in jail.


Changes at the USMC

The ongoing plan to make the United States military an eco-aware, non-gendered social justice organization with a minor sideline in warfighting continues to progress.

The Marine Corps has proposed a new fitness plan for females that does not require them to do any pullups to meet physical standards.

While female Marines will strongly be incentivized to do those pullups to achieve a high score, they can opt for the “flexed-arm hang” instead. For example, females can’t score higher than 50 points for a flexed-arm hang, but just one pullup will net them 51 points, Marine Corps Times reports.

“I think this is a great way to implement the change as it gives an incentive to increase a score without the fear of failing the PFT,” Col. Robin Gallant told Marine Corps Times. “As women work on them to increase their score, they can be confident that they won’t fail a PFT. I think this is a huge benefit and I’m glad it might become a reality.”


Fractured Fairy Tales


Once upon a time in a magical kingdom called Austin, Texas lived a gay man. They gay man went to the flagship store of the liberal Whole Foods chain and ordered a cake.

It was a very special cake and he asked that it have “LOVE WINS” in icing on its top.

Working at the LGBTQ friendly store was an LGBTQ cake decorator. The evil LGBTQ cake decorator put more than “LOVE WINS” on the cake. Right there in the middle of the cake the cake decorator wrote “FAG” in incing.

Now the cake decorator knew the cake would be in a box with a great big window on the top. The cake decorator knew that everybody who buys a cake with a custom message on the top reads it as soon as they see it. The evil cake decorator knew that would mean that he would be instantly fired for putting the slur on the cake. He didn’t care. It was worth losing his job. He was just that evil and just that stupid.

When the gay man came to the store, he picked up his cake and, although it was visible and right in front of his nose, he never looked at the decorations that he specifically ordered. He carried it through the store to the cashier and never looked at it. He placed it on the check-out counter and never looked at it. He carried it out to his car and never looked at it. Only when he got in his car did he see the great big word “FAG” right in the middle of the cake.

The gay man went home and made a video about his experience and called a lawyer to sue the LGBTQ friendly grocery store chain for his pain and suffering.

Do you believe any of that? Nah, you shouldn’t. That was a fairy tale.

The likely reality is different. The likely reality is that the gay man wrote fag on the cake in order to extort money from Whole Foods. That is the position of the store and, in fact, Whole Foods has called him a liar and promised to counter sue. They claim, in fact, they have proof he is lying his ass off.

See, the label on the box and the color of the box seems to change between when the cake left the store and the SJW made his video. Whole foods has released a video. That’s the SJW in the orange shirt at the lower right cashier. Check it out.

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The death spiral continues apace…

The nation’s biggest health insurance company pulls the plug on Obamacare.

UnitedHealth, the nation’s biggest health insurer, will cut its participation in public health insurance exchanges to only a handful of states next year after expanding to nearly three dozen for this year.

CEO Stephen Hemsley said Tuesday that the company expects losses from its exchange business to total more than $1 billion for this year and last.

It turns out that, if you can’t be denied for preexisting conditions, people will only buy insurance when they are sick. That is a hell of a deal. Pay a few bucks for a month or two of insurance and collect tens of thousands from insurance companies.

Who could have predicted that? I mean, other than EVERYBODY!

Insurers say they have struggled, in particular, with customers who have signed up for coverage outside regular enrollment windows and then dumped expensive claims on their books, a problem the government has said it would address.

A dozen nonprofit health insurance cooperatives created by the ACA to sell coverage on the exchanges have already folded, and the survivors all lost millions last year.

You know who approves of UnitedHealth’s decision to kick Obamacare to the curb? Investors in UnitedHealth.

UnitedHealth shares jumped 2.2 percent, or $2.79, to $130.60 in morning trading Tuesday. The company also raised its forecast for 2016…


No fuzz buttles in Iowa, no buzzcocks in Texas


Fireworks are illegal in Iowa. That’s right, I’m gonna stand here and tell you we got no lady fingers, fuzz buttles, snicker bombs, church burners, finger blasters, gut busters, zippity do das, or crap flappers. We got no whistlin’ bungholes, no spleen splitters, whisker biscuits, honkey lighters, hoosker doos, hoosker don’ts, cherry bombs, nipsy daisers, with or without the scooter stick, or one single whistlin’ kitty chaser. None.

Oh you can legally possess them in the state. You just can’t buy them, sell them or shoot ’em off. It sucks, but that’s the way it is. It turns out there is nothing in the Constitution that says we have the right to purchase and use frankenpyros, titty twisters or rapid fire riptides or that the State of Iowa can’t prohibit the vending or use of said products.

Personally, I think it sucks and occasionally make the trek to Missouri to negotiate the purchase of battle stars, fiestas of fury, red comets and crabtacular attacks. I bring them back to Iowa to celebrate the illegal act that was the signing of the Declaration of Independence with an illegal act of setting off silver salutes, thunder domes and bee’s knees.

If I were caught and busted, however, I would expect the state to charge me and the prosecutor to defend Iowa law.

You know what? I bet that prosecutor would only do it out of a sense of duty. I bet even he has wanted to cross the Missouri border to buy cage fighters, wailing weenies and haywire honey pots. Upholding the law is his job, after all, and a man doing his job is honorable.

Ted Cruz once did something similar. It turns out that Texas had a law outlawing the sale and promotion of supposedly obscene devices including the sale of mother’s little helper, the dildo.

The law against dildos was challenged, however, and the plaintiffs in the case contended the state law violated, evidently, the Constitutional protection of the right to keep and bear dildos.

A federal judge wasn’t impressed and ruled that, as is the case of fireworks in Iowa, selling sock-drawer-boyfriends in Texas was not protected by the Constitution. The plaintiffs appealed, and Ted Cruz’s solicitor general office had the task of preserving the law. Which they did.

In other words, Ted Cruz defended the law prohibiting the sale of dildos because he was called to do so and it was his job to defend Texas law.

What does this tell us about Cruz and his view of sex toys? Absolutely, positively nothing. It tells us that Ted Cruz had a job and did it. Nothing more, nothing less.


OPEC Loses Control

They can’t hold it together anymore.

Oil prices tumbled on Monday after a meeting by major exporters in Qatar collapsed without an agreement to freeze output, leaving the credibility of the OPEC producer cartel in tatters and the world awash with unwanted fuel.

Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran were blamed for the failure, which revived industry fears that major government-controlled producers will increase their battle for market share by offering ever-steeper discounts.

“OPEC’s credibility to coordinate output is now very low,” said Peter Lee of BMI Research, a unit of rating agency Fitch. “This isn’t just about oil for the Saudis. It’s as much about regional politics.”

If you want to understand why they can’t get it together, the game theory economic principle is called “The Prisoner’s Dilemma”.

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Nice little political convention you have there…

…be a shame if something happened to it.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Sunday that he hopes a contested Republican convention in July “doesn’t involve violence” if he is denied the nomination during second-ballot voting.

“I hope it doesn’t involve violence. I hope it doesn’t. I’m not suggesting that,” Trump told reporters on Sunday here in Staten Island. “I hope it doesn’t involve violence, and I don’t think it will. But I will say this, it’s a rigged system, it’s a crooked system. It’s 100 percent corrupt.”

I see only two possible explanations for Trump’s statement above.

1) It was a gangster style threat as I have described. Basically, Trump is a concern troll pretending that he is worried about violence but, in fact, he purposefully sending a clear warning that if he is challenged, there will be blood.

The other possibility is…

2) He is sincerely concerned and worried that there will be violence but he is unaware that his statement will be interpreted by many of his followers as an order to raise hell if there is a contested convention. In this case, he is so thick and clueless that he doesn’t realize he just sent out what will be interpreted as a clarion call to violence.

I am leaning toward the latter but I can’t be sure. I really don’t see a third possibility.


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2) Yes or no?


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Fascism By Any Other Name Still Reeks


A commentator has appeared on the Revo with an agenda that differs from that which we usually see here. He calls himself an “economic nationalist”. His characterization of economic nationalism seems to be that the economy should be managed and directed by the government to the “benefit” of those who live the values he sees as European in origin.

He explains that most non-Europeans are of generally lower IQ than “Anglos” and that they are, therefore, generally incapable of being entrusted with the liberties that Americans of European ancestry take for granted. The role of the government, therefore, is to direct the economy to serve the interests of “Anglos” and, with the exception of the small minority of non-Europeans who are capable of the responsibilities associated with Western civilization, exclude the rest via, most often, deportation.

He goes on at some length to describe the collective economic interests of Americans of European ancestry and how the government has an important role in supporting and promoting those interests. His collectivist views are displayed in his support for the policy positions of both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. He argues that both are good choices, that they are largely interchangeable and that each would drive a nationalistic, collectivist economic agenda.

The comparison between this view and a particular 20th century European political phenomenon is obvious. I will, however, endeavor to make my point without going all Godwin.

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Good to know…

Well. This clears up a lot I have been worrying about.


What abject failure looks like…

It looks like Obamacare.

Three years ago, on the eve of Obamacare’s implementation, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected that President Obama’s centerpiece legislation would result in an average of 201 million people having private health insurance in any given month of 2016. Now that 2016 is here, the CBO says that just 177 million people, on average, will have private health insurance in any given month of this year—a shortfall of 24 million people.

Indeed, based on the CBO’s own numbers, it seems possible that Obamacare has actually reduced the number of people with private health insurance. In 2013, the CBO projected that, without Obamacare, 186 million people would be covered by private health insurance in 2016—160 million on employer-based plans, 26 million on individually purchased plans. The CBO now says that, with Obamacare, 177 million people will be covered by private health insurance in 2016—155 million on employer-based plans, 12 million on plans bought through Obamacare’s government-run exchanges, and 9 million on other individually purchased plans (plus a rounding error of 1 million).