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Chief arsonist condemns the fire he fueled…

After seven years of rhetoric designed to fan the flames of hatred and divide Americans, the man who did more than any other to foment the racial violence infecting the country calls for calm. Here is Obama.

“Every one right now focus on words and actions that can unite this country rather than divide it further.”

“We don’t need inflammatory rhetoric. We don’t need careless accusations thrown around to score political points or to advance an agenda. We need to temper our words and open our hearts, all of us.”

The creation of this racial division has been his policy. He owns it free and clear.


The Museum of Ill-conceived Logos









So it turns out that rivers don’t run in circles…


Who knew?

MUSKEGON COUNTY, MI – They left for what they thought would be an easy float down Muskegon River Tuesday afternoon – but ended up spending the night on the river bank, scared and yelling for help.

The trio of young women were rescued 20 hours later after a fisherman eventually heard their cries, said Muskegon Township Deputy Fire Chief Bob Grabinski.

The women, all in their 20s, had never been tubing before and decided it would be a fun thing to do, Grabinski said. So they bought some tubes and headed to the popular launch site at the Maple Island Road bridge, Grabinski said.

“They were informed by somebody at the bridge that the river goes in a circle and if they put in there they would come back to their car,” he said. “Not knowing anything, they set off on their little adventure.”

Hat tip to Rich.


Freaky Friday Caption Contest Bonus Round



Twinkies make a comeback but the jobs do not


Twinkies almost disappeared but they are back with a vengeance.

In 2012, the end appeared nigh for the humble Twinkie, the yellow sponge cake and American icon: A trend toward healthy eating and a bitter union brawl had forced its baker into bankruptcy.

Now, Hostess Brands is back with a vengeance, with new plans to become a publicly listed company and return to a market that had once left it for dead. The deal, announced Tuesday, would give the maker of Twinkies, CupCakes and Ding Dongs a market value of roughly $2.3 billion.

It doesn’t, however, mean the jobs are returning.

Where the company just five years ago had 8,000 employees — 75 percent of whom were represented by unions — the company now says in filings that it has a “streamlined employee base” of roughly 1,170 workers. That workforce is the shadow of a once-vast empire, which shortly before its troubles totaled 22,000 workers across more than 40 bakeries.

What happened to the jobs? Were they shipped overseas? Um, no. It’s machines.

The new factory is bright and clean. Tight rows of Twinkies m arch along the $20 million Auto Bake system with the precision of Soviet soldiers in a May Day parade. Yellow robotic arms, which look like they should be welding Teslas rather than boxing Twinkies, stack snacks with hypnotic rhythm. This 500-person plant produces more than 1 million Twinkies a day, 400 million a year. That’s 80% of Hostess’ total total output–output that under the old regime required 14 plants and 9,000 employees. And it’s about to get more efficient: Metropoulos and Jhawar just installed a second Auto–Bake system, this one for Cup Cakes, and the governor is here to cut the ribbon.

And what caused the rise of the machines? Well, several things but proximate cause is this…

Hostess’ closing was a cultural moment across the U.S., offering proof of the dire state of American manufacturing. After over a decade of failing health that saw two bankruptcies and five different CEOs, Hostess finally died on Nov. 16, 2012 after the baker’s union pulled the plug with an ill-conceived nationwide strike. Hostess’ roots went back more than 150 years. It left behind 36 factories, 5,600 delivery routes and 19,000 jobs, creating something of a national mourning, not just for the brands but also for what the demise seemed to say about the country itself.

Using the heavy hand of government to restrict international trade will not bring back jobs at Hostess. It will just further depress the economy.


The Peasants are Revolting

First posted on July 14, 2008.


July 14 is Bastille Day. In France, it is known as Fête Nationale or the “National Celebration”. It is the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille prison by a mob of Parisians who were, first, after the arms cache therein and, as an afterthought, whatever political prisoners were being held there. It turns out there were seven common criminals in the prison that day and no political prisoners. Governor de Launay, the commander of the prison, saw the gathering mob, and to prevent a massacre, pretty much opened the gate and let the mob “storm” in. In the melee inside, 94 of the brave and glorious storming Parisians were killed. A total of one defender died.

From this event, one thing led to another and France quickly progressed into a period that became known as the “Reign of Terror.” This was the revolutionary period when heads of just about anybody and everybody were separated from their bodies by that French innovation, the guillotine. Up to 40,000 of the French population lost their heads literally as the rest of them lost them figuratively. The Jacobins, led by Maximilien Robespierre, invented the modern revolution – yearned for by moonbats everywhere – where everything from the past is eliminated, from the calender to religion. “…and the morals that they worshiped will be gone.” Eventually even the French had enough and Robespierre was eliminated during Thermidorian Reaction when his powdered head dropped into a basket. Again, one thing led to another and, on 9 November 1799 (18 Brumaire of the Year VIII), the French got the little dictator Napoleon Bonaparte who led them on military adventures that cost the lives of 4 million to 6 million people. After that it was pretty much back to business as usual in France much as life existed before the Storming of the Bastille.

Reflect on this archetypal French holiday where a mob, trying to steal weapons, got themselves slaughtered by the dozens, released some criminals from prison and ushered in an era of terror, death, tyranny and bloody warfare. That mob was the 18th century version of and, since then, every revolutionary commie puke from the early 20th century to today can trace his pedigree back to the Bastille and the French Revolution. Somewhere in a corner of Hell Che Guevara, Joseph Stalin, Mao and the architects of the French Revolution are sharing stories of revolution.

Happy Bastille Day.



Democrats agree with Trump on trade…

Why? Because Trump’s position on Trade is the longtime Democrat position. Tariffs are taxes and the Democrats never met a tax they don’t like.

Both Trump and the Democrats, however, are wrong on trade.

Rendell, who is the chair of the Democratic convention host committee, made the comments on SiriusXM radio’s The Dean Obeidallah Show.

“The interesting thing is, I talk about China and the fact that China took advantage of us in trade and cost Pennsylvania some significant jobs, and I quoted Donald Trump in the book,” Rendell said, noting Trump backed him heavily when he ran for governor.

More here.


Kids have easier access to Glocks than Books?

Yeah, remember when you were in junior high? You could go the public library and to check out a book but you needed a library card. Of course to check out a Glock at the public library to just took if off the shelf and walked out. No library card required. Yeah, it was so much easier to get my hands on a Glock compared to checking out Johnny Tremain.


Corrine Brown says her criminal acts led to deaths of 50 in Orlando

Basically she says that if her crimes hadn’t distracted law enforcement, the Orlando nightclub shooting could have been prevented. In other words, she is saying the Orlando massacre is her fault.

At least that is how I read it.

Rep. Corrine Brown (D-Fla.) said Friday that if the Department of Justice had been investigating the Orlando nightclub shooter instead of her, the 49 people killed in the massacre there last month would still be alive.

Brown was charged with 24 counts of fraud late last week, after being accused of using a college scholarship fund as “a personal slush fund.”

“These are the same agents that was not able to do a thorough investigation of [shooter Omar Mateen], and we ended up with 50 people dead,” Brown said. Mateen was shot and killed by police at the scene of the Orlando nightclub attack, bringing the total death toll to 50.
Brown’s lawyer echoed those sentiments.

“Perhaps had it chosen to devote its resources more thoughtfully, 50 innocent people would be alive today,” Elizabeth White said, according to First Coast News.

More her.


Eve of Destruction or Dawn of Correction?

In 1965 Barry McGuire recorded the protest song “Eve of Destruction”. It was a deeply pessimistic song decrying the end of America, the end of civilization a, perhaps, the end of mankind.

A few months later, a group called The Spokesmen released an answer record entitled “The Dawn of Correction” as a counterpoint and answer.

It seems evident that the current times are generating many of the same emotions people were feeling in the mid-sixties. Which song is closer to where your head is in 2016?


The Means to attain Happy Life

MARTIAL, the things that do attain
The happy life be these, I find:—
The richesse left, not got with pain;
The fruitful ground, the quiet mind;

The equal friend; no grudge, no strife;
No charge of rule, nor governance;
Without disease, the healthful life;
The household of continuance;

The mean diet, no delicate fare;
True wisdom join’d with simpleness;
The night dischargèd of all care,
Where wine the wit may not oppress.

The faithful wife, without debate;
Such sleeps as may beguile the night:
Contented with thine own estate
Ne wish for death, ne fear his might.

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey. 1516–47

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The Black Lives Matter statement on Dallas

It can be found here. This line from the statemet seems especially important.

To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible.

No doubt. That is a good, reasonable point. Black Lives Matter should be held to that standard.


DOJ drops funding to sanctuary cities…

flying pig

I didn’t think this would actually happen.

Finally acting on a promise made to House leaders, the Justice Department on Thursday shut off funding to so-called “sanctuary cities” that ignore federal laws and protect illegal immigrants wanted for crimes.

“Today, the DOJ notified local and state law enforcement agencies across America that they will no longer be eligible for federal law enforcement grants unless they certify under oath that their local or state laws do not interfere ‘in any way’ with requests for immigration information from federal authorities,” according to Texas Rep. John Culberson who demanded action earlier this year.


One angry man?

That’s what they are saying.

Initial reports said there was more than one sniper, but at the news conference, Brown indicated the dead suspect may have been the sole gunman. Although he told police he was “not affiliated” with anyone else, three others were being held.

A black nationalist who hated white people.

Micah Johnson, 25, of Mesquite, Texas was identified by police as the sniper who shot 12 people during a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Dallas on Thursday night. Five officers are dead and six others are seriously wounded, in addition to one civilian.

According to his Facebook profile, Johnson identified as a black nationalist. Activists at Thursday’s night Black Lives Matter march, however, said that the shooter behind the deadliest day for American law enforcement since 9/11 was not part of their protest.

Dallas police chief David Brown said Johnson “expressed anger for Black Lives Matter” and told a hostage negotiator he “wanted to kill officers.” Three other suspects were taken into custody but Johnson is believed to have acted alone.

Johnson’s profile photo on Facebook shows him in a dashiki, holding a clenched fist in the air. Johnson’s cover photos are a black liberation flag and a black power fist.

A veteran…

A U.S. defense official told The Daily Beast that Johnson served as a corporal in the Army Reserve as part of the 284th Engineering Company out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He previously deployed to Afghanistan.


‘Black Power group’ claims responsibility for police killings and warns of more assassinations to come

If I were a police officer, I would be on edge… to say the least.

A self-proclaimed black power group appears to have claimed responsibility for the assassinations of five police officers at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas.

Five officers were gunned down by at least two shooters who picked out officers from an ‘elevated position’ – believed to be a multi-storey car park.

It came in the week of public outrage over the deaths of two black men shot by police this week.

The Black Power Political Organisation wrote on its Facebook account that it was behind the attack and that ‘more assassinations are coming’.


There’s battle lines being drawn…

…nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong.


Second Amendment Foundation Calls for Independent Investigation of Philando Castile’s Death

SAF Banner

As well it should.

The Second Amendment Foundation, a prominent gun rights group, has called for an independent investigation into the death of Philando Castile, the man shot by police yesterday in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. “Wednesday night’s shooting of Philando Castile is very troubling, especially to the firearms community, because he was a legally-armed private citizen who may have done nothing more than reach for his identification and carry permit,” said Alan Gottlieb, the group’s founder, in a press release. “We have received calls of alarm today from many of our members across the country. They are justifiably concerned that a law-abiding citizen may have been wrongfully killed.”


Another police shooting, another chance to take sides…

Here we go again.

People certain this Louisiana man was murdered in cold blood are also certain that the shooting of LaVoy Finicum in Oregon was just good police work.

People certain that the shooting of Finicum was a cold blooded assassination will look at this video and see it as good, restrained police work.


Paul Ryan moves to block Clinton’s access to classified material…

This, of course, will go nowhere and Clinton will continue to have full purview of information you would never, every be allowed to see.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., on Wednesday formally urged Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to deny presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton access to classified information – an appeal that comes as FBI Director James Comey is set to testify on the email probe which yielded no charges.

Ryan, in a letter to Clapper, said he wants Clinton prohibited from receiving classified information “for the duration of her candidacy for president.”

“There is no legal requirement for you to provide Secretary Clinton with classified information, and it would send the wrong signal to all those charged with safeguarding our nation’s secrets if you choose to provide her access to this information despite the FBI’s findings,” Ryan wrote.

Ryan said in his letter that if Clapper decides to deny his request, he would like him to explain why he would grant Clinton access to classified information despite the FBI’s findings that Clinton and her staff were “extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”

Remember, the nobility is not subject to the laws of the commoners.

More here.

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Not a hate crime?

The concept of a “hate crime” is identical to the concept of a “thought crime” and ridiculous on its face. The concept often rises to farce. Behold…

An indigenous woman in Calgary, Canada who yelled “I hate white people” before punching a white woman in the face and knocking her tooth out did not commit a racially motivated hate crime, a provincial court judge has ruled.

Judge Harry Van Harten’s written decision in the case argued that the motivation of the perpetrator, Tamara Crowchief, in the attack on the victim, Lydia White, was not related to racial bias.

The judge disagreed with the prosecutor’s argument that the unprovoked assault, which occurred in November 2015, rose to the level of a hate crime.

If screaming that you hate and entire race while assaulting a member of that race isn’t a hate crime, then there are no hate crimes.


Lawsuit filed against the Iowa Civil Rights Commission

This will be one to watch.

DES MOINES, Iowa – Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing an Iowa church filed a federal lawsuit Monday against members of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, among others, to stop the government from censoring the church’s teaching on biblical sexuality and from forcing the church to open its restrooms and showers to members of the opposite sex.

The commission is interpreting a state law to ban churches from expressing their views on human sexuality if they would “directly or indirectly” make “persons of any particular…gender identity” feel “unwelcome” in conjunction with church services, events, and other religious activities. The speech ban could be used to gag churches from making any public comments—including from the pulpit—that could be viewed as unwelcome to persons who do not identify with their biological sex. This is because the commission says the law applies to churches during any activity that the commission deems to not have a “bona fide religious purpose.” Examples the commission gave are “a child care facility operated at a church or a church service open to the public,” which encompasses most events that churches hold.

ADF attorneys representing Fort Des Moines Church of Christ in Des Moines argue in the lawsuit that all events held at a church on its property have a bona fide religious purpose, and that the commission has no authority to violate the First Amendment’s guarantees of freedom of religion and speech.

As always, rights must be put in the balance. For example, my right to raise hogs on my property must be balanced with my neighbors’ right to enjoy their property. Rights are weighed and balanced every day.

The rights put in the balance here will be, on one hand, the fundamental and ancient natural right of freedom to worship. This right is guaranteed in the very first clause of the very first amendment of the Bill of Rights.

The “right” with which it will be weighed against is the unprecedented, previously unknown one in which the government compels people to treat men as women and women as men.

In a sane world, there would be no question as to the outcome of the case.


Trump praises Saddam Hussein…

…as the killer of terrorists.

Saddam Hussein was a terrorist. He used weapons of mass destruction against the Kurds. He rewarded the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. He harbored Abu Nidal, Abu Abbas and others. He punished political dissidents, including Christians, by feeding them feet first into industrial shredders or by boiling them alive. He employed paid rapists to violate the wives and daughters of dissidents while forcing them to watch.

Maybe Saddam was a killer of terrorists but he was no less a terrorist himself. The Iraq War ended badly but that is because defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory by the Obama Administration.

I make no claim as to whether or not the invasion of Iraq was right or wrong. I was supportive of it at the time. I have become more cynical since then, however, and believe now it may have been a mistake.

There is one opinion, however, that I have on which I have not wavered: The world is a far better place without the terrorist tyrant Saddam Hussein and his demonic sons.

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Fourteen things we learned at the FBI press briefing

Number 14 is pretty revealing. She is either a criminal or just very, very stupid. There is no third explanation. It is one or the other.

1. Clinton lied about using just one device for emails

2. Clinton lied about no classified information being sent from her private server

3. There were work emails not turned over by Clinton

4. Her lawyers took steps to ensure additional emails wouldn’t be found

5. The FBI director called Clinton ‘extremely careless’

6. Clinton ‘should have known’ her system was unsafe

7. The level of incompetence/carelessness was astounding

8. Clinton should have known her subject matter was classified

9. Security culture at State under Clinton was ‘generally lacking’

10. People who emailed with Clinton had their email accounts hacked

11. It ‘is possible’ that Clinton’s email servers were hacked

12. Clinton potentially violated federal law, even if the FBI recommended no charges

13. People in similar situations would face sanctions

14. Clinton didn’t intentionally do this, she was just that stupid

Details behind each of the 14 points here.


Victims battle for title of biggest victim

And there will be schisms, factions and disunity…

Activists with a Canadian offshot of the Black Lives Matter movement successfully hijacked a Gay Pride parade in Toronto this weekend and forced organizers to agree to a list of demands including removing “oppressive” police floats from future parades and prioritizing the hiring of transgender black females in the future.

To the dismay of both marchers and bystanders and despite being invited to the festivities as “honoured guests,” the Black Lives Matter protesters ground the procession to a halt for nearly 30 minutes, stopping floats and staging a sit-in during which they shouted “Shut it down!”

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Juno enters orbit around Jupiter


Once again, mankind will see Jupiter up close and personal.

NASA says it has received a signal from 540 million miles across the solar system, confirming its Juno spacecraft has successfully started orbiting Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system.

Juno was launched nearly five years ago on a mission to study Jupiter’s composition and evolution. It’s the first spacecraft to orbit Jupiter since Galileo. Galileo was deliberately crashed into Jupiter on September 21, 2003, to protect one of its discoveries — a possible ocean beneath Jupiter’s moon Europa.

“Preliminary looks are that the spacecraft is performing well ,” said Guy Beutelschies, Director of Interplanetary Missions at Lockheed Martin Space Systems, the company that built the spacecraft.

Juno has some unusual passengers.


While the 3.6 tonne solar-powered probe is unmanned, it does contain three 4cm-high Lego figures as part of an educational outreach program to inspire kids around the world about science and technology.

The trio are the 17th century Italian astronomer and “father of science” Galileo Galilei, the Roman god of sky and thunder, and king of gods, Jupiter, and his wife Juno (hence the spacecraft’s name).

In 1610 Galileo – his Lego version holds a telescope – made the first detailed observations of Jupiter, discovering its four largest moons.