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California will, no doubt, go full retard if given the opportunity….


UPDATE:On second thought, maybe not. That was quick.

“I am extremely moved by the outpouring of local and national support I have received since I announced that I was considering running for office. My entire career has been devoted to the public interest, whether representing victims of human trafficking or advocating for working families,” Fluke said late Tuesday night. “I am committed to continuing that fight in Sacramento, working to protect our environment, ensure our access to health care, and create the jobs that are desperately needed. While I strongly considered offering my candidacy for Congress, I feel there is a better way for me to advance the causes that are important to our community.”

“Outpouring of support” is, apparently, a euphemism for incessant ridicule from all sides.  Every time  is loon starts flapping her man-pleaser she gets deeper into the swamp of public humiliation.



Guess who is running for Waxman’s Congressional seat?

Please, please, please let this be serious.  I don’t know which I would enjoy more; watching the Dem’s try to ‘sort-of-support-her-but-not-really-she-may-only-make-us-look-stupid-but-we-have-to-pay-along’ routine, or watching her get eviscerated by the right every time she opens her mouth.

My only real fear is…well….my headline.


British Media doing what US Media won’t….

Move along.  Nothing to see.


Alternate Headline: If you fart in my face, I will smash your brains out.

But seriously, did anyone really vet candidate Obama.  At all?  Ever?


Whereby we discuss the Fall of America


At first I just thought this was silly.  Sophomoric to be precise.  But then I realized is was more symptomatic of a greater ill: Americans are stupid, and electing stupid people.  Repeatedly.

Christopher Schaeffer, a minister in the Pastafarian faith, wore a solemn face on Jan. 2 as he stood with a colander on his head and his hand raised while Town Clerk Allison Dispense administered the oath of office to join the Pomfret Town Board.

Yes, you read that correctly: Pastafarian.  His “church” is the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and no, I’m not making that up.  This guy is now in charge, and the people of Pomfret, NY put him there.  Reality has been suspended and Americans now merely yawn at this sort of thing.  “Reality TV” and the likes of Miley Cyrus have dulled the American blade for any level of shock or awe (unless it is manufactured political rage).

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum…



The Quad Cities Times reported yesterday that a mere 136 people in Iowa had signed up for the ACA.  This made the conversation I overheard tonight either a) entirely staged, or b) one of the most deliciously enjoyable eavesdropping moments of late.

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What? You say “564%” like its a bad thing or something….



These guys launched a web site called “ which is somewhat along the lines of the Occupy Wall Street “I am the 99%” site.  You hold your insurance cancellation notice and take a picture of yourself and post it. (I hear this is called a “screening” in Obamacare terms, but the good news is there is no co-pay for it).

I guess we should start referring to ourselves as the 1% again — the 1% that is paying for the other 99%’s premium rebates.  The poor soul above can call himself the “540 Percenters”


Gold Plated Train Wreck



Well, this particular link has been getting its way around the intertubes today.  Want to see all the insurance offerings in all the states under VaporCare in one place?

Just take a look right here…..

There is some speculation that perhaps this info was not supposed to be on site, if that makes you feel better about how they are securing your personal info.

The subsidies are going to have to be GINORMOUS to cover this.  If you live in the DC area, there are catastrophic plans that will only set your family back $6000.  Per month.  Could not find a more fitting place for this POS program to rear it’s ugly, ugly head  than in DC….

Train wreck indeed.  Expensive train wreck to boot.


Zero Tolerance Strikes Again


zero tolerance

Zero Tolerance strikes again.  

A Massachusetts high school senior was demoted from her post as captain of her school’s volleyball team and was suspended for five games after she said she gave a drunken friend a ride home from a party.

Murphy said Cox’s school, which has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to underage drinking, punished Cox despite the fact that police confirmed she hadn’t been drinking.

Once again, school’s are of the belief that their jurisdiction extends into the private “real” world just because they want it to.

Once again, school’s favor mindless zero tolerance policies in lieu of critical thinking skills.


Break Out the Tissues, People Have Issues…


I have been scrolling through my Facebook account this morning, and have come across a wide variety of hilarity.  I have a number of conservative friends, and a number of liberal friends on FB.  It appears the past 24 hours has been the tipping point for a number of my liberal friends with regard to Obamacare.

It’s the point in the video above where the ride gets really wobbly right before the crash — and the cold truth of knowing that some serious pain is headed your way.   My liberal friends built the unbalanced, wheeled box as an amateur  soap box derby in a Formula One environment.  They wanted to take it for a spin.  Everything looked good from the top of the hill….

Now they are staring the bumper right in the eye.  The results would be hysterical if not for the fact we are all passengers in that box.  Some of my favorite FB posts by my liberal friends:

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Uh-Oh. Shots Fired at Capitol / Officers Injured


The U.S. Capitol is in lockdown, amid reports that shots were fired outside.

According to U.S. Capitol Police, officers are injured.

“Sirens are going off in the Capitol, and people on the Hill are being told to “shelter in place.”

UPDATE: Appears to be isolated incident of traffic stop gone wrong…..


Surprise! No, not really….

Just for grins, I thought I would log onto the ACA Healthcare Application page and see about getting  some of that free healthcare Obama has promised.  I was already a little pissed that I didn’t get the free car, free phone, free food, free housing, free education, free day care and  free sitting-at-home-not-working-check before I logged on this morning.  Now I am really pissed.  But I’m told this is to be the norm…


Look what I found at the HC Marketplace this morning:

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This Pretty Much Says It All…



He Should be Popular in Prison.

Bradley Manning says he’s actually female and wants to be called Chelsea Manning.  He intends to start hormone therapy. For the love of God, someone tell me that a military prison is not obligated to indulge this traitor’s desire for hormone therapy for the next 35 years just so he can feel better about getting stump humped in the shower.


Star Witness AND rising music star!

I think just about everyone knows that the only thing “retarded” about the prosecution’s star witness is….well, their star witness.  Illiterate.  Proven liar. Drug user.

Is it just me, or does she look like Micheal Clarke Duncan in drag?

I bet you didn’t know that Rachel Jeantel also has a hit video.  Yep.  It’s a more accurate description of her phone call that fateful evening…you can see below the fold (NSFW):

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Feel Good Story of the Day



12th grader Sabrina Brady of Sparta, Wisconsin won the “Doodle for Google” national contest with the above submission.  Well deserved.  It’s the Google Banner for today.  You can read about her story here.

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You can’t have it both ways


This guy pulled a layman’s “Gosnell” and gave his girlfriend, six week pregnant, abortion pills.  She lost the baby.  He is now being charged with murder and could spend the rest of his life in jail.


The son of a fertility doctor has been accused of tricking his pregnant girlfriend into taking an abortion pill and killing their unborn child.

John Andrew Welden, 28, faces a first-degree murder charge and a life in prison for allegedly giving the woman a bottle of abortion-inducing drugs, which he told her were harmless antibiotics.

His now ex-girlfriend, Remee Lee, was six weeks pregnant

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood wipes out the equivalent of the entire city of Cincinnati every year without so much as a second glance from law enforcement.

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No te entiendo?


This is the problem with both guest-worker and “immigration reform”: It opens the door to people AND significant problems.  Increasingly, immigrants (legal or otherwise, notably the latter)  do not want to adapt or adopt  even the most fundamental aspects of the American lifestyle.    The “push 1 for English” routine has now been expanded to some kind of legal expectation that your employer must  communicate with you in YOUR native language.  Not only are you no longer expected to learn English, apparently you can demand to be spoken to in Spanish.

Spanish-speaking custodial workers at the Auraria Higher Education Center in Colorado, a campus that serves students from three colleges, are suing based on what they say is a failure of their bosses to communicate with them in their native language, according to published reports.

…the attorney representing the workers, said that the center only communicated with its workers in English – which had resulted in men suffering injuries on the job as well as changes in their schedule that were detrimental to them.

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Old RD Walker Meets New RD Walker


Did you know that a Pencil is a Weapon?



In which case we have some pretty heavily armed schools.  So, you’re asking, just when is a pencil considered a weapon?  Perhaps its when you stab someone with it.  Or shoot out of a tube as a ‘blow dart’ kind of  projectile.  Or sharpen both ends and throw it as hard as you can at somebody’s eyeball.

In Suffolk VA, a pencil becomes a weapon “when it’s pointed at someone in a threatening way and gun noises are made.”

Got that?  Something (a pencil) actually becomes something else (a gun) when certain noises are made. So apparently if little Billy is on his bicycle and makes “Vroom! Vroom!” motorcycle noises, his bicycle is, in fact, a motorcycle and he could be ticketed for not having a license.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the playground, little Sally has balled up her jacket and stuffed it under her shirt to play “expectant mommy”.  As we have all learned, her jacket can become an actual baby if “baby noises are made”.

But the administrators aren’t worried about Sally.  After all, she can pick up some Plan B at any neighborhood Walgreen’s…..


Yeah, about that “red line” thing…

line in sand


Bashar Assad just stepped over it, so says Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel today.

He said the chemical weapons found were sarin, and said it is likely the regime of Syria’s Bashar Assad was behind the use of the weapons.

Asked if this crossed a “red line” for the U.S., Hagel said they are still trying to assess.

“It violates every convention of warfare,” he said.

President Obama has said the use of chemical weapons would be a “game-changer” in the U.S. position on intervening in the two-year-old Syrian civil war.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., suggested the “red line” had been crossed.

Well of course President Decisive is still trying to figure out if using chemical weapons “really, truly, for sure no foolsies” happened and whether that actually constitutes crossing the red line that Obama laid out when he said  “there would be “enormous consequences” if Assad failed to safeguard his weapons of mass destruction.”

Enormous is sort of a relative term I guess.  Maybe by ‘enormous’ Obama was referencing the impact to himself personally.  “If Assad doesn’t safeguard his weapons of mass destruction, it’s going to have an enormous consequence– I will actually have to play President instead of playing golf.”

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Silence is Complicity




Yes, we’ve hashed through this argument before: Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists seem to be Muslims.  So what?  The same argument can be made about Catholic Priests (not all Priests are pedophiles, but an awful lot of pedophiles seem to be Catholic Priests).

The difference? Well, it isn’t minor:  I know of no Catholic (strike that — no Christian) that is not outraged by the abuse of children.  I know of no Christian that defends the perpetrators of these crimes. I know of no Christian that advocates violence against children as a doctrine of their religion.   In one of his first official acts, Pope Francis called for zero tolerance and for the Vatican to “act with determination” to rid these criminals from the Church.

But where are the vocal Muslims?   What is the Islamic leadership doing to thwart the violence?  As I’ve said before…crickets.  Meanwhile, the purported mere “small minority” of “Radicalized Islamists” continue to openly vent their hatred and planned destruction of all things not Muslim.

I can think of no better piece than that written by Paul E. Marek, a second-generation Canadian, whose grandparents fled Czechoslovakia just prior to the Nazi takeover.  It is titled Why the Peaceful Islamist is Irrelevant”.  The Op-Ed (written 6 years ago, btw) is spot on and is included in its entirety below the fold.

It starts out with this: “History lessons are often incredibly simple”.

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High Capacity Assault Blade



14 wounded, some critically.

You cannot legislate evil out of the hearts of men. 14 people….with a KNIFE. And banning knives is no more the solution than banning guns. The tool used is irrelevant–guns, knives or clubs — crazy, violent people will always exist. The question is how best to protect ourselves and loved ones from them.


Hey Kim — eat a Snickers get a little nuclear terroristic when you’re hungry.


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In which Vanagram has a very uneasy feeling….



Ok, let’s take a Revo Poll:

Who thinks North Korea is going to do something utterly stupid (i.e. attack S. Korea) OR do something so utterly stupid that we will have to do something proactively (i.e. attack N. Korea)?

I am not feeling good about this.  Or this And especially this.

Remember, on this date (April 5th 2009)  North Korea launched the Kwangmyongsong-2 rocket, prompting an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council.  Will they pull a repeat?  This might mean yes…..

(NOTE: RD notes that it is already April 6th over there, but still….and how they got his military ID photo for the poster above is beyond me.)

So, Revoistas, will we have hostilities in the “Prosperous and Great County” of North Korea?


Mother Nature is a Bitch

gun tree

Man shoots tree; tree fires back.

A man in Iowa is currently in hospital recovering from an injury he sustained after a tree he was using for target practice fired back at him.

According to initial reports, 27-year-old Logan Bunn was shooting at tree outside his home near Lansing when one of the bullets ricocheted, striking him in an unspecified body part.

Bunn arrived at a La Crosse hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, prompting staffers to notify local police.

Authorities in Allamakee County are still investigating the bizarre incident which occurred early Sunday morning, but say no foul play is suspected.

No word on whether alcohol was a factor.

From the Comments:

–“No word on whether alcohol was a factor.”

If it was a pine tree then I’m sure it was drunk. Fucking pines can’t hold their liquor worth a damn.



It’s not only what you eat, but how you eat it.

pop tart

This poor fellow, age 7, was enjoying a Pop Tart for breakfast at school.  He ate it the wrong way and got suspended.  Anyone want to wager a guess why?

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