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The Obsolete Man: Prescient Television Programming

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Price Controls: Shortages, Black Markets, Violence

Pretty clever. There is always a capitalist pig somewhere who is clever enough to hustle their way to prosperity. No matter how insipid the effort by government to destroy commerce, someone will find a way around it. Always & everywhere, price controls create shortages, black markets, and violence. This fact is immutable.

At two in the morning, Krisbell quietly slips out of bed so as to not wake the two small children curled up next to her. She grabs her phone and quickly dials her friends’ numbers as she’s already headed out the door to get the day’s intelligence report. Most importantly—where is milk, sugar, and toilet paper being sold today? From the moment price controls were levied in the country, there were shortages of everything in Venezuela.

Each month, it’s become increasingly difficult to get basic goods. And the lines are growing longer and longer. Not everyone can afford to wait in line half the day just to get a few supplies. And since you can’t even get everything in one store, it takes the second half of the day to get the rest of what you need—if there’s even anything left by then.

Friends and neighbors had started coming to Krisbell, asking her if she could help them get things from the grocery store. They all have to work just to be able to afford the food in the first place, and they can’t spare the time to stand in line. So (as reported by Bloomberg) Krisbell started taking on clients. Now she has enough that she’s earning her entire living from waiting in line.

Imagine—an entire cottage industry (absurd as it may be) now exists in Venezuela because of destructive government polices.

Everyone in the country has to pay extra for their basic goods, while others dedicate their professional lives to the unproductive task of standing in line.

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The Science Of Creation?

I recently watched a Christian movie – The Genesis Code – about Creation and Evolution, and how the two don’t have to be at odds. It used a bunch of physics which I don’t understand (the great amount of gravity created @ Planck time = 1 (1 x 10–47 sec.) after the moment of expansion, etc…) to explain the concept. In my search I found this video which does a pretty good job of explaining it at my level of understanding.

The Noah film shows a good graphical interpretation of the events unfolding over billions of years?

At the end of the day, I don’t think that our faith is affected even a little bit by whether or not we agree with evolution, so long as we have faith in God as our creator and sustainer and Jesus Christ as our savior. I have never really cared either way, which story was true, but the movie gave me some interest in the topic.

I have seen arguments that the flick uses science to apologize for the biblical account of creation, and that 6 days meant 6 days, and many more like them. I’m willing to entertain an argument on the topic, but I probably won’t get too involved as it’s one subject that I just don’t know.


The Winter Storm Of The Century Week?

The progressives had their panties all in a twist over the cataclysm to bring man’s dominion over earth to an end! It was “incontrovertible proof” that man has destroyed the planet causing catastrophic climate change, which is actively bringing the demise of all of humanity. Two inches at a time. The tempest in a teapot?The apocalyptic winter storm of death that never was…


MSNBC just cannot help using anything to bash Republicans. They even ran a segment called the “Science of the Storm” to bash Republicans for voting against Global Warming legislation as if this storm would have been avoided had they poured billions more into academic pockets to predict when more historic storms will happen.

MSNBC even called this a Nor-Easter and defined the term. My uncle lost two houses on the beach in New Jersey to two such storms in the 1950s. We have not seen anything like that every since. The fact such a definition exists PROVES the historic storm of the century is certainly not new anyway. How about the 1938 storm that was historic. I suppose just 10 years of driving cars caused that one too.

MSNBC attributed the whole storm to global warming saying the Ocean is 3 degrees warmer than it should be and that is all caused by humans. I suggest a solution. Why don’t these fantastic scientists volunteer for euthanasia first – you know, those who never heard about cycles in weather or things like the ice age and it must have turned warmer somehow without mankind’s contraptions.

Next we can go to pretend TV news people who use everything for political agendas. Then lawyers who want to be politicians, academics who argue we need to be manipulated to create their dreams of ruling the world, and move on from there to bureaucrats. Their solution is to reduce population and we should all walk to work or just stay home on welfare in the dark. Well they should show the way. This will be the great step forward to help preserve the middle class – gee a whole new world without BS. My ears would stop ringing at last. Real Utopia.


Federal Bill Would Make Body Armor A 10 Year Felony

Not gonna happen, but chance favors the prepared mind.

Democratic members of Congress apparently aren’t going to be satisfied until American citizens are completely and utterly defenseless.

Representative Mike Honda (D-CA) has introduced a bill for consideration of the new Congress which would prohibit the ownership of certain types of body armor for civilians.

H.R. 378 would make it a crime to own Type III body armor which would be punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Yeah, 10 years in prison.

Of course, there are carve outs in the bill for state/federal employees and agencies. The bill does also include a grandfather clause for people who currently own this type of armor.

Fortunately, with the GOP solidly in control of both houses of Congress this bill will likely never see the light of day. That said, it’s a great insight into how little some members of Congress care about the personal safety of their constituents.

The bill is co-sponsored by Representatives Alcee L. Hastings (D-FL), Robin L. Kelly (D-IL), and Danny K. Davis (D-IL).

The bill is currently sitting in the House Committee on the Judiciary.


1,600 Plus Victims & He Walked Away

I think drones are an absolute force multiplier and have their purpose. I have taken exception – many times – on this site to the manner in which they a used. The extra-constitutional murder of American citizens is at the top of the list of reasons they must be judiciously employed. Secret kill lists and the like are not the stuff of American exceptionalism. We are on the wrong path. How long before that path leads to my door, or yours?

I have not watched this video so I make no claims as to the veracity of it’s content.


The Time To Act Is Upon Us

Crude Content Warning! I will cuss, make sexual references, mix metaphors, and take off all of my filters in the rant below. Enter at your own risk:

More below the fold…


The Man Who Would Save The World…

…Filmed an anti-oil video aboard his private palace with a 53,611 gallon fuel capacity. He has no problem flying an entire fleet of aircraft and vehicles halfway across the globe to take the kids on vacation, but drilling in ANWR? That’s a bridge too far.


Outta My Face. Outta My Face, Please.

Artillery strikes recently killed dozens in Mariupol, Ukraine. The United States has provided “lethal aid” to Ukraine in their battle against Russia. The $5 million for “military education & training” (below)was just the tip of the iceberg.

We provided a $20M drawdown for “commodities” and a huge laundry list of other stuff. In case you are curious what kind of “military education & training” they are talking about, they’re talking about the primary mission of the guys in the funny green hats. The reporter in the video says “Tell me, what happened here?” To which, the man in a Ukrainian military uniform responds (in perfect NE US English):


We have been doing everything we can to hammer on Russia. The only thing surprising to me about this is that Barry hasn’t taken credit yet. The situation in Ukraine is critical to our global efforts to contain Russia. I think it will prove to be a fool’s errand, ultimately, but it’s critical nonetheless. As the most under-reported story of 2014, the situation in Ukraine has all of the hallmarks & red flags of a proxy war.

Uke, please call the Principal’s office…Uke, please call the office.


Teacher Tells Parent To Pack Better Lunch For Kid


He handled it better than I would have. I would have lost my f-king mind. This type of shit is reason number 2, why my children are now home-schooled. Reason no 1 is teaching to the lowest common denominator and overt revision of history under Common Core.


KIRKSVILLE, Mo. – A Kirksville School District substitute teacher believed a student’s lunch was too unhealthy to be eaten and scolded the child’s parents in a letter.

The father, Dr. Justin Puckett, posted the note to his Facebook page.

It reads:

Dr. and Mrs. Puckett –

The cafeteria reported to me that Alia’s lunch today included four chocolate bars, a bag of marshmallows, Ritz crackers and a pickle. Please see that she packs a proper lunch tomorrow.

The father hit back, saying while all of those items were in his daughter’s lunch, there was more, too.

“Unfortunately, the letter didn’t have what she had, correctly. She had four pieces of ham, a whole protein meat, she also had some pickles, which we admittedly cheat on pickles every once and awhile as a vegetable, because some fights just aren’t worth having. She also had four marshmallows in a Ziploc bag and then she had three very small pieces of chocolate, of which she ate one for lunch and then she also gave her brother and another friend one at an after school program,” Puckett tells ABC 3.

Puckett lunch letterThe parent objected to the note and believes his parenting skills are being questioned.

“The issue isn’t what happened at the Primary School and with my daughter because she is very independent and going to be completely unaffected by this. But what does bother me is that it just seems that we are constantly being inundated with the inability to be parents of our children,” Puckett says.

At the bottom of the note, the teacher created a line and above it wrote, “Parent Signature Requested.”

“Request Declined,” Puckett wrote in return.


How To Lower Crime Stats: Stop Enforcing The Law

When individual rights are suppressed in favor of “human” rights, the individual gets subjugated to the collective. When the collective is the concern, the individual is lucky to be forgotten, or worse, neglected and/or abused by the system. The NYPD can’t control those housing projects and I’m not even sure they want to. As long as the damage is contained to those who live there, I’m sure they’re fine to just maintain the status quo. It’s disgusting that the NYPD allows their officers to abuse individuals for nothing more than trying to do the right thing. That lazy bastard cop needs to get kicked in the f-king teeth. Individual rights matter.

She saw something. She said something. And then she got arrested.

A 67-year-old woman who lives in Castle Hill Houses in the Bronx will file a federal lawsuit on Friday, slamming the NYPD for busting her for calling 311 too much. Arles Cepeda called the city hotline 44 times during a stretch of 15 months — and she phoned 911 twice.

Cepeda says she’s no crackpot. She’s just an active resident tired of having to walk by suspected drug dealers in her Seward Ave. building at all hours.

“I kept calling, but no one ever did anything,” Cepeda told the Daily News[…]

Cepeda says three officers came to her door and handcuffed her in December 2012. She was put in a cell and released hours later with a desk appearance ticket.
NYPD officials declined to comment on Thursday. Cepeda was taken to the 43rd Precinct stationhouse, fingerprinted, put in a cell and processed. Several hours later, she was released with a desk appearance ticket, but not before she said Stefatos gave her a stern warning.

“If you continue calling, I’m gonna take you to the pysch unit at Jacobi Hospital,” she recalled him saying. “He was very cruel to me.”

Cepeda, a retired medical secretary and widowed mother of one, was charged with a misdemeanor — offering a false instrument for filing. Stefatos’ name appears on the desk-appearance ticket.

The woman’s lawyer, Samuel Cohen, said the charge makes no sense because Cepeda made phone calls and did not file anything in writing. Regardless, when she showed up in court two months later, she was told there was no case.

There was no docket number assigned to her case, Cohen said, making it likely police never forwarded any paperwork to the district attorney’s office. The DA’s office has no record of any charges.

Cepeda hasn’t called 311 or 911 since her arrest.

Her lawsuit alleges her civil and First Amendment rights were violated. Monetary demands weren’t disclosed[…]


Good Shoot? NJ Cop Shoots Idiot Who Wouldn’t Listen

The video gives a pretty good frame of reference for the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

The Setup:
Two cops stop a car occupied two times by black males, known to the officers. During initial contact, they learn about a gun in the glovebox. The gun is removed and the dumbass subject exits the car (against lawful orders) and moves toward the shooter. The shooter kills him.

Contributing Factors:
The officer arrested the subject in August for drugs and obstruction and new the subject had spent 13 years in prison for shooting at cops. The subject was repeatedly ordered to not move. Subject – who officer new to be a threat – exited the vehicle against orders and moved toward the officer. Officer appears to be trying to hold the door closed. Subject is (apparently) unarmed at the time of the shoot.

The Question:
Does this shooting appear to be legit? What say you?

Note: Around 4:48, the supervisor tells everyone to turn off their body mics. This is a legal protection for the officer involved. The supervisor wants to know what happened, but the shooter is not compelled to provide evidence against himself. Anything said during the ensuing chaos could be used against him in court. Smart move. Had any officer said to turn the mics off before the shoot, or the audio been deleted or redacted, I would speak against it, but I have no problem protecting the officer after the shoot until a proper investigation can be conducted.


Your Coming Dollar Collapse Update

Between China making anti-dollar moves… and Russia doing everything it can to de-leverage and ditch the dollar things are progressing almost exactly as I have repeatedly said they would – for 3 years (look at all of the stories on that Revo link).

Do what you want with this information, but I’d make start getting serious about securing your family’s interests if you haven’t already. The FED is doing everything it can to protect the dollar’s hegemony, but they are out of tools. After some more currency battles, things will start to get really ugly. On deck after that – WWIII.

The central banks of China and Switzerland have signed a pact to establish a yuan trading center in Zurich. The deal is expected to increase the number of European transactions in yuan.

Switzerland’s central bank said on Wednesday it had signed the agreement with the People’s Bank of China. The deal was concluded during the visit of Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang to the World Economic Forum in Davos.

According to the agreement, Switzerland will receive a quota of about $8 billion (50 billion Yuan).

“It [the arrangement] will promote the use of the renminbi by enterprises and financial institutions in cross-border transactions, and promote facilitation of bilateral trade and investment,” the Swiss National Bank said in a statement.

This step comes under the framework of the QFII (Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor) program that allows foreign investment in Chinese securities using foreign currencies. Similar centers already exist in Hong Kong and London.

In July 2014, the central banks of China and Switzerland signed an agreement on a $24 billion (150 billion yuan) currency swap to boost bilateral trade and economic relations.

China, the world’s second largest economy, has been pushing the yuan as a rival to the dollar in the global financial system since 2010. In November 2014, the Bank of China started to operate European yuan clearing in Frankfurt.

The Chinese yuan is traded directly against the dollar, euro, the Japanese yen and Russian ruble among other currencies. Settlement worldwide in yuan reached $485 billion (3.01 trillion yuan) in 2013 compared to $330 billion (2.06 trillion yuan) in 2012.

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Man/Wife To Face Jail For Wind Turbine

According to the Minneapolis City Pages, Judge Susan Robiner has ordered that Nygard be arrested if he doesn’t disassemble the turbine in his front yard by February 19.

The judge has said that the turbine produces an “intense flashing light and sound” that “no person should be expected to endure.”

However, Nygard says that the turbine is not a nuisance, and doesn’t even have a light. Nygard is not backing down though, he has refused the court’s orders for years, and he doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

We didn’t take the turbine down because there is no nuisance. There is no noise because the turbine has been locked down and not turning. This is my city. I can’t believe they’re doing this to me. That’s the craziest thing, all of this is happening over going green,”  Nygard told reporters.

If Jay doesn’t take the turbine down by the deadline of February 19, then both him and his wife will be jailed for up to 6 months for refusing to obey a court order.

Nygard has the right to do whatever he wants with his own property, but unfortunately in a democracy such as the United States, the property rights of an individual can be overridden according to the whims of politicians and the demands of uninvolved third parties.

“They seem to think they can control our property, and what we do on our property is their business, it’s my right to have it.” Nygard told the Star Tribune earlier this year

I’m ready to go to jail for everyone’s right. If that’s what it takes, that’s what I’ll do,” he added.

What do you think? Is he right or are the neighbors/city? Somebody make a case…

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Git (R) Done…Or Not: GOP Balks At Ban On 20+ Week Abortions

A exception seems to be the cause… I am inclined to agree with the first comment on the article:

“I don’t know why the exception had to be there.”

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.) met Wednesday evening with Representative Marsha Blackburn (R., Tenn.) and other Republican women to ameliorate a last-minute revolt against a 20-week abortion ban that passed the last Congress with overwhelming GOP support.

He couldn’t convince the lawmakers, so, House GOP leadership is canceling a vote that was scheduled to coincide with the March for Life and the anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision.

“I’m honestly stunned — what a complete and utter debacle,” says one Republican lawmaker who supports the legislation. The sticking point: “reporting requirements,” as they’re known on the Hill. In short, the bill bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy — when the in utero infant can feel pain — except in cases of rape, incest, or for the life of the mother. But to benefit from the rape and incest exception, the victim has to report the crime to law enforcement.

President Obama criticized that provision as “demonstrating a complete disregard for the women who experience sexual assault and the barriers they may face in reporting,” such as fear of retaliation from their attackers. “Research indicates that the majority of survivors have not reported their sexual assaults to law enforcement,” his statement of administration policy says.

That line of attack worries some Republicans. “There seems to be a fear of Dem attack ads, which is odd for an issue that is 2:1 in our favor,” the GOP lawmaker says.

I don’t particularly care for social wedge issues, but I am – always & forever – an opponent of abortion. We outnumber the murderers 2:1

A Washington Post/ABC survey showed that 64 percent of Americans favor limiting abortion at 20 weeks of pregnancy or earlier. When just women were asked, the figure jumped to 71 percent. Such measures are popular among independents and Americans of various income levels.

As we can see, Margaret Sanger’s plan is working out just fine:

The bottom line? I’ll say it again: 138,539 black babies, nearly one baby in three, were killed in the womb in 2010. According to the CDC, between 2007 and 2010, innocent black babies were victimized in nearly 36 percent of the abortion deaths in the United States, though blacks represent only 12.8 percent of the population. Some say the abortion capital of America is New York City. According to LifeSiteNews, the city’s Department of Health reported that in 2012, more black babies were aborted (31,328) than born (24,758). That’s 55.9 percent of black babies killed before birth. Blacks represented 42.4 percent of all abortions.

Legalized abortion is working out exactly as Margaret Sanger intended. Sanger, the founder of the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, was part of the eugenics movement back in the 1930s. Her goal was to use abortion to cull what she considered inferior races from the human gene pool. According to Sanger, “Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.” She opened her first abortion clinics in inner cities, and it’s no accident that even today, “79 percent of Planned Parenthood’s abortion facilities are located in black or minority neighborhoods.”

I guess black lives don’t REALLY matter to progressives, after all…

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Thanks For Investing…And It’s Gone!

Ouch. That’s gonna leave a mark.

A hedge fund manager told clients he is “truly sorry” for losing virtually all their money.
Owen Li, the founder of Canarsie Capital in New York, said Tuesday he had lost all but $200,000 of the firm’s capital—down from the roughly $100 million it ran as of late March.

“I take responsibility for this terrible outcome,” Li wrote in a letter to investors, which was obtained by

“My only hope is that you understand that I acted in an attempt—however misguided—to generate higher returns for the fund and its investors. But even so, I acted overzealously, causing you devastating losses for which there is no excuse,” he added.


Anti-Muslim Speech Should Be Banned Because It Provokes Muslim Violence

This whiny piece of crap says that insulting Islam is unacceptable because it provokes a violent response. He should do the world a favor and wash his mouth out with buckshot.

People like this, appeasers, are the problem with multi-cultural society. The weak, timid, spineless, naive – they bring the destruction that “Scott” was talking about yesterday. Progressivism and the cowardly politically-correct attitude it engenders, are the root of the problem. Multi-culturalism would not exist, otherwise. If we crush those who act against us with overwhelming force and violence of action, eventually we will break the enemy’s will to fight…or they will all be dead. Islam is only allowed to spread it’s venom in the west through coersion and subterfuge, because of progressive ideology.

People who emigrate to western countries should accept that people are allowed to do and say as they please, subject to the laws in that country. If they don’t like it, or can’t get along, they should pack their bags and f*ck off.

In 1919, the Supreme Court ruled speech that presents a “clear and present danger” is not protected by the First Amendment. Crying “fire” in a quiet, uninhabited place is one thing, the court said. But “the most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic.”

Twenty-two years later, the Supreme Court ruled that forms of expression that “inflict injury or tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace” are fighting words that are not protected by the First Amendment.

If Charlie Hebdo’s irreverent portrayal of Mohammed before the Jan. 7 attack wasn’t thought to constitute fighting words, or a clear and present danger, there should be no doubt now that the newspaper’s continued mocking of the Islamic prophet incites violence. And it pushes Charlie Hebdo’s free speech claim beyond the limits of the endurable.

DeWayne Wickham, dean of Morgan State University’s School of Global Journalism and Communication, writes on Tuesdays for USA TODAY.


He’s NSA Got The Whole World… In His It’s Hands!


Project Auroragold. The government sanctioned (and funded) project to hack and monitor any and all available cell networks. As of May 2012, about 70 percent of cellphone networks worldwide (about 700 of an estimated 985) had been hacked or at least deemed accessible by the NSA along with over 1200 email “selectors”. I wonder how many more they’ve gotten into as of today? In the name of National Security, that is.

Of course they can’t be limited to our own citizens and companies. We need to watch everyone. Maybe this is why one of the prime targets being monitored under AURORAGOLD is the trade group, GSM or the GSMA, which represents the interests of more than 800 major cellphone, software, and internet companies from 220 countries and is headquartered in London.

Of course, in monitoring GSMA, the NSA has placed itself into direct conflict with the mission of the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) the U.S. government agency responsible for recommending cybersecurity standards in the United States. I wonder if anyone in the NSA cares.

I have shitty-government fatigue, but this information would be an outrage otherwise. I’m glad they have access to the entire world’s commo’s but spying on Americans is unconstitutional and should be prosecuted as such. The head of the operation being convicted of 320,000,000 counts of civil rights violations would put an end to this shit, quickly.


27 Facts That Show Robin Hoodbama Is Full Of Sh-t

Barry is going to get on national television and try to play Robin Hood tomorrow night. The article below is taken from The Economic Collapse Blog. Click the link and show some love.

The following are 27 facts that show how the middle class has fared under 6 years of Barack Obama…

#1 American families in the middle 20 percent of the income scale now earn less money than they did on the day when Barack Obama first entered the White House.

#2 American families in the middle 20 percent of the income scale have a lower net worth than they did on the day when Barack Obama first entered the White House.

#3 According to a Washington Post article published just a few days ago, more than 50 percent of the children in U.S. public schools now come from low income homes.  This is the first time that this has happened in at least 50 years.

#4 According to a Census Bureau report that was recently released, 65 percent of all children in the United States are living in a home that receives some form of aid from the federal government.

#5 In 2008, the total number of business closures exceeded the total number of businesses being created for the first time ever, and that has continued to happen every single year since then.

Read it all here.


MS Doctor To Lose License For Working From Car?

Silly old man. Doesn’t he know that charity is now under the sole purview of the government?


In small-town Mississippi, where poverty is endemic, transportation is limited and a trip to the emergency room can lead to financial ruin, an alternative exists for those in the know.

His name is Dr. Landrum — Carrol Frazier Landrum — and, even if your pockets are empty, the 88-year-old physician from Edwards, Miss., will schedule you for an appointment.

For the last two years, Landrum has been working without an office, but he’s happy to meet his patients wherever they are. Sometimes, the meetings occur in a home; sometimes they take place in a parking lot. Other patients meet the doctor on the side of a quiet country road — or inside his 2007 Toyota Camry.

The location doesn’t matter because Landrum, a World War II veteran who has been in private practice for more than 55 years, believes it’s his duty to help anyone who calls on him.

“I’ve always had a heart for the poor,” Landrum told The Washington Post this week, struggling to hold back tears. “I grew up poor, and when the doctor would come to us, and he was happy to see us, I pictured myself doing that some day. I try not to ever turn people away — money or no money – because that’s where the need is.”

But his work may soon come to an end.

Landrum said he’s being asked by the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure to surrender his medical license, which he’s carried in his pocket with pride since Dwight D. Eisenhower was president. The reason for the request, according to Landrum, is that the board balked several months ago upon learning that he was operating his practice out of a car.

At a recent hearing, Landrum said, he was labeled “incompetent” by the board. He said the charge is a catchall, one designed to avoid citing a specific occupational violation, and he maintains he’s done nothing wrong. He said he doesn’t recruit patients and only responds to those who have nowhere else to turn.

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Open Question: Should Winning Like This Be Punished?

161-2 final score…

The Setup:

Two mismatched teams play basketball. One team dominates the other. Coach is suspending for “running up the score”.

Contributing Factors:

New Coach. Obviously mismatched teams. Social justice culture in today’s America. The losing coach could have forfeited the game at any time. The winning coach kept his starters in until the 3rd quarter.

The Question:

Knowing the deleterious effects of social justice in our society, is it wrong to punish a coach for “trying to run up the score” on an obviously inferior team?

A high school girls basketball coach is serving a two-game suspension after he was accused of running up the score on an opponent last week. Coach Michael Anderson, who coaches both the junior varsity and varsity squads of Arroyo Valley High School’s girls basketball, was handed the suspension after defeating Bloomington High School 161-2[…]

“I think he was just trying to give the other team a chance, at least, so they could go ahead and try to make some scores,” Lopez said.
The school district says that the walk-on coach’s suspension is a lesson in compassion and respect for opponents.

“We are really emphasizing that we want them to pursue victory with honor, and that means playing the game with dignity, regardless of the outcome of the game” San Bernardino Unified School District official Maria Garcia said.

When Anderson took over the team, there was much work to be done. Many say that he took a losing program and turned it around, making it more successful.

Many parents, in fact, still believe that the kids may learn more when they lose.

“I feel like, if you lose, you just need to get out there and learn from that,” one parent said. “Get better. Don’t down talk the next team.”

I understand winning with honor & dignity. I understand respecting your opponent. My high school (town of 2600) hockey team’s worst loss was a game against Newberry High School, by a 27-2 margin. (The game ended in a bench-clearing brawl and both teams were suspended for a game.)

Our goalie had polio and didn’t have use of his legs. We expected to lose every game and never discussed it. We damn sure went out and gave the opponents hell. I would have recommended forfeiture if we ever thought the opposition was going soft on us because of our goalie. He wanted the challenge and so did we. But then, we weren’t an “everybody gets a trophy” sort of town.

I personally would have mixed the lines up and given everyone more time on the court, but it’s not my call, and that’s not the question. Is it wrong to punish this coach for not doing so?


Trivia: 3rd World Black Power Protesters Are Conspicuously Missing What?

Okay, here’s the game. Tell me what is missing from the 3rd World Black Power Protest:





Winner gets a shiny new nickel.


Presidential Elections Are Nearing: SCOTUS To Rule On Gay Marriage

Gay “marriage” is the social equivalent of the unemployment figures reported by the government. What they say is meaningless. No amount of political wrangling will ever make it legitimate. I don’t really care either way. I just wanted to post the picture of John Kerry making out with the French guy.

kerry marriage

Setting the stage for a potentially historic ruling, the Supreme Court announced Friday it will decide whether same-sex couples have a right to marry everywhere in America under the Constitution.

The justices will take up gay-rights cases that ask them to declare for the entire nation that people can marry the partners of their choice, regardless of gender. The cases will be argued in April, and a decision is expected by late June.

I do have to say that I wish we could focus on issues of actual national import, instead of these social wedge issues.


Open Question: Is This Shooting Legit?

The Setup:
James Boyd was a homeless man, camping in Albuquerque PD’s jurisdiction. Police confronted him about illegal camping. He appears to agree to go peaceably, then for some reason, pulls at least 1 knife on the officers, who fatally shoot him.

Training Factors:
As any gunfighter will tell you, training repeatedly reinforces the risks associated with a knife-wielding man inside of 21′. Essentially, if someone has a knife inside of 21′, he can get to you and kill you before you can draw your weapon.

Contributing Factors:
Multiple Officers with weapons drawn.
Multiple less-than-lethal weapon platforms on-hand.
One subject.
Canine unit is present.

The Question:
Is this shooting justified?

Keep in mind, that officers are held to the standard of training and the attendant expectations developed during that training. I am not asking if it could have been handled better? I’m asking if you believe that it was legally justified. If so, why? If not, why not? If you were on your property and James Boyd pulled a knife, would you be justified in shooting him?

Does the use of force in this case reach the level of justifiably charging these officers with murder?


If This Rifle Could Talk…


A 132-year-old Winchester rifle was found propped against a desert tree in Nevada’s Great Basin National Park. Rangers found the Winchester Model 1873 propped against a tree in the desert in November. The gun was manufactured and shipped in 1882 but little else is known about its history. It will be preserved in its current condition and put on display at the park for its 30th anniversary next year.

Your feel good story to cleanse the palette of all the stoopid…though forgetting your rifle in the hostile desert probably ranks pretty high on the list of “Dumb shit I wish I hadn’t done”.