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“You Bombed The Pentagon! How Much Time Did You Do?”

Brilliant, as always!

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Any Of This Sound Familiar?

Even before his coronation in 1626, King Charles I of England was almost bankrupt. His predecessors King James and Queen Elizabeth had run the royal treasury down to almost nothing. Costly war and military folly had taken its toll. The crown had simply wasted far too much money, and brought in too little.

To make matters worse, King Charles was constantly at odds with parliament. The English government was completely dysfunctional, with constant bickering, personal attacks, and very little sound decision-making.

Parliament refused to pass the taxes that Charles needed to make ends meet. But at the same time, the King was legally unable to levy his own taxes without parliamentary approval.

So, faced with financial desperation, he began to look for alternative ways to raise revenue.

One way was relying on practically ancient, obscure laws to penalize his subjects.

The Distraint of Knighthood, for example, was based on an act from 1278, roughly three and a half centuries before Charles’ coronation.

The Act gave him the legal authority to fine all men with a minimum level of income who did not present themselves in person at his coronation.

Charles also commandeered vast amounts of land, restoring the boundaries of the royal forests to where they had been during the time of King Edward I in the 13th century.

He then fined anyone who encroached on the land, and resold much of it to industries that were supportive of his reign. King Charles even resorted to begging; in July 1626, he requested that his subjects “lovingly, freely, and voluntarily” give him money. When that didn’t work, the King levied a Forced Loan, effectively confiscating people’s funds under the guise of ‘borrowing’ it.

He raised about £250,000, the equivalent of about $7.5 billion today.

Emboldened by his success, Charles eventually seized assets directly, including all the gold on deposit being held at the Royal Mint– money that belonged to the merchants and goldsmiths of England.

At one point Charles even forced the East India Company to ‘loan’ him their pepper and spice inventory. He subsequently sold the products at a steep loss.

If any of this sounds familiar, it should.

Today there is no shortage of nations facing fiscal desperation. Most of Europe. Japan. The United States.

In the Land of the Free, the government has spent years… decades… engaged in the most wasteful folly, from multi-trillion dollar wars to a multi-billion dollar website.

US debt just hit $19 trillion a few days ago. And it’s only going higher.

We can already see the government’s financial desperation.

Over the years, the government has effectively levied a ‘forced loan’ totaling more than $2.6 trillion on the Social Security Trust Fund, whose ultimate beneficiaries are the taxpayers of the United States.

Bottom line, they’re ‘borrowing’ YOUR money.

Last year the government stole more from Americans through ‘Civil Asset Forfeiture’ than all the thieves in the United States combined. In December, the US government confiscated $19.3 billion from the Federal Reserve, which, by the way, was already very thinly capitalized.

Even if you want to believe the propaganda, it’s clear that these are not the actions of a healthy, solvent government that embraces liberty. In fact, the government published over 80,000 pages of laws, bills, regulations, and executive orders last year. Just this morning they published another 308 pages.

It’s impossible for anyone to keep up with all of these rules. And yet each can carry civil and criminal penalties, including a fine now for not having health insurance.

As Mark Twain used to say, history may not repeat, but it certainly rhymes. Financially insolvent governments of major superpowers do not simply go gentle into that good night. They don’t suddenly turn over a new leaf and start embracing economic freedom.

Instead, they get worse. More desperate. More destructive.

Should we honestly believe that they can continue racking up more debt than has ever existed in the history of the world without any consequences? This is madness. At some point, fiscal reality always catches up. Maybe not at $19 trillion. Maybe not even at $20 trillion.

Maybe it takes 3 months. Or 3 years. But somewhere out there is a straw that can break the camel’s back. And that has serious consequences. Never forget that if something is predictable, then it’s also preventable. And facing such obvious trends, it makes all the sense in the world to take some simple, rational steps to put together your own Plan B.

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Capturing Populist Outrage

I was bored and had a few free minutes.

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Great Internet Trolling

I shit you not, the link below is valid. I have not altered it in any way, shape, or form.

Enjoy the day. Bask in the victory. It may be short-lived.


Rise Of The Protest Voters

I have given up on the idea that our ship can be righted.


Many gave up before me, refusing to vote for the previous two RINO candidates. “Do what it takes to win”, we implored them. “We can’t afford to have a Barack Obama presidency.”, we exclaimed. Those who refused and stayed home weren’t buying it. They were sick and tired of the serial abuse they’d suffered at the hands of their  Republican overlords. It took me longer to protest, but I’m there.

I don’t think that our society will ever have enough people get involved in the nitty-gritty of party politics to right the ship. That is the ONLY WAY to force the RINO’s to do your bidding. The only way short of hemp and street lamps, anyway. The problem with electing our way to correction is much deeper and more pervasive a concern – the deep state. Even if we magically awoke to a compliant Republican Party and 100% participation rate, the deep state would continue on, unmolested. Changing heads and changing parties accomplishes absolutely nothing but to slow the inexorable tide of progressive infiltration. Our government is simply too large.

I gave a speech at the first Tea Party rally in 2009. I had people screaming and cheering my words until I mentioned “their” entitlements. Progressives only want to protect the “rights” that they like or things that – while not rights – they think should be rights. Likewise, many in the smaller government crowd want to cut government down to a more manageable (constitutional) size, but they don’t want to lose their “investment” in the leviathan.

Those who control the beast don’t want to see anything go away. Every dollar taken from the budget directly translates to a loss of control for these power brokers. Thus, these power brokers do the dancing monkey routine, crying with us during the campaign, only to stab us in the back as soon as they have the opportunity. This abuse of our trust, over the past two decades, has caused many of us to lose hope that anything can be changed. So, we sit out of the elections or we cast a conscience ballot which ultimately becomes a vote for the greater-of-two evils, regardless of which party you tend toward.

Evil. Always. Wins.

In 2008, people were so tired of GW Bush that they voted for the most-unlike-Bush. They elected a black, crypto-marxist of dubious provenance because they liked what he had to say. He said things that didn’t sound like the other guy. He gave voice to their anger. Again in 2012, after four years of failure, more people stayed home who would normally vote Republican, and once again the crypto-marxist failure was elected.


This year, a man has joined the cacophony of disgruntled Republican voices; a amn so bold as to say all of the many things that everyday Americans utter in their private conversations, but never hear on a national platform. Nevermind that his brand of Hopenchange™ will be completely ineffective. Never you mind that he has spent his entire life as a New York progressive. Forget about the fact that lacks a fundamental understanding of – or respect for – the US Constitution. Disregard his promise to abuse executive orders or act unilaterally.

Donald Trump is capturing the populist vote. So is Bernie Sanders. From both sides of the isle, the people have become so disgusted with the political process as to back whomever is the greatest departure from what we have been offered. These people are the protest voters.

On the left the protest voters are ready to go full retard. On the right, people like me, would rather “waste” their vote than vote one more time against their principles. People who fall into the “independent” portion of both sides of the spectrum (typically 1/3 of those identifying as either right or left of center) are squarely in the Outlandish Candidate camps.

When considered in light of the vast numbers of people who just don’t give a crap, can’t be bothered, or would rather waste their vote – this is shaping up to be an election to end America as we know it.

But then, the dream of America that we’ve been holding on to has been gone for some time, hasn’t it?


Political Weather Report


I was riding the 0705 ferry into the city this morning, headed to work. I always sit in the same general areas on the boat, regardless of what time I’m actually traveling. Anyone who knows me will know without a doubt that my chosen seats are in areas with my back to the wall and multiple egress points nearby. It’s just habit.

Well, occasionally, I feel particularly lazy in the morning and will opt to reset my alarm clock to sleep for an extra hour or more. When I do this, it puts me on the 0705 ferry. I always enjoy riding this ferry, because there is a group of particularly astute young men (high school, 17-18 yo) who attend a prestigious Catholic Prep school in the city.

I always enjoy their conversations – which can vary wildly from the pop culture topic du jour to the presidential race – but always emanate from a conservative perspective. On some mornings, they will ask my perspective [they like my shirts and my veteran status]. This morning, they were discussing the constitution, the SOTU address, and the presidential candidates.

One of the young men was commenting how the 10th Amendment seems to have been done away with these days and another said that “…it essentially has…that’s why so many people like Donald Trump, because none of the politicians listen to what the people want.” His friend said, “He’s funny but he doesn’t have any class. I like most of what he has to say, but I don’t trust him on any of it.” To which the other kid said “Yeah, me either. That’s why I don’t think he’s going to win. It’ll probably end up being Marco Rubio, but I like Ted Cruz.”

The “I don’t trust him” kid looked at me and said what do you think? Who’s your vote going to? I said: “Ted Cruz is the only candidate who ever refers to the constitution, other than Rand Paul (whose foreign policy is naïve). The answer to every one of our nation’s problems can be found in the Constitution.” They all agreed and nodded.

They continued on with Bernie: “Where is all the free shit he’s promising going to come from?” “The free shit fairy, I guess.” “Well, what about Hillary?” “Hillary’s a troll. Nobody trusts her. She won’t get the nomination.”

Later in the day, I went to my favorite teriyaki joint and overheard the two middle-aged blue-collar men at the table next to me discussing the election, too. One was a liberal and the other a conservative. They both agreed that Bush, Clinton, and Obama all sucked and that Hillary would make this country much worse. Then, the Donald came up, and they came to consensus that while he is “crass and unpresidential”, he may be just what is needed to force the two parties to listen to their constituents.

They also discussed Bernie. Even the liberal was ragging on his know-nothing brand of socialist utopian drivel.

“I don’t know why he can’t seem to understand that socialism has never worked anywhere. And where is all this free stuff going to come from? Who’s going to pay for it?” “Taxes on the rich…” the conservative said “…an increased tax rate to a top marginal rate of 75%, that’s where.”

His liberal friend said “Top rates are 90% in many countries. That’s insane to expect anyone to pay that much. What you’re gonna end up with people who realize that it’s cheaper and easier to just live off the system and you end up right where Europe is today. ”

So, to summarize, there is an intense conversation going on throughout our country about the future and the road we’re taking to get there. The only thing that anyone can seem to agree on is that Donald J. Trump is a net-plus for the process. That is terrifying to me.

It’s like the Obama craze all over again, but this time the guy isn’t polarizing the opposition’s camp, he’s co-opting them. That puts an actual majority of American’s [if he’s successful] drinking the kool-aid from a guy who can’t decide if it’s grape or cherry.

With an enormous variable like Trump and all of the political question marks he brings to the table, our country is in for one hell of a ride. Couple that with the deterioration of the global economy, ongoing regional conflicts, global jockeying for economic hegemony, and the ever-present threat of dozens of destabilizing forces at work inside our body politic and we are in for some seriously bad weather in the near-to-mid term.

Precare pacem et para bellum.


SCOTUS Refuses Request For DHS’ Cellphone Shutdown Plan

So, I’m conflicted on this…

The Supreme Court is setting aside a petition from the Electronic Privacy Information Center that demanded the Department of Homeland Security release the US government’s secret plan to shutter mobile phone service during disasters.

The top court, without comment, refused Monday to review a federal appeals court’s May ruling that the DHS did not have to divulge the full contents of Standard Operating Procedure 303. That court held that the government could withhold the plan’s contents under the Freedom of Information Act if its disclosure would “endanger” public safety.

The privacy group had demanded the document in 2011 following the shuttering of cell service in the San Francisco Bay Area subway system to quell a protest.

While this could certainly be useful in preventing a remotely detonated IED, it could also be used to quell dissent during an uprising, a la the “Arab Spring”. I’m cool with the one, but not the other. I wonder if this plan has ever seen the disinfecting sunshine of judicial review?


The Problem With The Limp-Wristed Gun Grab…

… of any and all tyrants in our constitutional republic:

Come. And. Take. Them.

Good luck with that. Someone let me know how that works out.


On Short Drops & Sudden Stops


I can think of no fewer than 530 individuals who would benefit this nation greatly by taking the ride mentioned above, but if you will indulge my lack of gender neutrality, I’d like to single out just one man, for the ride of a lifetime.

This man is a liar, a thief, and a usurper. He is destructive of the will of all people, everywhere, save an extremely-wealthy elite few. He holds in contempt the values which have long-distinguished this nation from the rest of human civilization. This coward has actively engaged in the fundamental transformation of free nations to advance his own agenda. Decimating currencies to enrich his cronies, he enjoys lighting the world on fire, if only to watch it burn.

Ultimately, everything this man does, serves his agenda of global autocratic rule, the destruction of all established cultures, and the ruination of all who would have self-rule. In his world, ruled by un-elected autocrats, his vision for governance is the wet-dream of tyrants and the fabric from which the nightmares of the free are woven.

He cares not a whit for you, your family, or your nation. Neither does he observe your laws. He’d sooner help the fascists seize your goods and see your cold bodies dumped in a mass-grave than to allow you to have your own opinion. He is a tyrant and deserves the noose. A short drop & a sudden stop.

Sic Semper Tyrannis


The Case For Bernie Sanders

This is the article that Bernie “the man of the people” (that scion of free speech) sent his high-powered, big-money lawyers after. Suck it bernie.

2016-01-07 18.47.46I will attempt to lay out my case for why conservatives in America should support Bernie Sanders for president.

Socialists have taken over academia, media, and pop culture. The indoctrination of America’s youth is nearly 100%. Even socially conservative youngsters will give you socialist answers to any question on the proper role of government. Most under 35 believe that housing, food, and medical care are human rights. The left has completely removed the idea of individual responsibility and liberty – placed upon each of us by our Creator – and supplanted them with “human rights” which are granted and guaranteed by the very government they say is built-upon institutional racism and oppression.

They trust this same government to look after their best interest – indeed the same evil cops whom they say will rape & kill you for looking at them wrong, or being black.

Our populace is largely disinterested in anything political after decades of being dumbed-down, beat-down, and talked down to. They can’t be bothered to get involved in the process. I understand their sentiment and have echoed it myself. I don’t get involved in the political process because

1) I don’t like either party and I’m not really a “joiner”
2) I don’t think we will ever sway enough people to make a material difference

We are trying to compete with social media, a 24-hour news cycle, and the rapid deterioration of our way of life. People would rather stay insulated inside their bubble, than to step out and get involved.

We are lemmings, being pushed over a cliff by reduced educational standards and near-constant diversion. The only thing that gets our attention are fear-inducing headlines. When people get scared, they respond. It’s basic fight-or-flight biological response. The Republican party will never do what conservatives want them to do, because conservatives can’t be dragged away from Honey Boo-Boo long enough to get involved.

For some reason, the word “socialist” scares the bejeezus out of Americans. Perhaps, the remnant of some bygone era when people actually cared… and deep inside the American conservative knows that we are heading that way and feels powerless to stop it. Maybe, they’re just so self-absorbed that they don’t care to bother.

A groundswell of support for the only openly socialist candidate in the race would embolden progressives everywhere to come out of the closet and openly proclaim the object of their desire to be socialism. This, in due turn, would scare the bejeezus out of the American conservative and perhaps reawaken a long dormant concern for the body politic. An imminent, existential threat to their perceived way of life, might just bring about a tidal shift in America. At the very least, it will bring the commies out of the woodwork and force them to finally accept the moniker we have long ascribed them… and create a handy list should one ever be needed.

Forcing the darkness of socialism into the light of day is likely the best short-term option we have to motivate a disinterested populace to action. As such, I will continue to develop my opinion on the matter and consider further Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, and attempt to change the battlespace using their own rules against them.

I have picked a target – socialism.
I have frozen the target – Bernie Sanders IS socialism.
I intend to personalize the target – by showing the many wonderful things Bernie can bring to America.
It is my hope that this effort would create a polarized dichotomy of socialists and the motivated “rest of us”.

At the very least, it draws the enemy out the tree line and into the open field of battle.

While many liberals and progressives largely agree with such an analysis and have come to view socialism positively, too many of them see socialism, the word, as an unnecessary burden, a liability (as if we could easily expropriate the expropriators so long as we called it something else). We need those sympathetic voters to see socialism as “the name of their desire” and with Bernie as the major left-wing challenger he could serve to legitimate socialism as a political ideology in the eyes of millions.

We will not win with conventional tactics.


On Misspent Youth

I would like to run a quick mental exercise with you, our esteemed readers. In this exercise, we attempt to visualize the children of the ultra-wealthy.

If you will indulge me, please have a look at these children who were never given a taste of adversity or forced to grow up and briefly how this kid destroyed his $245k car so his daddy would buy him a new one.

Think about the children of helicopter parents who have never known independence, or the children who have never known the sting of failure because little Johnny is just too precious to fail.

These children are a microcosm of the larger American society. A society where few are spurred to action and motivated to work, because of the largess provided to them by their parents, their government.

Modern American society has known neither the thrill of victory, nor the bitterness of defeat. Unmolested by the heart-rending sting of loss, they can know no true happiness. We have not been tested in the crucible of the human condition; we remain unforged by the eternal fire of conquest and largely unquenched and tempered in the waters of defeat.

Content to suckle at the teat of our wealthy father and burn our possessions to have him finance new ones, we have become  a society comprised largely of whining, feckless, directionless, fatherless, self-absorbed, cowards who would sign over our birthright for a piece of bread at the first sign of adversity.

I pray that among us, we might raise up leaders, men of action who find direction; that they might spur others to action – putting away the childish things of our youth and stepping forward into manhood.

Unsteady, uncertain, but bold as only the young can be, I pray that we might look to the experience, steadiness, and perseverance of our few remaining wise men.

We are at a dangerous crossroads in this nation. We are dancing recklessly atop a dozen cans of gasoline, as onlookers throw matches. I hope that my countrymen come to their senses.

Unfortunately, the only purveyor of eternal human truths is the harsh reality of experience. I pray that we get the experience we need to weather the hard future which we have most-certainly earned for ourselves.


This Is Not Lexington Or Concord

tb 19769 SoldiersPrayer 001

I don’t trust a single thing that comes from my government.

I will NEVER surrender the ability to defend myself, my family, my country, or her constitution.

An armed populace is the final bulwark against an overtly tyrannical govt.

I am ready for a fight with the federal government. I don’t want it, but I’m ready.

From the sound of this, I should be lumped right in the men at Melheur. I am not and would not be.

More below the fold…


US-China Trade War Is A Go

not free trade

China has become a net exporter of deflation. In response, the US Govt has decided that protectionism and anti-dumping tariffs is the way to stem the rising tidal wave of Chinese deflation which is going to hammer global markets for some time to come.

To be sure India has already done just that:

India plans to step up its protection for debt-laden domestic steelmakers by imposing a minimum price on steel imports among other measures, Steel Secretary Aruna Sundararajan said in an interview this week. The import curbs are necessary to ensure a “level-playing field” for Indian companies after restrictions imposed in September failed to stop a decline in prices, she said.
And now it’s America’s turn.

According to a report released Tuesday by the US Department Of Commerce, corrosion-resistant steel imports from China were sold at unfairly low prices and will be taxed at 256 percent.

The measure is clearly aimed exclusively at China’s dumping of steel on the US market, and its relentess exports of deflation.

According to Bloomberg, imports from India, South Korea and Italy will be taxed at lower rates. Imports from Taiwan and Italy’s Marcegaglia SpA will not face anti-dumping tariffs. The government found dumping margins of 3.25 percent for most South Korean steel imports, with Hyundai Steel Co.’s shipments subject to duties of 3.5 percent. Imports from Italian companies excluding Marcegaglia will be taxed at 3.1 percent. Indian imports are subject to duties from 6.6 percent to 6.9 percent.

Which means that the biggest “beneficiary” of this dramatic import price surge will be none other than Beijing.

“We’re concerned that the dumping that’s occurring is at higher levels than these determinations reflect,” Tim Brightbill, a partner at Wiley Rein LLP, a law firm representing U.S. steelmaker Nucor Corp., said Tuesday in an interview. “We have serious concerns that these preliminary duties are not enough at a time when unfairly priced imports continue to surge into the U.S. market at unprecedented rates.”
According to some the US foray into trade wars was long overdue:

U.S. producers including Nucor, U.S. Steel Corp. and Steel Dynamics Inc. filed cases in June alleging that some products from China, India, Italy, South Korea and Taiwan had been dumped in the U.S., harming domestic companies. In November, the government found that all those countries, except Taiwan, subsidized their domestic production by as much as 236 percent of its price.
The tarfiff hike comes on the heels of a previous announcement from November 3, which saw countervailing duties as high as 236%. Together these create a barrier to imports of these steel products from China, said Caitlin Webber, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence in Washington.

“A 500 percent duty is obviously prohibitive,” Webber said in an interview. “The lower ones are much less prohibitive and would probably have a lower impact on imports.”

This is going to get ugly now that we’ve put some smoke on the battlefield. China will likely retaliate with further devaluation of it’s money or selling more treasuries. This is a dangerous game that happened before both World Wars… This is what progressive “free trade” looks like. This is not free trade.

In a world of real money and actual free trade, tariffs destroy the ability of the
international market system to allocate resources efficiently. This is obviously bad. When a tariff is enacted, it raises prices on imports, which lowers domestic demand for imported goods. This then reduces the incomes of the exporting countries, which in turn causes them to reciprocate and the whole thing (in the case of 2 superpowers) devolves into a trade war.

America is not well-positioned for a trade war, as a services based economy. We have destroyed US manufacturing


Strike At The Branches: Vote For Trump Hope & Change


I’m gonna piss off a lot of our readers with this, but it needs to be said and I can’t count myself any kind of man if I shrink from saying what needs saying.

Donald Trump is (mind-numbingly) running away with the Republican nomination. It’s no secret that I “don’t exactly relish the idea of a Trump presidency”. I find Donald Trump to be an uncouth, overly-simplistic, arrogant toad who, at best lacks the conviction and principles I hope for in a President, and at worst is a cynical Manchurian Candidate bent on schism within the Republican party to put Hillary over-the-top.

I catch myself watching sound bites of his, every now and then, and can’t help but agree with the guy. We need a border fence. We need to prevent Syrian refugees (and those of any other hostile state) from entering our country. We need to turn our foreign policy from something resembling a gigantic turd into something that keeps us in good standing in the world and accomplishes our national interest.

The problem I can’t seem to shake is the uneasy feeling I get watching most of my intelligent, thoughtful, conservative friends jump feet-first into the Cult of Trump, just because he isn’t Barack Obama. It seems as though anyone who is loud and abrasive, while espousing a minimalist amount of “conservative” rhetoric could win the Republican nod these days, just because we’re fed up with the serial-abuse and repeated betrayal at the hands of our RINO overlords.

I fear that my principled friends have abandoned the intellectual underpinnings of their character for a bombastic loud-mouth who, while barely able to string two coherent thoughts together, promises to ___________ , if that’s what the crowd wants to hear. In short, I fear that my conservative friends are falling hook, line, and sinker for Barack Obama… an unprincipled, self-aggrandizing, narcissistic charlatan who captured the popular sentiment of frustration (anger) and rode it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, by not being the other guy.

If you are Trump supporter, riddle me this:

What does Donald Trump offer that a Ted Cruz does not? Likewise, what does Ted Cruz offer that a Donald Trump does not? Please don’t answer one without answering both.

Are we honestly saying that in a nation of nearly 330 million people (more than half of which identify as conservative), a ‘reality tv’ star whose greatest accomplishment is branding everything in his universe with his own name, is the best answer we have to give? Really?

Childish platitudes and jingoistic rhetoric with no chance of implementation are enough to sucker us into willful participation in the decline of American exceptionalism? Or, is there something more to it? Is it possible that my principled conservative friends weren’t so principled as I thought?

Is it possible that we are largely okay with having a powerful executive tyrant, so long as he is “our” powerful executive tyrant?

Most people were silent during the reign of George W. Bush. I could hear crickets from the right as W abused every inch of the Constitution, going so far as to call it “…just a **ddamned piece of paper…” The 4th Amendment was eviscerated under Bush. The largest transfer of wealth in human history (until BHO) was authorized by Bush. Record deficits, record debt. Yet, I didn’t hear the cacophony of the right that I see slobbering at the jib to vote against progressives (be it Hillary, Jeb, or the RNC).

If you heard Donald Trump say that his first act would be to “…sign an executive order mandating the death penalty for all cop-killers…” and you’re okay with that – you may fall into the “my tyrant” camp.

If you are not okay with it, but are still willing to vote for Trumplestiltskin, I then have to ask, why?

We, as the largest bloc of voters in the United States, have seemingly decided to abandon principle and vote for the guy who gives voice and redress to the angry grievances we harbor against the tyrants in our government. We refuse to take notice of or acknowledge the root cause which is the abandonment our national principles, defined in, outlined by, and protected under our founding documents. We do so at great peril to ourselves, our nation, and our progeny. Instead of returning to the principles upon which were founded, we demand that someone else continue to strike at the branches. The only problem is the branches they are striking are the branches of Liberty Tree.

I fear that the day for watering is approaching inexorably. Put your faith not in men, but on Divine Providence, and prepare yourselves in all matters financial, spiritual, and intellectual. The next years will not be for the faint-of-heart.


Ignore The Root

Most Americans can’t effectively articulate what is wrong with our country, much-less the root cause of the disease we suffer. To be clear, when I say ‘root cause’ I am referring to the political root, not the eternal good/evil dichotomy.

The root cause of our nation’s problems, the disease as it were, is ignorance of the constitution. The word ignorance is a noun, created from a verb, as a state of being. The verb or action of ignorance is to “refuse to take notice of or acknowledge”.

Thus, the state of refusing to take notice of or acknowledge the U.S. Constitution is the root of our ills. As a people, we have refused to understand the documents which frame not only our ideals, but comprise and stand watch as the supreme law and guardian of our land.

We refuse to acknowledge the intent of our founding documents – to limit the government’s exercise of power over its citizens.

We have allowed one transgression to turn to another and another, until we now wake up in a nearly-unrecognizable country. This has happened over more than 100 years, but in the last 30 years, we have allowed our children to grow up with very little or no understanding of what it actually means to be an American. Children today are taught to blame America first and cry for the sins of the past, to which neither they nor we hold any accountability.

We have allowed our elected leadership – the true reflection of our collective self – to be infiltrated and ultimately overrun by progressive agitators. They have destroyed our education system, destroyed our healthcare system, and created a wholly unsustainable welfare state which foments multi-generational dependence upon the very people who are destroying us. These are deadly symptoms, of the larger disease. In addition to this, we have allowed a military-intelligence-security state to fence us in, one fence post at a time.

We have allowed these symptoms to metastasize due to our inattention to – ignorance of – the U.S. Constitution. Just as congress ignored the words which protect our individuality when they farmed-out our ability to control the printing of money – we have ignored the same words and have, as a result, ceded our rights to the very government which was is legally obligated to protect them.

As we anxiously watch the dismantling of our country, we can see lines being drawn. The polarization of the country is nearing critical mass. The last remaining bulwark we possess against tyrannical abuse is our right to keep and bear arms. Our elected officials are at this very moment secreting unlawful means of infringing upon this right. Any actions taken in violation of the U.S. Constitution is unlawful and should not be followed by any American under any circumstances. Every person elected to office has sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same.

Any violation of our individual rights, should be met openly with defiance and – should necessity dictate – open aggression. Swift, violent, public, aggression. Our leaders know the law, even as they thumb their noses in abuse of the same. I fear that the day is coming (whether through economic hardship, global conflict, or “man-caused disaster”) when their flagrant disregard for our rights, MY RIGHTS, will be laid naked before us in open contravention of everything our founders intended. It is wise to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically for such eventuality.

When tyrants abuse the law, you owe them no fealty. Whether their abuse is intentioned or simply from lack of accountability, they should know to what they have sworn an oath and be held to account.

Ignorantia juris non excusat.


How The 1% Meme Is Finally Breaking Me Down

The ills of the world at-large and our country in particular are being foisted upon us by governments and the NGO’s who provide their agendas.

I’m not one for envying the wealth of others. I don’t give two shits if you’re a multi-billionaire or your family’s combined annual income is $46k. I will treat you the same way, without regard to your station in this life.

Likewise, I don’t mind any individual who minimizes their tax burden, in ANY WAY that is legal. What really gets my ire up is when corporate executives and billionaires do everything in their power to evade corporate taxation, then use the money they hid from the government to form NGO’s and think tanks which then write and implement public policy which seeks to encroach, ever-further, into our private lives.

Ted Turner, George Soros, Bill Gates, and many others increase their vast wealth by avoiding taxes and spend the gains manipulating public policy in their quest to control the world create a better world.

George Soros was recently banned from Russia and all of his organizations were forbidden from conducting any activity with or involving Russia.
George Soros is connected – in one way or another – to almost all of the world’s current strife.

General Electric – the largest corporation on the planet – has profited immensely from policies written by it’s think tanks and enacted by the congresswhores it bought-and-paid-for. Using the “active-financing” tax break, GE has skipped out on $70B in taxes over the last 10 years. Now, this in itself wouldn’t bother me so much, if GE didn’t have our entire government in it’s pocket – from the President to local buyer for the IRS office. GE has used it’s influence to create policies which increase it’s profits and allow it to pay nothing in taxes.

They are but one such corporation. 30 American mega-corporations used the active financing rule to pay less than zero dollars in income tax.

On top of this, we have the sanctimonious hypocrisy of the world’s Bill Gates, Warren Buffetts, and Mark Zuckerburgs who pledge their wealth to charity, create charitable trusts to shelter their wealth from taxation and establish multi-generational tax-free dynasties for their families.

These plutocrats then use their tax-free charitable foundations to implement policies which are destructive of American liberty, increasing centralized control over the lives of all of us serfs. I wish these pricks would just accept that they are rich and leave it at that. Instead, they have to assuage the guilt they feel for being so obscenely rich, by creating oppressive policies and dictating the rules to everyone else.

It’s great that these people are putting their wealth to use doing something to help others, but it’s not because they are altruistic and care deeply for their fellow man.


Hillarity: Mujj Fires RPG With Enclosed Backblast Area

And just for giggles:

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The Next 20 Years Is Really Gonna Suck

I would like to take a few moments to congratulate the baby boomers and Gen-Xers on the utter destruction of western civilization. Through your inattention to the shifting political landscape around you, your children’s children will now be forced to spend their adult lives in the Sisyphean labor of defending common sense, virtue, and reason at every turn. They will defend it or trudge in the cacophony of timid, mindless souls who see this life as nothing more than an endless exercise in instant-gratification, butthurt, and self-imposed victimization.

In creating a world where everyone is a winner, you have imbued upon an entire generation of young people, a world where there is no hope in rising above the din of social-antipathy, because thanks to you, no one is allowed to be special. In short your generation of “winners” has created a generation of losers.

You’ve created a self-reinforcing feedback loop of discontent and self-loathing. The more these mush-minded simpletons despise themselves and each other, the more justification they have to hate themselves and each other. They will henceforth wage the holy crusade of mal-contention and puerile ego-stroking narcissism. Each and every one, stretching his 15 minutes of fame into a lifelong Odyssey of vanity and completely unwarranted aggrandizement.

To the mindless, unindustrious, intellectually-lazy malcontents of this latest generation, I have a few words of advice. Grow up. Get over yourself. You are not special until you have accomplished something which makes you so. You were lied to… sold a bill of goods, as it were. The real world does not work the way you want it to and thankfully, it never will. The real world is ugly and mean and can at times be downright vicious. I see in your collective future much anguish as the full force of reality smacks you in the gob and leaves you breathless.

Get used to it. Hell, embrace it. The sooner you accept reality for what it is, rather than what you want it to be, the sooner you will have a leg-up on those who refuse to do so. Santa Claus is not real. There is no Easter Bunny.

Suck it up you bunch of whiny, preening, crybaby, know-it-all bitches.


Paris Vigil Stampede After Firecrackers Set-off

The person responsible should be dragged into the nearest alley and beaten to death.

The Paris shooters caught and killed in car (?)


ISIS Threatens Attack In DC…

The goat humps threaten to attack America’s heart, but then they continued saying “…in Washington D.C.”

I don’t think they understand Americans, at all.

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It may be wrong to feel this way, but as the hippies like to say, you can’t choose how you feel.


America Needs John Wayne

America needs John Wayne. She needs him now, more than any other time in her post-colonial existence. Sadly, she will accept Hitler instead. Let me explain:

America was envisioned as a nation of laws, populated by Men. I use the self-styled proper noun there to indicate a certain archetype for the male of the species. I have written on this matter previously, but it never hurts to keep the idea fresh in the minds of my countrymen. America needs men. America needs men who are willing to stand up and say “Enough, damn it!” We need men who are not afraid to stand alone and be right, damn the consequences.

We need men who tinker, and dream, and more importantly – who build. Men who are not afraid of dirt, or blood. Men who know the smell of a disemboweled animal, because they killed, before they cleaned it. We need men who know well the pain of busted knuckles, chipped teeth, bloody lips – the invigorating satisfaction of victory and the soul-rending pains of loss and defeat.

We need those who will not shrink away at the pain of adversity or the risk of physical injury, at the expense of the weak and timid. In a world of imaginary “micro-aggressions”, phony “rape-culture”, and often faked “hate crimes”, simply stated – we need men.

Hippies are partially correct in the ability to identify as a man. Many biological males lack the characteristics required to qualify as men. Having the correct chromosomal order, does not in fact make one a man. A man is he who stands when others will not. A man is one who has firmly-established values, based upon experience in the very-real world of actions. He dares to have his own opinions and while his behavior may run the gamut from silence to being outspoken, he knows what believes and doesn’t hide from it.

In the fast-collapsing post-modern Western world, being a man is becoming less and less common. Where as recently as 30 years ago, our society engendered the rugged individualism which made plumbers, mechanics, and police the last refuge of single women and old people – we now live in a society of near-ubiquity that sees us calling for someone to save us at the slightest disruption of our mundane, androgynous existence.

Just 20 years ago, my friends and I grew up trying – before our time – to be men. The popular refrain of our betters was the exhortation to “just grow-up”. We drank and smoked, spending time in the company of the authoritative male figures in our lives, hoping against hope that some of their respect might be ours, as men alongside them. We struck out on our own, as we could, attempting in vain to mimic their behaviors and establish ourselves, of our own right.

We learned, as all generations throughout history have, that our status as men relied less upon the things we said (or the age we had reached) than it did on the content of our character, the deeds applied to our words. These days, we shelter our children and celebrate their post-pubescent adolescence. We encourage this behavior in males, largely into their undeniably-adult lives.

In the age of video games and perpetual childhood, these individuals are never required to “just grow-up”. Is it any wonder that women lack a proper man to settle down with? Is it any wonder that our nation is exploding with unwed mothers, fatherless homes, broken families, over-crowded jails, and a populace growing more dependent by the day?

We do not encourage manhood. We celebrate the infantile while mocking anything resembling fatherhood or genuine maleness. We tell college-aged boys that muscles are unhealthy masculinity, while at-the-same-time telling women that they can choose to be as unhealthily masculine as they like.

We encourage males to be submissive, simpering, feckless cowards and wonder in amazement at the collapse of our society. Unreal.

We require the archetypal John Wayne as we watch the pendulum, now on it’s down-swing, come back full-force in the opposite direction. Sadly, history and the prudence she provides, has shown us that when societies abandon traditional archetypes in favor of refinement – at the expense of integrity and intellectual curiosity – those societies collapse.

Thus, when civilization most needs men to defend her, it finds them in short supply, leaving a vacuum into which an overly-strong man generally steps. These men are psychotic and opportunistic, tending toward mass murder and totalitarian control. American in this hour needs John Wayne, but sadly, will likely end up embracing Adolph Hitler.


A New Phrase For The Average American

I would like to introduce a new term to the popular vernacular of Mainstreet America: “The Taint Principle”.

“My favourite definition of an intellectual: ‘Someone who has been educated beyond his/her intelligence” ~Arthur C. Clarke

Much akin to “The Peter Principle” (but considerably less useful), “The Taint Principle” is achieved when – to paraphrase Mr. Clarke’s quotation “One is educated beyond their understanding.”

As in “The Peter Principle” (yes, I realize it has nothing to do with the male sex-organ, indulge me) – where one is said to be promoted to the level of their incompetence, by being evaluated for future roles based on performance in current roles – those affected by “The Taint Principle” have been promoted in academia (or passed, as it were) to a level of education, upon which they have zero – or very little – functional understanding.

When a News Reader, ahem… ‘reporter’, is promoted based upon their NYU transcripts, rather than their understanding of the subject matter upon which they will report, this person is has achieved “The Taint Principle”, which places them somewhere between being a male sex-organ and a brown-eye. Either way, that is no place anyone of any respectability cares to be. Often this principle applies to politicians, post-graduate students on the educational-career-plan, corporate management, university faculty, sports coaches, and even preachers.

Most of those who lack a functional understanding of that in-which they have been educated, don’t recognize their intellectual deficiency. This clear lack of understanding causes them to misinterpret their views on any given matter, as something anyone else would ever care to have their ears poisoned with.

When one encounters the verbal diarrhea spewed forth from the slobbering jibs of these intellectual cave-dwellers, they are said to have been “tainted”. Have you ever been “tainted”? How many times have you been cornered by some smarmy beyond-college-aged pseudo-intellectual, only to be lectured on the viability of green energy, the viciousness and depravity inherent in eating the flesh of animals, or why you should fight for gender equality by only voting for someone because they have a vagina? Be honest, now. There is no reason to hide that you have been tainted.

There is a simple cure for having been tainted:

1) Wash.
2) Turn on a rerun of the Dukes of Hazzard, Archie Bunker, or Ponderosa.
3) Crack a cold adult beverage.
4) Clean one of your rifles.
5) Abstain from eating anything with vegetables as an ingredient, unless said veggies passed through its digestive tract first.


There’s A War Coming To Germany…

I don’t say this lightly. If people want to understand how the Germans allowed the Nazi’s to take over, just watch the next couple of years.

I do believe we may-yet see the transformation of the Euro-vaj culture into a hajj-eviscerating machine of (mostly-German) renaissance. Maybe not…in which case, they deserve what they get.

UK’s Pat Condell explains (indirectly) how the invasion continues apace.

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