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Changing The Narrative


Remember that terrorist attack in Orlando? No. No, you don’t. That’s going down the memory hole. No longer is the guy who swore his allegiance to ISIS, a terrorist. Now, he’s a vengeful gay man.

ORLANDO (CBSNewYork) — The alleged male lover of Orlando nightclub gunman Omar Mateen claims he did the shooting as “revenge” against Latino men.

The man, who spoke to Univision on the condition of anonymity, said Mateen held a grudge against Latino men he met at the gay nightclub Pulse because he felt used by them.

“I’ve cried like you have no idea. But the thing that makes me want to tell the truth is that he didn’t do it for terrorism. In my opinion he did it for revenge,” the man who said he was Mateen’s lover for two months told Univision.

Added Bonus Flag:
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Tell The EU To Bruck Off

A quick primer for those who don’t give a shit:

Two days from now, the people of the U.K. will vote on a referendum to leave the EU. I support any efforts short of killing innocent people which secures international borders and makes (or keeps) nations sovereign in this world of globalization.

No one knows what the result will be, because this has never happened before. Anyone who tells you they do is either lying, selling something, or nefariously pulling the levers behind the scenes (< — these should probably be put in front of a firing squad).

George Soros has pulled out all the stops, thrown the balls to the wall, and even begun manually trading again. He opposes Brexit. That’s one + in support of my opinion. Also out-of-the-closet to “remain in the EU” are Evelyn de Rothschild, Hillary Clinton, David Cameron, Jamie Dimon (JPM Chase), Bill Gates.

It’s like a whose who of globalist, open-borders leftists. Hell, even Jose Canseco has come out against “Brexit”. If you don’t take financial advice from Jose Canseco, who DO you listen to?


When I’m King…

When I’m King, I will consider getting rid of the EPA. I’ll get rid of ObamaCare and replace it with “something great”. You’ll love it. I’ll knock down “the regulatory walls between states for health insurance, making plans available nationally instead of regionally”. I’ll rebuild our country’s aging infrastructure for 1/3 the cost of other presidents, because I said so.

When I’m King, I’ll save the (3 largest quasi-socialist expenses we have as a nation) Medicare, Medicaid, and social security, without cutting benefits”. “I’d take care of women, and I have great respect for women. I do cherish women, and I will take care of women.” I’ll even make our military “so big and so strong and so great” that “nobody’s going to mess with us.” If they do, I’ll target and kill their families. I’m gonna bring back waterboarding because “they deserve it anyway, for what they’re doing.”

When I am King, I’ll “totally renegotiate the whole Iran deal” and replace it with something better. You’ll see. It’ll be great. “I promise I will never be in a bicycle race. That I can tell you.” Why, when I’m King, Iran’s leader? “I guarantee you I will be never calling him the Supreme Leader… I’ll say, ‘Hey baby, how ya doing?’ I will never call him the Supreme Leader.”

When I’m King, I’ll oppose the killing of journalists. “I hate some of these people, but I would never kill them.” I’ll find great General officers when I’m King. “I don’t want my generals being interviewed, I want my generals kicking ass.”

When I’m coronated, “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.” Cities like Reno, Nev., will “be a big fat beautiful beneficiary” of my jobs. I “Love seeing union & non-union members alike are defecting to Trump. I will create jobs like no one else. Their #Dem leaders can’t compete!” “You have to do something to rein in China, they’re making it absolutely impossible for the United States to compete.” I’ll label China a currency manipulator and buy their leader “a McDonald’s hamburger and say we’ve got to get down to work.”

As King, I’ll Replace “free trade” with “fair trade.” find the “smartest negotiators in the world,” and assign them a country to renegotiate all trade deals. These’ll be the best deals ever. I’m good at deals. You’ll see. I’ll replace our Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, with someone who is “a killer”, like her uncle Ted or maybe a Fat Man or a Little Boy.

I’ll force, by royal decree, Nabisco and Apple to make their products here. If not, I’ll impose 35% taxes on their imports. I’ll even reduce our debt by “vigorously eliminating waste, fraud and abuse in the federal government, ending redundant government programs and growing the economy to increase tax revenues.” , while cutting the budget by 20% by just renegotiating.

When I’m King, I’ll continue to say the dumbest shit you’ve heard and have to walk it back the next day. I’ll continue to promise things that I cannot do unilaterally, under our Constitution. I’ll do it, because I’m a tyrant, too. I’m just a better tyrant than the current one. Like all big government statists, I believe that I can make things better if the right people are charge, namely me. I’m good at stuff. People always tell me that. Ask people who know me. They always tell me that I’m good stuff. I’m like Charlie Sheen. I win. I’m always winning, except without the AIDS, gay sex, or crack addiction.


72 Killed In Boston Weapons Confiscation Raid

This is how it begins.

Boston – National Guard units seeking to confiscate a cache of recently banned assault weapons were ambushed by elements of a Para-military extremist faction. Military and law enforcement sources estimate that 72 were killed and more than 200 injured before government forces were compelled to withdraw.

Speaking after the clash, Massachusetts Governor Thomas Gage declared that the extremist faction, which was made up of local citizens, has links to the radical right-wing tax protest movement.

Gage blamed the extremists for recent incidents of vandalism directed against internal revenue offices. The governor, who described the group’s organizers as “criminals,” issued an executive order authorizing the summary arrest of any individual who has interfered with the government’s efforts to secure law and order.

The military raid on the extremist arsenal followed wide-spread refusal by the local citizenry to turn over recently outlawed assault weapons.

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Conservatives Are Destroying Leftists With New Debate Tactic


This morning, Andy Eat-a-bag-of-Mc-Dicks, said that “there is no reason for anyone to own that many clips”. It reminded me of a brief essay I’d read recently that exposed a recent trend in conservative debate.

To begin with, I’ll give you a primer on effective debate. You will likely recognize much of this if you frequent this site, as the writers here tend to start from, and continue on, a position of logic-based reasoning. This site is one of very few where the principals involved (writers and audience) try not to stray very far from the anchor point of reason. Yes, it occurs, especially when trolled or attacks on character are perceived.

Most commonly practiced on this site is an informal type of Lincoln-Douglas Debate. Cases are laid out as a logical syllogism (to prove that the topic [resolution] is either right or wrong) with reason, most often, as the lone adjudicator of reason-based and thus, universally-applicable, morality judgments. We here are generally not moved by emotional appeal or any of the many logical fallacies so often used by the leftist crybabies (and increasingly those on the right). Hell, some of us even enjoy making them cry.

A proper discussion (debate) of morality judgments (as policy) requires that both sides begin from a good-faith position of respect, honesty, and desire to understand the opposing view (even if only to more thoroughly destroy said view in the future).

These good-faith positions are nearly impossible to begin with for most leftists because they are generally lying about their position. To wit:

• If you like your doctor…
• We need common sense gun safety…
• Don’t ask, don’t tell…

Leftists rarely ever lead with their true intention, because their true intention is the absolute control, domination, and ultimate destruction of any and all who oppose their warped world view. This is true in relation to Healthcare, Welfare, Gun Control, Property Rights, Environmental Protection, ad nauseum.

They will lie and slander, accuse and berate, scream, cry, and run away if you don’t comply with their childish demands to honor their view. As a result, a not inconsequential number of conservatives have taken up a new debating tactic with regard to debating gun control. The tactic is simple, effective, and long-overdue.

When leftists start talking about anything related to Gun Control, “Gun Safety”, and several other political positions, conservatives simply tell them to go fuck themselves.

There is no sense in debating a person in good-faith when that person has an ulterior motive. They are beginning from a position of deceit and nothing you can or will say is going to change that. So, the next time someone brings up gun control, smile and tell them to fuck off. Then, go buy a new Scary Black Rifle, because, fuck you.


Obama Explains Why He Doesn’t Say Radical Islam

He refuses to use the term because he is a sympathizer.

Donald Trump, as expected, took about 3 seconds to hit back at him:

There is no denying that Trump is entertaining (though that isn’t a qualification for President).


Because Graduation Parties Are Un-Islamic

35 young men & women were “caught” at a Graduation party and sentenced to 99 lashings each. The sentence was immediately carried out by the Moral Security Police.

On a related note, here is your 2016 Ramadan Bombathon Update:


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Sergeant Major Gilbert “Hashmark” Johnson

I’m sick of politics. We all know that our options suck. This election cycle is a GEN-U-INE shit-show. So, I thought I’d introduce you to one of the heroes of the United States Marine Corps instead.

To be sure, the USMC is a living exemplar of heroism. It’s history, from that fateful night at Tun’s Tavern, on 10 November, 1775 to the Shores of Tripoli; and Belleau Wood out to the jungles of Guadalcanal, the sands of Iwo Jima and onward to Vietnam, Fallujah and the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan, those few who have earned the title United States Marine have personified the warrior ethos.

Marines have represented the Honor, Duty, and Faithfulness that make America great. All of this lily-gilding aside, it is truly hard to single out just one Marine who sets a benchmark. That’s why I chose the interesting story of Sgt Maj “Hashmark” Johnson.

Hashmark got his name from the fact that he had more service stripes on his uniform than he did rank stripes (incidentally, more than his drill instructors). When he showed up for recruit training at Montford Point [at Camp Lejeune], he already had 3 service stripes from prior enlistments in the US Army and the US Navy.

Once FDR issued EO 8802, ordering that the Marine Corps accept blacks, Hashmark transferred from the Navy to the Marine Corps (1941). He showed up to training at the tender age of 36 years.

Upon completion of training, Sgt Maj Johnson was deployed to the Pacific, where he was sent to Guam. At the time, blacks were exempt from combat patrols, and Sgt Maj Johnson lobbied to allow black men to integrate into combat patrols. He won the approval requested and went on to personally lead 25 of them.

After his time on Guam, Sgt Maj Johnson went back to Montford Point (Renamed Camp Gilbert H. Johnson 2 years after his death.) and replaced First Sergeant Robert Colwell as one of the first black men to earn the title of Marine Corps Drill Instructor.

As an interesting side note, the only other black Sgt Maj to serve during WWII, was Edgar Huff. Sgt Maj Huff was Johnson’s brother-in-law. They were married to twin sisters.

Born October 30, 1905 in Mount Hebron, Alabama, Sgt Maj Johnson died in 1972 at the age of 66 having served 32 years in the United States Army (1923-1929), United States Navy (1933-1942), United States Marine Corps (1943-1955) during WWII & Korea.

Fair winds and following seas, Marine. Semper Fi.


This Is Not What Liberty Looks Like!

You all know that I am quick to defend police & police policy if it seems justified. This is simply indefensible.Civil asset forfeiture should never be allowed without a court order.


You may have heard of civil asset forfeiture. That’s where police can seize your property and cash without first proving you committed a crime; without a warrant and without arresting you, as long as they suspect that your property is somehow tied to a crime. Now, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol has a device that also allows them to seize money in your bank account or on prepaid cards.

It’s called an ERAD, or Electronic Recovery and Access to Data machine, and state police began using 16 of them last month. Here’s how it works. If a trooper suspects you may have money tied to some type of crime, the highway patrol can scan any cards you have and seize the money.

Further, from Martin Armstrong.

The one state that has gone complete anti-democratic is Oklahoma. It is wise not to travel in that state at all. Oklahoma should be on a no fly zone. Now Oklahoma police can outright just seize everything you have from debit cards to bank accounts on a traffic stop without any criminal charges being filed – just some policeman “thinks” and your life is over. With no money, you cannot hire a lawyer so they can now just rob everything you have on a whim.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has introduced a device that also allows them to seize money in your bank account or on prepaid cards, which they call ERAD, or Electronic Recovery and Access to Data machine. State police began using 16 of theses last month and this is a state now where the police have become literally the highway robbers. This makes the traffic cops in Russia pulling you over for speeding and you just pay them and they go away as a far more civilized arrangement. Here, they can rob you of everything.Let’s say a state trooper “suspects” or just “thinks” you may have money tied to some type of crime – any crime. He can now scan any cards you have and seize the money in your wallet. He does not have to charge you with any crime. He just “thinks” you might be connected to anything he can imagine. There is no right to remain silent, for he is not charging you. He is after all your money because they are broke.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. John Vincent said. “We’re gonna look for if there’s a difference in your story. If there’s someway that we can prove that you’re falsifying information to us about your business.” So all he has to do is “believe” you lied about anything and he has the right to take everything you have. They justify this claiming it is not about seizing money. Of course not. It is criminal prosecution but there is no crime. Forget innocent until proven guilty. That will not apply. They pretend the money committed the crime – not you.

This is simply nullifying the Constitution. You have absolutely ZERO rights. He can rob you of everything and leave you with no money even for gas. The police have become the criminals. This is precisely how Rome fell. When they could not could not pay the army, they began sacking their own cities. This is exactly what the police are doing now and there is nobody to defend us against this new criminal organization.

Without basic property rights and due process, you are not free. You are a carriage, waiting to be robbed by your government.


IRS Admits To Lying About Targeting Conservative Groups

Anyone else find themselves so beat down after 8 years of bullshit, that they have trouble mustering outrage at anything, anymore?


As reported by the Washington Times, “More than three years after it admitted to targeting tea party groups for intrusive scrutiny, the IRS has finally released a near-complete list of the organizations it snagged in a political dragnet.

The tax agency filed the list last month as part of a court case after a series of federal judges, fed up with what they said was the agency’s stonewalling, ordered it to get a move on. The case is a class-action lawsuit, so the list of names is critical to knowing the scope of those who would have a claim against the IRS. But even as it answers some questions, the list raises others, including exactly when the targeting stopped, and how broadly the tax agency drew its net when it went after nonprofits for unusual scrutiny.

The government released names of 426 organizations. Another 40 were not released as part of the list because they had already opted out of being part of the class-action suit. That total is much higher than the 298 groups the IRS‘ inspector general identified back in May 2013, when investigators first revealed the agency had been subjecting applications to long — potentially illegal — delays, and forcing them to answer intrusive questions about their activities.



Hillary Wins California!

Sacramento – In a stunning reversal of the current polling trend, Hillary Clinton has been declared the winner of California’s Democratic Primary and is now the nominee for the 2016 Presidential election. Having received 9,586,217 of the available 7,932,373 registered Democrat votes in California, she has far-surpassed the threshold to win the state’s delegates.

Democratic strategists have posited that Bernie Sanders voters were up late taking bong hits and will only come out of the basement after 3p.m. PST to get Taco Bell and a pack of Swishers. Local Sanders supporter “Bigs” Poulson had this to say, “Whoah man… I totally got baked last night and forgot about this vote stuff. I got up and Mom hadn’t washed my clothes, then I had to wait for almost an hour for her to make me a sandwich. I mean, can you believe she still makes me wait for her, I’m 27 years old, I mean, like where’s the sense of duty to her children, you know?”

Bernie Sanders has vowed to stay in the fight, citing the minuscule chance of actually wresting the nomination for the presumptive nominee.


Welfare Rat Refuses To Remove Tourism Display

This ridiculousness.



Lafayette’s Kevin Smith spent three years building a Civil War display in the front yard of his North Georgia home, a homage complete with life-sized mannequins set up to depict different battles fought locally.

civilwarpresentation“It’s history and it’s heritage and it’s not hate,” Smith told WRCB. “A presentation. Because I’ve tried to put the display around town so our tourists can see the history and draw tourism down here.”

But the city’s Housing Authority served Smith with a notice Thursday that contends officials received complaints and requests that Smith call the office.

“I have had complaints about the mannequins and Confederate flag. Sorry but they have to go,” the notice read.

It did not detail who made the alleged complaints or cite any specific safety or code violations.

Regardless, Smith said he doesn’t plan on removing the display he’s worked so hard to perfect.

“I’m standing my ground. This is a part of our history,” said Smith, who donned the same Civil War regalia as his front yard soldiers. “It is to educate so we don’t fight another war.”

WRCB reports that “based on the notice he was provided, it’s not clear when the display must be removed or what action the Housing Authority plans to take if it is not.”

Okay, I have a few points to make here:

  • This guy can’t afford his own housing, but he can afford mannequins, flags, and uniforms?
    • I bet he has an Obama Phone.
  • He’s going to “stand his ground”, the problem being that he’s on the dole, so the ground’s not really his.
  • He is trying to bring in tourism, to public housing, with a shitty display of Civil War battles?
    • Who takes tours of public housing, other than crackheads, parole officers, and case workers?

Before anyone bothers making excuses for this guy, would you make those excuses for this woman?


Remember The Fallen.

7,103 American men & women who gave their lives in OIF/OEF. Remember them.


U.S. Names
Aamot, Aaron S
Abad, Roberto
Abad, Sergio S
Abbate, Matthew T
Abeyta, Christopher P
Acevedo, Joseph
Acevedoaponte, Ramon A
Aceves, Omar
Acklin, Michael D II
Acosta, Edward J
Acosta, Genaro
Acosta, Rudy A
Acosta, Steven
Adair, James L
Adamkavicius, Clayton L
Adamouski, James F
Adams III, Clarence
Adams Jr, Roger L
Adams, Algernon

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Trump Appeals To Lowest Common Denominator?

I actually debated a Trump-supporting friend about this last night. Trump is a demagogue and he is appealing to the lowest common-denominator, which is nationalist rhetoric directed at a hungry New-Hope-N-Change audience. Same Kool-Aid, different flavor.

LONDON (The Borowitz Report)—The theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking angered supporters of Donald J. Trump on Monday by responding to a question about the billionaire with a baffling array of long words.

Speaking to a television interviewer in London, Hawking called Trump “a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator,” a statement that many Trump supporters believed was intentionally designed to confuse them.

Moments after Hawking made the remark, Google reported a sharp increase in searches for the terms “demagogue,” “denominator,” and “Stephen Hawking.”

“For a so-called genius, this was an epic fail,” Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, said. “If Professor Hawking wants to do some damage, maybe he should try talking in English next time.”


Pat Condell: Say Goodbye To The 1st Amendment

Love this guy…


Question Of The Day: Were They Really?


While I have no issue with your average Confederate soldier, I do have a couple of interesting points:

1) They seceded prior to fighting against the union, therefore they were not Americans when they fought us.

2) They failed in their quest for independence. Thus, they were Americans the whole time.

Someone expound upon this for me, please.


Fundamental Transformation Update: No Longer No 1

Thanks, Barry!


A new World Competitiveness Ranking drops the United States from the top spot, which it has held for the past three years, into third behind China Hong Kong and Switzerland, which jumped from Nos. 2 and 4, respectively, last year, according to the IMD World Competitiveness Center (WCC), a research group within the IMD business school.

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Islamic Rape Culture: Sweden Becomes Absurdistan

Quran (23:5-6) – “..who abstain from sex, except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess…”

Quran (33:50) – “O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those (slaves) whom thy right hand possesses out of the prisoners of war whom Allah has assigned to thee”

Quran (4:24) – “And all married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess.”

Quran (16:75) – “Allah sets forth the Parable (of two men: one) a slave under the dominion of another; He has no power of any sort; and (the other) a man on whom We have bestowed goodly favours from Ourselves, and he spends thereof (freely), privately and publicly: are the two equal? (By no means;) praise be to Allah.’

I’m sure the Swedes are just racist, xenophobic, sexist, Islamophobes.


Neo-Con RINOs Are Going To Force Me To Vote Trump

I really hate those people.


People You Can Vote For Who Aren’t Trump Or Hillary

In celebration of the abject absurdity of this ridiculous article on, I’d like to poke fun suggest 5 more people you can vote for who aren’t named Clinton or Trump:

Nano: The Chick Who Identifies as a cat:

Random Obama-Phone Crackhead:

That guy from Office Space:

the guy from the office   Google Search

Deez Nuts:


This handsome feller:



The Left Hand Is Strong. Keep An Eye On It.


Hawaii is trying to go full retard.

HONOLULU (AP) — Hawaii could become the first state in the United States to enter gun owners into an FBI database that will automatically notify police if an island resident is arrested anywhere else in the country.

Most people entered in the “Rap Back” database elsewhere in the U.S. are those in “positions of trust,” such as school teachers and bus drivers, said Stephen Fischer of the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division. Hawaii could be the first state to add gun owners.

“I don’t like the idea of us being entered into a database. It basically tells us that they know where the guns are, they can go grab them” said Jerry Ilo, a firearm and hunting instructor for the state. “We get the feeling that Big Brother is watching us.” Supporters say the law would make Hawaii a leader in safe gun laws. Allison Anderman, a staff attorney at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, said the bill was “groundbreaking,” and that she hadn’t heard of other states introducing similar measures.

So, if this abortion of individual liberty passes, how many criminals will it prevent from complying with the law? (Yeah, I know):

“We were only discovering things by accident,” said Robinson, who helped draft the bill. “They happen to come register another firearm, we run another background check, and then we find out they’re a prohibited person.”

That happens about 20 times each year, he said.

You read that right. About 20 people each year try to legally register a firearm (in compliance with the law) and are found to be a “prohibited person”. Every gun owner in Hawaii will be entered into a database – AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL – so that the state can continue to catch people who are trying to follow the law anyway. A federal database is completely legal, so long as the state initiates the requirement.


Sen Sessions: 2nd Amendment Extinct If Hillary Elected

Sorry for the broken link.

This type of talk requires an armed populace to willingly surrender their firearms. I would posit that millions of Americans didn’t spend billions of dollars buying weapons and ammunition over the past 8 years, just to give them away. The chosen language shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the word “right”, thus:

Natural rights: actions endowed to us by our Creator in which one is free to engage in a state of nature
Constitutional rights: actions protected under the Constitution (including via Amendment)
Human rights: a fantasy word create by those who seek to subjugate the individual to a “collective” or “common good”


Finding Home: Darkness Rises

This is chapter 3. If you haven’t read Chapters 1 & 2, they can be found here:

Intro & Chapter 1

Chapter 2

“From the time of Mohammed, the means of Muslim expansion was always the sword. Muslim thought divides the world into two spheres, the Abode of Islam and the Abode of War….” ~Thomas Madden ‘The Real History of the Crusades’

3. Darkness Rises

Abaskuul “Abe” Muhammed was, by all accounts a promising American immigrant success story. Born in Mogadishu, Somalia his parents fled to America, seeking asylum. They just wanted a better life for their family, and they got it.

Abe excelled at school, receiving a full-ride to the University of Washington, to study Chemical Engineering. A recipient of the ASNCE Forten Scholarship, he was 1 of 25 recipients in 1,600 nominees. His future was indeed bright.

This morning began like so many others, helping his Uncle “Abe” open the truck rental store and check in and wash the returns until he had to leave for classes.

When he got off the bus, a block south of the store, he was happy to be helping out the uncle who shared his name. As he walked up the west side of 15th street toward the store he heard what he thought was a gunshot. Mind racing, he panicked and ran toward the store.

Coming around the end of the two box trucks on the corner of the parking lot, Abe saw a man he knew from the Somali Center with a man in a green tunic and another man in white “Ihram” clothing, the traditional dress of those who are participating in Hajj. They were just inside the store and looked to be screaming at each, or someone, but Uncle Abe was nowhere to be seen.

As he ran toward the front door of the converted, 70’s era tan-colored gas station, he saw Uncle Abe’s head and back sticking up over the low cinder block wall beneath the front window. He was on his hands and knees. Uncle Abe was pleading with the men to spare him. That much was obvious. Little Abe stopped, dead in his tracks. He quickly scurried behind an enclosed trailer with the familiar landscape scene and bright orange coloring.

He tried to peak around the corner, but the 2nd man, in the green tunic, saw him and motioned for the other two to look. Like so many deer, in so many roadways, Abe froze, transfixed by the “headlights” of the current situation. He didn’t understand what was happening, and he didn’t want to, but he couldn’t will himself to move, either.

  More below the fold…

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Finding Home: Prometheus Bound

I curse thee! let a sufferer’s curse
Clasp thee, his torturer, like remorse;
‘Till thine Infinity shall be
A robe of envenomed agony;
And thine Omnipotence a crown of pain,
To cling like burning gold round thy dissolving brain


“Jenny, hurry up. There’s no way we’re gonna make it to the dam by Christmas, if you don’t pick up the pace. Any slower and we’ll be walking back in time. Come on.”
Jenny was sick of Dave and his smart-ass attitude already. 15 months without him and it took less than a week.

Never one to take things too seriously, Sgt Dave “Hubcap” Haberkamp, had just returned to (JBLM) Joint Base Lewis-McChord from 15 months in Afghanistan with the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment.

His battalion was re-tasked from Baghdad to FOB Sherona in the Zarghun Shahr region, near the Hindu Kush, following the draw-down in Iraq. With hardly any downtime, the ops tempo caused problems, too much distance, between he and Jenny.

During his first week “back in the world”, he found himself out of place more often than not. This wasn’t his world anymore. He could no longer relate to the average American and their griping about petty, insignificant crap.

Over the past week, he’d found himself lost, more than once. Alone, searching his mind, unable to maintain even the slightest pretense of interest in things that, just a few short years ago, he would have sworn he loved.

More below the fold…