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China Takes Another Swipe At The USD

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I would like to throw out some information about China (and by proxy BRICS) latest swipes at the USD. It’s important to remember a few things about supply routes & strategic choke points, when thinking about military and economic containment. It’s also critical that one consider geostrategic imperatives in relation to global energy supply, when considering the foreign policy clusterf-ck quandary we find ourselves in.

And now, as AP reports, for the first time in history, China has docked a Navy Destroyer in a Southern Iranian port of Bandar-Abbas – right across the Straits of Hormuz from ‘US stronghold-for-now’ Bahrain and UAE.


China fired their first real shot across the bow, late last year. The Chinese are encouraged by the increasingly indiscernible foreign policy being dictated to the world, by Washington. They are emboldened by our lack of stomach for war. We’re arming the friends of our enemy, to fight the enemy of our friends. We ban drilling in U.S. waters, block critical oil pipelines domestically, impose sanctions on Russia (which only hurts U.S. oil companies). We snub the Saudi’s and the Israelis. We destroyed & abandoned Iraq. We try to befriend Iran and have supported the wrong side in every major upheaval in the past 5 years. All the while, our leadership is doing everything in it’s power to hurt or destroy the U.S. economy.

It’s coming folks. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

In case you missed some of the others over the years (not all mine):

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Climate Change Skeptics Should Be Imprisoned With Other War Criminals


Robert F Kennedy Jr said, before boarding his private jet.

Environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. lamented that there were no current laws on the books to punish global warming skeptics…

Kennedy Jr. accused skeptical politicians of “selling out the public trust.” “Those guys are doing the Koch Brothers bidding and are against all the evidence of the rational mind, saying global warming does not exit. They are contemptible human beings. I wish there were a law you could punish them with. I don’t think there is a law that you can punish those politicians under.”

Kennedy saved his most venomous comments for the Koch Brothers, accusing them of “treason” for “polluting our atmosphere.”

“I think it’s treason. Do I think the Koch Brothers are treasonous, yes I do,” Kennedy explained.

“They are enjoying making themselves billionaires by impoverishing the rest of us. Do I think they should be in jail, I think they should be enjoying three hots and a cot at the Hague with all the other war criminals,” Kennedy declared.


Sometimes, a small part of me wishes these fools wanted a real war…


Project Vigil

This may have been posted before, but I didn’t see it. If you can watch this – the best of our future – without your heart melting, you don’t have a soul.

Without fail, when I resign myself to the American ideal being dead, some kid messes it up by renewing my hope.


Congressman Threatens Feds Who Identify ISIS Threat At Border

Judicial Watch is on point. This is a great article;loaded with facts. The Gov’t proves JW’s initial article – after denials – by trying to silence the effort. We are living in a more closed society, every day.

I can’t help but wonder, where is Naomi Wolfe, these days?

Federal law enforcement sources in El Paso say that a United States congressman called their office to prohibit contact with Judicial Watch in the aftermath of a disturbing story confirming that Islamic terrorists are operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez.

Sources tell JW that Beto O’Rourke, a Democrat who represents El Paso in the U.S. House of Representatives, telephoned the area offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) in an effort to identify—and evidently intimidate—sources that may have been used by JW. On August 29 JW reported that the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) is working in Juarez and planning to attack the United States with car bombs or other vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED).


Scumbag Racist Coordinates Attacks On Journalists With Other Media

It’s all fun-and-games till their ox is being gored. Hard not to hate…

In email exchanges obtained by The Daily Caller in two separate FOIA requests, a coordinated effort to slam Breitbart News reporter Matthew Boyle emerged. To be sure, Boyle is not a reporter who is beloved by other reporters and he’s been critiqued on any number of matters that include his youthful chipmunk cheeks, his previously questionable Twitter avatar and his TV skills. But his beat was DOJ and Eric Holder and shouldn’t a reporter be commended for going after an enterprising story or two on his beat?

Even Slate‘s Dave Weigel agreed with that sentiment. “I see Media Matters giving Holder a huzzah for calling the Caller out,” he wrote in November 2011. “But calling it out for what? Are news organizations not allowed to enterprise stories by asking people whether they think someone should resign? News organizations do this all the time. The Caller’s ‘sin’ seems to be doing it with no back-up from the rest of the press.”


Islamic State Propaganda: Flames Of War

I got nothing.


Why Would Feds Need Your Race To Buy A Gun?

Weird. I can only imagine that it’s for demographic purposes, but there is surely some ulterior motive here that I’m just not seeing. Help me out.

The Obama administration quietly has been forcing new gun buyers to declare their race and ethnicity, a policy change that critics say provides little law enforcement value while creating the risk of privacy intrusions and racial profiling.

With little fanfare, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in 2012 amended its Form 4473 — the transactional record the government requires gun purchasers and sellers to fill out when buying a firearm — to identify buyers as either Hispanic, Latino or not. Then a buyer must check his or her race: Indian, Asian, black, Pacific Islander or white.

The amendment is causing a headache for gun retailers, as each box needs to be checked off or else it’s an ATF violation — severe enough for the government to shut a business down. Many times people skip over the Hispanic/Latino box and only check their race, or vice versa — both of which are federal errors that can be held against the dealer.

Requiring the race and ethnic information of gun buyers is not required by federal law and provides little law enforcement value, legal experts say. And gun industry officials worry about how the information is being used and whether it constitutes an unnecessary intrusion on privacy.


Scumbag Racist To Judge: Delay Fast & Furious Docs Until After Elections

Scumbag Racist. It is so hard to not have hate in my heart for these people.

Back in July after a long FOIA lawsuit from government watchdog Judicial Watch, a federal judge ordered the Department of Justice to produce a detailed list or Vaughn Index of documents being withheld from Congress and the American people under President Obama’s executive privilege claim. A month later in August, a federal judge ordered DOJ to turn over a privilege log of withheld documents to the House Oversight Committee. Both orders were to be completed by October 1.

Now, Attorney General Eric Holder is asking a federal judge to delay (again) an order requiring him to turn over thousands of Fast and Furious documents, not just a detailed list.

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Muslim Day Parade In NYC

Take a look and tell me about all of the moderate Muslims you know. Some pretty f-ed up pictures at the link. Just imagine the righteous indignation if some white Christians showed up to a parade like this.



Sharyl Attkinson: State Dept Ordered To Purge Damaging Benghazi Docs

Hillary must be protected.

According to former Deputy Assistant Secretary Raymond Maxwell, the after-hours session took place over a weekend in a basement operations-type center at State Department headquarters in Washington, D.C. This is the first time Maxwell has publicly come forward with the story.

At the time, Maxwell was a leader in the State Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (NEA), which was charged with collecting emails and documents relevant to the Benghazi probe. [...]

Maxwell says the weekend document session was held in the basement of the State Department’s Foggy Bottom headquarters in a room underneath the “jogger’s entrance.” He describes it as a large space, outfitted with computers and big screen monitors, intended for emergency planning, and with small offices on the periphery.

When he arrived, Maxwell says he observed boxes and stacks of documents. He says a State Department office director, whom Maxwell described as close to Clinton’s top advisers, was there. Though the office director technically worked for him, Maxwell says he wasn’t consulted about her weekend assignment.

“She told me, ‘Ray, we are to go through these stacks and pull out anything that might put anybody in the [Near Eastern Affairs] front office or the seventh floor in a bad light,’” says Maxwell. He says “seventh floor” was State Department shorthand for then-Secretary of State Clinton and her principal advisors.

“I asked her, ‘But isn’t that unethical?’ She responded, ‘Ray, those are our orders.’”

Absolution is just a shredder away in today’s America.


Iran Taunts Obama Regime Where It Hurts: Twitter


Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said a U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State is “pointless,” as members of the alliance meet today to coordinate efforts against the militant group.

“Actions that were carried out in Iraq and broke the back of Islamic State were not the deed of Americans but those of the army and people of Iraq,” Khamenei said today in comments on his official website. He said the coalition is “pointless, superficial and has an agenda.” [...]

Khamenei spoke as European and Middle Eastern wings of the developing coalition are gathering today in Paris at the initiative of French President Francois Hollande. The 25-nation meeting is aimed at coordinating aid to Iraq in the efforts against the Islamist militants.

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Rand Paul Changes His Mind {GASP}


Rand Paul changes his mind sometimes. As horrific as this may sound in today’s world of ideological purists demanding nothing less than absolute compliance from their party, it is the stuff that thinking men are made of.

It’s also how a thinking man gets elected. I am of the mind that a man should hold some virtues as sacrosanct, and keep everything else open for constant evaluation. It’s a proper mental exercise, if nothing more. If you are constantly evaluating your views, you are less-likely to fall into the party line trap.

I don’t agree with Senator Paul on aid to Israel. I stand with them in their right to self-determination and self-defense. That will never change. I support North Korea’s right to self-defense, as well. I do not support foreign aid, per se.

As a duly-licensed, board certified, practicing pragmatist, I support being realistic over ideological purity. I may choose to live my life in a largely ideologically pure manner, but my personal views are mine. You are not required to agree. Nor is my government. Rand Paul is solid on individual liberty, national defense, and most issues of import to me. Our disagreement over some issues doesn’t make him my 20% enemy, it makes him my 80% friend.

And what about same-sex marriage? Paul’s position — such marriages are morally wrong, but Republicans should stop obsessing about them — seems so muddled that an Iowa pastor recently confronted him in frustration.

“With all due respect, that sounds very retreatist of you,” minister Michael Demastus said he told Paul (R-Ky.) after the senator explained his position during a stop in Des Moines.

Paul has built a reputation as a libertarian ideologue, a Washington outsider guided by a rigid devotion to principle.

But his policy vision is, in fact, a work in progress. While he has maintained his core support for cutting spending and protecting Americans’ privacy rights, Paul has shaded, changed or dropped some of the ideas that he espoused as a tea party candidate and in his confrontational early days as a senator.

So what, exactly, does Rand Paul believe?

Taken together, these sources provide a picture of Washington’s most intriguing politician — a candidate still tinkering with his platform, even as he stands on it.

Foreign policy
Paul’s evolving views have been on display most recently amid the national debate over how to confront the brutal Islamic State.

In June, when the militants had already seized large swaths of Iraq, Paul seemed skeptical about the value of targeting them with U.S. airstrikes.

“I’m not so sure where the clear-cut American interest is,” he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” He noted that the Iraqi military had folded in the face of the group’s attacks: Why should the U.S. military have to intervene?

“What’s going on now, I don’t blame on President Obama. Has he really got the solution?” Paul said. “Maybe there is no solution.”

But more recently, after the videotaped beheadings of American journalists, Paul has come out in favor of airstrikes and other actions to “destroy” the group.

“If I had been in President Obama’s shoes, I would have acted more decisively and strongly against” the Islamic State, he wrote in Time magazine this month. “I would have called Congress back into session — even during recess,” to ask for explicit authorization.

For Paul, advisers say, being a realist means he is skeptical of every possible military action, until he is convinced that there is a crucial U.S. interest at stake and that the action will succeed.

This was not the first time Paul made a public reversal on a matter of foreign policy. In 2011, in his early, fire-breathing days as a senator, he proposed eliminating all U.S. foreign aid — even aid to Israel, considered sacrosanct in the Republican Party.

But after an outcry, he soon altered his proposal; he wanted instead to cut all foreign aid, except for $5 billion a year.

Why $5 billion? A Paul aide said that amount would give Israel its full share — more than $3 billion per year — and still have money left over.

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DC: 6th Grade Homework – Compare Hitler & Bush


Now that we have read about two men of power who abused their power in various ways, we will compare and contrast them and their actions. Please refer to your texts, “Fighting Hitler – A Holocaust Story” and “Bush: Iraq War Justified Despite No WMD” to compare and contrast former President George W. Bush and Hitler. We will use this in class tomorrow for an activity!

So Bush and Hitler both “abused their power in various ways”. Are you freaking kidding me? You’re going to compare Bush to Hitler IN SCHOOL? I expect that from crazies commenting on the Daily Kos or the Huffington Post, it’s just sad to see that level of psycho permeate into our schools.
This school was in DC The Belly of the Beast (not surprising) and was an assignment for 6th graders.
More from Mad World News:

Immediately after the image went viral, the school began covering their tracks.“No DCPS curriculum materials suggest in any way that teachers should compare the texts in this manner or compare Hitler to any other individual,” DCPS said in a statement.

What. The. ….

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Solyndra Defense To Get $4B Contract To Arm Syrian Rebels

In a stunning response to last night’s Presidential address, Solyndra Defense announced that it will receive the lion’s share of the $4 billion dollars promised to arm ISIS allies in Syria. When asked about the efficacy of giving $4B to a company which has a track record of failure, Press Secretary Josh Earnest responded:

“Why not? I mean, our ‘plan’ is destined for failure. Why not give the money to our friends? It’s not like the Free Syrian Army will notice that their equipment doesn’t work, until ISIS lodges a complaint. By then, we should have a real plan. #craftybastards”

When asked, John Kerry advised that he fully supports the President’s “plan” and advised kids “to get an education or they might end up in Iraq”. He followed up by saying that he doesn’t believe “the plan will work” but it doesn’t matter, because he’ll just say whatever makes him look right, later on.

In response to the White House announcement of their plan, ISIS Supreme Grand Commander Colonel M’balz Izhari said: “I know they didn’t!” He then tweeted this worldwide condemnation of Western culture:

dirka dirka


ISIS Introduces It’s Youngest Bride Mujj Fighter

In the civilized world, 7 year old girls play with dolls, giggle, and enjoy life. In Islam, they are forced into marriage, and trained to hate & kill. Pretty f-ked up recruiting platform. That’ll win you a bunch of converts.


Captain Kickass Arms ISIS To Defeat ISIS

Everything below the line was written/stolen from PJ media. Click the link and read the whole thing.  Pretty damning information. We are hopelessly screwed until this guy is gone.


“As President Obama laid out his “strategy” last night for dealing with ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and as bipartisan leadership in Congress push to approve as much as $4 billion to arm the Syrian “rebels,” it should be noted that the keystone to his anti-Assad policy — the “vetted moderate” Free Syrian Army (FSA) — is now admitting that they, too, are working with the Islamic State.

On Monday, the Daily Star in Lebanon quoted a FSA brigade commander saying that his forces were working with the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s official Syrian affiliate — both U.S.-designated terrorist organizations — near the Syrian/Lebanon border.”

“We are collaborating with the Islamic State and the Nusra Front by attacking the Syrian Army’s gatherings in … Qalamoun,” said Bassel Idriss, the commander of an FSA-aligned rebel brigade.

“We have reached a point where we have to collaborate with anyone against unfairness and injustice,” confirmed Abu Khaled, another FSA commander who lives in Arsal.

“Let’s face it: The Nusra Front is the biggest power present right now in Qalamoun and we as FSA would collaborate on any mission they launch as long as it coincides with our values,” he added.


Another relevant phenomenon I noted was that multiple arms shipments from the U.S. to the “vetted moderate” FSA were suspiciously raided and confiscated by ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, prompting the Obama administration and the UK to suspend weapons shipments to the FSA last December.


Republicans To Take Control Of The Senate In A Big Way?

I did call it*. By call it, of course, I mean that I predicted that Republicans will not take the Senate. Since, my prognostications have a history of being wrong, I’m hoping my streak continues.

Political analyst Stu Rothenberg sees a wave election coming for Senate Republicans in November[...]

“I am now expecting a substantial Republican Senate wave in November, with a net gain of at least seven seats,” he said. “But I wouldn’t be shocked by a larger gain.”

Rothenberg said that while his election models don’t yet support his claim, he personally expects dramatic results coming in the midterms. “I’ve witnessed 17 general elections from my perch in D.C., including eight midterms, and I sometimes develop a sense of where the cycle is going before survey data lead me there,” he wrote.

“The combination of an unpopular president and a midterm election (indeed, a second midterm) can produce disastrous results for the president’s party,” he later added, a reference to President Barack Obama’s sagging approval numbers throughout the summer[...]

Rothenberg’s bullish analysis puts him at odds with others in the polling community, including Larry Sabato and Charlie Cook, who have suggested that while the GOP will make gains in the Senate, it won’t be the wave election the party had hoped for. Still, Sabato, Cook and Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight have all given the GOP the edge to win control of the Senate in 2014.



Black Mob Runs Around Memphis Shopping Center Knocking Out White People

I hate to be the blacks vs whites guy, but this is reality. All around the country black teenagers are attacking white people with impunity. Local, State, and Federal authorities continue to imply consent with their silence. This will continue to increase. If you live in a place where there are large numbers of impoverished black folks, carry a damn gun, keep your head on a swivel, and be prepared to use both when the time comes.

Memphis Police have said that there was no “hate crime” and there is nothing to see here. Move along.



You are officially on your own.

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28 Inconvenient Truths About TEOTWAWKI

I like this. Thought you might, too.

The end of the world as we know it may hold realities that are
very, very different from our expectations. Consider these points:

1. Not everyone will survive. Ouch.
2. For many, circumstances will trump preparedness.
3. Preparedness will cost money. There’s no way around it.
4. If you talk about preparedness, you’ll be ridiculed. If you
keep your mouth shut, you’ll miss out on establishing a support
system that is 100% necessary to survival.
5. A rural retreat won’t save you. The federal government has
you in their cross-hairs, as does the United Nations.
6. Stored food runs out, eventually.
7. Even the best prepared survivalist Navy Seal can be brought down
by an infected ingrown toenail.
8. You probably aren’t tough enough for what’s coming.
9. Gold and silver may be useless if a world currency is
established. Using them may even be criminalized.
10. In a time of plenty, it’s impossible to imagine the reality
of true scarcity.
11. Survival is easy for armchair quarterbacks.
12. Most survivalists and preppers are overly optimistic when it
comes to how much food store, what scenarios to plan for, and their
ability to survive off the grid.
13. TEOTWAWKI will change the way you and your children and
grandchildren live. Forever.
14. The minute you bug out, your chances of reaching your retreat
destination are slim.
15. You’re kidding yourself if you think your hidden caches
won’t be found by others, eventually.
16. You won’t know if you’re ready for TEOTWAWKI until
you’re in the middle of it.
17. Ultimately, a too-powerful government will be the biggest
threat to your survival.
18. Life will become cheap.
19. Free time will become a thing of the past.
20. There’s nothing wrong with preparing for natural disasters,
but if you’re not ready for a collapse of the American economy,
you’re not ready.
21. Coming tough times will threaten even the best of marriages and
other close relationships.
22. Growing your own food is a bigger challenge than you ever
thought possible.
23. Depending on where you live and any drought conditions, a green
garden can be spotted from miles away, thus endangering your food
source and your family.
24. Dealing with human waste and trash will become your new
part-time job.
25. You’ll discover exactly what you’re capable of when your
family is threatened.
26. Formerly strong and capable people will escape their new reality
through booze, drugs, and/or suicide.
27. Protecting and nurturing close family ties will become one of
the most important things you can do.
28. Those who can accept and adapt will find survival easier than
those who hold on to the past or have unrealistic expectations of
the future.

I found it here. Please click the link and show some love.


Man Shuts Down Police Invasion Of His Home

They asked for ID, which he doesn’t have to provide in his own home. They asked to get inside. He refused. They tried to bully him, which is completely legal and incredibly effective (not right, mind you, but effective). He refused. He recorded the entire encounter. Very effective. Stick to your guns. Well played.


The Republic Of Bill

On fire…


First Lady Gets Schooled On Economics, By School Kids

Not that hard reality has ever meant anything to her…

Central New York’s Fayetteville-Manlius and Baldwinsville school districts are the latest to ditch the National School Lunch Program, which was revamped in 2010 under the guidance of First Lady Michelle Obama in an effort to fight childhood obesity.

Strict limits on calories, fat, sugar, carbohydrates, sodium and other aspects of the school lunch imposed by the federal government on schools participating in the free and reduced lunch program has not only increased cafeteria costs, they’ve resulted in a drastic drop in the number of participating students.[...]

We all want a lower carb diet. But it’s hard to sell a sub on something that looks more like a piece of paper than a sub roll,” Hamilton said. “I understand the shift but now the students aren’t opting to eat any of that. They’re stepping away entirely.”[...]

The association says that according to statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, student lunch participation is down in 49 states under the new standards, with more than 1 million fewer students choosing school lunch each day,” according to the News.[...]

A recent Government Accountability Institute report estimates the total amount of wasted school lunches has also reached about $1 billion per year, according to Fox.

In Michigan’s Oakland County, for example, 4,700 fewer students are eating school lunches than when the federal regulations went into effect in 2012.[...]

Warren Consolidated Schools Superintendent Robert Livernois said he believes the federal regulations are creating a two-tier school lunch scenario in which poor kids are forced to eat school lunch, while others are bringing food from home.

Free and reduced lunches in the district are on the rise, while paying students are fleeing the program, he said.

“The students are clearly voting with their pocket book,” Livernois told the News. “What I see down the road, as these regulations become stiffer, is our paying customers continuing to vote with their wallet and going elsewhere for their meals.”

Only the poor kids are forced to eat the swill. Why does Michelle Obama hate poor kids?

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Communist China Afraid Of SAT, Not US College Educations

It is a sad commentary on the state of higher education in America when the communists in China have no problem allowing their students to be educated here, until we introduce the concepts of liberty, justice, and human dignity into our entrance exam. There is no threat from 4-8 years of indoctrination at our Marxist universities.

I’ll just leave that to sink in real good…

Chinese students have shown an insatiable appetite for attending U.S. colleges — last year alone, more than 235,000 were enrolled at American institutions of higher education. But now, some in China are grousing that the SAT may impose American values on its best and brightest, who in preparation for the exam might be studying the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights instead of “The Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung.”

“Including content from America’s founding documents in a revised U.S. college entry exam has drawn attention in China, with worries the materials may impose the American values system on students,” China’s official New China News Agency said last week.


“The vital issues central to these documents — freedom, justice, and human dignity among them — have motivated numerous people in the United States and around the globe,” the College Board said in a statement.

But those are the exact values that the Chinese Communist Party has deemed as threatening to its rule; Chinese activists who have tried to promote such values have been silenced or jailed. Human rights advocate Xu Zhiyong, who initiated the New Citizens Movement to promote such values, was sentenced in January to four years in prison.

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The Most Dangerous Man In Islam Today

This is Anjem Choudary. He is United Kingdom born and educated. He speaks English as his first language and speaks it very well. He knows proper cadence and is well-versed in skirting laws against violence-provoking speech. He knows Islam very well, and he and I agree on several points:

* There are no moderate Muslims (those who are, are not following the ways of the prophet)
* All Muslims are required to fight or support jihad when other Muslims are oppressed
* Sha’ria (“divine law”) is the only law which is acceptable in Islam
* Under Western laws, he cannot and should not be silenced

This man is very dangerous because he is able to relate to English language Muslims in a very effective way. He can make death in the way of Allah sound graceful, beautiful, and rewarding. He also gets trotted out every time any Western news agency needs a crackpot to point & laugh at. This gives him a large platform, from which to propagate his message. His message, while radical, is standard fare in Islam. The kitchen table conversations and talks in the mosque, which are engaged by your friendly “moderate” Muslims, involve these very same radical ideas.

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Freaky Friday Fun On The Interwebs

I’m going to go ahead and hit the ol’ “getting too serious” button and leave you with this little ditty. It’s a great example of how conversations turn uncivilized in the age of the internet. Funny.


This is just a really special moment for humanity. We take you to the website for Fox 101.9, a radio station in Melbourne, Australia, where “Web Guy Josh” has published a peppy, harmless instructional post for the making of an “Amazing Rainbow Tie-Dye Number Surprise Cake.”

To assist you in your rhetorical endeavors, I will also provide you with the following chart, which is available here and quite handy: