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Friday Night at the Movies – Halloween Edition

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Spooky salutations to all who haunt this forum on this most frightful evening. I hope that you will all be enjoying this most special fright night to the fullest extent. Here at the Revo’s most Southern LP/OP the sound of screaming children as well as that of many adults have already filled the air. Even now as I perform for the crowd inside of the Driveway of Doom I have begun scheming a way to perhaps offer some live streaming next year. Surely it can be done. I will need multiple cameras and the ability to offer multiple views to the Revo audience.

That is quite enough talk about what to do next year. Tomorrow is for talk like that. THIS most special Halloween Night I have multiple views to offer as well. There could be no single selection for the Year when Halloween intersects the hallowed Revo institution of Friday Night at the Movies. Of the many tasks that have been on the list for this week, the offering I bring to the forum has been a priority. This is something I’ve been trying to finalize for a while.

It’s not as easy as you might think. There is a big, wide universe of horror movies. The universe of Halloween movies is much smaller. The universe of Halloween movies that are available on YouTube is even smaller still. Nonetheless we did find some essential classics here that can carry you through the night or perhaps liven up a party with your selection playing in the background.

Now is the time on the Friday Night Flight when we grab our Broom, hop aboard and take off into the darkness…

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Be a witness to a Crime


Saturday Night Special – A brief moment in History

The 25th of October is always remembered here on the Real Revo because this website has its roots in the Cold War. Specifically, our very name is derived from the term Grenadians have used to describe the time period between March 13th 1979 and October 25th 1983. They call those years “The Revo Years”. Anybody who has been here any length of time knows the story by now of how it all came together and how it all fell apart. Nonetheless, tonight we have something new. Okay, they are 31 Years old so they aren’t exactly new. They are images of the Operation that I’ve known existed all this time but they are images that I have only seen for the first time in all those 31 Years, just this past week. For that reason alone I decided that tonight would be a good night to present these images here.


Now, a brief word about the Grenadian Revolution…

Their Revolution was no REAL Revolution. They got rid of one Tyrant and replaced him with a gang of Tyrants. They used the generalized discontent that was created by having a brutal crazy man running their Country and used it to mobilize well intentioned people to engage in Revolution, being lead by the most evil animals their Nation ever produced. Well intentioned people handed their Country over to Dogs. Actually that is quite an insult to Dogs. Serpents maybe, by way of their educational and career choices. Their “Maximum Leader” as he was called, Prime Minister Maurice Bishop graduated from the same Law School that Bill Clinton did. Many others graduated from prestigious universities in the greater Boston area. They were highly educated murderers. Their whole revolutionary movement, like all Communist movements around the world was a slow rolling disaster from day one.

That’s not a Revolution, that’s going from the frying pan into the fire. It was made worse by the geopolitics of Grenada. Island politics are such that rivalries last Donkey Years, as they say. Some of these rivalries die out only when one side or the other dies out… or is made to die out. The strange thing is that they never really do. There are always survivors and they tend to choose their side of things, their piece of a pie, so to speak. The only thing is that there is only so much pie on an island, the people are part of the pie and for the most part there was no escaping the pie.

That was a big problem in 1983.

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Friday Night at the Movies – Sleepy Hollow Theater

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Welcome one and all to another wondrous Friday Night Flight. This is our Fourth Sortie into Creature Feature Month and tonight we are going Creature Feature in every way. Tonight we get a Creature Feature in Creature Feature format, by way of Sleepy Hollow Theater. This is the Sleepy Hollow Theater presentation of Dracula -VS- Frankenstein.

This is a very rare find. How is that you ask? We have seen several versions of the classic Dracula -VS- Frankenstein battle. Surely there is nothing new to see here. You would be wrong in assuming that. This movie is only known as Dracula -VS- Frankenstein in the United States. It was known under other names elsewhere. Just last week I explained how I was looking for movies featuring the classic characters we associate with Halloween. In our featured presentation this evening we get the essential Four Horsemen of Halloween Movies. We get Dracula, Frankenstein, the Werewolf and the Mummy. These are the creatures that Creature Feature was built on. As an added bonus we get Jack Shadow and crew from Sleepy Hollow Theater giving us all the vital details that make this movie special. This is the classic Creature Feature presentation.

This movie really has it all.

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Pre-Movie Mood Music

A most excellent Creature Feature from 1970 is on cue for tonight.

In the meantime…

If that wasn’t weird enough for you…

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October 23rd 1983… Never to be forgotten

In Memorial…

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Late Night Silliness

Surfing the net after an entertaining Friday Night Flight…

Prepping goes mainstream – Read it HERE

Someone recently asked me about the pile of gear I had stockpiled for my Post-911 EBay store. “About Two Years ago the family had a joint yard sale. I hauled all my spare masks, gloves, boots, protective over-garments and radiological gear out there and one of the first people who stopped by bought everything”. The next thing I heard was. “Man, I wish I knew where I could get some of that stuff right now”. If anybody out there has some old gear stacked up somewhere, now’s the time to clean out the space.


Friday Night at the Movies – Infected

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Greetings creatures of the night. You have once again found yourself here, ready to take another excursion into the darkness of Creature Feature Month. Our Friday Night Flight has been fully sanitized and we will be departing momentarily.

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A Real-World Survival Scenario

Here’s a little something to engage the mind. Consider this your personal invitation to participate in a mental exercise that is based on a real-world scenario. We talk about the Pockeelypse all the time and the news of the day makes a person think about things a little differently.

If you choose to engage your mind in the scenario, more is below the fold…

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Saturday Night Special – An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe

Never so masterfully told.

Perhaps never again to be so masterfully told.

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Friday Night at the Movies – Beyond the Door

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Welcome one and all on this most special night for our second Friday Night Flight of Creature Feature Month. What makes this night most special? I like to think that the fact that you’re here is pretty special but what makes it even more special is that tonight you have the opportunity of viewing with me for the very first time, the scariest movie I’ve never seen. Oh you just have no idea what effect this movie has had on me as well as a lifelong friend and neither of us have ever seen this movie. That’s how scary this movie is.

So if we’ve never seen it, how can it be scary to us?

This is how…

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Face the Nation outs itself as a propaganda machine

I gave up the Sunday morning talking heads shows Eleven Years ago. I finally found that they were no longer worth the time it takes to watch them. My favorite was the McLaughlin Group. Eventually John McLaughlin insulted my intelligence one too many times, the final straw was to suggest that the victims of the London Subway Bombing should be counted as casualties of War from Iraq.

HERE I read that the propaganda committee at Erase the Nation has edited out all criticism of Dear Leader by Prime Minister Netanyahu on its weekly show.

I’m looking forward to the day when this show and others like it have no viewership anymore.


Some October Saturday Night Frankenstien

1970’s Hard Rock summed up in less than 10 Minutes of greatness.

With Sheila E on the drums and lookin’ hawt.

I think we need some of this right about now.


A nice guy who just doesn’t get it

I guess this is how you are supposed to speak in a political campaign when you have something to say but either can’t speak plainly or don’t know how to. I have an appreciation of what he is trying to say… I think. The bottom line is, I don’t think that Mitt Romney actually “gets it” when he asks President Obama to apologize for doing what he has done to this Country.

The President doesn’t think that he has anything to apologize for and will probably take the opportunity to tell us all about the wonderful things that he wants us to believe that he HAS done for us. The question for so many over the years (myself excluded) has been, “Is he evil or stupid”? The man is purely evil when it comes to his intentions for the United States. It is the result of his upbringing. He’s doing nothing more or less than being the man that all of his life he has been raised up to be. This is exactly what is expected of him by the domestic menace that elected him. From their perspective he has nothing to apologize for either.

Whoever thinks they have a chance at being elected as our next President is actually going to have to communicate directly and precisely with the electorate.

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Friday Night at the Movies – Dark Prince

Welcome, welcome, welcome one and all to this most special Friday Night Flight.

Deep breath in… Deep breath out. Good, do it again. Did you feel that? That was October air you were feeling. Nice, ain’t it?

Ladies and Gentlemen we have made it through another year to my most favorite Month once again. It’s the enchanted Month. It’s the scary Month. It’s the dangerous Month. October is very special for one reason or another. The hot days of Summer are behind us. The blessed relief and reward for a Year of hard work are just ahead and we all just seem to enjoy each day a little more.

This year we get Five Friday Night Flights in Creature Feature Month. That makes this October extra enjoyable for me. October is my favorite Month of the Year. I will always enjoy it. This year I’m just going to enjoy it a whole lot more.

One of the things that’s going to contribute to my enjoyment of this Month is the release of a new movie that I’m very much looking forward to seeing, that will be in theaters nationwide next Friday night…

Hmmm… Now that’s a different kind of Dracula than the one most traditionally depicted.

More below the fold…


The Featured Presentation for this evening will be available shortly

In the meantime, a little mood music video…

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Friday Night at the Movies – The Lighthorsemen

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Welcome one and all to the final Friday Night Flight of the Month of September in the Year 2014. This also marks the end of the Third Business Quarter and as such it is a hectic week that we leave behind us. Here in Northeast Florida this week we marked the beginning of not having to run an air conditioner season. The cool weather arrived on the 2nd Day of Fall and will remain here until about the end of April.

The Dogs are excited. I’m excited. Everybody’s excited.

This is also the final Friday Night of the pre-holiday movie season. Labor Day was the beginning of the 2014 Holiday Season for me (Halloween prep has been underway since before even then) but what movie theme is associated with September? I actually think I’ve found one and tonight our featured presentation follows that basic theme.

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Friday Night at the Movies – Blackie the Pirate

Welcome once again to the most anticipated night of the week here on the Revo. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, you will come by just for the sake of curiosity if nothing else. Here we will be, leaving behind another week on the grind and typically we like to do it with a little class.

Movie night was always a really seriously classy event for me growing up. We put on dressy clothes. During the most unfortunate times of this experience my Stepbrother and I were forced to wear matching clothes a time or two. We wore Red, White and Blue to go watch America gets its ass kicked in Tora Tora Tora, something I will never get over. We wore English Leather and put Brylcreem in our hair. Before we went to the movie, we went to dinner someplace nice. Movie night was always a pretty big deal when I was a kid.

It was an enchanted time.

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Worth its weight in Firepower

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Just one of those unique little devices from the Cold War that could use a little resurrecting right about now. Who am I kidding? I’m more of an H-Bomb kind of guy. Nonetheless, imagine how cool you would be if you were the guy humping THIS on to an Objective.

I’ve never jumped a SADM before but I’ve spent many days of my life partying with someone who did!


Saturday Night Special – Hell and back again

In light of recent events, the 911 Anniversary and as a follow-up to our epic motion picture of last night, I found this documentary to be a logical inclusion for our weekend here. I’ve not seen this one more than just a very few minutes in.

What you will be watching tonight is a documentary of a military offensive in Afghanistan in the Summer of 2008. It is just a small portion of a War that has been taking place over the last 1,400 Years. Today in Afghanistan everyone is trying very hard not to be the last guy killed before we withdraw completely.

It doesn’t seem to matter how much blood we spill, either theirs or ours, the enemy continues to be a threat because they continue to live. Now we have emerging threats that are causing us to extend ourselves on to familiar foreign battlefields once again. I have to ask what it is that we hope to accomplish. Are we going to somehow become more fearsome by doing the same things all over again and this time with a vastly diminished budget as our economy falters? Are we somehow going to develop a united National Will to defeat our enemies as hostile agitprops work tirelessly to divide us?

With each day I grow even more convinced that there is only one clear path to Victory in this War.

Harry Truman knew what to do in a situation like this.

It’s time to go to Hell and back again…

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Friday Night at the Movies – The Day of the Siege

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In honor and reverence toward Almighty God who preserves us in the face of our Enemies, I will dispense with any of the normal treatment I would otherwise bestow upon a typically bad movie that we enjoy on most Friday Nights. When it came to the selection process, there was no Ten Minute Test here. There can’t be. There is only watch. You can’t un-watch. There is only watch until there is nothing left to watch so please insure that you are fully prepared to do so.

Tonight we have a movie of the highest caliber

I am very thankful that our featured presentation for this evening is available. I think it is most appropriate to the days we are living. Much has been asked of many Americans since September 11th, 2001. Much more will be required of us unless we develop the National Will to win this War in the most decisive manner imaginable, as quickly as possible. Our movie tonight will help to illustrate why that is.

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My thoughts on September 11th 2014

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Saturday Night Special – One Day in September

Yesterday marked the 42nd Anniversary of the beginning of the siege that lead to the Munich Olympic Massacre. I remember watching bits and pieces of it as a kid. I didn’t really understand what was going on.

An amalgamation of terrorists belonging to Black September and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, were given aid by German Neo-Nazis in carrying out an attack against the Israeli Dorms at the Olympic Village during the 1972 Summer Games in Munich. It is part of the War that we are fighting on a global level right now. Hopefully soon we will develop the will to end the War in Victory in a most decisive manner.

Enjoy this historical film this Saturday Night.


Friday Night at the Movies – Silent Enemy

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Welcome one and all to another great Friday Night Flight. I hope your work week has been an enjoyable one. Mine has been… except for my very first encounter with a Migraine Headache. I’ve always heard about them but the experience was not as bad as some of the things I’ve heard but bad nonetheless. It’s kind of like a Nitrogen buildup headache in that no painkiller can touch but the whole sensitivity to sunlight thingee… somewhat excruciating.

I had to choose our movie quickly tonight because it hurts to even look at the screen right now, even though most of it has passed.

Nitrogen buildup is what motivated me to select our featured presentation tonight. Nitrogen buildup isn’t a problem for a diver on a rebreather. In our movie tonight we will see the very first military rebreathers in action.

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What absolutely pissed off my Mother today

There are lots of things going on in the world today that would piss anyone off.

This video pissed my Mother off to no end.

“You know that bad things happen to good people all the time, who do something stupid in and around a swimming pool. Why can it happen to THOSE dumbasses”?