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Sunday Matinee – The Battling Bastards of Bastion Bastogne

This is one of the greatest stories of battle in American History. The German Ardennes Offensive was rolling hard towards its objectives. Key to the success of the operation was the capture of the town of Bastogne. The defenders of Bastogne were surrounded and could only be resupplied from the air. As the Paratroopers defending Bastogne were down to the last of their ammunition they were given a surrender ultimatum. The weather forecast indicated that Airborne Resupply would not be possible for another Week. General McAuliffe responded to the German Surrender Ultimatum with the words “Nuts”.

Days before the Ardennes Offensive began, General Patton issued orders to his Army to pray for a break in the weather. Those orders reached the Troops after the German Offensive had begun. Those orders reached the Soldiers under Patton’s Command on the day the Germans issued their Ultimatum. The very next day the prayers of Patton’s Army were answered and the 9th Troop Carrier Command was able to take resupply and reinforcement into Bastogne.

The German Ardennes Offensive was stopped and with it was destroyed any possibility of a negotiated end to the War. Europe was liberated of the scourge of the Nazis. All of that was decided because an American General ordered his Troops to pray unceasingly, 70 Years ago this week.

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A Sunday Sermon from the Archives

This week I have been searching for a proper sermon to share with Revoworld on this Sunday before Christmas. I just found it. It’s a Sunday Sermon from Years gone by. It’s always fun to go back and read things from the archives that are frozen in time, yet still has something to say years later. The publication at the link that follows is all about Prayer and Thanksgiving. They are things worth considering this Christmas and always.

It is God alone who blesses us with Victory in Battle – A Christmas Miracle

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Friday Night at the Movies – A Midnight Clear

untitled (21)

It’s another Friday night and here you are… WOOOooo! Christmas is nearly upon us and I do hope that you have enjoyed the season at your own pace, whatever that may be. My pace dictates that I begin my shopping tonight… but a WWE/NXT show was at the National Guard Armory tonight so shopping has to wait. I will be watching a young man see his first Rasslin’ show and that is going to put me in even better holiday spirits.

As far as shopping goes, I only have a few people to buy for and I actually know what I’m going to get for one of them. The others will be at the whim of whatever inspires me. I find that all of the people on my Christmas List like to eat and they like to drink, thus sustaining life. If I focus my gift giving thoughts around things that people might like to eat or drink, typically my gift will be well received. Thus it is proper to present Barbeque Sauce from a favorite establishment as a gift this and every holiday season. Gourmet Beers from around the World, shoved into a straw lined drywall bucket and capped with a plastic lid adorned with a festive holiday ribbon or bow will absolutely steal the adoration of every recipient. It’s always great to show up to a family gathering with Six or Eight drywall buckets with bows and/or ribbons on the lid along with the name of the recipient written with a sharpie. People absolutely go insane looking at something like that with their name on it and it will be the first thing they go for when it’s time to open presents. BBQ Sauce and Beer. You can’t go wrong.

What makes this Christmas different than any Christmas in quite a number of Years is that I… have a girlfriend to buy for this Year.

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Communists order CBS to remove Rudolph from the public airwaves

The Obama Administration has ordered CBS to comply with the Communist Revolutionaries making these demands after consulting with the Pope who has now also proclaimed this 50 Year Old Christmas Cartoon as counter-revolutionary.

“We no longer live in an era when white men inflict their desires for Silver and Gold on the American population. By banning Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer from further broadcast in the United States we will also strengthen our vitally important diplomatic ties with Cuba and North Korea…” a Presidential Spokesperson said.


Heads up!


A Sunday Morning Sermon – The Christmas Family

It’s a beautiful Christmas Season Sunday Morning in Revoworld. It is proper that during this Christmas Season that we recognize things that make the Season what it is. I used the theme from last Month to introduce my Church Family to the forum as part of cultural observations of Rednecks and Thanksgiving. That was intended as an ice breaker that might warm the crowd toward messages of scriptural Truths related to Christmas. This morning we have a message of great importance for everyone to know this Christmas.

Josh Reavis is the youngest Son of Dr. Herb Reavis, our Pastor. Josh is a very gifted, called and ordained Minister of the Christian Faith. Like his Father, he is the real deal. He is a very young man who is wise beyond his Years. He is gifted in many ways, chief among those gifts being that of communication. He is a very good communicator.

In the message that follows, Josh uses as his scriptural reference, the part of the New Testament that is most frequently overlooked by most everyone who has ever read the Bible. Yet it is that this bit of Scripture tells a very powerful story. It tells a story that points to a Truth that everyone should know. It is the greatest story ever told.

The greatest story ever told (Part 1) by Pastor Josh Reavis of North Jacksonville Baptist Church

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Friday Night at the Movies – Scrooge

untitled (20)

Ho, ho, HO and Merry Christmas Revoworld. We are here again filled with holiday cheer and there is nothing going on in the world that is going to take that from us. I found the events of this week to be highly comical. Again I say, they are losing and it is obvious. Whatever freak show is served up from week to week, it holds less and less interest to the American public. It is fun to sit back and watch the Clowns playing only to themselves because nobody else is watching. Sure, the things that matter are noted but as for the silly charade… well as I said, we are taking notes. Things are oh so simple now. There is no time left for silliness on the part of those who are not supposed to be acting silly right now and the next time they are up for a job interview they won’t do as well as they did last time.

In the meantime, it’s Christmas. It’s OUR Christmas and they are not welcome to take part in it. Let them do their own thing, it’s what they are best at.

Yes, I realize that Scrooge was presented here last Christmas but I don’t find it to be redundant to present it here again. I have seen A Christmas Carol in one form or another for most of the Christmases that I’ve been alive. I love this story. I love the feel of the times that this particular version of the story brings to life.

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Has anyone seen this?

I admit, I miss out on a lot of things here. I might have missed out on this one. This story has been in the news for a while. A Department of Homeland Security Procurement Specialist by day acts as genocidal racist Revolutionary by night. When videos like the one that follows surfaced, he was placed on administrative leave.

Let it be no wonder that those who have engaged in acts of racially motivated mass violence since this video and many more like them have been made and broadcast to the public, do get to see dynamic speakers like this live and in person. They are everywhere. There is nothing new under the Sun with these people. I’ve been hearing this stuff for Decades. They are in a City near you right now, doing what they do. They will not be dealt with effectively by Law Enforcement.

This will not end well. The big question is the one that seems to get everybody in trouble so maybe I won’t state that question here. Again I say that I am not here to promote Fear or Hatred. I am here to promote Understanding. If you are ever forced into a physical confrontation as a result of the current and ongoing Civil Unrest it will be important for you to understand exactly what it is that you are up against so that you will be able to make the most informed decision possible when it comes to Fight or Flight. When you make your choice you must then execute the course of action with firm resolve. At the very least the life you will save will be your own.


The latest Protest Movement hits Jacksonville, Florida

Well what do you know? We have socially conscious black yoots right here in Jacksonville, Florida and today they have made their presence known. Thinking back on local History, these may be the two most disruptive protests in our City since the Race Riots in certain of our Public Schools during the 70’s. Both of the protests today could have resulted in loss of life if our local Police Officers had not acted quickly and professionally. One of the things that makes me very proud as a citizen of Jacksonville is the professionalism of our Police Force. I have often described Jacksonville as “Mayberry on Steroids” and our Police Officers do, in most cases take the Sheriff Taylor approach to a situation if that is possible. You won’t hear me talking bad about the Cops in my City. They have had to deal with me on more than one occasion and in each case they treated me better than what I truly had coming to me.

Excerpts from the Local News…

News4Jax safety analyst Gil Smith said officers handled the situation well.

“They took care of it very quickly, and one thing they will tell protesters is that, ‘Yes, we will protect you and your right to protest, but there are certain rules that apply,'” Smith said.

Smith recommends that protesters tell police their plans so they know what they can and cannot do, that way they aren’t in danger of getting hurt or getting a ticket.

Police expect to increase patrols with marked and unmarked vehicles on area highways to be on the lookout for future disruptive protests.

Life goes on in the big “Bold new City of the South”. There will not be any riots here. Eventually we expect that the New Black Panther Party will be running their mouths and putting on public performances… where it’s nice and safe for them to do so without there being an actual confrontation. Everybody here knows what game is being played and very few really care to be engaged by the storyline.

Protesters block I-95 North during Morning Rush Hour and the Harts Bridge during Evening Rush Hour – Dateline: Jacksonville, Florida


The fastest ride out of Florida

We had heavy fog in Jacksonville at launch time and couldn’t see anything. It’s nice to see a big Rocket flying out of Cape Canaveral. This Rocket type has been around for a long time, the first of its kind being the Titan 3 back in the 60s. The launch earlier today was by way of a Delta 4 Rocket, which is a very big one. The NASA launch video has a very nostalgic feel to it, right down to the Apollo style animations.

Thus far I’ve seen no comment from the President on this. Carolyn Kennedy should be ashamed of herself for the way she attempted to sell the public on the idea that our current President is anything like her Father. The spirit that President Kennedy infused into NASA still remains, regardless of how his children may be disrespectful of his legacy.

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Friday Night at the Movies – Miracle on 34th Street


Hello and Ho Ho Ho to one and all this beautiful Christmas Season 2014. It seems incredible that we could already be back here in the Month of December yet again. The Year has absolutely flown by. In spite of all the crazy nonsense we have read about in the news this Year, it’s been a great Year for most all of us. We have had a good time this year. We got to make some noise in Branson. We’ve been rockin’ and rollin’ in whatever place it is that we call home and any place we can be found. The jug eared tan Grinch and his Communist minions are doing their best to steal Christmas but they will fail. All the Whos in Whoville will still be singing their song on Christmas morning regardless of every effort to crush our spirit.

There’s the scent of Revolution in the air and the ongoing domestic menace is going to lose. Just saying that makes my mouth feel like I’ve just taken a sip of warm holiday apple cider. These are exciting times.

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Communist Revolution is highly scripted

I know that the title of this publication states the obvious. We have realized for some time now that people who have studied Marx, consider themselves to be Revolutionaries and who have fantasized about leading a Communist Revolution all their lives will not quit being who and what they are just because they may get elected to the Presidency. Our President has been in communication with the various elements, among them being Communist Party USA, the Black Panthers and Nation of Islam, those who have been fomenting the Violence in Ferguson, Missouri and he hasn’t issued them any warnings. He told them to “Stay the course”.

Today, only a few days after light snowfall brought a decisive end to the “Revolutionary Violence” in Ferguson, a Grand Jury in New York City finds no probable cause that crimes were committed by Officer Choke Hold when he killed a guy for resisting arrest without violence for selling individual cigarettes to any passers by who might want one but don’t have the money for a full pack. The timing of this action by the Grand Jury seems… scripted.

Communists seek to foment and maintain an environment of civil unrest. I’m sure they get double bonus points for bringing violence to our streets during the holidays. I’m sure that will help those of us who oppose Communist Revolution to focus more clearly on common sense gift giving this year. Gun sales seem to be doing pretty good while sales of everything else is softer than expected. Those are byproducts of the higher costs of living that the general public now suffers as a result of the ongoing Revolution as well as the general sense of uncertainty generated by the actions of the Marxist Revolutionaries who were elected and re-elected to office. The general stresses that will put on private businesses is also the desired result of our dear leaders as they do all they can do to destroy this Country.

The video that follows gives further validation to my conspiracy theory. They are actively trying to provoke the population. They are trying to start a fight and it seems that they won’t take no for an answer.

It’s all going according to the Script…


Friday Night at the Movies – The Last Drop

Good evening Revo World and welcome to the final Friday Night Flight of November 2014. I really hope that you all found a special blessing during your Thanksgiving Day observances. I know that I did.

I’m going to share one tiny little secret about how you can attain true Joy in living. Everybody wants to be happy and so they spend a good bit of energy trying to find it. Well here it is…

The key to Happiness is found through Thankfulness. Expressing Thanksgiving to God on a daily basis for all the things he has blessed you with each day makes you ever more mindful of how he makes a provision for you each day. Jesus Christ instructed that I am to ask God to give me each day my daily bread and so I do. At the end of the day I give thanks for the many ways in which my daily bread was delivered. That simple little bit of worship makes me understand so much more clearly with each passing day, that Almighty God, Creator of that is, loves me. When you understand that the Creator of all that is loves you more than you can ever understand in this life, the little bitty BS that goes on in our personal space or the stuff we read about in the news every day, those things will not take away an ounce of our happiness. His Love for us is beyond the scope of our human minds to comprehend. He is a mighty fortress for those who love Him.

Okay well, this IS Redneck Awareness Month and as a Redneck I sometimes have to express myself in a free style fashion.

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Attention Star Wars Nerds

Episode Seven…

Tinfoil Hat Nerd Commentary is found below the fold…

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“We are all going to die…”

“… Let us die for something”.

The video that follows is presented for educational purposes. Yet another Chicago based Enemy of the United States promotes violent Revolution here. Just as the War Department produced the “Why we fight” series as a means of educating the Troops during World War Two as to the nature of their enemy so as to develop their resolve, we too must avail ourselves of anything that may make the nature of our Enemy more clear to us.

Islamic Jihadists and Marxist Revolutionaries have the same objective regarding the United States which is why they often work together in the ongoing War. Our President is a perfect example of a Marxist Revolutionary who provides aid, comfort and support to our Islamic Jihadist Enemies on the Battlefield. In the video that follows you will see another Chicago based domestic menace issuing praise and support for Communist Revolutionaries in Ferguson, Missouri. He also mentions an Islamic Law of Retaliation and threatens to lead his followers to “Tear the GDamned Country up”. The reaction of his followers is in line with the crowd who heard Hitler speak at Nuremburg.

The goal of our Enemy is to bring violent Revolution to the streets of our Nation. At some point you may find your life threatened by that sort of thing. Know your Enemy. In doing so you will find the fortitude to resist effectively.


Turkey Day Matinee – Alice’s Restaurant

This is considered to be an all-time classic Thanksgiving movie even though some themes may seem un’Murican and downright Cawmmunist.

I haven’t seen it in years.

Ahhh… such were the days when Hippies were harmless…


Give Thanks

I almost published the latest ramblings of Louis Farrakhan here today.

I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even watch it all the way through because… I just didn’t care to. Therefore I decided that here and now isn’t the place or time for it. I have decided instead that I will drop the Darkness and bring the Light as a way of showing my Thanksgiving to my Creator for all he does for me and others every day.

Give Thanks – A message by Pastor Josh Reavis of North Jacksonville Baptist Church.

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This actually exists

No, it has nothing to do with Ferguson, Missouri. It has to do with Thanksgiving. If there was a free copy of it available it would be featured here, believe that. Even still, a tiny dose will lift the spirits.

There are scenes and language that some will find disturbing…

I will own this one day.

I’m not sure how the news of the day is more topic worthy than this masterpiece of a film.


A Sunday Morning Sermon – Focus on Thanksgiving

Over the past two Sunday mornings I’ve shared sermons by Pastor “Hollerin’ Herb” Reavis of North Jacksonville Baptist Church. Pastor Herb has a method of communication that many find to be unique. In honor of our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, this morning I am presenting a sermon by his Son. Josh Reavis is also a gifted communicator, though his style of delivery is much different than that of his Father.

Every day is a day of Thanksgiving for me but I truly immerse myself in it on the day we set aside as a Nation to observe all the things we are thankful for. It is a day of happiness. It is a day to be enjoyed. It is a day to rejoice.

The Focus of Thanksgiving – A message by Pastor Josh Reavis of North Jacksonville Baptist Church

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The Saturday Night Special – JFK… The final Hours

I stood there on the 6th Floor of the Texas School Book Depository a little over a week ago, looking through the Plexiglas barrier to the Snipers Nest in the corner, looking just as it did when Lee Harvey Oswald left that space. I looked out the window on to the street below. I looked down at the video monitor that plays the computer generated imagery of the Presidential Motorcade and what it looked like from the target angle occupied by a rabble rousing Communist Punk with a Twelve Dollar and Sixty Eight Cent mail order Italian rifle fitted with a Japanese scope. The anger that I felt at that moment had been building since I got to the Sixth Floor. How in the Hell does a Punk like Lee Harvey Oswald put himself at the right place at the right time to take a shot at our President?

It was an easy shot, even for a Marine who made marksmanship qualification by only two points. Many say that the rifle used was as inaccurate a rifle as could be found. There are many things about the assassination of President Kennedy that may never be known but Dealey Plaza was as near perfect a Killing Zone as there could be. People in an opened top vehicle moving at Five Miles per Hour, accelerating to a big Eleven Miles per Hour would be easily engaged by a Sniper in the corner window of the Sixth Floor of the Depository.

Many will say that the Kennedy family is essentially an organized crime syndicate. The Kennedys had their enemies. President Kennedy even displayed lack of character on a number of occasions. He and those around him did save the World from Nuclear War though. He inspired an aggressive exploration of Outer Space. He authorized the robust expansion of U.S. Army Special Forces. He made strategic contributions to the ability of the United States to win the Cold War without mass nuclear annihilation. In spite of his personal failures, in spite of his politics he was a President who had the Country’s best interest at heart.

He also inspired young people to be their best, to reach for the Stars without forgetting to lend a hand to those in need.

He was our President and he respected the Office to which he was elected.

As I looked down on Dealey Plaza I was angry and I was sad. When we fail to properly deal with our Enemies, they will eventually deal with us. The very same element that Lee Harvey Oswald belonged to is, right now as you read this, preparing to engage in acts of imminent violent Revolution as they have all throughout their History. They will be doing it in our Streets again this time. Had they been properly dealt with in the aftermath of the Kennedy Assassination, our world would be a much better place today. What is it about them that we fail to understand after all this time?


Friday Night at the Movies – Walking Tall

imagesFOKJMY0B (2)

It’s a beautiful Friday Night before Thanksgiving Week from sea to shining sea and you have found yourself in the right place at the right time to do some proper relaxation. Redneck Awareness Month has been a wide open, pedal to the metal, howlin’ at the Moon adventure for me. This has been my most active Redneck Awareness Month in many Years but my most enjoyable one in many more years. I hope it has been the same for you.

My trip to the Lone Star State has stirred the bowels of my inner Redneck in such a way that I haven’t previously known. As such I think I should briefly share these things. After all, this is Redneck Awareness Month and there are certain things that Rednecks should be aware of when it comes to the Lone Star State.

I’ll say no more until you have an open beverage in your hand because by the time you are finished reading my very brief remarks you will have become thirsty.

More below the fold…


Freaky Friday Maf

Many have spent their lives determining how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop.

Now we must ponder this…


A Sunday Morning Sermon – Resurrecting Hope

Good morning Revo World. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and as I am travelling home from Texas this morning I could not forget that there is something special to bring here today, as I did last Sunday. As this is the second Sunday of Redneck Awareness Month I find some classic Southern Baptist Preaching on a topic we all know is essential subject matter to the days we are living to be appropriate for this forum.

If nothing else, if you’ve never heard a man from Texas tell a story it’s worth your while to take a listen…

Resurrecting Hope – A Sermon by Pastor Herb Reavis of North Jacksonville Baptist Church

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The Saturday Night Main Event – A Friday Night Main Event

Season’s Beatings to all this second Saturday Night of Redneck Awareness Month. I’ve been enjoying my tour of the Lone Star State. I especially enjoyed my tour of the childhood home of the American Dream Dusty Rhodes and the Dusty Rhodes Museum of the Art of Human Chess as well as the American Dream Pro Wrestling Conservatory in Austin, Texas. There are a lot of Pro Wrestling themed restaurants and gift shops along Dusty Rhodes Drive. It’s the kind of place where any Pro Wrestling Fan would want to visit at least once in their lives.

Regardless of where I may be at this moment, Redneck Awareness Month demands a Saturday Night Main Event… especially if that Main Event features the Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin among many other redneck fan favorites. I know that all the Pro Wrestling Fans on this forum would feel cheated if we had no artistic expression here on a Saturday Night. Therefore I found this episode that has several Redneck crowd pleasing storylines to it that I know everyone, especially RD will enjoy.

So here it is… a Friday Night Main Event on a Saturday Night.

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Friday Night at the Movies – My Name is Nobody

Welcome to the traditional Friday Night Flight. Tonight marks our second excursion into Redneck Awareness Month. Our featured presentation for this evening has been pre-programmed because at the time of this publication, I am underway with some kind of adventure in the Lone Star State. I would never think of leaving the base camp without having made provisions for the escape tonight.

Of course I may have escaped to Mexico by now.

Who knows?

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