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A Sunday Sermon

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in America. My ride to Church today will be on streets that are littered with the remnants of last night’s fireworks. When I get to Church I will be greeted by the sight of Veterans from our congregation who are still able to, they will be wearing their military uniforms as the rest of the congregation will be sporting patriotic attire. Even I will be wearing my colors. The colors of the Division I served in are the Red, White and Blue of the All American Division. My Corcoran Jump Boots are spit shined to a high gloss. I do stand a little taller when properly adorned.

Today is God and Country Day at North Jacksonville Baptist Church. This is the first time I’ve actually done anything special to observe it besides show up and run a camera. This year I suspect that Pastor Herb has a very special message for this day and I invite to join us via live stream. Last Sunday Pastor Herb delivered a Sermon for the ages in the wake of the recent Supreme Court rulings, a message I wish the entire Country could hear. This Sunday I am looking for another encouraging word. Yeah, I might be standing tall and looking good today but in my heart I am in mourning. I need some encouragement and I know that I can find it in God’s house. You are welcome to join me.

Our worship service begins at 10:45am East Coast but you can find streaming content of pre-recorded services here all day.

The Live Stream of the God and Country Day Worship Service at North Jacksonville Baptist Church can be found HERE

If you manage to catch our live service you will be able to check out Little Miss Texas decked out in her dress blues in the choir loft. Grrrr… Me likeee.

Have a beautiful Sunday.

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If I were the Devil…

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Still one of my Independence Day Favorites

There are certain July 4th videos that stand out and become a favorite to enjoy year after year. This is one such video. Due to some of the language used I must embed the video below the fold. Some may think that the person shooting the video is using the Lord’s name in vain but I think it is a result of a Mother’s instruction to call out to God when you are scared. The person in the video is not so frightened as to quit shooting video and run, however.

I don’t know who the people in the video are but I hope they are having a safe 4th of July…

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Natural Law…

… taken SERIOUSLY!

(The WWE actually had nothing to do with the production of this video… really.)

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Our Lives, our Fortunes, our Sacred Honor


Friday Night at the Movies

There are several movies that are uniquely suited to Independence Day weekend. None are available on the net to present here but these are movies that most everyone here has seen more than once. Tonight I am breaking protocol by presenting a documentary in lieu of a scripted Hollywood theatrical production. It gives us a picture of the Father of our Country from a young age. It tells the story of how the French and Indian War set the stage for the American Revolution.

Looking back at how this all happened is for me a whole lot more uplifting than looking at or writing about where we are now. With that I will close my remarks. Our Friday Night Flight takes us back in time to the years prior to declaring our independence from England…


What happens when you take Pro Wrestling too seriously?

You get embarrassed… and it’s funny… and it sells…

The Independence Day Weekend has begun!

Now for a word from entertainers who don’t understand entertainment and who take themselves far too seriously…

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Freaky Friday Follies

More laughs below the fold…

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



Things you don’t know that you should know

There are things you don’t know that you should know. These might be things that aren’t your responsibility to know but you can know them if you don’t. Who here among us knows what they don’t know? How do you know what it is that you don’t know so that maybe you can one day know it?

The answer is easy.

Ask your Federal Government. They know everything. All you have to do is ask them and they will tell you that is true. They expect you to know everything too… that is what it is that they provide for you to know. There are many things that they don’t want you to know and they will do all things possible to promote your ignorance of these things. It is always their favorite play of the day to have a mountain of regulatory requirements for you to know so that they may fine you when you don’t know them.

Here’s a subject that the Federal Government wants you to know, so they spent your money to make a publication for you to come to know so that you may avoid their fearsome retribution.

How very benevolent of them.

Now you know.

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Manic Monday Madness

What you are about to see is an example of why it is hard for some of us to publish stories related to the news of the day. Our Manic Monday Madness story presented today is an example of something that was discussed on this forum long ago coming to pass just as we said it would. This is such a common occurrence that most of the time it doesn’t even get mentioned. As the countdown to the dissolution of the United States is now winding down it may be constructive from time to time to point out prognostications that have been made here so as to develop a sense of the level of validity that our mad ramblings add up to.

From September 8th 2012

That publication doesn’t even mark the beginning of the subject as it has been discussed here in the comments section. The writers and readers here knew this day was coming a long time ago.


Here’s another Real Revo Prophesy coming to pass.

One wonders how many more Real Revo Prophesies will come to pass. Due to the acceleration of the rate of destruction being heaped upon us by the ongoing domestic menace, well, we all know where this is headed. It’s been discussed here a lot over the years.

Just last night we had some reading on this very subject.

At a certain point (about 18 months ago actually) it just became intolerably tedious to say the same things over and over and over again. At least it is when you aren’t getting paid to do it. Rush Limbaugh is great at rolling back into show segments from years gone by with the “I told you so” anthem. The last time I checked his paycheck was a lot bigger than anyone who writes here.

Happy Monday.

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A Sunday Matinee – Audacity


It was on Good Friday 2013 when I saw my first Ray Comfort video production. It was spellbinding. By the time I was finished watching it I had become aware that I had some serious issues to address in my life. I had some problems that I had to “work out”. By Easter Sunday morning I had become painfully aware by way of the sudden Death of a very good friend the night before, that I no longer had the luxury of time to do anything other than ask forgiveness, repent and accept the salvation God offers everyone through the gift of his Son, Jesus Christ. There could be no working it out after spending the majority of my lifetime offending my Creator, working myself into something I could never free myself from. I finally came to the point where I realized my true nature and it wasn’t anything like what I had spent my entire life claiming it to be. A sense of panic set in. My eternal soul was in jeopardy and the only immediate and effective action was to humble myself before God in the presence of the Body of Christ and accept his Love on his terms…

“And he arose and came to his father. But when he was still a great way off, his father saw him and had compassion, and ran and fell on his neck and kissed him. And the son said to him, ‘Father, I have sinned against heaven and in your sight, and am no longer worthy to be called your son.’

“But the father said to his servants, ‘Bring out the best robe and put it on him, and put a ring on his hand and sandals on his feet. And bring the fatted calf here and kill it, and let us eat and be merry; for this my son was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ And they began to be merry.

Understand the Love that is expressed when all a Sinner has to do is begin to walk back toward his Father, that his Father will RUN to receive him, will clothe him, adorn him with authority, make a provision for him greater than his imagination could conceive and all the servants of the Father in his household rejoice in the merriment of a feast.

I say to you that likewise there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine just persons who need no repentance.

A few days ago the movie that you will find at the link below entitled “Audacity” was released to the public. Whereas the bulk of what Ray Comfort produces is much more along the lines of man on the street documentaries, Audacity is a first class theatrical production. It is less than an hour long but the storyline has several unforeseen twists and turns to it that make this a highly engaging movie. Even the closing moments of the movie have an incredibly important message. This movie is worth every second of your time this Sunday afternoon in America. It has a message that could not be more timely. The only hope we have as a people is found in the simple Truths that are explained in his movie. I hope that you will all take the time to watch it.

You may find something here that could save a life, even your own. Those who are dead can become alive again. Those who are lost can be found. ALL of Heaven will rejoice when that happens. Can you imagine what that must be like? I hope that everyone reading this will one day find out.

The life changing Ray Comfort movie Audacity is found HERE


A Sunday Sermon

Good morning Revoworld. In spite of what you may have read in the news headlines, it’s a beautiful day. It has been a very hard thing for the average citizen to witness, the loss of our government this week. Nonetheless you must count it as a blessing when the scales fall from your eyes and become able to clearly see things for what they are. Here’s something that is always helpful to remember… They aren’t in charge. They are poor players who strut and fret their hour upon the stage and are heard no more. They will not prevail against the Body of Christ.

As was the case last Sunday I am providing a link to the live stream broadcast of North Jacksonville Baptist Church so that no matter where you are, you may join us in the receiving of God’s Words this morning. The live service broadcast begins at 10:45 in on the East Coast but there is plenty of other content to be enjoyed here throughout the day.

Darkness will not be pushed back by screaming at it. We have to shine a Light. Jesus Christ is the only Light that can shine in the Darkness.

The streaming broadcast of the North Jacksonville Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida is found HERE

Hollerin’ Herb is back in the pulpit after preaching a Revival all week in Oklahoma and I anticipate an overflowing of passion this morning.


A Sunday Morning Scripture

Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

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A Message from the Huey Newton Gun Club


Friday Night at the Movies


Wow. We made it to another Friday Night. This has been one of the longest weeks in recent memory and now the weekend has finally arrived. Today is the end of the 2nd business quarter. We finished strong. April was weak, May was anemic and in June things bounced a little. All in all not a very good Q2. When the fake numbers are corrected when nobody is paying attention anymore it might make news. I’m done with it. I’ve got some serious thoughts to express on the events of this week but I’m in no mood to engage in them. I am not in the mood for serious thought at all.

I’m in the mood for a Shark Movie.

Summer is here. People are going to the beach. People are getting bitten by Sharks. There have already been some pretty bad Shark Attacks this Year. It is high time that we had some awesome Shark action here at the Real Revo Theater.

More below the fold…

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On this day in History

The first Grumman Hellcat Prototype is flown.

The World would never be the same…

(This historic presentation was scheduled previous to the insanity that has taken place this week. In fact I picked it out Months ago. I decided not to remove it because it’s just a little story about the great things America used to do.)

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



Freaky Friday First Call

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Freaky Friday Furious Flag Follies

Uhhh, yeah… I know it’s not Friday. The absurdity of the day is moving so fast that my joke became obsolete within hours. I guess hat means this isn’t even a joke anymore.

It’s high time for this symbol of Racism to be banned from flying over our Capitol, White House or over any government installation or be within sight of any public ceremony.


I know that many of us think this is funny but our President is all for it, of that I’m sure.

Ooopsie… What is yesterday’s humor is today’s headlines.


The Response

This is a message that I discovered on Social Media today. It is a message that is resonating. It’s only going to get louder. This is going to get ugly. This is just what they want. They want a fight. They’ve been fomenting it for years. At some point there will be a fight, I become more certain of it by the day.

God help us…

A lot of you people need to quit arguing whether or not a Flag is racist or whether you are racist and start standing up for your people. You and your kind are marked for extinction by a people for whom Race means everything while you are groveling and trying to tell everybody how many black friends that you have or about how many Negroes fought for the South 150 Years ago. You enemies don’t care about any of that. They want you dead. They only see you as pathetic and weak, as do I.

Your enemies are not as timid as you are. That’s why you are on the defensive. That’s why everything dear to you is being taken and with only a whimper in response.

I wish I could say that I disagree. I don’t. The Eulogy that will be delivered in the Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston this weekend will be delivered by a man who views the Terrorist Massacre of last week as one of his greatest opportunities. He and his minions hate Christians and Christianity. They don’t care about those people who were murdered.They express their hatred toward us in their words and deeds almost daily. They are celebrating the massacre in Charleston as they lecture Southerners along with anyone else they disagree with on how it is that we should and should not conduct ourselves.

As time ticks on a response of words becomes more and more wholly inadequate.

UPDATED The Minions of Satan gather in Charleston to call for Whitey to be slaughtered.


Why White Supremacists OVERWHELMINGLY voted to elect Barack Hussein Obama to the Presidency (Part One)

BUMPED from it’s original publication date of March 7th 2010…

A worthwhile read republished in advance of the Supreme Court rulings that will be coming down later this week and the Eulogy that President Obama intends to deliver in Charleston when he will no doubt lecture us all on our evil racism. It makes a very interesting read these 5 Years later now that the President and his Administration has proven themselves to be the most powerful and disruptive Racists in American History. When their time in office finally expires it may also be accurate to refer to them as the most deadly Racists in American History as well.

I’m getting a real kick out of the level of sensitivity expressed in the communication of this publication that is over 5 Years old now. Wow, I was really going out of the way to not be offensive. How naïve of me. I doubt that I will make that same mistake twice.


Yes, this may come as a surprise to many, especially those in the Obama Administration, Jimmy Carter, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, the NAACP, ACLU, Coffee Party and the Mainstream Media…

The piece I am now attempting to present has been the most exhausting writing I have done in a while. This is my third attempt. Other times when I have tried this I was angry. When I wasn’t angry anything I wrote didn’t communicate effectively. More than that, it’s a tedious topic filled with taboo subject matter and sometimes trying to run between the raindrops without getting wet just makes for confusion and exhaustion. Thusly, this is a piece that I could never finish. I don’t even know if I will finish it now but if you are reading these words then yes I did.

More below the fold…


A Sunday Sermon

Today is a beautiful day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. Happy Father’s Day. Today I am especially thankful that I do not have to celebrate Father’s Day in a Cemetery. After Church today I get to ride on over to his house and see him. Today I get to give him a Gallon of his favorite Barbeque Sauce, a manly ration of his favorite beverage accompanied by Seafood Delicacies known far and wide to be of the sort that was brought to perfection in the neighborhood he grew up in.

Panama Park is one of several historical neighborhoods in the Jacksonville Metro Area that has played host to commercial fishermen since its earliest days and continues to do so even today. I will take Dad some White Shrimp, headed, deveined and butterflied, ready to be battered, breaded (or both) and fried at his convenience. It will be ready for the freezer or the frying pan when it gets there.

I will also be taking him the prize delicacy his neighborhood is most known for, smoked Mullet. The Mullet is a lowly fish, frowned upon by many. It is a scavenger but it has fins and scales. It has thick scales and skin. It’s meat is oily and not preferred by many. Big fat Mullet from a sandy bottom in very salty water (unknown to most people) tastes great when it is alive when it hits the cleaning table, is filleted breaded and fried. Mullet that comes from a muddy bottom and brackish water tastes best when it is gutted then split down the middle with the scales left on. The meat is then lightly seasoned with Garlic Salt and coarse ground Black Pepper. Then it goes scales down on the grill of a Smoker. The scales prevent the Fish from sticking to the grill and the layer of fat between the meat and the skin emulsifies, allowing one to easily pick the carcass completely clean without effort. The Historic Ferrell’s Seafood Market uses Oak and the family recipe that has been handed down for Generations. Few fish are as tasty to me as smoked Mullet from Panama Park. I’ll be picking up a few of them to take over with the Shrimp.

Yes, I have much to be thankful for this day, Father’s Day 2015. I will be thankful today. I will celebrate the blessings of Almighty God today in a house of worship.

This Father’s Day I am mindful of the fact that I have Brothers and Sisters in Christ who are in God’s House this morning, giving him praise with a heart that is grieving. I grieve with them. We here of the Body of Christ in the flesh have sustained a grievous loss. I will praise him. The Enemy thought it accomplished some sort of destruction against the Body of Christ when all it actually did was send some Saints from their Labor directly to their Reward. I will praise him. Let it not be said of us that in these days we learned to lock tight our doors. Let us open our doors ever more to this lost and dying world we live in.

In that spirit I will not be providing a link to the audio file of a previously recorded sermon. I am providing a link to our live stream so that you can come on in and take a seat. The service begins at 10:45 on the East Coast. That’s when you can literally attend Church with me this Father’s Day via video stream. I’ll be on Camera 4 more than likely, in the center of the Balcony. All the high angle shots will be mine. Those of you who know her will see Little Miss Texas singing in the Choir. If you miss the live broadcast there will be something streaming that is pre-recorded. Anyway, if you want to attend a Worship Service at North Jacksonville Baptist Church, directly across the Trout River from historic Panama Park (home of the finest smoked Mullet in the World), then count this as your personal invitation.

Have a Happy Father’s Day!

Live Stream Broadcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church can be found HERE

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Friday Night at the Movies


Yes, here we are again on a Friday night. Across much of the Country it’s another hot Summer night. You might be out cruising around looking for the next thing to do and you run across the Real Revo Theater. You never know exactly what you’re going to get here but you know it’s never crowded. The concession stand is awesome. So you check out the poster on the Marquee and see that it’s a SciFi flick. Then you see the name “Farrah Fawcett” and you ask yourself when was that last time that you’ve seen a Farrah Fawcett flick.

Then you decide that the price of admission is perfectly within your weekend entertainment budget so you decide to come on inside, grab a cold drink and a snack, enjoy some nice air conditioning and check out the Farrah Fawcett movie.

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest