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Your Government is working hard to make your life better

Here is another example of how much they care.

How much longer can our economy support such like-minded concepts?


There will be Hell to pay for this

Allah has been arrested.

We cannot expect this to go without a response.


Hardcore… purely hardcore

I wouldn’t try this at ANY age but compared to the Greatest Generation I’m a weak punk.

Now THERE’s some inspiration for a Monday Morning.

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Money down the drain

I know that this all probably looks good on paper but…

The Product that they are trying to sell is defective.

Regardless of what Cyndi Lauper would have you believe, Money DOESN’T change everything.

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Manic Monday Madness

Over the weekend I learned of a new technique that is employed in Mongolian Wrestling…

I think this is a cultural anomaly I can wholeheartedly adopt. I used a variation of it yesterday at Church. I have finally gotten my Church to embrace Pro Wrestling. The Luchador masks I brought back from Mexico were strategically gifted to those who would later become instrumental in bringing my scheme into acceptance. I know someone who has a tiny, 14ft square ring that is so old it’s dangerous. It will fit within the space that has been designated for us at Trunk or Treat at Church this October. Each Sunday School Class and Ministry is designated areas for setting up carnival like games and passing out candy to all the kids who attend. It’s part of our community outreach.

Last Year the Celebrate Recovery Ministry that I belong to did a Pirate theme with little Pirate themed games and whatnot. I had my costume ready but just before Trunk or Treat disaster struck. Peanut died and I was not able to participate. Until this morning the most I had gotten approved to do this year was us setting up a ring and doing some kind of show ourselves. Somehow someone had the idea that a couple of us large fellows could work up a character, get in the ring and toss each other around. We were thinking of biblically themed matches such as a Jacob’s Ladder Match, Lights Out Wilderness Match, Holy Spirit Submission Match and my all-time best creation; a Total Immersion Match where you have to roll your opponent off the ring mat and into a cattle watering trough full of water.

Nobody had yet figured out that ordinary, every day fat-asses such as ourselves were not going to be able to pull this off. You honestly have to know what you are doing in the ring, regardless of how silly it’s supposed to be, in order to do it in a way that communicates with the crowd in a such way that they can follow and be entertained by. Most men who grew up watching it on TV think they can just get right on up in the ring and make it happen. It doesn’t really work that way, even among spiritually gifted Rednecks such as ourselves.

More below the fold…

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A Sunday Sermon

I am feeling particularly inspired this Sunday morning and yet a little sad at the same time. I am inspired by the fact that two things I was really NOT looking forward to are behind me now. I was not looking forward to LMT’s Daughter departing for Germany for one year. No, she’s not in the military. She won’t have a big team of Soldiers with her to protect her from the hazards in Europe right now. The second thing I was not looking forward to was getting LMT moved into her new apartment. I hate moving and the older I get, the more I hate it. I am inspired to start unloading some of the useless stuff at O.P. Doink though, in anticipation of my departure from here at some point in the foreseeable future. I have also been inspired by my future family-in-law from Ukraine. They are a unique group of people and there is a HUGE batch of them who are young enough to be my own kids. As they have learned a little more about me, my participation in the Cold War and my knowledge of Soviet Weaponry, they think I am an interesting character. They want to take me to the range soon. I’m very much looking forward to it.

I am sad today because this is the first Sunday in over 30 years that John McLaughlin will not be the referee of his own show, The McLaughlin Group. I once tuned in every Sunday, intensely looking forward to every segment of the show. It was as if his panel of commentators had the last word on everything that happened during the week and made intelligent prognostications of things yet to some. I went there searching for Truth.

If I was sincerely searching for Truth on a Sunday morning I would have been in Church. Opinions of the events of the day are like hay and stubble, easily burned away. The words of the Gospel of Jesus Christ are true and eternal. In them I must trust.

At the link below you will find the streaming webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church. The webcast will stream content all day, along with the live webcast of our Sunday Morning Worship Service that starts at 10:45am East Coast time. Please feel welcome to join us.

The streaming television webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church is found HERE

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Friday Night at the Movies NUCLEAR DOUBLE FEATURE

Two movies about Nukes in one night, ALL inspired by BMan. Our previously featured presentation was the direct result of feedback from BMan himself over the past several weeks. It just so happened to be about a Nuclear Weapon. Our double feature tonight is as a direct result of BMan’s remarks regarding Donald Trump and the situation that is developing in Ukraine. He mentioned this movie by name. Speak it’s name and it will appear. PBR Mind Meld in full effect…


Friday Night at the Movies

Welcome to the weekend one and all. The most anticipated publication of the week is before your eyes. The Real Revo Theater is ready to receive its guests.

It has been brought to my attention more than once in recent weeks that our Friday Night Movie has not lived down to the normally low standards once rigidly adhered to when it comes to movie selection. Tonight I hope the viewers will find our selection to be more in keeping with the traditional standards of quality this theater in known for. Nonetheless, I think this storyline has a nice little hook to it. David Janssen is the leading man and I’ve always been a fan of his. I think we are going to enjoy this movie entirely. This is the kind of stuff that Friday Night at the Real Revo Theater is all about.

Our Friday Night Flight takes us into the wasteland of the Israeli-Jordanian Border…

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The Weekend is HERE

I’m feeling it.

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Somebody had to do it

It’s been a week since the disaster began. The President couldn’t be bothered with it to the extent that it cut into his “personal time”. Politics abhors a vacuum. Someone had to fill it.

Trump connects… again.


Freaky Friday Follies

BUSTED ! (Old News)

A former Federal prosecutor who helped send me to Prison says she can’t afford the Half Million Dollar defense team that she has hired.

The Third Team of Attorneys that Brown has used in the past 5 weeks has petitioned the Judge to withdraw from the case.

Though she is facing 357 Years in Federal Prison, last night she faced two political challengers in a debate.

Help keep our girl fighting for us!

Let me tell you how great life is inside her District. One person was killed and four people were wounded by gunfire within a half mile of her Campaign Headquarters last weekend alone. ‘Murica.

Happy Friday everybody!

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



The latest Intel Report

It’s been quite some time since we checked in with our old friend. He has some fresh news for us. I’ve seen less than Sixty Seconds of it and I’m already intrigued…


I wonder what effect this will have

Donald Trump gets his first intelligence briefing.

It will be interesting to see what effect this will have on the candidate and his message… or perhaps his presentation… or tendency to say silly things.

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Deadly Bullshit

A bad way to die.

It’s enough to make you wonder how anyone can survive Washington D.C.

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Mildred’s secret to long life


Something to ponder.

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America loses a Talking Head Icon


One time in my life I was a Talking Head groupie. I watched all the Sunday morning Talking Head shows. I can even remember taking a portable radio that received TV bands out on Sunday morning when I was out splitting firewood. The highlight of ALL the Talking Head shows was The McLaughlin Group. It set a high standard and over the years has recorded so much thought about events of the day as to require a vast museum to exhibit it all.

John McLaughlin lost me as a fan during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He suggested/asked if the casualties of the Terrorist attacks in London in 2005 are actually casualties of the battle in Iraq. It wasn’t the first time he pissed me off but it was the last. I quit watching then. That’s a good thing. It’s a whole lot more beneficial to be in Church on Sunday. Nonetheless I acknowledge John McLaughlin and the McLaughlin Group for its many years of dedicated public debate of the issues of the day. John McLaughlin is going to be missed by many, myself included.

John McLaughlin, may he rest in Peace.

More below the fold…


Say goodbye to another leftist entertainment show

The guy who addressed the President with a racial slur at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner is looking for a job.

The show didn’t sell because it didn’t connect. It didn’t connect because it was bizarre. Nevertheless, Racism is to blame for the failure of this show to connect with an audience.

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Just… more… Dumb Shit

Even Mr. BLM can’t keep a straight face when he starts talking his dumb shit…


The Police involved shooting that won’t make national headlines

That’s because nobody who writes those news headlines care about this one.

Nobody spends any time wondering why that is either. We all know why it is. The only shootings that matter are those that can be used to inspire civil unrest.

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Yes, REAL Heroes do still walk among us

Be inspired by them today…

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Is this War?

Black Panthers have to be very careful how they answer that question. It can easily be misunderstood. Behind closed doors of course, they have declared War on the United States. In a sane Country they would be treated as domestic terrorists but as we have a President who has friends who in fact ARE domestic terrorists, he will not bring any harm to them whatsoever.

Here’s the latest crap from the punks in black berets.

Just another arm of the Ongoing Domestic Menace, doing what it does.

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Manic Monday Madness.

Here’s a sad story about how Idol Worship is destroying a marriage.

Don’t let Bizzaro World take your mind away from the things in life that actually matter.

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Sitrep from O.P. Doink

I have been occupying the Ghettomost O.P. in the Real Revo Area of Operations to keep the rest of America informed as to battlefield conditions in the wild frontier. We had a lively weekend here and it is noteworthy. As I was making preparations to depart for a classified training area Saturday morning, about 10 to 12 shots (likely 9mm) were fired from a home perhaps 200 Yards from me. As the rounds were not coming my way, I decided to step outside my gate and see what was happening. I saw a carload of Jitts making a rapid escape in a small, white Jittmobile that turned South on Silver Street to get out of line of sight as quickly as possible.

Later on after the Police arrived blocked off the street and taped off the crime scene I learned that it was an elderly lady doing the shooting. The Jitts were probably the target. Nobody got hit.

More than likely it was related to a shooting that took place the night before, just 3 blocks away where someone was killed.

Gunplay is getting to be more common these days around here. I am in the beginning phases of working out the details of my exit from here. It may be that I have already served my purposes to those around me. Peanut is dead. Larry is dead. Bebe is leaving. J.J. is locked up. Sam Bam is dying of AIDS. There are some good Christian ladies here that I need to do what I can to look out for. I still have my massive Halloween community outreach that everyone looks forward to but I sometimes wonder if it’s not going to end one night in a shooting.

It may be that it will soon be time to leave.