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The Saturday Night Special

Tonight we have a special encore presentation of one of the more disturbing Saturday Night Specials we have ever featured here. The information that is presented seems too incredible to be true. It proves the Wisdom in the saying that the Truth is often stranger than Fiction.

Tonight we take a trip back in time to the shocking story of Osama bin Laden’s top Spy in the United States.

Saturday Night Special – Triple Cross


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A basic rule of Captalism

This rule goes well beyond Capitalism as well.

The rule is that Pigs get fat while Hogs get slaughtered.

Here is the latest example of what happens when you violate that rule.



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I would be nervous if I was a Filipino named Bong Go

Seriously, that’s a dangerous name to have during a violent War on Drug Dealers.

“In a video released by Duterte’s close aide, Bong Go, the Philippine leader is seen smiling while talking to Trump and saying: “We will maintain … and enhance the bilateral ties between our two countries.”

More here…

Trump and Duterte talk on the phone and Duterte did not call him the Son of a Whore.


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Friday Night at the Movies

Welcome to the weekend, the first of which occurs in the Month of December. The Christmas Season is fully upon us. My Tree Dazzlers were deployed last weekend. Gene Simmons is perched before the Star at the top of the Tree. This is only because I could not find a proper tree topper that carries the image of Prince which is a real shame but should I find one I can make my Tree Dazzler do purple patterns at the press of a button. At least there actually is a Prince tree topper available but it isn’t illuminated and I don’t think Prince would be pleased with that, so I’m not buying it… yet. The fact is that I could convert it into an illuminated tree topper with my mastery of lighting skills and knowledge of LEDs.

There is no Donald Trump tree topper of any kind that I can find anywhere on the net. He’s got a Ninety Nine Dollar Christmas Tree Ornament available but no tree topper and that is utterly sad. If I could find one though I can make the Tree Dazzler do orange patterns at the push of a button. I would just go ahead and put a Make America Great Again Hat at the top of my tree but once again, it isn’t illuminated. I demand that my tree topper be illuminated. I am not willing to create a shielded light source on the visor of that hat that will illuminate the signage on the face of the hat. My tree topper must be illuminated internally or it just won’t look right. I’m not willing to drop my standards in this regard while at the same time destroying a beautiful hat. Not doing it.

For now Gene Simmons rules the top of my tree.

Tonight I have something utterly disturbing to share with you in the event that I have not already done so.

It’s something that happened early in my childhood…

More below the fold…


Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



“Momma is praying for you…”

Hostage situation at a Community First Credit Union in Jacksonville, Florida

“This is a total shock and I’m so nervous,” said Latasha Shuman. “I keep calling his phone and it keeps going to voicemail.” Shuman says her son has worked at the bank for just 2-3 months and has never had any issues or problems at work. If she could get in touch with her son, Shuman said her message to him would be, “Momma is praying for you. I know you’re covered and I’m just praying that you’re ok.”

Guess what? Her Son is going to be okay. A Mother’s Prayers work miracles. I am living proof.

I’m taking this time to join that Mother in prayer.

To God be the glory.


Here comes Winter

It’s going to get very cold in most of the United States next week.

Task for today: Start selling Ice Melt to support small businesses across the Country and help make America great again!


A Sunday Sermon

I hope that everyone has been enjoying their Thanksgiving Weekend. It has truly been an enjoyable and deeply meaningful time for me. A thankful heart is a heart that is prepared to receive the blessings that come with the Advent Season and Christmas.

We are in a season of celebration. Enjoy these days to their fullest.

At the link below you will find the streaming webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church, if we are able to be up and running today. The webcast will stream content all day, along with the live webcast of our Sunday Morning Worship Service that starts at 10:45am East Coast time. Please feel welcome to join us.

The streaming television webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church is found HERE

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The Saturday Night Special

Celebrations of the Death of a Communist Mass Murderer continue…

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The Saturday Matinee

It has been claimed that there were 638 attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro.

This should be fun viewing on a Thanksgiving Weekend…

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Voices of the 2506 Brigade

I got to know a really nutty CIA Field Officer, a Marine Corps Veteran of the Korean War who fought at the Bay of Pigs, as well as some of the Cubans of the 2506 Brigade who fought with him, during my time in Federal Prison. I met some really interesting folks while I was locked up. That’s just one of the many reasons why I wouldn’t trade that time for anything in the world.

There’s a lot of partying going on in Florida today, throughout our Cities with a Cuban population as well as inside our Prisons here, most of which have a Cuban inmate population. Everyone is hopeful that today will mark the beginning of a new way of life for the Cuban people. It will take much more than the Death of a Dictator to accomplish it though.

These men have always known that…


The Smell in Hell just got a little worse

Fidel Castro has gone on to receive his reward.

May God bless the people of Cuba with new opportunities.


Wow. That report brought to you by a communist sympathizing ding-a-ling.

Hat tip to Uke the Scoop.


While you were sleeping…


Friday Night at the Movies

It was tough finding an appropriate movie for tonight. Everything I searched for wasn’t available. I found this one by accident. As Thanksgiving Weekends rolls forward I found a movie about an event for which we can all be thankful.


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Something new for the Christmas Tree this year

This is going to look great with my Gene Simmons Tree Topper Star. I bought one of these and might get a second one. With the Hundreds of ornaments and piles of tinsel I traditionally apply I could easily conceal this wiring harness. Programmable LEDs for the Holiday Season. ‘Murica.


But wait, there’s more…

More below the fold…

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



My Russian Ukrainian Thanksgiving

This year I enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal with the Semenov family again. It isn’t my first but as always it was highly meaningful. If back during my time in the Cold War someone would have told me that the world I am living is full of such marvelous changes to the extent that I would one day be celebrating Thanksgiving with Russians from Ukraine, well I would have found that to be outrageously entertaining.

Over the past couple of years as the family has gotten to know me and something of my history, they made it a priority that I should be introduced to a member of their family who I had not yet met. His name is Peter. I call him Peter the Great. During his time in the Cold War he served as a Soldier assigned to the Strategic Rocket Forces of the Soviet Union. He was part of the security detail that deployed with mobile SS20 launchers. We discussed the things we both played a part in and as I marveled as to how it was that this Thanksgiving that we could be enjoying our meal together he said that it is no surprise to him how such things can happen. “I always knew that God has never wanted War between our people. Every time we would have a major alert to prepare for War, our equipment would break and there was nothing we could do. God made sure of that. No matter what the politicians say, it is God’s will that is done”.

He insisted that I sit next to him at the table. We talked nonstop. Today was a big day for Peter the Great. Today he learned that in a few months he is going to have a beautiful Grandson coming into this world. “It is only by the Grace of God that my Grandson will be an American”.

It is only by the Grace of God that I am able to call these people my family.

That is quite a lot for us to be thankful for.


Pecan Pie with SoulfulT

Tonight is a cooking high point of the year for me, when I am able. Tonight I am able. I’ve got new pieces of cast iron cook wear to try out. LMT has a wonderful cast iron turkey roaster that once belonged to her Mother. We will be trying that piece out later on tonight.

One of my favorite things to make at Thanksgiving and Christmas is Pecan Pies. They are very simple to make. I’m making several exotic varieties tonight. SoulfulT shows us how to make a very simple Pecan Pie. I follow this recipe but I use dark Karo Corn Syrup, Mexican Vanilla (best in the world) and add Bourbon or Dark Rum.

Let the cooking begin…


Manic Monday Madness

Libyan Monkey attack sparks a Tribal War.

I can see how something like that could get entirely out of hand.


This one never gets old

Good advice for kids nowadays. Some things never get old.

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A Sunday Sermon

t’s a beautiful Sunday morning. It’s nice and crisp here in Florida this morning. I am enjoying the change of weather. I am enjoying the lead up to Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for. I know that I do. The Lord has truly made a provision for me in all that I have been challenged with this year. He has answered my every prayer. It is an amazing thing to know that the Almighty loves me enough to even hear my prayers, much less answer them but that is what he promises to do for those who call on him in the name of Jesus Christ. He keeps his promises.

How thankful can we be for the promises that God has made to us? Not thankful enough, that’s for sure. Nonetheless, the Lord God knows our hearts and when we think of all the things that we are thankful for it pleases him greatly. For us it provides an unbound sense of Joy.

It’s a beautiful day for rest and worship.

At the link below you will find the streaming webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church, if we are able to be up and running today. The webcast will stream content all day, along with the live webcast of our Sunday Morning Worship Service that starts at 10:45am East Coast time. Please feel welcome to join us.

The streaming television webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church is found HERE

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How to destroy the Alt Right

It has been on several occasions that we have had discussion that revolves around trying to identify what the Alt Right Movement is. We know some of the ways in which it has manifested itself and we have drawn our own conclusions to a certain degree. I don’t think I really understand it fully yet but I have come to understand it a great deal more because of the various lectures that Milo Yiannopoulos has been giving on college campuses across the Country.

Milo has been crowned Queen of the Alt Right Movement but denies being part of it. He has been given this distinction because he was the only journalist who spent any time and energy trying to understand the Alt Right and who accurately gave voice to them at Brietbart News. In this particular lecture he explains his differences with the Alt Right Movement but also where he agrees. He explains how it is that the Alt Right Movement can be destroyed.

In explaining all these things he gives us the best interpretation of what the Alt Right Movement is and that is what I think is of most value to us here. There is a very powerful component to it that most readers here may not realize. The Alt Right is primarily comprised of young people. When I say young, I mean as young as age 11. These are kids who have, for all their lives grown up in an environment filled with aggressive and oppressive political correctness and the kids seem to instinctively know that there is something totally insane about that. During their teenage years they begin to hold their elders who engage in such nonsense with contempt and of course as a teenager they know so much. Often times when we see some sort of expression or opinion from someone from the Alt Right (on this forum as an example) we typically see something in that communication that looks a bit off. It may be punctuation or grammar or perhaps sentence construction. I once attributed the character of an Alt Right presence here to Russian Intelligence Officer because something just didn’t seem fully developed in the way of communication. Could it be that the character was actually a 14 year old kid? Possible.

If the kids of today see us older Conservatives as absurd it is because we let the insane Progressive Left win the Culture War and to them that is unacceptable. I think that may be how the term Alt Right came to be. They consider themselves to be of the Right Wing sphere, just an as an alternative to what they perceive to be an outdated model. I think that encapsulates the way young people think of themselves in a lot of ways. They are the Alternatives to the things that are. This movement is sweeping College Campuses from Coast to Coast. It is my opinion that the Alt Right Movement is not going to go away any time soon but here in this 1 Hour presentation Milo Yiannopoulos explains how it can be destroyed.

Yes, he’s over the top. College Kids appreciate a warped sense of humor. That apparently is something that has been missing from those who are considered to be traditional conservatives but that is FAR better than the Progressive Left where Humor has practically been outlawed. So here he is in all his glory at the University of Houston…


Friday Night at the Movies Double Feature

More Steve McQueen. We have often seen Steve McQueen racing cars. We have seen him racing Motorcycles. We just saw him ride a Bull. In this movie he flies a B-17 into Nazi Germany by day while drinking heavily and womanizing by night. He hopes the War will never end.

Bombs away…

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Friday Night at the Movies

Welcome to the weekend at the Real Revo. Thanksgiving is upon us and this year it’s going to be extra special. We all have a lot to be thankful for. It’s been a crazy year and we are coming into the holiday season in great condition for all the wear.

As November is Redneck Awareness Month we have a selection tonight that fits that description. The leading man is none other than Steve McQueen. I really feel bad for people who weren’t able to appreciate Steve McQueen back when he was the real deal, doing it his way wild man on the silver screen. People in Hollywood were actually afraid of Steve McQueen. In a way I guess he was kind of like a true Hollywood Redneck. There were others but Steve McQueen could really scare some folks. I am sure that his time in the Marine Corps gave him the attributes he would need to create that effect.

I’ve never seen this one before but I know I’m going to like it. Why? Steve McQueen is in it.

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The Enemy is displeased

They have therefore decided to piss into the wind

President-Elect Trump is not concerned with their feelings and will not be moved.

I find this to be most refreshing.