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Friday Night at the Movies

I am so thankful that it is Friday Night. This has been one of the hardest weeks I’ve endured in a while. This is actually the end of two weeks of pure Hell really.

Recounting recent events…

Bought and crashed the Bradillac on New Year’s Eve. Then my Dog died and I couldn’t find her. I knew she was dead but I couldn’t find her. I had to let the flies find her for me. Once that got accomplished I had to take off work early to have enough daylight to perform burial detail. I broke out the pick axe and shovel at 4pm. I had been suffering from a pesky dry cough that day and was starting to run a fever. It was 87 degrees outside and humid. Sweat was oozing hard and I was extremely winded. I didn’t realize that I was getting sick and that was taking all my stamina.

So I start getting to proper depth and I ran into a former pet. Such is the hazard of having a backyard pet cemetery filled with unmarked graves. I had to fill in the hole and dig another one in an area that I was fairly sure was clear carcasses. I pulled Nikki out from under the house and got her in her final resting place with great speed. It was most unceremonious. I got back in the house and got a shower.

That was last Thursday. The rain came down hard that night and by Friday morning I was fully sick. I had to take the day off. The temperature dropped and all I could do was stay in bed. That went on through the weekend. I went back to work on Monday but was still very sick, just not contagious. I had to go home about an hour early and go to bed. I made it through the next day but on Wednesday the Boss ordered me home early, told me to go to bed as soon as I got home, no internet. I fed my remaining Dog and went to bed. I stayed there for 13 hours. It was a good move. My ears finally popped clear and I started feeling better just yesterday at bout 2pm. With most Colds it’s bad on day one, you break it on day two and start feeling better on day three. It took a whole week to break this one. I still don’t have my voice back full but at least I can speak now.

So anyway I was telling you all that in order to explain why I can’t do a proper movie write-up. Instead I see I’ve written plenty, bitching about Life. No, what I want to say is engage all countermeasures against this Cold. It is bad. Last Friday I thought I was going to die. Seriously. Not seriously enough to go to the emergency room. I would have been like Nikki. The Flies would have lead others to the body.

So anyway, speaking of Death and Flies and such, I found this movie for our viewing pleasure tonight…




The Punk-in-Chief commits more vandalism on his way out the door

He reminds me of the lawless and “oppressed” hoodlums who engage in all forms of violence and vandalism during the last week of school.

The Commander of the D.C. National Guard is relieved of Command effective 12:01pm Inauguration Day

One last move to commit destruction against the U.S. Military while it is engaged in an important Mission.

UPDATE: It was Trump.

As is customary, Schwartz, like other presidential appointees, submitted a letter of resignation to give the new administration a clean start. He had done so before, but the Obama administration twice declined to accept it.

The Trump transition team made the decision to accept Schwartz’s resignation, according to a military official with knowledge of the situation.

Members of Trump’s transition team did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


Freaky Friday Caption Contest


A Sunday Sermon

I am sure that wherever most of us are today, it’s cold. Nonetheless it’s a beautiful day. I need to be in God’s house today. This has been one of the most trying weeks I have endured in many years. Most everything that has happened in the past week for me has been bad, real bad. Nonetheless I do call out to God during good times and bad. He hears my prayers.

No need to dress up and get out in the cold if you would like to join a worship service. We have one right here.

At the link below you will find the streaming webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church. The webcast will stream content all day, along with the live webcast of our Sunday Morning Worship Service that starts at 10:45am East Coast time. Please feel welcome to join us.

The streaming television webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church is found HERE

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Friday Night at the Movies

Welcome to the first Friday Night Movie of 2017. I managed to find one that has a subject matter that is related to current events. Unfortunately, due to my own personal current events I am not able to do a proper write-up. That should not hinder your enjoyment of this movie.

Welcome to the weekend…

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Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooting NOT PTSD related

Well that didn’t take very long. I hope that the fat bitch whose mouth I had to endure tonight as she went on and on about how screwed in the head ALL combat veterans are will find some Dog Shit to eat real soon.

Photo Evidence Reveals Ft. Lauderdale Shooter Is A Muslim Terrorist

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest


The World we live in

8 years ago my Mother was asked by a small group of very smug and full of themselves Progressives what her outlook on the incoming era of Hope and Change was. What kind of world did she foresee was in the making.

She said… “It’s going to be the Planet of the Apes”.

That was quite a show stopper right there. At that point those who were trying to have fun at her expense did STFU.

The only problem with that theory is that Apes have more class than to conduct themselves like THIS.

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A Sunday Night Show

Wishing Queen Elizabeth a full and speedy recovery and a happy new year.

Part 2 below the fold…

More below the fold…

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Joe Dirt buys a Gold Cadillac

On New Year’s Eve 2016 I had the most pleasant car buying experience ever. It was all quite unexpected. What wasn’t unexpected was that I needed a new vehicle. I have known that for several years now. The 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I bought from a Junk Man back in 2009 has been everything I needed it to be. It’s been cheap and reliable. I did have to put a new Transmission in it several years ago but that 4.0 Liter Straight Six is an engine mechanics hate because it just won’t break. Just about every other thing on the vehicle has. The defectively made fuel pump connector had me under the vehicle 3 times in 3 blocks yesterday. The list of deficiencies on the vehicle is long but the engine is strong and the vehicle is paid for. That’s why I love that Jeep. I’ve always said that if I could find one in good condition that is about 10 years younger that I would jump on it.

As a result of a mass inner office e-mail at work last Thursday, I learned of a program going on right now that would allow me to buy a new or used vehicle at a highly discounted price. The examples of great deals were on vehicles I would never buy but there was a search option, so I searched for all Jeeps within 50 miles of me. I found just what I was looking for at a pretty low price. I contacted the dealer and went by to check it out after work. Kind of sketchy. I popped the hood and the fuse box was open. Jeeps are notorious for electrical issues but of course I know this and can deal with it. The body looked great. All the door seams were smooth so it was reasonable to assume that it hadn’t been in many major accidents. The interior looked great. There was something about the engine that didn’t look right though. It looked like maybe that engine came from a Junk Man. Nonetheless, I know it’s a good engine.

More below the fold…


A New Year’s Day Sunday Sermon

Good morning Real Revo and Happy New Year. In the closing hours of 2016 another Superstar of the 80’s was nearly taken from us. That would be me. This morning I’m feeling highly blessed to be alive. I think I’ll save that story for another publication.

I will say this. I’ve examined myself and Death last night would have been real easy. Standing before God having not gotten much done in the name of Jesus Christ, that would have not been real easy. That really bothers me. It is just now really sinking in. I don’t have another day to waste correcting that situation. Now more than ever I have to be about my Father’s business.

You are welcome to join me in Church this morning.

At the link below you will find the streaming webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church. The webcast will stream content all day, along with the live webcast of our Sunday Morning Worship Service that starts at 10:45am East Coast time. Please feel welcome to join us.

The streaming television webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church is found HERE

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A New Year’s Eve Worship Service that will get you pumped up for 2017

This is no ordinary worship service. This is the New Year’s Eve Worship Service from the Church that has housed the oldest and largest African American Christian Congregation in the State of Florida. It was established on a Plantation here in Jacksonville in 1838. To worship with the congregation at Bethel Baptist Church in Jacksonville Florida is to experience a touch of the Holy Spirit in its fullness. Each time I have worshipped there I have taken away revelations that stick out prominently in my mind as I contemplate the wonderful things that God has done for me.

In order to attend the New Year’s Eve Worship Service at Bethel Baptist Church, you have to get there NO LATER than an Hour before the service is to begin. The parking situation is crazy. They have a lot of parking space. It isn’t nearly enough, especially on New Year’s Eve. Then you’ve got to find a place to sit. They’ve got ushers who will take you to a seat. There will be no saving of seats unless somebody is in the bathroom. You are packed in there too. It is much, much easier to watch it online, you just miss out on the full impact of the music though.

If you decide to join the service here online, I can promise you that you will be blessed with a special message that will benefit you for the rest of your life. The New Year’s Eve Service has always been special to black folks. The First Watch Night Service occurs on New Year’s Eve. This is not a Watch Service. The Watch Service goes through the Midnight Hour. This is a New Year’s Eve Worship Service that begins at 6pm on the East Coast and concludes in a timely manner to allow people to get where they want to be by Midnight.

It’s all about out with the old and in with the new.

The Live Stream for the worship service taking place tonight at Bethel Baptist Church is found HERE

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Friday Night at the Movies

Welcome to the Friday Night Movie. This is one of the Real Revo’s longest running regular publications. As always or at least most of the time we actually try to find good movies to feature here. Sometimes we try to find really bad movies to feature here. Sometimes we just find the most unusual of movies and we feature them here.

Regarding our feature presentation tonight, I tried to find something good that had something to do with New Year’s Eve. When that proved to be impossible I ended up finding something unusual that has something to do with Afghanistan. It’s Russian, so there will definitely will be issues with overall quality and weird dialog/sense of humor. With Russia being in the news here of late, maybe it’s somehow appropriate to bring a Russian movie here tonight for our last Friday Night at the Movies publication of 2016.

I’m looking forward to a prosperous and happy 2017. I’m hoping to be able to keep finding fine cinematic masterpieces for our viewing pleasure here. Let the New Year celebrations begin!


The Machine

Russia has been in the news a lot lately. For some reason the forces of destiny are pushing us toward Russian related entertainment this evening and I just found this. It’s a story about a dumbass who went to FSU and accidentally signed up to learn Russian. Hilarity and much profanity ensues.


He who laughs last laughs hardest

A childish provocation is seen for the pathetic temper tantrum that it is.

President Obama is making all efforts to insure that he is laughed out of office.

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Freaky Friday Follies

An EXTREME Fake News Offender is found HERE

Seriously. Somebody actually published that.

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest


Mother and Daughter are now reunited

Rest in Peace Debbie Reynolds


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Facts about the Syrian Civil War

… and I’m seeing this from CBS.

Perhaps next time they will be more timely in presenting facts.

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Making SNL great again!

Even Trump’s detractors are provided greater opportunities as a result of his administration…

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A very cool Christmas gift for a talented young lady

The often called “Winds of Fate” propel the career of Jackie Evancho.

For those who have worked for him, many of them have said that one of Trump’s greatest attributes is in providing people the ultimate opportunity to achieve their fullest potential. He recently told the heads of the tech industry “I know that many of you here don’t support me but I can promise you that the Trump Administration is going to do all it can to support you”. A lot of people are going to find greater personal success as a result of the Trump Administration. All the while we will still laugh when Alec Baldwin does his impersonation of him on Saturday Night Live.

I’m enjoying every bit of what’s left of 2016 and eagerly looking forward to 2017.


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How to sell Used Cars

As I have stated many, many times here over the past Five and a Half Years… our President-Elect learned a lot of very valuable lessons in how to work a crowd from this guy right here…


A Christmas Gift to the World, 25 Years ago

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Something that was conspicuously absent from our Holiday Season this year.

Most of us try to do something special for others during the Holidays each year. This year I concentrated on tipping wait staff generously, something I do every year. As a rule I always tip a waiter or waitress Twenty Dollars above what they would have typically made for a normally correct tip. This year I included the convenience store clerks that I deal with almost daily throughout the year. Twenty Bucks, that’s it and to see how they respond to being given a gift is quite incredible. It’s not the money. Their gratitude is about being recognized and appreciated.

I always try to recognize Police Officers and Firefighters as well during this time of the year but you can’t just walk up to either of them and hand them a Twenty Dollar Bill. That is definitely not cool. What is cool is taking the time to shake their hand, look them in the eye and thank them for what they do for us every day. The last couple of years in particular I took the time to let our Police Officers know  that I was one of many citizens who would always have their back and come to their aid when required. Mostly, I made sure that I had their name memorized correctly so that I could pray for their protection.

The reason I did that over the past couple of years is because during our past two Holiday Seasons Police Officers were being targeted for murder in various Cities. There was a lot of civil unrest and the chanting of “What do we want? Dead Cops. When do we want ’em? NOW.” The Marxist Terrorists of the Progressive Movement were working overtime to do what they could to disrupt the spirits of a good and decent people during the Holiday Season these past couple of years in particular.

There was none of that this year. Why do you think that was? I am sure that I know the answer. Anybody care to express an opinion on that?