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Friday Night at the Movies – Rescue Force

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Welcome one and all to another excursion into something other than what we left behind at work today. I don’t know about you but I found this past week to be especially hard. This week I saw a Killer snarl. News of the week caused him to do so. When I say Killer I’m talking about a man who killed Thousands of Communists during his service as a Marine Corps Artilleryman in Vietnam. His guns stayed hot or on the move during the entire Tet Offensive. He did multiple tours as the NCOIC of the only Mobile Field Artillery in the Marine Corps inventory in Vietnam. He smoked ’em like cheap cigars.

I saw the corner of his lower lip quivering this week at the news that the President is offering a 50 Billion Dollar signing bonus to Iran in order to help entice them into signing the suicidal nuclear arms agreement that he so desperately wants to curse the Earth with. We are going to actually offer to pay people to kill us. No wonder the damn Iranians aren’t agreeing to anything. They can’t figure out what kind of bullshit is going on. It’s that and realizing what an evil clown they are dealing with. They are probably trying to figure out all they might be able to get away with and just continually ask for more until the whole thing becomes like a Saturday Night Live skit.

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Friday Night Music Videos

The purpose of the Friday Night Music Videos is to cleanse the palate of the work week, set a festive mood and provide clues as to the nature or identity of the Friday Night Movie.

Tonight we will be serving only two of those stated purposes.

No clues this evening…

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



Detached from Reality

Every time this piece of shit opens his mouth something stupid comes out.

Here’s the latest…

There is less violence in the world during the ongoing World War than there was during the Cold War.

Maybe Zippy should try to understand the meaning of the word “Cold” as it is used in the term “Cold War”.

It was during the Cold War that we were killing his Heroes. During the current World War well, that’s just a bunch of monkey business.

The daily headlines have become hazardous to my health.

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A hair weave made of Kevlar?

Years ago I discontinued my periodical publication entitled “Headlinez from da Hood” because the constant stream of news stories became something they were never intended to be as time went on. Illustrating the absurdity of life here in the Congressional District that continually re-elects Ghetto Queen Corrine Brown became something worse that simply absurd. It became depressing. In the end I determined that continually publishing such stories was nothing more or less than glorifying Evil. That’s why Headlinez from da Hood vanished from this forum.

Shootings are nearly a daily occurrence here in Jacksonville, Florida. This Monday as is the case every Monday, the local news headlines are filled with more stories about, you guessed it, who got shot over the weekend. As the weather warms up the number of these stories will increase. It’s what happens every year. People here in Jacksonville who really hate cold weather get all excited when things start warming up and they start shooting people. It’s what they do. It’s as if they can’t really control themselves.

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About that Treaty with Iran

Lindsey Graham says it will never be ratified.

The Liberal Blogosphere will probably start calling him a Traitor as well. That’s their latest thing. Anyone who actually explains to Iran that Congress has to ratify a Treaty before it is in effect are now referred to as Traitors. They say that Republicans are trying to affect the outcome of the President’s foreign policy.

I suppose that Senator Kennedy’s back channeling the Soviets to help them defeat the efforts of President Reagan to win the Cold War would have to fall under their definition of Treason as well. Right? Yeah, right.

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Valdosta State University has got a problem on Campus

VSU is one of those small schools in our region that has a very good reputation. They’ve got a great athletic program and a fairly well behaved student body. The latest news from Campus is that they’ve got a few bad apples up there engaging in behavior that previously would have never been tolerated. Obviously they haven’t figured out a proper way of dealing with it.

Recently an Air Force Veteran stepped in during a bout of on-campus nonsense and was restrained by Law Enforcement.

I hope they get that problem up there taken care of. Maybe some of the football players will have a talk with the spoiled little pieces of shit who like desecrating the flag.


A Sunday Sermon

I am thankful for this beautiful Sunday morning in America. With each sunrise we are one day closer to freedom. Regardless of the evil intentions of those who exercise their legislative powers over us, God is in control. In most all that our common Domestic Menace engages in, though it seems to be directed against the free Citizens of this Country, in reality it is God who they are attempting to wage War against. They will lose as has Lucifer himself. In the meantime they will roam the Earth seeking whom they may devour. For the Christian who has the Love of God on their heart, our greatest effort in defeating the common Domestic Menace lies with sharing the Love of God with others.

So it is this Sunday morning that the doors of the Revo Chapel are open. This Sunday we are back on track with another message from the Beatitudes, this one delivered by Pastor Josh Reavis. He’s the youngest of all the Reavis boys. He’s a highly gifted communicator, as are his Father and Brothers. He brings us a message today maybe in a way you have never heard it before.

Blessed are the meek – A message by Pastor Josh Reavis of North Jacksonville Baptist Church

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Saturday Night Special

Just a little dose of some Robert Mitchum in the fight against Communism in Korea for your Saturday night enjoyment…

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Nice gadget, if you can afford it

I wonder how it holds up in the field. I wonder how long its power supply lasts. I wonder how well it’s shielded from EMP.


Friday Night at the Movies – Omega Doom

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Friday Night at the Real Revo Theater. We celebrate crossing the threshold into the weekend with an escape. We have traveled to many exotic places and times right here in this theater. It’s a great place to be for someone who discovers value in finding an escape where the destination has been selected by seasoned navigator.

Tonight our destination is quite otherworldly.

We are entering the world of Rutger Hauer.

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Friday Night Music Videos

The sounds and images in the music videos that follow serve as clues as to the nature of our Friday Night Flight…

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Welcome to Big Spring

KWES NewsWest 9 / Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, TX: |


Photos from our Southern Border that President Bush promised to secure

I wonder what the next crop of Republican Candidates are going to promise.

ANSWER: Anything they think they have to.


A Mainstream Media Source outside of the United States is actually carrying this story HERE

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Freaky Friday Follies

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I know that many in our Country may find the story that was at the top of Drudge last night, to which we have provided a link, to be quite alarming. I haven’t even read the whole thing and… well let’s just say that I find the title to our publication here on the Revo that brings you this news, to be quite appropriate. Why? What do I find so humorous here?

Here are some excerpts that may provide clues…

Army morale low despite 6-year, $287M optimism program.

“I rarely count on good things happening to me.”

In addition to low optimism and job satisfaction, more than half reported poor nutrition and sleep, and only 14% said they are eating right and getting enough rest.

“I’ve sat and looked at your numbers for quite some time and our team can’t figure out how your numbers came about.”

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Thanks Vlad

U.S. military and Embassy staff were too busy following the President’s Order to retreat that some other American Citizens got left behind.

The President and the State Department were too busy planning our surrender to Iran to attend to these trivial matters.

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



Monkeys WILL fly out of my Butt when…

Hillary Clinton acknowledges and complies with THIS request.

Nothing else to add.

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Understand the language that is being spoken here


I am seeing a pattern. Prime Minister Netanyahu is quoting a lot of Scripture lately. He has been very methodical in how he has laid out the case supporting the survival of Israel. Nary an idle word has been spoken. He has put the world on notice as to the consequences of the days we are living.

He is making a regular practice of quoting Scripture now. That is a language with multiple purposes. He is instilling resolve in the Israeli people. He is letting the world know in a subtle way the depth with which he views current affairs so that nobody will be surprised when Israel acts in a decisive manner that may include the use of nuclear weapons. He is making a public affirmation that there is a God in Israel. David did the same thing right before he went out and slayed Goliath.

Prime Minister Netanyahu quotes Isaiah.

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Another Turner Diaries Reader?

Another probe of Capitol City Defenses, this time from the air.

This was no accident, of course.


The fighting Reid Brothers

I don’t think any of us here actually believed the “exercise equipment failure” story about the facial bruising that happened to Harry Reid over the New Year holiday.

The Truth is stranger than Fiction and it is HILARIOUS.

Of course we don’t KNOW this to be the Truth but the Truth always has a certain ring to it.

Ding-Ding the Ding-a-Ling in this case.

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Simply embarrassing

I’ve got to wonder how long she’s going to work this. Then again, she’s a tough ole bird who has suffered a lot of public humiliation and keeps on going. Fueled by her ambition and lack of self-awareness, she pursues her dreams ignoring everything that is going on around her. You just don’t give up having come this far.

WOW (Not to be confused with Wendy O Williams)

As well as…

Double WOW

The only question I have regarding Hillary’s run is if the WWE will bring back Lexie Fyfe to work her character in the ring. That’s the only thing I would like to know regarding Hillary Clinton. I won’t Google it. I will start an e-mail campaign to the WWE demanding it.

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Interesting Experiment

At first glance this may seem a little outrageous. Then I look at the numbers, scratch my head and say, Hmmmm… Okay, it could be done.

Then I ask myself what company DOESN’T want their employees earning the kind of compensation that makes them happy? Happy employees are productive employees. Productive employees who are properly utilized more than pay for themselves.

My employer has a compensation plan that they sincerely hope will help their employees make much more money than this. It’s real simple. The program is called “Sell stuff and get paid”. They like cutting big paychecks.

I’ll be interested to see how this experiment works out.

There is a decent chance that productivity and earnings will go through the roof. There is also a decent chance that once their employees become comfortable they will become complacent. I suppose if their employer lays out a plan by which they achieve the goal income by way of their performance, all will be well with employer and employee.

The owner of this company may lose his ass before this is all over. Then again, he might be laughing all the way to the Bank with bigger earnings than he ever imagined. It sounds a little like a utopian workers paradise in a way. Properly structured it could be a money making machine. Isn’t that the way with everything?

I’ll be looking forward to seeing what this company is doing Two or Three Years from now.


The Enemy at the Gate

The Mexican Government confirms that ISIS is operating a Camp that is 8 Miles from the U.S. Border.

I guess that would be alarming to a population that isn’t already infiltrated with ISIS Terrorists.

Still, it would be nice to have their exact location. A Squad could hit that target on an overnight Patrol.


Great move for the Democrats

When running in an election cycle that has a high probability of defeat due to the destruction wrought by the previous administration, make someone who is ruled only by personal ambition and who is wildly unpopular your perceived front runner. It gives your base something insane to try to sell as reasonable, even most logical throughout the blogosphere. It gets the highly arrogant, ambitious and wildly unpopular candidate that is way past their prime out of the way and cleans the slate for newcomers in 2020.

It’s better to lose a battle if it will help win the War.

Hillary is in.