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This actually exists

No, it has nothing to do with Ferguson, Missouri. It has to do with Thanksgiving. If there was a free copy of it available it would be featured here, believe that. Even still, a tiny dose will lift the spirits.

There are scenes and language that some will find disturbing…

I will own this one day.

I’m not sure how the news of the day is more topic worthy than this masterpiece of a film.


A Sunday Morning Sermon – Focus on Thanksgiving

Over the past two Sunday mornings I’ve shared sermons by Pastor “Hollerin’ Herb” Reavis of North Jacksonville Baptist Church. Pastor Herb has a method of communication that many find to be unique. In honor of our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, this morning I am presenting a sermon by his Son. Josh Reavis is also a gifted communicator, though his style of delivery is much different than that of his Father.

Every day is a day of Thanksgiving for me but I truly immerse myself in it on the day we set aside as a Nation to observe all the things we are thankful for. It is a day of happiness. It is a day to be enjoyed. It is a day to rejoice.

The Focus of Thanksgiving – A message by Pastor Josh Reavis of North Jacksonville Baptist Church

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The Saturday Night Special – JFK… The final Hours

I stood there on the 6th Floor of the Texas School Book Depository a little over a week ago, looking through the Plexiglas barrier to the Snipers Nest in the corner, looking just as it did when Lee Harvey Oswald left that space. I looked out the window on to the street below. I looked down at the video monitor that plays the computer generated imagery of the Presidential Motorcade and what it looked like from the target angle occupied by a rabble rousing Communist Punk with a Twelve Dollar and Sixty Eight Cent mail order Italian rifle fitted with a Japanese scope. The anger that I felt at that moment had been building since I got to the Sixth Floor. How in the Hell does a Punk like Lee Harvey Oswald put himself at the right place at the right time to take a shot at our President?

It was an easy shot, even for a Marine who made marksmanship qualification by only two points. Many say that the rifle used was as inaccurate a rifle as could be found. There are many things about the assassination of President Kennedy that may never be known but Dealey Plaza was as near perfect a Killing Zone as there could be. People in an opened top vehicle moving at Five Miles per Hour, accelerating to a big Eleven Miles per Hour would be easily engaged by a Sniper in the corner window of the Sixth Floor of the Depository.

Many will say that the Kennedy family is essentially an organized crime syndicate. The Kennedys had their enemies. President Kennedy even displayed lack of character on a number of occasions. He and those around him did save the World from Nuclear War though. He inspired an aggressive exploration of Outer Space. He authorized the robust expansion of U.S. Army Special Forces. He made strategic contributions to the ability of the United States to win the Cold War without mass nuclear annihilation. In spite of his personal failures, in spite of his politics he was a President who had the Country’s best interest at heart.

He also inspired young people to be their best, to reach for the Stars without forgetting to lend a hand to those in need.

He was our President and he respected the Office to which he was elected.

As I looked down on Dealey Plaza I was angry and I was sad. When we fail to properly deal with our Enemies, they will eventually deal with us. The very same element that Lee Harvey Oswald belonged to is, right now as you read this, preparing to engage in acts of imminent violent Revolution as they have all throughout their History. They will be doing it in our Streets again this time. Had they been properly dealt with in the aftermath of the Kennedy Assassination, our world would be a much better place today. What is it about them that we fail to understand after all this time?


Friday Night at the Movies – Walking Tall

imagesFOKJMY0B (2)

It’s a beautiful Friday Night before Thanksgiving Week from sea to shining sea and you have found yourself in the right place at the right time to do some proper relaxation. Redneck Awareness Month has been a wide open, pedal to the metal, howlin’ at the Moon adventure for me. This has been my most active Redneck Awareness Month in many Years but my most enjoyable one in many more years. I hope it has been the same for you.

My trip to the Lone Star State has stirred the bowels of my inner Redneck in such a way that I haven’t previously known. As such I think I should briefly share these things. After all, this is Redneck Awareness Month and there are certain things that Rednecks should be aware of when it comes to the Lone Star State.

I’ll say no more until you have an open beverage in your hand because by the time you are finished reading my very brief remarks you will have become thirsty.

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Freaky Friday Maf

Many have spent their lives determining how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop.

Now we must ponder this…


A Sunday Morning Sermon – Resurrecting Hope

Good morning Revo World. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and as I am travelling home from Texas this morning I could not forget that there is something special to bring here today, as I did last Sunday. As this is the second Sunday of Redneck Awareness Month I find some classic Southern Baptist Preaching on a topic we all know is essential subject matter to the days we are living to be appropriate for this forum.

If nothing else, if you’ve never heard a man from Texas tell a story it’s worth your while to take a listen…

Resurrecting Hope – A Sermon by Pastor Herb Reavis of North Jacksonville Baptist Church

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The Saturday Night Main Event – A Friday Night Main Event

Season’s Beatings to all this second Saturday Night of Redneck Awareness Month. I’ve been enjoying my tour of the Lone Star State. I especially enjoyed my tour of the childhood home of the American Dream Dusty Rhodes and the Dusty Rhodes Museum of the Art of Human Chess as well as the American Dream Pro Wrestling Conservatory in Austin, Texas. There are a lot of Pro Wrestling themed restaurants and gift shops along Dusty Rhodes Drive. It’s the kind of place where any Pro Wrestling Fan would want to visit at least once in their lives.

Regardless of where I may be at this moment, Redneck Awareness Month demands a Saturday Night Main Event… especially if that Main Event features the Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin among many other redneck fan favorites. I know that all the Pro Wrestling Fans on this forum would feel cheated if we had no artistic expression here on a Saturday Night. Therefore I found this episode that has several Redneck crowd pleasing storylines to it that I know everyone, especially RD will enjoy.

So here it is… a Friday Night Main Event on a Saturday Night.

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Friday Night at the Movies – My Name is Nobody

Welcome to the traditional Friday Night Flight. Tonight marks our second excursion into Redneck Awareness Month. Our featured presentation for this evening has been pre-programmed because at the time of this publication, I am underway with some kind of adventure in the Lone Star State. I would never think of leaving the base camp without having made provisions for the escape tonight.

Of course I may have escaped to Mexico by now.

Who knows?

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A Sunday Morning Sermon – Birds of a feather flock together

Good morning Revo World. It is a beautiful Sunday morning. As this is Redneck Awareness Month, I decided to share something special with you this morning.

I have been highly blessed to serve in the Media Ministry of my Church and as such have been working a camera for events at our Church that do include live television broadcasts of our Sunday morning worship service. As such I don’t miss many services but on the particular day the sermon I am presenting this morning was given, I was at home in bed. Little Miss Texas kept me out WAY too late the night before and I was already in a sleep deprived state, so I decided to take the Lord’s Day of Rest seriously.

Now of course I was punished for this by she who deprived me of sleep but one thing that is really bad to try to do is work a camera in a state of sleep deprivation. You will not be able to keep up and it will be immediately apparent. Of course none of this is known unto she who dishes out the punishment but that will not stop the punishment from being dished out.

More below the fold…

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The Saturday Night Main Event – WCW Saturday Night

As part of our Redneck Awareness Month observances, did you really think I could leave this forum hanging out without appropriate entertainment on a Saturday Night? As a Redneck I am fully aware of what makes for great traditional entertainment on a Saturday Night. Now when it comes to watching Pro Wrestling, the Redneck choice was always WCW out of Atlanta. Rednecks did watch WWF but most preferred WCW for as long as it was available.

Tonight we take a little trip back in time with our Saturday Night Main Event.

It’s Saturday Night with WCW…


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Friday Night at the Movies – 100 Rifles


Welcome once again, one and all to the Real Revo International Airport. As always we are offering a free Friday Night Flight to an exotic location in time and space. Tonight we celebrate our first Friday Night of Redneck Awareness Month. This is only the second Year that we have actually observed Redneck Awareness Month together.

Rednecks everywhere enjoy a high degree of physical and social activity during the Month of November. This is the first of a few Months of the Year when a Redneck is at his hollerin’ at the Moon best. As you read this, Hundreds of Thousands of Rednecks across this Country are on their way to or just arriving at their respective Hunting Camps. The debauchery will begin immediately upon arrival.

This may take on several forms…

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Are we already too far gone?

Only God knows.

Today, in the hope that along with the blessings of the Almighty we can still hold this thing together…

Make haste in getting to your polling place today.



Friday Night at the Movies – Halloween Edition

untitled (19)

Spooky salutations to all who haunt this forum on this most frightful evening. I hope that you will all be enjoying this most special fright night to the fullest extent. Here at the Revo’s most Southern LP/OP the sound of screaming children as well as that of many adults have already filled the air. Even now as I perform for the crowd inside of the Driveway of Doom I have begun scheming a way to perhaps offer some live streaming next year. Surely it can be done. I will need multiple cameras and the ability to offer multiple views to the Revo audience.

That is quite enough talk about what to do next year. Tomorrow is for talk like that. THIS most special Halloween Night I have multiple views to offer as well. There could be no single selection for the Year when Halloween intersects the hallowed Revo institution of Friday Night at the Movies. Of the many tasks that have been on the list for this week, the offering I bring to the forum has been a priority. This is something I’ve been trying to finalize for a while.

It’s not as easy as you might think. There is a big, wide universe of horror movies. The universe of Halloween movies is much smaller. The universe of Halloween movies that are available on YouTube is even smaller still. Nonetheless we did find some essential classics here that can carry you through the night or perhaps liven up a party with your selection playing in the background.

Now is the time on the Friday Night Flight when we grab our Broom, hop aboard and take off into the darkness…

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Be a witness to a Crime


Saturday Night Special – A brief moment in History

The 25th of October is always remembered here on the Real Revo because this website has its roots in the Cold War. Specifically, our very name is derived from the term Grenadians have used to describe the time period between March 13th 1979 and October 25th 1983. They call those years “The Revo Years”. Anybody who has been here any length of time knows the story by now of how it all came together and how it all fell apart. Nonetheless, tonight we have something new. Okay, they are 31 Years old so they aren’t exactly new. They are images of the Operation that I’ve known existed all this time but they are images that I have only seen for the first time in all those 31 Years, just this past week. For that reason alone I decided that tonight would be a good night to present these images here.


Now, a brief word about the Grenadian Revolution…

Their Revolution was no REAL Revolution. They got rid of one Tyrant and replaced him with a gang of Tyrants. They used the generalized discontent that was created by having a brutal crazy man running their Country and used it to mobilize well intentioned people to engage in Revolution, being lead by the most evil animals their Nation ever produced. Well intentioned people handed their Country over to Dogs. Actually that is quite an insult to Dogs. Serpents maybe, by way of their educational and career choices. Their “Maximum Leader” as he was called, Prime Minister Maurice Bishop graduated from the same Law School that Bill Clinton did. Many others graduated from prestigious universities in the greater Boston area. They were highly educated murderers. Their whole revolutionary movement, like all Communist movements around the world was a slow rolling disaster from day one.

That’s not a Revolution, that’s going from the frying pan into the fire. It was made worse by the geopolitics of Grenada. Island politics are such that rivalries last Donkey Years, as they say. Some of these rivalries die out only when one side or the other dies out… or is made to die out. The strange thing is that they never really do. There are always survivors and they tend to choose their side of things, their piece of a pie, so to speak. The only thing is that there is only so much pie on an island, the people are part of the pie and for the most part there was no escaping the pie.

That was a big problem in 1983.

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Friday Night at the Movies – Sleepy Hollow Theater

untitled (16)

Welcome one and all to another wondrous Friday Night Flight. This is our Fourth Sortie into Creature Feature Month and tonight we are going Creature Feature in every way. Tonight we get a Creature Feature in Creature Feature format, by way of Sleepy Hollow Theater. This is the Sleepy Hollow Theater presentation of Dracula -VS- Frankenstein.

This is a very rare find. How is that you ask? We have seen several versions of the classic Dracula -VS- Frankenstein battle. Surely there is nothing new to see here. You would be wrong in assuming that. This movie is only known as Dracula -VS- Frankenstein in the United States. It was known under other names elsewhere. Just last week I explained how I was looking for movies featuring the classic characters we associate with Halloween. In our featured presentation this evening we get the essential Four Horsemen of Halloween Movies. We get Dracula, Frankenstein, the Werewolf and the Mummy. These are the creatures that Creature Feature was built on. As an added bonus we get Jack Shadow and crew from Sleepy Hollow Theater giving us all the vital details that make this movie special. This is the classic Creature Feature presentation.

This movie really has it all.

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Pre-Movie Mood Music

A most excellent Creature Feature from 1970 is on cue for tonight.

In the meantime…

If that wasn’t weird enough for you…

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October 23rd 1983… Never to be forgotten

In Memorial…

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Late Night Silliness

Surfing the net after an entertaining Friday Night Flight…

Prepping goes mainstream – Read it HERE

Someone recently asked me about the pile of gear I had stockpiled for my Post-911 EBay store. “About Two Years ago the family had a joint yard sale. I hauled all my spare masks, gloves, boots, protective over-garments and radiological gear out there and one of the first people who stopped by bought everything”. The next thing I heard was. “Man, I wish I knew where I could get some of that stuff right now”. If anybody out there has some old gear stacked up somewhere, now’s the time to clean out the space.


Friday Night at the Movies – Infected

untitled (15)

Greetings creatures of the night. You have once again found yourself here, ready to take another excursion into the darkness of Creature Feature Month. Our Friday Night Flight has been fully sanitized and we will be departing momentarily.

More below the fold…

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A Real-World Survival Scenario

Here’s a little something to engage the mind. Consider this your personal invitation to participate in a mental exercise that is based on a real-world scenario. We talk about the Pockeelypse all the time and the news of the day makes a person think about things a little differently.

If you choose to engage your mind in the scenario, more is below the fold…

More below the fold…


Saturday Night Special – An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe

Never so masterfully told.

Perhaps never again to be so masterfully told.

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Friday Night at the Movies – Beyond the Door

untitled (14)

Welcome one and all on this most special night for our second Friday Night Flight of Creature Feature Month. What makes this night most special? I like to think that the fact that you’re here is pretty special but what makes it even more special is that tonight you have the opportunity of viewing with me for the very first time, the scariest movie I’ve never seen. Oh you just have no idea what effect this movie has had on me as well as a lifelong friend and neither of us have ever seen this movie. That’s how scary this movie is.

So if we’ve never seen it, how can it be scary to us?

This is how…

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Face the Nation outs itself as a propaganda machine

I gave up the Sunday morning talking heads shows Eleven Years ago. I finally found that they were no longer worth the time it takes to watch them. My favorite was the McLaughlin Group. Eventually John McLaughlin insulted my intelligence one too many times, the final straw was to suggest that the victims of the London Subway Bombing should be counted as casualties of War from Iraq.

HERE I read that the propaganda committee at Erase the Nation has edited out all criticism of Dear Leader by Prime Minister Netanyahu on its weekly show.

I’m looking forward to the day when this show and others like it have no viewership anymore.


Some October Saturday Night Frankenstien

1970’s Hard Rock summed up in less than 10 Minutes of greatness.

With Sheila E on the drums and lookin’ hawt.

I think we need some of this right about now.