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A Sunday Sermon

This week I received a highly inspirational e-mail from a fellow Revoista. I thought that maybe I would wait until next week to share it because I suffered from bad insomnia last night and am only now getting out of bed to make this publication and what has been shared with me deserves a more extensive write-up.

Then I decided that was my own vanity directing that decision.

I’ll let what was shared with me speak for itself. It’s a song from a children’s show from the late 70s that was also made into a movie in 2016. The person who shared it with me says that it speaks to him  on a spiritual level. It makes him think of God’s Love for us and maybe something he would say to us all in a song. It is a beautiful song and I’ll just share it with you.

The timing of me receiving this communication speaks for itself to me. This week I’ve been thinking about how much greater God’s Love is for us than the words the English language gives us to describe it. The things we know now are so limited. God has so much more that he is waiting to show us when we pass into eternal life with him.

Grab on to God’s Love today. There are so many ways to do it. Please never take his Love for granted.

At the link below you will find the streaming webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church. The webcast will stream content all day, along with the live webcast of our Sunday Morning Worship Service that starts at 10:45am East Coast time. Please feel welcome to join.

The streaming television webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church is found HERE


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A Saturday Matinee


Friday Night at the Movies Double Freature

Some big names here. I’m surprised that I haven’t found this before now…

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Friday Night at the Movies

Good evening everyone and welcome to the Friday Night Movie. It’s been a great week all in all and now it’s on to an even greater weekend. I’ve got big stuff going on and am going to be busy.

Halloween prep is in full swing. Tearing down of old fence to be replaced with new fence in a few weeks is underway. Pressure washing and painting begin next weekend. Final prep for that begins tomorrow.

Then there’s the wonderful world of Professional Wrestling. It don’t take much to get retarded people like me excited. I can’t believe this silliness. We sold a show last Saturday morning for September 30th. We already have four matches signed, so that’s half the show. It makes me happy to know how well this is going and what that should mean for the talent who is going to travel long distances to be a part of it.

The show will be properly promoted. How do I know? Because I’m doing the promoting and have some incredible force multipliers at my disposal. I’ve got that handled. I’m ready to turn the Bradillac into a Bluesmobile on the morning of the show with me in some wild attire and a bullhorn, standing out of the sunroof as LMT rides me down the beach and around the beach for hours with me running my mouth, selling the show, talking the crowd into the building. I’ve got a vast digital communication network and will have excellent promotional posters all over the place. Gonna get me some bikini girls out with some signage on all points around the bar on the day of the show.

It’s going to be crazy.

The major drama this week has been focused on the camera. Major camera drama. I’ve got to have a camera because I’ve got to have what’s going on in the ring out on the back deck up on the big screen TVs in the bar. It’s got to happen and I don’t have a proper camera yet so there’s major camera drama. Today I finally figured out how I’m going to make all that go away. I have gotten no response from professional media producers here in town that I was willing to subcontract the first show to so that I could concentrate on other things. I have now determined that I will have to do this with my camera, the one I don’t have yet. No problem. I have it picked out. I’ve got a Shrimp Boat Captain who owes me money. Payment is long overdue but he says he will have it next week. See there? Problem solved. I’ve as good as got that money in my hand, a commercial fisherman says so. This camera is as good as paid for.

So the circus life has been entertaining, at least for me it is. I do all this crap for my own personal entertainment, you know this. What is there to explain really? I went to a Pro Wrestling show at a bar at the beach a few months ago, all for my own entertainment. After the show I walked 3 blocks over to the bar where my co-worker Tony works. Told him and his Boss what a great show it was and how many people it drew. Then as a result of intoxication and whatnot I told the owner of the Bar that I could probably get a Pro Wrestling show for his establishment. You know, talking smack. The guy said “Go ahead and start making that happen”. So I did. Now here we are. I’m in the circus again after 12 years on the sidelines. Now I’ve got a show and the bottom line is that all of this has been based on the personal entertainment that I derive from such things. I’m going to do all that is possible to create a great entertainment experience for all who are in attendance but let’s be real, this is all about me. I’ve done a healthy moral inventory of myself and this is what I have been able to determine.

So tonight we’ve got some great entertainment lined up. Sci-Fi Prison Movie starring an actor whose work I always enjoy. It’s gonna be a good one…


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Crazy Texas Stuff

I think this is funny. Driving across just about anyplace in Texas you are going to see weird things. It’s one of the joys that comes with that driving experience. When I see a story like the one I am providing a link to, I think it’s kind of funny.

If I lived in Texas and this was happening next door or involved someone I know, then I might be concerned.

I need to try somethng like this in my neighborhood and see how it goes over.

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Spicer resigns

Personally, I like Sarah Huckabee MUCH better.

“Sources say”… Spicer has resigned from Team Trump – Story HERE

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Aunt Esther has an Announcement

Maxine Waters: I’ll Run For President If Millennials Want Me To


A Tale of Mice or Rats?

They look like Rats to me…

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Freaky Friday Covfefe Report

Good morning Real Revo and welcome to our favorite day of the week, Freaky Friday. The news about Senator McCain and the release of O.J. Simpson from Prison distracted the MSM ever so slightly yesterday but they are back at it this morning. Let’s check it out…

Assinine Beeyotches Covfefe…

See BS…


Mightily Stupid Nothing But Covfefe…

There it is. The week in Covfefe has been collected, presented and is in the archives.

Have a wonderful Freaky Friday!

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest


Has the President asked the Attorney General to resign?

That’s not what he’s done BUT…

The President is reported to essentially have said; “If I knew then what I know now I would have never hired you”.

I actually expect Jeff Sessions to offer his resignation over this. I’m pretty sure that’s what I would do if I were in his position.


The new Back to Africa Movement

Now this is some funny stuff. Here’s a Clown talking to Clowns.

This guy is running for Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida.


Fully stupid story HERE

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More details about Senator McCain’s diagnosis

It is being reported as an aggressive form of Cancer.

McCain takes it like a champ…

“I’ve been through worse”.

Yes, he has.

May God grant him healing. May God strengthen his family to endure this trial.


The Post Office broke the Law

I have no doubt that their battle cry will be “The Unions made us do it”.

Yes, and they will be held accountable… NOT.

They did it for the Clintons. The Law means nothing. Move along.

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A senile woman and a microphone

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Thirsty Thursday Covfefe Report

Good morning Real Revo. It’s hard to believe that it’s already Thursday.

Covfefe is light and predictable today. The MSM is primarily concerned with Senator McCain this morning, as they should be. May God grant him the strength to get through what he’s going through.

So let’s roll with it…


See BS…

Covfefe News Network…

Interesting Note: New media theme evolving. I will call it “Les Miserables”. The President is miserabkle. The President’s family is miserable. Yaya team, we are making them miserable. Maybe they will leave. You see that last story above from CNN, Over at The Hill we have this…

We return you now to your regularly scheduled Covfefe from CNN…

Nothing But Covfefe…


That’s all we’ve got this morning folks.

Have a good day. The weekend is just around the corner.

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Senator McCain needs your Prayers

The Doctors have given him some bad news.

May God grant him strength and healing.

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A great national tragedy was narrowly avoided today


It’s only difficult because they insist that it’s difficult

All they had to do to pass it was get the bribes approved, have meetings in the dead of night and threaten people daily. It wasn’t all that difficult. They made it happen, they can make it un-happen, regardless of how difficult they make it out to be. Try experiencing the difficulties that the voting public faces.


Gingrich states the obvious

Propaganda Networks are passing themselves off as news sources – Numbers don’t lie.

Of course we chronicle this every day now so we are well aware of it.

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North Korea can nuke us BUT…

… they can’t do it accurately.

Oh, what a comfort. I would prefer that nobody be able to light a firecracker in North Korea for the next Thousand years or so.

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I wonder if Fox News has any editors who are awake this morning


Wacky Wednesday Covfefe Report

Good morning Real Revo. We have all made it to Hump Day. The Covfefe is what you would expect given current events in Washington D.C.

Just some outside of Covfefe World commentary, what conservative talk radio I could observed yesterday are all featuring a lot of angry callers. It’s a different kind of angry too. Republicans are being rightly referred to as Liars by their voters. Primary challenge talk abounds. As this festers it should get to be really entertaining. I’m glad to see it.

Okay, lets get started.


See BS…





There we have it, all the Covfefe you can stand on a Wacky Wednesday.

Have a happy Hump Day!


The Last Wish of a Dying Veteran

He would like to hear from you.

If you have the time today, send the man a text message to comfort him as he takes the last steps on this Earth in the long march toward his final objective.

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