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Manic Monday Madness

The First Amendment is under attack in Mississippi.

Call the ACLU in for the rescue. Send in he Clowns.

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A Sunday Matinee – The Atheist Delusion


This is the most important publication I have ever made here or anywhere else over the course of my life. If I were to die today and these were the last words that I would get to share with the Human Race, then I would be most satisfied for all eternity in the knowledge that my last moments on Earth were well spent. This publication is offered as an eternal act of praise to give glory to God for the marvelous things has had done and the way he made good use of a wretched Sinner…

It was another Friday Night in Federal Prison but it was no ordinary night at all. I was doing the things that Inmate Number 12506-018 would normally do only the events that would happen this Friday Night would change my life forever. I do mean that in every sense of the word. Nothing would be the same again for me ever and by that I mean throughout all eternity.

Actually I have been shown recently that my instruction really began at the age of Two Years believe it or not but it was on a particular Friday Night in the Fall of 1991 that something big happened. I was at the weekly Toastmasters Meeting down in the Education Center and the final Table Topic tossed out by the Topic Master was a big challenge… “I’m an Atheist. I do not believe in the existence of God but I know that a lot of people in this room are willing to gamble their lives on the idea that God exists. I want a true believer to do their best to convince me that God exists”. That is quite a challenge and you have only Two Minutes to make your point.

I cowered in the back of the room. I had no idea how to respond to that challenge and knew I stood a good chance of making a fool of myself while doing a great disservice to God if I responded in any way. I sat there and let other people respond. A type of panic began to set in and it seemed like my every nerve ending was on fire. I knew that God was watching me. I knew that God was watching me during all those years that my parents made sure that I was immersed Christian instruction. My Mother was my Sunday School teacher in the Lutheran Church. When she re-married I was 6 years old. She married a Sunday School Teacher in the Southern Baptist Church. With their combined income they could afford to send us kids to Catholic School starting when I was 7 years old. I spent my childhood immersed in Christian instruction and for a while was even a Preacher in our backyard Church, something the kids in the neighborhood enjoyed doing. Everybody got a chance to preach.

Now here I was at 26 years old, sitting in the back of a room filled with Federal Prisoners, paralyzed by the thought that if I did speak it would be a calamity. I mean after all, who was I to talk about such things? I had made a nice mess of my life in spite of all the opportunities I had to do otherwise. Why would anything I had to say be of positive benefit to anyone?

That’s exactly what the Enemy will scream in your ear at a crucial moment in any battle when you are about to get the upper hand if you will just find the courage to move forward into the battle and fight.

More below the fold…


A Sunday Sermon

I hope that everyone is enjoying this beautiful day. It is a good day to be in God’s House. If anyone feels so inclined they can join a worship service by way of this publication.

Every day the news tells of a world that is getting crazier by the day it seems. Here you find rest from that.

At the link below you will find the streaming webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church, if we are able to be up and running today. The webcast will stream content all day, along with the live webcast of our Sunday Morning Worship Service that starts at 10:45am East Coast time. Please feel welcome to join us.

The streaming television webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church is found HERE

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It was a quiet Sunday morning in 1983

It was quiet until an Iranian backed Hezbollah Terrorist detonated a truck bomb at the Marine Corps Barracks in Beirut.

I thank God that I was in South Carolina that morning. I woke up, fixed some Coffee and turned on the news. Minutes later I was tossing my bags in the back of my truck and breaking every traffic law on my way back to Ft. Bragg. I was going to be very busy for a while. What happened during those days in October of 1983 changed the way I saw the world because I got to see Evil face to face back then. It is the same manifestation of Evil that we see in the leadership of our Country today because the American people chose that it should be that way.

As we remember the Marines who died in Beirut on this day in 1983 do not be too ashamed to also remember that our President recently ordered the transfer of 1.4 Billion Dollars to the Enemy of the United States who killed them. We are being handed over to our enemies. It is happening as a result of the choices we make in the voting booth.

Remember the Beirut Marines.


Friday Night at the Movies Double Feature

Vintage John Candy…

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Friday Night at the Movies

Welcome to our Friday Night Movie. Because of recent events I have not been able to render a proper write-up as is my custom during the Halloween Season. Fortunately I have been able to make some very odd movie selections. I think it’s a shame that I missed this one when it hit the theaters… or the fan but we get to enjoy it tonight.

The Halloween Movie Season rolls on…

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I didn’t see the Al Smith Charity Dinner last night

I’m told that I need to look it up and check it out…


Freaky Friday Follies

Obama says that he had nothing to do with the skyrocketing cost of Healthcare… seriously, he said that.

He sounds like a typical street thug standing before a Judge being accused of a crime. “I had nothing to do with that”. He’s probably grown up having used that line all his life. Typical piece of shit behavior and as expected.


Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



Yes, more heads to explode in 3, 2, 1…

Since we are having so much dadgum fun today…


White House to launch community based initiative to turn people from violent ideologies

The Domestic Terrorist entity known as Black Lives Matter is not mentioned.

No Marxists are on the list because Marxists are making the list

Get used to it. Apparently 8 years of this kind of shit hasn’t been enough for us. We need more of it. Vote Hillary or don’t vote at all. Give the Secessionists more to talk about.


I mean… Why not?

I hope that everyone here realizes that this Election Campaign will soon be over. There are 21 days and a few hours left in this glorious battle. What are we going to do with ourselves once this is all over? Fear not. Craziness abhors a vacuum. We will be talking about whatever crazy bullshit that will be going on in the aftermath of election day, same as always. There will be plenty of daily craziness to keep the keyboards of our writers under poundification. Yes, Poundification is a word. You can look it up if you like.

I find that a highly underrepresented view on this forum are those of Minister Louis Farrakhan. Though he is a superstar who has been featured here on numerous occasions, we haven’t had him here lately. So it is with Three Weeks and a few Hours left to go in this election, we will hear his views and how he arrived at them.

Check it out…

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Excellent use of communication skills

Very professionally done. There will be no misunderstanding what is being communicated.


High Score for Armed Robbery Defender

He gets extra points for style here for engaging in a gun battle without ever putting down his cigarette. It’s a smoke shop. He has standards.

Texas style…

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They are what they accuse their opponents of being

Yes, once again we see the Marxist Progressive Left being all that they are and all that they accuse others of being.

They are Terrorists, pure and simple.

Republican HQ in North Carolina Firebombed.


The Media Psyop directed at the Christian Voter

You can always know what they are afraid of by the way they tell a Lie. Every day when I open my web browser and my news feed pops up, I get a good laugh and most times several good laughs. They are terrified of Election Day. I think the most recent news headline that expressed that fear was the one that said that Hillary could win the Election before Election Day due to early voting. Anyway, if it isn’t one thing it’s another and it’s usually pretty entertaining to read.

In the wake of the latest Trump scandal another offensive has begun, both in the mainstream media and on social media. It follows a same basic argument construction that is directed against Christians in all matters. It revolves around Non-Christians telling Christians what it is that they should believe in or do in any given situation. It’s the same old, same old worn out thing.

I recall an article that Jennaaayyy sent me recently written by a Christian voter who explained that their support for Trump isn’t about what he will do once in office. It’s about what he won’t do. He won’t use Federal Regulation to bring legal persecution against the Church. He won’t use the Force of Law to compel Christians to engage in the material support of Evil. He won’t be waging a Culture War against Christian values through his vast network of minions throughout this Country.

Unlike our current President and the history of the current Democrat candidate running for President, he won’t be providing aid, comfort, support and sanctuary to our declared enemies who are putting Christians to death in the most gruesome of ways this very day simply because of their Faith in Jesus Christ.


I searched for the publication she sent me on Google and these are the top results of my search…


(By the way, if you simply put the words Trump and Christian into the search bar, you pretty much get the same results no matter what else you add to it)

Yes, once again we see numerous examples of Non-Christians trying to tell Christians how it is that they should conduct themselves. Their shrill insistence that we see things their way illustrates their exacerbation with the fact that even my former Sunday School Teacher and Lutheran Church Lady for Life Mother still supports Donald Trump for the Presidency. They have cultivated their hatred for the Church over any and all issues. This is just the latest and it’s certainly nothing new. For some reason they believe that we should be taking their advice seriously.

Christians know that all throughout History that God has used ALL manner of highly flawed individuals to do great and mighty things. An examination of the earthly family genealogy of Jesus Christ is a perfect illustration of that. In modern times we see the example of Bashir-al-Assad. Christians in Syria are fighting and dying on the side of his government. The reason for that is very simple. The physical survival of the Christians in Syria depend on them defeating their enemies. Their enemies are our enemies and yet our government is busy providing assistance to them to the extent that it may create a State of War between the United States and Russia. So yes, there is a lot at stake in this election and for the greater good of the Christian Church it is in the interest of Christians everywhere that we vote for a highly flawed and unrepentant sinner. To do so is not to participate in Evil. To not do so is a failure to act within the flawed framework we are given to resist the greatest Evil of our lifetime. I cannot fail to act within that framework. I will use what I am given to fight for a greater good. If it somehow soils my hands I am allowed to have them washed clean in the blood of Jesus Christ.

From the article at the link provided below…

I believe that God both can and will bring good out of evil. For that purpose he needs men who make the best use of everything. I believe God will give us all the power we need to resist in all time of distress. But he never gives it in advance, lest we should rely upon ourselves and not on him alone. A faith as strong as this should allay all our fears for the future. I believe that even our errors and mistakes are turned to good account. It is no harder for God to cope with them than with what we imagine to be our good deeds. I believe God is not just timeless fate, but that he waits upon and answers sincere prayer and responsible action.

-Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Why voting for Donald Trump is not sinful – A VERY good read for the Christian Voter


A Sunday Sermon

It’s a beautiful October Sunday in America. It is a day for the Christian faithful to dedicate to rest and worship. I have many things to be thankful for today. The Lord brought me through a very challenging week. Through it all he has shown me how it is that he is moving my life forward in a positive direction. I count my hardships as blessings because it is through them that he shows his Love. When it seems that he is tearing down something it is simply providing a space wherein he will make something new, something better.

Everyone faces storms and some storms seem very great and overwhelming. God knows how to deal with a storm. He can calm a storm. He can turn a storm. He can use a storm to push someone toward refuge in him. All anyone has to do is call out to God in the midst of their storm and regardless of whatever is going on, God will hear their prayer.

Whatever it is that you need, ask it of him. See first the Kingdom of Heaven and its Righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. He has a storehouse of blessings for your life and he’s ready to pour them out on you in the most wonderful of ways. He has wonderful plans for you, he will show you things too wonderful for you to imagine, exceeding all your expectations. He will give you a future and hope. He will give you life and give it to you in abundance. Ask me how I know.

It is always my hope that someone who reads this publication will find something here that they need. That’s why it’s here.

At the link below you will find the streaming webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church, if we are able to be up and running today. The webcast will stream content all day, along with the live webcast of our Sunday Morning Worship Service that starts at 10:45am East Coast time. Please feel welcome to join us.

The streaming television webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church is found HERE

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U.S. Forces at DEFCON 3?

That is one a news source in the UK says.

If this is correct, the people responsible for it are the very people who say that Donald Trump cannot be trusted with the responsibility of commanding strategic nuclear forces.

All this because the Obama Administration supports the efforts of our enemies to overthrow the government of Bashir al Assad.


Friday Night at the Movies Double Feature

A Werewolf Movie has to be followed by a Mummy Movie…

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Friday Night at the Movies

Welcome to our Friday Night Movie. Due to my current situation a proper write-up was not possible for our movie tonight. Thankfully I had it selected prior to Hurricane Matthew.

We have some Werewolf Action in the house…

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Freaky Friday Follies

Clownspiracy Theories

Some of them are pretty good.

Fear of clowns – coulrophobia, if you really must – is nothing new. But why here? Why now? Haven’t we suffered enough?

Actually, says Robert Bartholomew, it has everything to do with 2016 and how appalling it’s been. The sociologist told Lehigh Valley Live, a regional newspaper in New Jersey, that clown sightings are a reflection of fear and uncertainty in modern society.

See also…

Utterly stupid news from the University of Florida

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



The Table Talk Episode I have been waiting for

It comes with a profanity warning as well.

They let you know up front that they aren’t wanting to cuss but due to the nature of the topic that they may get emotional.

I have not previewed this. I don’t have to. I just want to watch.

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God bless you, Ben


I am highly blessed to have a nephew who became a Firefighter in North Carolina earlier this year. He’s been in some interesting situations already and his first big test is underway right now. He is doing what he was called to do. He’s been interested in other lines of work and while he would have been successful at whatever it is that he might have decided to do, his calling is to be of direct service to others in times of danger.

While I wonder where he is and wonder what he is doing, I know that there are a lot of people who are suffering and need our prayers. Rivers in the State of North Carolina are cresting today and there has already been significant loss of life. Please keep the people who are in this disaster in your prayers.

The latest news from North Carolina


Preach it, Sisters

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