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A Sunday Sermon

It is a beautiful Palm Sunday morning in America. We are enjoying the last of the cool weather and Spring is upon us. The news of the day is likely to rob you of your Joy and so it is that the doors of the Church must be opened as a refuge to the world weary soul.

This Palm Sunday we remember the beginning of the final week of the pre-crucifixion life of Jesus Christ. The greatest act of Love the world would ever know was only a few days away. The Lamb of God who takes away the Sin of the World would fulfill his Mission. That Love will forever resonate throughout the Cosmos and you can be part of it today.

Amazing Love – A message by Pastor Herb Reavis of North Jacksonville Baptist Church

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Saturday Night Special – ISIS: On the Front Line


American Volunteers fighting in Iraq

Nope, these aren’t highly paid contractors working as a mercenary Army. These are Warriors who understand what is required in the War of Good -VS- Evil. They are men of passion. They fight because they know it is the right thing for them to do.

This week it was revealed that several communities in my area have been targeted by ISIS. Within 24 Hours of that revelation a volunteer Army was being formed to go fight them. Interviews for acceptance are being conducted right now. When they get where they are going they will be joining a handful of Americans who have already gone over. The mainstream media caught up with some of them this week…

I love the combat assault tractor.

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Friday Night at the Movies Double Feature

I had never heard of this movie prior to this week as I scoured the web in search of movies. This is a very old Submarine Movie, the oldest I’ve ever seen. Sure. I’ve seen documentaries on Submarines that were older than this but this is the oldest theatrical production. Well I’ve actually only seen part of it thus far. The leading man in this movie is Alan Hale. We remember him as Skipper of the SS Minnow. Not only is this the oldest Submarine Movie you’ve ever seen, this will probably be the youngest version of the Skipper that you have ever seen.

I hope you will enjoy this one…


Friday Night at the Movies – Drive-In Movie Memories

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That was one fine movie we just watched but tonight this is the Real Revo Drive-In Theater and as such movie night will continue after a brief Intermission.

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Friday Night at the Movies – The Atomic Submarine

untitled (39)

Welcome to the Real Revo Drive-In Theater, all you who are out cruising tonight. Why don’t you cruise on in here and park it for a while? The price is right. The net is full of many diversions but a Friday Night Movie is an essential part of an enjoyable weekend.

Our previous Friday Night Flight was a crash and burn for me. I was sure that a movie entitled 2020 Texas Gladiators would be an absolutely awesome movie. Never before had I seen a movie that starts out with a bare chested machete man running and then throwing a knife, sticking it firmly between the eyes of his opponent. I was sure that movie would have to be off the chain fun. I was wrong.

I became aware that I was wrong when my girlfriend notified me that I was wrong.

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Backyard Drive-In

If only I didn’t have other priorities right now. As it is though, I have demonstrated the ability to create a backyard movie theater suitable for large numbers of children with a 400 watt compact metal halide digital projector and a 72 inch screen. I could do a bigger screen than that with excellent image sharpness with that projector. I have a great sound system to go with it too.

That all seems quite meaningless right about now.

I think I want this…

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The Family Drive-In

It was far too brief a period of time when my Mother used to lay a small mattress in the back seat of our 1964 Plymouth Valiant, pack up some sandwiches and snacks, grab a box of Ritz Mosquito Coils, load me and My Sister up and head to the Main Street Drive-In. I saw my first James Bond movie, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service there. I saw 20,000 Leagues under the Sea there. I also remember seeing 101 Dalmatians, Swiss Family Robinson, Lady and the Tramp, Pinocchio, Robinson Caruso. I remember seeing lots of movies at the Main Street Drive-In.

When my Mother was single, money was really tight. When I say really tight… the first time she told me how much money she had left after bills to buy food with each week, she only told me that a couple of Years ago and it caused me to squirt a few tears. I had no idea we were that poor. Nonetheless, every now and then she could afford a trip to the Drive-In on Dollar Car Load night. The Main Street Drive-In had a playground and every now and then they had fireworks. It was an enchanted place.

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Friday Evening Music Videos

The Harbingers of our Friday Night Movie leave little room for doubt regarding the nature of what we will be seeing later on tonight.

As such there will only be two music videos for your consideration and they are as follows…

More below the fold…

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BREAKING NEWS: The Weekend just hit the East Coast

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Reality is inescapable

Progressives as both individuals and as a group effort spend a great deal of time trying to convince others that their life experiences and common sense are very crude tools for dealing with and discerning Reality. They spend a great deal of time trying to explain why what it is that you know to be true and accurate, isn’t. In effect they engage in continual denial of reality.

HERE is a fine example of exactly what I am talking about.

Then Reality shows up…

REALITY always ends up being the exact opposite of what they have explained it to be.

Many Years ago RD Walker published a piece here on this very subject that explained “I can see it as if it had already happened”.

Now we get to see what that Reality looks like.

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Why targeting Rednecks is a bad idea

My City has been in a bit of an uproar since it was learned that ISIS has targeted some communities in our area.

It’s not cool to target Rednecks nor is it intelligent to do so.

Rednecks will end up making a target out of YOU

Of course the Rednecks I speak of are prior service military Veterans with combat experience.


Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



Germanwings Pilots refuse to fly

They say they aren’t flying for “Personal Reasons”.

They say they are concerned about a safety issue concerning a repair to the doors of the nose landing gear.


I’m sure that they are more concerned with the most plausible cause of an aircraft disintegrating in flight and falling for 8 minutes without even being able to get out a Mayday call.


240 Years ago tonight

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Senator Ted Cruz – Imagine


Happy Monday


A Sunday Sermon

Good morning Revo World. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. It is a day that the Lord has made most excellent for worship and rest.

This morning our leaders are working to betray us. Our Enemies are working to kill us. This Sunday morning as is the case with every other day that ever was, God is in control. We have shared a most worthy conversation this week and I believe it is a conversation that will continue. In that conversation I explained why it is that the doors to the Revo Chapel always be open on Sunday morning. This is a hospital for the world weary soul.

I recognize the fact that not all Revoistas are believers. I further recognize that not all believers are accustomed to receiving the word of God in the manner Hollerin’ Herb delivers it. Nonetheless, Pastor Herb is a highly educated man who is ordained and chosen by God to be one of his messengers and in the word he delivers is the Truth. The story of the Gospel ends in Victory over Evil and that is the Victory we fight for every day.

The doors of the Church are open, come on in

A Ray of Hope – A message by Pastor Herb Reavis of North Jacksonville Baptist Church


Friday Night at the Movies – 2020 Texas Gladiators

untitled (35)

Welcome to another exciting Friday night. The weekend is here and so are you. The Real Revo Theater is now open and as you can see from the artwork, we’ve got a real humdinger for you tonight. I’ve been holding off on presenting this one here because it’s just too awesome. We found ourselves in the Lone Star State on our previous Friday Night Flight and I just felt like a return trip is needed.

I want to get back to Texas so bad I can smell it…

More below the fold…


Friday Night Music Videos

Clues as to the nature of our Friday Night Movie…

More below the fold…


Finally Friday

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Freaky Friday Financial Firestorm

A real smarty pants kind of guy says that our current financial situation will end in one of three ways…

Revolution, Taxes or War.

Happy Friday.


Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest

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The Vilde Chaya plots

images (11)

Vilde Chaya. People want to know what a Vilde Chaya is. There are various forms of spelling it. I choose Vilde Chaya because it is spelled more like it sounds when properly pronounced (Vil-duh Hy-yuh). I use it here frequently in hopes of increasing its usage. It is a Yiddish term. I learned it from a former Israeli Commando who I met in Prison. It was a term he used to describe a certain demographic of the inmate population. Literally translated it means “Wild Animal”. It is considered to be a derogatory term, which is why I use it when appropriate. When speaking of the President it is always appropriate.

Here’s the latest scheme that the Vilde Chaya-in-Chief believes will be effective at compromising the security of Israel

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