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Freaky Friday Jibber-Jabber

There is Jibber-Jabber this morning about who Donald Trump may pick as his running mate. I predicted that it would be Gene Simmons, knowing fully that he isn’t eligible to be VP based on his birther issue. Then I thought maybe he will help Mike Tyson get his Rights restored so he could become the VP pick. Thus far I have heard nothing that would support either theory.

The latest talk is that he might pick a registered Democrat for the job.

Hmmm… Democrat or not, I like his resume. If chosen he would become the first Jumpmaster to ever become Vice President. That’s right, I said it. Donald Trump will be our next President if the Secret Service is effective at protecting him through the Election. I think that General Flynn would make a fine choice for VP as well.

More on General Flynn HERE.

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The Battle of Tampa

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



A Sunday Sermon

Last week while I was in Mexico I got to see the way other Americans conduct themselves while vacationing there. For the most part I was highly disappointed. Many of the Americans I encountered seemed too stupid, too special, too soft and too sexually depraved to be of much contribution to whatever community they came from. It was quite an eye opening experience. It further confirmed how there can be no wondering why our Country is in the shape it is in and on a certain path toward its destruction.

No politician is going to fix us. Only the Holy Spirit can heal people of a depraved mind. One person at a time this ongoing national disaster becomes more bearable and eventually turned around. If that is not God’s Will that this Country would be able to avoid its self-destruction then it will be more important than ever that our neighbors should know the Love of God. Time is short. Do what you can to bring others to rescue. Share the Love of God with them.

At the link below you will find the streaming webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church. The webcast will stream content all day, along with the live webcast of our Sunday Morning Worship Service that starts at 10:45am East Coast time. Please feel welcome to join us.

The streaming television webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church is found HERE

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Friday Night at the Movies

Here’s one I haven’t heard of before and it looks like it’s going to be pretty good. There are some big names here. The story line begins in the Southwest Pacific in the Spring of 1942.

Welcome to Friday Night.

Let the good times roll…


Mexican Karaoke Night

I can now count myself as among those who have sang Karaoke in Mexico while wearing a Luchador’s mask. I had to lay down some Grand Funk Railroad, talkin’ bout my babeh, she’s some kind of wonderful, talking’ bout my baybeh, she’s some kind of wonderful. My baybeh was some kind of wonderful dancing to her man’s musical dedication while also wearing a Luchador’s mask. That’s just one thing that makes her some kind of wonderful. Can I get a witness? Can I get a witness?

I am also proud to say that I sang backup for an excellent Mexican Karaoke singer whose name I will never know. He and his girlfriend/wife sang very beautifully together. Most of those love ballads were sad but not all. Regardless, every song they sang was about Love.

Here’s the one I sang back-up on that I clearly have heard somewhere in one of my previous lives and will one day have polished enough to do on my own…

Then came a young American Borracha in Daisy Dukes who made her musical contribution to the evening. She was very popular among the young men in the bar. Until that night I never knew this song existed. I know that in order for some girl to be singing it in a Karaoke Bar that it had to be several years old and sure enough it is. The words were projected up on several screens so that everyone can see them. I felt very bad for that girl who was singing this song but I have no doubt that she had a great night.

Mexicans sing about Love.

Americans sing about… this…

More below the fold…


Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



Therapist Bird


LMT has a serious fear of Birds. She is just uneasy around them, even if they are perched. If they are flying around and making noise, her sense of unease becomes fairly heightened. As we were walking to breakfast last Saturday morning, enjoying the panoramic view of the beach and the Caribbean Sea, a Mexican Black Bird swooped in from on high, down on to the back of another smaller Bird on the ground. LMT freaked out and screamed “Oh no, he’s attacking that other Bird, stop him”. The aggressor Bird paid absolutely no attention to her threatening gestures as I explained “Baby the bird is just getting laid, leave him alone”. A few seconds later he dismounted and looked at us like we were stupid, then he flew away.

“I can’t believe that just happened. What kind of Bird is so brazen as to just swoop in and act like that in front of people”? I explained that it was a “Therapist Bird” and that’s they way they act. “Well I’ve never heard of a Therapist Bird”. I said that because we were staying in such a nice place we don’t want to call that Bird by the name that sticks… The Rapist Bird. I said that in order to maintain social stealth that we should simply refer to them as a Therapist Bird until such time that we discover it’s actual local name.

Go check out Drudge. Trump is going supposedly going to accuse Bill Clinton of being a “Therapist” tonight on the Hannity Show. This just gets funnier by the day.

Definite Monkey Shit Fight coming up.

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Now for a good laugh

As America descends into a Hell of its own making, let’s not forget to laugh at things along the way.

I have recently overheard the most stupid of conversations from two Bernie Sanders supporters who were obviously trying to figure out who pitches or catches once they got to the hotel room. They are a bunch of idiots of the lowest order. Nonetheless, I like what they are contributing to this race…

… and that is PANIC.


A Sunday Sermon – Don’t become a Victim of your own Bullshit

Four Years ago today I was unemployed. It was a direct result of falling victim to my own Bullshit. I had been writing here for around Four Years already, living up to the name I publish under. I was trying to passionately express myself to others so they would understand, appreciate and come to express themselves to others about these days that are playing out before us now and how to avoid them. I found many ways to tell people about these evil Bolsheviks who are running our Country now who do their best to destroy it and who seek to continue to do so.

Hard times began to bite in 2009 and as time went on the ongoing domestic menace displayed their willingness to break the Law. It was then that I decided that I owed them no allegiance and began to break the Law myself. It is what I talked myself into over time, combined with deteriorating economic conditions. Having a history of spectacular lawlessness when a situation so required it, it was not a big leap for me to engage in an unlawful covert operation (that didn’t break any of the 10 Commandments… until right there at the end when it nearly killed me) for fun and profit. It was something I talked myself into and talking smack on this very forum made it even easier. I could go back and read it as many times as I like and even edit it for further effect. It’s amazing what you can rationalize doing that. I had fallen victim to my own Bullshit. This resulted in the loss of my health, the loss of my job and the near loss of my home, my Dogs, everything that seemed to matter to me at the time, including my life.

That was Four Years ago. Today I’m down on the Mayan Riviera in Playa del Carmen, rubbing elbows with heavy hitters and the sales end of a well known national company that I understand is worth almost 100 Billion Dollars. I don’t know but I could find out but I don’t really care. The only numbers I have to worry about are mine and I don’t even worry about them. I know that God is going to take care of me. I didn’t even want to go on this trip because even though it’s an “all expenses paid” trip to an all inclusive resort, I’ve had to put out some cash that I would have rather spent balancing the books and preparing for the Pockeelypse. Regardless, the big boys want to pick the brains of the top 5% of the sales force of the company and that’s where I landed at the end of 2015.

I got from I was to where I am because God chose to bless me that way once I came crawling back into his house as a repentant sinner who had fully given up on the deceptions of my own Bullshit and chose to seek after the Lord God with all of my being. He said that he has wonderful things to show me, that which I do not know. I never saw any of this coming but once I knew His promises then it should have come as no surprise. Now I wouldn’t trade the lumps on my skull for anything because I always got them in a spectacular way that taught me a lot and drew me closer to God, My Mother has a different opinion of those lumps on my head but Mother’s Day was last Sunday.

There’s a lot of Bullshit flying around these days. Don’t become a victim of it. It is oh so easy to become a victim when the Bullshit is your own. Sometimes you like the smell of it so much that you get carried away, aren’t careful and that’s when you slip and fall. The stuff other people create is bad enough but one way or another everybody creates their own.

The only way to not become a victim of your own Bullshit, whatever it may be, is to know the Truth. That is why this weekly publication exists. It brings you the unadulterated Truth each week. The news of the day will be full of Bullshit but at this time and on this day there will be Truth. Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled.

At the link below you will find the streaming webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church. The webcast will stream content all day, along with the live webcast of our Sunday Morning Worship Service that starts at 10:45am East Coast time. Please feel welcome to join us.

The streaming television webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church is found HERE


The Saturday Night Special

Our Lucha Libre Weekend continues with El Santo -VS- The Vampire Women.

(The English version incorrectly scripts this as Samson -vs- The Vampire Women)

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Friday Night at the Movies

Revoistas, as you read this I am in search of Lucha Libre on the Yucatan Peninsula.

The movie that follows features the most revered of all the Luchadors who have ever existed. He is El Santo. In the movie that follows you will see him take on Zombies. No, this movie isn’t in English. Who needs English? It’s easy to see what is going on here. The greatest Mexican Wrestler of all time is going to take out a bunch of Zombies. What’s not to understand?

Hopefully I will have found time to make this a late show, having found a more suitable feature presentation but if not I know you will enjoy this anyway. I was getting into it before I had to quit watching and try to prepare for this trip. The first group of Zombies are wearing some kind of uniform and they don’t look very undead. Who cares? They are Mexican Zombies and El Santo is going to take them out. If you know Spanish you will love it and if you don’t you will still get it. I really wish we could be watching Wrestlemaniac starring Rey Misterio Sr. as we have in the past but sadly it has been removed.

Nonetheless El Santo was is the greatest masked Luchador of all time and he is in the house taking on Mexican Zombies.

I don’t always watch movies about Mexican Wrestlers but when I do I’m FAR from sober.

Stay loose my friends and I will try to return next week having not been robbed of any of my vital organs…

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest

As I am travelling abroad this morning I find this photo to be muy interesante…



Is this how the United States will end?

I certainly think so. I say this as an outsider to the ever growing secessionist movement. I think it is inevitable for a number of reasons. The first is most obvious. The Federal Government has become intolerable. Secondly and most importantly, the cost of the Federal Government is not sustainable. A Soviet style breakup seems inevitable. This is one of the reasons why with each passing day I care less and less about who gets elected to any Federal Office. The Federal Government is a Clown Show that isn’t in the least bit funny. It will come to an end of its own accord.

Still, in several States this has become a political cause and once one State goes their own way, many more will follow…

Texas Republicans to vote on a Secession Resolution.

For those who suggest that we take up arms to be free I say lift your arm and look at your wrist watch. It’s just a matter of time. Time will be much more effective at lifting our yoke than bullets will be. Let time do the heavy lifting.


Another Threat to World Peace

Hmmm… The global threat of the day seems to be along the lines of citizens rebelling against the machine.

There’s a lot of that going around these days.

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The Secretary of State campaigning for Trump?

It sure sounds that way.

What a moronic display of lack of self awareness.

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Manic Monday Madness

The Obama Administration has hit a new milestone for inviting a massive attack by our Enemies.

It won’t be long before we pay a heavy price for electing an Enemy of the United States to be President of the United States.

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A Sunday Sermon for Mother’s Day

The greatest manifestation of God’s Love for me has always been and will always be my Mother. She has always loved me even when nobody else did. Even yesterday her pick to win the Kentucky Derby was Gun Runner. She said there was no way she could have picked another horse for that race.

It was a couple of years ago when I was going through some personal items that I found an envelope with my name on it, written in My Mother’s handwriting. It was a thick envelope and I couldn’t recall what it might have been. It was something my Mother gave me in 1994. It was instructions on what to do and how to do it, in the event of her Death. It told me where to find the things I would need to find in order to make things go as smoothly as possible. Everything was typed up nice and neat. At the end of the instructions came the final words she had for me in this life, hand written.

She said; “I have always loved you and I will love you forever. Please make sure that I see you in Heaven”.

She gave me her Love when she brought me into this world. She gave me her Love to get me through this world. She gave me her Love as the means that would guide me toward a positive destination throughout all eternity. God blessed me with a Mother who would never quit loving me. That blessing comes second only to giving me a Savior who loves me even more than my Mother. I am fortunate to be able to sit next to her in Church this morning to honor her as we worship our Creator together.

This publication today gives honor to God as I honor those final instructions from my Mother.

At the link below you will find the streaming webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church. The webcast will stream content all day, along with the live webcast of our Sunday Morning Worship Service that starts at 10:45am East Coast time. Please feel welcome to join us.

The streaming television webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church is found HERE

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The Saturday Night Special

He got into politics because an elected official murdered his Dog.

I can respect that.

Here’s the true story of some SERIOUS Texas Bullshit Artistry…

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Friday Night at the Movies

No big opening statement tonight, in honor of this movie and what it represents.

A Congressman with guts was once able to change the World.

That is all…

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The Prince Files – Conclusion

Before you lose your ever-lovin’ cotton-pickin’ minds I will tell you right now that this publication has very little to do with Prince. It has more to do with the epiphany that I had as a result of bringing that stunning series of publications to this forum. The readership found them to be so stunning in fact, that most people were simply unable to comment.

What I learned is that there are a lot of really, really crazy people out there. Of course they don’t think so and they didn’t just get there overnight. Nonetheless, the people we saw in those videos are far more common than we might want to believe.

The most stunning thing to see was that within maybe 8 hours of Prince’s death, a host of far flung conspiracy theories were already out there and more were developing. Within 24 hours of his death, highly detailed videos were published that featured lots and lots of research were published to YouTube. A massive effort was put forth to inform others of the most sinister of conspiracies and others laid out what it means for the future. What is it that drives such an effort?

The Death of Prince is just one single, isolated event. There is a conspiracy theory for just about every historical event that there is. There are several conspiracy theorists for each conspiracy theory.

Who are these people? What do they, those who aren’t Alex Jones, do to support themselves? They walk among us, assuming that they actually leave the basement/bomb shelter.

More below the fold…

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A happy thought for the day

This week I was asked if voting for the lesser of two Evils is sinful. That is a complex question to answer because it is worth considering if failure to do so may be sinful. By my reckoning, if you knowingly and willingly give support to Evil, you become a participant in that Evil. Then there is the case of the Christians in Syria who are fighting and dying to defend the government of Bashir al Assad. I don’t believe they are being sinful in doing so.

Here’s a little something to cheer up those who think that they are stuck in the position of having to choose the lesser of two evils in November…


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Freaky Friday Follies

FOX Carolina 21


Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



The morning after

Good morning everyone. This place was a little sad last night when I went to bed and this morning I have decided to do something, ANYTHING to turn those frowns upside-down. I am going to have to take you back in time. It couldn’t wait until Throwback Thursday.

I had planned on holding off on this trip back in time until the Republican Convention. This journey takes us back to two different stops in the year 2009. The first stop is in October of 2009 and there you find a link that takes us back to January of the same year. Both of these places in time offer interesting insight to the point I’m trying to make.

At your first stop, October 21st 2009 you will find some frustrations expressed that have affected the outcome of the 2016 Republican Primary. When you take the hyperlink to your next stop you will land on January 19th 2009. You will again see some frustration directed at the Republican Party by a life-long Republican. Those things are old news. We have all expressed the same frustration from time to time.

I would like to draw your attention to the hyperbolic silliness expressed, specifically in the January publication. In it I laid out all the things that were likely to happen as a result of electing a Communist Revolutionary to the Presidency. Some of them came to pass and some of them didn’t but at that time looking forward to the days we are living, I expected a MUCH higher body count by now. The bottom line is, I thought that things would be a whole lot worse today than they actually are. That’s not saying that things are great. That’s not saying that I don’t think the Pockeelypse could be just around the corner. It’s just not here yet.

It is easy to see the future in a negative light when all we do is read and comment on the news. Speaking for myself, putting my fears in writing too often affected my mental well being in a negative way. Making such an emotional investment in such writing caused me to fall victim to it even harder. I started really believing my own BS and that accelerated my woe to the point where I started making some desperately unwise decisions in my life because I thought I had to.

The point of this publication is to say that no matter how bad we think things are going to get, specifically as a result of politics, things might not turn out to be as bad as we imagined.

Now then, flashback to October 21st 2009…

Another open letter to the Republican Party