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This is what happens when the Easter Bunny gets angry


There comes a time when even the Easter Bunny has had all the abuse that he can silently endure. I spoke with him earlier today to get a recap of a local Easter Egg Hunt that didn’t go quite the way anyone had planned. In this particular instance there were quite a few liberal/progressive GCPAL’s (Godless Communist Presidential Ass Lickers) to be in attendance and the Easter Bunny was feeling a little anxious about the whole thing. I have the same issue at some of my family gatherings, which is why I always carry my Tomahawk to such events. I understand exactly how the Easter Bunny feels when having to deal with the public menace at large.

The Easter Bunny didn’t have a Tomahawk but he did have some alcohol on hand and he began to self medicate with it before the guests arrived. After the initial dosage began to take affect he became inspired. Easter Egg Hunt 2014 would be different from the rest. Years ago the Easter Bunny decided to go with plastic eggs in lieu of the colored hard boiled eggs of days gone by. The undiscovered eggs do eventually get located by way of smell. Unless Mom makes egg salad a LOT of eggs will go to waste. Nowadays they aren’t exactly cheap either. Plastic eggs are much better because they are reusable and no kid I know wants to eat hard boiled eggs for two weeks. They would rather have plastic eggs loaded with goodies on the inside. In this case they were to be loaded with gourmet Jelly Belly jelly beans, a favorite of children and adults alike. That’s what happened with most of the plastic eggs but not all.

As I said, THIS Easter Egg Hunt would be different.

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Something I’ve learned about Love


Tomorrow is Resurrection Sunday and in honor of Almighty God I would like to share something that I’ve recently learned.

This past Friday night I mentioned that over the course of the previous year I’ve learned a lot about the nature of the Love that God has for us all. It came in the way of a couple of mighty revelations that I have been given to ponder. I’m going to try to honor God by explaining what I’ve learned in the best way I know how and I hope that you won’t think I’m crazy for doing it.

It was a little over a year ago when I joined a fellow co-worker in ministering to homeless people in a park in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. I joined that effort for the sole reason of expressing my thanks to God for sparing me from becoming homeless myself just a couple of months prior. I didn’t do it seeking any reward or out of vanity. It was all about expressing Thanksgiving.

One morning my co-worker had to take one of his children to the Doctor, so it was up to me to deliver more than just Orange Juice that day. I’ve told this story previously but because of my most recent revelation I have to tell it again. I never worried about what I was going to do with the opportunity that was put before me. I knew that I would go to Fifth Chapter of the Book of Matthew and simply read the words of Jesus Christ to his Church.

This was not something I had ever done before and yet I knew that it was going to be exactly what I was going to do in the Park that day, long before that day began. I had no idea what would happen next. I still have a hard time accurately describing it.

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The Saturday Matinee – 180

I saw this movie for the first time on Good Friday 2013. It made an eternal impact on me, in a very positive way. The first two topics discussed are topics with which I was and am, very familiar. What I clearly wasn’t familiar with was the third topic discussed. What I wasn’t familiar with is seeing myself for who and what I really am… or was a little over a year ago now. What happened last Good Friday, after I watched this movie was that I became incredibly aware of how even though I’ve called myself a Christian all my life, I had spent most of it living a life that was entirely offensive to God. I decided that the old me had to die and because of that, last Easter Sunday a new me was born again.

Someone who loves me asked me a couple of Months ago how things were going for me and I said; “I feel like I’ve been given a new life”. That’s because I have been given a new life. My every day is filled with mighty blessings. No longer am I held captive by the kind of fear that was once generated and easy to succumb to as a result of the Evil that this Nation lives under. I have been made to be more than a conqueror because I’ve surrendered myself to the Will of God through the gospel of Jesus Christ, making myself available for use in the work he appoints me to do.

There are certain movies that I will only watch this time of year. This is one of them. It’s about changing the heart of a Nation, one soul at a time.


Friday Night at the Movies – Passion of the Christ

I know that this has been our Good Friday Night Movie since we started doing Friday Night at the Movies but there is no more appropriate movie for Good Friday Night than this one, otherwise it would have been published here already.

I have always described this movie as the greatest Love Story that Hollywood ever put to film. It is about the greatest Love Story that has ever existed. It is about the oldest Love Story there is, a Love Story that is ongoing and this very Love Story is one that you and I are a part of. Even though I have known this Love Story all of my life, I learn more about it each day. Since the last time I published this movie here I have learned some very incredible things about how God loves his children. I had hoped to try to share that story with you around Easter time and haven’t been able to fully express myself in a way that can be understood. I’ll not try to tell you what I’ve learned during this observance of Good Friday.

One way that I try to express the Love that God has for us to someone who is going through hard times is by sharing his words with them. The words I choose were given to us by Jesus Christ in the Sermon on the Mount. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and its Righteousness and all these things (Blessings you are seeking) will be added unto you”. The response I often hear, almost word for word is “Yeah, I know. I’m trying to get my act together. I just can’t go through the doors of a Church with my life the way it is now. I need to come into God’s house when I have something more to offer”.

What is it that you have to offer God? He created the Cosmos. The Stars in the Heavens are more numerous than all the grains of sand on all the beaches on this planet. What is it that you have to offer that he doesn’t already have? What is it that he can’t have unless you give it to him?

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Instant Justice

I would love to see many, many more stories just like this one…


Friday Night at the Movies – Five days of War

lnpLuzx (2)M

Welcome once again to another Friday Night Flight. Just when I thought I would have to break from the loose theme I’ve had going in the lead up to Holy Week, I find a movie that can actually fit in. It was getting fairly close to show time and I still had no idea what it was going to be. There is power in waiting for the correct selection to take shape instead of allowing yourself to get in a panic and end up showing something like Octoman again.

It was tough this week. I just couldn’t find the right movie and wasn’t going to risk a miscalculation. I thought I had made the correct selection. It was one that can’t possibly go wrong. It was a Shark Movie. You can never go wrong with an obscure Shark Movie.

Then I found this one.

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In Theaters April 16th

A true story. I first heard the story during a talk radio interview. It gave me goose bumps. I bought the book in 2012. This is a story worth knowing and this is a movie worth seeing.


Friday Night at the Movies – Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another Friday Night Flight, our first in the Month of April. Last Friday night our flight took a slightly ecclesiastical turn with Invasion of the Space Preachers as both an Escape from March Madness and a transition over to the Lenten lead up to the Easter Season. It is a challenge to find suitable movies for this time of the year but somehow it all works out.

There’s not much that I really need to say about our presentation this evening as no doubt many here are familiar with this cinematic masterpiece. I pretty much do not do British Comedy here because it’s… as Monty Python explains, it’s rather silly. Nonetheless, I’ve seen this movie more than once and in each instance I was feeling rather silly myself. I’m sure that the same can be said of many of you.

It was a messenger who appeared in my GMail Inbox who spoke to me first, explaining; Lo, this movie had been made available to me.

Then a very few days later the World learns of THIS

In light of these events there is no other movie choice that could possibly be made.

There is no need for an extensive write up here. Fasten your safety belts. Our Friday Night Flight takes us to Camelot… until we change our minds because it’s rather silly there.

Bass Ale and Scotch Eggs will make for suitable accompaniments tonight.

It’s time for Monty Python and the Holy Grail…


The Sunday Matinee – Noah

Yesterday evening I decided to go see a movie. There are quite a few new movies in the theaters right now but only there are two in particular that are generating a lot of discussion. As I got to the box office I saw that the multiplex cinema had dedicated several of its theaters to the showing of the movie that has Russell Crowe playing the role of Noah. I wasn’t there to see that movie. I was there to see the other movie that people are talking about right now, the title of which is God’s not dead. I was told that I might have a hard time finding a seat but that some would be available down close to the screen. Sure enough, the theater was packed and I was pleasantly surprised to see that most of the crowd was young people. I really enjoyed the movie but what I enjoyed even more was seeing other people enjoy the movie. There were a lot of moments of spontaneous audience applause.

Then I decided that maybe I should make some time this weekend for Noah as well.

I’ll go ahead and inform you in advance that what you are about to watch may be instrumental in ushering in an incredible transformative change in your life. I say this because it was on March 29th of last year that I watched a presentation that is made by the very same people who produced the show that follows and it had a profound impact on me. It made me very uncomfortable. A couple of days later when I arrived at Church early on Easter Sunday morning I received some shocking news. That news also made me very uncomfortable. That news had our entire congregation in a state of shock but it also had the effect of making people even more receptive to the message that Pastor Herb came from the pulpit with.

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Friday Night at the Movies – Invasion of the Space Preachers


Welcome aboard our final Friday Night Flight of Escape from March Madness Month. The end of the first business quarter has arrived with the frantic lead up to the final numbers. January was good, February was horrible and March couldn’t make up its mind (weather related) but in the end didn’t turn out bad. For my particular group it appears to be the best 1st quarter in 5 years. The final numbers will be done at midnight tonight and we will see them all on Monday.

It’s Friday night and now it’s SHOWTIME!

I am here to tell you that somehow, some way I have come up with an appropriate movie of Escape that takes us to another place that causes us to put behind another brutal week on the grind. Who here doesn’t enjoy making a Friday night escape that literally puts the every day world in the rearview mirror? I absolutely love packing a vehicle on a Thursday night so that I will be fully ready to escape the world immediately upon the arrival of quittin’ time on Friday.

Our movie tonight is about a couple of friends who escape the monotony of their Life ala Suburbia and head to the great outdoors.

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Friday Night at the Movies – The Class of Nuke ‘em High


Welcome aboard the Friday Night Flight for our third departure to an exotic destination in Escape from March Madness Month. Things have become as tense in the workplace as I anticipated with one week remaining in the first business quarter of 2014. The weather has taken its toll on business and there may yet be a couple more cold snaps between now and Easter.

Earlier this week the MSM published a statistical observation of a behavioral anomaly that indicates a need for Escape from March Madness Month.

Though the cold weather isn’t over, Spring is springing in Northeast Florida. The Azaleas are already in full bloom out in the yard and I await the noisy arrival of hungry Robins. Large Black Drum are making their annual trip into the St. Johns River. Soon we will have the arrival of Whiting on the beach, who began their journey to Florida from the British Isles. Regardless of what the news of the day proclaims, there are good things going on.

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Friday Night at the Movies – Leprechaun’s Revenge

Welcome to the Friday Night Flight. This the 2nd Flight of Escape from March Madness Month and yet it is related to a big day in the Month that we will be observing this coming Monday. I went looking for some good Irish movies but instead I found this… little gem of a movie about St. Patrick’s Day.

Here’s what I know about this movie…

It’s about St. Patrick’s Day in Louisiana and it’s scary. For some reason I am automatically inclined to believe that in Louisiana, St. Patrick’s Day would be scary. I just don’t associate the State of Louisiana with anything remotely Irish. I’m thinking that maybe since Mardi Gras is barely over that there shouldn’t be another holiday observance that has anything to do with alcohol following along closely behind. I just don’t think that’s smart.

Here’s another thing I know about this movie. The somewhat scary thumbnail image that appears here before you press play, an image that was chosen by the publisher of this movie has nothing to do with the movie itself. I don’t know why that image was chosen. It really has nothing to do with St. Patrick’s Day. When I think of St. Patrick’s Day, my mind goes back to the days when the Sisters of Mercy of Ireland were preparing me for life from my desk at St. Patrick’s Catholic School. I’ll let you know that there were plenty of times when that was quite scary. It was there that I met lifelong friends, some of whom I would share a Federal Indictment with.

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Friday Night at the Movies – The Warriors

We have come to yet another glorious Friday night together, our first in the Month of March. This is the last Month in the first Business Quarter of the Year. Businesses are in a mad dash to bring up their numbers from a shaky January and the Month of non-stop Winter storms that was February. The numbers are low and the projections are high. Each Friday night will bring blessed escape from the madness. Sometimes having a thematic Month feels a bit restricting and I really feel the need to go freestyle this Month.

Then I thought… March Madness. Go with absolutely crazy stuff all Month. Yeah, that’s never been tried before. How original.

Anyone who has actually experienced the Basketball version of March Madness from within the confines of a Prison has a natural dislike for the term. Please try to imagine what that’s like for just a moment. No, you’re not doing it right.

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Unforeseen Circumstances in Connecticut

Yeah, that whole mass confiscation of assault rifles we’ve been talking about…

Just pretend that we never really intended on doing all that.

Yeah, yeah… that’s the ticket.


How to be in control and still look like Punks

THIS time I’m not even talking about Democrats!

Unarmed Ukrainian Airmen meet armed Russian Infantry.

Who looks more frightened?


Friday Night at the Movies – Brotherhood of Death

Welcome once again to another glorious Friday Night Flight on the Real Revo. Tonight is our final Friday night in Blaxploitation History Month and I’m actually very glad for that fact. I know that sounds crazy because Blaxploitation is a genre of movie that I cannot get tired of. Everyone knows this.

What I’m tired of is how The Man has gotten in on our action. There used to be some awesome movies available on YouTube that were of the Blaxploitation genre but not anymore. Nobody seemed to care about copyright infringement until we started featuring Blaxploitation Films here regularly. Now various websites charge money to see them online. The Man done gone and bought the rights to those movies. Once again the black man is exploited for the enrichment of whitey. See how the system works? I’m ready to burn something. That’s right and I know what you’re thinking but I’m talking about burning tires, throwing Molotov cocktails, flipping cars over and torching them, taking the fight to The Man.

So you see, the harder The Man pushes down on me, the harder I pushes back. I gots to. Ain’t no other way ’round it.

Can you dig it?

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An open letter to black NFL players

As today is the last day of Black History Month and the last evening of our own observances of Blaxploitation History Month here on the Revo, I am taking this time to address an issue that is arising in the NFL. If there is ever an “issue” that can distract us from the ongoing national disaster and make us laugh, it’s noteworthy. Whatever could I be talking about in this case? It is the discussion going on with the NFL shot callers to introduce a new rule to the game. The rule sanctions a 15 yard penalty against the team that has a player who uses the word “Nigger” on the playing field. I’m sure that even if somebody is on the sidelines and uses the word, they they can earn a 15 yard penalty for their team as well.

I am also sure that I am not the only American whose initial reaction to this news was laughter. First of all, until now I had no idea that there exists a problem with the use of this word by players on the field. It doesn’t take much intellectual energy to realize that when you have large, fast moving men who are motivated to beat you into the ground, there will be a desire to say whatever comes to your mind as you watch the stars in your eyes circle around. In play after play you find yourself against the same opposing behemoth, it is quite understandable that there will be heated verbal exchanges.

Initially I was pretty sure that the NFL is being pretty stupid in making this an issue in a sport that isn’t supposed to be concerned with… such things.

Then I got to thinking about it. It actually makes perfect sense. Actually it is fairly brilliant but also easily defeated, should it become a nuisance.

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Friday Night at the Movies – Livin’ Large

Good evening one and all and welcome to another excursion into the dark side during Blaxploitation History Month. It’s been an exhausting week in so many ways. As such our Friday Night Flight will take a slight deviation to a more comedic destination.

My intention had been to bring a true Blaxploitation film that some consider to be the best of the classics. The super heroes of the movie were (and remain) well known to the viewing audience and their characters were fully developed when the movie was made. The clothes were the top of the line styles of the mid 70′s. The villain and his army were universally detestable and even wore uniforms with berets or fancily painted helmet liners from back in the day when the military wore steel helmets. It is one of my prized movie possessions but has now been removed from YouTube. Jim Brown, Fred Williamson and Jim Kelly… Those guys were larger than life back in the day. I really wanted to bring them here tonight but as the week came to an end I was in the mood for something else.

I’ve had a great week (still digesting all I learned) but tonight I just need to laugh. Our movie tonight does use elements of classic Blaxploitation but this is from the “New Jack” era and is more of a comedy than an action movie. I selected it because of how it starts out. It absolutely cracked me up.

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Friday Night at the Movies – Valentine’s Day Movie Madness

Welcome one and all to a very special Friday Night Flight into the world of Love as we who have nothing better to do this evening seek the hottest entertainment venue on the net. Seek no more, for this is the place. I bumped up our Friday Night Flight by one hour due to the multiple destinations we will encounter. Tonight is kind of special.

It amazes me to know how many men totally hate this day and dread its arrival every year. Then again, maybe it ain’t our fault that so many of us are conditioned to… not be able to enjoy this day in the proper manner. Earlier this week at Church the Minister to the Singles Department commented that a lot of us may be feeling a little miserable today. To this I responded; “Now there’s the mark of a happily married man. I didn’t quit being miserable on Valentine’s Day until after my wife left me”.

This Valentine’s Day has not been a miserable one. It has been a little exhausting having so many stops to make to try to see as many of my ladies as I’ve needed to see today. Fortunately I’m able to roll it into a weekend event. The ones I have to put off until Saturday to see are the ones who got the text message today that explained that I have Diarrhea, am nursing Imodium and will have to see them tomorrow. Nobody wants to have a man with Diarrhea coming to see them on Valentine’s Day. It works every time its tried, so write that one down fellas. Sunday rollovers are told that I have to work on Saturday.

This is due in part to Polar Vortex “Pax”. I was to be leaving for customer sales calls in the Carolinas on Wednesday night. I would have been in Fayetteville N.C. on Thursday morning to see a customer as well as a sweet little thang who hasn’t seen me since 1986. She would very much like to see me again. I can’t even get out of my home State and escape. This week alone I have received Hundreds of text messages from ladies throughout the Southeastern United States. What is causing all this?

It is a naturally occurring phenomena, one that has been discussed here before though not in quite a while. It will be discussed here again. The phenomena is known as Biomagnetic Pulse, commonly referred to as BMP.

During the past week an unforeseen series of events caused me to generate and release a BMP of incredible magnitude.

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Valentine’s Day Alter-Ego Award Ceremony

It has been quite a while since the last Revoista Alter-Ego Award was presented. It is a rather bizarre award that I invented. This award has its roots in CPAC 2012. Awards were given to the major speakers at the event which I lovingly referred to as “Conservamania”. Then I realized how such an award could elevate the Revoista from an existence as text on a computer screen to more of an action figure type of status. The pool of available Alter-Egos is comprised of WWE Superstars both past and present. Some think it is twisted and yet others think it to be retarded, moronic or the creation of the mind of an imbecile.

Many here have been the recipient of this most prestigious award. RD received the Bobby “The Brain” Heenan award, Jim22 received the Hacksaw Jim Duggan award, Notamobster was awarded the Stone Cold Steve Austin persona. Dude Love was awarded to BMan. Buff Bagwell went to Uke. Sortahwitte was awarded Sergeant Slaughter. TN-Cat was awarded Hillbilly Jim. The John Bradshaw Layfield award went to Roy Ryder. The Vince McMahon award went to Locke -n- Load and Alter-Ego of Konan went to Slaphappypap. I could go on and on. My own Alter-Ego was that of Brother Love. I was like a mad man back in the days when most of the awards were being presented in the timeframe leading up to Revoista Fiesta Two. It had been set for Spring of 2012 but due to an unfortunate series of events had to be cancelled. I thought the awards were a great way to allow attendees to anticipate the characters they would be meeting live and in person. It seems that by March of 2012 the awards went to the wayside.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Let the fun and games begin!

A heart warming story from the Valentine’s Day Archives is found HERE

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Friday Night at the Movies – The Spook who sat by the Door

Welcome Revoistas to another Friday Night Flight. It is good for a cutting edge website to have a cutting edge entertainment venue at the end of an exciting work week. Everyone here knows by now that if they are too pooped to party at the end of the week or otherwise have nothing else going on, here is where they can find a movie. The cool thing about it is if you missed the movie last week or the week before, unless they have been removed from YouTube they will still be available here. Since this thing of ours became a regular feature we have racked up quite a selection of incredible cinematic masterpieces. Tonight we add another to our archives.

This is our first Friday night in the 5th thematic Month in a row. We started with the Halloween Theme in October, had Redneck Awareness Month in November, did the Christmas season properly and just finished a long and awesome Cold War January together. I’m not going to scratch my head and wonder how we should spend February. It has already been declared to be Black History Month (something I find to be offensive) by those are charged with making these decisions and I say; why not roll with it? I always thought that the whole concept of Black History Month is demeaning to black folks but you know, it’s cool, ain’t nuttin’ but a thang.

We all know that the real motive behind Black History Month was to help keep people separated into their assigned roles so as to help further cultural stratifications that are useful to Communist Revolutionaries in maintaining effective Class Warfare but all that aside…

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A Great Moment in Black History

I feel incredibly guilty and insensitive because I have waited until the 6th of this Month to even mention Black History Month on this forum. I have openly disagreed with the entire concept of Black History Month since it was a term we recognized. I make some arguments as to why as part of our Friday Night at the Movies. I’ve really got something special set for our Friday Night Flight. It’s a Cult Classic. It’s gonna get downright crazy up in here tomorrow night.

In the meantime I give you this truly GREAT moment in Black History…

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Friday Night at the Movies – Able Archer ’83

Tonight is the very last night of Cold War January. By tradition our Friday Night Flight is a theatrical production, not a documentary. A documentary is more suitable as a Saturday Night Special. Unfortunately tomorrow night is the first day of Black History Month and that will bring a different genre of theatrical production to our Friday Night Flights in February. Because tonight is the last night in Cold War January and the subject of the presentation this evening is so important, I have decided that it will be okay to present a documentary here on Friday night.

Why is the subject of our presentation tonight so important? During our previous Friday Night Flights we have seen fictional stories of nuclear destruction from the Cold War. Tonight we see a documentary about real world events in the most dangerous year of the Cold War. That year was 1983. Most people believe that we were the closest to engaging in nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis. That’s just not true. While the Cuban Missile Crisis generated more public fear than the events that are documented for us tonight, the simple fact is that at no point during the Cold War was the world closer to nuclear destruction than it was in 1983.

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Freaky Friday Night Musical Madness

Here’s a little something to warm your mood on the last Friday Night of January. Our upcoming Friday Night Flight takes us into the most dangerous year of the Cold War. What a wonderful time it was. Here’s some music video from the era to help set the mood for our movie tonight…

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