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“I want the Donald Trump mask”

As Deer Hunting Season is about to open many of my friends are out on the weekends getting things right out in the woods. Stands have been placed for some time, shooting lanes have been cleared. Provisions are being stocked and as such a good friend of mine was passing through the Walmart in Douglas, Georgia this past weekend. He had to pass by the Halloween aisle to see what was happening and as expected, there were a bunch of kids rummaging through stuff, grabbing things and displaying the things they wanted. all of a sudden two young black boys started jumping up and down and hollering “Grandmamma, I want the Donald Trump mask. I want the Donald Trump mask”. My friend called me early this morning to tell me about it and to ask; “What does that mean? Do black people really like Donald Trump or do they think that rich white guys are scary?” It could actually be either but in this case I don’t think so. Donald Trump masks have been around for a while. Nonetheless, this year they are on the shelf in bigger numbers. The true test of what’s up will be on Halloween night. Over the years I have only seen one kid dress up as President Obama.

There is no wondering what this guy thinks of Donald Trump…

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Manic Monday Madness

Colonel Qadaffi is still alive.

No word yet on the size of the crowd that showed up to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Much Less Than Million Man March.

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Sunday Night Comfort TV

It was Labor Day Weekend when I discovered episodes from a show that I traditionally enjoyed every Sunday night during my childhood. Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom came on every Sunday Night following the local News, at 6:30pm. That show was crazy good to watch. The thing is, all the wildlife stuff was cool but it was the Hosts of the show that made us know that one day we would see them get eaten alive, mauled, drowned, bitten by a poisonous reptile or maybe have their eyes pecked out by an exotic bird. Since Labor Day Weekend I’ve been coming home after the Sunday evening service with LMT, sitting down to an evening meal and watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and it has been a real hoot. I don’t known how we never saw something horrible happen on this show and the sheer enjoyment of watching it has overpowered me to the extent that I can no longer keep this to myself.

The last time we brought this show to the Revo a comment by Reboot was “Jim, watch out for that Bird, it has a very sharp beak”. I believe that I have found the very episode that comment was born from. The episode that follows is full of the crazy stuff that you will never, EVER see on television again. There is nobody alive today who has the balls to make a show like this…

As soon as Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom was over another equally enjoyable show followed…

More below the fold…


A Sunday Sermon

Good morning Revo World. Today is the day the Lord has made. It is a day of worship and rest for the faithful.

Last Sunday morning when I woke up to set this publication I found myself with a fried modem. All that Pro Wrestling greatness last weekend put the Bionic Elbow to my gear. Had I held the Sunday Morning publication in as high a regard as the previous weekend’s entertainment it would have been set to publish long before my model crapped out. It was a warning to me that maybe I had my priorities wrong. Well here we are today and I got my priorities straight.

The Word of God is an amazing thing. Whenever it is presented there is always something in it that applies to the lives of those who receive it. It becomes an eternal blessing. So it is in the midst of the Evil that surrounds we can find refuge in his Word and that is why it is presented here every Sunday.

So it is that the Doors of the Real Revo Chapel are open to the world weary traveler so that he or she may find rest and revitalization. You are always welcome here. Come on in and have a seat.

At the link below you will find the streaming webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church. The webcast will stream content all day, along with the live webcast of our Sunday Morning Worship Service that starts at 10:45am East Coast time. Please feel welcome to join us.

The streaming television webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church is found HERE

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The Saturday Night Special

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The Late Show

Since it’s Dracula night I decided to bring back an old friend whom we haven’t seen here in at least a couple of years.

Scream Blacula, SCREAM…

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Friday Night at the Movies Double Feature

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This Intermission clip features some commercial advertising from small businesses in Lancaster, PA.

Good stuff…

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Friday Night at the Movies


Actually that is what we were going to watch until minutes ago when our movie was made unavailable to us.

Nonetheless I have a very good alternate that I found at the last minute and we have two other movies lined up for tonight as well.

I know you will enjoy this classic just below the fold…

More below the fold…

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Our Friday Night Movie begins in a few moments

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Coming to the Real Revo Theater

One day… I don’t know when but one day…

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Speaking the Truth

There was a time when it was automatically assumed that when a Russian Leader was speaking about the United States that he would be speaking Lies.

Not anymore…

Hat tip to Wayne Dupree


One of the greatest marketing campaigns ever

If you haven’t tried the Halloween Whopper from Burger King yet, you have no idea what you are missing out on. I haven’t eaten a Whopper in a very long time due to its effect on my digestive tract, starting in about 1992. I will have one from time to time because I miss that flavor that I used to enjoy so much as a kid.

The Halloween Whopper from Burger King has now become a legend in the fast food industry due to a very unique side effect that has been freaking people out.

The resulting effect from curiosity is driving sales, at least in my area. A member of my sales team has been eating at Burger King for the past two days and is texting photos of the effect to his co-workers. He’s trying to get all the guys on my team to go to Burger King for lunch today.

Do you have any idea how many people in this Country are as sick and twisted as he is?

I have never, EVER seen a sales gimmick like this before in my life. Bright green is a very fashionable Halloween color. Getting the crap scared out of you is also a tradition this time of year. This is insane and yet I somehow feel like I will be eating lunch at Burger King today.


Freaky Friday Follies

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



Russian Firepower Demonstration

Russian Cruise Missile Strikes in Syria – Story HERE

I am enjoying this.


So sad…

This is not good stuff to have fall into the hands of investigating authorities without your prior knowledge and absolute control.

It’s especially sad knowing that there are high ranking people in Federal Law Enforcement who were treated quite disrespectfully by the subject of this investigation starting in January 1993. Given who their Boss is and who her Boss is, the future isn’t looking too good for the previously presumed Demo front runner. Of course in Washington D.C. there are always deals to be made but a negotiation requires at least two willing participants. It continues to be amusing to watch this all play out.


Suicidal Tendencies

Know them when you see them.

Then again a people who will elect and then re-elect a Communist to the Presidency are equally suicidal.


“The U.S. is passive and obedient in the Persian Gulf”.

This is what our Enemy whom the Obama Administration is working to provide aid, comfort and support for says about the United States.

In a related story…

The Obama Administration has provided aid to our Enemy via failure to enforce existing Law.

Nothing shocking here. This is the result of electing someone who hates the United States to be our President. Traitors will do what Traitors do.

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My Hometown hopes and prays

Since we got word of this we have feared that the worst may have come to pass. Last contact with the vessel did not report good news. Now all that has been found since that last contact has been debris. This really doesn’t look good. The U.S. Merchant Marine pays good and there’s a reason for that.

The families of the Crew of the El Faro continue to cling to hope for their return.


Manic Monday Madness

The Flood
I have never seen a Hurricane cause so much damage while it is many Hundreds of miles away from an area that it will never even make landfall on.


The Saturday Night Special

Whenever our friend RD is away it has become a tradition for me to feel free to fill the void with one of his favorite mediums of entertainment. One of the things that he explained to me is one of his greatest pleasures is drawn from the library of numerous classic moments from the world of Pro Wrestling that have been brought to this forum. In honor of our friend tonight, in hopes for a safe and successful mission and in the spirit of the Halloween Season I present this Cult Classic for your viewing enjoyment.

Forces are put in motion that cannot be controlled within the Pro Wrestling World when the World Heavyweight Champion is accidentally decapitated in the Ring. The first controversy to be resolved is whether or not the World Heavyweight Champion can continue to hold the title if he no longer has a head. That’s just the beginning of endless twists and turns you will be subjected to by watching this movie. You will laugh, you will cry, you will hit the Pause button between trips to the Refrigerator and the Bathroom. Behold the Saturday Night Special for your viewing enjoyment this first weekend of the Halloween Season…


The Saturday Matinee

The opening weekend of the Halloween Season Spectacle continues with a highly informative and entertaining documentary look behind the scenes of the biggest business entity in the entertainment industry. It all began when the Sons of a respected Irish Bar owner in New York City decided to leave the family business to become Boxing Promoters. That was considered to be a highly disreputable occupation, unlike owning a Bar and the Brothers were subsequently disowned by their Father, who died a short time later. The McMahon Brothers began their empire of entertainment in Harlem in 1909. It was in 1915 when Jess McMahon broke off and began to promote Professional Wrestling, securing his own territory based out of New York City.

100 Years later the Pro Wrestling Entertainment Territory of the McMahon family is the entire World.

Here is a look behind the scenes of the biggest Entertainment Machine that the World has ever seen.

This is an interesting story. Capitalism is a wonderful thing…

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The Midnight Special

You thought it was over. You thought that this night could not get any more crazy than it already has. Whenever RD is away, Pro Wrestling fills the void. It’s a proud and infamous tradition. Nonetheless, as our Halloween Movie Season has started off with some superstars of Ladies Pro Wrestling from the 60’s I think we can hit the Midnight Hour with the story of some Lady Pro Wrestlers from the 80’s. It’s just one of those lucky breaks of Fate that can bring such quality entertainment to this forum.

Halloween entails putting on a costume and assuming a Character. Ladies Pro Wrestling entails the very same things. These are some tough ole gals…

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Late Night Ladies Rasslin’

I’m just feeling a little overwhelmed with our double feature movie night. That was some fine Ladies Rasslin’ on display, vintage old school stuff. This Night Train ain’t pulling into that station yet. It’s time for some late night Ladies Rasslin’ featuring some really “Tough Broads” from back in the day. I only call them that because that’s what they call each other. These girls paid a high price to be part of “The Business” just like anybody else and they wouldn’t have it any other way. There are some legends of Ladies Wrestling to be seen in this rare video who could only grace this forum on a night like tonight.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer is a proud sponsor of the Ladies Professional Wrestling Alliance…

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