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Saturday Night Special – The Big Picture

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see U.S. Paratroopers conducting a Mass Tactical Airborne Assault into Iran?

Did you ever think you would live to see the day when U.S. Marines conduct an amphibious assault against an Iranian Oil Terminal?

What kind of World would we be living in when the U.S. Air Force has an established air base in Iran?

These are the scenes from a World that once was. I found this gem of a military documentary while surfing the net last weekend. It’s a very rare look at the way things were prior to the rise of Islamic Revolution. It makes me almost want to quit wishing for a nuclear strike against them.

This was part of the Big Picture of the World in the Year I was born…


If you like your Kalashnikov, you can keep your Kalashnikov

Just don’t expect to be able to get authentic parts and accessories for it, for an indefinite period.

Of course if you’ve ever used small arms in your profession, unless you were raised behind the Iron Curtain to be a Communist Revolutionary this latest Executive Order is unlikely to affect you.


Friday Night at the Movies – In like Flint

Ladies and gentlemen, the movie selection process has been completely usurped by the sudden failure of my modem to perform. The time down and the replacement process robbed me of the time required to execute due diligence and produce a proper written introduction. Due to recent events I almost defaulted to a high jacking movie or some other passenger aircraft related disasterish movie, which would have been in completely bad taste.

Then there are recent events that make me want to find a good Israeli War Movie. Raid on Entebbe would be perfect but it hasn’t been that long ago when we last watched it. I must look for movies of this genre with greater detail.

Then I admit that what I really need is something funny. I truly want to be entertained. Then I found this. It’s just the kind of silliness I need. I almost went with something horrible tonight. It is a Golan Globus production and mercenaries are involved. Honestly, I think that may be a fine example of an Israeli War Movie after all. I will have to explore this further.

I just couldn’t do that to you and to myself tonight.

Behold and be entertained.


A proper Presidential Response

This is how a President who loves his Country and is intent on defending it responds to the shooting down of a passenger airliner…

Of course what we got today was something else entirely…

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Coming soon to a theater near you

I went to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes over the weekend. Excellent movie. It picks up where Rise of the Planet of the Apes left off. Whereas the previous Planet of the Apes movie had a real prison feel to it, the latest movie basically follows the storyline that took place in several of our public schools here in Jacksonville, back in the 70s. It was a great movie and it ends leaving the audience looking forward to the next Planet of the Apes movie. What a cool movie franchise. It matters not which decade the movie was produced, each Planet of the Apes movie has been highly patronized at the theater by the American public. There’s something that keeps us coming back for more. It asks a simple question. Is Man no better than Apes or are Apes no better than Man? Whatever it is, we just can’t seem to get enough of it. As I’m sure that everyone here has seen and enjoyed a Planet of the Apes movie, perhaps several of which in the theater, you should do yourself a favor and go see this one. It’s awesome.

Now for a scout report on some interesting movie previews…

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The Saturday Night Main Event – Black Saturday

It was a night that many in the South remember to this day. It happened 30 Years ago on Saturday evening, July 14th. It was the worse thing that happened to Georgia since Sherman’s March. It was the night the world came to know that the World Wrestling Federation had taken over the World Championship Wrestling time slot at TBS. World Championship Wrestling had been the home of Georgia Championship Wrestling. The sacred 8pm television broadcast programming was an appointment for Millions of viewers in Georgia and throughout the Southeast.

Georgia Championship Wrestling was hosted by legendary ringside commentator Gordon Solie. It was a premier television promotion for the National Wrestling Alliance, generally considered to be home to the serious bad asses. Champions of the NWA travelled to various promotions throughout the South and Mid-Atlantic region, all the way out to California. The upper Midwest was home to Verne Gagne and the American Wrestling Alliance but at the time Black Saturday took place the AWA was beginning to make a terminally downward turn.

In the Northeast it was the McMahon family, first with the Worldwide Wrestling Federation, later to be known as the World Wrestling Federation, today known as World Wrestling Entertainment. They controlled the Northeast territory but Vince McMahon Jr. had visions of a much bigger market share. When Vince Jr. came into TBS and bumped the legendary Briscoe Brothers of WCW out of their spot, it started a television programming War that would continue for decades.

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Friday Night at the Movies – Damnation Alley

It’s another glorious evening here on the Revo as we welcome you aboard another wondrous Friday Night Flight. Interestingly enough, the storyline in our featured presentation for this evening kind of picks up where our previous Friday night adventure left us off. I clearly remember when this movie hit the theater. I was tortured by its commercials on TV. With every fiber of my being I wanted to see… DAMNATION ALLEY on the silver screen and who could blame me???

Who wouldn’t want to see a movie with all THAT?

Well tonight’s your lucky night.

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The Peaceful Majority is IRRELEVANT

I’ll let her explain.

Plain and simple, leaving a lesson to ponder.

Actually it leaves us with several lessons.


A Sunday Night Movie

I remember the Sunday evening television viewing ritual growing up in my house. There was the News followed by Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, followed by The Wonderful World of Disney and then a Movie. I seem to recall ABC being the lead choice for Sunday Night Movies. What I am presenting this evening has nothing to do with any of that.

Fireworks stands are offering ridiculous deals to people who literally have money to burn. I love Fireworks but it’s been Ten Years since I’ve rocked this neighborhood on Independence Day. I am now actually considering a run to South Carolina for some Election Day Fireworks. If things go well this coming November and in November of 2016, those will be events worthy of a Fireworks display and will be generated by the same spirit that Independence Day once inspired in me.

Because I’ve not really satisfied my Fireworks craving this Independence Day, I’m going with another dose of the same kind of Fireworks we had here on Friday Night…

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Totally Gay for America

Sometimes we encounter those among us whose sense of humor is so very highly advanced that they present it in a multi-layered fashion because it’s the only way they know how to.

I first came to know the insanity of The Whitest Kids You Know when THIS music video hit YouTube.

I’ve been wondering what else they’ve been up to lately and this morning I was given a rude awakening that fulfills my curiosity.

First there came the Big Gay Whopper from Burger King.

Now there’s this…


I really needed to hear this today

At least I am able to say that in the last hour of Independence Day 2014 I found John Wayne.


Friday Night at the Movies – The Atomic Cafe

This Independence Day I am presenting for our evening movie, a classic that has appeared here twice before. It first showed here in April of 2010 and again in October of 2012. I’m bringing it back this Independence Day as our own July 4th Fireworks display.

I wish I could have found something more thematic. The Patriot is one that many watch this day and it is worthy of a better viewing experience than we can offer here. The movie “Independence Day” would have been a good one but there’s only one scene that the average Revoista cares to see in that one. I tried to find one about an Asteroid sneaking in from deep space on a trajectory for Washington DC as a form of Fireworks Display for the evening but couldn’t find it.

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Bootleg Fireworks

I really need a laugh today. I’m sure that a lot of you do too.

I’ve said it many times and I stand by the statement… Black people have more fun doing just about anything than white people do, excluding spearfishing, kayaking down whitewater rapids, working as a dog catcher or perhaps conducting routine vehicle maintenance. Independence Day is a big day in my neighborhood. The smell of charcoal grilles fills the air by mid morning. The furniture makes its way into the front yard. The sound of music fills the air. Children are screaming and running around acting crazy. Mothers engage in loud public displays of corrective action to the insane children. It’s a good time.

Then comes the time for Fireworks.

People in my neighborhood love Fireworks but are generally terrified of them. The whole lighting of the fuse ordeal is video worthy every time. Here is an example…

(Profanity Warning: There, you have been warned)

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A Story for Sunday – God speaks

I’m publishing this one on the fly. In a few minutes I will be headed to Church. I’ve wanted to write about this since the discussion came up in Branson last week. One of the things that made me very happy about the Rendezvous is that we spent time talking about things that actually matter. This is one such subject.

The idea has been put forth that God exists but he doesn’t get involved in our lives on an individual level. Certainly he doesn’t speak to us. I beg to differ.

The story that follows is a cut and paste from my personal testimony that I’m working on for Celebrate Recovery.

I feel as if it makes a thought provoking publication for a Sunday morning…

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The Saturday Night Main Event – Collision in Korea (for real this time)

I’m sure that if you were here lst Saturday night you will recall a programming failure here of immense purportions. I attempted to bring to this forum, the first ever pay-per-view event from North Korea. I failed horribly due to a number of reasons related to preparation for Revopalooza. Needless to say, I’ve retreated into extensive self-examination over this and the only thing I know to do to make amends for my failure is to come before you again to make a humble presentation of a event of immense historic significance.

I give to you now, Collision in Korea…

Part Two below the fold…

More below the fold…

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Friday Night at the Movies – Sky Fighters

Welcome, welcome, WELCOME one and all. This is a glorious Friday night. This time last week the Fiesta had not yet reached its Zenith. Here at the Fiesta Friday Freaky Movie Multiplex we were having the biggest movie night ever. It actually took me until last night to recover from the sleep deficit that began on Thursday the 19th. Whether you were here or there, it was a great night for being silly until just a few hours before sunrise at least.

We have been featuring a lot of foreign films here recently and tonight we will continue along that trajectory. This has been most unplanned but it was that by way of the rendezvous in Branson I came to learn of a Chinese production (reproduction) that demands its rightful place here, sight unseen. The very instance I learned of the existence of this movie and the fact that it is available on YouTube, there could be no question as to what we will be watching tonight.

It was shortly after RD arrived at the rendezvous point that we began discussing serious matters. One of the topics at hand was the incredible selection of movies that would be available on the Revo later that evening. It was then that Erin Palette located THIS story on the net and showed it to me.

Well, what are you going to do with THAT?

More below the fold…


What you are not going to see in our movie tonight

You aren’t going to see anything like this.

Ok, it’s like this…

… but not like THIS.

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Official Song and Music Video of Revopalooza Fiesta Dos

Not only that, this song helped to inspire the selected entertainment for this evening.

This music video dedication goes out long distance driver and rifle marksman, Erin Palette…


The Saturday Night Main Event – Collision in Korea

Ladies and Gentlemen, as the final night of Revopalooza Fiesta Dos is underway we are bringing you a historic event from the Party Capital of the Orient, Pyongyang, North Korea. It is the first and only pay-per-view event to ever be hosted from North Korea. In the Orient the event was called “Wrestling for Peace” but to the pay-per-view audience it was known as “Collision in Korea”. It was an effort that was originally conceptualized by Antonio Inoki, a highly respected Japanese Pro Wresting Icon turned politician, not unlike Jesse “The Body” Ventura. There were other interests involved in the effort that was an open and honest extension of goodwill to the Hermit Kingdom.

That show took place in 1995 and history records it as having the largest audience ever in attendance at a Pro Wrestling event. It was a two day event that drew a crowd of 340,000 people. They really know how to pack ‘em in over there.

After 19 year Antonio Inoki and Pro Wrestling return to North Korea as part of an effort to promote peace and friendship.

In honor of Antonio Inoki, All Japan Pro Wrestling and all of the artisans of the squared circle who dare to go anywhere they may put a smile on the face of a child, I present to you the historic event from Pyongyang, North Korea in the Year 1995. Try to imagine Ric Flair strutting down the aisle in a Communist filled arena. You don’t have to imagine it. That and much more is found in this historic Saturday Night Main Event.

Please direct your attention to the ring.

It’s bell time in North Korea.

It is with great pleasure that I present to you, WCW’s Collision in Korea…


Friday Night at the Movies – Fiesta Friday Freaky Movie Multiplex

images (2)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our very special Friday Night Flight on Fiesta Friday. Did you really think that I could head out to the Fiesta without making provision for my sacred duty here on Friday night? Are you out of your mind? After our featured presentations this evening you may well be.

For months I’ve been trying to figure out what to bring to the theater this Friday night. I can’t tell you how many movies have been set for this slot, then moved to the trash for one reason or another. Now I have to decide and I’ve decided that tonight is a night for something special. I can’t make up my mind. I’ve had too many inspirational films come to my attention.

Tonight will be the biggest night in Real Revo Movie History.

Tonight you have a multitude of movies to select from as you would at any movie multiplex. See one or see them all for the same price. If you like, you can watch movies till Dawn. We won’t kick you out and there is no assigned seating.

Fasten your seat belts and prepare for takeoff. Our Friday Night Flight takes us to multiple destinations.

It’s Revopalooza Fiesta Dos at the Real Revo Fiesta Friday Freaky Movie Multiplex.

More below the fold…


Your Freaky Fiesta Friday Night Flight Preview

It’s Freaky Fiesta Friday at the Real Revo with Revoista Fiesta Dos underway. There may be many wondering what this place will be like over the weekend but I promise that there will be much entertainment at hand, starting tonight at 7pm Central.

Tonight will be the biggest Friday Night at the Movies EVER!

You will not believe the entertainment lineup for this evening. There will be things incredible to behold. You will remember this evening for a long time and will be free to enjoy it all throughout your weekend.

This is just one of several cinematic masterpieces on tap for tonight…

Saturday night will bring even more historic entertainment.

Our Saturday Night Main Event comes to you from Pyongyang, North Korea.

You won’t want to miss it.

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Friday Night at the Movies – Convoy


Every Friday the 13th that comes around makes for an easy and obvious movie choice. I considered publishing a scary movie here tonight. I found one about folks from Iowa that looks pretty good.

That’s not what’s happening here tonight. This Friday Night Flight is kind of special. It’s been Three Years since Revoistas began a weekend full of preparations for a massive road trip. It was Revopalooza Fiesta One in the charming southern metropolis of Memphis, Tennessee where the forces of Revo World were last together live and in person. As the weekend of preparation begins for Revopalooza Fiesta Dos, I find that a road trip movie is entirely appropriate and this is one of the classics.

This is a great movie for the mood I’m in right now but also, this movie is very special to me…

More below the fold…


Friday Night at the Movies – The World as it was 70 years ago

Our regularly scheduled Friday night movie has been rescheduled in order to engage in proper remembrance of the great day in the history of the World known as the D-Day. The story of D-Day is one that I learned as a child that had a great impact on my life. In all the books I had read and all the movies I had seen, as the story unfolded I always wondered what it was like for those guys in the landing craft, approaching the beaches and the interlocking fields of fire laid down by the enemy. I wondered if I had the guts to actually storm that beach if it were up to me to do it. I was too young to understand that more than anything it was the love that Soldiers have for each other that wouldn’t allow any of them to be anywhere but beside their Brothers when the time came to face the Enemy.

Since I was a child I’ve always remembered D-Day every June 6th. There has been no June 6th in my lifetime that has gone by when the movie “The Longest Day” wasn’t on television. I cannot possibly tell you how many times I have watched that movie and yet it will never get old for me. In spite of my Marine Corps family heritage and upbringing, it was the scenes from the movie of the Paratroopers jumping into the pitch black night that captured my imagination. When I was presented the opportunity to be like one of those guys, I took it.

At the time that I prepared this for publication I had no idea what remarks our current President would make at Normandy today. I really don’t care what he says anymore. Thankfully the dead at the nearby Cemeteries will never know that he was there, just like they didn’t know about the other Bolshevik who was there at the 50th Anniversary. They both are a national disgrace. They both betrayed the legacy of the men who fought and died not only at Normandy but in every War the United States has ever fought.

In order to cleanse the palate of the mind, I give you the words of a man who remembered D-Day from his own life experience.

I believe that the Gipper set the proper tone for reflection today as well as he did back then.

Tonight our Friday night Flight takes us back in time to the world as it was 70 years ago…

More below the fold…


D-Day Minus One

I’ve always wondered what it was like to be one of the guys who loaded up and flew off into the dark 70 Years ago tonight. Since I was very young I was highly inspired by the scenes of the guys jumping into the dark sky in the movie, The Longest Day. I was born a little over 20 Years after D-Day. I know what it’s like to grow up in a society whose fabric was dominated by the strongest and most noble of men and women who served in World War Two. I had the opportunity to know men who jumped into Normandy, among many other places. Among my greatest honors in life was to stand in the ranks before General “Jumpin’ Jim” Gavin as he addressed the unit he once commanded this day 70 years ago. That only happened because I had heroes like him to look up to and aspire to be like.

As part of my annual D-Day observances I seek out rare film that I haven’t seen before. That seems like an impossible task, given how many D-Day movies and documentaries I’ve seen over my lifetime. Here’s one that I have seen once before but it’s a good one.

I raise my glass in memory of our Heroes who were headed toward an incredibly deadly battlefield on this night 70 years ago…


The Beast of War

This is one of my all time favorite movies from the 80′s. It would have been required viewing in my unit for the honing of Soviet vehicle and aircraft identification skills but we had Red Dawn. There was far more variety of vehicles in Red Dawn than in this movie but this one has the real stuff. As soon as I am able to find it published on the web in a way that it can be presented here, we will be watching it.

I doubt that Bowe Bergdahl was cultured enough to have been exposed to this movie during his upbringing but if he did I know he would have found it to be inspirational…