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Friday Night at the Movies

Folks, I’m not in the house tonight. I had to head out of town Wednesday night. I had to get Little Miss Texas home to the Rio Grande Valley so that she could be with her Brothers and Sister as they bury their Mother. Though it is a sad time I am thankful that God chose that I should be a part of it. I am fairly sure that she will be by my side when I have to face this same ordeal. Today it is my turn to be there for her to lean on. She means the world to me.

It sure has been an exciting week in the news and now as per tradition we have a silly movie for our thorough enjoyment.

I remember when this was in the theaters. Nice little diversion to a far more simple time…


Freaky Friday Caption Contest

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton poses for a photo with supporters following a campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, February 3, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri


Holy Crap!

I just talked to RD. He says the turnout was HUGE.

Just between you and me… RD calls it Cruz, Rubio, Trump.

So far Cruz is rolling hard.



A Sunday Sermon

Good morning Real Revo. It is a beautiful day. It is another opportunity to live and do what you can do to make the world a better place.

An ever shrinking segment of the population observe this day with rest and worship. I find that it gives balance to my life. I need a day of rest and worship to help keep me focused and energized during the week.

This week I am especially thankful because the Lord has shown me once again that he keeps his every promise. He has given me a future and a hope. He has a plan for my life much greater than I am able to imagine. He has truly lifted me up and made all things new. I thank him. I praise him. Mostly I want to show him my love by being obedient to him. Regardless of what I do it will never be enough to measure as a grain of sand against what he has done for me. He poured out the punishment I deserve on his Son, Jesus Christ. He bought this miserable sinner at a very high price, a means to escape what it is that I deserve. He has given to me freely so many things I do not deserve and he does this because he loves me far more than I can comprehend.

He loves you the same way. If you like you can come take a seat in the Real Revo Chapel. No need to get dressed up. Come as you are.

At the link below you will find the streaming webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church. The webcast will stream content all day, along with the live webcast of our Sunday Morning Worship Service that starts at 10:45am East Coast time. Please feel welcome to join us.

The streaming television webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church is found HERE

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Meet Wesley Zineski

Polish Resistance Catholic Holocaust Survivor…

If you are ever visiting the Washington D.C. Area and get down on the National Mall, you will probably not want to go see the National Holocaust Museum. That’s because you know that it will not be a pleasant experience. I recommend that you go see it anyway. It will remind you of how ugly Evil truly is. It will cause you to see the Evil of the days we are living more clearly. It will make you understand why every effort to crush that Evil is worthwhile.

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The Chivalry of Fisticuffs

Several Years ago when I was living on a Shrimp Boat down in Florida Cracker Country, I witnessed a fist fight that involved about 20 Teenagers. It was quite interesting because the fight traveled. It didn’t stay in one spot for long. When it moved out across a field from us we watched it through binoculars. It was quite amusing.

What I really found amusing was a remark that was made by one of the parents of the boys involved. Someone asked if we should go out there and break it up. The wise man I speak of said “Nope”, took a swig of Beer and said “Let ’em fight”.

“Whenever there’s a fist fight there are no losers. You either learn some respect or you earn some respect. Either way, everybody’s a winner”.

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Friday Night at the Movies

Crazy stuff has been happening this week. I have had no time to sit down and do a movie write-up. I still don’t. I had this one in the vault and marked “Interesting”.

So now I just pull this Rabbit out of my hat and here it is…

Our Friday Night Flight takes us to the Middle East!

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest




The Republican Debate from Des Moines Iowa – Open Thread


Tonight we have what should be an exciting night in Des Moines, Iowa as the last Republican Debate prior to the Iowa Caucus unfolds. Why should this be exciting? We already know all the candidates. We already know anything that they have to say about anything that we are concerned with.

I’ll tell you why this is exciting. This has been the most unusual primary race of my entire life. I’ve never seen anything like it. Now we are getting down to the last moments before the scoreboard gets fired up. The rubber hits the road starting next week. Candidates are going to be taking and giving serious shots tonight. We should see some nice and lively exchanges.

Meanwhile the front runner is doing everything he can do to lose this race while maintaining perfect Kayfabe that says otherwise. He has given and is giving Ted Cruz every opportunity in the world to win Iowa. This latest spot is just pure brilliance. It’s called a “No Sell”. It gives the opponent every opportunity to say anything he wants to. Donald has taken himself out of the picture in order to put Ted Cruz over with the crowd. Now Ted has to sell it. He has to sell himself. It’s up to him now. The rest of the pack have got a lot of selling to do if they expect to improve their lot against Ted Cruz.

I’m thinking that this is going to be interesting.

I’m opening up the discussion thread 2 hours in advance of the Main Event in order that you may see the live stream of the GOP “Undercard” debate and for Revoistas to make their remarks in advance of the commencement of hostilities, should they care to do so.

FOX Livestream of the GOP Debate in Des Moines, Iowa is found HERE

Now I know that some of you out there are curious about what is going on at another event that is taking place in Des Moines tonight. Don’t all raise your hands at once. You want to know what Trumpeewump is up to. He’s doing his best to get Ted Cruz over the top and you have to know what he’s doing…

More below the fold…


The Saturday Night Special

Our Miami Vice weekend continues. First there was the “Smuggler’s Blues” tribute to Glenn Frey. Then we went with the Pilot episode. Then we saw episodes featuring musical guests. Tonight we will be viewing my favorite episodes, arranged chronologically. Loads more entertainment to make your life complete this weekend.

Let’s get this party started with Calderone’s Return…

More below the fold…

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The Friday Night Special

Friday Night with Miami Vice continues. This could actually become a full weekend event. Glenn Frey got his acting debut on Miami Vice, so did many other musicians. It was just one of the things that kept the show on the cutting edge. Whether it was their first time acting or not, our Friday Night Special recalls the many musicians who appeared on Miami Vice.

There’s enough good stuff here to keep you entertained until the Sun comes up.

The first episode in our Miami Vice Night Train features Ted Nugent in “Definitely Miami”…

More below the fold…

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Friday Night at the Movies

140313_2757220_Pilot_anvver_3 (5)

Tonight we have something different. It’s not a movie although this season premier did go over like a made for TV movie. We have featured those kind of movies here on several occasions. In my search for the Miami Vice “Smuggler’s Blues” to present in honor of Glenn Frey tonight I found more than I imagined. On Friday Night, September 16th 1984 television entertainment took a huge leap forward. It was time for Captain Stubbing and Mr. Rourke to step aside. The Friday night television destination of taking a cruise on the Love Boat or a plane trip to Fantasy Island would begin to become far less popular. On that night our viewing destination became the City of Miami, Florida. This was the night that the two hour special, the pilot of the series that was about to run the ratings for the next Five years hit the airwaves.

More below the fold…


Friday Night Glenn Frey Flashblack

DATELINE: Friday Night, February 1st 1985

Glenn Frey makes his acting debut on Miami Vice. This episode entitled “Smugglers Blues” was inspired by the song Glen Frey released under the same name. This is pure 80s Gold in a high quality upload graciously made available to the public by NBC.

Glen Frey will be remembered for his many artistic contributions. I do love this one. Enjoy the Flashback.

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We honor the life of a legendary man

Iron-Mike-Sharpe (2)

Recognize that name? Most people don’t. Iron Mike Sharpe was a legend in the business. Without guys like Iron Mike there would be no business.

His name was most popular in Canada, where he’s from. He spent most of his time in the United States. In the United States he was known as a “Jobber”. The Iron Sheik referred to them as “Jabronies”. It was a put down. You were an obscure, undercard ring worker. Your “Job” is to make your opponent look like a highly skilled and noble Warrior.

You learn to do that job in a number of ways. It’s all in how you look, what you wear, how you interact with the crowd how you compete in the ring. It often involves trash talking and fighting dirty. There are lots of tricks to the trade. Most of the time the story ends with someone beating the tar out of the Jobber and putting him down for the One, Two, Three. That’s what Iron Mike did for much of his career. In doing so he helped make a lot of Superstars in the business. In doing so he put asses in seats every 18 inches. That is the name of the game.

This week the world lost one of the greatest Jobbers in the history of the business – RIP Iron Mike

Hear one of the greatest Jabronies in U.S. History go to work below the fold…

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Freaky Friday Follies

What a rare thing in American Politics it is when a man benefits the most from the words of his critics who absolutely despise him.

This gets more hilarious by the day.

A proper Yankee Smart-Ass makes all the world tremble – Populism on the rise in Europe as well.

Populist Nationalism. It’s a predictable reaction to entirely too much absurdity for too many years. The very people who feel threatened most by it are the ones who created it.

Who is more dangerous; Trump or Cruz? The “Smart People” are trying to answer that question.


Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



Behold the crash of Oil

I’m not sure if this has ever happened in my lifetime.

Another headline proclaims that the price of a barrel of oil is now less than the cost of the barrel. For some reason I thought it came in Tankers. It’s going to be uncomfortable watching the effects of this ripple through the economy.


The Blind leading the Angry

Here’s your daily dose of stupendous lack of self-awareness on the part of one of the “Smart People”.

He says that world leaders do not understand the impact of their actions while suggesting that they continue to engage in national suicide.

I have to wonder how long it will be until we the people quit paying any attention to these fools and take common sense matters into our own hands.

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The man who may win the Democrat Primary

In Progressive World they don’t understand how Kasich isn’t doing better in the polls. They believe him to be the most logical choice among the Republicans seeking the party nomination. He’s reasonable and surely not a radical right-wing ideologue, as most other candidates have been judged to be.

THIS is the guy who they love most dearly and will do anything they can to help insure that he wins the Democrap Primary.

This is the level of their depravity. That’s why it is a waste of time talking to any of them. They help comprise the ongoing Domestic Menace. They cannot be compromised with. They must be defeated and then some.

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Manic Monday Madness

Airline passenger claims the ability to smell Colon Cancer.

I am sure that my-co-workers will find this to be highly amusing. They will probably suggest that I see a Doctor immediately.

Happy Monday!

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About those “New York Values” Ted Cruz was talking about

Donald Trump does a good job of explaining just a tiny bit about what that means…

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Friday Night at the Movies

51Mt7RRXYDL (2)

Good evening everyone. It’s Friday night. Given the events of this week I feel that it is altogether proper to bring Chuck Norris into the Theater tonight. I did not watch the Communist-in-Chief deliver his State of Delusion Speech. I did watch the video taken from the deck of what appears to be a fishing boat that you can rent for a day at most places in Florida. Several of them surrounded two armed U.S. Navy vessels and had their crews on their knees with their hands on their heads. It pissed me off. It still pisses me off.

The only way something like that could NOT piss me off is if…

More below the fold…


Freaky Friday Follies

The one-line jab of contempt.

A Freaky Friday musical dedication to Carly Fiorina…

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest

gobble-gobble (2)


The GOP Debate in North Charleston, South Carolina – Open Thread


I actually think this one is going to be interesting, so I’m going to give it a watch. In 18 days Iowa puts something on the scoreboard in this most interesting Republican Primary. Lots of crazy stuff can happen as nerves are becoming frayed. All the underdogs know they have to start fighting like there’s no tomorrow. The guys at the top are bound to sling some heavy lead in this engagement as well. Blood is in the water and the Sharks are ready to chew.

I’m going to go ahead and get this thread open for anyone who cares to make pre-game remarks. BMan provided the perfect graphic when he got this party started months ago so I am running with it. I think this is going to be a whole lot of fun.

FOX Business Livestream of the Debate is found HERE!