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Friday Night at the Movies Double Feature

You see, there’s no way that I could ever hope to top the previous presentation but tonight’s the last night in September. It’s the last night I could possibly hope to bring you that Pirate Movie I’ve been kicking down the road each week, at least in the year 2016. October starts tomorrow. We show scary movies in October. So unless I find a movie about Ghost Pirates doing nonstop totally scary stuff then we won’t be seeing any Pirate Movies in the Month of October.

So here it is, the 30 year old Pirate Movie…

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Friday Night at the Movies

You know, I had a really great Pirate movie lined up for tonight. I’ve had that really great Pirate movie lined up for every Friday Night this Month and yet at the last moment something happened to cause me to sub it out with something else. Tonight is no different. We have had some really great movies this month that didn’t exactly go over well, so it seems. Tonight I feel the need to shake things up a bit.

Therefore due to recent events the Pirate movie has been bumped yet again in order to bring you a very timely presentation. This movie was made Ten Years ago and the most of the storyline takes place 500 Years from now. I suppose that by now the makers of this film have a firm understanding about the prescient work of art that they created and that events depicted in this movie will take place FAR sooner that 500 Years from now.

Some will pretend not to know whether to laugh or cry when watching this movie. I laughed. I laughed a whole lot. It gets funnier by the day…

Our Featured Presentation is found HERE

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Freaky Friday Follies


Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



Your Thursday Night Freakout

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The next big move by the Piece of Shit in the White House

Barack Hussein Obama has indeed proven time and time again that he is an absolute piece of shit of a human being. That’s what Traitors are. Then there are the collective pieces of shit who have allowed him to get away with Treason. Human garbage, all of them.

In these final days he is showing us just what a piece of shit he is and he makes no attempt to disguise that fact. He’s a Marxist in a three-piece suit tossing Molotov Cocktails into every institution he can. He is no different than any thug on the street who chooses to burn their City after the Cops shoot a black man, except for the fact that he lives in much fancier government housing. I’ve said all that because the day is soon coming when that will not be possible. I’ve said all that because today we can still use words. Words have never been sufficient to address the domestic assaults being carried out by the Ongoing Domestic Menace. Maybe this next move is a good thing. We will no longer be allowed to use words. Soon the only recourse allowed us will be action.

“Irreversible Damage” is about to be done to the concept of Free Expression – Read it HERE

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A simple formula for political success

It’s something that has to be experienced rather than described…

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A Sunday Sermon

Today is our day of the week for rest and worship. It is good to be in the house of the Lord today. As we welcome you to the worship service that is found in this publication it is good to be reminded that today will not be a day of rest for many citizens in the State of Iowa. The citizens of Cedar Rapids will have time for worship today but no time for rest. Later this afternoon mandatory evacuations begin in advance of approaching flood waters.

Over the years that I have known RD Walker I have seen him encounter this disaster several times. I have been to Cedar Rapids long after the great flood was over and saw entire neighborhoods that had been destroyed. There were entire neighborhoods filled with empty houses still left standing but nonetheless destroyed. The people who lived there for decades would live there no more. The culture that prevailed there was now gone forever. It was chilling to behold.

A flood is a very cruel force of nature. It reminds us in a very brutal way how fragile and temporary the works of our hands are. So many things that we do are as enduring as hay and stubble. Being constantly reminded of this is traumatizing to a people.

The things that we do that live forever are born of Love. Love the Lord God with all of your being and love your neighbor as yourself. This Sunday as we enter into worship of almighty God and contemplate how many times it is that he has calmed troubled waters and in fact once divided cruel waters to make safe passage for his people we come to a full understanding that the situation in Iowa is in his hands. He created the great waters and he controls them. It is in him that we place our Faith in these days to come.

As we show our Love of God in acknowledging these things let us continue to love our neighbors in Iowa by praying for their safety and their rescue by he whose hands are on this situation even now. His provision is already on the way. Praise him in this hour for the mighty things he will show us. He is with us always, that he has promised. He inhabits the praises of his people. Praise him now and ask for the deliverance of the people of Iowa from the destruction of this flood so that he alone may be glorified and so that everyone everywhere will know that our salvation rests in him alone.

If you feel so inclined you can rest yourself here in the Word of God on this most glorious day.

At the link below you will find the streaming webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church. The webcast will stream content all day, along with the live webcast of our Sunday Morning Worship Service that starts at 10:45am East Coast time. Please feel welcome to join us.

The streaming television webcast from North Jacksonville Baptist Church is found HERE

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Friday Night at the Movies Double Feature

I apologize for the lack of attention to detail that caused this to publish prematurely last night. It’s been featured here before but it’s a cult classic… and there are people who actually want to watch this tonight out in the social media world.

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Friday Night at the Movies


Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we have a movie that I have been wanting to bring here for many, many years. I found it by accident. I was in a conversation on social media about the movie Crossface, the true story of Chris Benoit. Somehow as a result of a search for information after that conversation I found our movie for tonight.

This movie is a magnificent work. It captures the essence of the real life subject matter that it presents with a very clear perspective given by those who have actually lived this life. Some of the performers you see in this movie are people I actually got to know at one point in my life. This is a very gritty, very true to life epic movie. Viewers will no doubt find some scenes to be quite disturbing. That’s because they ARE disturbing. The viewer is also warned in advance that there will be some nudity in this movie but there is no telling a story about life as an Independent Pro Wrestler without there being some nudity. It’s nothing like the nudity I have seen after an Independent Pro Wrestling show, say, in a hotel parking lot for instance or perhaps in a Bar. I do not find these brief scenes to be disqualifying for this movie, though it is not our practice to display such things here. In this case it truly is Art.

It is an honor to be able to present this masterpiece here for your enjoyment in honor of the many men and women who have given and are giving their all in the art form that has entertained many generations of Americans. They’ve made me laugh. They’ve made me scream. They inspired me when I was young. They helped me learn their business as it pertained to me when events put me in a position to be part of their world. They made me burn lots of fossil fuel and a lot of late night hours travelling from one show to the next, hoping that my simple contribution to this industry would one day amount to something for somebody, if not myself. I never made any money at it but I sure had a lot of fun. I met a lot of great people along the way and I’ve shaken the hand of many legendary ring workers of this business. I got a lot more out of it than I ever put in even if it didn’t pay off in terms of money.

The people who pursue a job in this industry pay heavy, heavy dues long before they ever get discovered and get an opportunity to become a Superstar. Every single one of them are very special people. Most of them are slightly crazy but if you aren’t you would never even think about becoming a Professional Wrestler, much less be successful at it. I have a genuine affection and respect for anyone who dares step into the squared circle to engage in the Art of Human Chess. They give their all to make kids happy. Somebody inside of a wrestling ring made them happy when they were a child and they decided that they wanted to grow up and one day be a Pro Wrestler too. Then the day came when they stepped into a wrestling ring in front of a crowd for the first time and they got that feeling deep down inside that you can’t get anywhere else. At that point it became their life.

The price they pay for choosing that life is quite high.

“Tell me friend, could you ask for anything more?”

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An Interview with a Clown

What an excellent bit of reading for a Friday Night. Thank you Uke for bringing me this one. Love it.

I have done several characters over the years on Halloween. Pinhead is the one I’m most known for. Then I made my own character, which was no character because I was invisible. I was the “Invisible Dot Wall Man”. This year, due to the ongoing national frenzy I decided to be a Clown. A Clown unlike no other. I will be in a blacklight saturated environment and will be making maximum use of the finest UV reactive paint available. The only thing is, where white paint should be, there will be black. It’s hard to describe but I will be very menacing in a blacklight environment. I will also be using a Chainsaw, the traditional crowd pleaser regardless of my character. I call this character “Bizarro Black and White Chainsaw Clown”.

Here’s a great interview…

When a parent hires you to scare their kids, how do you make sure you’re not causing damage to the children? Is that ever a concern?

I’m more concerned about my safety than theirs, to be honest. [If a neighbor] happens to look outside and see me creeping around, he doesn’t know mom and dad just paid me cash to scare the shit out of their kids. In Florida, they shoot first, ask questions later. That’s way more frightening than anything I’m doing.

GQ Magazine – We talked to one of the creepy Clowns currently terrorizing the South

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I expect that things will get worse before they get better in Charlotte

The release of this video pretty much guarantees renewed efforts to burn, steal and kill tonight. It’s Friday night, by the way. Lots of shooting typically starts on Friday nights in the larger metropolitan areas of the United States. If you live in one of those areas as I do, you should begin to grasp that eventually what has happened in Charlotte, Baltimore, Ferguson, among other places will eventually be coming to a neighborhood near you. I have already decided who will be running the neighborhood here when that happens and I’ve already established how it is that I will enforce that fact.

What we will see here is ugly. It always is. Every single time it proves to be not all there is to the story…


Happy Birthday El Santo

The greatest Luchador in the history of Lucha Libre was born 99 years ago today.


What does any of that have to do with the Real Revo?

It means that we have some really great movies lined up for tonight.


A Request for Prayer

Iowans prepare for another Flood.

It’s enough to drive the average person insane to have to face another one of these.

Pray for their safety and relief.


Why a national resistance movement is necessary

It is because we have an international menace that is disrupting civil society

This menace is aligned with the Ongoing Domestic Menace to use the Force of Violence to carry out “The fundamental transformation of the United States”.

‘Many cry Peace, Peace but there IS NO PEACE. The War has already begun. Why stand we here idle?”

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Feds working overtime

They always work hard to preserve their interests.

They sure as shit work overtime to disrupt domestic peace and tranquility, as those two concepts are not in their interest to preserve.

This union cannot continue if we want to be free. The only way to be free is through the destruction of the Ongoing Domestic Menace. Don’t count on peaceful means to be effective at accomplishing that.

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



Hope and Change

The cameraman was attacked from behind at the end of this short video.


Russian Missile Strike kills 30 Western Intelligence Officers outside of Aleppo

This is all part of the big time Cease-Fire we’ve got going on over there right now.

I thank the foreign press for bringing us this news story.


Putin makes himself clear regarding Syrian Airspace

WARNING : Russia Issues New “Rules of Engagement” in Syria: Any Aircraft Threatening the Syrian Army WILL BE SHOT DOWN (US/Turkey/Israel in the cross-hairs!)

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Millions of Dollars down the drain

My response to the amount of money that Hillary Clinton is spending on political ads, outspending Trump many times over has always been that it is money down the drain. It’s not giving her any advantages. The reasons are many but I simply state it as a sales campaign for a defective product.

The Clinton Campaign blames the advertisement medium.

They say “It’s just not as effective a means of advertising as it used to be”. Yeah, especially considering what you are selling. She’s a pile of crap that can’t even attract flies.

Mass delusion is so much fun.

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Filipino F-Bomber strikes the EU


I love this guy

I wish him good health and a long life.

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American Taliban

‘We Out Like The Taliban!’ Charlotte Citizens Riot After Police Shooting [VIDEO]

Cop shoots an armed suspect who posed an immediate threat.

City set on fire.

Rinse, repeat.


How to not be a Pussy in the face of our Enemies

For starters, it’s best not to be a Pussy every day of your life. Secondly, it’s best to not be known as a Liar. Our President is known for both of those attributes in his everyday existence, so none of our enemies fear him or take him seriously about anything other than being a lying Pussy.

Not so with Vladimir Putin…

“If they bomb EVEN one city in Russia, I swear, in half an hour every muslim will die” Vladimir Putin



That’s how they describe themselves

Spineless is the more accurate term.

This is one reason of many why the Secessionist Movement is more popular than ever. It’s time to leave those worthless bastards in Washington to play with themselves.