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Friday Night at the Movies

Welcome to the end of a very long week. We need an escape, that’s why we find ourselves in this Theater tonight. I found one.

There is no need for any big movie write-up at the end of a national convention week. The title of this movie says it all. I didn’t subject this one to the Ten Minute Test. With a title like this one I didn’t find it to be necessary.

This is bound to be awesome…

Standby. Technical difficulties. Our previously featured presentation had to be pulled due to content.

Enjoy some Charles Brinson instead…

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A News Report that we missed earlier this Week

The weekend has officially hit the East Coast!


We knew it was coming

The initial response.

I imagine things are going to get pretty brutal over the weekend.

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Freaky Friday Follies

How it’s DONE!

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



Phart-In Phestival Night at the Philly Phreak Show


I suppose it was due to some self-defense mechanism that was kicking in last night when I proclaimed Wednesday night as the last night of the Democrat National Convention. Certainly explaining Hillary Clinton would take at least four days to do but there is so much about her that neither she nor they want anyone to know about. I thought this was only a 3 day convention.

I had forgotten about the Fart-in. Thankfully CL reminded me. Sanders supporters started preparing last night, which is pretty stupid. Whatever flatulence those beans that were eaten last night has produced has already been released many hours ago. Because my expertise with this form of Bio Terror is more highly advanced, I began fueling the flame thrower at lunch today. I had two large bowls of Wendy’s Chili and I’m only moments away from going and getting more for Supper. LMT is on the way over here and she has been given fair warning as to the extent of tonight’s festivities.

This entire convention has been a real Freak Show. We had a former President tell us all about how he really loves the woman he’s been screwing around on for Decades. We had a sitting President talk about a Country that he doesn’t love but has been screwing the shit out of for Seven and a Half Years. We’ve seen some Midgets. We’ve seen an assortment of human oddities. It’s been everything we knew it would be and then some. By then some I am talking about their headline speakers. There have been some very good speeches at this convention. They have hit Trump on his weaknesses and will continue to do so. Selling Hillary has been their biggest challenge and tonight I expect that she will remind us all why that is. Just hearing her voice can cause many to immediately purge their bowels and tonight is the Fart-In Protest. This is going to get ugly.

Time for me to sign off. I’m headed up to Wendy’s for more Chili. Then I’m covering my couch in visqueen.

Uninterrupted coverage of the final night of the Democrat National Convention is found HERE


The Phinal night of the Philly Phreak Show

This has been one heck of a run. This Freak Show has had its Kodak moments. Last night was spectacular. Slick Willy told us all about his love affair with the woman he has screwed around on for decades. All the young girls in attendance swooned. The delegates were atingle. Based on who is up to speak tonight I imagine that last night will be considered to be the best night of the convention.

No more need for commentary here. That’s what the comments section is for.

The last night of the Democrat National Convention can be viewed without commercial interruption HERE.


How to steal the Spotlight

The media would rather be talking about the wonderful night at the Democrat National Convention last night.

Trump get’s them focused on something else entirely.

I am loving watching the meltdowns that have followed.


A walk down Memory Lane

Be sure to avoid the potholes.

A sizeable number of the electorate does not remember the Clinton Crime Syndicate in the White House. Among those who don’t remember is a large percentage who cannot be educated on the subject. Any attempt to do so is seen as an attempt to feed them “Right Wing Propaganda”.

Of course the Clinton scandals were mostly all about personal gain of some kind. With the current administration overtly providing support to our Enemies, the Clintons have a retro novelty about them. We are surely in a world of shit right now.


Mad Cow was offended

This is just precious. Last night Bill Clinton rocked the house at the Democrat Convention. He had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

Not everyone was pleased.

Of course I’m not sure if ANY man has ever pleased her.


The Phreak Show in Philly – Night Two

I know what some of you are asking yourselves. You are asking why it is that I am bringing the Democrap National Convention to the Revo when I didn’t bring the Republican National Convention here. For starters, I was wasn’t at home watching last week, so I couldn’t administer the publication. Secondly, there was a contentious situation going on in here that I thought might only be further inflamed by bringing in the Donald.

The reason I’m bringing the Phreak Show is because their depravity deserves full exposure. It is also important to be aware of how the opposition is operating. Thus far this has been a Cluster Foxtrot. I made the mistake of going to bed early last night and I missed out on some of the speakers of higher stature in the Progressive world. Tonight we’ve got some real crazies lined up, with Slick Willy taking to the stage for the main event. He’s going to do his best to heal the wounds of this primary fight and attempt to seduce the Bernouts. We are bound to see some really stupid stuff tonight.

As always I warn you against viewing tonight’s proceedings if you have a weak Heart or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. If you begin feeling any ill effects, hit the Escape button. Best of Luck to you.

There is no telling how stupid it’s going to get tonight.

Uninterrupted Coverage of Night Two of the Democrat National Convention is found HERE


Gaze into the Heart of Darkness

This is not for those with a weak heart or irritable bowel syndrome.

Some may find this to be unacceptable behavior on my part. I think that it is simply a good thing to see what it is that the Ongoing Domestic Menace counts as its accomplishments and what it seeks to inflict on us in the future. Each person will have their own maximum tolerance. If you begin feeling any ill effects, break contact immediately.

This has never been done here before.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give to you live, uninterrupted coverage of the Philly Phreak Show itself, Night one of the Democrat National Convention can be found HERE.


What irritates you the most during an election campaign?

I don’t know about you but for me it is the non-stop barrage of political ads. They are annoying as hell and there’s no way to avoid them if you are connected to the outside world. As I’ve examined the Trump strategy -VS- the Clinton strategy on ad spending I have come to the conclusion that the Trump campaign, thinking outside of the box, has stumbled into something that may change the way electoral politics is strategized.

As far as Hillary is concerned, not only are her political ads annoying, she is annoying. Most people do have a bad physical reaction to the sound of her voice. I think that Trump realizes it. She isn’t exactly going forward in the polls. None of her ads are working. She is spending a lot of money and just like Jeb Bush, it isn’t getting her anywhere. Of course she’s still got plenty of money to spend. They will spend more money putting on staff to really annoy people with phone calls. No expense will be spared but it will all go right down the toilet. Everybody knows who this woman is and after all these decades there is still nothing good that can be said about her… other than her remarkable ability to break the Law on a whim and manage to avoid getting prosecuted every single time. That’s a talent that very few people on Earth actually have.

More below the fold…




By the end of this week this guy is going to feel pretty stupid, if he is in fact what he claims to be. I am more inclined to believe that this has been photoshopped.

“Principles before Party”.

If the principles that will be expressed this week are what guides this man, he really needs to go ahead and register as a Democrat. If on the other hand his butt is still hurting because of the way the Primary went, I hope he will watch the Democrat National Convention and make a wholesome moral inventory of himself as he does so. I wish him the best of luck.


Mass Shooting in Ft. Myers, Florida

Two dead and Seventeen wounded at Club Blu in Ft. Myers.

This is getting to be a regular thing.


Are you ready for the Philly Phreak Show?

Hell yeah, I know I am. This is going to be a big dish of fruits and nuts for sure. The potential for chaos is high. It’s must see TV.

Now I know that I felt rough at work all last week from staying up too late and I thought that I wouldn’t be watching any of the Democrat National Convention. Then I can’t help myself. It only comes around once every Four Years. This year it is bound to be the biggest Freak Show ever. Human Oddities is what I go see when I go to the Fair every Year. I always buy my ticket to see the Headless Woman. Why wouldn’t I want to watch the Democrat Convention?

Simply put, it’s going to be a disaster. They are going to double-down on stupid. It’s going to be the same old song and dance, stuff people are already tired of hearing. Their lack of self-awareness will be stunning. They have no idea as to how they are perceived by the public at large. They will stand in stark contrast with what happened last week in Cleveland, that’s for sure.

Then there’s this added gift of the WikiLeaks DNC e-mail releases, detailing that the system was indeed rigged against Bernie Sanders. This is going to generate much “disturbment” among the masses. I am looking forward to some Bernout show out.

The Debbie Wasserwoman Schlitz crash and burn has been delish. As annoying as she is though, I give her credit for falling on her sword as quickly as she did. She knows she will be taken care of in other ways. It was the correct decision to make. She’s a Bitch and she will survive to fight another day. Most all of her constituents voted for Hillary. She hasn’t damaged herself with them.

For those of you who have been suffering from Trump Reluctance and have been looking for a way to justify voting for him, your prayers have been answered. Watch the Democrat Nation Convention and see if it doesn’t somehow make you see things from more of a Camp B perspective. Early in the Primary most of us, myself included, was in the “Support the Republican nominee regardless of who he or she might be” Camp. There were all kinds of good reasons to be in that Camp then as there are now. Events of this week are going to prove why Camp B is the place to be.

So yes, absolutely YES… bring on the PHILLY PHREAK SHOW!!!


Manic Monday Madness

Here’s a story about Intellectual Honesty… that I never saw coming.

A recent Republican cross-over from the Democrat Party explains his disappointment with President Obama and why he will be voting for Donald Trump.

Well now that’s pretty funny but by the end of the day it will be explained to us how misogynistic African men are. Of course that is true as well. This campaign season is just filled with so many unexpected twists and turns. I can hardly wait for the Philly Phreak Show to kick off today.


Coming soon to a Theater near you


Movie Review: Hillary’s America – The Secret History of the Democrat Party

As I explained in my Friday Night Movie write-up, last night I went to see Hillary’s America, The Secret History of the Democrat Party. As requested, I will give its worthy review. The movie opened yesterday in theaters nationwide. I caught the 7:30pm showing at the highly popular Tinseltown Theater. I am a big fan of buying tickets online. It provides a more celebrity styled entrance for me and my entourage. I can’t be hanging out with the peeps in the heat, lined up to buy tickets at the box office. Immediate access to air conditioning and the concession stand is what is required.

We got into the theater well before show time and it was mostly full. LMT and I let the likely Hillary voters pick the seats. We were fortunate to find four in a row. By show time the theater was full. It wasn’t packed but not far from it. This is the third movie by Dinesh D’Souza that I have seen and I have seen them all in the theater. I see them in the theater for many reasons, one of which is to gauge the crowd. I gauge the crowd by size and movie interaction. I saw 2016 – Obama’s America during the day on the Saturday of opening weekend. It did not draw a very large crowd, at least for that showing. I did not register much in the way of interaction, even though it was a great movie. There just weren’t many people in the theater to make noise that would allow me to know how they were feeling it. Then I went to see America: Imagine the world without her. I went to the same theater, later in the evening on the Saturday of opening weekend. There was a much bigger crowd at this showing. The theater was probably 80% full. There was good emotional interaction from the crowd. Last night not only was the theater full, the crowd was quoting the various popular Hillary Clinton Lies in synch with Hillary on the screen.

More below the fold…


Friday Night at the Movies

Welcome to the Real Revo Theater. Tonight we have an encore performance of an oldie but goodie. I wanted another chaos in the streets movie but the Republican Convention and going to the movie theater tonight to see Hillary’s America 2016 The secret history of the Democrat Party has not left any time margin for first run presentations here.

This is one of my old time favorites…

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Putting this Election in its proper perspective

Regardless of who wins the Election, THIS is going to take us down.

It is only a matter of time.


Mass Shooting in Munich

Breaking News

This is becoming a regular thing. Don’t expect that to change.


A clear and present danger

Fortunately for most everyone here, they will not face this threat.

Stay safe out there.

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Freaky Friday Follies

Love him or hate him, Trump knocked it out of the park last night. I have not heard a speech like that from the Republican nominee for President of the United States in ages. It was absolutely brilliant as was everything that lead up to it. I know, I heard some FDRness going on. Regardless, from a political standpoint that was a brilliant performance last night. If you don’t believe me then I challenge you to watch the hideous, vampiristic freak show that will be the Democrat National Convention. The contrast will be stark.

Then, to polish things off in an utterly professional act of showmanship the musical score that played last was the Rolling Stones… “You can’t always get what you want but if you try some time, you just might find, you get what you need”. That was pure genius.

During his speech I was gathering odd items of clutter from my coffee table and I found an old Chinese Fortune Cookie. At first I threw it in a little trash bag that I was using to collect things. Then I decided to fish it out. At this point LMT interrupted me with “You aren’t going to eat that, give it here”. I told her that I had no plans of eating it. I told her that I wanted to see what was inside. I wanted to see what a Fortune Cookie had to tell me as Donald J. Trump was giving his nomination acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

I carefully opened the cellophane wrapper and broke the cookie in half. I pulled out the script of paper and it read…

More below the fold…


Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest


RD’s talent for finding the oddest of photos is unsurpassed.