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Friday Night at the Movies – Blackie the Pirate

Welcome once again to the most anticipated night of the week here on the Revo. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, you will come by just for the sake of curiosity if nothing else. Here we will be, leaving behind another week on the grind and typically we like to do it with a little class.

Movie night was always a really seriously classy event for me growing up. We put on dressy clothes. During the most unfortunate times of this experience my Stepbrother and I were forced to wear matching clothes a time or two. We wore Red, White and Blue to go watch America gets its ass kicked in Tora Tora Tora, something I will never get over. We wore English Leather and put Brylcreem in our hair. Before we went to the movie, we went to dinner someplace nice. Movie night was always a pretty big deal when I was a kid.

It was an enchanted time.

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Worth its weight in Firepower

untitled (13)

Just one of those unique little devices from the Cold War that could use a little resurrecting right about now. Who am I kidding? I’m more of an H-Bomb kind of guy. Nonetheless, imagine how cool you would be if you were the guy humping THIS on to an Objective.

I’ve never jumped a SADM before but I’ve spent many days of my life partying with someone who did!


Saturday Night Special – Hell and back again

In light of recent events, the 911 Anniversary and as a follow-up to our epic motion picture of last night, I found this documentary to be a logical inclusion for our weekend here. I’ve not seen this one more than just a very few minutes in.

What you will be watching tonight is a documentary of a military offensive in Afghanistan in the Summer of 2008. It is just a small portion of a War that has been taking place over the last 1,400 Years. Today in Afghanistan everyone is trying very hard not to be the last guy killed before we withdraw completely.

It doesn’t seem to matter how much blood we spill, either theirs or ours, the enemy continues to be a threat because they continue to live. Now we have emerging threats that are causing us to extend ourselves on to familiar foreign battlefields once again. I have to ask what it is that we hope to accomplish. Are we going to somehow become more fearsome by doing the same things all over again and this time with a vastly diminished budget as our economy falters? Are we somehow going to develop a united National Will to defeat our enemies as hostile agitprops work tirelessly to divide us?

With each day I grow even more convinced that there is only one clear path to Victory in this War.

Harry Truman knew what to do in a situation like this.

It’s time to go to Hell and back again…

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Friday Night at the Movies – The Day of the Siege

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In honor and reverence toward Almighty God who preserves us in the face of our Enemies, I will dispense with any of the normal treatment I would otherwise bestow upon a typically bad movie that we enjoy on most Friday Nights. When it came to the selection process, there was no Ten Minute Test here. There can’t be. There is only watch. You can’t un-watch. There is only watch until there is nothing left to watch so please insure that you are fully prepared to do so.

Tonight we have a movie of the highest caliber

I am very thankful that our featured presentation for this evening is available. I think it is most appropriate to the days we are living. Much has been asked of many Americans since September 11th, 2001. Much more will be required of us unless we develop the National Will to win this War in the most decisive manner imaginable, as quickly as possible. Our movie tonight will help to illustrate why that is.

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My thoughts on September 11th 2014

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Saturday Night Special – One Day in September

Yesterday marked the 42nd Anniversary of the beginning of the siege that lead to the Munich Olympic Massacre. I remember watching bits and pieces of it as a kid. I didn’t really understand what was going on.

An amalgamation of terrorists belonging to Black September and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, were given aid by German Neo-Nazis in carrying out an attack against the Israeli Dorms at the Olympic Village during the 1972 Summer Games in Munich. It is part of the War that we are fighting on a global level right now. Hopefully soon we will develop the will to end the War in Victory in a most decisive manner.

Enjoy this historical film this Saturday Night.


Friday Night at the Movies – Silent Enemy

untitled (11)

Welcome one and all to another great Friday Night Flight. I hope your work week has been an enjoyable one. Mine has been… except for my very first encounter with a Migraine Headache. I’ve always heard about them but the experience was not as bad as some of the things I’ve heard but bad nonetheless. It’s kind of like a Nitrogen buildup headache in that no painkiller can touch but the whole sensitivity to sunlight thingee… somewhat excruciating.

I had to choose our movie quickly tonight because it hurts to even look at the screen right now, even though most of it has passed.

Nitrogen buildup is what motivated me to select our featured presentation tonight. Nitrogen buildup isn’t a problem for a diver on a rebreather. In our movie tonight we will see the very first military rebreathers in action.

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What absolutely pissed off my Mother today

There are lots of things going on in the world today that would piss anyone off.

This video pissed my Mother off to no end.

“You know that bad things happen to good people all the time, who do something stupid in and around a swimming pool. Why can it happen to THOSE dumbasses”?


Labor Day, Jerry Lewis and Charo

Those are three great things I used to look forward to this time of the year.

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What Labor Day means to me

Labor day will always be one of my favorite holidays even if there is some sadness attributed to it. The things I really liked about Labor Day growing up was watching the Jerry Lewis Telethon and tracking a Hurricane that always seemed to be right off our coast on Labor Day. What I didn’t like about Labor Day is that it marked the end of Summer Break and the beginning of the next School Year.

Well here it is in 2014 and Jerry Lewis is no longer Master of Ceremonies for the MDA Telethon. The MDA Telethon isn’t what it used to be. I no longer have a first day of School to think about. Now I get to think about what Labor Day is all about.

For me it will be a time of contemplating the great Evil of the day that Labor Unions have helped to foster.

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Friday Night at the Movies – Roller Boogie

Welcome one and all to the final Friday Night Flight of August 2014. It’s been a weird ride here of late but I’ve been in a weird mood. I’m in a weird mood right now and I’m kind of looking to shake it. I’ve been on a roll with movies that have at least one scene of the detonation of a nuclear weapon. I think that’s because the world hasn’t seen the detonation of a nuclear weapon in a very, very long time… too long for my taste as a matter of fact. I think we are way overdue for some nuclear fireworks and I’m just…


Now this morning on my way into work I got some news that put me in a nice groove for the morning of the end of a VERY long week. It was 40 Years ago today that the Average White Band hit the American Airwaves with Pick up the Pieces…

I’ve had this song in my head all day. I’ve been busting out with fat man disco moves at the copy machine. This song should be pumped into every high capacity office space all day long on a continual, nonstop loop. There should be no beginning or end. It should be digitally mixed mastered in such a way that the end has a perfect synchronization with the beginning and it loops on the sound system for as long as there is power in the building.

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Friday Night at the Movies – Survivor

untitled (8)

Welcome to another great Friday Night at the Movies. What makes this a great night? It’s Friday night. Another week on the grind is left behind. Silliness must ensue and you found yourself being silly enough to be right here, right now. That’s pretty special in my book.

The real benefit of living up to the weekly challenge that movie selection presents is getting to know some pretty strange movies that nobody has ever heard of before, that offer a story that expands the imagination a bit. This one does just that but in the Fourteen Minutes that I’ve seen of it thus far, it is reminiscent of one of my favorite movies of all times, one that has been requested by a regular here but I have been reluctant to grant that request on the grounds that it has been published here three times already, including once earlier this year. I’m often obnoxious in my movie selections but I can’t push too hard with this one. It’s a classic. Its essence is to be poured out sparingly, even when it hurts.

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One reason why nice guys often finish last

Often times it’s because they refuse to acknowledge what they are up against. Somehow they believe it is noble to think of their opponent as misguided instead of evil, even when it is only evil that they display. When they have the opportunity to speak the Truth of a matter they fail to speak properly because they won’t acknowledge it for what it is. When that is the case you can never instill passion into anyone who listens to what you have to say. When you want people to believe in you but you cannot speak plainly about what is plain and observable for all to see, you will never win their hearts and minds.

Worse than he expected?


Who did he think he was running against?


Saturday Night Special – Triple Cross

It’s not every Saturday Night that we have a special presentation. Friday Night is for theatrical presentations but Saturday Night is wide open for just about anything. Often times a documentary is selected for the evening. The catalyst for our featured presentation this evening appeared on the Revo a short time ago. Since that time I’ve had this story on my mind.

There is one thing that you can be very sure of. The Islamic Jihadists who attacked us on September 11th 2001 lived and trained among us. Right now as you read this there are even more of them among us who are doing exactly the same thing. Just this week it has come to our attention that the President is doing what he can to insure that our enemies receive the training they need to carry out future attacks against the West. The National Geographic Documentary we are watching tonight is a trip into the past, showing us a little slice of history that has and no doubt continues to repeat itself.

This is especially chilling to me because the subject of the documentary, Ali Mohamed, was a Specialist Fourth Class in an S4 Company of 5th Special Forces Group when the Father of my Godchildren became acquainted with him.

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Friday Night at the Movies – The last man on Earth

Welcome one and all to the cinematic oasis we have been looking forward to finding all week. This has been an interesting week in so many ways but we don’t want to think about any of that right now. Nonetheless I did look for a good riot movie just for giggles but all I could find was prison riot movies. They are great movies to watch except when there’s riots going on in the streets. A prison riot movie would leave the audience feeling cheated because the riot was contained within a correctional facility. You don’t get that same… burn baby burn feeling.

Oh well, I did end up finding something decent in spite of myself. I’ve never seen it either. I can’t do a fancy schmancy write-up here. I went looking for Omega Man and ended up finding the movie that inspired Omega Man as well as I am Legend. The lead character is played by Vincent Price. This just sounds too good to pass up.

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Somebody has lost their Street Creds

Al Sharpton Confronted Over Being a FBI Snitch from Sharp Elbows on Vimeo.

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There’s a Ferguson near you

So says Jesse Jackson.

I had the opportunity to ride around the “Urban Core” of the St. Louis metro area prior to getting to the airport as Little Miss Texas and I were headed home from the Revo Rendezvous. I cruised through Ferguson. I have to disagree with master racist Jackson on his observations. I live in da ghetto and there’s not a Ferguson near me. I got the same feeling in Ferguson and nearby areas that I did in Memphis. The areas I went through were a never ending ghetto and the hair was standing up on the back of my neck most of the time. I had a very odd and unsettled feeling during my tour of Fred Sanford’s old neighborhood. What’s happening there now doesn’t surprise me at all.

Nonetheless, I can think of many places where there is no Ferguson anywhere to be found. In those places there is no rioting, looting, burning or things like that. SHAZAAM.

Read the comments of one of the Grand Wizards of the Racial Strife Industrial Complex HERE


Election Year Survival Technology

RD is away and in the spirit of a long standing Revo tradition the forum will give way to sports entertainment subject matter, however briefly.

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Friday Night at the Movies – Cherry 2000

untitled (6)

Welcome one and all to yet another incredible Friday Night Flight. For many of us it has been a grueling week on the grind and we need a time and place to unwind, which is what movie night is all about. I view my efforts to bring the quality entertainment you expect on a Friday night as a labor of love. This week there was a lot of labor involved.

I waded through a cesspool of cinematic masterpieces all week. I don’t want to name any of them as you may find them to be frightening. One of the movies came with a warning very early on that if I continued to watch that I would empty my bowels into my pants. How very arrogant of them. I can do that all on my own without viewing their movie. Nonetheless I was intrigued and continued to watch until shortly after Ten Minute mark, at which point it became too silly even for me.

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Friday Night at the Movies – Southern Comfort


Another glorious Friday night has found you here. We are happy you decided to stop on by. The entertainment that comprises our Friday Night Flight is an intense cinematic masterpiece that I attempted to present here some time ago but there was a technical glitch that caused the video to quit playing around Six Minutes as the sound continued. That was no fun at all. I’ve checked it out now and things seem to be running perfectly. Because a loyal viewer requested that it be featured here again soon, I have brought it back for a second run.

I love this movie and have not seen it in a long time. Actually this movie is very special to me. When it hit the theaters I was in High School and had already made my military career choice. This movie scared the crap out of me. This movie is able to engage the viewer in such a way as to make them feel the dread of the characters.

I could see how something like what was portrayed in the movie could happen.

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Saturday Night Special – 50 Years of James Bond

I found something totally cool on the Tube this week. It’s the work of a dedicated James Bond fan. This is absolutely brilliant, what I’ve seen and read of it. Segments of each James Bond movie from 1962 through 2012 are edited together to make a movie all it’s own. It was created as a demonstration of the method of storytelling that makes Bond movies what they are.

It has been said of this movie, that it proves that if you’ve seen one Bond movie, you’ve seen them all. Yeah, that’s why as a kid growing up I was at the theater on opening night of every James Bond movie. My parents made it a point of being there on opening night. There were three shows that my parents made it a point of seeing when I was growing up. When Elvis was in concert they were there. When Liberace was playing, they were there. When a new James Bond movie hit the theater, they were there and they took us kids with them. For as long as Elvis and Liberace were alive, they drew a crowd. The fact is that as long as Western Civilization survives, Bond movies will draw a crowd.

Here’s something for every James Bond Fan…


Friday Night at the Movies – Invasion USA


Welcome once again to another sortie on the traditional Friday Night Flight. As has been the case of late, the work week has been exhausting and I was not finding anything inspirational to launch me into one direction or another, in search of a suitable masterpiece for our viewing. This week I am reminded once again that it is only due to attention to detail that the correct selection is made.

The title of the movie is of a very familiar theme. There is more than one movie with the same title. It would be very easy to let this one slip by without noticing who co-wrote the music, did the screenplay and actually co-produced the movie. Once I saw all that, I knew what the outcome of the Ten Minute Test would be. Sure enough, based on what I’ve read from what the guy has produced over the Years, I find this movie to be uniquely suited to our Friday Night Observances. Current relations between the United States and Russia also lend to greater enjoyment of the movie.

This is the 1952 version of Red Dawn!

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Saturday Night Special – The Big Picture

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see U.S. Paratroopers conducting a Mass Tactical Airborne Assault into Iran?

Did you ever think you would live to see the day when U.S. Marines conduct an amphibious assault against an Iranian Oil Terminal?

What kind of World would we be living in when the U.S. Air Force has an established air base in Iran?

These are the scenes from a World that once was. I found this gem of a military documentary while surfing the net last weekend. It’s a very rare look at the way things were prior to the rise of Islamic Revolution. It makes me almost want to quit wishing for a nuclear strike against them.

This was part of the Big Picture of the World in the Year I was born…


If you like your Kalashnikov, you can keep your Kalashnikov

Just don’t expect to be able to get authentic parts and accessories for it, for an indefinite period.

Of course if you’ve ever used small arms in your profession, unless you were raised behind the Iron Curtain to be a Communist Revolutionary this latest Executive Order is unlikely to affect you.


Friday Night at the Movies – In like Flint

Ladies and gentlemen, the movie selection process has been completely usurped by the sudden failure of my modem to perform. The time down and the replacement process robbed me of the time required to execute due diligence and produce a proper written introduction. Due to recent events I almost defaulted to a high jacking movie or some other passenger aircraft related disasterish movie, which would have been in completely bad taste.

Then there are recent events that make me want to find a good Israeli War Movie. Raid on Entebbe would be perfect but it hasn’t been that long ago when we last watched it. I must look for movies of this genre with greater detail.

Then I admit that what I really need is something funny. I truly want to be entertained. Then I found this. It’s just the kind of silliness I need. I almost went with something horrible tonight. It is a Golan Globus production and mercenaries are involved. Honestly, I think that may be a fine example of an Israeli War Movie after all. I will have to explore this further.

I just couldn’t do that to you and to myself tonight.

Behold and be entertained.