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A new approach to North Korean Silliness

From the Secretary of State…

Diplomatic efforts to get North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program has failed.


Maybe it’s time to give our Asian Allies some Nukes

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest


Trump is killing us

Just get used to it. That’s what you are going to be hearing. I’ve already heard it several times, related to the proposed Healthcare Bill. Expect to hear warnings of the number of Deaths that will result from anything Trump does. The Progs are pretty sure that Death will get people’s attention and they are pretty sure that most people are not on the side of Death on any issues. They will be sure that Trump is painted as the Pro-Death President.

The Trump Budget Proposal is going to kill Big Bird.

By the end of the day we may know more about who the Angel of Death is now stalking at President Trump’s request. The budget for national defense includes funding for the killing of ISIS. Lots of Death going on.

Speaking of Death and Killing, I’ve not yet heard any reports related to the funding or de-funding of Planned Parenthood.


“Very Soon”

President Trump says he will be submitting evidence of the electronic surveillance of Trump Tower “Very soon”.

He also says that over the next couple of weeks the American people will be seeing some “very interesting things’.

The pattern continues. Trump tweets something. The media goes nuts. They spend a lot of time and energy belittling Trump and the subject matter. Then a couple of weeks later after his detractors have firmly placed themselves on the hook, whatever Trump is talking about turns out to be accurate.


It’s just numbers

The national debt now exceeds the legal limit

I doubt you will hear much about it today. Nobody takes the Law seriously regarding debt. It’s all just a bunch of numbers too big for anyone to really understand anyway.

When will the party end?

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Trump shoots on Snoop

President Donald Trump addressed Snoop Dogg’s new music video, where the rapper shoots a clown dressed as the president, on Twitter.

“Can you imagine what the outcry would be if Snoop Dogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama? Jail time,” Trump tweeted Wednesday morning.

A rep for Snoop Dogg did not return Fox News’ request for comment.

More at Fox News

For the edification of the terminology in use here, THIS is what a “Shoot” is.


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More evidence of the Fraud that is the environmentalist movement

They claim to care about the environment. They claim to care about animals. They claim to care about Native Americans.

THIS is the evidence of how full of shit they are.

By their fruits and nuts you will know them.

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You know you’re getting old when…

… you start asking stupid questions.

Yes, that’s it. Whenever I become resentful of a female I take or look at naked pictures of her. Right.

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Geert Wilders -VS- Mark Rutte

Live updates on the Dutch Elections is found HERE

Wishing Wilders the best!


To be expected

A Dog returns to its vomit.

Radical Marxists never retire gracefully.


I wonder how somebody gets their hands on information like this

I’m thinking that some Federal Laws must have been broken in order for anyone to make this claim and be accurate in making it.

Tonight’s ratings at MSNBC courtesy of someone within the Deep State.

The White House scoops MSNBC and makes them look silly… again.

“You know you are desperate for ratings when you are willing to violate the law to push a story about two pages of tax returns from over a decade ago,”

Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing bricks.

Then they begin to eat each other.


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The latest form of Violence against Women

It’s called the “Manterruption”.

Feel fortunate that you frequent a website that can make you aware of things like this.

It should also be noted that Millions of American men are the victims of this very type of violence, it is inflicted by women and it goes entirely unreported.

The struggle is real.


The All Americans are deploying to Kuwait

The 2nd Brigade Combat Team of the 82nd Airborne Division to deploy to Kuwait and prepare for combat operations in Syria and/or Iraq

What we are about to see play out in Syria and Iraq is the War of Annihilation that General Mattis has been talking about.

More below the fold…


A significant test of the President

I don’t care what you think about the man, this is going to be interesting to watch… what we will actually get to see of it anyway. President Trump is going to play host to Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago next month. The President will be in a familiar and relaxed environment and his natural sense of showmanship will make him a most excellent host. I wonder which local Chinese restaurant will be delivering dinner. Maybe P.F. Chang’s will cater. I know that’s horrible but you know Trump has scarfed down some really bad Chinese food in his day.

They are going to have plenty of things to talk about but recent events in Korea are quite noteworthy. Mostly it is best to ignore North Korea but we haven’t been ignoring them. The United States is moving serious firepower into the area and while there is a big exercise underway the troops may not be going home as soon as the training is over. It may be that General Mattis is doing his part to insure that the time spent with the Chinese in Florida will be time well spent. Certainly this meeting is well timed. It will be a significant test of the President.

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How much Money is the Blood worth?

I wonder how much money has been made from the blood that has been shed in our streets here in America since November 2008. The pieces of shit who won that election wasted no time in sewing seeds of discourse between their peeps on the street and the PoeLease. They did exactly as we knew they would do. It took them a few years but eventually there was the expected rioting along with the hunting and killing of Police Officers. It’s what Marxist Revolutionaries do. It came as no surprise.

There are various factions at work to incite violent Revolution in the United States right now, some of whom are finding out that they don’t like the fact that they can’t run wild without consequences anymore. Now the Entertainment Industry has to step forward and do their part. I do hope that should things ever come unglued here in the U.S. that those in Hollywood who did their part to make it happen will receive their just reward swiftly.

More below the fold…

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The Monday Morning Threat

“Pass my Bill or the Healthcare System is going to collapse”.

That’s what we’ve been saying would happen for years, less the “Pass my Bill” part.

Based on what we know of the current Bill it’s going to happen anyway. The only thing that will change regarding the Healthcare System is who owns the disaster.

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When we got the word that Marine Corps Artillerymen were deploying into Syria, within range of Raqqa, it seemed logical to me that this could only be taking place with some ironclad agreements with Assad and Putin. It has been explained to us that the Marines will be providing Fire Support for the Syrian Army and Kurdish Forces in the battle to take Raqqa. As the Russian Air Force will be in the same air space that artillery rounds will be flying through, there will have to be coordination between the Marines and the Russians in providing support for the Syrian and Kurdish ground elements. All of those things would have to be happening in order for several Hundred Marines to be deployed well inland from the coast into Syria.

Given how the United States has been supporting the forces that are trying to overthrow Assad and now all of a sudden we are sending forces deep into Syria in support of Assad’s forces, it is logical to assume that there has been some high level coordination going on between our two governments.

President Assad describes U.S. Forces in Syria as “Invaders”.

I don’t know how seriously I should take Assad’s remarks. If he truly sees the recent deployment as an “Invasion”, we would have plenty of other headlines regarding remarks by the Russians, Iranians and the Chinese, as was the case when President Obama was trying to get us into Syria so the Navy could fly close air support for ISIS. It is difficult to understand what purpose these remarks by Assad serves.


Intruder at the White House

Security breach last night…



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Friday Night at the Movies Toga Party

Welcome to Friday Night. The weekend is here let us have a cup of Cheer. We are now free to let our Internet Addiction run wild. The Real Revo Theater tempers that addiction a bit, acting as a theatrical refuge. You can’t really surf the net while watching a movie though I have seen it done many times. It is our hope that the movies we present here are compelling enough to the moviegoer as to keep them fully engaged. Tonight I think we’ve got one that is quite engaging.

The Ides of March are nearly upon us so I went out in search of what most people think of when they encounter that term. This movie features Christopher Walken playing a role that I believe he is ideally suited for… a Roman Senator. Lots of dirty games in play then as now. From what I’ve seen of it, I think you will enjoy it. Because of the length of this movie I think it would be silly to offer a Double Feature this evening.

Actually, you know what? I’m breaking out the Toga tonight. Slave Girl, bring me food and drink. Let the first ever Real Revo Toga Party begin…

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Freaky Friday Follies

When “Liar, Liar, pants on fire” gets real.

That may be the funniest thing I’ve read all week.

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Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest


The most interesting thing I could find in the News this morning

More than likely it is something that will impact a good portion of the people on this forum.

Very cold weather is on the way.

Happy Hump Day!


Speaking of Violence…

We should consider this a companion piece to the previous publication. I found it while surfing the local news this morning. It provides an interesting observation about how Violence has become a more widely accepted form of communication and problem resolution… at Chuck E Cheese locations.

Between the Southside Boulevard and Atlantic Boulevard and Youngerman Circle locations, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office responded to calls of fights, assaults, disputes and one case of gunfire at the three restaurants 150 times in 2016. That averages to about three calls to police call every week.

“There is fights all the time; parents out here fighting,” said one mother who was at the Atlantic Boulevard restaurant on Monday. “I’ve seen where a woman had her child in her hands and started fighting with another woman. It’s really bad. I don’t even bring my kids here no more.”

Welcome to the Chuck E Cheese Gladiator School

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The latest Progressive Film Fantasy

Using their talents to express their innermost desires…


Friday Night at the Movies Double Feature

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