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300 French Soldiers Deployed to Prevent Not-Muslim-Linked Attacks


France is a nation somewhere in Europe, possibly located between Spain and Germany. It may also share a border with Dr. Doom’s country of Latveria or perhaps Mexico. It’s hard to say exactly where France is because French leaders are very careful about skirting around the obvious truth.

For example, in the past three days there were several independent public attacks in France by people who most definitely had no relation to Islam whatsoever.

  • Saturday, Dec. 20: A man armed with a knife entered a Tours police station. He shouted “Allahu Akbar” and proceeded to attack police officers. He injured three officers before being shot dead. The man was a French convert to Islam.
  • Sunday, Dec. 21: A man drives his car into a crowd of people in Dijon, injuring 13, two seriously. He  shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he drove over people. While the man’s religion was not reported, many people identified him as not being a Norwegian grandmother.
  • Monday, Dec. 22: A man drives a van into a popular stand selling hot wine in Nantes, injuring 11, four seriously. Of course, he was screaming “Allahu Akbar”. The man then tried to kill himself with a knife, stabbing himself several times in the chest. It is unknown if he tried to surrender to himself while stabbing.

The French President, Francios Hollande, called an emergency cabinet meeting regarding the actions and later it was announced that 300 troops would be deployed along with police for additional security in public locations during the Christmas holiday.

These events are baffling to the French, who cannot see a single correlating factor.

French officials say the motive behind the attack is not clear.

Yep, not clear at all.


Michael Brown Grand Jury Announcement Soon – Preparations Made for Violence

St. Ann

The grand jury investigating the shooting death of thug Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson will likely make its announcement this weekend or shortly thereafter. Although it’s not a sure thing, the recent rash of leaks point to the jury declining to indict Wilson. Law enforcement agencies are getting ready for the expected protests, riots, and general mayhem promised by leftist radicals and other urban terrorists.

  • Gateway Pundit is reporting that a large corporation with headquarters near Ferguson is advising employees to leave the area.
  • An M1117 armored vehicle was photographed parked behind a Dairy Queen in St. Ann, near Ferguson.
  • A flight of military helicopters was photographed flying over Kirkwood, MO, heading toward Ferguson.
  • It’s rumored that the MO National Guard has 100+ hotel rooms reserved for the weekend.

And just so you understand the kind of people that we can expect the media to brand as “mostly peaceful protestors”, consider the story of Chris Schaefer. Schaefer is a white college student who has been protesting in Ferguson alongside the radicals. While attending a protest meeting in St. Mark’s Family Church, Schaefer made the mistake of recording the event. The other protestors attacked him, striking him in the head, hands, and body, and proceeded to chase him down the street where he finally took refuge in a Walgreens pharmacy.

A comment on the Justice for Mike Brown facebook page details the mistaken attack and says

That’s making us look bad, the ones that come out to protest peacefully, smh, and he is white but that don’t mean to attack him like that! We have supporters of all races

The comment writer is correct: It looks bad, but that’s only because it is bad.

It’s going to be an interesting weekend.


ISIS is Going to Take Bagdad and Why You Should Care


People’s legitimate concern over Ebola has been whipped into a frenzy by the utter ineptitude and incompetence demonstrated by the government in general and the Obama administration in particular. As much as I hate to take attention away from the collapse of liberal government theory in the face of a public health crisis, it should be noted that this this is just one of Obama’s disasters. In addition to refusing to confront a biological virus, Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq and refusal to confront the philosophical virus of Islamic Jihad has resulted in the coming collapse of Iraq and the capture of Bagdad by the Islamic State.

ISIS has effectively surrounded Bagdad, a prospect that the Obama administration considered impossible not too long ago. In some places, they’ve been there for some time and ISIS has been infiltrating the city and preparing to besiege the Shiite neighborhoods that will be the toughest nuts to crack. The recent spate of vehicle bombs indicates that the preparation stage has passed and that battle for Bagdad in now under way. Expect a Stalingrad-esque conflict with all the ethnic cleansing and massacres we’ve come to expect from the Middle East.

Moreover, the recent admission by the US military that Apache helicopters were sent to Bagdad to protect the airport from ISIS fighters armed with man-portable anti-aircraft weapons shows just how vulnerable that lifeline to the outside world is now. Real Revo Readers who remember the 2003 campaign and “Bagdad Bob” will find a bitter irony when they see US and Iraqi government spokespeople insisting that the airport is secure.

Patrick Poole has written an article that everyone should read, 5 Key Implications if Bagdad Falls to ISIS. Poole is not afraid to point out the difficulties that the world will face when ISIS triumphs in Iraq. These include but are not limited to:

  • ISIS will be the legitimate Islamic State
  • Jihadist groups will flock to its banner
  • The US will have no influence in the region
  • A generalized sectarian war between Sunni and Shiite will occur

Of course, Obama won’t care about the mess he’s leaving behind. That’s something for the next President to have to deal with.


9/11 is Thursday


ISIS has goons running around lopping heads off and executing everyone in sight. Al Qaeda opens a new franchise in India, hoping to eclipse ISIS in murder and bloodshed. Boko Haram kidnaps women and children and burns Christians alive in locked churches. And, oh yeah, a guy from Minneapolis who used to clean Delta airplanes was killed fighting for Islamic jihad in some armpit somewhere.

After all the headlines about the threat of Islamic terrorism, you’d think that the government would note important dates that Islamist whackjobs tend to celebrate and offer up some warnings. You’d be wrong, of course.

This Thursday is September 11 and the 13th anniversary of the murderous Al Quaeda attack on America is only two days away. The scum like to commemorate the day with follow-up attacks, such as the one on the US compound in Bengazi, Libya.

However, the Homeland Security National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) currently has no alerts and hasn’t been updated since September 5. Certainly, the White House has not said or done anything to indicate that there is a risk of attack on Thursday. In fact, the whole government seems to be acting like there’s no big deal.

So, maybe there isn’t anything to worry about.

But I’d stay away from airports and other possible targets on Thursday anyway. You know. Just in case the Obama regime is as good at protecting us as they are at everything else.


Daisy 2 and Secure America

Good political ads are hard to come by. Here’s one that nails it.



The Challenge of Iraq and What the US Should Do

Iraq map locator

I have two opposing desires that cannot be reconciled. I see the images of Christians and Yazidis suffering in Iraq and the massacres perpetrated by the Islamic State (IS) and I want to do something. Yet, at the same time, I’m very reluctant to say the US should be involved in that festering armpit of the planet. I suspect that a lot of Real Revo Readers are also engaged in rounds of mental deliberation.

It boils down to the following desires:

One: We should bomb the living shit out of IS. IS is a collection of monstrous barbarians bent on driving the world into a new dark age. They have engaged in horrific massacres and genocide of hundreds of thousands of people, including women and children and will continue their horrific actions in the future unless stopped. They are intent on the subjugation of millions of people, and if they succeed in occupying the Middle East will have a significant power base. IS is also intent on attacking the United States.

Two: We should turn our backs on the peoples of the Middle East as they turned their backs on us. Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t worth the blood or treasure of one more American life or dollar. The governments are corrupt, the peoples backward, and the culture incompatible with freedom and human rights. Our efforts there to rid the land of threats to the United States and to give the people a chance to enjoy a free way of life were worthwhile but the people rejected us in favor of despotism. We should stay out, entering only to engage threats to the United States, and not engage in “nation building” afterward.

To engage The Islamic State in a way that will even be marginally effective will require the risking of American lives and money: Forward observers will have to embed with Kurdish or Iraqi combat units, US special forces must engage in training, and pilots (or at least drones) will be at risk flying over enemy territory. Any actions will cost a lot of taxpayer money at a time when we can’t afford it.

However, if we do nothing, or even just engage in selective and “humanitarian” actions as the Obama administration has done, we will be witness to massacres and depravity on a massive scale. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocents will be callously murdered and we will have done nothing.

There’s not a lot of middle ground to be had here. Personally, I’m still wrestling with the issues and haven’t come to a conclusion. What do you think?


The Rule of Law, Not Justice

A QuikTrip convenience store burns during a night of rioting in Ferguson, Missouri

I don’t believe that there is justice in this life. Justice is a human concept and one that is both abstract and evolving. Moreover, each person’s understanding of what justice is varies so much that one man’s justice is another man’s unfairness. True justice requires judgment that is both omniscient and omnipotent, two characteristics that apply only to God. Therefore, justice is something belongs to the heavens and the next life, or, if you’re of an atheist bent, something that will remain elusive forever.

That does not mean that we as human beings are consigned to chaos. Since the earliest societies, there have been laws enforced with the threat of imprisonment or violence. In enlightened and benighted societies such as ours these laws apply to all, or at least make an attempt to. Laws come not from God (although they often copy holy commandments) but from us, human beings, and are therefore as fickle and fallible as we are. Also, laws are enforced by other human beings, people no less fallible and subject to passions and prejudices as ourselves.

The recent violence and rioting in Ferguson, Missouri is a case of a small group of criminals taking advantage of a terrible event for their own gain. Real Revo readers are probably as well informed as anyone regarding the death of 18-year old Michael Brown and the subsequent violence, but our opinions are formed by the information available, and Real Revo readers also know that the press and media have a terrible track record of dispensing with the truth.

But there are some things that we do know. As per the written rules of the police, the officer in question is on leave and not currently engaged in law enforcement. His actions will be reviewed by investigators and the scene will be investigated by forensic technicians to see if they comported with the accepted standards. The investigation will be reviewed by others in local, state, and national law enforcement circles in a process established by people who answer to our elected officials. If the officer is found to have acted in accordance with accepted police standards, he will be absolved (at least by officials) of having acted inappropriately and found innocent in the eyes of the law. If he is found to have not acted in accordance, and indeed violated the law, then he will be prosecuted in a court of law and judged by a jury of his peers.

More below the fold…


“Terrible Tragedy” vs. Murder

Terrible Tragedy

The Russian military shot down a Boeing 777 aircraft filled with 280 passengers and 18 crewmembers, of which it is believed 23 are American citizens. The missile that killed these people was intentionally fired from a Russian “buk” class missile system from within the borders of the Russia by Russian military personnel. This happened three days after the Russians did the same to a Ukrainian cargo aircraft and the same day as a Ukrainian ground attack aircraft.

After talking with Russian President Vladmir Putin, who engineered the strife in the Ukraine to benefit himself and his nation, President Barack Obama said, “It looks like it might be a terrible tragedy.”

A “terrible tragedy?”

A fucking “terrible tragedy”?

No, President Obama, a “terrible tragedy” is a goddamn house fire that gets put out and some wedding photos get singed. This is the fucking MURDER of more than 300 people, of which nearly two dozen you supposedly represent!

One of the many problems that plagued President Jimmy Carter was that he was unable to tell the difference between a country led by evil men bent on world domination (the Soviet Union) and a nation of free people who desired peace, commerce, and prosperity (the United States). Apparently our current President is not only just as useless as Carter, he’s simply incapable of speaking the truth when it comes to our enemies even when it’s obvious to everyone around him.

And, oh yeah, President Retard, the American Public called the 1980s and said we want to borrow their defense plans. And their President, on account of the fact that the one we have sucks.


The Armchair Analyst: Iraq Spinning Into International Furball

SA vs Iran

The first of 300 American military advisors arrived in Iraq yesterday. Despite the angst in the White House over their deployment, they are going to be relatively minor players in a combat situation that is rapidly expanding. This conflict could pit two of the major powers in the Middle East in direct action. At present, Saudi Arabia and Iran continue their Cold War and continue to act through proxies. But how long will this situation continue?

The Iraqi army, or what’s left of it, is now almost exclusively a Shiite Muslim militia. It’s also being supplied by Iran (also majority Shiite) on a daily basis tons with of supplies flown into Bagdad’s military airport and overland from the eastern border. The logistical chain is sophisticated, highly organized, and integrated into the Iraqi army. Iraqi army commanders and their Iranian allies make daily resource requests, which are fulfilled through the airport and other logistical centers. It’s like a FedEx supply chain, except with bullets and bandages instead of Amazon books, and its one the Iranians have set up before in Syria to support the Assad regime.

Their enemies, ISIS (which sounds like a consortium of James Bond villains) are Sunni Muslim, and are equally well supplied, primarily by Saudi Arabia. Tons of supplies are shipped overland with air cover supplied by the Saudi Royal Air Force and the Jordanian Royal Air Force. The route goes from Saudi Arabia, through Iraq, to Syria’s Anbar Province.

More below the fold…

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Obama Not Getting Benghazi Arrest Bounce

Benghazi suspect arrest

While looking around the blogosphere and the mainstream media today, I see that the capture of the Benghazi attack suspect has pretty much been a dud for Obama. Instead of occupying a headline position and pushing Obama’s horrible foreign policy failures in the Middle East out of the limelight, the story is being relegated to the digital back page. After the media’s tongue bath for the President following the killing of Bin Laden, I expected there to be more of a celebration and a pronouncement that Obama has “done something”.

Not that the news media is completely ignoring the story, but they are definitely not celebrating with the White House. On the Huffington Post, there was a small story about Harry Reid calling Republicans names for questioning the arrest’s timing. MSNBC had the story as number eight out of ten, while number three was Chuck Todd’s report that the public is saying Obama’s presidency is over. CNN’s James Rosen interviewed State Dept. hashtag whore Jen Psaki and pointedly asked her why it took 21 months to arrest someone who was living more openly than Tom Cruise on a publicity tour (he was less than enthusiastic about her pathetic response).

There are a couple of possible reasons for why the story is getting effectively shelved. The first is that while the arrest is interesting, it’s in regard to a story that the mainstream media has been entirely reluctant to investigate. To their minds, its old news. Worse, the White House’s Benghazi story has changed and then collapsed and the media’s complicity in pushing it is embarrassing to them.

The other possibility is that even the editors and writers in the MSM see the arrest for exactly what it is: A brazenly timed attempt to boost a flailing President’s popularity and push his historic failures off the main page. Even the most zealous of Obama boosters in the news media know when they are being manipulated and they sometimes don’t like it. The timing of the arrest in the face of the well-known fact that it could have, and should have, happened a helluva lot earlier is just too much for them to push with a straight face, so they’re relegating the story to the ash heap of history.

For whatever reason, the story doesn’t have any legs and Obama won’t be running with it.


Obama Fail: Why Are the Saudis Funding ISIS?


Those who say that Obama isn’t to blame for Iraq have missed an important point: ISIS is being funded by wealthy Sunni Muslims, primarily in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar. While this funding has been going on a long time the amount of money and material being supplied to the ISIS and others has increased considerably since the Arab Spring.

Why the increase?

Obama cheesed off our former allies by dumping Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and making kissy-face with the Muslim Brotherhood. Also, Obama’s half-hearted, half-assed stance toward Iran has left the Saudis and the Kuwaitis feeling vulnerable to Iranian pressure. Finally, when the Obama administration did nothing about the Syrian civil war, they stepped in. They have realized that Obama’s patented “Lead From Behind” style of isolationism offers them very little of value from the United States and they feel free to pursue their own goals.

“The US has underwritten the regional security order for the past 70 years and it sees now as a good time to disengage,” one senior figure told the Guardian recently. “We will have to do it all ourselves.”

And they are doing it all themselves. They are funding a friendly bunch of psychopaths who are hellbent on creating a Sunni-dominated Islamic caliphate, and to hell with the United States.

And what can the United States do to protect the rapidly failing peace and limit ISIS? In the past, the Saudis valued our partnership and acquiesced to American pleas. Now, with no relationship and no leverage thanks to Obama’s Smart Power diplomacy, we’re discovering what a world without Pax Americana looks like, and it’s damn ugly.


Iraq: What Now?

fork_road_signIraq as we know it is finished.

Islamic terrorists called the ISIS or ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant), have occupied Mosul and are about 70 miles from Bagdad. The Kurdish autonomous region in the north has occupied Kirkuk and is now more its own nation than ever before. The Iraqi army and security forces have collapsed in a way that would make a Frenchman proud. The Iraqi government couldn’t even get enough of its elected members of parliament to show up to have a quorum. Millions of Iraqi refugees are fleeing to anywhere that isn’t currently under fire and have little more than the clothes on their backs. In short, its massive chaos and the worst of the bad guys may be running the show soon.

There’s a very good argument that this could have been avoided if Obama hadn’t effectively crapped on the Iraqis at his earliest convenience and we still had a stabilizing military presence in Iraq. Of course, the Iraqi’s aren’t innocent in this, as they demanded the right to try US soldiers in their own kangaroo courts. For the purposes of this post, that’s all water under the bridge. The question is: What do we do now?

More below the fold…


Liberals In Charge: NYC Shootings Up 43%


How can you tell if a liberal/socialist is in charge of your city? The chances of your being shot by a criminal increase substantially. That’s what is happening in New York City right now thanks to a combination of liberal/socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio and liberal/socialist judges who forbid law enforcement officers from using the “stop and frisk” method of policing.

New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is busy pushing the one silver lining to this blood-colored cloud, and that is that the actual homicide rate is down despite the number of people being shot having increased. There are two possible reasons for this: Either the people who are doing the shooting are lousy shots (and will improve with time) or the NYC Police Dept. has adopted the Chicago method of counting homicides as “causes unknown” or traffic violations or whatever it is they do in the Windy City.

And don’t let anyone tell you that the Darwinian world of the lawless is filled with absolute morons. Criminals are well aware that Stop and Frisk has become Watch and Pick Up Bodies.

“Under [NYPD Commissioner Ray] Kelly, we went after guns on the street,’’ a source said. “We stopped the guys in the precincts who we knew were criminals and took guns off them. [It was] proactive policing.

“We are a reactive police force now. We react to violence before going out and trying to stop it before it happens.”

Criminals are also well aware that they can move around illegally armed wherever and whenever they choose.

“Gang-bangers were afraid to bring out guns because they may be randomly stopped and arrested. That’s all in the past now,” the source said.

Here at The Real Revo we’ve gone to great lengths to point out the minority of law enforcement officers who abuse their role in society and should not have a badge. We’ve also spoken out against the militarization of local police agencies and the trend of using overwhelming force in situations where it increases the danger to all involved, not decreases it.

That being said, we strongly support the enforcement of just laws that protect all law-abiding citizens, including police officers. Likewise we support good law enforcement officers in their struggle to contain our culture’s lawless and dangerous citizens and want them to have the tools necessary to see it done. De Blasio and liberals in the judiciary with more concern for whining criminals rather than the well-being of their citizens are a danger to the people they supposedly represent.

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Our Military is Prepared for Godzilla, But Is Obama?

An artist rendering of Godzilla under attack.

An artist rendering of Godzilla under attack.

Many people nowadays are rightly concerned about the threat to America posed by massive radioactive lizards. In a recent Pew poll, concern about Godzilla and other Kaiju (giant monsters) ranked below joblessness but above global climate change and income equality. In geographic terms, concern was highest on the coasts, but that is to be expected as most attacks come from the sea, with the huge beasts emerging from the water in a spectacular and terrifying show of unnatural force. The Pew poll did note, however, that some cities in the Midwest, particularly Chicago and St. Louis also had pockets of worried citizens, possibly related to their proximity to Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River (it is unknown if Godzilla can live in a fresh-water environment).

Fortunately, the U.S. military has an answer. Unsurprisingly, it comes from the area most likely to be affected by Kaiju-inspired violence, the USAF 18th Wing located in Japan. A barrage of white phosphorous missiles from either ground or aerial sources would be used to blind the creature and then guided massive ordinance penetrator weapons dropped from bombers would be used to finish it off. The geographic area of the strike would likely suffer contamination from radioactive flesh and debris but it would be localized and relatively easy to clean up.

The biggest concern among military minds is not if they can contain and destroy colossal mutant creatures, but if Obama administration has the will to issue the orders. Such an operation would likely cost upward of a billion dollars at a time when Obama is already seeking cutbacks in the military. In addition, critics of the administration point to a series of failures to respond to more mundane threats, such as the attack on the compound in Benghazi, the faded “red line” in Syria, and the occupation of the Crimean peninsula by a resurgent Russia. Obama’s “lead from behind” style of leadership and a desire to build a coalition of willing partners instead of taking unilateral action requires time and diplomacy, two things in short supply when a coastal city is being crushed beneath the weight of a gigantic scaled foot or torched with radioactive fire.

Still, the White House is not willing to concede that it does not have what it takes to defend America and the world from Kaiju and other hideous creatures, some of which come from humanity’s own environmental messes. Press Secretary Jay Carney pointed to recent enhanced EPA regulations as attempts to prevent smog and slime monsters resulting from illegal toxic waste dumping. Obama himself promised to protect America, saying “If you like your city, you can keep your city.”


Russia Telegraphs Next Move, Obama Asks “What’s a Telegraph?”


Secretary of State John Kerry had a nice long meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister on Friday and it went well. The Foreign Minister pretended to pay attention, didn’t make Botox jokes, and he didn’t slap Kerry across the face like a bitch. He did, however, make a rather ominous statement about Russia having the right to protect ethnic Russians wherever they may be. This was in reference to violent clashes between pro-Ukrainian protesters and pro-Russian protestors and their paid, imported, mercenary assistants.

Moreover, Russian has moved more than 100,000 troops close to the northeast Ukrainian border in another military exercise, just as they did prior to invading Crimea. This “exercise” includes tanks, heavy artillery, and paratroops, some located just 30km from the border.

I mean, come on, people! It doesn’t get much more transparent that this! The only way it could be more clear is if Putin faxed Obama a minute-by-minute copy of the invasion plans and then sent over a tutor to explain all the big military words. Isn’t anyone awake at the State Department? How about at the White House? Anybody? Anybody? Anywhere?

At this point, we might as well hand Brighton Beach over to Putin.


Poland Demands NATO Stop Screwing Around


Poland knows how much fun it is to live under Russian domination and the Poles aren’t going to let it happen again. Poland, a member of NATO and a nation that shares a border with Ukraine, requested an emergency meeting of the organization under Article 4 of NATO’s charter. Article 4 is special because it’s only been employed a handful of times and is only used when a member nation feels that its security, territorial integrity, or independence are under threat.

So far, NATO’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine to take Crimea has been as limp-wristed as Obama’s half-assed warnings of “costs”. After discussing the events on Sunday, NATO released a statement urging Russian troops to return to their bases but failed to bother with any consequences if they didn’t. There is a meeting scheduled for Wednesday between NATO and the Russian ambassador to the organization, but that will likely be as useless as a pork roast at Hanukkah.

Poland is on the pointy end of the spear when it comes to Russia. Not only do they share a border with Ukraine, parts of Ukraine belonged to Poland before Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia split Poland in 1939. Moreover, Poles and Ukrainians have cultural and historical commonalities, including an excessive fondness of pickled cabbage and a deep dislike of fascist dirtbags rolling over their countries.

It’s worth noting here that for the past five years Obama has treated the Poles like something he’d like to wipe off his shoe. Not only did he renege on a deal to station anti-ballistic missiles in Poland ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE RUSSIAN INVASION, he’s spurned them on trade deals and other issues. The Poles, for their part, have long realized that Obama is a contemptible jackass with aspirations of Godhood and who would sell them out in a heartbeat.


President Obama’s Comments Regarding Recent International Tensions


Below are President Obama’s televised comments regarding international tensions. There were a few errors in the transcript, and I have taken the liberty of correcting them for the benefit of Real Revo readers.

Over the last several days, the United States has been responding to events as they unfold in Ukraine Poland. Throughout this crisis, we have been very clear about one fundamental principle: The Ukrainian Polish people deserve the opportunity to determine their own future. Together with our European allies, we have urged an end to the violence and encouraged Ukrainians Poles to pursue a course in which they stabilize their country, forge a broad-based government and move to elections this spring.

I also spoke several days ago with President Putin Chancellor Hitler, and my administration has been in daily communication with Russian German officials, and we’ve made clear that they can be part of an international community’s effort to support the stability and success of a united Ukraine Poland going forward, which is not only in the interest of The people of Ukraine Poland and the international community, but also in Russia’s Germany’s interest.

However, we are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by the Russian Federation Germany Army inside of Ukraine Poland. Russia Germany has a historic relationship with Ukraine Poland, including cultural and economic ties, and a military facility in Crimea Silecia, but any violation of Ukraine Poland’s sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizing, which is not in the interest of Ukraine Poland, Russia Germany, or Europe.

It would represent a profound interference in matters that must be determined by the Ukrainian Polish people. It would be a clear violence of Russia’s Germany’s commitment to respect the independence and sovereignty and borders of Ukraine Poland, and of international laws. And just days years after the world came to Russia Germany for the Olympic Games, it would invite the condemnation of nations around the world. And indeed, the United States will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine Germany.

The events of the past several months remind us of how difficult democracy can be in a country with deep divisions. But the Ukrainian Polish people have also reminded us that human beings have a universal right to determine their own future.

Right now, the situation remains very fluid. Vice President Biden just spoke with Prime Minister – the Prime Minister of Ukraine Poland to assure him that in this difficult moment the United States supports his government’s efforts and stands for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and democratic future of Ukraine Poland.

We will continue to coordinate closely with our European allies. We will continue to communicate directly with the Russian German government. And we will continue to keep all of you in the press corps and the American people informed as events develop.

Peace in our time.


“I Can Tell Right Now That You Don’t Know S*** About Dynamite”

Over the holidays I came across a hilarious video of an elderly Texan telling a story that involves dynamite, a cistern, and a homeowner who isn’t too smart. It’s a slow story, but stick with it. You’ll laugh so hard you’ll have tears on your cheeks.

There’s a political allegory in this story, I’m sure.

Not safe for work for language and lots of s***.


And Now, The Weather Report

What with the nation being all Polar Vortexified, I think a little weather report is appropriate.


Theory: PC Stormtroopers Making Pre-Emptive Strikes Before Flood of Bible Stories


It’s been a relatively slow news period and the news media is desperate to talk about anything but the slow-rolling disaster that is Obamacare. In the vacuum we’ve seen a sudden jump in outrageous outrage from outrage manufacturers against people that dare speak their mind or attempt humor. While the high-capacity assault outrage has forced many people who previously didn’t give a damn to come to the conclusion that the perpetually offended left are fascist morons with fashion accessories, I’ve been wondering if there is more going on.

Why the sudden burst of hardcore liberal bile and phlegm and why now? It’s true that the holidays cause people to think of family, charity and redemption, all of which send liberal twits into a tizzy, but the noxiousness from the left has the distinct odor of desperation. The recent spittle-flecked tweets, lecturing videos, and letters of protest that read like ransom demands all feel forced and filled with anxiety. It’s as if these howler monkeys in business suits know that their time in the sun is rapidly coming to an end and soon they’ll be forced to scuttle back under the rocks they lived under before.

Perhaps the recent screeching is an emotional response to the obvious failure of their liberal ideals when attempted in unforgiving reality. It may well be the recognition that the tide of popular opinion is not only turning against them but doing so with a vengeance. And there is always the possibility that this is how they have always been but had to cloak their true nature so that they would not send the masses fleeing in horror. All of these are real possibilities, but as I considered them I found none of these explanations to fully satisfy.

Then I found what may be the missing piece of the puzzle.

More below the fold…


Only 15% of Obamacare Users Have Actually Paid

Deadlines are important. They give procrastinators that little extra “umph” to get their butts moving and get things done.

They also become a tombstone for bad legislation.

Case in point: President Obama, knowing that the rollout of Obamacare has been a titanic disaster, has pushed and cajoled the insurance industry to be as lenient as possible when it comes to signing up for whatever plan people can try and afford. The deadlines have been rolled back and until the last minute, which is midnight tomorrow.

But getting people signed up through Obamacare or whatever insurance scams the individual states are championing is only a small part of the overall plan. To actually have insurance, you actually have to PAY for it. Even President O’Breezy can’t overturn that fundamental aspect of reality, try as he might.

And that’s where the real train wreck of Obamacare is going to be seen. Even with insurance companies extending their payment deadlines to January 10 (instead of January 1), that leaves only 11 business days before payments are due.

Of course, not everyone is a procrastinator. Some folks are organized and have already sent in a check to make sure that as of January 1, they’re covered, right?

Yeah, right. As of today, the percentage of people who have actually paid for their insurance and therefore actually have it is a whopping 15% of those enrolled. That means that of 20 people who believe they have insurance, only 3 really do. The other 17 are just fooling themselves.

So, let’s recap. The Obama administration is claiming that as of Sunday roughly 890,000 people have signed up through Obamacare. Most are going onto government-funded Medicaid. The remainder, roughly 360,000 have managed to sign up through Obamacare with an insurance company of their choice. However, of those, only 15% have actually paid for their insurance. 15% of 360,000 is a whopping 54,000.

And just so you know, I’m being generous with 15%. Some people in the industry are saying the number is closer to 5% to 10%.

Now, a lot can happen in 11 business days and the percentage of people who have paid will in all likelihood go up as the deadline looms. However, many insurance companies have just barely sent out invoices to their customers and some have yet to do so. Also, we know that a good percentage of the applications that insurance companies have received are screwed up and have to be corrected before the individual can pay.

No matter how you look at it, there are going to be millions fewer people with insurance as of January 1, 2014 than there were on January 1, 2013. And that is the true measure of failure.

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The Peasants are Revolting

Brittany Protests

France’s corps of prefects is an organization that allows the French central government to keep tabs on events and undercurrents in individual provinces. The prefects, usually people with advanced studies in government, are considered neutral to political parties and in normal times their monthly reports are written in a dull, monotone bureaucratese.

However, these are not normal times.

A secret summary of reports from 101 prefects describes France as being dangerously tense, primarily because people have had enough of being taxed. The report was leaked to Le Figaro, and it goes a long way toward explaining why French Pres. Hollande has backed away so quickly when faced with protests.

“The legitimacy of tax” is now widely questioned, it notes. “This mix of latent discontent and resignation erupts through sudden bouts of anger, almost spontaneous, and not within structured social movements.”

While not widely reported, France had several street riots over an ecotax to be imposed on heavy trucks. The stations in Brittany where the vehicles were to be weighed and the tax imposed were vandalized and French President Hollande backed away from enforcing it. However, protests have erupted well away from Brittany over different matter, but centrally located to the fact that people have had it with the government taking every last euro.

“Taxation has become the principal engine of opposition to the government,” the report says. It speaks of the “painful” climate in France, of “a feeling of deep despondency that prevents people hoping for a better future”. This is fertile ground for “a possible social explosion,” the prefects warn, quoting the slogan of an artisans and building workers union: “Watch out; it’s going to blow.”

Before you think that this might just be a bunch of Chicken Little prefects, it’s not just prefects that are warning that things could get ugly.

Politicians are adding to the dire warnings. “France is on the verge of insurrection,” the centre right leader François Bayrou said repeatedly on breakfast radio. “We’re going from anger towards violence,” said the former prime minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin.

Imagine that. The socialist paradise that Obama is desperate to force on America is starting to come apart at the seams. Maybe we should pay attention and get a guillotine out for our own Louix XIV.


Tom Clancy Passes Away


Thomas Leo “Tom” Clancy, the author of the books Hunt for Red October and Red Storm Rising, among a great many others, passed away today at the age of 66.

My sympathies go out to Clancy’s family. In addition to his literary works, he was a longtime conservative and an outspoken patriot of the United States. He believed that the United States was the best thing that ever happened to the world, and he was right.

Many of us have enjoyed his writing and it’s fair to say that if he didn’t invent the technothriller, he certainly brought the genre to America’s attention with his successful books. His plots were exciting and engaging – I’ve dragged myself exhausted through many days because I was unable to put down one of his books the night before.

Clancy created characters that were larger than life but also genuine and understandable. Their moral dilemmas were the same as we face in our own lives – honesty vs. expediency, personal honor vs. risk, etc.  – but on a grander scale. His “everyman hero” character of Jack Ryan was someone we could all relate to and simultaneously want to be and yet have as a friend.

Tom Clancy will be missed.


Sec. State Makes Joke, Turns Out He Is Joke


On Monday morning, Secretary of State John Kerry made the rhetorical statement that the only way to prevent President Obama from personally delivering a Superfly Splash to Syria was for the desert nation to give all its chemical weapons to the international community. Kerry was joking and was just trying to make the point that President Obama is the Superfly Snuka of the Executive Branch when it comes to delivering staggering blows to tyrants, despots, and other villains of wrestling. It was a throw-away line intended for consumption by a group of British elected aristocrats at a breakfast where hard liquor was served.

But, not everybody laughed. In fact, some people saw an opening and went for it.

Putin’s government put an offer to the Syrians to the effect that if the Syrian government hands over “all” (wink, wink) of its chemical weapons to an internationally trusted ally like Russia (wink, wink) then the whole furor would be extinguished and nobody would have to bomb anybody. The Syrians pretended like it was a great idea and latched onto it. The UN, knowing that Obama has realized that they are as useless as a pork roast at Hanukkah, also joined the bandwagon.

So, by brunch, John Kerry’s off-the-cuff (i.e. out-his-ass) remark has dramatically changed the landscape of the Syrian conflict. In addition to the turd sandwich that Obama’s been pushing to the world as reason to bomb Syria, now he has to sell it while the Syrians, Russians, and UN put on a dog and pony show about how the whole thing can be resolved peacefully. Of course, if you believe that the Syrians will give up their chemical weapons, and you also believe that the Russians won’t just hand them right back the moment nobody is looking, then you, sir, are a fucking retard.

The great irony of this is that it may actually sort of work. True, the chances that the Syrians will give up all their chemical weapons to an “international” force are roughly the same chances that Obama would turn Malia and Sasha over to Miley Cyrus’s roadies. But, the Syrians can hem and haw and negotiate and even make a public showing of thinking about it, buying them time. Meanwhile, Obama can crow that such a consideration wouldn’t even be possible if he hadn’t made his mighty roar and gnashed his terrible teeth.

In the end, nothing of substance will come of it, but that’s par for the course for Obama and probably the best outcome America can hope for with him as President.


LGBT Groups To Strip California Tax Exemptions From Religious Youth Groups

Gay Extremism

The assault on the tax-exempt status of churches and their auxiliary groups in the name of sexual equality is picking up steam. California’s state Senate passed SB 323, which would strip the tax-exempt status from non-profit youth organizations such as the Boy Scouts and Little Leagues and many other groups. This would mean that any fund-raising activities would be taxable, and any sales of food at games, gatherings, Scout-o-Rama’s, etc. would have to have tax collected and administrated by volunteers and paid to the state.

The purpose of this bill is to force all traditional organizations that have standards regarding homosexuality to bend to the will of liberals. This includes not just the kids involved in the organization, but any structure behind it and includes hiring of teachers, trainers, and administrators, as well as the organization’s stated goals and teachings. Hence, the Boy Scouts would be forced to allow openly gay Scoutmasters to be in charge of all those lovely young budding boys.

As many of these youth groups don’t have their own tax-exempt status and exist within the structures of a church or religious conference, this rule would apply to anyone within the structure of that organization as well.

“Traditional values regarding heterosexuality are being branded as the legal equivalent of racism, and so there’s the quite genuine fear that the tax code really is the battleground against the traditional churches,” said Alan Reinach, executive director of Church State Council, which opposes SB 323.

“It’s not about ‘live and let live.’ If the churches do not conform to the values of homosexuality, then we will lose our standing in society,” he said.

Because it involves taxes, the passage of SB 323 requires a supermajority within the California Assembly. The Senate vote was close and its passage in the Assembly is not assured, but the body has approved many gay-friendly bills in the recent past and Governor Jerry Brown has enthusiastically signed them.

Those supporting the bill include Equallity California, the ACLU, the California chapter of NOW, the California chapter of the SEIU.

A New York lawmaker has introduced a similar bill.

As a note of commentary, this is exactly the kind of threat that the Real Revo have been warning about. Homosexual and gender-bender enthusiasts do not want tolerance or even acceptance. They will settle for nothing less than the punishment and final destruction of any and all organizations that teach anything less than celebration of gay sex and gender confusion.

While this is a flank attack on religious organizations, particularly Christians, rest assured that there are more in the offing. This is only the beginning.