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So, The South Korean Media Wants Their Government To Fail, Too

They must have been drinking the same Kool-Aid the US media has. That’s the only way to describe them releasing secret military plans to the public. They must want Kim To win.

Obama used to do this. He would warn, months ahead of time, that he was going to do something. It always ended up the same way.

“South Korea Is Preparing A “Surgical Strike” Against The North”

According to a report in South Korea’s Munhwa Ilbo newspaper, which cites an unidentified government official, South Korea’s military is preparing a “surgical strike” scenario that could wipe out North Korean command and missile and nuclear facilities following an order by S.Korea’s President Moon Jae-in. Munhwa adds that the military is to report the scenario to presidential office after completing it as early as August 1.

As the report details, South Korea’s Special Forces are preparing a special strike op which would be launched in response to President Moon Jae-In’s order to remove the North Korean leadership in case of emergency. This operation is taking place in addition to separate preparations currently conducted by the country’s military forces.”

More at Zero Hedge

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Keep An Eye On North Korea Before It Disappears

Unlike his predecessor, Donald Trump does not telegraph his military plans. He has chosen former Governor Nikki Haley to be his Ambassador to the United Nations. She is releasing snippets of information that may lead one to believe the United States will take military action against North Korea. Then again, she may be trying to get the UN to act against Kim.

“Nikki Haley Nails It on the UN and North Korea”

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley attends an emergency meeting of the Security Council in New York on July 5, 2017. Haley said the United States is prepared to use military force against North Korea to stop its weapons program. (Kyodo) ==Kyodo

Bravo to Nikki Haley, America’s ambassador to the United Nations, who put out a statement on Sunday saying that contrary to some reports, the U.S. will not seek an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in response to North Korea’s second launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

That’s a smart break from the longstanding U.S. pattern. Sidelining the UN Security Council may be small potatoes in the face of the daunting problem of ending the threat of North Korea, but it is at least a move in the right direction.

In the past, these crash meetings of the Security Council have served among other things to paper over the failures of U.S. policies meant to stop North Korea.”

More at PJ Media


“The Military Coup Against Donald Trump of 2018, Part 2”

Part 2 here

But in red America, the response was different. Patriots watched Hillary on their television, then unlocked their gun safes.”


Sound Evidence Of Climate Change

That’s a pretty significant change in climate – and it was not caused by mankind.

Billions of compressed leaves and wood fragments have generated thick coal beds in Antarctica. Palaeobotanist Andrew Drinnan for scale.

More here


Could He Do That?

Members of Congress have the best health care in the world. They made sure they would. The rest of us don’t matter to them as long as they have theirs.

“Trump threatens to axe Congress members’ sweetheart health care deal and threatens insurance companies with pain following Obamacare repeal disaster”

It doesn’t sound like he has given up on repeal of Obamacare. The Senate members have, though. Here he is Donald Trump trying an end run around them. He wants to remove their wonderful health care coverage and make them live with what they want us to live with. Horrors!

Many of us have said for a long time that the Congress should be living with whatever they decide for us. That still sounds right.

But can he do that? I know the rules regarding the powers of the President were rewritten during the Obama years but does he have the authority to do this?

President Trump hinted on Monday that he’s prepared to end federal government subsidy payments to medical insurers this week, hastening the implosion of the Obamacare system and forcing congressional action.

And he suggested that members of Congress and their staffs should no longer have a sweetheart deal that gives them taxpayer dollars to offset the cost of enrolling in insurance under the Affordable Care Act.
‘If ObamaCare is hurting people, & it is, why shouldn’t it hurt the insurance companies & why should Congress not be paying what public pays?’ the president tweeted.”

More at the UK Daily Mail


What Could Be Worse Than A Trump Presidency?

Kurt Schlichter attempts to answer that question over at Townhall. He uses the tactic of telling us the future news from a year from now. This is part one. We will have to see how many more there will be.

“The Military Coup Against Donald Trump of 2018, Part 1”

We cannot tolerate this any longer,” said the former CIA Director at the head of the table. “We have to forcibly retake the government from Donald Trump. It is the only way save our democracy.”

His audience nodded solemnly. The men and women gathered at that secret February meeting on the top floor of 241 West 41st Street, the New York Times building, were Democrat politicians, media figures, retired and active members of the federal security bureaucracy, and several Establishment Republicans, and they were at wit’s end. There simply was no other choice. Donald Trump must be replaced, and it no longer mattered how. This meeting was the genesis of the bloody coup of April 2018.


But how would one pull off a coup d’etat in the United States? Most of the political hacks had no idea, while the military experts understood the massive challenge. Some answers were obvious – in the Third World, the first thing the plotters take control of are the radio and TV stations and the newspapers. In America, the media was already in the bag. Hell, they would cheerlead a coup. But the actual seizure of power? That was more complicated.

“You just send in some soldiers and take over everything,” said the younger and, astonishingly, stupider California senator. “You know, with guns. How hard can this Army stuff be?”

Retired – actually, fired by Trump – General Leonard Smith, who had been promoted by Obama after failing to win in Iraq and Afghanistan, but who successfully spearheaded the transsexuals in foxholes initiative, tried to explain.”

Another link

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Well, The Russian Collusion Story Hasn’t Gotten Trump Out Of Office…

… Now Newsweek has another plan. And it sounds like they are grasping at straws.

Alternative science for alternative ‘Facts’.


Donald Trump’s presidency was written in the stars—at least that’s what astrologers are saying. He was born during a lunar eclipse, they point out, which makes him more susceptible to the power of eclipses. And if eclipses are monumental celestial events with real-world consequences, as astrologers believe, then the rare total solar eclipse happening in August could have major implications for Trump, especially given the growing drama around his administration.

“There’s been a lot of conversation about this eclipse in terms of what’s going on with Donald Trump,” says Wade Caves, an astrological consultant who earlier in July published a 29-page analysis of the coming eclipse. “The astrological world has been completely buzzing with this for quite some time, even more so since Donald Trump was inaugurated.”

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A Short Refresher Course On Trusting Government

Very good, very focused, and we need more of this:


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What’s Wrong With Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

She is the focal point behind the Pakistani IT man who was arrested while trying to leave the country. His name is Imran Awan.

She has always been unkempt looking. The hair style she wears is quite unflattering, but recently she has apparently given up completely on how she looks.

First thought was that she has been drinking heavily. Maybe drugs. Maybe both. But now the news is that she was paying Awan even after he no longer worked for her or the DNC. But now there is new news.

“Wasserman Schultz Seemingly Planned To Pay Suspect Even While He Lived In Pakistan”


In all, six months of actions reveal a decision to continue paying a man who seemingly could not have been providing services to her, and who a mountain of evidence suggests was a liability. The man long had access to all of Wasserman Schultz’s computer files, work emails and personal emails, and he was recently accused by a relative in court documents of wiretapping and extortion.”

Extortion? Most people mistakenly call that blackmail. But, if she was paying Awan to stay silent about the things he got off her computers and those of the DNC, that is extortion.

A few people have floated the notion that she and Awan were having an affair. I find that to be hard to believe. The fact that she allowed him full access to Her own and Democrat computers, though, coupled with the way she resigned from her position as head of the DNC because of a few emails being released, makes the prospect of extortion even more likely. Especially since he was accused By Family Members of extortion.

The Washington Times has a good history of Awan, his brothers, and their connections with the Democrat National Committee.

Between the time Awan started working for Wasserman Schultz in 2005 and his family members were let go, earlier this year, they had collectively earned more than $4 million in tax paid salaries. In February, House members were alerted to potential for abuse and let go Awan’s family members.

Until just recently, Wasserman Schultz refused to fire Awan, however, and even went so far in her defense of him that she recently refused Capitol Police’s request to search a laptop belonging to him.”

She may be drinking or something. It must be terribly stressful being the victim of a Muslim extortionist.


Thinking About Watching The Upcoming Solar Eclipse?

It’s supposed to happen on August 21, 2017. Many places in the Continental United States will have a view. Below is a map of where the eclipse will be total. If you are not on the track you will see a partial eclipse. Take your time. The eclipse takes a long time to transpire.

Click to enlarge

There is a website dedicated to helping you prepare for viewing it and it provides information about past and future eclipses. All advice about viewing an eclipse warns you to not look directly at the sun, even for a moment. It will damage your eyes.

Here Cody has instructions to allow you to build a safe viewer out of cheap stuff. You can make it more sophisticated but this looks like it works fine.

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That’s Not How You Get Investigators To Stop Looking At You

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Imran Awan

Fox News has an article titled, ‘FBI investigating smashed hard drives from Wasserman Schultz IT worker’s home, Pakistani brothers’. In it they describe a lot of things but what is really telling is this:

Rosiak was surprised by Shultz’s reaction to the investigation, saying, “You would think that Debbie Wasserman Schultz would say, ‘I can’t believe my IT guy was allegedly hacking, I want him prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.’”

But Rosiak says Schultz has been fighting with the Capitol Police to get back one of her laptops.

“Instead, a laptop was separately seized from a House office building and she is blocking the Capitol Police from reviewing it…even threatening the Capitol Police with ‘consequences’ if he doesn’t give it back.”

That’s dumb. Barack Obama is no longer President so he can no longer run interference for her. The new President, Donald Trump, wants to know who is behind the attacks on him. He’s not likely to call off the FBI. As a matter of fact he has been demanding they look into all the Democrat collusion during the 2016 election.

It is clear that the regular mainstream media is not interested in uncovering dirt on any Democrat but what Is happening is that the internet is investigating. So is the FBI and, increasingly, the entire Department of Justice. All of President Trump’s speeches are being televised. He has the ‘Bully pulpit’ and can tell the people what has been discovered, going around the media.

If CNN, MSNBC, and other media groups suppress this story and it actually gets out it will be another reason that they are dying. And they are dying of suicide.


People Are Going To Die Under Obamacare

It’s still the law of the land and it is terrible. Many are unable to buy insurance because the insurance companies are pulling out of their states. Others simply cannot afford the increased premiums. Others will die because they will not have life-saving procedures because they can’t afford the deductables.

People are going to die and it is the fault of every Democrat in the Senate and a handful of Republicans – including John McCain. They ruined the only chance we had to get rid of the monstrosity called the Affordable Care Act and commonly called Obamacare.

The law had to be repealed. It is a failure. Even former President Obama is trying to distance himself from the terrible law that carries his name:

“Obama Stays Silent on Health Care Debate. Here’s Why.”

Democrats worry if President Obama tries to publicly save his health care law, he might kill it.”

Well, he has destroyed the political career of every Democrat he has ever campaigned for – including Hillary Clinton.

As the process for repealing and replacing Obamacare incrementally advances through Congress, its namesake remains largely absent from the give-and-take of the debate.

President Barack Obama has weighed into the health care fray only occasionally—and always from a distance—even as his eponymous signature piece of domestic legislation comes under heightened threat.

It is not for lack of want. Aides and advisers say that the former president is, like all Democrats, troubled by ability of Republican leadership to keep repeal efforts alive. One official said he did not expect GOP lawmakers to get even this far. But he is wary of engaging in a highly visible way, even in this critical hour, for fear that it would backfire politically.”

He has what Mrs22 calls the ‘Sadim touch’. Sadim is Midas spelled backwards and it means everything he touches turns to sh*t.

Read the rest at the Daily Beast


California Is One Step Closer To Being Farther Away

No, the state won’t actually break away from North America. That would cut the pipelines that bring her water and the powerlines that allow their AC to run. If they get enough signature to secede will there be another civil war? Would you need a passport to visit there? Will the Trump administration impose an import duty on California wines imported to the US? Inquiring minds want to know.

“California secession campaign can start gathering signatures”

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. – A group that wants California to secede from the United States can start collecting signatures for its ballot initiative.

The state attorney general issued an official ballot measure title and summary Tuesday. The campaign can now start gathering the more than 585,000 signatures it will need to qualify for the 2018 ballot.

The initiative would form a commission to recommend avenues for California to pursue its independence and delete part of the state constitution that says it is an inseparable part of the U.S. The measure would also instruct the governor and California congressional delegation to negotiate more autonomy for the state.”

More at the Sacramento Bee

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They Will Tell You To Call Them ‘Orcas’.

‘Killer Whale’ is so old-school… but so descriptive. Here we see one bite off the back half of a king salmon as it is being reeled in.

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Sounds Like The Staff Of Rolling Stone Should Move To Toronto

Their new cover:

Pajama Boy in a shirt and tie

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This Looks Like A Fun Hobby…

… As long as someone else is paying the bills.

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Mattis: “War Fighters Should Concentrate On Killing”

What a concept. The President has removed the transgender people from the military. Now there is no reason to train warriors to be nice to them. How many other needless classes have been imposed on them?

“Mattis: Get unnecessary training off warfighters’ backs”

WASHINGTON – Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has ordered a review of all the administrative and training requirements that prevent trigger pullers and pilots alike from focusing on warfighting.

In the memo obtained by Military Times, Mattis on Friday directed the services, the National Guard Bureau and the combatant commanders to determine what changes are needed to give each branch increased flexibility to organize, train and equip more ready and lethal forces.

Notably, Mattis has ordered a review of the “requirements for mandatory force training that does not directly support core tasks” – the many hours soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines spend prior to deployment meeting the Pentagon-required tasks that sometimes have little to do with the role they will actually fulfill when deployed.”

More at Military Times

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And You Can Bet It’s A Good One

“The NAACP Has A Plan To Overhaul The Nation’s Charter Schools”

Cornell Brooks, president and CEO of the NAACP, listens to testimony during the second day of confirmation hearings on Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) nomination to be U.S. attorney general in Washington, U.S., January 11, 2017. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

A NAACP task force that spent several months traveling the country learning about charter schools released a report Wednesday with the group’s conclusions. The report comes less than a year after the civil rights organization controversially passed a resolution calling for a moratorium on the growth of charter schools last October.


Over 3 million children in the U.S., about a third of whom are black, currently attend charter schools. In its previous call for a moratorium on expansion of these schools, the NAACP expressed concerns that charters perpetuate segregation, subject students to overly harsh discipline practices, divert funding away from traditional public schools and face weak oversight. The new report does not back down from these assertions.”

All race all the time. ‘Charter schools perpetuate segregation’. Even though a third of the students attending them are black? Harsh discipline? According to whom? Boo hoo.

From the Huffington Post


Run, Maxine, Run!

“Michelle Malkin Launches New Political Committee: ‘Conservatives For Maxine Waters For President’”

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin announced Friday that she is heading up a new committee: “Conservatives for Maxine Waters for President.” But not for the reason you may think.

In an ad for Conservative Review TV, Malkin said she wants to make Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), who she jokingly labeled a “beltway barnacle,” the “defining face of the Democratic Party.” Of course, it’s not because Malkin, a staunch conservative and supporter of liberty and limited government, supports Waters or has suddenly changed her values, but because Waters embodies the current Democratic Party — a system marked by repeated electoral losses.

“I would like to make an official announcement: Today, I am assuming the role of chairman of a new political committee, ‘Conservatives for Maxine Waters for President,’” Malkin said.

Malkin explained that she is assuming the role after reports indicated that Waters may have political aspirations beyond her congressional district for 2020.”

Maxine does not represent her district. She doesn’t even live in it.

But wait, there’s more:

Not only is Mad Max one of the wealthiest in Congress, she’s one of the most corrupt. Citizens for Responsibly and Ethics in Washington, a government watchdog group, has named Waters the most corrupt member of Congress on four separate occasions: 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2011.”

More here

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Leftists Keep Digging Their Own Grave

They say they can’t figure out why they keep losing elections. It’s unfair. Must have been collusion with the Russians.


I should not be telling them what they are doing wrong but it’s not likely anyone in a position to change things among Democrats reads this little blog. Besides, they’re smarter than I… aren’t they?

This is from Newsweek:


President Donald Trump brought his bombastic politics to a Boy Scouts event Monday in West Virginia, drawing cheers from the children gathered at the event and prompting comparisons between his rousing rhetoric and Nazi youth rallies from some liberal activists and journalists.”

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DNC IT Guy Arrested Trying To Skip The Country

Imran Awan, one of three brothers hired by the Democratic National Committee, was arrested today at Dulles Airport in Washington DC. He was trying to leave the country. The FBI discovered broken hard drives at his home yesterday.

The media who are covering this are connecting him with Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She was involved in hiring them but she no longer works for the DNC and Awan is still on their payroll.

Imran Awan with Bill Clinton / Facebook

This goes a lot deeper than just Debbie. They were paid with cash from the DNC and were in charge of Internet Technology for the DNC.

We reported on these guys here and here.

More here


Prob’ly Fake But Fun

“TRUE SOCIALIST: Apparently Bernie Sanders Is Stealing His Neighbor’s ‘Washington Post'”

In perhaps the funniest and most fitting news of the year, WMAL radio host Chris Plante told his audience of a story he heard from friends about the elderly senator. A man living next to Sanders apparently called the Post to complain that he was hardly ever receiving his subscription. After an investigation into the matter, the paying customer realized that it was his neighbor, Senator Sanders, who was stealing the paper right from under his nose.”

More here

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Online College Courses Now Available To Allow You To Change The World

The group is called Coursera. They claim they have a goal. That goal is to Indoctrinate help people, from the image below, women, change the world into something different – something ‘Fair’.

“Introducing #LearnActImpact: 14+ new courses to empower you to change the world”

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of 14 brand-new courses in topics like social justice, diversity, and inclusion, and global challenges. We’ll be launching additional courses in these topics throughout July and August, so stay tuned!

These courses offer a unique opportunity to learn directly from top experts on some of the most difficult issues facing our global society today. You’ll gain a nuanced understanding of topics ranging from climate change, to diversity and inclusion, to mass incarceration; you’ll also build the concrete skills you need to be an effective professional leader and global citizen.”

Then there is a list and a brief description of each of the fourteen classes. The classes are online so you won’t have to physically commute to the various campuses across the country that are offering these activist indoctrination training classes. And there is some good news:

Financial Aid is available for learners who cannot afford the fee.”

On Coursera’s ‘Terms’ page there is a lot of discussion about fees, without telling us how much the courses cost, refunds, and this:

No Academic Credit

Unless otherwise explicitly indicated by a credit-granting institution, participation in or completion of a course does not confer any academic credit. Even if credit is awarded by one institution, there is no presumption that other institutions will accept that credit. You agree not to accept credit for completing a course unless you have earned a Course Certificate (or other equivalent Coursera credential) for that course. Coursera, the course instructors, and the associated participating institutions have no obligation to have a course recognized by any educational institution or accreditation organization.”

So the courses are really valueless.


Another Proposal To Punish Success

A person named Abi Wilkinson wrote a piece for the UK Guardian with the title, “Why not fund the welfare state with a 100% inheritance tax?”

Posted under a banner that says this:

Inheritance tax
Utopian thinking

Apparently the Guardian has a regular section devoted to Utopian Thinking.

Britain is having trouble funding social programs. Naturally, rather than trying to cut costs or make them more efficient, thoughts go naturally to the confiscation of wealth.

‘Cultural norms teach us that the inheritance of private property is the default and any expropriation of this wealth must be justified. It should be the other way round.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Her proposal is fairly simple.

Morally speaking, people who stand to inherit large sums haven’t done anything to earn that money. An accident of birth placed them in a comparatively wealthy family and they’ve benefited from that their whole life. Some people who stand to inherit have struggled, true, but so have many people who won’t inherit anything at all.”

‘There’s some value in respecting the wishes of the dead, but why is that more important than social housing or healthcare?’ Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo


NYT Covers Clashes In Venezuela…

… Without once using the term, “Socialism”. It’s a photo essay with descriptions. The people are upset about food an medicine shortages. What are the editors trying to protect?

“The Battle for Venezuela, Through a Lens, Helmet and Gas Mask”

Click to enlarge

CARACAS, Venezuela — Motley throngs of masked antigovernment protesters hurl rocks, fireworks and Molotov cocktails. The police and soldiers retaliate with tear gas, water cannon blasts, rubber bullets and buckshot.

An uprising is brewing in Venezuela.

Nearly every day for more than three months, thousands have taken to the streets to vent fury at President Nicolás Maduro and his increasingly repressive leadership.

These confrontations often turn into lopsided and sometimes lethal street brawls — more than 90 people have been killed and more than 3,000 arrested.”

More at the New York Times

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