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Heh. “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Declares February 2nd “Chris Kyle Day” In Texas”

chris kyle day


How Do You Answer Holocaust Deniers?

This is one way. This hour-long video was assembled from Allied Military motion pictures showing the concentration camps and work camps as they were liberated at the end of World War II.

It is difficult to watch. It will be impossible for some. It shows well what happens when tyranny takes hold of a country.

Twentieth century Germans believed themselves to be civilized. They were not. The orgies of killing and harsh mistreatment of prisoners went on. The Germans who worked at the camps discovered their inner lawlessness. When there are no restrictions against cruelty people become unimaginably cruel. This has been true since the beginning of mankind. It will always be true.

Civilians in the vicinities of the camps knew much of what was going on. Perhaps not all, but they heard and smelled and saw – and turned their backs. Many of them were forced to tour the camps. That was covered in the video.

Civilization is a thin veneer. It depends on an agreement among people that some things are not acceptable to the tribe. Those of us who have seen it break down can understand how normally kind, civil people can turn into animals and commit atrocities.

Today we are confronted in the west with people, even some in our own leadership, who promote an abandonment of the civilization that we have developed over centuries. Those people desire to rule us and to punish those who oppose them. This video illustrates just how bad it can get when they succeed.

If it happens here in the west there will be no allies to defeat those who take up tyranny. They will have their way forever.

Thanks to Borepatch for finding this video.


First Rule Of Being An Armed Robber: ‘Don’t Rob A Donut Shop’

Sometimes real life reinforces stereotypes.



Politico: “Hillary Clinton may delay campaign”

This is not surprising. There are at least two reasons for the delay.

First, she wants to give the impression that she is inevitable and is comfortable in that knowledge. It makes her appear unbeatable.

Second, once she declares her speeches will be campaign speeches. It’s hard to get paid a quarter million bucks for a campaign speech. Might as well roll with the dough as long as possible.


Hillary Clinton, expecting no major challenge for the Democratic nomination, is strongly considering delaying the formal launch of her presidential campaign until July, three months later than originally planned, top Democrats tell POLITICO.

The delay from the original April target would give her more time to develop her message, policy and organization, without the chaos and spotlight of a public campaign.

A Democrat familiar with Clinton’s thinking said: “She doesn’t feel under any pressure, and they see no primary challenge on the horizon. If you have the luxury of time, you take it.”

Advisers said the biggest reason for the delay is simple: She feels no rush.”

From Politico


Most Americans Will Understand

This made my eyes leak:

A Dream Of Freedom

From Springer’s Blog: ‘Freedom Begins When You Say It Does’

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I Love Texans

We will see more of this.

A Texas woman hijacked the Muslim Capital Day press conference at the Texas Capitol today.

She grabbed the mic from the organizers and took over the event.

False prophet Muhammed! Islam will never dominate the United States and, by the grace of God, it will not dominate Texas.”

Read the rest at Mediaite


‘With God, all things are possible.”

The above quote is from an essay by Lloyd Marcus titled, “Sarah Palin Too Toxic For 2016?“.

palin ready for hillary

The quote is attributed to a woman who wrote this:

As for Palin running, a woman wrote: “I have never given up on her (Sarah Palin). I am sooooooo hoping that she will be our spokesperson. My husband says the press and Obama have tainted her so much that it would be impossible for her to run. I say that ‘with God, all things are possible.”

Marcus knows Palin. He spent a lot of time with her on the Tea Party Express tour. He has these things to say about her:

So tell me folks, how many politicians on our side truly are who they say they are; standing up for our principles and values – fighting for freedom and the Constitution? We lament that many politicians on our side are obsessed with winning an approving pat on the head from the MSM; reduced to political impotence. Oh if only there was a little blue pill for dis-functioning Republicans/conservatives.

Palin has proven that she does not give a rat’s derriere about what the MSM thinks of her. We pray for a voice on the big stage with the guts to stand up for Conservatism.

Sarah Palin fills the bill in spades; one of the few unafraid to get into Obama’s grill. I love it!Unapologetic to the Left (Democrats, Hollywood and MSM) Palin’s attitude is, “Say it loud. I’m conservative and proud.”


Not too long ago, a conservative savior arrived on the seen, exciting and inspiring millions. I remember being on the Tea Party Express national tour bus. We kicked off the tour in a dust bowl, Searchlight, NV with Sarah Palin as our headliner. Twenty five thousand people showed up, many camping out days ahead to reserve their spot. I witnessed the moving scene of seniors who had to park almost a mile away approaching the event using walkers; all coming to see their Sarah.”

I would argue against the use of the word ‘Savior’. We have had quite enough of that kind of talk, thank you. It leads to mindless adulation and crushing defeat when the ‘savior’ turns out to be human after all.

But Marcus makes this point – and it is very valid:

Sarah Palin saying “Of course” she’s interested regarding running for the presidency in 2016 has people buzzing. During that interview, Palin said we need a candidate who is ready for Hillary. I agree. Romney would be Mr. Nice Guy/gentleman unwilling to attack the girl.”

As we have seen, Palin has the hunger in her bones. She would not back away from attacking the girl. She would be the left’s worst nightmare – and she would love every minute.

And finally, from the comments section, comes this from someone named Erica:

I had made up my mind to stay home — but I would vote for Sarah.”

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Rep. Marsha Blackburn Lays Out Biggest Coming Scandal Of 2015: Obamacare Data Mining

rep marsha blackburn

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) laid out in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News at the Iowa Freedom Summit the biggest coming scandal of 2015: That the Obama administration is allowing corporations to data mine from

“We finally have confirmation—I had anecdotal evidence on that when started up,” Blackburn said. “They denied, denied, denied. Now we have confirmation that yes, indeed, that what has done is allowed data mining. What we’re trying to find out now—and we’re investigating—did they make money? Did they sell your data? Who got the money? What pool did that money go to? Did that come back into taxpayer funds? Or, have companies been given free access?”

Blackburn, the vice chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said congressional hearings are in the works right now, too. “Absolutely, you’re going to see hearings on this,” she said, “because the federal government first and foremost has to protect your data.”

Read it all in an exclusive from Breitbart


“Jindal: ‘That’s Not Immigration…That’s Colonization’”

Dayum. He hits the nail right on the head. We noted the other day what Wild Bill had to say about Muslims colonizing western countries. He noted how they do it.

When they are less than 2% of the population they are friendly and kind. When they reach 4-6% they begin demanding special rights. At 8-10% they become aggressive toward Jews and Christians. When they are 20% of the population war comes to your town.”

bobby jindal

On the Family Research Council’s “Washington Watch” broadcast Tuesday, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal addressed the issue of radical Islam in America, particularly in immigrant communities that refuse to assimilate to American culture.

Jindal’s comments came in response to host Tony Perkins’ questions about Jindal’s recent remarks on “so-called ‘no-go’ zones” and the threat of radical Islam in the West, which earned him criticism from the left. Jindal told Perkins that immigrants intending to come to America to “change our fundamental culture and our values” was “not immigration” but, rather, “colonization” and would likely lead to “lone wolf” attacks as has just occurred in Paris:

Jindal: One of the great things about America is it doesn’t matter if you were here in the first five minutes or a hundred years. We have folks who come here, want to be Americans, they join our military, they start companies, they work to create a better community. And that’s wonderful.

But what’s not acceptable is people that want to come and conquer us. That’s not immigration, by the way, that’s colonization. If someone wants to come here and change our fundamental culture and our values. If they want to come here and they want to set up their own culture and values that’s not immigration, that’s really invasion if you’re honest about it. Of course, the politically correct crowd when you say things like they’ll call you racist but this is a particular threat we face. And if we’re not serious about this we’re going to see more lone wolf actors. We’re gonna see more folks come into our country just like you’ve seen in other countries — the horrific shootings in Paris.”

Read the rest at Truth Revolt

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Scott Walker Is Running Hard

“Smaller Government, Less Taxes.”


“Raúl Castro demands that US return Guantánamo base to Cuba”

Bet he gets it, too. Obama will capitulate.

Raul Castro

Raul Castro

Cuba’s President Raúl Castro has demanded that the United States return the US base at Guantánamo Bay, lift the half-century trade embargo on Cuba and compensate his country for damages before the two nations re-establish normal relations.

Castro told a summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States that Cuba and the US are working toward full diplomatic relations but “if these problems aren’t resolved, this diplomatic rapprochement wouldn’t make any sense”.

Read more at the UK Guardian


Military Pay And Benefits Panel To Recommend Killing 20-Year Retirement

Funny thing about the image below of the men who are making this change. Not one of them is wearing a uniform. That indicates that they are all civilians.

They want to do away with the twenty year retirement option. That will make it even less attractive to join up. Military people work long hours, get mediocre pay and their benefits are being constantly cut, many serve in really hazardous duty, and now there’s this… another progressive attack on our military.

From the Stars and Stripes:

Members of the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission

Members of the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission

The Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission will release its long-awaited report Thursday, which will propose fundamental changes to military benefits including ending the 20-year retirement, according to the Military Times, citing sources familiar with the report.

The plan calls for Congress to create a hybrid system of smaller defined-benefit pension along with more cash-based benefits and lump-sum payments. A significant portion of retirement benefits would come in the form of government contributions to 401(k)-style investment accounts, those familiar with the report told Military Times.

In addition to the 401(k) for troops serving less than 20 years, the commission will suggest promising a pension to troops who serve a long-term career, but one that would be more modest than what military retirees receive today, a defense official briefed on the plan told the Times.”


Somebody Caught A Squib Load, And It’s Aftermath, On Video

NSFW – Language.

Part way through the video the shooter experiences a squib load. That’s when the primer fires but there is no, or not enough, powder in the case. The bullet left the case but lodged in the barrel.

He and his buddy decided it was a bad primer. It wasn’t.

The lesson? If something doesn’t sound right, check the barrel for obstruction before you fire another round.

The next round he fires… Well, watch.


‘Be Prepared’

That’s the Boy Scout’s motto. It’s also words of wisdom. This is well illustrated by this little video. It shows a light aircraft being piloted by someone who ran out of fuel 220 nautical miles from Hawaii. Admittedly, letting your airplane run out of fuel is not an example of being prepared. But he had a ballistic parachute on board that let the plane down easily and a life raft.

I have never seen a video of anything like this before. The pilot had enough time to call the Coast Guard. They sent out a C-130 and coordinated a rescue vie a Holland America cruise ship.

The parachute is a standard feature on the Cirrus SR22 aircraft. Cirrus says this was the 51st time one has been used to save a plane’s occupants.

It’s quite a story.

Read more at Flight Global


How Politics Works

The Truth Will Set You Free

From Springer’s Blog

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“Panicked super rich buying boltholes with private airstrips to escape if poor rise up”

These people who are meeting in Davos, Switzerland, are the same group that has proposed herding all the little people in the world into cities where they can be controlled and where they don’t need cars. We reported on this meeting a week or so ago. They want someone to pony up $60 Trillion for the scheme.

It’s no wonder they are worried about ‘The little people’.

“Hedge fund managers are buying up remote ranches and land in places like New Zealand to flee to in event of wide-spread civil unrest”


Robert Johnson, president of the Institute of New Economic Thinking, told people at the World Economic Forum in Davos that many hedge fund managers were already planning their escapes.

He said: “I know hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway.”

Read the rest at the UK Mirror

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Obama Sends Campaign Team To Israel To Defeat Netanyahu

A little while back we reported that the White House said Benjamin Netanyahu ‘Spat in our face’ when he accepted an invitation to speak at the House of Representatives without first clearing it with them. Now we know how they intend to retaliate.

obama netanyahu shake

Foreign Funding Bankrolls Anti-Netanyahu Campaign – Flies in 5-Man Obama Team
Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 26 January 2015

Haaretz reporter Roi Arad revealed in an article in the Hebrew edition today that the foreign funded organization, “One Voice”, is bankrolling the V-2015 campaign to defeat Binyamin Netanyahu’s national camp in the March 2015 Knesset Elections.

One indication of the generous financing is that it has now flown in a team of five American campaign experts (including Jeremy Bird, the Obama campaign’s national field director) who will run the campaign out of offices taking up the ground floor of a Tel Aviv office building.

V-2015 is careful not to support a specific party – rather “just not Bibi”. As such, the foreign funds pouring into the campaign are not subject to Israel’s campaign finance laws.”

Read the rest at Truth Revolt


Hillary Agrees To Testify Before Benghazi Panel

I wonder what is behind this. It’s not what one would expect from someone who wants to be President. When she goes before the House committee, if that’s what it is, she will be faced with questions from people like Trey Gowdy. He will not make her look good.

Seems like a ‘Hail Mary’ tactic perhaps. Not much chance of success but if it does succeed it will be a game changer.


Former Secretary of State and likely 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has agreed to testify before the House Select Committee on the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi.

Reportedly, she was first contacted in that regard by the committee’s ranking Democrat, Rep. Elijah Cummings.

According to reports, neither Clinton nor a spokesperson on her behalf has commented on her pending appearance.”

More at Breitbart


How Do You Deal With Childish, Uninformed Media People?

Natalie Foster tries;


“SWATter Responsible For Raid That Left Police Chief Shot Is Arrested in Oklahoma”

We reported on this a few days ago. Someone phoned in a bomb threat in Oklahoma, and gave the name of someone else. That resulted in a no-knock raid on that person’s home. The homeowner, attempting to protect his family, shot one of the intruders. That intruder turned out to be the Chief of police. No charges were filed against the homeowner.

Now they have arrested the man who made the fake call.

James Holly

James Holly

An arrest affidavit is giving more insight into a bomb threat at an Oklahoma school.

On Jan. 15, Washita County dispatch received a 911 call from a man who identified himself as Dallas Horton.

According to the affidavit, that man told dispatchers that he placed a bomb in the refrigerator of the Sentinel Head Start and that the bomb was set to go off at 8 a.m.

At that point, officers forced their way into Horton’s home.

Once inside, Sentinel Police Chief Louis Ross was shot several times by Horton, who was taken into custody for questioning.

After being questioned by OSBI agents, authorities learned Horton didn’t make the bomb threat.

On Jan. 20, officers questioned James Holly about his alleged involvement in the bomb threat.

“Holly confessed that he used Horton’s name and called in the bomb threats to 911 because he was angry with Horton,” the affidavit claims. “Holly told OSBI agents that he used two separate non functioning phones so that the phones could not be traced back to him.”

So far Holly is only charged with making a bomb threat. He should be charged with attempted murder.

After an intense investigation, James Edward Holly was arrested Tuesday and booked into the Washita County Jail on a complaint of making a bomb threat.

The district attorney will determine if Holly will face any other charges.”

Read the rest at

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“Thorner/Ingold: Too Much Internet Time May Disqualify Gun Ownership”

Moonbats will try anything. Here is another try. The American Psychiatric Association and the Obama administration are throwing this against the wall to see if it will stick.


The Obama administration has a new partner in crime, and it is the American Psychiatric Association (APA). This is consistent with Obama’s perversion of science to promote his social goals. The most notable example is Climate Change. It would seem that men in white coats are more threatening to our liberty than black helicopters (or drones).

The APA created a new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (5th Edition) — published in 2013 — which was recently adopted. DSM-5 is highly controversial and has sparked outrage from the mental health practitioners. Many practitioners point out that the new DSM-5 also makes a pathology out of simple and normal behaviors such as grieving for the loss of a loved one, as the bereavement exclusion was removed in this new version of the manual.”

But what about the internet?

The new DSM-5 has expanded the definition of ODD to include adults who exemplify “paranoid ideation” about the government and frequently express these delusional ideations on the internet. This Oppositional Defiant Disorder as redefined in DSM-5 is now destined to become the newest weapon against political dissent.

As such, the 5th Edition of the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual represents a new subjective approach in diagnosing of mental illness in that it promises to end free speech and any form of political dissent. The federal government has already declared anyone who opposes its unconstitutional policies as having “political paranoia,” which is now diagnosed as a type of mental illness. “

This is standard procedure for leftist tyrants. History has shown us that they inevitably label any dissenter as insane and lock them up.

Psychiatric manual DSM-5 targets certain internet users as mentally ill and grounds for gun confiscation. By some vague set of criteria, if someone is judged to spend too much time on the internet they could be judged to be mentally ill and ineligible to own a gun, which amounts to just another backdoor method to disarm citizens who would oppose tyranny being imposed upon America.”

Read it all at Illinois Review


“Bergdahl To Be Charged With Desertion”

trading private bergdahl

On Monday’s broadcast of “The O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel, retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer of the London Center for Policy Research revealed to host Bill O’Reilly that sources tell him U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will face charges for desertion.

Bergdahl was held captive by the Taliban-aligned Haqqani network in Afghanistan from June 2009 until his release in May 2014, which was part of a prisoner exchange for five Taliban members who were being held at the detention center at Guantanamo Bay.

“Bill, the Army has come to its conclusion and Bowe Bergdahl,” Shaffer said, “Sgt. Bergdahl will be charged with desertion. I have been told and confirmed by two other sources that his attorney was given what we call a charge sheet.”

Read the rest, including video, at Breitbart.


“The biggest corporate lay-off in history is expected within days”

“IBM believed to be scrapping 110,000 of its 430,000 workforce around the world”


Robert Cringley, from Forbes, said: ‘To fix its business problems and speed up its “transformation,” next week about 26 per cent of IBM’s employees will be getting phone calls from their managers.

‘Project Chrome will hit many of the worldwide services operations. The USA will be hit hard, but so will other locations.’

An IBM spokesman said: ‘IBM does not comment on rumours, even ridiculous or baseless ones.

‘IBM has already announced the company has just taken a $600million [£400million] charge for workforce rebalancing. This equates to several thousand people, a mere fraction of what’s been reported.’”

From the UK Daily Mail

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Now You’ve Got It Keep It Handy


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“They Said Snow!”

Let’s all panic!

From the Earl of Taint

Grocery stores in New York:

empty shelves2

It all looks like SHTF but it’s not. The snow will stop, the streets will be plowed, and the stores restocked.

At least no one is talking about Obama’s failures.

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