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whoa,whoa….no… absolutley not

Maybe I’m just a stickler for caution but this woman…









should not be back anywhere near the general population. Not yet. Not absent criminal intent. Lets review shall we?

  • 9/15 “daddy” escorted a critically ill pregnant woman to and fromn a hospital in Liberia, thereby contracting Ebola.
  • 9/20 he’s boarding a plane for Brussels.
  • 9/21 he disembarks in Dallas and hugs his soon to be daughter.
  • 9/26 he makes his first visit to hospital for symptoms
  • 9/28 he’s in the ambulance with her, on his way to medical infamy and isolation.


Considering it takes roughly 7-9 days in most people for symptoms to present and for said patients to become contagious, but said contagion is dependent on symptoms that can take TWENTY ONE days to present…

Should we assume a young nursing assistant, someone likely to be near weakened immune systems, open wounds, or otherwise compromised individuals should be ANYWHERE NEAR A MEDICAL SCENE UNLESS IN QUARANTINE???

Ahem…sorry. Apparently the woman in question doesn’t believe so either. For the time being.

But your CDC disagrees. She’s been cleared. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

I know the woman is going stir crazy. I know the hospitals say the blood tests look OK. I honestly don’t give a damn until roughly 9-19.

Am I nuts???


In typical rookie fashion I committed a most heinous cardinal sin of blogging: I didn’t confirm one timeline against another and ended up with an inaccurate day count. I have corrected it above. That said, this woman was cleared to walk on the 6th, or roughly 9 days from the outset of symptoms. She was with him for the whole time they worsened and even brought linens with her in the ambulance by some accounts. I still maintain this woman has NO business being in public, period. Not for a couple weeks.


Art afficionados, rejoice

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… Obama Ladies

Available for a suggested $6,250, bidding ends in 4 days.

obama ladies






Imagine all the jealous stares at your next OFA soiree when you unveil this masterpiece!

Honestly, I’m at a loss for words. And what IS the deal with the one far right?


It takes a village Idiot

Modern liberal mindset, full retard mode


“You are probably wondering why your child has this note; have you ever heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”? I am disappointed in “the village” of Fargo Moorhead, West Fargo,” she writes.

“Your child is, in my opinion, moderately obese and should not be consuming sugar and treats to the extent of some children this Halloween season.”

Kids, the eggs are on me, take as many as you need

The full moronic story here…


22 yr Deja Vu

Yesterday the wife and I spent 8 hrs getting a pair of Texas CHL’s and at the end of the session our instructor decided to take a little editorial license. It stopped the class dead. I suspect most of them were way too young to remember this but I immediately recognized it. I remember this testimony well.
For those of you who were kids in 1991, this might be surprising. This woman, who went on to be a Tx legislator, could give almost the exact same speech today regarding the battle since Sandy Hook.

In case you’re wondering, the class was 14 people and SIX were women.


Dozens of attacks thwarted…really. trust us.

You buying this?

The director of the National Security Agency said Wednesday that once-secret surveillance programs disrupted dozens of terrorist attacks, explicitly describing for Congress how the programs worked in collecting Americans’ phone records and tapping into their Internet activity.

Yeah, I call BS.
Knowing this administration’s desire to claim credit for anything successful in the war on ‘man made disaster’ makers, I’d ask a simple question: Where are the guys we busted?

This administration cannot, will not, tell the truth about ANYthing, but if they can produce information about those ‘dozens’ of attacks perhaps I’ll cut them a little slack.

I doubt it though, as PRISM and Stellar Wind aren’t about pre-crime. They’re about connecting dots afterwards. Well, that and collecting every last bit of personal data about YOU.


I’m starting to love this guy…

Yeah, I liked him before. Talked to all my neighbors and pushed hard to redeem him against the BS attacks by that RINO – not to be named- who ran against him.

He’s a true Texas fighter. I’m growing to love the guy. I mean when you can piss off SO many people, this fast, you must be doing SOMEthing right, right?

Boxer is calling him a McCarthyite, hehehehe. Good.

“It was really reminiscent of a different time and place, when you said, ‘I have here in my pocket a speech you made on such and such a date,’ and, of course, nothing was in the pocket,” she said, a reference to Senator Joseph R. McCarthy’s pursuit of Communists in the 1950s. “It was reminiscent of some bad times.”

Conveniently linked here by nota.

Though they try and slander him as a “canadian born” lawyer, they let slip a gem that ought to warm your heart.

To the growing core of ardent conservatives in the Senate, Mr. Cruz has offered a jolt of positive energy.

Hell yeah he does!


China Surpasses US As #1 Global Trading Partner

Wanna read something terrifying? Some of you, okay, a LOT of you won’t get all of this so you need to read it carefully. [not written for a Revo audience ~nota] Twice if needed. Pay attention!

We’ve already been living in a world of failed Treasury auctions for 3 years now and avoiding that obvious truth doesn’t change it… the Dollar is slated for depegging, the Petrodollar is increasingly being subverted, and the need for our surplus dollars awash in the global market is about to come to an end.

This is what we need to watch, what we need to stay laser focused on if we’re to be ready for the collapse of the Dollar. Russia, China, India…all ramping up gold purchases while we feebly try and restrict oil-for-gold trading by throwing sanctions on Iran.

Our power is rapidly diminishing and those of you who thought that was a good thing? Well just you wait and see what it means when the break happens. You”ll look differently on those of us who begged and pleaded for fiscal restraint and curbs in spending, for temporary pain instead of the agony of currency wars and world wars.

To those of you who mocked the Tea Party’s message and STILL don’t get it, don’t say we didn’t try and warn you. And don’t come begging at my door for food or protection. You demanded this fate, you live with it.China Surpasses U.S. As Number One.

Read here to find out the how & why.


Unwinding The Fed’s Balance Sheet

This comment was posted (by locke n load) in response to my post entitled: How The Fed Plans To Unwind: Must Read.

Well, see, there’s a bit of a gaping hole in this plan. They can’t sell these bonds/notes on the open market as 1: they’re going to be holding more than 24% of GDP, they’re going to be holding about 90% of all outstanding debt at that point and BE the market into which they usually sell. 2: They will be competing against the Treasury sales for financing of our almost certain 1+_ trillion deficits.

Now, as for 1, ask yourself what kind of market will exist for those sales? If the global market is drying up now for them, what on earth makes anyone think the market will somehow expand in an environment where the USG is STILL cranking out insane annual deficits, the Debt is over 19 trillion, and the US economy is laboring under Japanese style stagnation (at best!) while gold continues to make new highs further deflating the value of the dollars they try to hawk like vendors in some mexican beach town?

Regarding 2, this scenario DEMANDS an extremely robust super-Reaganesque recovery that re-instills faith in the dollar. Without that there would be no reason for a recovery of the dollar’s value. Unless our economy goes into overdrive this option is total fantasy. We simply can’t sell enough bonds to finance a 1.5 trillion deficit while competing with our central bank attempting to unload almost equal amts. Who in the fuck thinks notes written against increasingly worthless paper would generate ANY demand? This stretches the idea of rehypothication to such absurdity it resembles a mobius strip. The system cannot eat itself like this and hope to retain any semblence of good faith from the buyers. Period.

Long story short, the Fed has no option but to pray for a robust recovery spanning 20 years (ha!) and thereby roll out of the debt by actually letting maturities expire OR forcing their purchases into another pocket, say, private member banks. But since that last option is ALSO part of the problem (excess liquidity re above) thats not actually a viable alternative.

The Fed is fucked right now but not completely dead, at least it doesn’t have to be. But in actuality it IS because they’re committed to continuing this absurd liquidity farce our annual deficits demand.

And thats really the rub. We sinmply CAN’T begin to fix the problem until the USG stops spending 50% more than it takes in. Period, end of story.
Wanna put odds on THAT happening?

I’m sorry, I really am, but the only way out is complete devaluation and collapse as long as we continue down this deficit/debt path. World powers are already moving to drop the dollar which will only excacerbate the death spiral if not drop the guillotine on the neck of the economy.

Catastrophuck indeed. Wish I could predict a better outcome but I can’t. At best they start forcing individual and institutional purchases of the deficit (like Japan which is indebted almost entirely to it’s citizenry). At worst, there’s a violent break and the system collapses before we kneel at the feet of the new world bank.
Take your choice.

The Treasury and Fed think they can operate in a world that will always DEMAND our debt. Thats a bad idea, epic bad. No demand, no dollar, no economy.

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Political Jujitsu ?

So I’m over here parked in the middle of nowhere again, a little PO’d about how savvy the Obama team is with media. He has the MSM, the Talkshows, and Hollywood all out covering for him in every way possible. His talking points are ubiquitous, his reach seemingly endless… If only there were a way to turnthe power of that intrusive Machine against his disciples and his party. Hmmm…

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Update: All eyes on the Greek election

The Greeks managed to elect a “conservative” government, so we can stand down from DefCon 5 to DefCon 3… for the moment. (Locke is in the outer reaches of Montana and asked me to update this post, just before his phone cut out. ~nota)

Maybe I should subtitle this post “the sky is falling isn’t quite falling, just yet!”

End update.

I could spend all day mapping out the dominos about to fall in Europe. Thankfully, I don’t have to. This article from AP of all places actually does a fine job of it. For every friend you have that can’t wrap their heads around Europe crashing the banking system, study and pass this along. Its not heavy on jargon, covers much of what you need to know, and should clearly flesh out the enormity of the risks and challenges immediately before us.

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Perfect Explanation

Nice artistry too.


Define the Mission

Ok folks, last question of the week but really, maybe the most important.

What is it we want to accomplish if we take the presidency and/or congress? What exactly are we asking them to do? Whats the Mission? Obviously Obamacare’s repeal, but what else and in what priority? Where are we willing to expend the most political capital? Our candidates haven’t given it much more than platitudinal respect onstage.  I wonder how many of us could rattle off the basics of any of their plans.

Reference reads:

I don’t recognize the author so draw your own conclusions but he links to Romney’s Believe In America plan.

Santorum’s plan. Sort of   c’mon Rick, it should be easy to google…boooo

Ron Pauls

And of course,  Newt



Define the Platform

The third installment of our little “what do YOU think damnit” quizes asks: What should be the planks of the Republican platform. Remember, we’re trying to win
Oh, btw


Define the Threats

Continuing with yesterdays little exchange, lets further distill our personal Conservative platforms as it were. I find this fascinating.

In descending order, what are the top 5-10 threats to American sovereignty, strength, and our future.

Remember, there are no wrong answers,lol.


Define Conservative

Nothing gets the blood pumping like a good sprirted debate and as it seems I’ve developed near paranormal powers to stir the pot of late, lets try a little something here. It occurs to me that most of us that frequent the Revo are “80 percenters”. We agree on about 80% of what we talk about but there is by NO means unanimity of opinion. Which is good. What I want to know is how we disagree.

Ok then, this is a Live Fire Excercise. Put rounds on target, show no fear.
Your mission today: Define Conservatism


Last rites for the EU?

Ok look, I could go into great detail about the size of the Italian debt (2 trillion+) and the Greek situation. I could belabor the point about Greece not only not being able to pay obligations at a 50% haircut, but also not being able to form a government. We could go round and round with estimates of what the debt write downs have to be to allow the affected PIGS breathing room…but I won’t. It’s pointless. The citizens in these socialist ponzi schemes won’t let the reforms happen. Furthermore, the interim governments won’t have the will to enforce the needed reforms without enforcing martial law. I don’t care how giddy or relieved Wall street gets hearing an impasse has been breached, the fact remains that these countries cannot and will not abide by the austerity plans. Eventually they will succumb, be it now or 12 months from now.

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Local radio. Dependably unpredictable

Ok, so its just an ad for a local gun store but this stuff won’t make it onto nationally syndicated shows, XM, or Top 40 Trash stations. The midwest and east both have their community “Swap Hours” (AM garage sales essentially), the South has more Church goodies for sale than anywhere on earth but the Vatican, but the West… ahh the West. Starting about where this gun store sits the AM stations start getting fewer and farther in between. You can spin the dial in Search mode and find maybe 2 hits when you get an hour west of Mason. Stuff starts getting interesting in the sticks. You can learn a lot about the character of the area you’re driving through by paying attention to the local radio. I think I like this town.
The best part of the ad is the last 1/3 btw

I’m going to make a point of finding this guy next time I’m running up us87. I think I need to shake his hand


Contain the Contagion? Really?

A few days back when I wasn’t feeling on my game I started writing up a synopsis of what I saw about to happen, and what I thought actually needs to be done, in Europe. I sent it off to RD to check through what I thought was probably a messy rambling screeed but he didn’t correct anything. Upon further review it seems coherent enough and since Breitbart has stepped out and said much of what I was getting at here, well, I might as well post my bleary eyed observations.
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Well THAT might explain it…

Just when you thought the Zuccatti park owners wern’t going to be pushed around about their private property being trampled they went and caved in to the protesters. Surprised? So was I until this little piece of information slipped through the Obama censors.

Zuccotti is owned by Brookfield Asset Managers, an investment group that just secured a $169 million loan for its wind farm operations from the Obama administration. Surely just a coincidence. Nothing to see here folks, move along. No quid pro quo’s allowed in this transparent administration. Nope, just good ol’ fashioned sound investment strategy. On BAM’s part that is. And I’m sure its just coincidental that mayor Bloomberg’s gal-pal is on the boad of directors of Brookfield Properties. Its not like he was warned off strong-arming the protesters by a woman denying him sack time, right? The very idea of Bloomberg getting laid seems a bit preposterous to me… However, not getting to kiss the President’s ass? Now THAT might be difficult for the mayor to endure.

So fine. When the firehoses come out I hope they scrape every last bit of beauty off that once landscaped park. Just don’t come running to the city for repair costs. I’d say $169 million ought to go a long way to re-sodding the cesspool.

Read the story here


Has it really been 10 years?

10 years and 12 hours ago I was still a commodity broker. I was still plugged into the hive mind that is the Chicago investment community. I was still of the opinion that stability, order, and international law reigned supreme and peoples of the world understood the importance of same. I still operated under the assumption that financial markets could account for 99% of the risk in the world, that we could accommodate most chaos and keep the world on an even keel. I wasn’t just naïve, I was proud.
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Oh, is that all? Just … chaos?

A few months back Germany’s Merckel shocked anyone who listened by suggesting they could potentially up their committment to something around 100% of their GDP to the PIGS bailout plan if the terms were right. While that might seem like an Onion headline (and was given about as much airplay) she was floating a serious option. That it was done so publicly was the jarring part, not so much the offer. To be sure, it was an extremely ‘generous’ solution but since when do governments commit THAT much money to an otherwise petulant crop of failing states? Even Germany has its limits on rescue loans, the recent elections just proved that. So what on earth were they thinking? Why would the option even be considered?

The obvious answer is it would have to be better than the alternative. As few actually understood the severity of the alternative our press scrubbed that story and instead fell back on our ‘recovery’ prospects here in the states. Since THAT hasn’t played out so well in recent months and since Europe seems poised for the mother of all liquidity traps I guess it was just a matter of time before someone actually quantified the alternative to bailing out the Socialist leech economies of Europe. UBS has broken the ice.
Among the possibilities envisioned if arrangements aren’t made to rescue said countries and defend the Euro: Collapse of the banking system, collapse of international trade, and civil war. Cheery, no?

This is absolutely worth a read if you want to spoil your breakfast.

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Hey FEMA, what about Rock Port ?

Considering all the talk of storm damage recently, what with Irene, etc, I think it might be worth pointing just a few things out. Inequity makes me cranky, so forgive me.

1) Irene was only a Hurricane up until about Delaware. By the time it hit New Jersey it was only a tropical storm despite all the BS being played in the press. It sounds better as a hurricane but the storm was a tropical depression by the time it hit the north east. That doesn’t diminish the flooding or the power disruptions, but lets cut through the 6 days of hype, shall we?
2) Lee was, and continues to be, a washout. I drove into what was supposed to be the center of the storm and winds barely topped 40mph. Is that enough to cause damage? Sort of, but not enough to warrant the sensational coverage. The flooding is considerable in some areas but nothing extraordinary. Gulf residents are used to much worse. Lee is a huge rainmaker, but that’s about it.
3) Both the above storms, as well as the horrible tornadoes earlier in the year (Joplin, Tuscaloosa, Tushka, even Minot, etc) were immediately addressed, and committed to, by FEMA. Irene got more press than the erasure of 1/3 of Joplin (with only 1/3 the death toll), and Tuscaloosa barely got 3 days, but all were spectacular events that somehow played into the climate change template.

Whats the common thread? Not climate change. FEMA. I’ve worked FEMA loads before. I’ve run into Florida, and Texas with water and generators. Hell, I was in Hattiesburg and Mobile 24 hrs after Katrina scrubbed the land and I did more good, more efficiently and immediately without them than FEMA managed in 72 hrs. I’ve fought through the blasted bureaucratic nightmares. I’ve been hindered and/or snubbed in my attempts to work within the system. As a Federal agency, FEMA is monster to deal with. When finally mobilized they can do a world of good but getting the gears moving is challenging.

All that said, I give you this:
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Excuse me, is this seat taken?

It’s been what, almost 8 months since Gabrielle Giffords’ horrific morning at the Safeway? She’s made remarkable progress and the fact that she’s alive at all borders on miraculous. That said…

Ok, I know this is going to seem crass, impolite, or just plain mean to some folks but the question does need to be asked and I may as well be the one flayed for posting it so publicly. Trust me, we aren’t going to hell for pointing out the obvious quandry:

Is Gabby Giffords fit to hold office?
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Raise your hand if you’re surprised…

Ok, I’m catching grief for not sleeping since Monday so I’ll make this little gloat brief before bed…

Is ANYONE surprised the GAO and CBO numbers wee complete nonsense regarding debt to GDP ratios? It’s Drudge’s Big Red Banner headline now, and you heard it first here, what, 9 months ago?

Thanks to the debt ceiling increase we’ll be at 100% debt/GDP shortly. Like, tomorrow. Um, duh.

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Got a big freezer?

Ok, this heat is awful and yes, sleeping in a truck with no AC is downright brutal BUT…this heatwave will probably benefit those of you who buy and store beef. This isn’t huge news but its worth mentioning coming into the end of the summer.

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