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Freaky Friday Caption Contest

This is my first time publishing a Freaky Friday Caption Contest. For my first time, I am going to experiment and try something different. For this contest, there is an actual theme. I will give one clue: Indianapolis. I may give clues as the day goes on. See if you can figure it out.


How To Beat Your Meat In San Francisco

Our special tonight is Canis lupus familiaris, served in a light “Urine of Bum” cream sauce. Tonight’s fish is San Francisco Carp almondine with a sweet saliva-mucus glaze, served with a side of steaming AIDS.


The War On Men Heats Up

If Johnny Holmes were alive, he would fight for us on Capital Hill. They want to take away our rights to reproductive health! They want to take away our rights to erections!

Penis pumps cost the U.S. government’s Medicare program $172 million between 2006 and 2011, about twice as much as the consumer would have paid at the retail level, according to a government watchdog’s report released on Monday.

The report by the inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services said Medicare, the government health insurance system for seniors, paid nearly 474,000 claims for vacuum erection systems, or VES, totaling about $172.4 million from 2006 to 2011. Yearly claims for the devices nearly doubled from $20.6 million in 2006 to $38.6 million in 2011.

And here is the blatant, slap in the face to erection-loving men all over the country.

“Considering the strain retiring baby boomers will soon be placing on Medicare’s budget, shouldn’t we be focusing this entitlement program on real, life-saving treatment and equipment to serve the health needs of seniors – instead of subsidizing penis pump purchases?” Ben Domenech of the Heartland Institute think tank said in an email statement.

“And to those seniors who really do want one,” added Domenech, “just buy it yourself – you don’t need to send the bill to your fellow Americans.”

Pay for my own erections? The nerve!


Arctic To Be Ice Free In One Week

…according to Algore, Nobel Peace Pipe winner.

Actually, the Arctic sea ice has just said “screw you” to Algore. The extent of the ice is at a record high for the past decade and growing at a record pace.


Death Race 2014

No one died, but am I the only one who thinks this is funny? I’m a sick individual, but I can’t help but laugh. This was a protest in Minneapolis protesting some grand jury decision not to indict a cop who protected his own life. How dare he!

Remember back several months ago, we heard from the MSM about the scandal of what they were calling “Bridge-gate”? They claimed that Chris Christie in New Jersey closed some bridge for some reason, that prohibited service vehicles, such as ambulances, police cars, taco wagons, from protecting and serving people. Heck, people even died apparently on their way to the hospital because the shortcut was deliberately closed by Christie. The leftist MSM and bloggers reminded us everyday for several months about the horrors of closing down the bridge for a few hours.

Are these same leftists complaining about the streets being shutdown by protestors, who are no doubt disrupting ambulance and other service vehicles from doing their jobs? How many people have died on their way to the hospital because they had to be detoured around the protestors?


2014 Mid-Term Erection Open Thread


All comments about the election welcomed. By the way, did anyone catch that Dancing with the Stars episode the other night? WOW!


Flying Somewhere This Weekend? Here’s A Safety Video For You


Pabst Blue Ribbon Goes Commie

I…I…I don’t know what to say.

Besides the familiar Pabst Blue Ribbon label, Pabst Brewing Co. makes Colt 45, Old Milwaukee and Schlitz. It also makes regional brews such as Lone Star, Rainier and Old Style.

It’s a sad day for America, but most importantly, it’s a sad day for me. I have 3 communist beers in my home as I type.
More below the fold…


Lousy Birthday Parties In The Liberal Utopia

Why not just start punching kids in the stomach on their birthdays from now on. Who are these A-holes that come up with shit like this?

If Derry Township School District board member Andrea Abruzzo had her way, kids would celebrate their birthdays with carrots.

Abruzzo’s district is putting a greater emphasis on “non-food rewards,” including birthday treats.

To that end, Derry Township schools have banned cupcakes or “other snacks.”

“We’re trying to encourage non-food rewards for students. So that applies to birthday parties, successes they may have in the classroom,” Dan Tredinnick, the district’s director of school and community information, tells Fox 43.

“We don’t think that snacks are a bad thing. We think that snacks have a place in everybody’s diet, but food served in schools brings with a whole host of challenges. I think that there’s other ways that we can collaboratively make kids feel special, and recognize their accomplishments, that don’t necessarily have to involve food.”

“There are reasons to eliminate birthday treats,” superintendent Joseph McFarland tells the Patriot-News. “We’re trying to teach healthy eating.”

Instead of cupcakes, school leaders are suggesting students bring pencils, pens and stickers or wear “silly socks.”

Well, this is pretty effed up, too. To some other A-hole, banning these at birthday parties is just plain common sense.


Spring Awakening: A review by Bman

I like going to plays and musicals when they are on stage. Occasionally in my town, they will have them at the Empire Arts Theater. Nice little theater and very old. Has a lot of character. The actors are often high school aged kids from local high schools. Hey, there are a lot of high school kids who can act and sing! I’ve seen a lot of talented kids on stage.

I went to go see the musical “Spring Awakening” tonight. I had absolutely no prior knowledge of what to expect. I had no clue what it was about. In fact, I never even heard of it before. Much to my surprise, on the big marquee outside it boasted that this musical had 8 Tony awards. Well hot damn! I must be in for a real surprise! Immediately upon entering the theater, I had to fork out $40 for 2 tickets , (Surprise!) I mean, really? $40? To watch a bunch of high school kids on a stage? At least the programs they handed out were free, so I took 11 of them.

Reading the program, I learned that the musical is based on a controversial 19th-century play by some German dude, with lots of the original dialogue in it. This concerned me a tad. I was concerned that the actors were going to be talking with German accents, which would have gotten very old very fast. I quickly learned that the actors spoke regular English. I also quickly learned that it really didn’t matter. They could’ve been speaking Swahili or that African clicking language and I would’ve still enjoyed the musical the same. In other words, I didn’t enjoy it. The bottom line is that it sucked. It sucked big harry balls.

Now, before I go into why it sucked BHB, I will point out that the acting and singing was good. They also had a live orchestra that sat in the hole on the ground in front of the stage, (I don’t know what they call it). You could see their heads poking out and the baton of the band leader waving around occasionally. I like it when plays have a live soundtrack. It makes it more legit in my opinion. It gives the audience a better experience. So that is pretty much all that was good about the musical. Now, why it sucked BHB… More below the fold…


Cure For Insomnia: World Cup Edition

I made it to the 7 minute mark.


Now Playing…

Context here.

movie-poster-600x450 3

Hat tip to DarthJay for the idea.


Revopalooza Fiesta Part Deux Is Underway! Pre-party Here!

Because getting there is half the fun! You know that!

Safe travels to all who will be attending!


Happy Fathers Day, Dad!

When I was 18 years old, my dad flew out to Saginaw, Michigan in late April, to watch me and my Junior A hockey team, the Saginaw Gears, in the playoffs. We lost the best out of 3 first round to the Detroit Ambassadors, who eventually won the National Championship that year, (I think). I probably played my best hockey of my Junior career that weekend. Just knowing my dad was there lit a fire under my ass and made me play a step above the way I was playing throughout the season. Just having my dad there in the crowd gave me more confidence in myself. He gave me the mental edge needed just by being there, to enable me to play my best hockey. Not to brag, but I had a pivotal role in extending the playoff series to game 3, which we were huge underdogs to begin with. There is no doubt, just because my dad was there, that it enable our team to make this happen. No doubt in my mind whatsoever. And again, not to brag, but it was part of my exceptional play that allowed this to happen. All because of my dad being present.

After the season abruptly ended, my dad and I jumped into my 1984 Plymouth Shitbox and headed back to Everett, Washington for the summer. Along the way west, we stopped in Dyersville, Iowa to check out the Field of Dreams, which was much of the scenes and set from the movie. We were the only ones there at the time, looked around, signed the guest book, and left. It’s really just someone’s private property and they allow people to stop by and look around, and sign the guest book which is located behind the backstop. Now, I don’t know much about mystical places, and how sometimes you hear stories of how a place brings people closer together, but I do know that this place that my dad and I visited for about 8 minutes, will forever be remembered by the two of us. As simple as it was, and non-eventful really, it will go down as one of my long-lasting memories of just me and my dad. Of course, I have a long list of much more exciting memories that I’ve experienced with my dad, but this one, for some reason or another, was unique. The only thing I can think of, of why it was unique, is because, perhaps, it was the first time my dad and I experienced anything together at the time when I was truly learning how to become a man.

My dad is a great example and teacher on that subject. I strive to be the man he is.

Happy Fathers Day!


Riding Naked Solves Problems

This is about as effective as using hash tags to rescue kidnapped girls. But perverts do what they’s gotta do. This is in San Fransicko of course.

Naked riders circle Justin Herman Plaza at the start of the eleventh annual World Naked Bike Ride on June 14, 2014 in San Francisco, CA. The bike ride is part of a global environmental protest against human dependency on the oil cartels.

Lulu had a bicycle, its seat was very blunt. Every time she sat on it, it stuck into her…HEY!

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34 Years Ago Today….The Mighty Saint Erupts

I was living in Everett, Wa. I just turned 7. Trebor Snoyl heard the eruption. It was a huge deal. I just wish I was older at the time so I could soak it up more.


Let’s Talk To Each Other Like They Did In The Good Old Days

Because of recent conversations here at this great blog, I thought I would throw a little something into the mix. This post is the fault of Jacksonsdad, and he knows why. I apologize to anyone who may be offended. :)

Put down your phone, and pick up a beer
Lift up your eyes, and lend me your ear.

Let’s talk to each other like they did in the good old days.

Now the IPad is nothing but just a fad,
And that smart phone, you can leave it at home.

And that Xbox will make you as dumb as rocks,
So take my advice and drop that device.


There Are “Good Guys” In Tucson

Did you see that? At the 1:04 mark. Maen Mdanat, the owner of the store, is my new hero. God Bless you, Maen.


The Solution To Climate Change: The Hoover Deluxe


The UN says the last chance to save planet Earth may be vacuuming CO2 out of the sky and burying it.
And, they’re serious.

In order to stave off the worst of global warming’s consequences, the world’s nations must find a way to reduce carbon emissions by 40 to 70 percent by 2050. That’s one of many claims made in the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The new report also suggests vacuuming up vast amounts of CO2 from the skies and storing it underground may be the most viable solution for mitigating the greenhouse gas effect in the short term.

It’s the third report on climate change released by the IPCC, a group of international climate scientists organized under the auspices of the United Nations. The group’s second report, which was released last month, predicted serious environmental and economic catastrophe in the latter half of the 20th century, should calls to slow global warming continue to go unanswered.

This latest report, released on Sunday, weighs the efficacy and plausibility of a variety of climate change policy solutions and mitigation options.



CCCP Officials Order Removal Of Controversial Flag


Did I say CCCP? Oops. I meant NCAA officials.

A leader of the North Dakota Republican Party says his group was forced to take down their Sioux banner by the NCAA.

Jim Poolman, Vice Chairman of the NDGOP, was in Philadelphia attending the University of North Dakota/Univerity of Minnesota game last night. According to his Twitter account, his group was asked to take down their Fighting Sioux banner by the NCAA:

Jim Poolman @JimPoolman
Security just came into the suite to say that the NCAA called to say take down the Sioux flag in the suite! #freespeechhaters #gosioux9:55 PM – 10 Apr 2014
16 Retweets 14 favorites Reply

If you are not familiar with the contoversy, a few years ago the NCAA forced the University of North Dakota to change the “hostile and abusive” nickname. After a long legal battle, UND caved and dropped the name. They currently do not have a new nickname, (nor should they adopt one in my opinion). Fans still wear Sioux jerseys, shirts, hats, pants, etc to games. The people in this post brought a flag to hang up in their suite during the game. Apparently, some NCAA jackass saw it and told security that they must take it down.

Someday, NCAA officials will start monitoring what fan’s at sporting events are wearing, and if they don’t approve of an individuals clothing, they can demand that he be kicked out. Sorry kids. Either turn those jerseys inside out, or get the hell out!

sioux fans


Missed Her By That Much

Not a bad arm. Good velocity. She needs to work on her control, however.


Cirque du Idiots

Cirque du Retards

Protesters — dressed in one-piece clown suits, doing acrobatics and bouncing exercise balls — blocked a Google Bus Tuesday morning in San Francisco’s Mission District to protest the tech shuttles’ use of Muni stops.

At the first Google Bus protest, back in December, protesters held signs. This time, they formed human pyramids, did the can-can and tried to board the bus. One protester dressed up as a surveillance camera walked around on four stilts.

Protesters chose Tuesday because the Board of Supervisors is set to vote in the afternoon on an environmental appeal against a Municipal Transportation Agency pilot program that would allow private shuttle buses to use Muni stops for a fee.

…“The first bus protest led to a public conversation that needed to be had,” said Amanda Ream, who helped organize the protest. “Muni’s in crisis, in debt. We want to see an effort to protect economic diversity in San Francisco, and that means a well-funded Muni.”

“We want to see an effort to protect economic diversity in San Francisco…”

Protect economic diversity? By squelching competition? By limiting choices? Only allowing gubbmint to participate? Doesn’t sound very diverse, does it…



Sunday Night Hit Parade: Trucker Songs

This hit parade is dedicated to Revoista, Locke N Load who just launched HyRoad Freight. Congrats my man!

More below the fold…


Diversity Doesn’t Include “White Folks”

“If you want to create space for white folks to meet and work on racism, white supremacy, and white privilege to better our campus community and yourselves, please feel free to do just that,”

Just watch the video.

More Here.


Bman’s Friday Night Top 10 Movie Scenes

I miss the Friday Night Hit Parade sponsored by RD Walker and The Real Revo. It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve had some cool tunes to rock to while we all drink our Pabst Blue Ribbon’s. Our fellow Revoista, MadBrad, came to the rescue with his weekly Friday Night at the Movies posts to help us unwind and forget about all the minutia that seems to happen every week. Heck, the superb movies he selects for us every Friday night are more real than any news report we get anymore from the MSN. I don’t mean to tread on his discipline of movie genre’s, but I meant to post this as a prelude to his weekly show. As for me, I have a 7-pack of Pabst, and plan to watch his publication of The Warriors now. I will also give a PBR rating of the film in the comments section.

As for now, gunga, la gunga.

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