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Saying Goodbye…

This is my last post. It’s my 500th, so it’s a good round number to stop. I’m sure I will comment here and there but I will respect the wishes of this site.

Dear Real Revo,

Many people have touched the edges of our lives… coming and going, scarcely leaving an impression. But you are uncommon. You have made a difference in our lives. So it’s not surprising that we find ourselves thinking of how special you have been. For that we are truly grateful….and that has made all the difference.


(photo by Mrs. Trebor Snoyl)


A River Runs Through It

“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the world’s great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time. On some of the rocks are timeless raindrops. Under the rocks are the words, and some of the words are theirs.
I am haunted by waters.” ― Norman Maclean

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Meddling CNN Reporter Gets Smacked

We had a conversation here a few weeks ago that civilized people don’t do this sort of thing. I agree. If you follow and harass a guy enough, I say it’s ok if that person knocks you the eff out. Civilized people don’t harangue others. Also, I’m sick of pussies always threatening to call the cops for “assault”. Eff that shit. If you choose to be an asshole and get your lights knocked out, you deserve it. It reminds me when I was a kid. I constantly harassed my older brother because I knew if he did something, I could just tell mommy and daddy and they would come to the rescue. He would get in trouble. Eventually, my brother stopped giving a shit if he got in trouble and took care of it himself with a good old fashioned beat down on me. Guess what? I stopped my behavior. I became more civilized.


This is a MEME. It’s fake news. I fell for it too. Just goes to show you that when you want to believe something bad enough, you will do little as possible to actually investigate and discriminate between facts and fiction. Is CNN hiring? I feel shame, but I wont delete this post. I will own up to it, (puts on superhero cape.. EXCELCIOR! Swwwisshhhh…)


Happy Independence Day!

Let’s kick off the pomp and parade with a little ditty by John Philip Sousa. Hit it, Joe!


Beached Whale Sighting

So apparently Kris Krispie closed State run beaches on the New Jersey shore because of their government shutdown. Well, it was closed to the little people anyway. If you are a big fat lard, then I guess the rules don’t apply to you. This douche ran for president, mind you.


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Rollick In Dim Witted Contests…

A 19-year-old aspiring YouTube star’s boyfriend is dead after she shot him in the chest in a video stunt gone wrong, according to a criminal complaint filed on Wednesday.

Norman County Sheriff Jeremy Thornton said in a statement that Monalisa Perez of Minnesota was arrested after she shot her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz III, 22, in the chest. According to court documents, she shot him with a gold Desert Eagle .50 caliber handgun — considered one of the most powerful pistols in the world — in the grass outside their home while he held up a hardcover encyclopedia to block the bullet.

I’m more shocked over the fact that these dimwits actually had an encyclopedia rather than the retarded shooting. I had a set of encyclopedia’s when I was a kid. Each volume was alphabetized. The “S” volume was pretty thick if I remember correctly. This dude probably used volume “X” or “Z”.

On a related note, after I read Stephen King’s “The Stand”, I shot it from about 25 feet with my Ranger .22 rifle. It didn’t quite make it all the way through.

Hey! I got a great Youtube idea!…


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Breaking: Trump Commits A Crime! Caught Red Handed

He seriously should be peached for this.


Bmans Bits: DIY Cat Bed

A while ago I gave some simple instructions on How to make a DIY Cat fun house. This is a similar post for those who are of the self sufficient behavior types. Your cat will be somewhat grateful for your efforts possibly.

Cost: About $11.98, although it may be cheaper depending on local retailer.

Materials needed:
1. 12 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer (12oz cans for this project, although 16oz cans would be preferred, but I haven’t ever seen a 12 pack 16oz box, so you may as well just get a case of 24-16oz beers. But for this project, I will only be showing the standard 12oz 12 pack.)

2. Empty said box of beer

3. 3 to 11 pieces of duct tape

4. A small kitten named Sushi, or a name of your choice

5. BAC of .14 or higher, preferably higher.


1. Consume the refreshing product of PBR beer.

2. ???

3. Build the cat bed.

Estimated time to complete: 4 hours if no distractions

She likes it! Hey Sushi!


Congressional Baseball Game Live!

Who’s going to get spiked in the nuts first?


Wonder Woman Then and Now

Who’s hotter? By the way, Gal Gadot, the current WW is an Israeli and pro IDF. I can already smell the backlash coming from the leftist pukes from Hollywood.

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter 1981


Wonder Woman Gal Gadot 2017


Summer Begins!

Well, not exactly. By the calendar, it starts on June 21st. Traditionally, Memorial Day weekend. Well, that’s how it is up here in the Frozen Tundra anyway. We need to stretch out Summer for as long as possible.

Now that Summer has arrived, it reminds me that we haven’t had a good beer discussion for quite sometime. As some of the readers here know that I have casually mentioned the fact that I like to drink beer. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s God’s gift to show he loves us, to coin a phrase. So, what are your favorite beers? I’ll start:

1. 16oz Pabst Blue Ribbon
2. 12oz Pabst Blue Ribbon
3. Pabst Blue Ribbon in a bottle
4. Pabst Blue Ribbon in a glass
5. Pabst Blue Ribbon poured in my hand
6. Rainier Beer
7. Pabst Blue Ribbon from a sprinkler head


White People Should Only Make White People Food

So, here’s the gist…

Two gals go down to Mexico. While they were there, they became very interested in making homemade tortillas. They went around asking the tortilla makers tips and so forth on how to make them. When they came back to there home in Portland, Oregon, they decided to start a pop-up burrito truck business featuring their homemade tortillas. Sounds sweet, huh? Things were going fine until one day, some insufferable asshole complained that the girls burrito business featuring homemade tortillas was a cultural appropriation problem. You see, the two girls were white.

More insufferable assholes got wind of what these white girls were doing, accusing them of stealing recipes and taking the livelihood away from “brown people.” As for the burrito business? It is closed because of the ongoing pressure from insufferable assholes. These insufferable assholes call the closure of this business a “victory”.


You know what bothers me the most about all of this? Is that these insufferable assholes would most likely AGREE WITH ME in my core belief that eating with chopsticks in non-Asian countries is wrong. Of course, I don’t see it as some cultural appropriation bullshit, but still. I just…I just don’t know who I am anymore…..

If you want to read more about insufferable assholes, click here…


Gianforte Wins Montana Special Congressional Election

You can see the results here.

He apologized for the incident with the reporter during his victory speech.


Trump Arrives In Saudi Arabia


My Attempt At Creating A Meme…


Welcome Our Newest Revoista…..


Yes, I just posted pictures of my new cat. I really did.


Colorado Cop Shoots Armed Idiot

Rollick in dimwitted contests, acquire doltish accolades…


She Was Supposed To Be A Saint

May 18, 1980…

I just turned the tender age of 7, living about 200 miles north. I remember the ash. It was finer than flour.

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Edmonton Oiler Fans Sing Star Spangled Banner

I was watching this on TV at home when this happened. Talk about class. Some readers here may have noticed in my past comments and such, that I have dished out a lot of shit towards Canada and Canadians in general. After witnessing this last night, I feel a little ashamed.

How about that! And here we have in the U.S., million dollar paid athletes who decide to kneel on the sidelines during the National Anthem. From where the sun now stands, I will ridicule Canada no more forever.


Three’s Company

Come and knock on our door… (Come and knock on our door)
We’ve been waiting for you…. (We’ve been waiting for you)
Where the kisses are hers and hers and his,
Three’s company too.

A married couple with three children are filing for divorce so their shared girlfriend won’t feel left out.

Cristina and Benno Kaiser have been married 12 years and are in an open relationship with 21-year-old Sierra Kuntz. By divorcing and one of them then marrying Kuntz, they plan to give her legal rights to the children.

Why do they need to get divorced first? Not sure why polygamy isn’t a right protected by the Constitution. We were told Love is love. We were told If you love someone, then it is your right to marry that person. Government shouldn’t be able to tell you who you can and cannot love. Polygamy is a basic civil right. It would be a victory for their children, families would be recognized as equal to any other. It would be a victory for the allies and friends and supporters who spent years, even decades, working and praying for change to come.

If love is love, then a ruling making polygamy Constitutional would be a victory for America. The decision would affirm what millions of Americans already believe in their hearts: when all Americans are treated as equal we are all more free. All Americans are entitled to the equal protection of the law. All people should be treated equally, regardless of who they are or who they love. Why do Americans still face legal discrimination simply for who, or how many, they love?



My New Beer

Even the casual reader will know that from my pabst past posts that I’ve mentioned that I like to drink beer. Well this here post is more to the point. Roll out a barrel and lend me an ear.

I like beer.

Having said that, the more in-tuned reader will know that when I do drink beer, I prefer an Ice cold, refreshing, 7-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon. I’ve drank it for years. Oh sure, I’ve had other beers and I’m not one of those hard core douches that bitches when, for some reason or another, a random watering hole doesn’t serve it. If that’s the case, I usually change my mind and show my passive-aggressive side by just ordering a grasshopper, (only bartenders will get that joke), to show my disgust of such a hellhole establishment. For the record, I’ve never had a grasshopper served to me. When local patrons get word what I ordered, I’m asked to leave. That’s how it is up here in the frozen tundra.

Recently I’ve switched beers. Yep. I mentioned my “coming out party”, if you will, on one of MadBrads great weekend movie posts. I have received some guff from some of the more prominent fans of this blog for drinking the delicious 12oz’s of Pabst. I was even accused of being a “hipster” by a guy who uses chopsticks to eat food with and takes pictures of birds. Anywho, I know you were all on pins and needles waiting to know my switch. Heck, I even heard a rumor there was money being exchanged on betting what beer I would move to. Those days of refreshing, ice cold 12oz cans or bottles of Pabst Blue Ribbon are behind me. I’ve moved on. People move on. If I’ve learned anything in life is that the only constant in life is change. Heck, if you can name a song-artist, chances are they sang a song about change.

Bob Dylan- I Feel A Change Comin’ On
Pam Tillis- Life Sure Has Changed Around Us
Judas Priest- Victim of Changes
Eric Clapton- Change the World
Ray Charles- Don’t Change On Me

Well, you get the idea. Change happens. Change is the one constant in life. Summer always changes into fall. Winter always changes into spring. Bman changes beer. Everything changes. Everything changes.

Well, with out further dudes, I present my new beer.
More below the fold…




Leftist Derangement Syndrome

She then pointed to the doll and asked Sophia if she picked it out for a friend.

Sophia continued to stare blankly and I let the cashier know that she was a prize for Sophia being fully potty trained.

The woman gave me a puzzled look and turned to Sophia and asked, “Are you sure this is the doll you want, honey?”

Sophia finally found her voice and said, “Yes, please!”

The cashier replied, “But she doesn’t look like you.
We have lots of other dolls that look more like you.”

What are the chances that this story truly happened? Nil I say. Through social media, leftist retards are making up imaginary tales that fit their narrative. Their victimhood status doesn’t actually exist, so they must manufacture yarns to receive approval from other retards and credibility to be part of the Leftist cult. These people are such losers, that they can’t stand up on their own two feet. They must be part of a larger group to survive. This is why Leftists look at individuality as a danger. Individuality means breaking off from the heard and thinking and acting on your own. That is a threat to Leftist turds. These morons truly are deranged.



Chuck Barris Gonged At 87

Chuck Barris, whose game show empire included “The Dating Game,” ”The Newlywed Game” and that infamous factory of cheese, “The Gong Show,” has died. He was 87.

Barris died of natural causes Tuesday afternoon at his home in Palisades, New York, according to publicist Paul Shefrin, who announced the death on behalf of Barris’ family.

I know him best as the host of The Gong Show. Take it away Gene, Gene, the Dancing Machine. Dance for Chuck.

Huh. This is the second Chuck we’ve lost in the past few days. Godspeed Chucks.


Hillary Supporter Savagely Beats Elderly Talk Show Host

Firebrand conservative radio host and adamant President Trump supporter Michael Savage was attacked and pushed to the ground by a man as he left a restaurant in Marin County, his attorney said Wednesday.

An attorney for the 75-year-old Savage questioned whether his client was targeted for his outspoken political beliefs and his backing of Trump, who has said he wouldn’t have won the election without Savage and his millions of listeners.

Savage had just finished dining at Servino Ristorante on Main Street in Tiburon when a man, whom he did not know, approached him in the parking lot around 8 p.m. Tuesday, said Savage’s attorney, Daniel Horowitz.

The man, believed to be about 50 years old and over 6 feet tall, began yelling at Savage, calling him “weenie” and “Weiner,” an apparent reference to Savage’s legal last name, Weiner, Horowitz said.

Whenever you see some goon in the news commit a heinous crime, the media is quick to mention that he/she is a Trump supporter if they indeed are. They find it a critical part of the story. But why would that matter? One would think that the media may have some kind of agenda or something.