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Slate: The Left Needs to Get Educated About Guns

Journalist Guide to Guns

Yes, you read that right. That Slate.

Media stories in the wake of mass shootings typically feature a laundry list of mistakes that reflect their writers’ inexperience with guns and gun culture. Some of them are small but telling: conflating automatic and semi-automatic weapons, assault rifle and assault weapon, caliber and gauge—all demonstrating a general lack of familiarity with firearms. Some of them are bigger. Like calling for “common-sense gun control” and “universal background checks” after instances in which a shooter purchased a gun legally and passed background checks. Or focusing on mass shootings involving assault weapons—and thereby ignoring statistics that show that far more people die from handguns.

. . .

There are several ways the media can remedy this situation. For starters, treat guns like any other beat (as the Guardian has done with Lois Beckett). Media outlets tend not to send sports writers to cover the Supreme Court or style writers to cover a murder. Ignorance undermines authority. If you want to report on guns, you need to understand the differences between various weapons and how they are used. Spend time at a shooting range and learn how to fire a gun. Be able to interview an NRA member without scorn or derision.

I know. I’m still in a sort of stunned disbelief. Slate!

Now, the article doesn’t quite acknowledge the fact that so much of the media not only has no desire to inform themselves, they are quite proud of not only their ignorance (as it might delight a Harvard professor to admit he has no knowledge of what pig shit smells like), but quite happy to misinform and mislead the public. They have an agenda they are attempting to drive, and “being honest” is not one of their goals in the gun control debate. If their goal were to be honest and merely inform the public, they would have informed themselves decades ago. But their designs are well-suited for mere fear-mongering, wildly exaggerated propaganda.

But I will give credit where credit is due. Rachael Laramore was putting rounds right on target.


Another Episode of “WTF AM I LOOKING AT??”

I swear to God, this is why we can’t have nice things…


I strongly believe there is a non-trivial percentage of Trump supporters that desperately want to fellate this guy. 10%? 20%? Hard to say.


The Hamilton Rule


Alexander Hamilton once famously stated he would rather lose an election than win with a despicable example from his own party: “If we must have an enemy at the head of government,” Hamilton said in exasperation, “let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible.”

This has since become known as the Hamilton Rule.

Author and outspoken conservative, Brad Thor, came out in support of this idea in regards to Clinton vs. Trump:

The true north of my compass has been, and always will be, liberty. I owe it to those who have come before me and those who will come after. I will act to safeguard liberty no matter what personal price I may be forced to bear.
Liberty is my litmus test. I weigh all actions of my government and those who seek office, against it. The ledger of freedom is incorruptible; its pages open for anyone to examine, and most importantly – to learn from.
. . .
When I apply my litmus test of liberty to Donald Trump, he fails – completely.
In fact, he has not only failed to ever stand for liberty, he has repeatedly worked to undermine it. From supporting an assault weapons ban, the seizure of private property via eminent domain, the restructuring of libel laws, and socialized medicine (just to name a few) – throughout his entire adult life, Donald Trump has repeatedly championed the power of the state.
Regardless of what he says now, Donald Trump has a history. That history is the clearest indication of how he would govern as president. No matter how badly Americans want to “blow up” Washington, they absolutely must consider who, and what, arises from the embers of that destruction.
. . .
With the lessons of history as my guide, I see in Donald Trump the character flaws that are the hallmarks of despotism. In Hillary Clinton, I also see multiple character flaws, but I see them as belonging not to a potential despot, but rather to a conniving, self-serving, progressive politician who believes in lining her own pockets and enlarging/increasing the state and its power.
The two are reprehensible – but completely different. One threatens to further enlarge the state, the other, potentially (a la Napoleon), to become it.
. . .
Let me be clear that I don’t want to vote for Hillary Clinton. I also don’t want to vote for Donald Trump. My preference is to write-in or vote third party. I think they are both terrible for our future.
But between a big government progressive and a potential despot – every American must ask themselves where liberty has the greatest chance to survive over the next four years.

Read the whole thing.


Debate: Milton Friedman vs. Donald Trump

Two quotes from the video I’d urge you to ponder:

1) Trump:

“When have we ever beaten Japan at anything?”

2) Henry George (via Milton Friedman):

“In time of war, we blockade our enemies in order to prevent them from getting goods from us. In time of peace, we do to ourselves by tariffs what our enemy does to us in time of war.”


Bruce Jenner Enters Politics?

I must not laugh, I must not laugh, I must not laugh…


Trump Named in “Sex Slave” Lawsuit

Another here.

In fairness, it should be noted that no evidence or proof has been presented.

Buuuuuut since alleged pederast Donald Trump and his supporters never seem to care about proof when accusing others of shit, I seem to have misplaced my motivation to seek additional proof at this time.


Welp, Trump Comes Out Against NC Transgender Law

I mean… of course he does.

I’m eagerly awaiting Trump supporters once again drunkenly staggering back to realign themselves with Trump’s position after days of arguing against said position.


Cruz Talks Economy on CNBC

Rich in the OT section brought to our attention a link from RedState wherein Cruz is on CNBC talking about nitty gritty economic policy, our national financial situation and even the global financial crisis.

Set aside 48 minutes of your life and watch it. It’s a very excellent display of how Cruz is the most adult person in this entire campaign season. The Dems are trying to one-up one another in promising free shit. The GOP front runner is–when he is talking about something of substance at all–promising yuge and amazing things without any idea of how to do them.

Cruz is, on the contrary, quite specific with his policy and how he plans to deliver it. He adeptly handles every question on very specific issues, and every answer is grounded in reality, and in the Constitution. He combines his knowledge of the issues with a practical plan of how to actually execute in difficult circumstances.

In a way, it’s almost depressing because it causes you to realize that this man somehow isn’t head and shoulders ahead of his competition in every single poll. The fact that he isn’t speaks very poorly of the American electorate.


Trumpkins, We Need To Talk…


I’ll be honest that I am extremely tired of this Trump phenomenon. No one man–and indeed, probably not even one army–can keep up with every lie, smear, act of boorish behavior, vulgarity, display of incompetence and ignorance, etc., that is coming from this campaign. The effort expended in cataloging and fighting it all is exhausting, and is actually reminding me of some of the worst times of the Obama administration. In truth, it’s probably worse by a fair margin.

When you have articles like this able to be created, “Lyin’ Donald: 101 Of Trump’s Greatest Lies,” a non-exhaustive list of Donald Trump lies almost entirely from just the last 9 months, it becomes a full time job keeping up with all of it.

And the fact that his followers are eating up everything he is saying, rationalizing, justifying or explaining away everything… is freaking depressing. For these are not all leftists. These followers are, in many cases, ours. People we easily aligned with in fighting Clinton, Kerry, Gore and Obama. Virtually our entire lives, side by side. And now? …

The following was written by Jeff G. at However, make no mistake that it sounds like something that could have been written just as easily by any one of our cob loggers:

If you are a Trump supporter you learned nothing from this site, nothing from me, nothing from conservatism, nothing from the establishment dominance over our vote and our lives, nothing about federalism, nothing about a party system, and nothing about morality, ethics, or consistency. You missed every point about the necessity of retaking language and tethering meaning to its source.

Instead, you’ve embraced the most vulgar form of progressive populism and paranoid isolationism. You’ve embraced anti-foundationalism and Alinsky tactics in the service of a fraud. You have thrown in — whether you like it or not — with people who have repeatedly accused me of being a puppet of the establishment, a “kike,” a “cuck,” and a race traitor…

Read the rest here.

I hesitated to post this because I hate the idea of alienating friends, some of which are longtime Revoistas, from this home of ours. And, more broadly, from the conservative “tent.” The leftist enemy numbers are great, and they are relentless, after all. Very often we might feel that we can use every man, woman and child to combat those hordes.

More below the fold…


The Stress Test of the Founders’ Experiment


The Founders’ primary goal in the creation of this nation is an experiment in the preservation of individual liberty. And I submit that it is currently being put to a very important test.

With the goal in mind of ensuring individual liberty, they created a system that would resist internal decay and perversions that would infringe upon individual liberty for as long as possible.

It can quite reasonably be inferred that one of their greatest feared threats to said individual liberty was democracy. The quotes RD cited in a thread recently are not even exhaustive. To a man, the founders knew democracies, and loathed them.

And rightly so.

Human nature is vulnerable to two things:
1) Being riled up and whipped up into a passion far departed from their normal state by a charismatic figure,
2) Being ignorant of things simply because there are only so many hours in the day, or because they don’t care.

I’ll briefly address the second point by stating that yes, I understand that the critics (suspend your belief and assume I do actually have critics) will point out how horribly elitist I must be, or that I must be “establishment” or some such. The fact of the matter is that while none of that is true, more importantly none of that matters. The prime goal of the Founders was to preserve individual liberty. Period. Full stop. End of story.

I will say it again: The primary goal of the Founders was ensure the preservation of individual liberty, even if that meant sacrificing some degree of enfranchisement of the populace.

Sorry folks, but individual liberty is more important than “one man, one vote.” And it’s not even close. Rights and values come into conflict all the time, and at those intersections all reasonable men must determine what is more important to them. And as much as citizen participation and voter enfranchisement were clearly important to them, when that value comes into conflict with the whole point of their experiment in the first place, the choice of the Founders is crystal clear.

Back to my earlier point, a charismatic populist takes advantage of the #1 human weakness listed above, and can essentially lead a large percentage of the public wherever he wishes. We see this as plain as day this cycle as Trump takes one side of a position, then the opposite 5 minutes later, then some other position on the very same issue, and the whole time his supporters are trying to keep up and defend each position in turn.

In case it’s not clear, this illustrates Trump telling them what their positions should be, regardless of what they might have been pre-Trump. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is precisely the fear that the Founders had of democracies. The chaos that results from a whipped up mob is dangerous and unpredictable.

Constitutional republicanism was always meant to be the bulwark against this. And now, faced with the sort populist grotesque that this country hasn’t seen in modern memory, we will see if their experiment is still capable of withstanding it.


Good Brain


Posted without comment.



Living in the Age of Post-Truth


I’ll admit it: I’m not a perfect man. I have morally failed, and failed often enough that at one point I probably could have used a full-time priest on hand for easy-confession access. I’d like to think that I’m much better these days, but I still occasionally come up short even today.

But see, even at my worst I’ve never been able to lie with such ease as is displayed here:

The NBC show played a clip of Trump’s phone interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America” the previous day, during which the businessman responded to a critical ad of women reading his insulting remarks on women.

“Well, you know, I have seen it,” Trump told ABC host George Stephanopoulos, before going on to dismiss the ad, from an anti-Trump super-PAC founded by a former Mitt Romney aide, as “sour grapes” from his detractors.

“Just a couple of minutes later, he appeared live on this show,” NBC host Matt Lauer remarked Wednesday, playing a clip from Trump’s appearance on the “Today” show from Tuesday.

“I have not seen the ad, so I would have to see it. I’ve heard about the ad, but I have not seen the ad,” Trump said during the NBC appearance.

The article goes on to explain how Trump flatly refuted that he was considering paying legal fees for folks that beat up protesters at his events… even though we heard it with our own damn ears.

I can scarcely even fathom how a man can lie so blatantly without even batting an eye. But whether I can or not is irrelevant. What I do know with absolute certainty is that a man that will lie as easily as that, and a man that can cheat on his wives as easily as he has in the past, has rationalized his own morality (or lack thereof). He has no principles that he is not willing to fritter away at a moment’s notice. If he will lie and fuck over his own wife, to whom he has sworn eternal vows upon the altar of the creator of the entire universe and all that is known and unknown… where does that leave him in relation to his supporters?

Chuck Todd actually had it right. We are in an age where the truth is irrelevant, and has apparently lost its seat at the grownups table.

Though upon reflection, one wonders if Trump isn’t the perfect president that we deserve, being the one that arguably reflects our values best.


Marxist View of Cultural Conquest

This is it, in a nutshell.

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Pro-Abortion as a Psychosis


Frederica Mathewes-Green over at National Review wrote a good article on her own conversion from, as she puts it, “an anti-war, mother-earth, feminist, hippie college student” into a pro-life advocate. And she uses a great image in the article that doesn’t often get made:

If you were in charge of a nature preserve and you noticed that the pregnant female mammals were trying to miscarry their pregnancies, eating poisonous plants or injuring themselves, what would you do? Would you think of it as a battle between the pregnant female and her unborn and find ways to help those pregnant animals miscarry? No, of course not. You would immediately think, “Something must be really wrong in this environment.” Something is creating intolerable stress, so much so that animals would rather destroy their own offspring than bring them into the world. You would strive to identify and correct whatever factors were causing this stress in the animals.

There is clearly something wrong in the herd, it would appear.

And one more disturbing visualization for you, if I may:

After injecting the hormone into the patient’s womb, the doctor left the syringe standing upright on her belly. Then, Selzer wrote, “I see something other than what I expected here. . . . It is the hub of the needle that is in the woman’s belly that has jerked. First to one side. Then to the other side. Once more it wobbles, is tugged, like a fishing line nibbled by a sunfish.” He realized he was seeing the fetus’s desperate fight for life. And as he watched, he saw the movement of the syringe slow down and then stop. The child was dead. Whatever else an unborn child does not have, he has one thing: a will to live. He will fight to defend his life.

I submit that there is nothing libertarian about allowing for this sort of horror.

H/T to Lai.


Eco-Lunacy: The Insanely High (and Unachievable) Burden of Proof on the AGW Crowd


Every time I consider the global warming/climate change issue, I always come back to the conclusion that the left is hell bent on a principle that is wholly and patently false on its face. It’s not to “save the earth.” It’s simply to entrench a system of control over individuals, and wealth redistribution on a global scale. There can be no other answer, because the alternative is that they are too stupid to not see the insurmountable hurdles they need to clear.

To follow, a step-by-step list of hypotheses that must be scientifically proven in order to legitimize drastic climate control measures:
More below the fold…


Chasing Squirrels: On Presidential Eligibility

That I am commenting on this silly, distracting argument is arguably a knock against myself; I should just ignore this frankly idiotic and disingenuous Trump argument. After all, Trump himself recently said it was a bunk issue:

“I hear it was checked out by every attorney and every which way and I understand Ted is in fine shape,” Trump told ABC News just before speaking at a Capitol Hill rally blasting the Iran nuclear deal.

But I can’t help it. Now that he’s going hard on the issue, and because I can’t stand hypocrisy, lies and disingenuous bullshit, I’m going to address it to do my part to dispel said bullshit.
More below the fold…


I Have a Sudden Urge to Buy a Flamethrower Now…

Just look at how HAPPY this man is.

Just because F-you, that’s why.

These flamethrowers are easy to use. They are affordable. And of course, they are fun.

But to a buzz-killing Democrat in Michigan, Rep. Sarah Roberts, the question of whether flamethrowers should be outlawed in her state is a simple question of personal safety — not convenience, fun or even personal liberty.

“There is no good reason for anyone to have or use a flamethrower,” said Roberts. “These are dangerous devices.”

Well, yeah. That’s why they’re called “flamethrowers,” right?

When a government lackey tells me I cannot have something, there is a primal part of me that wants to tell that person to piss up a rope. And for what it’s worth, I wasn’t able to find record of any crimes committed in the US with the aid of a flamethrower. One dude in Austria, I guess?


Beware the “Alt Right” Movement

RD wrote here about how racial tensions in this country are at a 20 year high. We have seen the BLM movement go fully off the rails, a host of racebaiters with megaphones and–most shockingly and dangerously of all–a media apparatus that is seemingly doing everything it can to inflame and cheerlead this probable ratings bonanza.

And certainly racism is endemic to the left. Many of their most fundamental, platform policies are simply dressed-up ways to exploit minorities for their votes. Basically, their view is as such: keep minorities dependent upon the government (i.e. welfare state apparatus, minimum wage laws, removal of vocational tracks in high school, etc.) while also keeping them suppressed and suppressible on those occasions “when the negroes go and get all uppity” (i.e. gun control).

However, ladies and gentlemen of the Revo, please do not for a moment think that racists can’t come from the other side, from our side:

More below the fold…


Journalism! Objectivity! Things!

Witness as a room full of totally unbiased journalists watches the passage of the Paris Climate Change accord:


Aborted Babies Burned as Heating Fuel

I’m quite sure that if there were still any ways remaining to satirize or parody the left, this story pretty much killed them.

The bodies of thousands of aborted and miscarried babies were incinerated as clinical waste, with some even used to heat hospitals, an investigation has found.

Ten NHS trusts have admitted burning foetal remains alongside other rubbish while two others used the bodies in ‘waste-to-energy’ plants which generate power for heat.

It’s almost like they used Soylent Green as a guideline rather than a warning. Let’s hope they don’t get any ideas about To Serve Man.



I fail to see how this is likely to end in anything but.

In Moscow, Mr. Putin convened the upper house of Parliament to grant him authority to use military force to protect Russian citizens and soldiers not only in Crimea but throughout Ukraine. Both actions — military and parliamentary — were a direct rebuff to President Obama, who on Friday pointedly warned Russia to respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

Mr. Obama accused Russia of a “breach of international law” and condemned the country’s military intervention, calling it a “clear violation” of Ukrainian sovereignty.

In Crimea, scores of heavily armed soldiers fanned out across the center of the regional capital, Simferopol. They wore green camouflage uniforms with no identifying marks, but spoke Russian and were clearly part of a Russian mobilization. In Balaklava, a district of Sevastopol, a long column of military vehicles blocking the road to a border post bore Russian plates.

Ukraine’s acting president, Oleksandr V. Turchynov, said at a briefing in Kiev on Saturday evening that he had ordered Ukraine’s armed forces “to full combat readiness.” A Ukrainian military official in Crimea said Ukrainian soldiers had been told to “open fire” if they came under attack by Russian troops or others.

Might be a good time to start praying.


Obama: No More Images Please

Garry Kasparov also delivers a tweet straight from the annals of legend:

More gold here and here.

HT to Revoista Lai.


Uke Travels to the Fever Swamps

Occasionally I do make forays into the Moonbat lands to confront the enemy on their home turf. I say “occasionally” because I tire of the whole pigeon analogy. You know the one I’m talking about:

You'd think that they'd at least have the decency to commit seppuku.

You’d think that they’d at least have the decency to commit seppuku.

These forays were more common a few years back, before I really understood the pigeon phenomenon. But I still venture out, and occasionally stumble across a subject that particularly interests me AND I get some bounce in comments. The following is a thread illustrating just such a foray.

The Setting: OP commentary on how damn people blame video games for gun violence, and how they should instead do something so painfully obvious as, you know, banning guns or something.

My reply quoted as follows: More below the fold…


True Facts About the President Obamer

This is how the Baracks do.


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Portugal and the Results of Drug Decriminalization

I was reading through this thread and this chain of comments made me think of an article I’d read a while back.

Portugal’s move to decriminalize does not mean people can carry around, use, and sell drugs free from police interference. That would be legalization. Rather, all drugs are “decriminalized,” meaning drug possession, distribution, and use is still illegal. While distribution and trafficking is still a criminal offence, possession and use is moved out of criminal courts and into a special court where each offender’s unique situation is judged by legal experts, psychologists, and social workers. Treatment and further action is decided in these courts, where addicts and drug use is treated as a public health service rather than referring it to the justice system (like the U.S.), reports Fox News.

The resulting effect: a drastic reduction in addicts, with Portuguese officials and reports highlighting that this number, at 100,000 before the new policy was enacted, has been halved in the following 10 years. Portugal’s drug usage rates are now among the lowest of EU member states, according to the same report.

As indicated, Fox News had its own writeup on the matter.

Drugs in Portugal are still illegal. But here’s what Portugal did: It changed the law so that users are sent to counseling and sometimes treatment instead of criminal courts and prison. The switch from drugs as a criminal issue to a public health one was aimed at preventing users from going underground.

Other European countries treat drugs as a public health problem, too, but Portugal stands out as the only one that has written that approach into law. The result: More people tried drugs, but fewer ended up addicted.

. . .

There is no guarantee that Portugal’s approach would work in the U.S., which has a population 29 times larger than Portugal’s 10.6 million.

Still, an increasing number of American cities are offering nonviolent drug offenders a chance to choose treatment over jail, and the approach appears to be working.

In San Francisco’s gritty Tenderloin neighborhood, Tyrone Cooper, a 52-year-old lifelong drug addict, can’t stop laughing at how a system that has put him in jail a dozen times now has him on the road to recovery.

“Instead of going to smoke crack, I went to a rehab meeting,” he said. “Can you believe it? Me! A meeting! I mean, there were my boys, right there smoking crack, and Tyrone walked right past them. ‘Sorry,’ I told them, ‘I gotta get to this meeting.'”

More below the fold…