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Limitless Judicial Activism

In a mind-boggling decision rendered yesterday, a radical judicial activist issued a permanent injunction ordering the Feds to resume funding for the criminal enterprise ACORN. I sincerely hope the Justice Dept. appeals that ruling, but I’m not holding my breath.

In very precise terms, our US Constitution defines the exact powers of the Federal Govt., and reserves all other powers to the individual states. Article 1, section 8, defines the 17 specific powers of the Federal Govt. Under no circumstance one can construe a criminal enterprise like ACORN as having the right for the Feds to confiscate money from law abiding taxpayers to redistribute to them.

In a ruling yesterday, U S District judge Nina Gershon found that right. The danger posed to our society by liberals and “progessives” ….a euphuism for a socialist……is clearly limitless.

Read more on the ruling from Matthew Vadum writing on David Horowitz’s site Newsreel.

Renegade Leftist Judge Permanently Restores ACORN’s Taxpayer Funding

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The Toyota Recalls In Perspective

Listening to the recent news reports and Congressional dog and pony show with hearings on the recent Toyota recall, one could easily assume Toyota make the worst vehicles ever manufactured.

Today the Feds are dispatching 2 investigators to California to determine what caused a Toyota Prius to accelerate out of control on a San Diego freeway.

I may be cynical, but i put nothing past Obama and his fellow Democrats in Congress who provide unwavering support for their unions. I suspect they would use every opportunity available to help their Govt. owned auto companies…GM and Chrysler… regain market share lost to Toyota.

What do we expect 2 Federal investigators from Washington to find out that we would not otherwise find out? Of all the other recalls over the last 20 years involving millions of vehicles from the US auto manufacturers, have we ever experienced such Congressional hearings and direct Govt. intervention?

Since October 2009, when Ford issued it’s largest recall ever (4.5 million vehicles), Chrysler, Honda, GM, and Nissan all have issued recalls for millions of vehicles. Do you recall any similar Congressional hearings? I firmly believe the Govt. and Democrats in Congress are making a charade of Toyota’s problems in order to help their Govt. owned auto companies and union supporters.

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Another Failure For Socialism: Greece

For the past few weeks, Greek citizens have been protesting in the streets in violent opposition to proposed austerity measures deemed necessary to save that country from total economic demise. After years of socialism and cradle to grave support for the masses, those policies are now unsustainable. Chaos is now the order of the day in Greece.

Ever thought what could eventually happen to us if Obama continues unchecked with his massive deficit spending in order to pursue his socialist agenda? Take a look at the causes of the current Greek tragedy being played out in the streets of Athens, there we may find some insights into our future.

From Mark Steyn writing in the Washington Times.

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Rank Arrogance On Display

Hardly a day goes by without us having to see Obama on national TV trying to sell another socialist idea to the American people.

His arrogance was on full display last week during the “health summit” when he repeatedly uttered snide comments at the Republicans present. He is convinced he is divinely endowed with infinite wisdom and therefore must take control of our lives and dictate what he “knows” is the best for us.

Despite repeated signals from the American people……. we resoundingly reject his prescription for the government control of our health care system……. Obama maintains he knows best and will force his vision of Obamacare on this nation. Obama’s mind-set poses great danger for our individual liberties. This nation currently faces unprecedented danger from Obama and the Chicago machine that populate the White House.

Adding to this danger is the similar mind-set of his useful idiots…… Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid. They both believe the American people are dumb and need arrogant bastards like them to decide what’s better for us. Speaker Pelosi makes no secret of the fact that she will coerce the democrats in the house to help her ram Obamacare through regardless of the desires of the American people.

Under our system, our only recourse is to replace all the democrats in congress this coming November so the republicans could reverse all the Fascist laws passed by this congress, and keep Commissar Obama in check for the rest of his one-term Presidency.

Read more from Walter Williams writing in on the potential dangers posed by arrogant politicians.

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Reality Check: Commissar Obama’s “Hope ‘N Change”

Obama was clearly swept into office on a misleading promise of “hope and change”. it’s only now the American people are beginning to fully realize exactly what his “hope and change” really means. This socialist ideologue and his Democratic minions in Congress are hell bent on destroyng America as we know it.

A full scale expansion of previously enacted entitlement programs, coupled with the creation of more such programs all to be funded with borrowed money, is guaranteed to bankrupt this great nation. Yet, with his characteristic duplicitous fervor Obama shamelessly claims he wants to “reduce the deficit”.

It’s also the many other Obama supported “changes” that are now taking place that would further accelerate our moral and economic decline. Bank and auto companies take over, mortgage financing controls, and energy policies, are only the highly visible elements of this dangerous administration’s agenda.

Within days of his administration, Obama issued an executive order that allowed the UN to use US provided funds to finance abortions worlwide. But to my mind, among many others, one of the most egregious display of moral bankruptcy, is Obama’s active support for Sen. Dick Durbin’s (D-ILL.) successful efforts to terminate scholarship funds for poor DC students desiring to attend private schools. Then immediately following that action with the provision of Federal funds for DC residents to obtain government financed abortions. So, tangible support of the killing of black babies in the womb, but no support for the education of living black youngsters.

But then again, abortion services provide hundreds of millions towards the yearly income of Planned Parenthood …..who proportionately abort more black babies than any others….and Obama is one of the strongest supporters of Planned Parenthood.

There are no limits to the despicable and evil conduct of progressive liberals. For the life of me, I cannot understand how black Americans fail to understand the long-term destructive results of liberal policies on our race. Total reliance on government for ones existence cannot be the way to lead a rewarding and productive life.

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Obama Meets Today With “Black Leaders”

First of all, please allow me to mention, I’ve been black for a very long time now, also been a black American for quite some time (foreign born), but I really don’t know what in reality is a black leader. Or, for that matter, why is there even the need for us to have a “black leader”, if in fact there is actually such an individual.

You see, I’m aware of the educational and socio-economic accomplishments of Asian Americans, Irish Americans, Jewish Americans, West-Indian Americans, Africans from the continent, and every other ethnic group in this nation for that matter. However, I’m not aware of any of those groups ever having any “leader” in order for them to capitalize on the unprecedented opportunities available in this great country and become successful.

Too many black Americans seem to believe that they must have a “leader” looking out for their interest in order for them to succeed in this society. Is this really the case? I seriously doubt that. What is commonly referred to in the black community, and further validated by white liberals in the press, as our so-called black “leaders” ( Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, venal black politicians et al), are shameless race hustlers that play on the guilt of white liberals.

Amid rumblings that President Obama has not done enough for the black community, he is scheduled to meet in the White House today with 4 prominent “black leaders”. They are Benjamin Jealous of the NAACP, Marc Moriel of the National Urban League, Dr. Dorothy Height of the National Council of Negro Women, and race hustler extraordinaire Al Sharpton of the National Action Network. Those folks intend to persuade the President to switch funds from the TARP allocation to create jobs for the hard core unemployed in our urban centers….black ghetto areas. Hopefully Obama will resist those efforts at balkanizing our society thereby prolonging residual racial disharmony. Our President should only promote policies that provide equal employment opportunity for all Americans.

Can this or any administration really do anything to alleviate the dismal conditions that some in our urban center are now experiencing? I seriously doubt that. As a matter of fact, one may successfully argue that it has been government policies in the first place that led to most of those social maladies.

By providing blinding support for the NEA, liberal politicians provide support for school systems that deliver an inferior education to inner-city youths. Undereducatd blacks will obviously have difficulty in finding meaningful jobs. Employers are reluctant to locate businesses in high crime areas where respect for private property is non-existent. Any transition from the lower to the middle or upper class is totally dependent on the things we do for ourselves.

The American society in this twenty-first century is radically different from the days of the institutional racism that existed a mere 3 generations ago. With the passage of the ciivil and voting rights laws during the 60s, we are now free to walk to the valley, and allowed to drink from the spring on our own. If we set proper priorities, focus on personal responsibility and individual achievement, respect the law, stop creating self-inflicted wounds with excessive pathologic behavior, the vast majority of blacks could easily achieve socio-economc parity just like every other ethnic or racial group in this society. As a matter of fact, a significant amount of blacks have already done that.

White racism is no longer an impediment to black achievement. It is simply not a “white thing” to be smart in school, or even cool to “keep it real in the hood”. President Obama would do the nation a great favor by telling those “leaders” today to go home, look in the mirror, tell our people to first do what they could do for themselves, then come back to me so we could see what other pieces we could fit into this complex puzzle.


Palin: Spoiler in 2012?

Last evening Sarah Palin had the “Tea Party Convention” lit up with an impressive address. However she scares me…..i’m afraid she may become a spoiler a la Ross Perot and make it quite easy for the Democrats to retain the White House in 2012.

Although we share a very similar political outlook, and I would love to have her as a neighbor and fishing buddy, I honestly believe she is not mentally equipped to be our President. Certainly not in the league of a mental giant like Mitt Romney.

I firmly believe Mitt Romney is the right man to carry our next banner in 2012, or even Mike Huckabee as a second choice for that matter. I hope Sarah does not allow her personal ambitions to kill our chances to regain the White House in 2012. Lord knows I hope I’m wrong.

From the AP….

Palin says ‘absurd’ not to ponder presidential bid
AP News
Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sarah Palin says it would be “absurd” for her not to consider running for president in 2012.

The former Alaska governor and the Republican vice presidential nominee in 2008 says she will run for president if she believes it’s right for the country and right for her family.

Palin was asked on “Fox News Sunday” if she knows more today about domestic and foreign affairs than she did two years ago. Her response: “Well, I would hope so.”

She says her focus has widened since she was governor of Alaska. Palin says she gets daily briefings by e-mail on domestic and foreign policy issues from advisers in Washington.

Palin appeared on “Fox News Sunday.” She is a paid contributor to Fox News.

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The Ubiquitous B. Hussein. Obama

I don’t know if you’re like I am, but I’m sick and tired of turning on my TV and always having to see this socialist ideologue repeatedly telling shameless lies in his deceitful attempt to mislead the American people. This guy just won’t quit! I’m beginning to believe he himself actually believes the lies he frequently repeats.

It is my humble opinion (subject to correction) that Obama fooled the voting majority in order to secure the election. With significant help from the left-leaning media, his true background was skillfully obfuscated, and most voters knew absolutely nothing about the real Barack Hussein Obama. His past and current associates, expressed positions on serious issues of national interest remain unknown to most voters. Despite protestations to the contrary, background knowledge about this man clearly points to a totally committed socialist ideologue who is doggedly determined to transform our nation into a socialist state.

And his Democratic minions in congress are faithfully supporting him as the useful idiots any demagogue could hope to have. The only hope for our survival is for the electorate to reject every Democrat up for reelection this coming mid-term cycle. Are the majority of the electorate suitably informed to recognize the political danger Obama and his fellow Democrats pose to the welfare of this nation? I have serious doubts.

Here is my controversial idea…..please submit your comments: Every voter should be tested to determine their knowledge of the constitutional principles and rightful functions of the various institutions that govern our nation. There is nothing in our constitution about “free heatlh care or college tuition”….Your knowledge of the concept of Republicanism and our form of government, the concept of separation of powers and coequal branches, the preeminence of our constitution…..and other basic knowledge in civics. If your only criterion is to determine which venal politician is more inclined to redistribute wealth thereby relieving you of any personal responsibility, then you should not be allowed to vote in national elections. The results are very consequential, so in order to be able to influence our governance, every voter should at least have certain basic knowledge in civics.

From one of our great founding fathers…Thomas Jefferson…”he who expects to be ignorant and free, expects what never was, and never will”

Here is something very interesting from Charles Krauthammer writing in

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Obama: More Smoke And Mirrors

Yesterday President Obama announced plans for a freeze on some discretionary spending in his FY 2011 Federal budget. Keep in mind, since becoming President, Obama increased discretionary spending across the board by an average of 20%. If instituted, he hopes to realize a debt reduction of ~$250B over a 10 year period.

In eight years of his Presidency, G. W. Bush grew the national debt by $3T (from $3.3T to $6.3T). The Office of Management and Budget recently reported that from the inauguration of President Obama to the end of this current FY….20 months…..the public debt is set to grow by ~$3.3T.

Yet, this President is making another shameless attempt to fool the American people by professing a desire to do something about the national debt. Instead of assuming that we are all stupid peasants, here is what Obama could easily do to actually reduce his reckless deficit spending and the national debt: (a) The unspent $512B remaining from the $787B ineffective stimulus package could be rescinded and not added to the national debt. (b) The proposed $150B for a new stimulus package could be cancelled. (c) The $297B being returned by the banks to the TARP fund could be used to reduce the deficit instead of being used for other social programs.

Combined, we have a total of ~$1T ($959B) that could be easily used to decelerate his rapidly growing deficit spending, hence a reduction of the national debt. The FY 2009 budget deficit was $1.4T, and the FY 2010 budget deficit is projected to be yet another $1.4T. Instead, Obama comes on TV with more lies and deception about his desire for a “freeze” in order to reduce the national debt. In effect, he deceptively plans to lock in place the 20% growth he added to those discretionary programs. Dishonorable indeed!

There is nothing this socialist would not do in order to completely unravel our economic system thereby advancing his core socialist agenda. Our only hope for remaining the greatest nation on earth is for the electorate to reject every Democrat at the polls during the 2010 congressional elections.


Haiti: A Dubious Hope For A Better Future

The current TV scenes coming from Haiti are extremely painful. Other than donating money to the Red Cross, I feel helpless with deep sympathy for the suffering of our fellow humans in that country. But, what does the future look like for Haiti and her suffering masses? It takes much more than money to guarantee a better future for Haiti and her people.

A cultural transformation leading to honesty in governance, coupled with economic changes for a free-market capitalist system, would be the only catalyst for the socio-economic improvement of the evarage Haitian……..period!

When former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was first elected in 1991, he was a penniless priest. When he was finally removed from office in 2004, he was reputed to be the richest man in Haiti.

Since the Clinton administration, the US alone has donated over $5B to Haiti…..a nation of 9M people. Then there were many more millions from the UN, NGOs, and numerous other nations. Yet, prior to the recent natural disaster, Haiti was still the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Why? Corrupt governments since becoming independent in 1804, absolutely no Rule of Law, and a completely unfree economic system.

Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars that will be pumped into that country for rebuilding during the next few years, unless radical systemic changes occur within that country, 10 years from now, Haiti will still be the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.

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Obama And His Black Panther Allies

Ever wonder about the negative long-term consequences that will be brought about because of the social, political, and economic policies of the Obama Administration?

Indications are this administration would destroy the economic and military might of the US, and prolong the limited residual racial animosity that still lingers in our society.

In a manner similar to the blinding support he provides for his union backers, Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder also demonstrate unwavering dedication to his ACORN and New Black Panther Party allies.

On election day in November 2008, members of the New Black Panther Party, dressed in paramilitary garb, were caught on video intimidating voters at a polling station in Philadelphia. This is a clear violation of Federal Laws …the 1965 Voting Rights Act. During the waning days of the Bush Administration, his Justice Department brought Federal charges against the three Panthers involved (January 2009).

None of the accused filed a response to the charges or appeared in court to answer those charges. This clearly indicated the Justice Department would easily prevail in court. Despite objections from career attorneys in the Justice Department, in May 2009, Attorney General Holder inexplicably dropped all charges against 2 of the 3 accused. An injunction was sought against the third defendant barring him from carrying a weapon (nightstick) within 100 feet of a polling place in Philadelphia for the next three years.

Since dropping all charges against the other two Panthers and the New Black Panther Party, Mr. Holder has repeatedly resisted providing any information to Congress on his rational for taking such actions.

Two days ago, voting along party lines (15-14), the Democrat-controlled House Judiciary Committee…..led by John Conyers, D. MI…..rejected a “resolution of inquiry” that would have forced the Justice Department to tell Congress why it dismissed those charges. This action in effect stops all efforts by the Republicans from obtaining any information concerning the puzzling outcome of this case.

One wonders……assuming identical actions, what do you think would be the outcry from the “civil rights race-hustling establishment”….Sharpton, Jessie, Maxine Waters, white liberals et al….. if the accused were white individuals, and instead of wearing paramilitary garb they were wearing KKK robes, and the President was a Republican with his appointed Attorney General…….say John Ashcroft?

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More Arrogance from Liberal Jackasses

Ever wonder if there are any limits to what some in our society would do to force their way of life on the rest of us? There are no limits.

Unfortunately for most of us, there are those who arrogantly believe they possess special God-given qualities that leave them uniquely qualified to dictate how the rest of us should live our lives.

Most of those jackasses are found in “government”. Take the case of California, both state and local government officials take pride in the fact that they pass laws that are later adopted by the Federal government or other states and local governments. Pollution control laws coming from California being adopted by the EPA comes to mind.

Continuing this trend, we now have officials in the NY city government embarking on a crusade to dictate to food processors how to prepare foods their customers freely elect to buy. Fast food providers are told what type of fats to use, now other providers are being told how much salt to use in preparing their products. NY city government officials do not believe the rest of New Yorkers are smart enough to decide what types of food to buy.

In the big picture, those actions go way beyond a simple act of trying to protect us from the ill effects of trans fat or excessive salt intake. It’s our individual liberties that are at stake. People should be allowed to make decisions in governing their daily lives. With the present trend of the Obama Administration advancing laws that rapidly curtail our individual liberties (models of cars to drive, type of energy to consume, types of insurance coverage to be mandatorily purchased…etc), we now have jackasses in NY trying to tell the rest of the nation exactly what they should eat.

Read something amusing but dangerous for individual liberties …..coming from today’s NY Times.

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Obama: More Dangerous Government Intrusion

When Bush foolishly intervened with his bailout of private sector businesses, he unknowingly provided the perfect cover for Obama and the Democrats to advance their hidden socialist agenda……..more governmental intervention into our private sector.

The latest efforts are directed towards government control of the compensation packages banking executives receive for their services. This currently proposed tentacular encroachment will not only apply to those institutions that are currently receiving Federal bailout money, but would also apply to every private sector banking institution in the nation.

The government has absolutely no standing in mandating the salary structure of individuals employed by private sector businesses. Those entities are owned by stockholders, and controlled by their boards of directors. If they elect to overpay incompetent managers, those companies should be allowed to lose money or completely fail on their own. The free market system would influence whether citizens elect to buy or sell stocks in those companies. In our system, the government should not have any role in controlling the internal affairs of any privately owned company. They should be allowed to prosper or fail without any government intervention.

On the other hand, if a particular admministration has a hidden agenda based on socialist designs, it would seize every opportunity to gain control of our private sector enterprises. We should all be concerned about Obama and the reach of his administration, we do not want to live in a society where the government controls everything, even the conduct of our daily lives. The Obama administration is diligently heading that way.

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Obama’s Address To Congress: More Socialist Propaganda

I’m wondering, what new does Obama plan to say tomorrow evening when he addresses Congress? Can we expect another twist of his usual lies? My bet is he will continue to play on the ignorance of his supporters…….the Kool-Aid drinking “change” crowd.

This socialist is hell-bent on destroying our current system, and extending his administration’s reach of government as far as humanly possile. He is a typical socialist megalomaniac. I’m somewhat unsure if the voters would realize his true intentions and face reality before the next congressional elections. For this empire to survive, his Democratic enablers in congress must be voted out.

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A Guide To Obamacare: Very Scary

I read an interesting article today from a British publication on the condition of eye surgery in the UK. Similar reports about the various aspects of medical care in the UK and Canada are also very scary indeed. For example, in Canada today, over 1 million people are on a waiting list to receive MRI diagnostic testing, and another million waiting on another list to receive treatment after having received MRI diagnostic evaluations. Both in England and Canada, the 5 year survival rate for every category of cancer is much lower than in the US. My fellow Americans, this is the type of health care system Obama insists on imposing on the American people.

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Commissar Obama: Hell-Bent On Destroying America

With an oratorical style reminiscent of Reich Minister of Propaganda (1933-45) Joseph Goebbels, Commissar Obama used his weekly radio address yesterday to further demonstrate his disdain for the intelligence of the American people. He repeated two of his famous lies: “you will get to keep your Dr., and you will get to keep your current plan…….period.” What he deliberately failed to mention was the fact that the House bill specifies exactly what type of coverage, and price, all private insurers must offer, and failure to do so (after a 5 year period) would result in them not being allowed to provide any coverage to the public. So, if your current provider elects not to change their current coverage to conform to Obama’s mandate (cost prohibitive), you will be forced to move to the Govt. provided plan.

Another repeated lie relates to Govt. funded abortions. House and Senate Democrats defeated seven Republican amendments in four committees designed to restrict Govt. funding for abortions. On the other hand, the Capps amendment (Rep. Lois Capps, Dem. California), passed in House committee, specifically authorizes Govt. funding for abortions. Despite repeated lies by Obama and his Democratic minions, the House bill authorizes Govt. funded abortions, and no Senate bill prohibits such use of Govt. funds.

The Obama administration is hell-bent on transforming America in many dangerous ways. Will the American people wake up before the 2010 congressional elections? For God and country……Let’s hope so.

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Obama’s Plan For Domestic Oil: No Drilling

During the campaign debates, Obama had no problems telling the voters he supported domestic drilling and the use of nuclear power. He knew then he was not telling the truth. Since taking office he has been touting his plans for reducing our dependence on foreign oil through the implementation of his renewable energy (mainly solar and wind power) scheme.

The experience in Spain (solar energy), and Denmark (wind power), cleary indicates the folly of trying to use those sources as replacements for fossil fuels. Not only has the Obama administration failed to advance efforts for more domestic drilling and nuclear pwer-plant construction, his Interior Secretary has taken actions to rescind already-awarded leases for domestic exploration. Those actions would certainly kill job creation, prolong our dependence on foreign oil, and maintain high prices for gasoline.

The actions of this administration remain puzzling, while Obama blocks efforts for domestic exploration and drilling, he supports taxpayer funding for foreign exploration and drilling in Brazil. Is this President on a mission to destroy our economy? Your call!

An interesting Editorial from the Washington Times.

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Commissar Obama And His Czardom

There is some truth to the old saying: show me your friends, and I shall tell you who you are. Despite efforts by the MSM to bury or deflect the truth about Obama’s past activities (ACORN’s attorney, New Party membership) and associates, enough information is available to provide a useful insight into his character and predisposition. There is no way for a man to associate with a domestic terrorist like Bill Ayers, sit in the church of a rabid racist preacher for 20 years, and not share their views. They all hate America and our way of life.

When Obama said he wanted to transform America, he was skillfully disguising a hidden socialist agenda. The policies he insists on implementing today would destroy our economy (cap and trade, green energy jobs program, Govt. control of banks, insurance companies, auto companies, and the healthcare sector), our culture (Govt. funded abortions on demand), and redistribute wealth from the productive to the unthinking parasitic masses (those wanting “free” everything from “government”).

This administration has more “czars” (20 and counting, none elected by the people, or confirmed by the Senate) than all previous administrations in the history of this Republic. By looking at the background of some of Obama’s “appointed czars”, one could easily derive a clear indication of his true intentions. As an example…..his “Green Jobs Czar”, Anthony (Van) Jones, is an avowed communist who was “transformed” while serving time in a California prison. Another startling appointee is John P. Holdren, Director, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (read more on Dr. Holdren below).

Yes folks, Obama and the Democrats are very serious about “transforming” America………back to the standards of a miserable third world country. Let’s pray the voters wake up before the 2010 Congressional elections.

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Random Thoughts For Today

The Senate voted today (68-31) to confirm Judge Sonia Sotomayor for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. Justices on that court render rulings that affect our lives and society in general for many, many, decades (example: Roe vs Wade). The central function of that court is to maintain the Rule Of Law by interpreting the Constitution.

In her past publications and speeches, Judge Sotomayer has repeatedly made it clear she is very comfortable with establishing policies from her bench. She was also arrogant enough to say she has more wisdom that white males because of her Hispanic ancestral background. There is no doubt she would engage in social engineering in order to promote her brand of “social justice”. “Empathy” would be her guide.

With Judge Sotomayor’s approach to the judicial process, it’s difficult to understand how any Senator could believe she is qualified for a lifetime appointment to the highest court in our land. On the other hand, she is a perfect match for the standards (empathy and sympathy for minorities) Obama requires for his judicial appointees. After all, that’s all part of his master plan to “transform” America.

The Senate also passed a bill to extend the “cash for clunkers” give-away program. This bill will add another $2B to the previously allocated $1B. This is just another devious scheme for the Democrats to lend support for their union workers, redistribute wealth, and provide a competitive edge for their government-owned auto companies (GM ans Chrysler). The Congress now provide millions in direct support to corn growers and ethanol producers, and the $757B stimulus package contains billions for windmill towers and solar panel manufacturers…….. to create “green jobs”. Again, those actions fit perfectly into Obama’s master plan for transforming America into a socialist state.

In addition to owning auto companies, controlling banks and insurance companies, Obama and his Democratic minions now insist on controlling the healthcare industry…….another 16% of the economy. Since the latest polls reveal that 83% of the American people are satisfied with their healtcare provider, and 73% satisfied with their insurance company, Obama and the Democrats have decided to change their message. The new propaganda blitz is to sell their socialist scheme as “health insurance” reform. So, we started with wanting to provide “coverage for the uninsured”, then to “healthcare reform”, and now “health insurance” reform. Obama will do or say anything in order to advance his socialist agenda.

The only way left to save this country is to cast a vote against every Democratic candidate for the 2010 Congressional elections.

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Congressional Outlaws

Initially designed to expire on Nov.1, the “cash for clunkers” program expended the allocated $1B in a matter of days. We should not be surprised that thousands of people rushed to take advantage of a $3500-$4500. government gift towards the purchase of a new car. Last Friday, the House of Representative passed a bill for an additional $2B to continue this program.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today indicated the administration “would continue the program until we see what the Senate does.” Republican Senators John McCain (AZ) and Jim DeMint (SC) both promised to try to block passage of a similar bill in the Senate next week.

What happens if this bill fails in the Senate? Who would compensate those auto dealers for expenditures beyond the initial $1B?

Where does the Transportation Secretary or any other administration official derive the authority to commit taxpayers money for the use of private citizens to purchase automobiles? Or for that matter, where does any member of Congress derive the authority to confiscate money (Federal taxes) from some citizens to redistribute to others in order for them to purchase new cars? Folks, no such legal authority exists! Not in the US Constitution. Members of Congress disregard the Rule Of Law on a daily basis. This is just another example of the blatant disregard for our Constitution by those venal renegades.

Interesting reading from Walter Williams in

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ObamaScare To Achieve ObamaCare

Commissar Obama continues to romp across the country trying to sell his brand of socialized healthcare. He repeats the same lies over, and over. His pitch defies logic………if the objective is only to provide coverage for the uninsured, why not simply add those to the existing Medicare and Medicaid government programs? Eighty percent of the 250 million Americans now covered are satisfied with their plans, why screw up their coverage in order to help “50 million” other Americans without coverage? There are many other less intrusive ways to help the truly needy.

The fact of the matter is Obama does not really care about the uninsured, he is pursuing his ideological dream of destroying our economic system in order to advance his socialist agenda.

It should now be clear to most Americans that Obama is the most dangerous politician to ever occupy the White House. His Marxist policies will destroy this Nation as we know it for generations to come. Comrade Karl Marx is up and smiling in his grave today.

A sobering observation from Thomas Sowell writing in

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Obama: More Shameless Lies

It should be clear to even the most casual observer that Obama believes the vast majority of Americans are fools. During his press conference last night, this President spent almost an hour repeating falsehoods about the various healthcare reform bills that are currently being advanced in Congress. It’s obvious he has no idea what is being proposed in those bills. Not unusual!

Since 1970, the cost of providing care for a patient under Medicare or Medicaid has risen 33% more than under private insurance coverage. Both of those programs now have an unfunded liability of ~$35B and will go belly up by 2016. To solve this problem, Obama tells the nation he will provide additional coverage to 47 million uninsured Americans, all to receive improved care from doctors of their choice, at a reduced cost. And, his nationalized scheme will not add one dime to the deficit, but will be paid for primarily by a 33% savings from fraud and abuse in the current Medicare and Medicaid programs. This duplicitous socialist is truly an amazing character.

Sen. Barbara Milkulski, D-MD, slipped an amendment that would provide universal taxpayer-funded abortions on demand in the Senate bill. The House bill has a provision that would prohibit anyone from purchasing health insurance coverage from private providers starting one year after that bill becomes law, and would also prevent anyone from switching from one private plan to another during that one year period. The idea is to end up with the government having total control of the American healthcare industry.

While it should be clear to everyone that we will all end up with rationed healthcare……..Canadian and British style…….Obama shamelessly proclaims his plan would provide improved care from doctors of our choice at a reduced cost.

If the only objective was to provide coverage to the truly needy, all that would be necessary is the simple addition of those people to the existing Medicare or Medicaid programs with a focus on eliminating the current waste and fraud. However, this will never happen because Obama actually wants to advance his socialist agena, totally destroy our free-market economic system, and gain more control over our daily lives.

This President is turning out to be the most dangerous politician in American history to ever get elected to any office in this nation.


Obama’s Healthcare: Unrelenting Socialism

Why does Commissar Obama and his Democratic minions believe every American has a right to healthcare, and the government has a responsibility to provide it ? On a daily basis, Obama continues his relentless assault in order to gain support for his socialized medical scheme. Americans must not allow Obama to destroy our healthcare system.

It amazes me how sincere this man appears while deliberately lying to the American people. Claims of reduced costs, improved care, being deficit neutral, and the ability to keep ones current provider are all part of his deceptive presentation. In being a good student of his communist mentors……Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinsky…….Obama will go the extra mile in his efforts to transform American society into his socialist dream.

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Obama: Abortions Before Scholarships For DC Blacks.

Because of an amendment by Sen. Dick Durbin D-IL., Commissar Obama signed a 2010 Federal Budget that was stripped of funding for a special scholarship program that provided financial assistance to poor black children in DC to attend private schools. His actions terminated a program that was started by President Bush in 2003.

Today, as a result of actions by Obama, the House is in the process of providing indirect Federal funding to poor blacks in DC so they can have abortions on demand. Remember, as a State Senator in Illinois, Obama successfully killed a bill in the Illinois legislature that was designed to prevent infanticide……”late term abortions”.

How do you reconcile such actions from a man who claims to be God fearing and benevolent? Well, you don’t! This is a man who is power hungry, and is on a deliberate mission to destroy America…….culturally, and economically. America…….wake up before the 2010 congressional elections. The Democrats in Congress are enabling this dangerous socialist.

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Another Day: More Fascism

Another day has come, and we’re in for more control by the Messiah. Today the President was pleased to announce his new mandate for the types of light bulbs we should use. I’m always amazed at how sincere he pretends to be while proclaiming how his new controls would save us money, create jobs and protect the environment. One gets the impression that everything that was done by any previous administration was wrong, and he is here to save America.

This President is the most arrogant politician alive today. Last week during the press conference he held a few days after signing the tobacco control bill, in response to a question about his smoking, he referred to that bill as…..”my bill”. One interesting aspect of our present predicament is the way in which the liberal media perform like a combined public relations firm for his administration. If the American people don’t wake up before the congressional elections of 2010, by the time 2012 comes around, he and the Democrats will have legislation in place telling us what color underwear is required for a particular day of the week.

The American people should be scared of any President who is aggressively pushing the Senate to pass a cap-and-trade energy bill that he and the vast majority of House Democrats have not even read….yet voted for its passage. Just like the $787B stimulus package, when the details of this 1300 page manifesto become public, it will then be too late to close the barn.

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