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The Racism of the NRA Under FDR and the New Deal

There’s an article on Yahoo about Obama holding off from “punishing” democrats who voted against the gun bills. Found some interesting “shithead journalism” as the author was trying to bring race back to the discussion.

FDR had to deal with Southern segregationists—and outright racists—who held power in Congress, so he had to yield to that power in order to get his New Deal legislation passed. As the Digital History website tells it: “Most New Deal programs discriminated against blacks. The NRA, for example, not only offered whites the first crack at jobs, but authorized separate and lower pay scales for blacks. The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) refused to guarantee mortgages for blacks who tried to buy in white neighborhoods, and the CCC maintained segregated camps. Furthermore, the Social Security Act excluded those job categories blacks traditionally filled.”

Who is this NRA they speak of? The National Recovery Administration, whose goal was: “to eliminate “cut-throat competition” by bringing industry, labor and government together to create codes of “fair practices” and set prices.”

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Rand Paul Not Against Using Drones to Find Criminals

I’m not comfortable with this line of thinking:

PAUL: Here’s the distinction, Neil. I’ve never argued against any technology being used when you have an imminent threat, an active crime going on. If someone comes out of a liquor store with a weapon and 50 dollars in cash, I don’t care if a drone kills him or a policeman kills him. But it’s different if they want to fly over your hot tub or your yard just because they want to do surveillance on everyone and they want to watch your activities.

I do care if they start killing criminals with drones. It’s called DUE PROCESS. We are supposed to be a nation of laws. This is unacceptable.


Say it Ain’t So: Union Roofers Seek Repeal/Reform of Obamacare

I guess you can’t keep your plan after all. Not like Obama would lie about that, would he?

United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers International President Kinsey M. Robinson issued the following statement today calling for a repeal or complete reform of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA):

“Our Union and its members have supported President Obama and his Administration for both of his terms in office.

But regrettably, our concerns over certain provisions in the ACA have not been addressed, or in some instances, totally ignored. In the rush to achieve its passage, many of the Act’s provisions were not fully conceived, resulting in unintended consequences that are inconsistent with the promise that those who were satisfied with their employer sponsored coverage could keep it.

These provisions jeopardize our multi-employer health plans, have the potential to cause a loss of work for our members, create an unfair bidding advantage for those contractors who do not provide health coverage to their workers, and in the worst case, may cause our members and their families to lose the benefits they currently enjoy as participants in multi-employer health plans.

For decades, our multi-employer health and welfare plans have provided the necessary medical coverage for our members and their families to protect them in times of illness and medical needs.  This collaboration between labor and management has been a model of success that should be emulated rather than ignored.  I refuse to remain silent, or idly watch as the ACA destroys those protections.

I am therefore calling for repeal or complete reform of the Affordable Care Act to protect our employers, our industry, and our most important asset: our members and their families.”


It is great that peoples’ eyes are opening to the fact that this great hoax was pulled on them. Using Obama’s logic, do you think he would support repeal if we had a survey that stated 90% of people are for repeal? We’ll be there soon enough. It’s going to really start hurting next year. My premiums have already gone up and we’re waiting for the big hike in 2014.


Just North of Waco, in West, TX – Fertilizer Plant Explosion | UPDATE

This is one of the scariest videos I’ve seen:

New numbers are 5-15 reported dead, around 180 wounded. – 0837 CDT


Full Text of Senate Bill 649: New Firearm Legislation

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) tonight posted the bill text of The Public Safety And Second Amendment Rights Protection Act that he and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) introduced yesterday.

Found Here

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Repo Men Have a Tough Job

No, they’re not coming for your car or your TV. They are confiscating guns in the Peoples Republic of Commiefornia.

On the evening of March 5, nine agents from the California Department of Justice, wearing bulletproof vests and carrying Glock pistols, assembled outside a ranch-style house in a Los Angeles suburb. They were preparing to confiscate weapons from a gun owner who’d recently lost the right to possess firearms after spending two days in a psychiatric hospital. They knocked on the door and asked to come in. These touchy encounters sometimes end in anger and, occasionally, handcuffs. This time, the agents came out peacefully with three guns. Then it was on to the next stop on the list for that night.

The most interesting part is that it seemed voluntary. They didn’t have search warrants.

Showing up at people’s homes and demanding their guns is about as fun as it sounds. A felony conviction or restraining order is flagged as a “disqualifying event” in California’s database, but it isn’t sufficient evidence to obtain a search warrant, says John Marsh, a supervising agent who coordinates the seizures. So the agents—there are 33 statewide—often must talk their way into a residence to look for weapons.

The takeaway here is simple. They come knock on your door, you tell them politely to pound sand. Let’s just hope they keep asking nicely and keep knocking on doors instead of knocking them down.


Argo F*#& Yourself

Iran is planning to sue Hollywood regarding the recent movie Argo.

From AP:

Iran is planning to sue Hollywood over the Oscar-winning “Argo” because of the movie’s allegedly “unrealistic portrayal” of the country, Iranian media reported Tuesday.

Several news outlets, including the pro-reform Shargh daily, said French lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre is in Iran for talks with officials over how and where to file the lawsuit. She is also the lawyer for notorious Venezuelan-born terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, known as Carlos the Jackal.


Though the movie isn’t showing in any Iranian theaters, many Iranians have seen it on bootleg DVDs and it set off a spirited debate that exposed a generational divide. Iranians who took part in the 1979 Islamic Revolution picked apart the portrayals of Tehran at the time but those too young to recall the events were eager for a different view on what had happened.

That’s just too sweet. I thought Hollywood loved Ahmadinejad. Heh.


Cruz Takes On Holder

Cruz tries to get Holder to concede on the unconstitutionality of killing US Citizens on US soil. Holder is painful to watch, but Cruz is in control.


Wealth Inequality

We had a post a couple of days ago discussing Wealth Inequality (Celebrating Income Inequality) and the evil it is portrayed to be. The video below is now going viral with the opposite take. Unfortunately, it takes the EVIL 1%’ers turn that was made popular with the OWS dirtbags. He does it without the dirtbag though. He never proposes a fix, just vilifies the rich.

So, here you go:


Statistics Weren’t on Your Side

In Colorado, rape victim Amanda Collins testifies that having her concealed firearm with her on campus could have stopped her attacker. Since she is not legally allowed to carry, she had to leave it at home. Colorado state Senator Evie Hudak argued that statistics were not on Amanda’s side and the attacker would have just taken the gun from her. Amanda replied, “He didn’t need my gun, he had his own weapon.”

Just in case you want your blood pressure a little higher:

I’m tired of these ignorant politicians telling us that we have to be willing victims.


Ruger and S&W Are Making Your Life Easier

Ruger and Smith & Wesson have provided some automated the letter writing process for you. Fill in your info and they will send the respective letter shown below:

The S&W Letter:

Dear (Recipient),

As a law-abiding citizen and a responsible gun owner, I am deeply saddened by the recent tragedies and I support efforts to curb violence in all forms. However, I do not support the efforts of Congress, the White House or any lawmaker who seeks to restrict my rights under the Second Amendment, or to impose new restrictions on me and other law-abiding firearm owners.

Rather, I support a comprehensive approach to preventing violence in our communities through a thorough evaluation of the challenges we face. That review must include the enforcement of existing laws, the need for heightened security approaches, and greater consideration on how to better manage the acutely mentally ill.

As a law-abiding citizen and a constituent, I ask that you represent me in these matters.

(Your Contact Information)

More below the fold…

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Norks Gearing Up?

North Korea planning to cancel cease-fire in 6 days:

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – North Korea vowed Tuesday to cancel the 1953 cease-fire that ended the Korean War, citing a U.S.-led push for punishing U.N. sanctions over its recent nuclear test and ongoing U.S.-South Korean joint military drills.

North Korea’s Korean People’s Army Supreme Command warned of stronger additional countermeasures in a statement that came amid reports that Washington and North Korean ally Beijing have approved a draft of punishing sanctions for a U.N. Security Council resolution responding to North Korea’s Feb. 12 nuclear test. The draft is expected to be circulated at the U.N. this week.

The United States and others worry that North Korea’s third nuclear test pushes it a step closer toward its goal of having nuclear-armed missiles that can reach America, and condemn its rocket launches and nuclear tests as a dangerous threat to regional security.

North Korea says its nuclear program is a response to U.S. hostility that dates back to the 1950-53 Korean War, which ended with an armistice, not a peace treaty, leaving the Korean Peninsula still technically in a state of war.

North Korea warned it will cancel the Korean War cease-fire agreement on March 11, citing U.S.-South Korean military drills that began March 1.

North Korea said Washington and others are going beyond mere economic sanctions and expanding into blunt aggression and military acts. North Korea also warned that it will block a communications line between it and the United States at the border village separating the two Koreas.

This could get real interesting, real quick.



End Times Update: Locust Plague in Egypt

Else, if thou refuse to let My people go, behold, tomorrow will I bring the locusts into thy border.

Might mean nothing. Might not…


Nobody Should Live in Poverty Because They’re Making Minimum Wage

As it turns out, few do:

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau show that most minimum-wage earners are young, part-time workers and that relatively few of them live below the poverty line. Their average family income is over $53,000 a year. A hike in the minimum wage primarily raises pay for suburban teenagers, not the working poor. If Congress and the President seriously want to help the working poor, they should look elsewhere.

Relatively few Americans earn the federal minimum wage.[2] In 2011 and 2012, 3.7 million Americans reported earning $7.25 or less per hour—just 2.9 percent of all workers in the United States.[3] These numbers include workers who also earn tip income. Many of those earning less than the minimum wage work in restaurants and make more than the minimum wage after taking tips into account.

Doesn’t matter to low info voters who claim that everybody should make at least $20/hour and the business owners just need to stop being greedy.

From Heritage

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EPA Allowed to Continue Human Testing

Can’t imagine anything like this ever happening…

The American Tradition Institute sued the EPA in October to stop an ongoing experiment in which the agency was exposing elderly study subjects (up to 75 years of age) to concentrated levels of a deadly (according to EPA) air pollutant known as PM2.5 (soot or dust much smaller than the width of a human hair).

The lawsuit claimed the experiments were illegal in that they blatantly violated virtually every major standard developed since World War II for the protection of human study subjects used in scientific experiments.

Given that the EPA long ago determined that any exposure to PM2.5 could cause death (as well as a host of other serious health consequences) within hours or days of inhalation, the experiments are fundamentally illegal. Federal regulations and the Nuremberg Code strictly prohibit scientists from treating human subjects like expendable guinea pigs. In the experiment in question, the study subjects were asked to risk their very lives for $12 per hour.

Then again, the study subjects really weren’t “asked” to risk their lives, since the EPA researchers failed — and, in fact, refused — to warn them that PM2.5 could kill them.

Read more here.

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Colorado Democrats Go After Magazines

Background checks and 15 round limit on high magazine assault clips passed committee in Colorado.

Colorado Democrats gave initial approval to expanding background checks on firearm purchases and imposing ammunition limits as the battle over stricter gun laws gets under away at the state Capitol.

A House committee voted 7-4 with Republican opposition on Tuesday to require background checks on private gun sales and online firearm purchases.

The vote came after several hours of testimony from those who say measures are needed to curb gun violence, and people concerned their right to bear arms is being restricted.

The committee also voted 7-4 to make it a crime to have or sell magazines with 15 rounds or more. The bill was amended from it’s initial ban on 10 round magazines.

The bills are responses to the mass shootings at an Aurora movie theater and a Connecticut elementary school.


Magpul is based in Boulder. They should come on down to Texas, the political climate is nice.

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Dr. Ben Carson’s Reaction to SOTU

From 2/13/12 on Fox and Friends:

I like that we are seeing more of him.


It’s Unfair to be White

The University of Wisconsin – Superior is sponsoring a new program:

The controversial project, named the “Unfair Campaign,” exists to teach students that “systems and institutions are set up for us [whites]” and as such are “unfair.” The campaign’s slogan, as it appears on its official website, is “it’s hard to see racism when you’re White.”

The project disseminates its controversial message through an aggressive campaign of online videos, billboards, and lectures.

Posters produced by the group feature a number of Caucasians with slogans like “is white skin really a fair skin?” sharpied [sic] on their faces.


I am really tired of being labelled a racist because of my race.


Maybe They Should’ve Lit Him Up

Two law officers have reportedly been wounded in a gunfight in the mountains east of Los Angeles with a person believed to be a former Los Angeles police officer.

[…] game wardens spotted Christopher Dorner in a vehicle on Highway 38 and attempted to pull him over.

Gunfire was exchanged. Dorner bailed out of the vehicle and ran into the woods.

This is about to get much worse.



He Give You Phone – Even If You Don’t Qualify

Obamaphone rolls filled with ineligible recipients.

Truly shocking if you ask me:

Suspecting that many of the new subscribers were ineligible, the Federal Communications Commission tightened the rules last year and required carriers to verify that existing subscribers were eligible. The agency estimated 15% of users would be weeded out, but far more were dropped.

A review of five top recipients of Lifeline support conducted by the FCC for the Journal showed that 41% of their more than six million subscribers either couldn’t demonstrate their eligibility or didn’t respond to requests for certification.

Read more here

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Unintended Consequences

Whenever the subject of gun control comes up, I like to suggest reading the book: Unintended Consequences by John Ross, which discusses the evolution of gun control and the accompanying erosion of personal freedom. It is one of my personal favorites and is packed with historical data about gun laws and events that shaped the 20th century.

consequencesJohn’s website can be found here. In theory, you could follow the links to his publisher’s website and buy the book, but the book seems to be out of print indefinitely. Scribd shows to have a pdf copy here. The following is a teaser from the front of the book and is meant to be for entertainment use only.

Present Day

It was late afternoon when he finally heard them coming to kill him. The wind was blowing gently towards him, and it carried the sound well. Two choppers, he judged from the pitch of the engines, possibly three. Henry realized that his first emotion upon hearing the sound of rotor blades approaching was an overwhelming sense of relief. The waiting was over.

His next thought concerned the relatives of the men that were about to die. The widows will never understand that their husbands died because the government got a little too heavy-handed after June of 1968. He scanned the sky until he spotted the aircraft approaching from the north.

More below the fold…


Jesse Jr. is Going to the Big House

The Chicago Sun-Times reported a plea deal including “significant jail time.”

…a plea deal is now on the table between former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and federal authorities probing allegations of campaign fund misuse.”

‘Bout time.

Read the rest.


Without Gun Control, U.S. May Become 1940’s Germany

We should just care for our children so much,” the 86-year-old Mr. Bennett (Tony) said, adding that he’s told his own children: “no guns in my house; they’re not allowed.”

“I just believe that assault weapons — they were invented for war,” he said. “They shouldn’t be on our streets here.”

“This is the kind of [turn] that happened to the great country of Germany, where the Nazis came over, created tragic things, and they had to be told off,” he continued. “And if we continue this kind of violence and accept it in our country, the rest of the world is going to take care of us in a very bad way. We should learn that we’re the greatest country because we’re all different nationalities, different religions, and we should show the rest of the world how to behave”


In 1919 the German gov’t passed the “Regulations on Weapons Ownership”

In 1920 they passed the “Law on the Disarmament of the People”

In 1928 they passed the “Law on Firearms and Ammunition”

In 1938 they passed the “German Weapons Act” which specifically forbade Jews from dealing in  firearms or ammunition.

On November 9&10, 1938 was Kristallnacht, where 30,000 Jews were rounded up and sent off to concentration camps.

On November 11, 1938 the Germans passed “Regulations Against Jews’ Possession of Weapons”

I think you know the rest of the story.

Anybody care to explain to me how we become 1940’s Germany WITHOUT gun control?


Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, The Defiant Democrat.

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) is worth a look. She is pro-gun, pro-Keystone XL, and pro-economy. She says that the economy should be their #1 priority and guns should be handled first through the mental health angle. I can get behind anybody that stands to be a reasonable human being; I don’t care what letter is behind their name.

Here is the video (if you can stand the intro ads).