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A Day Late and Pound Short, but Happy Treason Day!!!

I like others here often wonder if I would have joined the revolutionaries or stayed loyal to the crown.

I think it’s the curse of conservatism that sometimes we resist any change, especially radical change. By the time the fighting started I’d probably issue “A pox upon both their houses!”

At any rate, God bless America and all those here who have served to defend our liberty.


Gold – So What’s Next?


Back in 2010 my buddy opened my eyes to the possibility of a global economic meltdown.  He’s a bit of a conspiracy nut but he’s also quite brilliant and presented some solid arguments concerning the long term viability of the US dollar specifically and the global economy in general.

It seemed prudent to invest in gold and silver.  Investment probably isn’t the correct word, because in my mind it was more akin to taking out an insurance policy.  Something you hope you never need to cash in, but if the situation arises you’d be happy to have the payout.

I got in tentatively at first but ended up putting about 8-10% of my net worth into a combination of physical precious metals and mining stocks.

Lately the down turn in gold prices got me to thinking about why has gold gone down in price so much lately despite the QE-Infinity policy of the Fed.

That got me thinking about what is a reasonable price for gold?  I pulled the chart above to see what the inflation adjusted value of gold was over time.

It’s hard to interpret this chart in some ways because between 1900 and 1933 the gold standard fixed the price of gold at about 20$ per ounce.  Between 1933 and 1974 it was illegal for US individuals to own gold bullion.   After 1974 it was a just another commodity (in theory).

So is gold going to $5,000 or $20 per ounce?  Inquiring minds want to know.



Meanwhile, Back At the Ammo Shortage…

A month or so ago I went on MidwayUSA’s website and a number of other ammunition providers to procure some bulk ammo for my 7.62×39 Ruger Mini 30 and .40 S&W Springfield XDM.

No surprise, the cupboards were bare.

At MidwayUSA you could sign up for notification when the ammunition was back in stock. Cool Beans!  I’ll just sign up and order when they have my ammo back in stock.

This morning, at 8:30 AM I got this note.

You asked us to let you know when the following product has arrived:

Winchester USA Ammunition 40 S&W 165 Grain Full Metal Jacket Flat Nose Box of 100.

Great news! The product has arrived.

Directions Follow this link to view the product.

Winchester USA Ammunition 40 S&W 165 Grain Full Metal Jacket Flat Nose Box of 100 Supplies may be limited and are first-come, first-served so don’t wait until they are gone. Thanks for Your Business!

Oh JOY!!!! I signed in at 11:30 AM to try and buy the ammo, and saw this.


Man, they even limit customers to 5 boxes and they were gone in less than 3 hours.



Mary Did You Know

“Mary did you know that your little child would one day rule the nations.” The group I play music with did this recording of Mary Did You Know a few years back. I had never heard it before but it quickly became one of my favorites.

I couldn’t figure out how to embed this player so you’ll need to click on the link below to hear it.

Mary Did You Know




Handgun Stopping Power

I recently completed my NRA CPL training course in preparation for getting my CCW.

My original intent was to use my  Ruger LCR .38 as my primary carry weapon.

However, my instructor had a Ruger LCP 380 semi-auto.  I originally had considered the .380 ACP to be too light a load for self defense.  However, I really liked the very small form factor and light weight.   I really can’t stand having big bulky things in my pocket (my planned carry method) so I was intrigued by the little Ruger LCP 380.

I did a little research and came across this interesting article on handgun stopping power.

The author did his own study based on police shooting reports.  He comes to a rather surprising conclusion.

The results I got from the study lead me to believe that there really isn’t that much difference between most defensive handgun rounds and calibers. None is a death ray, but most work adequately…even the lowly .22s. I’ve stopped worrying about trying to find the “ultimate” bullet. There isn’t one. And I’ve stopped feeling the need to strap on my .45 every time I leave the house out of fear that my 9mm doesn’t have enough “stopping power.” Folks, carry what you want. Caliber really isn’t all that important.

My gun-goon friend expressed concern about the reliability of the smaller semiautomatics, but conceded that as John Lott in “More Guns, Less Crime” concludes that about 96% of gun related self defense situations result in no shot being fired, it seems to me that the most important criteria is to have a pistol you will be more likely to carry.

I know there are lots of Revoistas out there who can provide great feedback on this topic.