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Friday Night at the Movies Double Feature

You see, there’s no way that I could ever hope to top the previous presentation but tonight’s the last night in September. It’s the last night I could possibly hope to bring you that Pirate Movie I’ve been kicking down the road each week, at least in the year 2016. October starts tomorrow. We show scary movies in October. So unless I find a movie about Ghost Pirates doing nonstop totally scary stuff then we won’t be seeing any Pirate Movies in the Month of October.

So here it is, the 30 year old Pirate Movie…

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Friday Night at the Movies

You know, I had a really great Pirate movie lined up for tonight. I’ve had that really great Pirate movie lined up for every Friday Night this Month and yet at the last moment something happened to cause me to sub it out with something else. Tonight is no different. We have had some really great movies this month that didn’t exactly go over well, so it seems. Tonight I feel the need to shake things up a bit.

Therefore due to recent events the Pirate movie has been bumped yet again in order to bring you a very timely presentation. This movie was made Ten Years ago and the most of the storyline takes place 500 Years from now. I suppose that by now the makers of this film have a firm understanding about the prescient work of art that they created and that events depicted in this movie will take place FAR sooner that 500 Years from now.

Some will pretend not to know whether to laugh or cry when watching this movie. I laughed. I laughed a whole lot. It gets funnier by the day…

Our Featured Presentation is found HERE

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Tripartite Malfeasance

From The Wall Street Journal a report of what went on behind the scenes with obama’s payoff ransom for hostages.

According to senior U.S. officials, a senior State Department official, Brett McGurk, and a representative of the Iranian government signed three documents in Geneva on the morning of Jan. 17.

One document committed the U.S. to dropping criminal charges against 21 Iranian nationals, and Tehran to releasing the Americans imprisoned in Iran.

Another committed the U.S. to immediately transfer $400 million in cash to the Iranian regime and arrange the delivery within weeks of two subsequent cash payments totaling $1.3 billion to settle a decades-old legal dispute over a failed arms deal.

The U.S. agreed in a third document to support the immediate [sanctions] delisting of the two Iranian banks, according to senior U.S. officials. In the hours after the documents were signed at a Swiss hotel, the different elements of the agreement went forward: The Americans were released, Iran took possession of the $400 million in cash, and the U.N. Security Council removed sanctions on Bank Sepah and Bank Sepah International, these officials said. WSJ Article

Zero Hedge has a good summary of the cash for hostages deal.

This is treason. And one day either Israel will stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions or Iran will use nuclear weapons in the Middle East. However things go, obama’s treason has made it far more likely that there will be war and incredible bloodshed in the Middle East. And if that happens, and I pray it won’t, that blood falls squarely on obama’s hands and soul.

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Obama Likes To Honor Others

With a picture of himself. If you look back, every-single-time he has “honored” anyone or anything, he has done so with a picture of himself. What a tool.




More examples below the fold (all of these were from just-the-first-page of his Tweet machine). Each of them was posted in honor of someone else.

  More below the fold…

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Trump’s Mic Was Fubar

The FEC has admitted that the microphone Trump was given as the first Presidential debate was defective.

Given the unbelievable opposition to Trump, you have to wonder if this was purposeful. But purposeful or not, this admission can only feed the many tin foil hat theories on the internet purporting to show Hillary cheated in the debate.

One theory claims Holt colluded with Hillary via her facial signals.

More below the fold…


Obama Refuses To Acknowledge Israeli Jerusalem

Yes, this f-ktard oxygen-thief actually did it.


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Fear & Loathing On The Campaign Trail


Donald Trump continues to melt-down on stupid issues because his Trump-sized ego is simply incapable of allowing him to stay on message. Now, he’s in a tit-for-tat with a woman he called fat & ugly. This was a deliberate set-up by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The mainstream media and Donald f-ing Trump are all too happy to play along. Seriously? Is this guy 7 years old? He can’t ignore a stupid, simple-minded and obvious affront to his self-image, so he jumps in the sewer and gets mired in childish distractions, when all he needs to do to win – is stay on message.

He shouldn’t be saying a word about anything other than how Hillary Clinton wants to continue & even increase the failed policies of Barack Obama and how he is different. Flex on the issues that earned him the support he so cherishes. “Hey everybody! I’m different!” That’s it. Nothing more, but he just can’t bring himself to let the dumb shit pass him by. When you choose between the lesser of two evils, evil always wins. To wit, Hunter S. Thompson:

That’s the real issue this time,” he said. “Beating Nixon. It’s hard to even guess how much damage those bastards will do if they get in for another four years.”

The argument was familiar, I had even made it myself, here and there, but I was beginning to sense something very depressing about it. How many more of these goddamn elections are we going to have to write off as lame, but “regrettably necessary” holding actions? And how many more of these stinking double-downer sideshows will we have to go through before we can get ourselves straight enough to put together some kind of national election that will give me and the at least 20 million people I tend to agree with a chance to vote for something, instead of always being faced with that old familiar choice between the lesser of two evils?

Now with another one of these big bogus showdowns looming down on us, I can already pick up the stench of another bummer. I understand, along with a lot of other people, that the big thing this year is Beating Nixon. But that was also the big thing, as I recall, twelve years ago in 1960 – and as far as I can tell, we’ve gone from bad to worse to rotten since then, and the outlook is for more of the same.

~Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail ’72


You Don’t Want To Mess With This Lady

The Sun headline reads:

HEAD CHEF Merciless Iraqi housewife ‘beheads and COOKS ISIS fighters’ to avenge her family’s death making her terror group’s most wanted

The housewife, known as Um Hanadi, in revenge for ISIS killing her family, leads some 70 militia fighters against ISIS. She has driven ISIS from her village, and uses social media to engage in psyops against ISIS by posting online pictures of her holding their decapitated heads.Sun Article

Um Hanadi told CNN:

“I fought them. I beheaded them. I cooked their heads, I burned their bodies.” Id.
This woman is a warrior and an inspiration. She knows how to fight evil. Obama should take lessons.
The Iraqi housewife who 'cooked the heads' of ISIS fighters

Wahida Mohamed, better known as Um Hanadi, The Iraqi housewife who ‘cooked the heads’ of ISIS fighters

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She Should Be Scared

In 1978 Juanita Broddrick says she was brutally raped by then Arkansas AG Bill Clinton, and shortly thereafter was intimidated by Hillary Clinton to keep what Bill did secret. Juanita Broaddrick Since that time she has consistently kept to her story. I believe her.

With Hillary’s 2016 Presidential run Juanita has been in the news again. In an August 29, 2016 interview she said she fears for her life because of what she knows of the Clintons, and even more so if Hillary is elected President. Id.
More below the fold…

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Better Late Than Never I Guess

On September 29, 2016, the attorneys general for Arizona, Oklahoma, Nevada and Texas filed suit in Texas Federal Court to stop the transfer of control of internet core functionality, such as DNS (Domain Name System) functionality, to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). States sue to stop internet transition
More below the fold…


Freaky Friday Follies


Freaky Friday Photo Caption Contest



Your Thursday Night Freakout

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Why did the FBI let Hillary Clinton off the hook?

Because Barack Obama was her criminal accomplice.


Internet Turnover In Days

Given the long duration leftist control of the mainstream media, the internet has become a bastion of free speech in this nation, and to a lesser or greater extent, country dependent, the world.

Given this, you would think that any attempt to cede any aspect of control of the internet would be vigorously opposed by the U.S. Such is, however, not the case, as control over core functions of the internet is set to fully transfer on October 1, 2016 to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a nonprofit organization created and incorporated in California in 1998.

More below the fold…


The next big move by the Piece of Shit in the White House

Barack Hussein Obama has indeed proven time and time again that he is an absolute piece of shit of a human being. That’s what Traitors are. Then there are the collective pieces of shit who have allowed him to get away with Treason. Human garbage, all of them.

In these final days he is showing us just what a piece of shit he is and he makes no attempt to disguise that fact. He’s a Marxist in a three-piece suit tossing Molotov Cocktails into every institution he can. He is no different than any thug on the street who chooses to burn their City after the Cops shoot a black man, except for the fact that he lives in much fancier government housing. I’ve said all that because the day is soon coming when that will not be possible. I’ve said all that because today we can still use words. Words have never been sufficient to address the domestic assaults being carried out by the Ongoing Domestic Menace. Maybe this next move is a good thing. We will no longer be allowed to use words. Soon the only recourse allowed us will be action.

“Irreversible Damage” is about to be done to the concept of Free Expression – Read it HERE

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Immediate Opening for Experienced Bodyguards

Post the first Trump-Hillary debate, Trump said that he held back when Hillary attacked him on belittling women, and didn’t go into Bubba’s history as a sexual predator and Shrillary’s covering for him.

Chelsea Clinton, on Tuesday, in an interview with Cosmopolitan, addressed Trump’s reticence saying:

“it’s a distraction from his inability to talk about what’s actually at stake in this election

[a]nd candidly, I don’t remember a time in my life when my parents and my family weren’t being attacked.” Id.

The foregoing was, apparently, too much for Juanita Broaddrick, who for some 40 years has been outspoken in accusing Bill Clinton of raping her, and of Hillary acting to silence her. Juanita took to Twitter to deliver a swift dose of her reality to Chelsea.




See The Daily Mail for tweets 4-6.

We all know that bad things seem to happen to those who cross the Clintons. Juanita Broaddrick has done just that with not just the Clintons themselves, but with the Clintons’ cub. In so doing Juanita is showing herself to be a very brave woman – or maybe just past being fed up at age 73 with the Clintons’ Teflon. Whatever her motivations, I hope and pray that she has, or will very, very soon have, some top notch personal protection.

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Diamond and Silk Make The Drudge Report

I don’t know if Diamond and Silk have made the Drudge Report before, but they are there now, giving their opinion of the first Trump-Hillary showdown. The two ladies are especially generous in sharing their opinions of Lester the Jester Holt. Enjoy. (about 1.5 min)


Online polls are slightly less reliable than the Magic 8 Ball

Trump is claiming he “held back” against Hillary because he didn’t want to embarrass her. He is also complaining about the moderator treating him unfairly. I honestly don’t think he is helping himself by making excuses regarding his debate performance.

What really hurts him, however, is defending his performance by citing online polls. Citing an online poll as evidence of virtually anything is the equivalent of taking an intelligence test and failing. It is the equivalent of failing because, instead of bringing a pencil to the test site, you brought a Twizzler… and you ate it before the test.

Online polls are less than worthless and everybody who isn’t sub-retarded knows it. Trump either doesn’t know it or thinks his audience doesn’t know it. Either way, citing a source less reliable than reading goat entrails doesn’t help his cause.


After The Republic: The Transition To Empire

Thanks to DaveJ!


Over the past half century, the Reagan years notwithstanding, our ruling class’s changing preferences and habits have transformed public and private life in America. As John Marini shows in his essay, “Donald Trump and the American Crisis,” this has resulted in citizens morphing into either this class’s “stakeholders” or its subjects. And, as Publius Decius Mus argues, “America and the West” now are so firmly “on a trajectory toward something very bad” that it is no longer reasonable to hope that “all human outcomes are still possible,” by which he means restoration of the public and private practices that made the American republic. In fact, the 2016 election is sealing the United States’s transition from that republic to some kind of empire.

Electing either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump cannot change that trajectory. Because each candidate represents constituencies hostile to republicanism, each in its own way, these individuals are not what this election is about. This election is about whether the Democratic Party, the ruling class’s enforcer, will impose its tastes more strongly and arbitrarily than ever, or whether constituencies opposed to that rule will get some ill-defined chance to strike back. Regardless of the election’s outcome, the republic established by America’s Founders is probably gone. But since the Democratic Party’s constituencies differ radically from their opponents’, and since the character of imperial governance depends inherently on the emperor, the election’s result will make a big difference in our lives.

It’s a good read. Take a few minutes and we’ll discuss it. 🙂


Senate Bitch-Slaps Obama 97-1

As the Hill reported, not a single Democrat came to the Senate floor before the vote to argue in favor of Obama’s position.


Obama sent a letter to Senate leaders reiterating his threats concerns that the measure could put U.S. troops and interests at risk.:

“The consequences of JASTA could be devastating to the Department of Defense and its service members — and there is no doubt that the consequences could be equally significant for our foreign affairs and intelligence communities,” he wrote in the letter, which was later circulated by a public affairs company working for the embassy of Saudi Arabia.

For once, using threat as a negotiating tactic, especially when on behalf of a foreign sponsor of terorrism and one of the Clinton foundation’s biggest donors, failed to work.
Now we wait to see if the Veto is likewise overriden in the House, in what is set to be a historic humiliation for the outgoing Saudi American president.

As for the implications for capital markets should the House follow the Senate in overriding Obama’s veto, they could be dramatic: as noted earlier, the threat of the 9/11 bill passing has put on hold Saudi plans to issue its megabond, effectively putting even more pressure on the kingdom’s finances; alternatively as Saudi Arabia has threatened before, should the bill pass, it would (and may have no other choice considering its liquidity crisis) have to sell US reserves, among which billions in Treasurys and an unknown amount of US equities.

Ha! Suck it, Barry.


Electile Dysfunction 2016: Projections

Okay folks, here is your chance to go on record. I’d like max participation here. Please copy & paste the following format (this ensures we all answer the same way) and answer all of the questions as you see them playing out.

Historical Percentages by election.

% each:

Control House:
D or R

Control Senate:
D or R

Your comments:


You’re Not The Only One Who Sees A Dim Horizon

Rich folks everywhere are building bunkers.

As it turns out, and not surprisingly, many Hollywood types only want you disarmed, even as they build multi-million dollar bunkers for their friends & family. While I’m almost certain that the bunker-building fear merchants inflate the numbers of who spends and how much (to boost sales), there is no denying that lots of folks are spending lots of money to build their secret facilities. Just take a look at all of the rooms Creative Home Engineering has already built.

Oscar winners, sports stars and Bill Gates are building lavish bunkers — with amenities ranging from a swimming pool to a bowling alley — as global anxiety fuels sales and owners “could be the next Adam and Eve.”

Given the increased frequency of terrorist bombings and mass shootings and an under-lying sense of havoc fed by divisive election politics, it’s no surprise that home security is going over the top and hitting luxurious new heights. Or, rather, new lows, as the average depth of a new breed of safe haven that occupies thousands of square feet is 10 feet under or more. Those who can afford to pull out all the stops for so-called self-preservation are doing so — in a fashion that goes way beyond the submerged corrugated metal units adopted by reality show “preppers” — to prepare for anything from nuclear bombings to drastic climate-change events. Gary Lynch, GM at Rising S Bunkers, a Texas-based company that specializes in underground bunkers and services scores of Los Angeles residences, says that sales at the most upscale end of the market — mainly to actors, pro athletes and politicians (who require signed NDAs) — have increased 700 percent this year compared with 2015, and overall sales have risen 150 percent.

Smart money is prepared for bad times, are you? If you’ve got $8 mil laying around, you could have a sweet set up like this:


One Hollywood director has 3ea APC’s in his bunker…

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Was it an unsuccessful coup in Turkey?

Or was it an extremely successful purge?

The Turkish justice minister says 32,000 people have been arrested since the country’s failed coup, and more may follow.

In a live interview with private broadcaster NTV on Wednesday, Bekir Bozdag said 70,000 people have been processed and 32,000 were formally arrested since the July 15 coup attempt. “There may be new arrests or releases according to the evidence and information gathered in the investigation,” Bozdag said.

He also said Turkey was building a courthouse in the outskirts of Ankara, the national capital, for the prosecution of suspected coup plotters.

More than 50,000 people have been expelled from the civil service, including in the military, police, judiciary, and education, through decrees under the state of emergency declared after the failed coup.


What is killing the American dream?

In a word: Government. Watch. It’s important.