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“Illinois closer to celebrating Barack Obama Day”

A measure to make former President Barack Obama’s birthday an honorary state holiday now heads to the governor’s desk after clearing the Illinois House unanimously Friday.

The bill would make Aug. 4. Barack Obama Day in Illinois, but state government and businesses would remain open.”

More at the Chicago Sun Times


And That Is How You Drain The Swamp

“Clapper: Trump is Assaulting American Institutions”

The complicit media is hauling out the same Obama people who repeatedly told us lies during the eight years of BHO. They are supporting their allegations of impropriety because they are all on the same team – the team that wants to take out President Trump.

This interview could be called a ‘Tapper Clapper caper’. It is easy to see that Tapper is trying to help Clapper form his comments.

Mr. Trump was elected by Americans to change the trajectory of the country. That requires a lot of things. One of those things is to eliminate the cancerous members of the government who have been there for a long time and are going to object to being kicked out. Clapper is one of those but he was in a high position under Obama and he misses the control.

In this clip he says that Trump is assaulting American Institutions – as though that were a bad thing. Of course it is to him.

Clapper is the one who told us that US intelligence does not collect surveil average Americans:

That was a lie and he had to ‘Clarify’.

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Solar Panel Company Files For Bankruptcy Despite Getting Lots Of Your Money

Another Obama pipe dream fails. The government just can not make winners out of losing proposition. This time they only wasted two hundred million.

“Largest US Solar Panel Maker Files For Bankruptcy After Receiving $206 Million In Subsidies”

The ongoing price erosion and the development of the business” has left the company “over-indebted and thus obliged to file for insolvency proceedings,” SolarWorld, which is also the largest U.S. solar panel maker, said in a statement.

The filing comes after SolarWorld was forced to lay off employees earlier this year. The company employs around 3,000 people, including 800 in Hillsboro, Oregon, and was one of the few German-based solar companies to survive a recent market downturn.

SolarWorld is only the latest bankrupt solar company to blame the Chinese. U.S.-based Suniva Inc. filed for bankruptcy in April, also citing stiff competition from Chinese solar panel makers.”

From the Daily Caller

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That’s How Losers Talk

After losing the White House to Republicans as well as both houses of Congress and many more state offices it is fair to say that Americans have rejected the politics of division presented by the Democrats. That party was led to these losses by President Barack Obama. Today he has no authority left and his actions as President are being systematically dismantled – including his signature health plan, the Affordable Care Act, normally called ‘Obamacare’.

How did he accomplish this disaffection? Why did American voters turn against him and his Democrats? We were sick and tired of being lied to by people who were, time after time, shown to be lying. We were also tired of hearing how evil our country and ourselves were.

Because Obama has lost so much authority in American politics all he can do is stand up and yell rants at us that he reads off the ‘prompter’. As a result his rants aren’t hardly being covered by the formerly sycophantic news media. They can see what his unimportance. It affects them just as it does us.

“Obama Says It Takes ‘Political Courage’ To Leave Obamacare In Place.”

True political courage lies in telling people what they may not want to hear, but must learn. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), for example, performed an act of political courage when he ran for the presidency in Iowa by telling Iowans that he would not support subsidies for the ethanol boondoggle; it was an act of political cowardice that led Donald Trump to embrace such subsidies, then rip Cruz as someone heartless. Courage is about saying the unpopular but true thing. Upholding Obamacare — shouting from the rooftops about a “right” to healthcare while premiums skyrocket, insurers drop out, and you continue shouting to soak the rich – is political cowardice.”

From the Daily Wire

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Ted Cruz Demands To Know Why Huma Abedin Was Not Prosecuted

He points out that she Did Break the law and cites two instances.

Sen. Ted Cruz called out FBI Director James Comey for the director’s decision that Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin would walk because there was no intent on their part to break the law by their mishandling of classified information.

During Comey’s May 3 appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Cruz said:

You described the reason why the case was closed against Ms. Abedin as that you could not determine she was aware her conduct was unlawful. … Any first year law student learns in criminal law ignorance of the law is no excuse, and that mens rea does not require knowledge that conduct is unlawful.”

Cruz continued: “The governing statutes – 18 USC 793f and 18 USC 798a – have no requirement of a knowledge of unlawful [intent]…under the terms of that statute, the fact pattern you described in this hearing [of Abedin’s behavior] seems to fit that statute directly. In that, if I understood you correctly, you said Ms. Abedin forwarded hundreds or thousands of classified emails to her husband on a non-government, non-classified computer.”

“How does that conduct not directly violate that statute?” Cruz asked.”

More at World Tribune


Why Is CNN Admitting That Democrats Lied To Pass Obamacare?

This is a complete reversal for both Tapper and Blitzer but mostly for CNN. They went out of their way in the past to protect Obama and the rest of the Democrats. Now they are pointing out – on air – that they lied to us many times. Remember, too, it was Obama who told us repeatedly that you could keep your doctor and you could keep your coverage.

Why the reversal?

One thing is interesting to note. The new GOP plan is not in effect yet. The Senate has not ratified it and it lacks a Presidential signature. Obamacare is still the law of the land. But Obamacare has failed. Is it possible that the CNN crew are trying to take advantage of this current situation to pass single-payer?

Whatever it is there is a reason for this reversal.

CNN Highlights How Democrats Lied to Americans to Sell Obamacare

Jake Tapper points out that Democrats said people could keep their doctors. He also pointed to skyrocketing health insurance premiums as a broken promise by Democrats.


“The way that [Obamacare] was sold to the American people was in many ways mendacious,” Tapper told Israel.

Tapper then proceeded to point out all the lies that Democrats told the American people.

“They were told if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, if you like you plan you can keep your plan. That’s not true.”

Tapper then mentioned to Israel that a majority of health insurance providers have already pulled out of the Obamacare exchanges, meaning that Americans have fewer options now than before the law.

“Do you think the Democrats in the way they sold this bill to the public really undermined their own credibility on the issue of health care?” Tapper asked Israel.”

From here


French Election Developments

Will this finish Macron and send Le Pen to victory?

“BREAKING: MACRON BUSTED! Lied About Tax Evasion? – 4Chan /pol/ Posts Images from Macron’s Off-Shore Bank Account!”

If it isn’t enough there’s this. Barack Obama has cut an ad for Macron.

Obama, Macron

A couple of things about this. First, everyone and everything Obama has campaigned for has gone to defeat. Remember when he traveled to Denmark to get the Olympics for Chicago? He campaigned for Hillary and she lost.

Second, Democrats claim to be upset that Russia may have interfered in the US Presidential election but they have no problem with Obama interfering in France’s.

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That’s Where Barack Obama Came From

The whole city/county have been controlled by Democrats forever.

“Chicago’s Southland: The rottenest apple in the corrupt Illinois orchard”

Yes, Chicago’s Southland is majority black. Which means African Americans are being robbed the most by these so-called public servants who see government not as a higher calling, but as an opportunity to dishonestly enrich themselves and their cronies.

Much of the Southland is blighted. But there is still plenty of money to be made there, but for the most part, only if you are a crook and if you know the right people. Or if you pay off the right people. Or if you hire that politician’s brother-in-law to remodel your office so you can get that zoning variance passed.”

More here

Related: “Five Killed, 26 Wounded In Chicago Shootings Over The Weekend”

The latest shooting victims added to Chicago’s statistics include a 21-year-old male who was shot in the head in the Roseland neighborhood on the far South Side of Chicago. He was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital where he was pronounced dead.”

From here


Now They Say It Was John Brennan Who Tried To Take Down Trump

First it was supposed to be Clapper. Then Susan Rice. Now they say it was John Brennan. It might have been any of them or it could have been all of them – and more. Ever since Brennan was appointed By President Obama to head the CIA there has been talk of his support for Islam and Communism. He fit right in with the Obama White House.

I would expect anyone in the Obama entourage to do anything, legal or not, to get an advantage. We have seen plenty of it.

“Confirmed: John Brennan Colluded With Foreign Spies to Defeat Trump”

An article in the Guardian last week provides more confirmation that John Brennan was the American progenitor of political espionage aimed at defeating Donald Trump. One side did collude with foreign powers to tip the election — Hillary’s.

Seeking to retain his position as CIA director under Hillary, Brennan teamed up with British spies and Estonian spies to cripple Trump’s candidacy. He used their phony intelligence as a pretext for a multi-agency investigation into Trump, which led the FBI to probe a computer server connected to Trump Tower and gave cover to Susan Rice, among other Hillary supporters, to spy on Trump and his people.

More at the American Spectator


Is ‘Stooge’ A Strong Enough Word?

President Obama spent his two terms in office doing just two things: Playing golf and trying to diminish the United States of America. He would have had more success with the second if he had cut back on the amount of time he spent on the first.

“Turns out Obama was the real Russian stooge”

Barack Obama and Donald Trump

The circumstantial evidence is mounting that the Kremlin succeeded in infiltrating the US government at the highest levels.

How else to explain a newly elected president looking the other way after an act of Russian aggression? Agreeing to a farcically one-sided nuclear deal? Mercilessly mocking the idea that Russia represents our foremost geo-political foe?

Accommodating the illicit nuclear ambitions of a Russian ally? Welcoming a Russian foothold in the Middle East? Refusing to provide arms to a sovereign country invaded by Russia? Diminishing our defenses and pursuing a Moscow-friendly policy of hostility to fossil fuels?

All of these items, of course, refer to things said or done by President Barack Obama.”

More at the New York Post

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Ludicrosity From The Washington Pos

They didn’t launch the attack but now they can say it would have been bigger and better than what Trump actually did. Years later anyone can say anything.

Obama supporters, including the Washington Pos, are grasping at straws. Next thing you know we will hear that Obama got fourteen holes in one when golfing.

“Obama’s Syria strike plan was much bigger than Trump’s”

The Trump administration’s strike on one of Bashar al-Assad’s air bases was similar in style and objectives to the strike plan that President Barack Obama prepared in 2013 — except that Obama’s attacks were to be several times bigger than President Trump’s. At the time, leading Republicans mocked the Obama administration for what it called “pinprick” strikes, calling them ineffective. Today they praise Trump’s smaller strikes as perfectly calculated.

“What we had in mind in 2013 had many more targets and was much more expansive,” a senior Obama administration official involved in those discussions told me.”

From the Washington Pos


Democrats Dearly Wanted To Believe Obama Brought A Peaceful Utopia. It Was All A Lie.

It is easy to see after the gas attack in Syria that the wishful thinking of the Obama administration was wrong. They told the world that Assad had willingly given up the chemical weapons that he had used before. They asked him and he said he had. But someone lied. Maybe it was Assad. Maybe it was Obama. Maybe both.

“Flashback: Susan Rice Praises Obama for Ridding Syria of Chemical Weapons Without Use of Force”

During a January 2017 interview with NPR, Susan Rice lauded the Obama administration for de-arming Bashar al-Assad using a “solution that didn’t necessitate the use of force.”
“We were able to find a solution that didn’t necessitate the use of force that actually removed the chemical weapons that were known from Syria, in a way that the use of force would never have accomplished,” Obama’s former national security advisor stated. “We were able to get the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile.”

From here

So, one by one, all of Obama’s wishful thinking is being revealed for what it was – untrue. One of the next to fall will be the Iran Nuclear arms deal that John Kerry ‘Negotiated’. What will it take? A nuclear test in the Iranian desert?

“Kerry Defends Iran Nuclear Deal Before Skeptical Senate”

From the New York Times

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New Audit Of HUD Reveals Half A Trillion Dollars Lost During Two Years Of Obama Administration

Wait until the other departments are audited.

Here is the 126 page report.

An excerpt from page 3:

This report presents our reissued independent auditor’s report on HUD’s
fiscal years 2016 and 2015 (restated) consolidated financial statements, including an update to
our report on HUD’s internal controls.

What We Found

The total amounts of errors corrected in HUD’s notes and consolidated financial statements were
$516.4 billion and $3.4 billion, respectively. There were several other unresolved audit matters,
which restricted our ability to obtain sufficient, appropriate evidence to express an opinion.
These unresolved audit matters relate to (1) the Office of General Counsel’s refusal to sign the
management representation letter, (2) HUD’s improper use of cumulative and first-in, first-out
budgetary accounting methods of disbursing community planning and development program
funds, (3) the $4.2 billion in nonpooled loan assets from Ginnie Mae’s stand-alone financial
statements that we could not audit due to inadequate support, (4) the improper accounting for
certain HUD assets and liabilities, and (5) material differences between HUD’s subledger and
general ledger accounts. This audit report contains 11 material weaknesses, 7 significant
deficiencies, and 5 instances of noncompliance with applicable laws and regulations.”


‘And The Crowd Goes Wild!’

“Trump Blames Syrian Attack on Obama for Not Sticking to his ‘Red Line’”

Obama drew a red line with Syria in 2012 but did nothing substantial after chemical attacks occurred.

On Tuesday, almost 60 people died in Syria after warplanes dropped bombs filled with chemicals. The number includes women and children. Many suspect President Bashar al-Assad’s regime for the attack.

President Donald Trump condemned the attack, but also ripped into former President Barack Obama for not sticking to his “red line” on Syria”

From Legal Insurrection

Related: “Left goes nuts after Trump blames Obama for Syrian chemical attack on civilians

Obama’s failure to follow through on his threat is dramatic evidence of what happens when a U.S. president puts his enormous power and prestige on the line in threatening military action if a red line is crossed. Assad crossed that line in 2012, and he got away scot-free. As a consequence of Obama’s failure, Assad continued to use chemical weapons against rebel-sympathizing civilians.

No better illustration of what happens when a president loses credibility can be found in recent history.

The left can wail and howl all they want. Trump is absolutely, 100% correct. The chemical attack this week is a direct result of President Obama’s appalling weakness in the face of clear and unmistakable violations of international law and common decency. Every one of those casualties in Idib province owes his suffering to the former American president.

And Trump was right to call him out for it.”

From American Thinker

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WSJ: It Was Not Susan Rice Who Unmasked General Flynn

In an article in the Wall Street Journal titled, “House Intel Panel Wants Susan Rice to Testify in Russia Probe”, Susan Rice denies being the person who outed Flynn. As a matter of fact she is backed up in that assertion by someone in the Congress.

Former White House national security adviser Susan Rice shakes hands with Mike Flynn, who was briefly national security adviser in the Trump administration, at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington, D.C., in January. PHOTO: MARK WILSON/GETTY IMAGES

A Republican official familiar with deliberations by GOP lawmakers on the House Intelligence Committee said that the names of two U.S. citizens who were part of Mr. Trump’s transition team have been unmasked in intelligence reports.

One is Mr. Flynn and the other hasn’t been identified, said the official. The report involving Mr. Flynn documented phone conversations he had in late December with the Russian ambassador to the U.S.

The official said Ms. Rice had requested the unmasking of at least one transition official—not Mr. Flynn—who was part of multiple foreign conversations that weren’t related to Russia.

Mr. Flynn was forced to resign after misleading White House officials, including Vice President Mike Pence, about the nature of his conversations with the ambassador, which current and former officials said concerned the possible easing of Obama-era sanctions on Russia.

The Republican official and others said Ms. Rice wasn’t the administration official who instigated Mr. Flynn’s unmasking.”

Uh Oh. It sounds like that unnamed Republican official knows who the other Obama official is.

Remember, the illegal act that occurred was not the collection of data. Nor was it sharing it with Ms. Rice. The law was broken when the names of American citizens who were encountered during the collection were released to the media. That is what caused General Flynn to end up unemployed.

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Would Susan Rice Take A Bullet For Valerie Jarrett?

Or Barack Obama? Someone ordered the collection of telephone calls between Donald Trump, his staff, and other people. It went on for more than a year. Mike Cernovitch says that it was Susan Rice who ordered the collection of data.


Cernovitch is a less than stellar reporter. His sources for the story that Rice was the culprit were not the intelligence community. No, his sources were someone in the New York Times and someone in Bloomberg news.

Maggie Haberman had it. She will not run any articles that are critical of the Obama administration.”

“Eli Lake had it. He didn’t want to run it and Bloomberg didn’t want to run it because it vindicates Trump’s claim that he had been spied upon. And Eli Lake is a ‘never Trumper.’ Bloomberg was a ‘never Trump’ publication.”

“I’m showing you the politics of ‘real journalism’. ‘Real journalism’ is that Bloomberg had it and the New York Times had it but they wouldn’t run it because they don’t want to run any stories that would make Obama look bad or that will vindicate Trump. They only want to run stories that make Trump look bad so that’s why they sat on it.”

“So where did I get the story? I didn’t get it from the intelligence community. Everybody’s trying to figure out where I got it from. I got it from somebody who works in one of those media companies. I have spies in every media organization. I got people in news rooms. I got it from a source within the news room who said ‘Cernovich, they’re sitting on this story, they’re not going to run it, so you can run it’.”

“If you’re at Bloomberg, I have people in there. If you’re at the New York Times, I have people in there. LA Times, Washington Post, you name it, I have my people in there. I got IT people “

Just watch the first few seconds of Cernovitch gloating about his ‘Bombshell’:

What is the likelihood that he is being played? The conservative blogosphere is running with his story. The whole thing sounds to me like Rice is being sacrificed to protect someone bigger.

Quotes and video from Zero Hedge

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Good Question

“Left Believes Barack Obama Allowed A Known Russian Agent To Be Elected President”

Left says Obama had intelligence linking Trump and/or associates with the Russians. Left doesn’t say why Obama didn’t inform the voters of the evidence he possessed. Left doesn’t say why he ignored FBI request to move forward on investigation – last summer.

He could’ve stopped what Left says is greatest calamity to befall all of humanity. Left says the election is a Guarantee Of Our Destruction As A Species. He could have stopped it all, Left says*. But he let it go. Someone should ask him why.”

From The Earl


“That’s Why You Have The (Felonious) Leaking. People Are Worried”

Is this evidence-level? Evelyn Farkas plainly tells us about members of the Obama administration spying on the Trump campaign. She admits she was a part of it, that she encouraged it.

She has the eyes of a religious fanatic.

Dr. Evelyn Farkas, a former Obama official in the Defense Department turned MSNBC contributor regarded the need for President Trump to reveal his tax returns. But in a last gasp question at the very end of the 2-hour show, Brzezinski turned to the issue of White House staffers, in the waning days of the Obama administration, scrambling to leave an intelligence trail of Russian election interference. The response was illuminating? … confusing? … damning? … it it ended with Farkas saying “that’s why you have all the leaks now.”


Enforcing The Law Is Not Popular With Progressives

How did the country get to the point where so many people believe that laws they don’t like can and should be just ignored? Barack Obama led them there during his eight years in office. It was his Justice Department that picked and chose which laws they would support and which they would not. It’s a combination of anarchy and the royal notion that the King makes the laws.

That action filtered down to lower levels of government. Now we have a new leader for the DOJ. He has taken the position that all laws must be enforced, that for laws to be reversed it is the job of the Legislative branch to do so.

Progressives who have had their way with the country for so long are reacting with shock and horror. They are not in control but they are resorting to hyperbole because it’s all they have.

Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D., N.Y.), the first former illegal immigrant in Congress, argued on CNN’s “New Day” Tuesday morning that the Trump administration’s plan to defund cities that refuse to enforce federal immigration laws was the equivalent of putting a gun to the head of the American people.”

From here

Also, California’s Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye alleges that the rule of law is being challenged because illegals are being arrested – some in the courthouse. She worries that illegals will be traumatized. She is correct. They will begin to worry about whether they will be arrested. That is how it should be.

“California chief justice blasts immigration crackdown, says rule of law is ‘being challenged’”


When we hear of immigration arrests and the fear of immigration arrests in our state courthouses, I am concerned that that kind of information trickles down into the community, the schools, the churches, the families, and people will no longer come to court to protect themselves or cooperate or bear witness,” Cantil-Sakauye said. “I am afraid that will be the end of justice and communities will be less safe and victimization will continue.”

More at the Washington Pos

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Obama’s Legacy Continues To Circle The Drain

We knew there was collusion between Obama and the Kremlin.

If they do release this information it will be interesting – and potentially devastating for Obama.

“Russia Threatens To Leak Things Obama Asked Moscow To “Keep Secret””

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova

Asked about the current state of U.S.-Russia relations, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova gave a long winded answer that can be read below. In her answer, Zakharova suggested Russia may “publish leaks” about “secrets” the Obama administration asked the Russian government to keep private. The shocking statement can be found in the second to last paragraph of Zakharova’s answer highlighted in both bold and italic.”

More at Gateway Pundit

And in this English Language Russian source

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Remember The Islamists Who Attacked The ‘Draw Muhammad’ Competition In Garland, Texas In 2015?

Two men traveled from Phoenix, AZ to shoot the place up.

CBS has learned that the FBI knew they were planning the attack and did nothing to stop it. They had an undercover agent in contact with the men. He was in a car right behind them when they started shooting.

What has been going on with the FBI under President Obama?

“60 Minutes investigates first ISIS-claimed attack in U.S. and what the FBI knew”

Anderson Cooper: After the trial, you discovered that the government knew a lot more about the Garland attack than they had let on?

Dan Maynard: That’s right. Yeah. After the trial we found out that they had had an undercover agent who had been texting with Simpson, less than three weeks before the attack, to him “Tear up Texas.” Which to me was an encouragement to Simpson.


And this past November, Maynard was given another batch of documents by the government, revealing the biggest surprise of all. The undercover FBI agent was in a car directly behind Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi when they started shooting. This cell-phone photo of school security guard Bruce Joiner and police officer Greg Stevens was taken by the undercover agent seconds before the attack.


Dan Maynard: I can’t tell you whether the FBI knew the attack was gonna occur. I don’t like to think that they let it occur. But it is shocking to me that an undercover agent sees fellas jumping out of a car and he drives on. I find that shocking.

Anderson Cooper: That he didn’t try to stop–

Dan Maynard: He didn’t try to stop ‘em. Or he didn’t do something. I mean, he’s an agent, for gosh sakes.”

More here at CBS News

Also here


Ha Ha Ha!

Lying POS speaks out about Alleged lies.

Susan Rice has no credibility. She appeared on five Sunday television shows to blame the attack on the US compound in Benghazi, Libya, on an internet video. That was a lie. By the looks of it she is quite an accomplished liar.

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“Stepping On Your Dick,” Part Deux

Regarding the “wiretapping” claim from Trump, it’s been one long, long train of perpetual dick-stepping. Dick-stepping all the way down:

Testifying in front of Congress this morning, FBI Director James Comey said he has seen no evidence to support President Trump’s accusation, first leveled weeks ago on Twitter, that the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 general election: “We don’t have any information that supports those tweets,” he declared flatly.

By refusing, over and over again, to back down from Trump’s original, farfetched charge, his administration has inflicted a lot of completely unnecessary damage upon itself, and even upon the so-called special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom.

As if the initial, unsupported claim wasn’t bad enough, the administration spring-boarded off some random shit Andrew Napolitano said. When Trump’s claims were denied by our folks here at home, Napolitano claimed that Obama used British Intelligence to spy on Trump. This was verified by no one, and refuted by the Brits, but our admin ran with it like it was the gospel.

So now, in a completely unforced error, the Trump admin has smeared the Brits to protect his own narrative.

Maybe during his decades as a star of the New York tabloids, Trump came to believe that he could get out of trouble by making outrageous counter-accusations against his tormentors. Maybe in that realm, his belief was well founded. But the rules are different when you’re president.

Frankly, it was ALL unforced errors:
If it didn’t happen, Trump shouldn’t have accused Obama of doing it.
If it did happen, Trump should have presented evidence immediately.
If Napolitano was wrong, they should have let him twist on his own.
If Napolitano was right, they should have verified his info and possibly presented that.

Literally the only thing “productive” accomplished here was Trump and that issue dominating the news cycle for this period of time. And all he had to do was to incinerate his credibility and a percentage of his and our relationship with our oldest ally to do that.


Maybe Free Maps Of Our Northern Border Will Help

Illegal immigrants are not feeling welcome any more in the United States. The new President is sending enforcement agents out to round them up so they can be sent home or jailed if they are serious law breakers. Americans who oppose this enforcement of existing law are not just surprised. They are aghast that someone would actually enforce immigration laws that they don’t like.

Here is an interesting story of an illegal being arrested who has been practicing immigration law in California for fifteen years.

“Illegal Alien Supporters Are Aghast At ICE Arresting Illegals At Courthouses”

Octavio Chaidez was walking out of a Pasadena courtroom with a client last month when four men jumped up from a hallway bench and rushed toward them.

The men asked his client’s name. Then they pulled out badges.

“They say, ‘You’re Mr. So and So?’ and he says, ‘Yes,’ ” Chaidez said. “They show him a badge, and they say, ‘We’re from Immigration and Customs,’ and they took him in.”

Chaidez, who has worked as a defense attorney in Los Angeles County for nearly 15 years, said he had never seen federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents make an arrest inside the confines of a courthouse.


What’s barely mentioned in this article, and barely or not mentioned in so many that mimic the LA Times one above, is that Mr. Chaidez’s client was a “previously deported Mexican national with a prior felony conviction for drug trafficking”. Coming back into the U.S. after being deported is also a federal felony. Why are we concerned about a criminal like this being made scared?”

People who are in the United States illegally are sad – and worried. But there is a solution.

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has told them they won’t be arrested in his country, that it has great social programs they can enjoy, and they are welcome.

As a result illegals are deciding to emigrate to Canada. It’s easy. You can walk across the border. That should be a win-win for both countries.

The American state of Hawaii is also determined to protect the rights of illegal emigrants and others from middle-eastern countries. It has been suggested that we ship them there. That sounds good when you say it fast but it would be much more expensive than simply allowing them to deport to Canada. They would need airline tickets because Hawaii is in the middle of an ocean.


The ‘Get To Cuba Before It’s Ruined’ Crowd Isn’t Going To Cuba

When President Obama removed the US travel ban to Socialist ‘Paradise’ Cuba a group of neo-socialsts all got together and declared thet wanted to see the ‘Paradise’ before it was westernized with clean hotels, fast food joints, and jobs.

It appears they are staying home instead. Home is where there are clean hotels, decent restaurants, and jobs.

“U.S. airlines flee Castro’s island hellhole”

Today, JetBlue has cut back its flights “to better match demand.” And in the last few days, it has been joined by two other airliners, Silver and Frontier, fleeing for their lives like Marielitos. They all said demand isn’t what they expected.

This is a fancy way of saying what’s really going on: Cuba is a tourist hellhole. The service stinks, the amenities are gross, the place is thick with thieves and woman-gropers, the cost is high, and the alternatives are out there. In fact, the Caribbean is loaded with pleasant, accommodating destinations well worth a tourist’s dollar for a vacation. Taking a vacation at a communist military-run resort really falls more into the Gulag category.

How is this for tourist hell? Observers noticed Cuban customs officials rummaging through tourist luggage and taking what they wanted. When the tourists complained, they were thrown in jail.”

More at American Thinker