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Is Clinton’s Email Scandal An Opportunity For Obama To Empower The NSA, FBI, And the DOJ?

What if these bureaucracies were all able to dictate to the President; If President Hillary Clinton were to be controlled by them and whomever controls the agencies?

There is an essay over at Consortium News about the scandal called Benghazigate or whatever. The focus of the article is on Mrs. Clinton and her illegal uses of a private server while Secretary of State. The writer, Ray McGovern, is described thus:

Ray McGovern works with Tell the Word, a publishing arm of the ecumenical Church of the Saviour in inner-city Washington. He served as a CIA analyst for 27 years, during which he prepared and briefed the morning President’s Daily Brief for Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Reagan.”


McGovern tells the story again so we won’t be lost but then he adds this:

We are likely to learn shortly whether Attorney General Loretta Lynch is as malleable as Holder or whether she will allow FBI Director James Comey, who held his nose in letting Petraeus cop a plea, to conduct an unfettered investigation this time – or simply whether Comey will be compelled to enforce Clinton’s assurance that “it’s not going to happen.”

Last week, Fox News TV legal commentator Andrew Napolitano said the FBI is in the final stages of its investigation into Clinton and her private email server. His sources tell him that “the evidence of her guilt is overwhelming,” and that the FBI has enough evidence to indict and convict.

Whether Napolitano has it right or not, it seems likely that Clinton is reading President Obama correctly – no profile in courage is he. Nor is Obama likely to kill the political fortunes of the now presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. Yet, if he orders Lynch and Comey not to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for what – in my opinion and that of most other veteran intelligence officials whom I’ve consulted – amounts to at least criminal negligence, another noxious precedent will be set.


This time, however, the equities and interests of the powerful, secretive NSA, as well as the FBI and Justice, are deeply involved. And by now all of them know “where the bodies are buried,” as the smart folks inside the Beltway like to say. So the question becomes would a future President Hillary Clinton have total freedom of maneuver if she were beholden to those all well aware of her past infractions and the harm they have done to this country.”

This sounds like a gift-wrapped, double bowed, opportunity for the President. In one move he can save Clinton from prosecution and make her beholden to all the listed agencies who could have, but didn’t, prosecute her.


Where Did All The Money Go?

This is a big deal. One by one the alternative energy companies that were touted by Democrats are going belly-up. This one fell in less than a year. That does not happen without help from someone. Like Solyndra earlier, Sun Energy was riding high until all the money disappeared. Where did it go?


“Clean energy poster child SunEdison files for bankruptcy”


As recently as last July, SunEdison was still flying high, with its shares trading above $33. They began to collapse soon after and are today worth just 34 cents. Trading was halted Thursday minutes before the bankruptcy filing. (Today their website lists the shares at twenty-two cents a share.)


There is also controversy surrounding SunEdison management. The Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating whether SunEdison management misled the public over the company’s dire financial straits, the Wall Street Journal reported.”

More at CNN Money


“It Depends On What The Definition Of ‘Is’ Is”

That is a real quote from former President Bill Clinton. He was on the hot seat and was parsing his language by throwing out an outrageous comment to distract his questioners.

Now the Obama administration is trying the same deflection tactic.

“Obama Administration Tells Supreme Court ‘Lawfully’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Legally'”


Lawfully” does not mean “legally.”

Welcome to what Solicitor General Donald Verrilli told the Supreme Court on Monday is the “immigration world.” Or, more accurately, welcome to the new world President Barack Obama — through his solicitor — is asking the Supreme Court to join him in declaring.

It is a world that contradicts the law of noncontradiction. It is a place where something can be and not be at the same time. It is a place of illogic — and lawlessness.”

Obama and his flunkies are still, determinedly, trying to stop the use of the word ‘Illegal’ to describe undocumented aliens. From ansympathetic distance their argument looks like the words of fools. When you get closer the description becomes even more correct.

Read the rest at CNS News


White House Opposes Congress’ Calls For Integrity At IRS

Let’s understand. The GOP led Congress has filed three bills to increase integrity in the Internal Revenue Service. That’s a good start. The content of the bills all sound like no-brainers. The White House has sent the OMB to tell the Congress that they should not pass them.

Congress hasn’t even begun to deal with de-weaponizing the IRS.

“White House rejects demand to boost IRS integrity”

irs opposition

One bill would block the IRS from hiring any employees until Treasury certifies that no IRS employee has a seriously delinquent debt.

A second would ban bonuses to employees the IRS develops and implements a comprehensive customer service strategy.

And the third would prohibit the IRS from rehiring an employee who’d been fired for misconduct.”

No-brainers, right? But the White House opposes them.

Read the reasons at the article at the Washington Examiner.


“Rick Ross — Sorry Mr. President … Did I Beep?”

Imagine if you were on the Presidential protection detail.


Rick Ross was like a loud fart in a quiet room when his ankle bracelet went off over the weekend at the White House.

Ross was there along with a bunch of other rappers — Nicki Minaj, Busta Rhymes, J. Cole, Wale and DJ Khaled — to support Obama’s Brother’s Keeper youth initiative, ironically to keep men of color out of trouble.

It was a serious and fancy affair … enough to get Ross in a suit, which covered the ankle monitor he has to wear … a condition of release in his kidnapping case.”

Read more at TMZ


“The Federal Takeover of State Debt is About to Begin”

Cloward, meet Piven.

The White House is trying to start with Puerto Rico. If they can pull that off Illinois will be soon after. Just imagine the control Washington DC will have over the states. There are states with no debt. Could this be the trigger for a Balkanization movement?

Toddlin' Town - Whatever that means

Toddlin’ Town – Whatever that means

One very subtle item that is about to occur is the nationalization of state debt (and likely debts of individual cities) by the federal government. At the highest level, states and cities have made promises (mainly pensions) to their employees that are un-payable without raising taxes to extortionate rates. Detroit cracked first but since it was a city and there was some state framework they were able to use bankruptcy, but many more are to follow, including Puerto Rico (right now) and soon thereafter likely the City of Chicago or its teachers’ pensions as well as the state of Illinois.

A very similar event occurred in Europe when the ECB basically put the debts of Greece and Portugal onto the backs of taxpayers in Germany and Holland. The ECB had a moment (several moments, actually) when they could have fundamentally changed how Greece ran their economy, shutting down statist laws and heavy governmental interference in the economy to open up competition and growth, but they blinked and instead just “wired them money in exchange for promises”.

More here


“Are you within a 100-mile radius of a resettlement site? If so, you are in the (ever-expanding) target range”

This is another of the schemes generated from the White House that will make your family less safe.

First, if you haven’t done so already, go to this list (click here) and find out where your closest UN/US State Department designated resettlement office is located. See the map here.

Then draw a circle one hundred miles out from that city/town.*** If your town is within that circle, you could be seeing some of the huge surge of refugees expected to arrive in the US by September 30th. (And, of course the following year many more as Obama has promised that at his last opportunity, for FY2017, he will be recommending 100,000, unless a new President comes in and rescinds that order)”

More here

Don’t tell me it can not happen here. It is happening just like it did in Europe. Here is a little jewel in the news today. If you don’t want things like this happening to your kids and grandkids, put a stop to it.

“Migrants in Finland pose with preteen girlfriends on social media”

preteen girlfriend 1

Read the rest at SPEISA


Why Are American Parents Not Enraged?

The Obama administration is pushing the country into a depth of depravity that that we have never seen before. They are calling you and me evil and civil rights violators if we oppose our little girls being exposed to sexual predators. A few years ago, as RD Walker has reminded us, anyone who said it might come to this was laughed at and called a crank. “It could never come to that”, they said.

But here it is. Individual states are passing laws to try to help protect their children. Wealthy, left-wing, bandwagon jumpers like Bruce Springsteen are opposing safe kids. He’s not alone. It is a manifestation of evil that is coming directly from the oval Office.

Why are American parents not incensed? We should be enraged that there could even be a possibility that this idiocy could occur. Have we been so beaten down, so frightened of being called a nasty name, that we will no longer act to protect the ones we love the most? It took far less than this to get millions to attend Tea Party rallies in far-away places like Washington DC.

One could say that this should start in America’s churches. Okay, but it should start somewhere. Church pews are filled with families. Dads and moms care for their kids. We should show it. We should rise up and demand that they not be subject to the danger that this politically correct madness will bring.

“Obama Administration Says Men Entering Girl’s Locker Rooms Is A Civil Right”

josh earnest

State’s like Tennessee and to a certain extent North Carolina and Mississippi have a long history — even over the last couple of generations — of working through questions of civil rights. President Obama has talked on a number of occasions about the important progress that our country has made with regard to civil rights,” Earnest said. “This is a good illustration that the fight for civil rights is not over.”

From Joe


‘Fast And Furious’ Is Back In The News And Eric Holder Is Named

Chairman Jason Chaffetz of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has issued a 21 page memo to GOP members of his committee. In it he outlines the facts that were gleaned from the investigation.

Here is a link to the memo in .pdf format.


An excerpt from page one:

On April 8, 2016, the Department produced 20,500 pages of documents in response to
Judge Jackson’s Order.

More than previously understood, the documents show the lengths to which senior
Department officials went to keep information from Congress. Further, the documents reveal
how senior Justice Department officials—including Attorney General Eric Holder—intensely
followed and managed an effort to carefully limit and obstruct the information produced to
Congress. Justice Department officials in Washington impeded the congressional investigation
in several ways, including:

 Presuming that allegations about gunwalking in Arizona were false and refusing to adjust
when documents and evidence showed otherwise.

 Politicizing decisions about how and whether to comply with the congressional

 Devising strategies to redact or otherwise withhold relevant information from Congress
and the public.”


Obama Administration: Those With The Preferred Skin Colors Don’t Have To Follow Laws

“IRS says it’s OK for illegal aliens to use fraudulent Social Security numbers”


IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told a Congressional hearing that the IRS doesn’t have a problem with illegal immigrants using fraudulent Social Security numbers to file their taxes, because they’re doing that for “a legitimate reason”.

By “legitimate reason,” Koskinen means tax revenue.”

More here


Obama Smiles As Peabody Coal Files For Bankruptcy

A few weeks ago we reported that Peabody energy, the largest coal miner in the United States, Was having financial problems as promised by candidate Barack Obama during the 2008 election cycle.


Peabody Energy Corp. filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday, the most powerful convulsion yet in an industry that’s still waiting for the coal market to bottom out.

strip coal mining

The company is seeking to reorganize U.S. operations in federal court in its hometown of St. Louis, reducing an estimated $10.1 billion in debt, according to court filings. It’s the biggest U.S. corporate bankruptcy this year by liabilities, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.”

More at Bloomberg


Siberians Like The New Vladimir Putin Cafe’

“Inside the bizarre Vladimir Putin cafe – complete with Barack Obama toilet paper”

obama toilet paper

Vladimir Putin fans now have the perfect place to toast to the Russian leader thanks to a newly opened cafe dedicated solely to the action man president.

Welcome to the incredibly patriotic President Cafe in eastern Siberia, located around 4,000 km (2,500 miles) from Moscow, where Putin’s face covers the walls and Barack Obama’s smiling face is on the toilet paper.”

us flag rugs

It’s not just Obama that is being roasted.


Read the rest at the UK Telegraph


WSJ: “They Want Your IRA”

Would you buy a used car from this man?

“The White House pushes investors toward government accounts.”

Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez

Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez

President Obama’s regulators aren’t slowing down, alas. And on Wednesday they unveiled another part of their plan to push Americans out of private investment accounts and into government-run plans.

The Department of Labor says its so-called fiduciary rule will make financial advisers act in the best interests of clients. What Labor doesn’t say is that the rule carries such enormous potential legal liability and demands such a high standard of care that many advisers will shun non-affluent accounts. Middle-income investors may be forced to look elsewhere for financial advice even as Team Obama is enabling a raft of new government-run competitors for retirement savings. This is no coincidence.”

More at the Wall Street Journal


Obama As A Clown

What is it with Obama and finger gestures? First it was him giving the middle finger, next it was the ‘One Allah’ gesture at a summit of Islamic leaders. Now he has graduated to the two finger peace sign.

Foreign journalists are right. “Intellectually immature” describes him well.

“Foreign Newspapers Describe Barack Obama In One Word After Nuclear Summit”


UK and Israeli newspapers have one word for Obama – ‘clown’ – for flashing the peace sign as the photo of world leaders was taken at the end of what was a very serious two-day nuclear summit. David Cameron looked on unfavorably and others looked bemused, laughing at him no doubt. Russia didn’t bother to attend.

When he wasn’t censoring the French President for calling the danger what it is – Islamic terrorism – he was acting the part of the intellectually immature student and choom gang member in the Ché Guevara t-shirt.”

obama clown2

More at Independent Sentinel


Actual Terrorists Have Been Caught Crossing Our Southern Border


This is just one state. Admittedly Texas has a very long border with Mexico but three other states also border our neighbor to the south. It is a fact that middle eastern and African people with terror connections have been apprehended at the border. It is also a fact that more have crossed without being caught. It is a further fact that federal border agents have been told to not arrest illegals at the border.


AG Lynch: “Let My People Go”

She says courts should take race into account before sentencing.

How perfectly racist.

“AG Loretta Lynch wants to let nation break law without consequences”

loretta lynch1

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has issued a warning to municipal and state judges across the country that their courts could lose federal funding if they don’t ease up on fines and arrest warrants for minor crimes involving poor offenders, indigent minorities in particular.

In lieu of fines and jail time, Lynch urges the nation’s 6,500 municipal courts to provide an avenue for offenders to perform “community service” or take advantage of “amnesty days,” whereby outstanding arrest warrants are cleared for nominal fees.

Failure to comply with these policies could trigger a Ferguson-style discrimination investigation. Already, Lynch says she’s “evaluating discrimination complaints against several court systems.”

More at the New York Post


At Least Sixty Christians Killed In Pakistan During Easter Celebration

BBC says at least 69 were killed. They were mostly women and children. Police say it was a suicide bomb. I don’t know what that means. Do Hindus do suicide bombing?


I guess it wasn’t Hindu’s. Surprisingly enough the Muslims are celebrating.


The U.S. State Department released a strongly worded statement. Funny. It doesn’t mention that it was Christians who were attacked.

kirby bombing statement


“Lawmakers want answers why VA stripped 260K vets of gun rights”

Senators take issue with the fact the VA uses the fiduciary trustee status of a veteran to regulate firearms possession without due process. (Photo: John Schreiber/My News LA)

Senators take issue with the fact the VA uses the fiduciary trustee status of a veteran to regulate firearms possession without due process. (Photo: John Schreiber/My News LA)

Two Senate Republicans are seeking to understand the Veterans Affairs office practice of reporting veterans to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check system.

Currently a veterans assigned a fiduciary trustee to act on their behalf is automatically declared “mentally defective” and is reported to NICS, the database Federal Firearms Licensees use to determine whether a prospective buyer is eligible to buy guns. As of December 2015, the VA has reported 260,381 individuals to the FBI, effectively making them prohibited firearms possessors under the law.


A similar standard has been proposed by the Social Security Administration to strip gun rights from as many as 75,000 beneficiaries per year according to figures released by the White House in January.”

Read the rest at


Obama Lives In A World Without Reality

“Obama Says No Real Difference Between Capitalism and Communism”

Another phony halo

Another phony halo

So often in the past there has been a division between left and right, between capitalists and communists or socialists, and especially in the Americas, that’s been a big debate,” Obama said. “Oh, you know, you’re a capitalist Yankee dog, and oh, you know, you’re some crazy communist that’s going to take away everybody’s property.” “Those are interesting intellectual arguments, but I think for your generation, you should be practical and just choose from what works.”

He goes on to say that Cuba’s economy does not work. It’s stuck in the fifties. This is half a man who believes in socialism but rejects evidence that it always fails.

Here is a rememberance of how the United States began as a socialist experiment and failed. The result of that failure, and what brilliant people decided to do about it, turned our country into the wealthiest, most prosperous and freest in the history of the world.


Zero Hedge: “Refugee Crisis: Using Chaos To Build Power”

This is the first piece I have read that provides a reasonable, believable explanation of why Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, and other leaders are demanding that their countries accept Muslim refugees. It’s the only thing I have yet seen that gives a reason why they are willing – no, demanding – that their countries be destroyed from within.

They are willing to allow people to be killed and raped. They are demanding that no one try to stop any of it.

“In essence, then, the engineered refugee crisis was created and is being used, at least in part, to advance what globalists often refer to in public as “global governance” and their “new world order.”


If humanitarianism were truly the motivation, countless experts have pointed out, it would be radically more cost effective, not to mention humane, to help refugees and victims of globalist wars closer to their homes.


In short, the “refugee crisis” appears to have been engineered in yet another typical example of what legendary French philosopher Frédéric Bastiat described as concocting the antidote and the poison in the same laboratory.”

Read the rest at Zero Hedge


“BLM Cancels Long-Standing Oil and Gas Leases in Montana; ‘Every Lease At Risk,’ Critics Say”

This time BLM does not stand for Black Lives Matter.

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell (AP Photo)

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell (AP Photo)

They just put every oil and gas lease at risk,” Steve Lecher, attorney for Solenex LLC, told the Great Falls Tribune. “If you can cancel one oil and gas lease after 32 years what makes any lease safe?”

More at CNS News


Limp-Wristed Potus Loves Him Some Communists

Here is some insight into the economy of Cuba. You may get a glimpse of what Barack H. Obama has in mind for the United States.

Harvard Business Review reduces Cuba’s economic woes to three main issues:

Lack of capital investment. Fixed capital investment in Cuba represents just 10% of GDP, which is half the regional average. This likely won’t change until the embargo is lifted, as that would facilitate the arrival of significant new foreign capital. Cuba currently requires billions of dollars in investment in communication infrastructure, an update to its dilapidated transportation network, and significant capital inflows into key productive sectors.

Stalled state economy. Cuba’s large and inefficient public sector severely constrains the country’s ability to expand output. Lacking a true price mechanism to drive resource allocation, many state-run enterprises are unprofitable and kept afloat with implicit subsidies. While the Cuban government has made an effort to gradually shift workers out of the public sector (it has closed 24 state-owned enterprises for failing to meet output targets), only 25% of the Cuban workforce is currently employed in the private sector.

Currency confusion. Cuba desperately needs to do away with its dual currency system. It uses two currencies, the convertible Peso (CUC) valued on par with the dollar and fully tradeable, and the Cuban Peso (CUP) valued at a rate of 24:1 with the dollar, which creates severe constraints for the development of Cuba’s export sector. While calculations would suggest the convertible peso is over valued, Cuban firms will need to see considerable devaluation to gain greater competitiveness.”

More at Legal Insurrection


“Western governments KNEW where 80 Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram were – but no-one tried to rescue them”

Remember this phony image? Michelle Obama tried to give the world the impression that she and her limp wristed husband cared about those kidnapped girls. Hashtag diplomacy is as phony and as useless as every other thing this administration does.


They knew where those ‘Girls’ were and did nothing.

The US and British governments knew where at least 80 of the Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram were but failed to launch a rescue mission, it has been revealed.

Terrorists stormed a secondary boarding school in the remote town of Chibok in Borno state, northern Nigeria in April 2014, and seized 276 girls who were preparing for end-of-year exams.

Although 57 of the girls managed to escape the rest have remained missing and have not been heard from or seen since apart from in May that year, when 130 of them appeared in a Boko Haram video wearing hijabs and reciting the Koran.”

nigerian school girls

Read the rest at the UK Daily Mail


They’re Not Serious. They’re Just Screwing With Us.

“EPA Putting Red Light on Amateur Car Racing”

EPA head Gina McCarthy

EPA head Gina McCarthy

A “power grab” by the Environmental Protection Agency threatens to crash America’s amateur car-racing industry without putting so much as a dent in climate change, warns the chairman of the House Space, Science and Technology Committee.

The EPA’s move to regulate emissions on non-road racing vehicles contradicted agency administrator Gina McCarthy’s earlier testimony that the EPA did not have authority over non-road race cars and motorcycles.”

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Obama: “‘I Have the World’s Largest Carbon Footprint'”

Something to brag about, I guess.

Obama and his seven ton armored limousine

Obama and his seven ton armored limousine

With that, Obama stood up and said, “Okay, gotta go.” He headed out of his office and down the stairs, to the red carpet and the honor guard and the cluster of Malaysian officials waiting to greet him, and then to his armored limousine, flown to Kuala Lumpur ahead of him. (Early in his first term, still unaccustomed to the massive military operation it takes to move a president from one place to another, he noted ruefully to aides, “I have the world’s largest carbon footprint.”)

Via a link at Instapundit to The Weekly Standard.