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Vox: “The whole Democratic Party is now a smoking pile of rubble”

I’d have to agree with the writer’s assessment.

“The down-ballot party has withered, and Obama’s policy legacy will be largely repealed.”

"My work here is done."

“My work here is done.”

To make its comeback, what’s left of the Democratic Party establishment — not just its elected officials but the leaders of its aligned institutions and its major donors — need to recognize that a strategy they believed was working as recently as Tuesday afternoon has in fact failed quite badly.”

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“The Kremlin Didn’t Sink Hillary—Obama Did”

“Democratic panic about Russian disinformation neglects to mention that it was the White House that refused to stop it”

Old And In The Way

Old And In The Way

The Washington Pos reported this week that Kremlin-backed websites pushed “fake news” regularly portraying Hillary and the Democrats in a negative light. There’s really nothing new here for anybody who’s followed Russian propaganda for any length of time. Kremlin agitprop aimed at the West—properly termed disinformation—contains an amalgam of fact and fiction, plus lots of gray information somewhere in between which can be difficult and time-consuming to refute.


Yet again, President Obama’s unwillingness to confront Putin and his regime about anything—Syria, Ukraine, deploying nuclear missiles next to Poland—only encouraged the honey badger in the Kremlin to grow more adventurous and aggressive. By refusing to debunk noxious Russian lies, Obama encouraged Putin to tell more of them—including about Hillary Clinton. This culminated in the Russian intelligence operation which employed Wikileaks as a front to disseminate Democratic emails which had been intercepted by Moscow—as I told you months ago, and which the National Security Agency has recently admitted.”

More at The Observer



From Kate

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Yes, It Is All Obama’s Doing

We noticed it at the time. Everyone he deigned to campaign for lost their seat.

Yep. She lost, too.

Yep. She lost, too.

“How Barack Obama wrecked the Democratic Party”


The collapse of the Democratic Party under Barack Obama occurred in three stages, each corresponding to a national response to Obama’s policy and political overreach.


In Stage One, the Democrats were decimated in the House of Representatives (and the carnage at the state level began). From Inauguration Day in 2009 until July 2010, the Obama White House oversaw the passage of 1) the stimulus package, the most expensive piece of legislation in American history; 2) the second half of the TARP-TALF financial-bailout bill; 3) the Dodd-Frank financial regulatory reforms; and 4) the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. Not since 1933 had there been a more aggressive legislative and regulatory agenda, and Obama’s determined march not only featured $2.7 trillion in new spending but the wholesale revision of the nation’s health-care system.

It was too much, too fast, too soon, and there was a national uprising against it that came to be known as the “Tea Party.” What resulted was a midterm in 2010 that cost the Democrats 63 House seats, the largest such defeat in 72 years.


Stage Two was the decimation of the Democratic Senate majority. In 2014, Democrats watched incumbent after incumbent swept away in a Republican wave eerily similar to the House wave four years earlier. In 2010, Democrats had held on to control of the Senate with candidates who received 29 million votes in aggregate even as the House was going Republican. In 2014, Democrats received 8.2 million fewer votes—a decline of 23 percent from 2010.


Stage Three only began on Election Night, and its contours are yet to be determined: the decimation of the Obama legacy itself.

One might say that it began, oddly enough, with Obama’s 2012 victory. He got his second term, yes, but for the first time in presidential history, received fewer votes in getting reelected than he had in his first run.”

Read the rest at Commentary


Barack Obama Is Facing Facts For A Change

He had a plan. He and the family were going to rent a big house in Washington DC from which he could raise hell with the GOP and keep his form of Muslim Progressivism alive in the government. They even rented the DC house. As befits his image of himself it’s an 8,200 square foot mansion.


But he just got ‘Shellacked’ again. Because he campaigned for her the Democrat Presidential candidate lost. The Democratic National Committee lost one, and then another, of its Chairwomen. Now it’s rudderless and they are talking about doubling down on the things that made them losers.

The telling thing about this is that the Obamas have decided to retire three thousand miles away in California, even if they have to continue to pay rent on the mansion in DC.



The Obamas are reportedly moving to California. Despite renting this family home in Washington DC from January, they are said to have purchased a new house in Rancho Mirage, a city located just outside Palm Springs in California, according to The New York Post.”

More at Harper’s Bazaar


Lynch Mob Is Getting Silly

It almost seems like they know they are running out of time so they are trying stupid moves. And a $10,000 fine? That’s chicken feed for the Denver area. What do you bet the whole thing will be reversed in January?

“DOJ fines Denver Sheriff Dept. for excluding noncitizens when hiring”


The Denver Sheriff Department will accept a penalty from the Department of Justice after a federal probe found it wrongly made U.S. citizenship a job requirement during a recent hiring spree.

The sheriff’s department — the biggest sheriff’s office in Colorado — will pay a $10,000 fine after it required applications for deputy sheriff jobs to be U.S. citizens when hiring from the beginning of 2015 through March 2016. The department went on a hiring spree of 200 deputies as part of its ongoing reform.”

More at the Washington Examiner


“Jason Chaffetz Finds Out Secret Service Agents Get Drunk At Work “

“They Should Be Fired”

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Secret Service Is As Irresponsible As Homeland Security

Last January we reported that it had been discovered that the department of Homeland Security had lost, “Hundreds of DHS badges, guns, cell phones lost or stolen since 2012″. Today we learn it was not just DHS.


“Secret Service Can’t Find Tons Of Its Guns, Phones, Badges And Cars”

Cars? And the Secret Service regularly carries select-fire Uzis that should never get into the hands of bad people. It is impossible for me to believe that these things were not stolen and sold either by Secret Service agents or people who had access to it all. Regardless of where the stuff went the losses, both by DHS and the SS, shows us that there is no effective leadership in either agency.

The Secret Service is headed by Joseph Clancy.

Incumbent Joseph Clancy since October 1, 2014

Joseph Clancy
since October 1, 2014

Homeland Security, of course, is headed by Jeh Johnson.

4th United States Secretary of Homeland Security

4th United States Secretary of Homeland Security

This all happened during the Obama administration. We now have a new administration coming in to the White House. What should the new President do about this level of mismanagement? Should the Directors be held personally responsible for these losses?


Secret Service agents reported 11,780 lost or stolen assets between fiscal years 2001 and 2016, according to the data Judicial Watch received, although the agency didn’t distinguish between lost and stolen items.

A total of 121 “weapons/pistols” were lost or stolen from 2001 through 2016, including 69 in 2002 alone. The Secret Service also reported 736 cell phones, 571 badges and six vehicles as lost or stolen in that same period.”

Read the rest a the Daily Caller


I Have Been Waiting For This

It’s not just Elon Musk and solar power. It’s also the other boondoggles. Wind farms, for instance. All this alternative energy movement has been a way to transfer US government dollars to Democrat cronies. A lot of people have been made wealthy by this method and we have little or nothing to show for it.

The site Divided States has a partial list of the companies like Solyndra that took taxpayer money and then shut down. The money invested there went away and there has been no accounting for where it went.

This should be investigated in detail. The people who stole the money should go to jail.

“It’s Time to Stop Spending Taxpayer Dollars on Elon Musk and Cronyism”

solar power

The Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee have launched a probe into tax incentives paid to solar companies, according to The Wall Street Journal. The committee probes, led by their respective Republican chairmen, Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas and Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, have found an appropriate and disturbing target to begin this work.

SolarCity, a solar installation company set to be purchased by Tesla Motors Inc., is one of the seven companies named in the initial investigation.”

More at the Daily Signal


Don’t Get On A List

Remember when New York Passed the SAFE act and thousands of gun owners lined up to register their property? Those people got on a list of gun owners.

Today we can learn a lesson from the 1.4 million illegal aliens who signed up for Obama’s amnesty plan. The new administration is expected to use that list to go after the low-hanging fruit.

“1.4 million Obama amnesty applicants on deportation hit list”

“I was surprised anyone would be stupid enough to sign up for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans). Yet apparently hundreds of thousands of people did so anyway,” said John Miano of the Center for Immigration Studies.”

More at Washington Examiner

Auto-start video below.

More below the fold…

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“Obama’s main legacy: the collapse of the Democratic Party”

This is in the New York Post.

Throughout the campaign Democrats have told us that the GOP was coming apart. They gleefully said that the party would not nominate an outsider. When they did they said he could never beat Clinton. She had everything; the media, more cash, imagined political expertise, Bill on her side, Obama on her side, and she was a woman. Unbeatable.

As it turns out she was beatable and was beaten. Her name will be a footnote, a little more memorable because of her gender than whomever it was who ran against Calvin Coolidge.

Democrats are in a uniquely weak position after this race. Anyone with political savvy enough to run for President is over seventy and will be still older in four years. The Pelosis, Reids, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders are just not going to be up to the grind. Reid is already stepping down. More will follow. It will take a long time to find and train replacements.

The GOP has show itself ready to rally behind the new President-Elect. They are getting stronger while the Democrats have been weakened. Barack Obama had eight years in which to strengthen his party. He tried campaigning for Democrats but they mostly lost as a result.

But he got in plenty of rounds of golf.

Obama looks mighty happy for a man who has failed

Obama looks mighty happy for a man who has failed

Obama is a once-in-a-generation political athlete who will always be remembered as the nation’s first African-American president. But a goodly portion of what he has labored for over two terms could now wash out with the political tide.


President Obama’s party is lurching toward its own bloodletting after losing to perhaps the least likely presidential candidate in all of American history.

We now know that President Obama’s larger project has come a cropper. He is no Ronald Reagan, not even close.”


It’s Hard To Imagine Just How Big The Loss Was For Democrats

We listened to ‘The Five’ yesterday on Fox News Channel via satellite radio. If you haven’t experienced it the show consists of five people, four ‘Conservatives’ and one ‘Liberal’. Lately the liberal has been Juan Williams. Yesterday he was inconsolable.



What do progressives do when they are unhappy? They attack; and that’s what Williams did yesterday.

This morning there are indications of just why they are unhappy. Politico, for instance, Says this:


“Obama’s West Wing ponders the apocalypse”


“Panic has taken hold all over the White House after Donald Trump’s upset victory”

That may be a bit over-the-top but maybe not.

Ann Althouse observes, “The Democrats Will Now Control Next To Nothing Above The Municipal Level”. I hadn’t thought of that but it is a profound observation. Now if only the citizens of places like Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, et al could get rid of the leeches that have been running their cities into the ground.

Althouse points us toward the crybabies at Slate who have a post titled,

“The Democratic Party Establishment Is Finished”

“What a joke.”

There is more – a lot more – but it’s just repetition now.


Why Do Democrats Oppose Voter ID Laws?

Because it would prevent non-citizens from casting a vote or two.

President Obama tells illegals to go ahead and vote. “No one will check on you”.


This Is Scary

“Feds Order Law Enforcement Agencies to Ignore Drug Use, Criminal Records to Hire Minorities”


In a push to hire minority police officers, the Obama administration is asking the nation’s 18,000 law enforcement agencies to forgive drug use, disregard the criminal records of candidates from “underrepresented communities” and lower standards on written and physical exams. It’s part of the administration’s Advancing Diversity in Law Enforcement initiative following a string of officer-involved shootings involving African Americans. Key to the mission is the racial diversification of local law enforcement agencies so that they “better reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.”

To accomplish this, several barriers must be removed and the details are outlined in a report issued jointly by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency that enforces the nation’s workplace discrimination laws.”

Read the rest at Judicial Watch


“Are you ORDERING me to keep new Clinton email bombshell SECRET?”

Bureaucrats like Loretta Lynch need to maintain an image of deniability. Others whose career was largely outside of government can back them down with questions like this. James Comey’s staff discovered new evidence that he wanted to use to reopen his investigation into Hillary Clinton. Ms. Lynch tried to discourage him so Comey put her on the spot. She flinched and backed down like the midget she is.

Surprisingly enough President Obama has not backed Lynch’s attempt to protect Clinton. Maybe there is more to the stories of a feud between Obama and the Clintons.

“How FBI boss called attorney-general’s bluff before revealing Weiner breakthrough”


An astonishing confrontation between the attorney-general and the FBI director over Hillary Clinton’s emails was revealed Monday.

Sources told Reuters how James Comey, the FBI boss, challenged Loretta Lynch, the nation’s most senior prosecutor, over whether she was directing him to keep the bombshell discovery of new, ‘relevant’ emails secret from Congress.

The development was revealed by the news agency hours after the White House went out of its way to back Comey as a man of ‘integrity’ and rubbish Hillary Clinton’s attack on him.”

Again, from out-of-country media, the UK Daily Mail

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Tingle For Trump?

This is news. Chris Matthews does not support Hillary. This is the second high-profile Democrat supporter that has turned his back on Clinton.


Chris Matthews: If you like the way things are the way they are headed in this country. If you’d like to continue the destruction of our manufacturing base, and the jobs that went with it. If you like the uncontrollable immigration, if you like the string of stupid wars from Iraq to Libya to Syria. If you want to say yes to all of that, if you want to keep this all the way it is, fine, then vote for Hillary Clinton. If you don’t like the way things are headed you got a chance to really shake the system the system at its roots. If you wake up on Election Day and it’s the same as it is today, if its the same 4 or 5 or 8 years from now, remember you had a chance really change it up but you were to dainty to do it.”

More at Gateway Pundit

Then there is this:

“White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest tells the press that President Obama stands with Director Comey”

Does this indicate that there may be three?

From here


FBI Director Comey Is Being Attacked From Both Sides

First, Justice Department officials, including its head, Loretta Lynch, told Comey to keep quiet about the new investigation into the Clinton emails.

“DOJ Objected to FBI Disclosure of New Steps in Clinton Probe, Sources Say”


Attorney General Loretta Lynch and other senior Justice Department officials made it “abundantly clear” to FBI Director James Comey that his plan to disclose new steps in the investigation surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private email server would violate long-standing tradition, sources familiar with the matter told ABC News.”

But he did it any way. The Lynch mob is not happy. The were trying to protect their candidate.

Then it has been reported that Hillary Clinton is coming after him.

“Hillary Declares War on Comey”


There have been numerous developments today in the reopening of the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton, most notably the declaration of war by Clinton World on James Comey.

The war started after almost 24 hours of shock and awe resulting from the Friday afternoon announcement left Team Hillary and the rest of Clinton World attempting to hold back the onslaught of news coverage.”

From here

It’s all coming to light because of a computer owned by Huma Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Dangler, a known sex fiend. Mrs. Clinton has had nothing but trouble from sex-crazed men who think they are the smartest person in the world but are continually distracted by their own genitals. Maybe someone will find something – but don’t hold your breath.


From The Earl

Any how , it looks like James Comey will be stepping down before long. I’d suggest he hire some bodyguards – and stay out of Fort Marcy Park.


PuffHo: Obama Screwed Up By Appointing Comey

“Barack Obama Named James Comey FBI Chief For All The Wrong Reasons”


Comey shares two of the Obama administration’s most consistent and unnerving legal leanings: a proclivity for mass surveillance and an aversion to Wall Street accountability.


If Obama wanted to invoke novel legal theories to pursue mass surveillance, then Comey was a pretty solid bet. But another aspect of Comey’s resume may also have comforted the Obama administration. In 2010, he took a job as the top lawyer at Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world, with over $150 billion in assets under management. In early 2013, he briefly accepted a post on the board of scandal-plagued British bank HSBC, which he gave up for the FBI job.


But work at a weird hedge fund wasn’t disqualifying in an administration that had long made clear it was not interested in prosecuting financial crime. The Obama administration has settled billions of dollars in cases against big banks for everything from rigging energy markets to illegally foreclosing on homeowners, but top executives have avoided prosecution. Even when banks themselves pleaded guilty to felony tax evasion and interest-rate-rigging, the Obama administration declined to prosecute the actual bankers involved.”

Remember MF Global and Jon Corzine? We have covered the fiasco where Corzine took money from customer’s trust accounts and invested in Very risky European derivatives and lost it. He was never arrested. Coverage here, Here, Here, and more.

Former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine led MF Global into bankruptcy

Former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine led MF Global into bankruptcy

The Obama administration has pursued some cases of fraud but not others. They have a reason for this selectivity.

In hindsight, even the Huffington Post, who have unfailingly supported Barack Obama, have come to the conclusion that James Comey may not have been the man to head the FBI. Their objection sounds a lot like the problem they have with Comey is that he isn’t protecting the President or Mrs. Clinton well enough.

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Another Attack On US Military Troops’ Morale

The problem is that California increased the size of bonuses. Now the feds want it back. All of it, not just the increases. The decision to increase bonuses was made at the state level. If anyone should repay it should be the state of California.

“Report: California soldiers must repay enlistment bonuses”


Nearly 10,000 California National Guard soldiers have been ordered to repay huge enlistment bonuses a decade after signing up to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan, a newspaper reported Saturday.

The Pentagon demanded the money back after audits revealed overpayments by the California Guard under pressure to fill ranks and hit enlistment goals. If soldiers refuse, they could face interest charges, wage garnishments and tax liens, the Los Angeles Times ( ) said.


Soldiers said they feel betrayed at having to repay the money.

“These bonuses were used to keep people in,” said Christopher Van Meter, a 42-year-old former Army captain and Iraq veteran who was awarded a Purple Heart. “People like me just got screwed.”

Van Meter said he refinanced his home mortgage to repay $25,000 in reenlistment bonuses and $21,000 in student loan repayments that the military says was improperly given to him.”

More here


Russia Adding Pressure In Eastern Mediterranean

“Russian Navy Deploys Carrier to Med”

The Admiral Kuznetsov Is obviously not nuclear powered.  What do you think?  Soft coal?

The Admiral Kuznetsov Is obviously not nuclear powered. What do you think? Soft coal?

Oct 21, 2016 (ANN) In a move sure to be seen as provocation by many western observers, the Russian have redeployed their only carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, to the eastern Mediterranean.


This month’s deployment of the vessel to Syria is her first following an extensive 2010 refit. Photos taken by the Royal Navy (see below) of the vessel transiting the English Channel have led to speculation among American military experts as to the exact nature of these upgrades. “Judging from the stack gas, her power plant appears to have been converted to one burning firewood, or possibly peat.”

How will Obama react?

More at Ace of Spades


OPSEC? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ OPSEC.

‘Stuck on himself.’ That’s what my mother used to say when she encountered a self-centered person. It was not praise. It was a warning to us kids that we should not turn out like that person. We should not be stuck on ourselves.

No one taught that lesson to Barack H. Obama. First he gets a dog and names it Bo, his initials. It’s better, I suppose, than Bho would have been.

Now we learn that he set up a ‘Secret email account for himself so he could communicate with lackeys and not have those emails recorded by White House staffers. True to form he comes up with the perfect secret name:

“Wikileaks Releases First Batch Of Emails Sent To And From President Obama’s Secret Email Address”

Just when it seemed we could not get any more email leak excitement, here comes Wikileaks with what it claims is the first batch of emails obtained from a secret address used by president Barack Obama (

More at Zero Hedge


Meet Robert Creamer

Huffington Post has a brief bio on him because he is one of their writers.

“Political Organizer, Strategist, Author; Partner Democracy Partners”


From that bio:

He has been a consultant to the campaigns to end the war in Iraq, pass universal health care, pass Wall Street reform, change America’s budget priorities, enact comprehensive immigration reform, promulgate new employer overtime rules, and pass the Nuclear Agreement with Iran. He has also worked on hundreds of electoral campaigns at the local, state and national level — and served as a consultant to the DNC and President Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012. Creamer is married to Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky from Illinois. Arianna Huffington calls his book, Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win, a master’s class in electoral politics.”

Jan Schakowsky

Jan Schakowsky

A little more about Creamer from Second City Cop:

“Guess Who Paid to Injure Cops”

Yes, the democrats. Specifically the husband of communist plant and Alinsky-ite representative Jan Schakowsky.”

A bit more from Zero Hedge:

“Why Did Vote-Rigging Robert Creamer Visit The White House Over 200 Times During The Obama Admin”

But voter fraud isn’t Creamer’s only criminal specialty. A quick look at Wikipedia reveals that Creamer spent 5 months in federal prison back in 2006 for a “$2.3 million bank fraud in relation to his operation of public interest groups in the 1990s.”

So, with that kind of history, you can imagine our surprise when we discovered that a Mr. Robert Creamer showed up on the White House visitor logs 340 times beginning in 2009 when Obama took office and culminating with his latest visit in June 2016. Moreover, in 45 of those instances, Creamer was scheduled to meet with POTUS himself. Perhaps this is just two old Chicago “community organizers” hanging out?”

This is all revealed by Project Veritas’ work, “Rigging Elections”.

Creamer has been consulting with the Hillary Clinton campaign. Because of the Project Veritas work he has resigned.

Dirt Bag working for other dirt bags.

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Who Are ‘The Elite’?

This morning there is this at Zero Hedge:

“The Elite “Have No Idea” – Society Is Near The Breaking Point”

The writer argues that the stupid elite have no idea what they are doing to the ‘Deplorables’ in the United States.

What I find most surprising today is that the insiders and the elite have no idea what is percolating just beneath the surface. Okay, maybe their arrogance actually produces its own fog, so it should not come as a surprise that they are blinded. They do not look at the calendar, which, if one really looks, says “1788” on it. Something is close. Very close. Society is near the breaking point.

My own experience is that Hillary’s so-called Deplorables are actually the most reserved, most polite, and most honest demographic in the country. They are more informed, more self-reliant, and among other things, better armed. Regarding their arms, they are incredibly responsible, and not the source of the violence for which the implement, and not the person, is too often blamed. The Deplorables have the longest fuse. It is, however, a fuse.

Alt Left, on the other hand, are the Neo Fascists and Neo Neocons. It is Alt Left that thinks Free Speech means THEIR speech only. It is Alt Left that needs ‘safe spaces’ and wants to enforce thought crime.”

Today we have a report about the fire bombing of a GOP headquarters building in North Carolina. CNN is trying to blame it on the rhetoric of Donald Trump – as though he told the bombers to commit a felony.

I seriously doubt that it was a Republican who did the deed or spray painted Nazi slurs on the building. But they would like to obfuscate the facts in order to make Trump the demon.

But back to ‘Elites’. The emotional talk on the clip above came from a person who sees himself as an elite. Most televisions and film personalities do. But what about the real elites? People like Obama, Michelle, Hillary, or Valerie Jarrett?

I think they know just what they are doing. They are working hard to provoke the Deplorables into violence. The pressure is coming from every direction. Again, the writer at Zero Hedge says:

Perhaps most significant is that it is Alt Left who so quickly resorts to violence and vandalism when confronted with people and ideas with which it takes exception. Never has that been as clear as in this election cycle.

The Deplorables, however, are not possessed of infinite patience. Like a capacitor, there is a charge building, and at some point it will be released into the circuitry of society.

The media and other insiders believe themselves to be immune. That thought no doubt results from being immersed inside a cocoon where dissonant voices are not allowed. When the levee breaks, or the capacitor releases its charge, they are going to be gob smacked.

Precious few of them are anywhere near as immune as they believe themselves to be. Additionally, what they might think, or hope, is their support, their security, their safe space, doesn’t really exist.

Most of society’s guardians, whether they are law enforcement or military, are card-carrying members of the Deplorables.

France was similarly constructed in the late 1780s. The elite were isolated only in thought, not in reality. Their protection was of a Potemkin Village nature: not actually there, but merely a facade that gave them false comfort.

They paid dearly for their arrogance and ignorance.”

Keep Calm and Keep Your Powder Dry.


We Should Have Known Putin Would React. He’s Playing For Real.

Yesterday we reported that Vice President Biden had been sent out to the Sunday shows to tell Everyone that the US was going to go after Russia with some ‘Cyber attacks’. It is supposedly a retaliation against them for hacking the DNC emails and the Clinton emails.

“Russia Slams “Unprecedented, Insolent” US Cyber Threats, Vows Retaliation”


To be sure, this “leak” of what effectively amount to a cyberwar warning was a calculated move meant to provoke further escalation in tensions between the two nations and a trial balloon to gauge Russia’s response. The response came this morning Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that “US aggressiveness is growing, and threats to carry out cyberattacks against Russia are unprecedented” adding that Russia will take “precautionary measures.”

The fact is, US unpredictability and aggression keep growing, and such threats against Moscow and our country’s leadership are unprecedented, because the threat is being announced at the level of the US Vice President,” Peskov told RIA Novosti cited by AFP. “Of course, given such an aggressive, unpredictable line, we have to take measures to protect our interests, somehow hedge the risks,” he said, adding that “such unpredictability is dangerous for the whole world.”

More at Zero Hedge


Nobel Peace Prize Phony Ratchets Up Possible War With Russia

OPSEC used to be a real thing. Operational security means not telling the enemy what your plans are. The Obama White House has repeatedly crippled any offensive or defensive action by our military by announcing it beforehand. This is another example. I am beginning to believe it’s intentional, that our President doesn’t want them to succeed. What other explanation could there be?


“CIA Prepping for Possible Cyber Strike Against Russia”


The Obama administration is contemplating an unprecedented cyber covert action against Russia in retaliation for alleged Russian interference in the American presidential election, U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News.

Current and former officials with direct knowledge of the situation say the CIA has been asked to deliver options to the White House for a wide-ranging “clandestine” cyber operation designed to harass and “embarrass” the Kremlin leadership.


Vice President Joe Biden told “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd on Friday that “we’re sending a message” to Putin and that “it will be at the time of our choosing, and under the circumstances that will have the greatest impact.”

When asked if the American public will know a message was sent, the vice president replied, “Hope not.””

More at NBC News


Agents: “Comey Is A ‘Dirty Cop’

It is time for the administration to throw Comey under the bus and allow him to step down with the millions he took from Clinton donor Lockeed Martin. Nothing will happen to the people who told him what to do.

“Former U.S. Attorney: Agents See FBI Chief Comey as a ‘Dirty Cop’”

"The FBI in open revolt against a deceitful director"

“The FBI in open revolt against a deceitful director”

James Comey presides over an FBI in revolt over his leadership, a former U.S. attorney tells The American Spectator, and pursues “paranoid, delusional, and vindictive” measures to prevent negative information leaking out to the public.

“I know that inside the FBI there is a revolt,” Joseph diGenova tells The American Spectator. “There is a revolt against the director. The people inside the bureau believe the director is a dirty cop. They believe that he threw the [Hillary Clinton email] case. They do not know what he was promised in return. But the people inside the bureau who were involved in the case and who knew about the case are talking to former FBI people expressing their disgust at the conduct of the director.”

More at American Spectator

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