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Fire Relief Fundraiser For Tennessee Fire Victims

Hosted by Dollywood. It is too late to attend but you can help here:


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Texas Requires Giving Aborted Fetuses Proper Burials…

… And Pro-Abortion People are Going Nuts. The childish among them are pushing for women to send blood-soaked tampons to the Governor’s office. You can bet this silly action will not sway Governor Abbott.

The new rule, introduced in July by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, requires that abortion facilities, hospitals and other medical centers either cremate or bury the remains of aborted and miscarried babies. State officials said the rule does not apply to miscarriages or abortions that take place at home.

The commission finalized the rule in late November. It is scheduled to go into effect on Dec. 19.


More states are moving to require dignified burials of aborted babies’ bodies after undercover videos revealed evidence that Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities may be selling aborted babies’ body parts. The Center for Medical Progress videos prompted a number of states and the U.S. House to open investigations into the matter.

In Ohio, the state attorney general’s investigation found that Planned Parenthood was “steam cooking” aborted babies’ bodies before dumping them in landfills. A state investigation in South Carolina also caught Planned Parenthood facilities illegally dumping aborted babies’ bodies in public landfills, and fined them for it.”

More at Life News


It’s About Time

The best line in the article is this, “Emanuel… has no real bargaining power in the equation because he’s on the wrong side of the law.”

If the new President Trump only reinstates respect for, and adherence to, the law he will accomplish a lot. The tactic the Obama administration adopted, ignoring laws they did not agree with, has done a great deal to make the country less safe and more lawless.

“The Coming Sanctuary Cities Crackdown”

“Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel begs President-elect Trump for leniency.”

Emanuel (D), who used to be a congressman and then President Obama’s chief of staff, dropped by Trump Tower in New York on Wednesday to urge President-elect Donald Trump to abandon his campaign promise to crack down on sanctuary cities.

“I also spoke out strongly about what it means to be a sanctuary city who will support and secure the people who are here, like my grandfather who came to the city of Chicago as a 13-year old 100 years ago,” said Emanuel who actually has no real bargaining power in the equation because he’s on the wrong side of the law.”

Read the rest at Front Page Magazine

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SPLC Endorses ‘Newspeak’

The function of the imposition of ‘Newspeak’ in George Orwell’s novel, 1984, was to control language and thus control the people. Actual thinking was discouraged and the people were subjected to regular propaganda.

This is now happening because the left’s dearest, the Southern Poverty Law Center, has decided to add far-left wing killers to their list of right-wing terrorists so they can inflate the numbers.

The list would be short if they didn’t apply a little creativity. Their definition of “The Right” was stretched beyond the breaking point to include Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, Luqman Ameen Abdullah, Micah Xavier Johnson, and Gavin Eugene Long.

Mateen killed 50 at an Orlando night club on behalf of the Islamic State. His fellow jihadist Abdullah was an imam who died in a shootout with the FBI.

Johnson was a black supremacist who killed five Dallas police officers while deranged by the sort of propaganda that is peddled by Black Lives Matter and the SPLC. Long, who killed three cops in Baton Rouge, was a former member of Nation of Islam. Both appear to have been motivated by hatred of white people.

Surprisingly, Floyd Corkins Jr., who planned to murder people at the offices of the Family Research Center and rub Chick-fil-A sandwiches in their faces on behalf of militant sexual depravity, does not seem to have made the list of right-wing terrorists.”

Even so, the leftists in the media still regularly cite reports from SPLC as though they were unbiased.

“Southern Poverty Law Center Characterizes Muslim and Black Supremacist Killers as Right Wing”

The SPLC maintains a list called “Terror from the Right,” which according to them is “a synopsis of radical-right terrorist plots, conspiracies and racist rampages since the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.”

More at Moonbattery

Also at the Daily Caller

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Trump Chose Taiwan On Purpose

He has said all along that the trade deficit needed to be balanced. He intends to place tariffs on merchandise that is not manufactured in the United States. To Americans that puts China’s exports in the center of the crosshairs. Whether we agree with what Mr. Trump intends to do or not, it looks like he’s going to do what he promised. Even before being sworn in as President he has indicated that the relationship between the US and China is going to change and he, rather than Beijing, will be setting the rules.

The Washington Pos has an article titled, “Trump’s Taiwan phone call was long planned, say people who were involved”.

Donald Trump’s protocol-breaking telephone call with Taiwan’s leader was an intentionally provocative move that establishes the incoming president as a break with the past, according to interviews with people involved in the planning.

The historic communication — the first between leaders of the United States and Taiwan since 1979 — was the product of months of quiet preparations and deliberations among Trump’s advisers about a new strategy for engagement with Taiwan that began even before he became the Republican presidential nominee, according to people involved in or briefed on the talks.”

Trump is shaking things up. You can bet that China’s leaders are huddling and trying to figure out a way that they can handle him so they can have the kind of control over US policy that they have enjoyed since the 1970’s when Jimmy Carter gave it to them.

If President-Elect Trump is planning to shake things up both here and abroad, like he has indicated, he will have to do things like this. He will have to take chances and spit in the bully’s eye. The hand-wringing in the media has already begun and will become cacophonous.

As an aside, this tariff will have a powerful effect on companies like Wal-Mart that sell primarily Chinese made products.


Urban Survival Training For Millenials

They appear to be drinking beer so they must be college age.

The girl seems to be having some trouble. “Mom has always done this.”


A lesson in how to open a can of spaghettio’s

Thanks to Irish for finding this. He says we are in trouble. He’s right.


Clinton Lawyer Seeks To Block Recount In North Carolina

He’s trying to cover something up. At the end of the video we learn that a bunch of ballots mysteriously showed up giving the Democrat the win.

Elias and Clinton

Elias and Clinton

The results were a Democrat won by a very small margin under questionable circumstances.

An attorney for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign who advocated for and joined 2016 Green Party presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein’s recount effort is now urging North Carolina’s Republican governor to halt his own process.

Incumbent Gov. Patrick McCrory is currently trailing his Democratic challenger, Attorney General Roy Cooper III, by about 9,000 votes.

Attorney Marc Erik Elias says that is enough of a margin that should convince McCrory to concede”

More here

Auto-start video below.

More below the fold…

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It Is Time For Meaningful Changes To Gun Laws

After the attempted killings on the Ohio State University campus where the perpetrator used a car and a knife, morons on the left are calling for changes to gun laws.



I agree. There should be changes. The proper change, as we have seen, is to outlaw gun-free zones. It was only the grace of God that placed campus police Officer Alan Horujko right at the scene of the crime.

Officer Alan Horujko saved lives

Officer Alan Horujko saved lives

Had he been somewhere else on campus the students would have been sitting ducks, easy prey – unless some had been armed and trained. That is one change I can support.



If Sold They Can Collect Property Tax On Them

The problem is, like Detroit, They can’t give them away.

The wording on the headline makes one wonder. Are they trying to sell them for $1 each or a dollar for them all?

“4,000 vacant lots on sale for $1 to Chicago homeowners”

No, thank you

No, thank you

Chicago’s Large Lots Program, which sells vacant city-owned parcels to nearby homeowners for $1 each, is getting a lot larger.

More than 4,000 vacant lots will be put up for sale in 33 communities on the South and West sides, beginning Tuesday. Eligible buyers must own property on the same block as the vacant lot, be current on their property taxes and have no outstanding debt to the city.”

More at the Chicago Tribune


Bad News For Subsidized Iowa Corn Growers

Good news for vodka drinkers.

“Scientists Accidentally Discover Efficient Process to Turn CO2 Into Ethanol”

The process is cheap, efficient, and scalable, meaning it could soon be used to remove large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere.

The process is cheap, efficient, and scalable, meaning it could soon be used to remove large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee have discovered a chemical reaction to turn CO2 into ethanol, potentially creating a new technology to help avert climate change. Their findings were published in the journal ChemistrySelect. [Go here for a new in-depth interview about the findings with one of the lead researchers.]

The researchers were attempting to find a series of chemical reactions that could turn CO2 into a useful fuel, when they realized the first step in their process managed to do it all by itself. The reaction turns CO2 into ethanol, which could in turn be used to power generators and vehicles.”

Read the rest at Popular Mechanics


Looks Like We Didn’t Make The List

The Washington POS has quoted this List.

There are about 200 sites on the list. The Real Revo is not one of them – yet.

An Initial Set of Sites That Reliably Echo Russian Propaganda”


We have used a combination of manual and automated analysis, including analysis of content, timing, technical indicators, and other reporting, in order to initially identify (“red-flag”) the following as Russian propaganda outlets. We then confirmed our initial assessment by applying whatever criteria we did not originally employ during the red-flag process, and we reevaluate our findings as needed.

Please note that our criteria are behavioral. That means the characteristics of the propaganda outlets we identify are motivation-agnostic. For purposes of this definition it does not matter whether the sites listed here are being knowingly directed and paid by Russian intelligence officers, or whether they even knew they were echoing Russian propaganda at any particular point: If they meet these criteria, they are at the very least acting as bona-fide “useful idiots” of the Russian intelligence services, and are worthy of further scrutiny.”

The List can be found here


There Is An Ugly Side To Permissive Drug Laws

Vancouver, B.C., Canada is seeing it. The CBC did this piece on the difficulties there.

Permissiveness is a hallmark of libertarian doctrine. Here we see the results. Once permissive drug acceptance is instituted what does society do? Do we write these drug users off as volunteer Darwinists?

I am heartened that the video shows a group of volunteers working to help the overdosed drug users but are they doing them any favors?

Hat tip to Kate who says this:

I’ve returned to my hometown of Vancouver for a few days and am shocked and bewildered by what I’m seeing. There are marijuana shops all over the city now, many spouting the drug as some sort of miracle medical potion. Many storefronts along Granville Mall are boarded up. Then this report appeared on CBC’s The National last night:

For years the “brilliant minds” at Insite promised us that their way would solve the drug problem in the city. They sought to destroy anyone who suggested that abstinence based treatment programs were the answer.”


“Dr. Ben Carson Accepts Offer to Head Housing and Urban Development”

What do you think? Will Gentle Ben have what it takes to reform HUD? He will have a non-stop battle with established bureaucrats there who have designed what is there and will resist changes.

“According to his spokesman Dr. Ben Carson accepted the offer to head the Housing and Urban Development Department in the Trump administration.”

ben carson

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, a former presidential rival, on Wednesday accepted an offer from President-elect Donald Trump to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a Carson spokesman.”

From Gateway Pundit

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Students At Edgewood College Call It A ‘Hate Crime’

They even got the Madison, Wisconsin police department to investigate.

In response to the incendiary note, staff from the student conduct, human resources, Title IX, and diversity offices were brought together so they could decide how to respond to the “hateful message.”

According to Chambers, “the group determined that the message constituted a Hate Crime, based on guidelines from the Jeanne Clery Act and state law.”


What was the note? Wait for it… It was a pink Post-it note on which someone had written, “Suck it up, pussies”.

Read the rest at Campus Reform


You Told Them You Would Eliminate Their Jobs. Duh!

Eliminate their jobs, take their guns, and make everything more expensive.

Do you think Democrats will learn from this? Me neither. Their leaders are driven by ideology and not the wishes of their constituents.

“House Democrats lament blue-collar collapse”


Democrats’ shrinking ranks of House members from blue-collar districts watched glumly as President-elect Donald Trump ran up the score in their backyards earlier this month, fearing their party is forfeiting wide swaths of America — and with it, any prospect of taking the House for years to come.”


“Someone said, ‘When it comes to trade, and the need for changing the way we do politics, and [that] the system is fixed for the benefit of few and the expense of many, you sound a lot like Trump,’” Nolan said. “I said, ‘No, Trump sounds like me.’ And that has been who I am for a long time.”

More drivel at Politico

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I’d Do This But I Don’t Frequent Starbucks

This is funny. Talk about microaggressions.

“Republican voters fight election backlash by telling Starbucks baristas their name is ‘Trump’ so they have to shout the name when their cup of Joe is ready”


Trump supporters are posting pictures of Starbucks coffee with the hashtag #TrumpCup to protest discrimination against Republicans

Trump supporters have been telling baristas their name is ‘Trump’

The baristas then must write it on the cup and shout it out loud when ready”

Read the rest at the UK Daily Mail


As Sure As Night Follows Day…

So, will millenials riot over this? Probably.

Machines like this will make service faster and more accurate. McDonalds started out with a goal: Produce food fast and cheap. Now they are neither fast nor cheap – and their burgers make me feel like I have eaten a croquet ball.

“McDonald’s Reacts To $15 Minimum Wage, Announce All U.S. Stores To Be Automated”


This post comes from the “Department Of I Told You So.” Back in August we reported that a Heritage Foundation study looked at the effect of the $15.00 minimum wage on a state by state basis the progressive program would put between 7 and 9,000,000 Americans out of work. The first indication that the unemployment wave may be happening is the latest news that McDonald’s is planning to expand its digital self-serve ordering stations and table service to all of its 14,000 stores in the U.S.”

From The Lid


An Honest Muslim Leader



Haitham Ibn Thbait, of the American chapter of Hizb Ut-Tahrir, told American Muslims earlier this year that Islam was not here to integrate, but rather to dominate.

The problem with their system is not the scores of dead. It is deeper than that. It is their secular faith. It is in direct opposition with our creed, when Allah says: “Legislation belongs to none other than Allah.”

Read more at the Washington Standard

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Wacko Leftists Are Calling Sen. Jeff Sessions A Racist

Why? Because he’s from Alabama? Because he was named for a Confederate hero? No. Those are just their excuses. They just don’t want a conservative to be Attorney General.

Just look at how racist Sen. Sessions has been in the past:



Jeff Sessions is going to be the next Attorney General of the United States. The Senate Democrats, having scrapped the filibuster on nominations, have no way to stop him. Will these pictures stop him?

They show Jeff Sessions marching in the streets with… wait for it … no seriously, wait for it… civil rights icon John Lewis.


That’s right. The media wants you to think Jeff Sessions is some sort of Alabamian unrepentant racist, but in fact Jeff Sessions has a long history of fighting segregation in Alabama, seeking the death penalty for KKK members, and marching with civil rights leaders to commemorate and honor the 50th anniversary of the march at Selma.”

Of course. He’s a Republican. It has been Republicans who have supported equality for blacks. It has been Democrats who have opposed it.

More here


Ah, Snowflakes…

U. Michigan Law School Scrubs Post-Election Play-Doh Event From Website


U. Miami Students Get Milk And Cookies to Help Deal With Trump Victory


Barnard Students Console Themselves Over Election With Coloring Books


Someone is paying thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands for these dolts to become expert Crayola users. What a waste.


Michelle Rhee To Head Trump Education Department?

We reported on Ms. Rhee back in 2009. She was always supportive of Charter Schools during her time heading the Chancellor of the Washington D.C. public schools. She is now married to the man who is Mayor of Sacramento, California. According to KCRA in Sacramento she is on President-Elect Trump’s short list to head the Department of Education. Teacher’s unions of course oppose her.

Michelle Rhee

Michelle Rhee

President-elect Donald Trump will be meeting with Sacramento First Lady Michelle Rhee as a potential candidate for secretary of education.

Danielle Hagen with Trump’s administration confirmed the meeting will take place in New Jersey on Saturday.


Rhee is widely known as the former chancellor for Washington, D.C., public schools, fighting the teachers’ union as she made a polarizing push for charter schools and voucher programs.

“Michelle Rhee was a disaster in Washington D.C. She supported independent, privately-run charters — sometimes for-profit,” Sacramento City Teachers Association Vice President Davis Fisher said. “Pretty much used private school rules and public money to continue the have and have-nots.”


Oh, How Could That Have Happened?

Does anyone have a clue? How many does that make now?

“After Election, the Woman Investigating Clinton Foundation Crimes, FOUND DEAD!”

Monica Peterson

Monica Peterson

Image from here

It has been reported on Reddit that Monica Petersen, working for the Human Trafficking Center, was in Haiti investigating possible human trafficking connections to the Clinton Foundation.

Peterson previously worked for the Colorado Human Trafficking Council’s Data & Research Task Force. Early in 2016, a friend shared her blog post which was critical of Hillary Clinton’s shady dealings in Haiti.”

More at Political Insider including other links.

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Plucking Your Heart Strings


Kids – There Is No Participation Trophy In Politics

“Memo To Millennials: That Awful Feeling You’ve Got Is Called Losing”

It makes me sad to look at these losers

It makes me sad to look at these losers

Cheer up, American millennials!
I mean, seriously, CHEER THE **** UP!

Oh, I know you’ve had a rough week ever since Donald Trump won the election.

But it’s time to get a grip.

STOP crying.

STOP taking personal days off work to ‘process’ what happened.


In short, STOP being such a faux-tormented bunch of absolutely deluded cretins.

Want to know why Trump is going to be your next president?

It’s because he is what’s called a ‘winner’.”

Interestingly, this was written by Piers Morgan and published in the UK Daily Mail


Now The Commies Are Threatening The Lives Of Electoral College Voters

They have gotten a lot more brazen since the President and the media have taken their side.

“Electoral College voters ‘deluged’ with death threats”

Mike Banerian

Mike Banerian

Hillary backers: ‘Hateful bigot, I hope you die … I will put a bullet in your brain’

Michael Banerian, 22, of Oakland County, Michigan, is one of that state’s 16 official electors who will meet in the state capital of Lansing on Dec. 19 to cast their votes for Trump. He told the Detroit News Thursday he has received threatening emails, lots of them, from people telling him to vote for Democrat Clinton instead of the GOP victor he is pledged to support. Trump won Michigan’s popular vote and should be able to count on the 16 electoral votes in that state.”

Read more here – including video of Banerian.