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It’s Getting Closer – Anti-Semites Turn Violent In Calgary


This happened in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

CALGARY — One of the organizers of a pro-Palestinian protest in Calgary last Friday plans to apologize publicly to pro-Israeli demonstrators who were beaten up during the event.

It was just one of a growing list of marches across Canada and around the world that are being tainted by violence and anti-Semitic slogans.

Over the past few days, thousands of protesters have massed in Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam and other European cities in mostly peaceful expressions of support for Palestinians in Gaza.

Some of the demonstrations have taken on a distinctly anti-Semitic tinge, although organizers said they were designed solely to protest the Israeli incursion into Gaza.”


Careful – Language. This is happening in many places. It appears to be a coordinated effort to bring violence into the discussion. In the amateur video below you can see the pro-Hamas demonstrators verbally, and then physically attacking supporters of Israel.

The same thing is playing out wherever these clashes occur. After a while, when they find that they won’t be arrested, they escalate. In Paris the fire bombing and destruction of Jewish-owned businesses has caused Jews to flee the city.

Unless stopped by greater force this violence will become greater. And it will happen in the Untied States.


Below is a brief video that shows it is coming to the United States. The violence hasn’t begun – yet. But it will.


Here Is Where Your Local Police Can Get Military Gear

It’s called Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services. Here is the ‘Tactical Vehicle’ page.

They have pages for Aircraft, Tactical vehicles, and Weapons. The Weapons page looks like this:

DLA guns

Currently they have three firearms available, The M-16A2, the M-14, and the 1911 pistol. Title is not transferred to the department. Items are said to be, “On loan”.

On the Tactical Vehicles page they have MRAP’s and Humvees.

I have not found a source for free ammo.

Your local police department must qualify through the 1033 program and links are posted on site.

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Communist BRICS Ally To Sink US Dollar


From Trevor Loudon:

Four Marxist ruled states (Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa) together with heavily communist infiltrated India, are working together on a plan which could destroy the US dollar and sink the economy.

From the British communist paper Morning Star:”

Maduro: Brics summit will change the world order

Decisions taken at the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (Brics) summit will change the course of the 21st century, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said July 16.

“Brics have made very important decisions to change the political and economic world order,” he told his weekly TV programme.

The bloc has “decided to create a development bank with $100 billion (£58bn) as starting capital and a commercial and financial system among its members to use local currencies instead of U.S. dollars.”

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“Rep. Bridenstine finally gets tour of Ft Sill and says what he learned is horrific”

“We were told we couldn’t take pictures or ask questions of staff or anyone else. We told them we would handle their rules the same way the President handles our laws – We would treat them as suggestions.”

He said the children that actually make it across the border are the lucky ones. There are some that start the journey but never make it.

Bridenstine pointed out that the illegals within the US are in many cases the ones paying coyotes to bring these unaccompanied minors across the border. But in some cases where the coyotes aren’t paid or the wrong one is paid, these children can be subject to forced labor, prostitution, or even sold into the slave trade.

He also mentioned mass graves in northern Mexico where some have been killed.

Bridenstine said he learned that many of these minors are being released in the US to other illegals and not to American citizens.”

More at the Right Scoop


New York Post: “I feel betrayed and humiliated the way the VA has tried to silence me”

Albany, New York VA hospital is as bad as any other. Indignant doctors, nurses, and others are stepping forward to tell just how bad it has been. This woman is a hero.

Valerie Riviello

Valerie Riviello

From the New York Post:

Nurse exposes VA hospital: Stolen drugs, tortured veterans

Registered nurse Valerie Riviello has worked 28 years at the Albany Stratton VA Medical Center, most recently in the psychiatric unit. She teaches at two local nursing schools,and has received many honors for patient care and safety, including the Florence Nightingale Award. Last fall, Riviello challenged the treatment of a female veteran strapped to her bed for hours on end, in violation of VA rules. As a result, she was stripped of her nursing duties. Now she’s one of 37 whistleblowers nationwide whose allegations of retaliation are under investigation by the US Office of Special Counsel. Riviello told her story to The Post’s Susan Edelman.”

Read the story at the New York Post

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Our Brilliant Administration Stumbles Again

From the Times of Israel:

White House coordinator for the Middle East Philip Gordon speaks at the Israel Conference on Peace in Tel Aviv, July 8, 2014 (photo credit: screen shot

White House coordinator for the Middle East Philip Gordon speaks at the Israel Conference on Peace in Tel Aviv, July 8, 2014 (photo credit: screen shot

Lecturing us on security, as the rockets fly in

By: David Horovitz

The White House’s Middle East coordinator gave a risible speech Tuesday, asserting that the US knows how to keep Israel safe, at a conference that was halted by a Hamas attack

Sometimes you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. On Tuesday, at a conference organized by the Haaretz daily in Tel Aviv, the White House’s Coordinator for the Middle East, Philip Gordon, delivered an address that dealt at some length with the US effort to both broker an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal and draw up the security arrangements that would leave Israel feeling safe enough to carry out significant territorial withdrawals.

Gordon made lots of valid points about Israel’s essential interests requiring an accommodation with the Palestinians. But parts of his oration read as though Gordon is a recent arrival from Planet Zog who has mistaken the Middle East for Finland.

You can read the entire address here, but the first passage I want to highlight is one of the questions Gordon puts to us Israelis — as a representative of “Israel’s closest friend” — when he wonders, “how will [Israel] have peace if it is unwilling to delineate a border, end the occupation and allow for Palestinian sovereignty, security, and dignity?” The answer, of course, is that we won’t. Unfortunately, as things stand, however, we won’t have peace, either, if we do “end the occupation and allow for Palestinian sovereignty, security, and dignity.”

So those are the White House’s preconditions. Israel must, “…delineate a border, end the occupation and allow for Palestinian sovereignty, security, and dignity”. And then we promise to keep Israel safe while our ‘Middle East Coordinator’ hides behind an iron wall to protect himself from the explosions of Hamas rockets.

Gordon delivered his speech after the Iron Dome missile defense system kept him safe from Hamas’s rockets, launched by an organization which his administration has implicitly legitimized as an acceptable backer of the Palestinian government. The US, to its great credit, has funded Iron Dome’s development. But the security innovations behind its life-savingly effective performance are Israeli.

There’s a lesson in there which Gordon and the rest of the Obama administration should have long since internalized. It’s that our closest friend should be just a little less arrogant in telling us what we need and don’t need to do in order to keep ourselves safe.”

The Obama administration is trying to have it both ways. They tell the Israelis that we are their ‘Closest ally’. They tell the Palestinians the same thing. But since they are at war we cannot be ‘closest’ to both. The Israelis, led by pragmatist Netanyahu, understand that their future is in their own hands. They will get no physical assistance from America. Our President doesn’t like Jews.


Netanyahu Orders Military To “Take Off The Gloves” In Fight With Hamas, Tells IDF To Prepare For Ground Invasion Of Gaza


He’s calling up 40,000 reservists and his artillery corps is being deployed to the Gaza border.

From YNet

And what is the reaction in that bastion of tolerance, San Francisco? “300 anti-Israel protesters surround and threaten 30 peaceful, pro-Israel demonstrators in San Francisco. They call for another intifada, and the destruction of the Jewish State.”

And the SFO police allow it.

This will spread to other parts of our country.

NSFW Language


Bill Whittle Describes How The US Won The War But Lost The Peace – And Who Is Behind The Losses

I strongly recommend you watch this. Whittle describes our history. He correctly reminds us that we did not lose the Viet Nam war. We actually won it. We lost the ensuing peace through the actions of the left. The very same thing is happening now in Iraq.

And he names names.

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“Obama Will Be Remembered As Radical Islam’s Enabler”

That headline should read, “Obama Will Be Remembered As Islam’s Enabler”.


Barack Obama welcomes radical Islamists – the Muslim Brotherhood, among others – just as he has welcomed invaders on our southern border. While the rest of the world blacklists the Brotherhood, he invites them into his cabinet. As ISIS declares domination over the Middle East, Obama remains mostly silent and deliberately ineffective. We know it’s deliberate because he is very effective when he wants to be like when he is pushing his socialist domestic agenda.”

He has pulled our troops out of Iraq but left powerful weapons in the hands of ISIS. The linked article tells us that ISIS is now called simply IS, which stands for Islamic State. Why? Because they have much bigger plans that just Iraq and Syria – which is what the second IS stood for. Some have referred to them as ISIL for Islamic State In Iraq and the Levant. Regardless, they have plans for a much bigger Caliphate. This map illustrates their five-year plan:

ISIS map of the world via Pamela Geller and dcclothesline. They recently stated that they will take back Spain soon. They plan to consume all of these countries mapped out here within the next five years.

ISIS map of the world via Pamela Geller and dcclothesline. They recently stated that they will take back Spain soon. They plan to consume all of these countries mapped out here within the next five years.

That is a pretty ambitious plan but with the help – or non-interference – of the United States it could be possible. Make no mistake. There is nothing radical about this plan. Muslims are directed to do this.

obama muslim

The pillar of Obama’s counterterrorism efforts is Muslim outreach. Immediately after the Boston bombings, representatives from the departments of Justice and Homeland Security turned to Muslim communities, not about the unfolding investigation, but to offer assistance in case they suffered backlash or threats.

Read more about these men on this link.

DHS is a social work style agency. Mr. Obama has a “feel-good” approach to law enforcement.

He is either extremely naive or he’s a willing enabler of radical Islam.”

Is it possible for IS to conquer the areas in the map above?


Europe has not seen a ruthless conquerer for many centuries. The Mongols invaded that area and killed everyone they came into contact with. Not even Hitler did that. But you have seen the images of ISIS killing masses of conquered soldiers and police. They are willing to slaughter millions and leave them as examples to terrorize the rest of the people in the world.

This is what ISIS has been doing

This is what ISIS has been doing

Read the article here

Update:ISIS Terrorist Supporters Hold Rally Today in Holland


Guess why this ‘honor student’ killed his parents

vincent parker

From Kevin Jackson at BlackSphere:

If you are a Liberal parent with kids, then you are in grave danger. You have raised potential murderers. And that’s just what this teen in Norfolk, VA did.
16-year old Vincent Parker was upset about losing his iPod. So he took matters into his own hands and committed black-on-black crime without leaving the comfort of his own home. How convenient.

Parker bludgeon his parents to death with a variety of weapons, using everything but the kitchen sink or a GUN! Liberal gun-control freaks are asking themselves why would he not use a GUN.

If he had only shot them, Liberals would have the gun to blame for this incident. You see, without a gun, a black kid killing his parents is just an incident, i.e. a footnote in history. Because Liberals don’t care about black on black crime, unless the crime supports a Liberal cause.”


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El Paso Cop Executes Restrained Suspect…

… “Prosecutors have refused to charge Flores for what appears to be an execution born of nothing more than an officer’s frustration to get a restrained suspect to comply.”

This happened in March, 2013. He shot him twice. Still no charges against the killer.

execution El Paso Police Officer Jose Flores shoots handcuffed Daniel Saenz from behind.

Don’t watch this if murder bothers you.

From Bearing Arms


Obama Administration Announces That US Embassy In Baghdad Will Be Guarded By No More Than 100 Troops

They plan to leave less than 100 troops to defend the embassy from ISIS? And they announce it so ISIS will know? They are sacrificing those men. ISIS has already attacked the airport at Baghdad and they will storm the city.

100 men are supposed to defend this

100 men are supposed to defend this

This is from Reuters:

Expanded military support for security at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad will include fewer than 100 soldiers, a U.S. official said on Sunday.

The enhanced security personnel will include Marines and other soldiers, a U.S. military official said on condition of anonymity, shortly after the Obama administration said it would move some embassy staff out of Baghdad and order the military to bolster security at its diplomatic facilities in the Iraqi capital.

The moves came as Iraqi government forces battled to hold off insurgents with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, the Sunni militant group that has seized control of parts of northern Iraq.”

Worse than that comes this from President Obama:

This follows an announcement by president Obama that while he hasn’t decided on any definite effort to stop the al-Qaeda forces advancing on Baghdad, he has already decided that he will not deploy any ground troops.

We will not be sending U.S. troops back into combat in Iraq,” Obama said, but he and his national security advisers “will be reviewing other options.”

Update: Imbecile Secretary of State says ISIS will not capture Baghdad:

Questioned about the security situation in Iraq, Kerry told Yahoo News he is “absolutely convinced” the U.S. Embassy in Iraq has the security needed to keep personnel safe as the ISIS lays siege to a number of cities in the country.

He said the ISIS does not have the capacity to capture Baghdad, Iraq’s capital city.

“I don’t believe that they will in the near term certainly, and I don’t believe they necessarily can at all,” Kerry said. “But that remains to be determined by the decisions that are made over the course of the next few days.”

On Sunday, rebel groups captured another Iraqi city, Tal Afar as the Defense Department sent additional security forces to secure the Iraqi Embassy. The State Department has also evacuated a limited number of people. Kerry said a diplomatic presence remains in Iraq, and that many of the personnel moved out were contractors.

The secretary of State “absolutely, unquestionably” denied that the turmoil in Iraq could have been prevented if the United States had left residual forces in the country after the combat mission ended in 2011. Republican critics of the administration say the U.S. left Iraq too soon.”

From The Hill

The Obama administration’s decisions are based on wishful thinking. This is an example. Wait until we see the footage of Embassy defenders being beheaded.


The Obama Administration Is Proud Of The Fall Of Iraq

Yep. Bragged about it, didn’t he?

promise kept


The generals, everybody, told him it would end badly. Maybe they didn’t say how badly. It has to be seen to be believed. And we will see it. He certainly earned that Nobel Peace Prize, didn’t he.

Of course our Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power knows what to do. How about a little hashtag diplomacy?


power hashtag

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McCain: Iraq Really Is Obama’s Fault

“We had the War in Iraq Won. . . I begged (Obama) to Leave a Residual Force”


Daily Mail: “ISIS butchers leave ‘roads lined with decapitated police and soldiers”

From the UK Daily Mail:

The full horror of the jihadists’ savage victories in Iraq emerged yesterday as witnesses told of streets lined with decapitated soldiers and policemen.
Blood-soaked bodies and blazing vehicles were left in the wake of the Al Qaeda-inspired ISIS fanatics as they pushed the frontline towards Baghdad.
They boasted about their triumphs in a propaganda video depicting appalling scenes including a businessman being dragged from his car and executed at the roadside with a pistol to the back of his head. The extent of the carnage came as:
Images from captured cities such as Mosul and Tikrit showed deserted streets, burnt out vehicles and discarded uniforms left by government troops fleeing the brutal fanatics;
ISIS leaders urged their bloodthirsty followers to continue their march and warned that battle would rage in Baghdad and in the holy city of Karbala;
Thousands of residents in the capital answered a call to arms to repel the invaders amid fears the government’s own troops were not up to the job;
Aid groups warned of a new refugee crisis after half a million terrified Iraqis left their homes to escape the jihadists.”

The man is led to his death. ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani today promised that the battle would 'rage' on Baghdad and Karbala, a city southwest of the capital. So far government forces have stalled the militants' remarkably rapid advance near Samarra, a city just 110km (68 miles) north of Baghdad width=

The man is led to his death. ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani today promised that the battle would ‘rage’ on Baghdad and Karbala, a city southwest of the capital. So far government forces have stalled the militants’ remarkably rapid advance near Samarra, a city just 110km (68 miles) north of Baghdad

A man is executed in a propaganda video released this morning by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant as the Al Qaeda-inspired militants continue their march towards Baghdad  width=

A man is executed in a propaganda video released this morning by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant as the Al Qaeda-inspired militants continue their march towards Baghdad


Americans Are Being Evacuated From Iraq

Remember this?

Refugees being evacuated by helicopter from Saigon

Refugees being evacuated by helicopter from Saigon

The same thing is happening right now in Iraq.

Americans evacuated from Iraq to escape potential threats from fast-moving insurgents

WASHINGTON — Officials say three planeloads of Americans are being evacuated from a major Iraqi air base in Sunni territory north of Baghdad to escape potential threats from a fast-moving insurgency.

A current U.S. official and a former senior Obama administration official say that means the American training mission at the air field in Balad has been grounded indefinitely.

Twelve U.S. personnel who were stationed at Balad were the first to be evacuated. Several hundred American contractors are still waiting to leave.

They have been training Iraqi forces to use fighter jets and surveillance drones.

Other U.S. contractors at a tank training ground in the city of Taji is still ongoing for now.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they refused to be named in discussing the sensitive situation.”

We lost fifty thousand men in VietNam. We quit. We abandoned people, equipment, bases, and money when we ran. Tens of thousands were killed when we left.

We lost thousands also in Iraq. We quit. We abandoned people, equipment, bases, and money when we ran. Tens of thousands will be killed when we are gone.

It’s the fault of Barack Obama.



Iraq Is About To Become A Lot Bloodier

ISIS Marches Thousands of Iraqi Soldiers Captured In Tikrit

There have been some beheadings but now they will have lots more to work on – on video without doubt.



“Armored Vehicles & Grenade Launchers in Tunnels Near Texas”

armored vehicle

Is this a US armored vehicle? There is some question whether the arms and vehicles were heading north or south.

How many more sites like this are there?


Now consider reports from the Border Patrol. They claim illegal crossings increase by more than 70% every time DC speaks about amnesty and slowing down deportations. More illegal crossings create greater distractions for the BP. The result, smugglers are pushing the envelope and working with highly dangerous people. It’s no longer just drugs and humans being smuggled into the US.

This weekend, the level of smuggling hit a new level. An anonymous tip led Mexican police to a tunnel in the Sybas neighborhood of Reynosa, which borders Texas. The tunnel was 180 feet long, 18 feet wide and 9 feet high. Authorities found three armored trucks, grenade launchers, military-type clothing, communications equipment and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.”

This report is from DML Daily

Thanks to Tatersalad for pointing it out.


Here is the news report, including video, of the discovery. According to the video there were two discoveries, one in Reynosa and one in Rio Bravo.


Here Come The Mass Killings In The US


Police One: “Middle Eastern Men Are Getting Driver’s Licenses With Hispanic Names

Under cover of all the amnesty and the dumping of illegal aliens in bus stations and now military bases, we find that our enemies are changing their names or adopting false Hispanic names.

Let’s be real. Give me one reason they would do this other than terrorism.

PoliceOne warns officers that people of middle eastern ethnicity are changing their names or presenting themselves as hispanics in order to disguise their ethnicity and better blend into their communities. While this has been common practice among immigrants in the past, it presents a technique that possible terrorists or members of sleeper cells could use to escape notice.

The Texas Department of Public Safety informed the San Antonio Division Joint Terrorism Task Force that individuals of Middle Eastern descent are obtaining new Texas driver’s licenses with Hispanic surnames.”


Flash-Bang Baby’s Condition Is Worsening

I hadn’t known about the chest wound.


Davis and others held a midday vigil for the child, Bounkham “Bou Bou” Phonesavanh, outside Grady Memorial Hospital Monday. Worsening health postponed surgery to repair the deep chest wound caused when a flash-bang grenade landed on thew child’s pillow in the play-pen where he was sleeping. He also suffered severe burns on his head and face.

Bou Bou is in a medically induced coma in the Grady Memorial Hospital burn unit and breathing on a ventilator because a lung has stopped working, said his mother, Alecia Phonesavanh
Doctors said he had a 50 percent chance of survival, family members said.”

From the Atlanta Journal and Constitution


“OBAMA’S SCHEME #103,283: Military “support” for feds against uppity sheriffs”

From Guns Save Life:


Word has gotten out that our illustrious Commander in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, offered up a Presidential directive for use of the U.S. military inside the U.S. to support and defend federal interests.

Yes, this includes against domestic unrest and when local authorities are unwilling to carry out federal directives. Translation: Using the U.S. military against uppity local sheriffs who won’t do the Obama regime’s dirty work against their local residents.

(Washington Times) – A 2010 Pentagon directive on military support to civilian authorities details what critics say is a troubling policy that envisions the Obama administration’s potential use of military force against Americans.

The directive contains noncontroversial provisions on support to civilian fire and emergency services, special events and the domestic use of the Army Corps of Engineers.

The troubling aspect of the directive outlines presidential authority for the use of military arms and forces, including unarmed drones, in operations against domestic unrest.

“This appears to be the latest step in the administration’s decision to use force within the United States against its citizens,” said a defense official opposed to the directive.

Directive No. 3025.18, “Defense Support of Civil Authorities,” was issued Dec. 29, 2010, and states that U.S. commanders “are provided emergency authority under this directive.”

“Federal military forces shall not be used to quell civil disturbances unless specifically authorized by the president in accordance with applicable law or permitted under emergency authority,” the directive states.

“In these circumstances, those federal military commanders have the authority, in extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the president is impossible and duly constituted local authorities are unable to control the situation, to engage temporarily in activities that are necessary to quell large-scale, unexpected civil disturbances” under two conditions.

The conditions include military support needed “to prevent significant loss of life or wanton destruction of property and are necessary to restore governmental function and public order.” A second use is when federal, state and local authorities “are unable or decline to provide adequate protection for federal property or federal governmental functions.”

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“Judge orders release of man who admitted raping 40 women”…

… Into the newly declared Gun-Free Zone of California.

California once had the death penalty for rapists. They should have used it on this animal.


This undated file image provided by the Department of Justice shows convicted serial rapist Christopher Hubbart. (AP Photo/Department of Justice, File)

This undated file image provided by the Department of Justice shows convicted serial rapist Christopher Hubbart. (AP Photo/Department of Justice, File)

A California judge has ordered an admitted serial rapist be released from a mental hospital after spending more than four decades in and out of state custody.
KTTV reports the judge decided Christopher Hubbart must be released by July 7.

KABC points out Hubbart admitted to raping about 40 women between 1971 and 1982, but police say the number might be closer to 100.Hubbart was sentenced to prison in 1982, made parole in 1990 but was sent back to prison after committing another attack just two months later. He’s been in a state mental hospital since 1996, but officials now say he is “fit for release.”

Autostart video below

More below the fold…

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Under Shinseki The VA Has Completely Lost Sight Of Its Priorities

Veterans Affairs Secretary Shinseki and VA Undersecretary for Health Petzel take their seats to testify before a Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hearing on VA health care, on Capitol Hill

V.A. Cops Stomped On Veteran’s Head, Killing Him

On May 25, 2011, Jonathan Montano was waiting several hours to undergo dialysis treatment at the Loma Linda VA facility when he grew frustrated, reports Courthouse News Service.

With an IV still in his arm, Montano made his way towards the hospital exit, saying that he would get treatment at the Long Beach VA facility instead.

Norma Montano, the veteran’s wife of 44 years, left the hospital to retrieve the couple’s car.

But VA police wouldn’t let Montano leave, the lawsuit alleges.

“The summoned VA Police Department police officers then stopped Jonathan Montano from leaving the VA Hospital in Loma Linda, by tackling him to the floor, slamming his head on the floor, and kneeing and stomping on his neck, and otherwise brutalizing and restraining him,” reads the lawsuit, according to Courthouse News.

“This kneeing and stomping on his neck by the VA Police Department police officers caused the dissection of his carotid artery, that resulted in immediate (or very soon thereafter) blood clotting, which resulted in [his] suffering a stroke. Moreover, the brutalization of Jonathan Montano resulted in him suffering other serious physical injuries, and associated physical, mental and emotional pain, suffering and distress.”

From the Daily Caller

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More Failed Socialized Medicine In The US

It’s not just the Veteran’s Administration that provides socialized medicine. And it’s not just the VA that is incapable of doing it right. From the Great Falls, Montana Tribune comes this story of the same problems in the Tribal Health Care:


Misdiagnosed illnesses, denied payments and a shortage of trained medical personnel in government-run clinics are wrecking the federal health care system for Native Americans, tribal leaders said Tuesday as they pressed officials to overhaul a system beset with problems.

With the head of the Indian Health Service listening on, representatives of seven Montana and Wyoming reservations delivered a litany of health care woes suffered by their members during a U.S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee field hearing in Billings.

They described an agency compromised by a bloated bureaucracy and unable to fulfill its core duty to provide health care for more than 2 million American Indians and Alaska Natives.

“All too often, tribal members complain of ailments but get sent home from the Indian Health Service with cough medicine or pain killers. Later we learn the situation is much more serious, like cancer,” said A.T. “Rusty” Stafne, chairman of the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of northeast Montana’s Fort Peck Indian Reservation.

“We have lost fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers and future leaders because they were unable to get the health care they need,” he said.

Indian Health Service acting director Yvette Roubideaux said in response that changes are underway, including reforms meant to streamline the bureaucratic hurdles faced by patients. But she acknowledged greater efforts were needed at the local level, and that more money will be required than the $4.4 billion the federal agency receives annually.

“I’ve never thought you could fix the Indian Health Service in a day or overnight,” Roubideaux said.”

Sounds like the same kind of mistreatment our veterans are experiencing.

The really stupid thing that is going on is that there is a very strong push among US Democrats to extend this kind of ‘Care’ to all Americans. It’s madness.


“VA Ineptitude? Maybe the Core Problem is Restrictive Rules of Engagement”

Now this makes a lot of sense. If true, and I have no doubt that it is, the amateurs who are currently controlling our military are getting our war fighters killed unnecessarily. They refuse to let them protect themselves in a war zone. The numbers are frightening and sad.

This weekend is the time to remember each of the fallen. But we need to create fewer of them. We are wasting lives with politically correct claptrap.


In a May 22 interview between FOX’s Eric Bolling and U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, the congressman offered an insight that helps explain — though doesn’t justify — the Veterans Administration’s alleged problems with patient care.

If Rep. Gohmert’s numbers are correct, Afghanistan has become a killing field for our nation’s finest.

Under President Bush, 625 U.S. service members died and 2,638 were seriously wounded after seven years of fighting in Afghanistan. By comparison, said Gohmert, during the past five years, 1,628 U.S. troops died in combat and 16,366 were seriously injured — more than SIX TIMES the number of wounded under President Bush.


According to Rep. Gohmert, the increase in casualties correlates with the tightened rules of engagement (ROE) implemented under the current Commander-in-chief.”

Rules of engagement have been a complaint from our troops for a long time. Just how bad have they gotten?

In a December 2013 “Daily Caller” article, retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Jerry Curry discussed the new directives.

“In Afghanistan under the new rules of engagement, airstrikes cannot be launched against enemy forces unless the person authorizing the strike is willing to declare for the record that no civilians will be killed,” said Curry. “Similarly, no Taliban terrorist can be fired upon unless the one directing the fire is also willing to certify that no civilian will be harmed during the action.

“The result is that it is not unusual for units in contact with the enemy to have to wait for hours for an airstrike to clear bureaucratic authorization hurdles and be launched,” he concluded.”

The article by General Curry, linked above, is worth reading. In it he describes a realistic scenario:

An Afghanistan soldier walks into an American headquarters. One of the American officers doesn’t like the Afghan’s looks and starts to draw his weapon. The senior American officer present says, “You know the new rules of engagement; put your gun away. We are to trust members of the Afghani military unless they draw a weapon or show other signs of overt hostility.” The American officer returns his weapon to its holster. The Afghani soldier smiles, draws his pistol and shoots both Americans dead.”

The ‘Ineptitude’ article is from Flopping Aces