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The trials, tribulations and distortions of the Mainstream Media

Prager: “Why Obama So Dislikes Netanyahu”

Prager is very perceptive. He notes simply and correctly, “Appeasers hate those who confront evil.”

obama netanyahu

There is no question about whether President Obama — along with Secretary of State John Kerry and the editorial pages of many newspapers — has a particular dislike of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

But there is another question: Why?

And the answer is due to an important rule of life that too few people are aware of:

Those who do not confront evil resent those who do.”

This is from an article written by Dennis Prager for Real Clear Politics.

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“Emailgate Disqualifies Hillary Clinton For POTUS”

If lying, cover-ups, and lawbreaking disqualifies one for the Presidency, our current President would be long gone.

This is from Investor’s Business Daily:

hillary blackberry

The existence of a personal account that Hillary Clinton used to conduct government business as secretary of state was discovered by the committee and reported by the New York Times.

Clinton’s use of this personal account explains why investigations of the Benghazi terrorist attack — and her culpability in our diplomatic mission’s vulnerability there, the failure to heed warnings and the cover-up afterward — failed to find much email evidence of her direct involvement.

According to the Times, Clinton never used her official government email account at all. What’s more, she used exclusively one set up on the day of her Senate confirmation as secretary of state. This indicates premeditation in an attempt to deceive the American people by someone determined to fulfill her ambition to be the first woman to sit in the Oval Office.

The Times said that Clinton’s aides made no attempt to systematically preserve her emails on government servers as required by the Federal Records Act. Team Hillary is now trying to use the excuse that they thought their government recipients would archive the emails and that was thought to be good enough.”

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Nancy Pelosi Had A Hissy Fit At Netanyahu Speech

She imagined Bibi had somehow slighted her, I guess. Maybe she forgot that she is no longer Speaker of the House. Old age causes people to forget things.

The Botox isn't working any more, Nan.

The Botox isn’t working any more, Nan.


What Progressive’s Nightmares Look Like

‘Behind Every Blade Of Grass’ is allegedly a quote from Japanese Admiral Yamamoto during WWII. What he is quoted as saying: “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.”

From a new-to-me website here


Rhymes With Barf

State Department spokesgirl Marie Harf tells us that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu doesn’t have a plan for dealing with Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions. Unlike her boss, Bibi has military experience and, also unlike her boss, he would never reveal a military plan before its implementation.

She also lied about the purpose of the talks the US is having with Iran. She said the goal of the talks is to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

Lying is what this White House and its spokespeople do best and most often.

Marie Harf

Marie Harf

We believe that it is in Israel’s security interest that we get a diplomatic agreement with Iran to prevent it from getting a nuclear weapon. I didn’t hear Prime Minister Netanyahu put forward any alternatives today and some of the alternatives we heard before to a negotiated agreement either put more sanctions on and they capitulate taking a military option. Many of those alternatives are wholly unrealistic – all experts agree on that.”

Read the rest at Grabien


“Saudi Columnist: Netanyahu Is Right To Insist On Addressing Congress About Iran Deal”

Today is the day that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is to speak to the Congress.

Ahmad Al-Faraj (image: Al-Jazirah, Saudi Arabia)

Ahmad Al-Faraj (image: Al-Jazirah, Saudi Arabia)

In a March 2, 2015 article in the Saudi daily Al-Jazirah, columnist Dr. Ahmad Al-Faraj supported Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s decision to speak at the U.S. Congress against the upcoming deal with Iran. Al-Faraj said that Obama, “one of the worst American presidents,” is working to sign a deal with Iran at the expense of America’s longtime allies in the Gulf, and therefore Netanyahu’s campaign against the deal is justified and serves the interests of the Gulf states.”

Read the rest at MEMRI

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Idiocy From Slate: “Climate Change Helped Spark Syrian Civil War”

Nope. Not Islam. Nope not Islam. Nope. Not Islam.

Gotta be that most feared of all – Global warming.

Nope. Not Islam.

Syrian Novias

Syrian Novias

A new study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science provides the clearest evidence yet that human-induced global warming made that drought more likely. The study is the first to examine the drought-to-war narrative in quantitative detail in any country, ultimately linking it to climate change.

“It’s a pretty convincing climate fingerprint,” said Retired Navy Rear Adm. David Titley, a meteorologist who’s now a professor at Penn State University. After decades of poor water policy, “there was no resilience left in the system.” Titley says, given that context, that the record-setting drought caused Syria to “break catastrophically.”

“It’s not to say you could predict ISIS out of that, but you just set everything up for something really bad to happen,” Titley told me in a phone interview. Given the new results, Titley says, “you can draw a very credible climate connection to this disaster we call ISIS right now.”

Read the rest at Slate but your IQ will be reduced if you do.


Pick Your Favorite


rest assured bibi

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No Surprise Here: “German Black Forest Wind Turbines Yielded Only 11.8% Of Rated Capacity In 2014″

Construction of wind turbine farms across the globe has not resulted in a decrease in the need for conventional generation systems. They have been an expensive boondoggle whose only function is to enrich those who build them and those who give the public money to those who build them.

The breakdown of the operating hours of wind power output shows just how pathetic wind energy really is.

* 339.75 hours (= 14.2 days = 3.9%) saw zero wind (0 MW), no power was generated at all!

* 1403.50 hours (= 58.5 days = 16.0%) power output was under 7 MW (1% of rated capacity).

* 3614 hours (= 5 months = 41.3%) power output was under 5% of rated capacity

* 5308 hours (= 7.4 months = 60.6%) wind power was below 10% of rated capacity.”

Read the rest here


Pachauri Didn’t Just Lie About Climate Change

Rajendra Pachauri was the head of the UN’s IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. He is also a serial sexual abuser. He was arrested in India for his sex crimes.


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has today accepted Rajendra Pachauri’s resignation from the Prime Minister’s climate change council.

According to the Indian Express;

R K Pachauri, who has been accused of sexual harassment, has resigned from the Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change as well, a government statement today said.
“The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has accepted the resignation of R K Pachauri from the Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change,” said the one line statement.”

The job must not have paid too well. Being vain about his receding hairline, Pachauri often wore a hairpiece made from a dead cat.


BBC has more

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Giving Away A Million Bucks In Chicago

You just need to come up with the right idea of how to ‘Combat Youth Violence’. Really. Read it at WGNTV.

You’d better hurry, though.

I’ll bet any mention of skin color, fatherless families, lack of jobs, or poor schools will disqualify your application. The article doesn’t say so but I’ll just bet.


CHICAGO — One million dollars is being offered for the best idea to combat youth violence in Chicago.

The University of Chicago crime lab is working with the MacArthur Foundation and Get In Chicago to find solutions for the complex issue.

Chicago has a higher percentage of young homicide victims than the national average.

The deadline for letters of interest are due on Monday.”


“Texas A&M Study Rated Obama 5th Best President in America’s History”

obama gives us the finger_thumb[41]

Texas A&M Study Rated Obama 5th Best President in America’s History. From a total of 44 US Presidents: Obama is rated as the fifth best. The A&M’s Public Relations Office released this statement “After almost six years in office, Americans have rated President Obama the fifth best President ever”.

These are the details according to Texas A&M:

1. Reagan and Lincoln tied for first

2. Twenty three presidents tied for second

3. Seventeen other presidents tied for third

4. Jimmy Carter came in fourth

5. Obama came in fifth.”

From Springer’s Blog


PuffHo: ‘Outlawing Green Tip Ammo Is A Dumb Move’

5.56 green tip

In his Huffington Post article titled, ‘Executive Order M855‘, Dennis Santiago says it’s a dumb move to change the classification of green-tip ammunition to make it illegal. Santiago actually has his facts straight. His writing style is difficult because he is so verbose but he is knowledgeable about his subject.

First he says the move will not make police officers safer:

There is no evidence or analysis shown in the BATFE’s proposal that indicates that its considerable technical division did one iota of analysis to determine whether this ammunition poses a unique and extraordinary threat to the soft armor of law enforcement officers any different from other AR-15 ammunition that will continue to be available.

The answer is that it does not. Whether you examine 5.56/.223 ammunition from a muzzle energy or penetration energy concentration perspective, at urban law enforcement engagement ranges, all of it does the same thing. It all hits with around three times the energy of a .357 magnum with about four times the soft armor defeat potential or “burn through efficiency” of true pistol ammunition. It doesn’t matter if it’s Vietnam era M193 55 grain ammunition, M-16A2 era M855/SS109 62 grain ammunition, or borrowed from the competition world Mk262 Mod 0/1 77 grain ammunition. In a gunfight with an opponent one and one half car lengths from you, it all performs about the same. All of it will defeat Level IIIA soft body armor.”

He worries that this move by BATFE will alienate gun owning voters.

As the 2016 election cycle begins, one hopes that issues such as the nation’s continued struggle towards economic recovery and our foreign policy strategy to deal with a world we seem less and less able to positively influence should dominate our selection of the next president. Into this tenuous hope for a more cogent debate, the BATFE has introduced a proposed executive branch rule regarding ammunition that will likely pivot the election cycle back towards the same driving forces that caused so many blue states to turn red in the November 2014 midterm.

Fueled by a seeming need to create a “we’re doing something,” optical illusion, the executive branch threatens to raise the hunger of the gun lobby to fight even harder for its political values in the critical opening phases of the primaries by infuriating gun owners.”

He’s right about all of it. It’s worth a read even though it is a bit tedious.


“Ben Shapiro: First They Came for the Jews”

This reference is an expansion on the comments of Pastor Martin Niemöller who was an opponent of Adolf Hitler and spent seven years in Nazi concentration camps. His famous quote about Nazis is this:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Shapiro is warning us about what our President is doing and he is right.

First, they came for the Jews, and Obama did not speak up, because he was not a Jew. Then, they came for the Christians, and Obama did not speak up, because he is not a Christian. Now, they come for Western Civilization.

And Obama will not speak up because he is not an advocate of Western Civilization. He is a believer that Western Civilization is exploitative; that terrorism is caused by imbalances between the West and the rest; that if only the West would minimize its arrogance on the world stage, peace would result. And so we cut the military. And so we make way for an Iranian nuclear program. And so we hamstring Israel and Egypt and insist that ISIS is not Islamic.

They are coming for the Jews. They are coming for the Christians. They are coming for Western Civilization. By the time the radical Muslims come for those who think like President Obama, there will be no one left to speak out.”

From Truth Revolt


Islamic State Chooses Lebanon As Their Next Target

Of course they do. Lebanon is right next to Syria where they have a stronghold. Lebanon is a small country and they have a small military. They are also on the pathway to Israel. President Obama just finished the seventh hole, heading for number eight.

lebanon map

ISIS has announced that Lebanon will be the next state to fall under the sway of its “caliphate.” According to Beirut’s Daily Star newspaper, the only reason ISIS hasn’t attacked yet in force is because they haven’t decided on the mission’s commander.

The Lebanese army is one of the least effective in the Middle East—and that’s saying something in a region where the far more capable Syrian and Iraqi armies are utterly failing to safeguard what should be their own sovereign territory.

So France is going to send a three billion dollar package of weapons to Lebanon and the Saudis are going to pay for it. It won’t solve the problem any more than a full-body cast will cure cancer, but it beats standing around and not even trying.”

Read the rest at World Affairs

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“Moody’s drops Chicago’s bond rating another notch — to two levels above junk status”

Good news for Chuy Garcia. Bad news for Rahm. Progressive spending fails again.


Chicago’s plummeting bond rating took center stage in the race for mayor Friday after a Wall Street rating agency dropped it another notch — to two levels above junk status — citing Chicago’s $20 billion pension crisis.

The decision by Moody’s Investors Service to drop Chicago’s rating for a fifth time under Mayor Rahm Emanuel — from Baa1 to Baa2 — may cost the City of Chicago tens of millions of dollars.”

Read the rest at the Chicago Sun Times

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Noonan: “Sorry, Jeb, the Race Is Wide Open”

Even if the majority of those in the Republican party don’t see it, Noonan can plainly see what we have been talking about here. There is no support for a Republican who would act like a John Boehner or Mitch McConnell. Our country is in a peril that it has not seen since FDR. The Progressives have determined to take down the mightiest, most free nation in the history of the world. What we do not need is another Progressive.

There are some GOP candidates who have solid Conservative credentials. That list does not include Jeb Bush. He would not alter the direction of America’s decline enough to save it. He is a big government, progressive just like his brother was.

Bush has been collecting money from progressive PAC’s. That is to be expected. But it is the people who will choose the candidate and ultimately the President. If I were to see Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, or Sarah Palin on the primary ballot – or just making inroads before the primary, I would turn my back again on retirement and do everything in my power to get them nominated and elected. Put two of them together and you could have a team to beat Hillary. Cruz/Palin would be fun. Just about any combination of two of the three would do just fine.

This is from Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal:

sorry jeb

Republicans this year are not looking for Reagan. They’re looking for Churchill. They’re looking for the guy who knows the war is already here, not the guy who knows the war can be averted if we defeat the guys who would wage it. What is “the war”? Everything from scarily sluggish economic growth to long-term liabilities and deficits; from the melting away of the post-World-War-II order to the Mideast to domestic terrorism. Every four years there is frustration and argument; this year there is urgency.

What the Republican Party needs in a presidential candidate is not a centrist who can make the sale to conservatives in the primaries; it is a conservative who can win over centrists in the general election. That means the Republican nominee should be a man or woman who can redefine conservative thinking for current circumstances and produce policies that centrists and independents will find worthy of consideration.

Jeb Bush is said by some and treated by many as the front-runner, the one to beat. I don’t see it. In fact I think he’s making a poor impression.”


Good For A Few Smiles

Self-important college students want their grades improved. They ask for better grades. They have gotten them in earlier schools. College is supposed to be different.


Dear Student: No, I Won’t Change the Grade You Deserve

For many professors—especially faculty without tenure or the job security that comes with it—this poses a problem. Pleas to re-evaluate work can draw professors into annoying confrontations—or force them to explain the mechanics of grading to students, and sometimes angry parents, department chairs, or deans.

So I decided to ask a few professors, a learning consultant, and a graduate student how they would respond to these requests. Let’s say a student who received a C grade on a paper asks you to reread it and change their grade because they “worked so hard on it.” How would you respond?”

Here is one:

Dear Student Who Must Be Out Of Their Mind:

I hope all is well with you. Are you, by any chance, related to the student who failed my class and asked that I give them an A because they “liked the class so much?” I’m just asking because this question you’ve posed is just as silly as that one.

Pursuant to the detailed rubric provided for the assignment that we reviewed in class, the work you did on this paper was questionable. What you turned in was riddled with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and formatting inconsistencies. Your paper didn’t respond to the prompts for the assignment at all and didn’t even reference the provided course content, let alone go beyond it in any meaningful way. The grade you received is reflective of the fact that what I got was a mash-up of poorly constructed sentences and last minute fooleywang.

And for real, I need you to focus less on the grade and more on the learning. Here’s the thing: had you focused on learning and on effectively completing the assignment, you would have gotten an A. Instead, you’re out here so focused on the grade that your submitted work was well below my expectations and your abilities.

Get your shit together. Please and thank you.”

There are more here

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Jonathan Gruber’s Gravy Train In Mass. Has Been Derailed

He has been fired for fraudulent billing practices. Three others were fired as well.

Jonathan Gruber, liar and thief

Jonathan Gruber, liar and thief

Republican Governor Charlie Baker, who took office in January, has fired embattled Obamacare architect MIT professor Jonathan Gruber from the Massachusetts Health Connector Board.

It’s a blow to Gruber, who played a key role in the establishment of the board when it was set up to administer RomneyCare. Gruber went on to play a similar role in the passage of the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

As first reported by Jon Keller at WBZ-TV, Baker “demanded and received the resignations of four members of the state Health Connector board, including MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber…Gruber was appointed to the board in 2006 by then Governor Mitt Romney and re-appointed by Governor Deval Patrick. The other three board members asked to resign – John Bertko, Rick Jakious and George Gonser – were all original Patrick appointees.”

According to the Auditor’s report, Gruber overbilled the state of Massachusetts to the tune of at least $48,000.

On December 30, Gruber submitted a bill for $65,000 to the State of Vermont: $40,000 for 80 hours of work he conducted between October 15 and November 15, billed at $500 per hour, and $25,000 for 250 hours of work performed by research assistants (plural) billed at $100 per hour.

Gruber submitted a second invoice on December 30, in the amount of $25,000 for work performed by research assistants (plural) for 250 hours of work, billed at $100 per hour, performed from November 15 to December 19.

All told, Gruber has billed the State of Vermont $290,000 for work performed on his contract. $150,000 of this billing is for work he says was performed by research assistants, $140,000 is for work he performed himself.

To date, the State of Vermont has paid Gruber $160,000–$80,000 for work he performed, and $80,000 for work he says research assistants performed.

But in his memo released today, Vermont State Auditor Hoffer says Gruber had only a single research assistant, not several. In addition, that research assistant was an employee of Gruber’s who was paid $32,000 for work perfomed in 2014, according to a W-2 Gruber provided to Hoffer.”

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“Quiet Change Expands ATF Power to Seize Property”

seized guns

This is an act that allows the ATF to take your guns, ammunition, house, car, anything. All they have to do is ‘Suspect’ that you are dealing drugs. It goes around the need to convince a judge so they can get a warrant.

There are a couple things about this. First, why the ATF? Their proper title is the ‘Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives’. Nowhere in their title or their charter are drugs mentioned.

Second, the hurdles they must jump to seize your property are so low as to be non-existent. They just have to say they ‘Suspect’ you of having drugs.

The revolutionaries are continuing to push. They want an armed confrontation that they can quell. They will get it, too, with moves like this.

This is from the CATO Institute.

A quick glance at the Federal Register (Vol. 80, No. 37, p. 9987-88) today reveals that Attorney General Eric Holder, who earned cautious praise last month for a small reform to the federal equitable sharing program, has now delegated authority to the Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to seize and “administratively forfeit” property involved in suspected drug offenses. Holder temporarily delegated this authority to the ATF on a trial basis in 2013, and today made the delegation permanent while lauding the ATF for seizing more than $19.3 million from Americans during the trial period.”


Chuy Garcia Will Be The Next Mayor Of Chicago…

… If he lives long enough.

Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia has made public the lying crime figures that have been coming from the office of Police Commissioner Garry McCarthy. Second City Cop has been telling the world that the crime stats have been fudged for some time. McCarthy has not done this alone and everyone knows it. His job is secure as long as Rahm Emanuel is Mayor and Emanuel needs good crime numbers, even if they’re false, to campaign on.

Now that those figures have been challenged they no longer have value for the Emanuel campaign. In fact what Garcia has done is make McCarthy and his fale numbers an embarrassment for Emanuel. This will be very difficult to overcome.


Erickson: “Can We Impeach Now?”

Not Obama. Instead Erick Erickson wants to impeach House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.


Mitch McConnell

The only reason Barack Obama can and is doing what he is doing is because Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)N/A and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)67% have enabled, emboldened, and incentivized him.

Boehner and McConnell have their press fluffers claim they are tough guys scrapping for a fight. McConnell is cast as Darth Vader. Boehner is cast as the guy in the bar. But in reality they are scared school girls. They will fund the government, extend temporary funding, and otherwise bend over in front of Obama declaring, “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

It speaks volumes that at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, neither Boehner nor McConnell are speaking. Even the American Conservative Union, which is often criticized here and elsewhere as too close to the GOP to be indistinguishable from it, is not having them speak. In fact, ACU deserves credit for the move. The mood here among the several thousand people is deep, deep hostility toward the Republican leadership in Washington.

Read the rest at Red State


“Feds raid Texas secessionist meeting”


So we have a bunch of people who were meeting peacefully to talk about secession. They say that Texas is the only state that retains the right to secede. In the middle of the meeting they were interrupted by twenty ‘Armed and Armored’ police officers including some feds.

It sounds like the Sheriff went off half-cocked and violated the rights of every attendee:

You can’t just let people go around filing false documents to judges trying to make them appear in front of courts that aren’t even real courts,” said Kerr County sheriff Rusty Hierholzer, who led the operation.

He acknowledged he used a “show of force,” grouping officers from city, county state and federal law enforcement to serve a search warrant for suspicions of a misdemeanor crime. He said he had worries that some extremists in the group could become violent, citing a 1997 incident when 300 state troopers surrounded an armed Republic leader for a weeklong standoff.”


Minutes into the meeting a man among the onlookers stood and moved to open the hall door, letting in an armed and armored force of the Bryan Police Department, the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office, Agents of the Texas District Attorney, the Texas Rangers and the FBI.

In the end, at least 20 officers corralled, searched and fingerprinted all 60 meeting attendees, before seizing all cellphones and recording equipment in a Valentine’s Day 2015 raid on the Texas separatist group.”

Read the rest at My San Antonio


Missy Teaches Hate At Cornell University

My guess is that this hate session was longer than two minutes. And she was paid for this.

“Melissa Harris-Perry spoke Monday at Cornell University for the school’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Lecture.”

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry said Monday that she hoped that Trayvon Martin “whooped the shit out of George Zimmerman.”

Martin Luther King Jr. is rolling over in his grave.

From Campus Reform

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Obama Has Decided To Play Hardball With Netanyahu

Obama doesn’t know what hardball is. Israel is entirely capable of doing whatever it takes to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program. They have the means and they have the will to do it. Netanyahu will act with or without help or approval from the current President of the United States.

Survival trumps politics every time to the wise leader.

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry shakes hands with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during a news conference following a meeting at Netanyahu's office in Jerusalem

“Now we know who to believe on Iran”

After anonymous sources in Jerusalem leaked to Israeli reporters in recent weeks the ostensible terms of the deal being hammered out, various spokespeople for the Obama administration contended that the Netanyahu government was misrepresenting the specifics for narrow political ends. They sneered that Israel didn’t actually know what the terms were. And they made the acknowledgement — the astounding acknowledgement for a United States whose key regional ally is directly and relentlessly threatened with destruction by Iran — that the Obama administration is consequently no longer sharing with Jerusalem all sensitive details of the Iran talks.”

Read more here

Related: The Jerusalem Post notes: Obama administration on the offensive against “incorrect,” “destructive” prime minister.