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The trials, tribulations and distortions of the Mainstream Media

So, Why Was Debbie Wasserman Schultz Fired?

The Democrat primaries were rigged. That was the reason Democrats fired the DNC Chair, Wasserman Schultz. To deny it a this late date is a denial of the facts and, as the Observer points out, another way that Democrats are ignoring their base of Democrat voters. The voters know the truth.

“Every DNC Chair Candidate Claims Primaries Weren’t Rigged”

Keith Ellison

Candidates pander to the establishment while worsening divide with disenfranchised progressives.

In a recent forum of the seven Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair candidates, all of them, including Sen. Bernie Sanders backed candidate Rep. Keith Ellison, refused to acknowledge the Democratic primaries were rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton.”

More at the Observer

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Netanyahu Believes He Has A Supporter In President Trump

“Israel approves settlement homes following Trump inauguration”

Israel has approved hundreds of new settlement homes in occupied East Jerusalem, after the staunch pro-Israel US President Donald Trump took office.

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Meir Turgeman told AFP: “Now we can finally build.”

Israel’s PM reportedly delayed approval given the opposition of Barack Obama, who infuriated Israel by allowing a UN resolution against settlements to pass.”

More at BBC


Trump Is Coming Down Hard On ‘Fake News’

“In Blistering Interview, Conway Tells Chuck Todd “We Are Going To Have To Rethink Our Relationship With The Press””

Meet The Press’ Chuck Todd, Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway

To members of the mainstream media, it would appears ‘size matters’, as the Inauguration crowd-gate debacle continues following Sean Spicer’s unusual press conference yesterday. During a combative interview this morning with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Trump top advisor Kellyanne Conway blasted media “falsehoods,” crushing Todd’s ‘size’ issues by noting that “Presidents aren’t judged by crowd sizes at their inauguration, they’re judged by their accomplishments.”

But Conway was not done with the “Meet The Press” anchor yet, as she cornered him, noting this was just more evidence of the unfair and biased treatment of the Trump administration by the media:

“We’re going to have to rethink our relationship with the press…

Yesterday, we allowed the press into the Oval Office to witness the signing of executive orders and what happens almost immediately – a falsehood is told about removing the bust of Martin Luther King Jr – that’s just flat-out false.”

Here is the interview if you missed it:

More at Zero Hedge


I Wonder If The ‘Grab ‘Em By The Pussy’ Audio Tape Was Genuine

It sure got the left worked up. A lot of women and a few men showed up in Washington DC to walk around the mall with pink pussy hats on.

There have been a lot of comments about the spectacle today. A CNN reporter, while interviewing one of the organizers, discovered that the intent of the march was not about empowering women. Instead it was about strengthening the left. You see, pro-life women were not welcome.

It was a spectacle. As Sondra K. of Sondrakistan notes, though, “Having a VaJayJay is NOT a Thoughtful Political Position”.

The spectacle did not gain them the respect they so childishly demanded. As a matter of fact most Americans, including women, were turned off by the idiocy… And the mess. You can always tell a leftist demonstration by the mess the demonstrators leave behind.

Interestingly, Ben Shapiro notes that it is just this kind of mindless, tasteless demonstration that got Donald Trump the votes necessary to beat Hillary Clinton.

“Why Those Who Wear ‘P***yhats’ Will Help Re-Elect Trump”

According to The Hill, the pussyhats were meant as a comeback to Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats.

This is intensely stupid. And it’s likely to help Trump in his quest for a second term.

Why? Here are *** reasons.

1. Unhinged Leftism Makes Trump Look Palatable By Comparison.

2. Normalizing Vulgarity Also Normalizes Trumpian Vulgarity.

3. Reducing Anti-Trump Sentiment Down To Pro-Abortion Propaganda Is Highly Stupid.”

Related: “Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50 ‘partners’ of the Women’s March on Washington”

More at the New York Times


Barack Obama’s Legacy Of Successes

I found this at Blue’s Blog. I’ll give the highlights. For the reasoning behind each go there.

One 82-year-old lady loves Obama and she may have a very good point. She says that Obama is amazing, and is rebuilding the American dream! She gives us an entirely new slant on the “amazing” job Obama is doing, and she says that she will thank God for the President. Keep reading for her additional comments and an explanation. When discussing Obama, she says:

1. Obama destroyed the Clinton Political Machine

2. Obama killed off the Kennedy Dynasty

3. Obama is destroying the Democratic Party before our eyes!

4. Obama has completely exposed liberals and progressives for what they are.

5. Obama has brought more Americans back to conservatism than anyone since Reagan.

6. Obama, with his “amazing leadership, “has sparked the greatest period of sales of firearms and ammunition this country has seen.”

More here

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Angela Merkel Whines About Trump

“That Was No Presidential Speech; That Was A Declaration Of War”

He made his convictions clear in his inauguration speech,” Merkel said in remarks broadcast live, a day after Trump vowed to put ‘America first’.

Speaking at a news conference in the south-western town of Schoental, Merkel – and finding herself in a world where many of her “established” friends have been swept away by the tide of “populist anger” – suddenly struck a more conciliatory tone toward Trump than Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, who on Friday said Germany should prepare for a rough ride under the new U.S. president.

“I say two things with regards to this (speech): first, I believe firmly that it is best for all of us if we work together based on rules, common values and joint action in the international economic system, in the international trade system, and make our contributions to the military alliances,” Merkel said. Judging by Trump’s fiery sermon, he disagrees.

“And second, the trans-Atlantic relationship will not be less important in the coming years than it was in past years. And I will work on that. Even when there are different opinions, compromises and solutions can be best found when we exchange ideas with respect,” added Merkel.”

And the German media picked up the tone of her words and amplified them:

The Demons Have Been Unchained

That was no presidential speech; that was a veritable declaration of war. Threatening in tone. Cold and calculating in logic. Change minus the hope. Donald Trump used the traditional Inauguration Day address to settle a score with the U.S. political establishment going back decades. With four ex-presidents sitting a few feet behind him, the 45th president delivered a populist manifesto. “

More at Zero Hedge


The Nuclear Option



“Message to the Department of Defense from Secretary of Defense James Mattis”

“Release No: NR-020-17
Jan. 20, 2017”

It’s good to be back and I’m grateful to serve alongside you as Secretary of Defense.

Together with the Intelligence Community we are the sentinels and guardians of our nation. We need only look to you, the uniformed and civilian members of the Department and your families, to see the fundamental unity of our country. You represent an America committed to the common good; an America that is never complacent about defending its freedoms; and an America that remains a steady beacon of hope for all mankind.

Every action we take will be designed to ensure our military is ready to fight today and in the future. Recognizing that no nation is secure without friends, we will work with the State Department to strengthen our alliances. Further, we are devoted to gaining full value from every taxpayer dollar spent on defense, thereby earning the trust of Congress and the American people.

I am confident you will do your part. I pledge to you I’ll do my best as your Secretary.


Printed in its entirety from here

Hope and Change indeed.

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Trump To Defund Abortion?

You know the Congress passed a ruling that prevented the US from funding abortion procedures. That rule was studiously ignored during the Obama administration. Mr. Obama was quite good at ignoring laws he didn’t agree with.

As one of his first acts in the Oval Office, the Republican president-elect plans to restore the “Mexico City policy” as soon as Sunday, a congressional staffer told Foreign Policy. Also known as the “global gag rule,” the policy blocks any foreign aid or federal funding of programs that also provide abortions and often broader health services. The timing of the executive order on Sunday would coincide with the anniversary of the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the United States.”

More at Foreign Policy


The Marines Have Landed

“Senate Confirms Mattis (Defense) & Kelly (Homeland) On Trump’s First Day”

USMC General James Mattis and USMC General John Kelly

Just hours after President Trump was sworn into office, amid Chuck Schumer’s jabs over HUD, the Senate has confirmed retired Marine General James Mattis as defense secretary and retired Marine General John Kelly as homeland security secretary. They were both expected to be confirmed easily, and were, but Democrats promised fights over several other nominees.”

Mattis was confirmed by a Senate vote of 98-1. NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was the sole vote against him.

More at Zero Hedge


Washington Pos Mocks Georgia Governor’s Religious Faith

On Wednesday, President-Elect Donald Trump chose former Georgia governor Sonny Perdue as his agriculture secretary. Perdue served two terms after becoming Georgia’s first Republican governor in well over a century, slashing the state’s budget and pursuing trade on behalf of the state. So, how did The Washington Post headline the appointment?

“Trump picks former Georgia governor Sonny Perdue, who once led a prayer for rain, for agriculture secretary.”

What prompted that headline? Well, back in 2007, while Georgia was in the midst of a drought, Perdue led a prayer session with a few hundred citizens for rain. “We’ve come together here simply for one reason and one reason only,” Perdue said. “To very reverently and respectfully pray up a storm.” The vigil lasted for an hour, but the press went insane. They ripped into Perdue’s attempts to convince citizens to take shorter showers and stop watering lawns (note the California press’ celebration of Governor Jerry Brown for attempting the exact same policies). They ignored the fact that he wasn’t the first Georgia governor to publicly pray for rain.”

More here


Did Anyone Ask Jenner?

Why would Donald Trump dance with a dude?

“Advisers urge Trump to dance with Caitlyn Jenner at inauguration”

President-elect Donald Trump is being urged by some advisers to save at least one dance, as he celebrates his inauguration on Friday night, for a very special Republican lady — Caitlyn Jenner.”

Are these ‘Advisers’ from CNN?
More here


That Should Make Downsizing Government Easier

It made the news but I don’t believe it for a minute. They’re just whining. It reminds me of all the leftists who promised to move to Canada if Trump was elected. How many of them did? Besides, a federal job is a cushy, well paid job. They aren’t going to give that up.

“GovExec poll: 28 percent of fed workers say they might quit or retire because of Trump”

According to a new poll conducted by and the independent Government Business Council, 28 percent of federal workers say they are or at least might be “considering leaving the federal service” because of Donald Trump’s election. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File)

According to a new poll conducted by and the independent Government Business Council, 28 percent of federal workers say they are or at least might be “considering leaving the federal service” because of Donald Trump’s election. This is actually up from 25 percent who said the same in February when asked about the possibility that Trump might be elected.”

More at the Washington Examiner


Trump Inauguration Ball Rejects CNN

Future coverage by CNN will change. Which way? Will they lighten up or will they double down.

What a slap in the face.

“Deploraball Organizers Reject CNN’s Requests For Press Passes!”

Oh, the gnashing of teeth that will result.

From here


Will Obama Miss The Long-Range Killing?

He has said he loved to send in the drones. Now he’s gone after alleged ISIL terrorists a long way from The Levant. Did he need just one last fix? Just what other reason could there be for ordering this strike with only a day or two left in office?

And B-2 stealth bombers? What about drones?

“Obama’s Last Attack: US B-2 Bombers Strike ISIS Camps In Libya, Killing Dozens”

With just 24 hours left in Obama’s tenure, the U.S. president launched his final airstrike on ISIS after two B-2 bombers carried out airstrikes on two ISIS camps in Libya overnight, defense officials said Thursday, part of an operation targeting militants driven out last year from their coastal stronghold. The stealth bombers struck jihadis 45 kilometers southwest of Sirte, located halfway between Tripoli and Benghazi.

A U.S. official told NBC News that “several dozen” militants were believed to have been killed in the strikes.”

From Zero Hedge


“Navajo Nation vows to fight EPA for toxic mine spill”

The function of the EPA is to ‘Protect’ the environment. It’s part of their name. They did just the opposite in the Animas river pollution case. It was their agents who broke the dam holding back the pollutant, allowing it to foul the river.

If there was damage done by this act it should be compensated. Moreover, the EPA officials who caused the spill, and those who directed them to do so, should be tried criminally. There are plenty of criminal charges that can put them away for years. Future federal agency people should be put on notice. This is not acceptable.

The House Committee on Natural Resources released a damning report on the EPA and how they handled the August 2015 Gold King Mine disaster in Colorado, and its aftermath. (AP)

Navajo Nation officials say they are outraged the Environmental Protection Agency is refusing to pay millions of dollars in claims filed against it following the devastating Colorado Gold Mine spill.

The federal agency has accepted responsibility for the August 2015 disaster, which devastated farm and grazing lands in southern Colorado and northwest New Mexico. But it announced late last week that it was not legally able to pay claims submitted by farmers and livestock owners.”

From Fox News

Further news: EPA Pardons Itself in the Animas River Pollution Case

The EPA has pardoned itself from paying claims totaling more than $1.2 billion for economic damages from a mine waste spill the agency accidentally triggered in Colorado the summer of 2015.

The EPA said the claims could be refiled in federal court, or Congress could authorize payments.

But attorneys for the EPA and the Justice Department concluded the EPA is barred from paying the claims because of sovereign immunity, which prohibits most lawsuits against the government.”

More here

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Illinois’ Finances Are In The News Again Today


Without real reform, Illinois will end up like a failing cable company that is losing customers and responds by raising service rates on remaining customers, causing even more to leave. It’s a losing strategy and will simply quicken the stampede of Illinoisans fleeing to surrounding states.”

From Illinois Policy

Downtrend has a graphic that also indicates what’s wrong there but it also includes other cities with a common denominator. They’re all in trouble and are all run by Democrats.

Tha Chicago Tribune has an editorial about how President-elect Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, is being received by Chicago’s very unionized education establishment.

“Betsy DeVos vs. the education status quo”

Betsy DeVos speaks during her confirmation hearing for Secretary of Education before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee on Capitol Hill on Jan. 17, 2017, in Washington, DC. (Brendan Smialowski, AFP/Getty Images)

The senators’ attempts to paint DeVos as a rich capitalist bent on turning schools into private profit centers rehashed the limp, decades-old arguments against charter schools and voucher programs. The committee chairman, Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., was right when he described DeVos’ positions as mainstream. In her home state of Michigan, she spent more than a decade fighting for school choice programs that benefited mostly minority school children.

She’s not alone. Supporters of school choice have included many Democrats and Republicans — presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, a half-dozen education secretaries, and more than 30 states.

But not here. Chicago and Illinois are case studies in resisting this type of education reform.

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis last fall called DeVos a “nightmare.”

Here is a snip from that hearing. Devos seems to be able to handle the socialists.

Illinois, and especially Cook County, has been in failure mode for decades. Taxes are repeatedly raised yet services are poor. The local government has refused to address the crime and economic problems there. The natural result is that people are moving away – productive, tax-paying people. Moody’s can see it and is issuing another warning. It won’t be long now.


Politico: Democrats Continue To Hate Each Other

The party of hate doesn’t just hate Donald Trump. No, they have hatred for each other as well.

It’s delicious to watch.

“Democrats sweat Clinton vs. Sanders rift”

The 2016 primary fight continues to divide the party, hindering Democrats’ ability to unite and prompting national party leaders to tiptoe around the issue. | Getty

Long after the Democratic presidential nomination was settled, the bruising 2016 primary fight continues to divide the party, hindering Democrats’ ability to unite and prompting national party leaders to tiptoe around the issue in the hopes of avoiding an outbreak of Sanders-Clinton proxy wars. The bitter defeat at the hands of Donald Trump has exacerbated the tensions, leading to the rise of “Bernie would have won” and “Bernie’s challenge helped sink Hillary” camps, even if the battles are rarely framed in such explicit terms. Now, with the chairmanship of the DNC and party nominations in multiple 2017 races at stake, some Democrats are desperately trying to strike a balance and remind rank-and-file activists of the real enemy.”

More at Politico

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Looks Like There Was More Than Stink Bombs Planned For Trump Inauguration

Any Means Necessary

Image from here

This is some serious stuff. We knew leftists are crazy but this indicates a pre-planned attack, and not just an assassination attempt. Multiple firearms, both handguns and long guns were pre-placed in what looks like an effort to avoid having them discovered on one’s person by police. Because there were several guns of different types it looks like more people than just the President-elect were to be shot. That makes it look like a terror attack.

Could this be one reason so many Democrats are not attending the inauguration?

“Guns in violin case, other weapons found along Potomac in DC”

This image provided by Barbara Joan Saffir, shows police standing near a violin case along the Potomac River in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2017. U.S. Park Police say several weapons, including two guns in a violin case, have been found by a woman walking in the woods (Barbara Joan Saffir via AP) (The Associated Press)

A walker in Washington came across two guns in a violin case along the Potomac River on Wednesday, leading police to find several other weapons stashed in the area, officials said.

U.S. Park Police said a woman walking in the woods near the C&O Canal, which runs along the river, found the case. When law enforcement officers arrived, they found more guns and ammunition — some in pails, others in plastic garbage bags.

“At this point, we don’t know how they got there, why they’re here or when they got here,” police spokeswoman Sgt. Anna Rose said.

She said officers found a variety of weapons, including long guns and pistols.”

More at Fox News

The disruption is being organized here


Want To Know Why We Cannot Trust Obama’s Intelligence Community?

It’s because President Obama changed their jobs for them. Remember when it was reported that Obama’s new role for NASA was Muslim outreach?

Today it is being reported that John Brennan, Obama’s head of the Central Intelligence Agency has told the world that he wants us to remember his work with the Sexually handicapped.

“Departing CIA chief John Brennan wants his legacy to be the work he did for LGBTQ community”

A happy John Brennan

In a wide-ranging interview with the Wall Street Journal, departing CIA Director John Brennan said he wants his legacy to be the work he did to advance the LGBTQ community.

“During his tenure he has put particular emphasis on promoting the interests of gay, lesbian, and transgender officers,” the Journal reported. “He was the first CIA director to attend an annual social gathering of LGBTQ employees and has been known to wear a rainbow lanyard around the office as a symbol of solidarity.

For Mr. Brennan, who said his perspective was informed by growing up ‘a white male from New Jersey,’ diversity of backgrounds leads to better analysis, which in his estimation can prevent intelligence disasters,” the Journal said.

‘”I just think that having those varied perspectives really adds greater color and dimension and diversity to how we look at problems,’” Mr. Brennan told the Journal. “’It gets us away from groupthink.’”

Read the rest at the Washington Times


CNN Says Fewer Unborn Babies Are Being Killed

Take a look:

The report, by the Guttmacher Institute, found the rate has declined to 14.6 abortions per 1,000 women of, what is considered, childbearing age (that’s 15 to 44). That’s the lowest rate recorded since the landmark Supreme Court decision in 1973.

Another notable finding: the annual number of abortions in the US has dropped to under 1 million for the first time since the mid-1970s. It reached its peak of more than 1.6 million abortions in 1990.”

Less than a million? Only a few less than a million of those little carcasses have been snatched from their mothers? Why… That’s news. Not good news, but good enough for CNN to share. The Guttmacher article also tell us which states don’t have convenient clinics that do abortions. That means the Guttmacher group is not an independent source. They advocate for more abortion clinics.

And what’s with the name? What does ‘Guttmacher’ mean?

More at CNN


49 Democrats Avoiding Trump Inauguration

So far.

If it were more I would worry that they know something ugly is planned for the ceremony.

Small minded sore losers. Actually, we don’t need the adjectives. Losers.

From here


Oh No! John Lewis Lies!

Who’dathunk it?

“I don’t plan to attend inauguration. It will be the first one I miss since I’ve been in Congress.”

He did outright lie about this. And the lying media let him do it without challenge. It’s no wonder Mr. Trump is challenging the media.


General Mattis Reassures Troops And Americans

General James Mattis is reverently called ‘Mad Dog’ by his troops. It is a term of endearment. I am not one of his troops and it has been said that he doesn’t really like the monicker but accepts it from his men. I will not use the nickname.

General Mattis is a war fighter. He understands warfare because he has experienced it, studied it, and studied history. He continues to read. He says the US military is second to none. That is a different image than was created by the outgoing President and Secretary of Defense. Our men and women in uniform will welcome a leader like Mattis. He trusts them and they trust him. A recent example of why is this:

“Mattis: ISIS ‘couldn’t last 2 minutes in fight with our troops'”

Defense secretary nominee Gen. Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis believes ISIS is “al-Qaida on steroids” and must be defeated in head-to-head “battles of annihilation” that leave “no survivors” on the enemy side, according to a recent discussion he participated in with a conservative think tank.

The career Marine, who faces Senate questioning at a confirmation today, also asserts that the US military “can handle Iran” in a shooting war, but cautioned that the Navy needs more warships to challenge “China’s bullying in the South China Sea.”

Mattis made the eye-opening remarks in a little-noticed interview with Stanford University’s Hoover Institution in Palo Alto, Calif., where he is a visiting fellow.”

General Mattis knows how to lead people to success. This is a good example. The question is not whether our people could win. Instead it is should they be sent to win? Mattis’ job will be to prepare our troops for conflicts and he will do a superb job. The decision to send, or not to send, them into battle will be a political one – made by the Commander in Chief.

Read the rest at Family Security Matters

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‘Give With The Left Hand, Punch With The Right’

This is an interesting development. President-Elect Trump has given strong indications that he will not favor news sources that opposed him during the election. He has famously refused to recognize CNN’s reporter during a press conference, calling CNN. ‘Fake News’. This is not new nor unprecedented. President Obama frequently blamed Fox News for telling of his errors.

There are several American news organizations that have opposed Trump and continue to do so. There has been false news reported about him. Trump is now in a position where he can point out to the world that there are consequences to producing false news and he appears to be eager to do so.

By moving the press briefings to a larger room, reportedly four times a big as the existing one, he will be able to include news sources that never before had this access. He will have a team to decide who gets the blessing and who does not. It’s possible that the list will include others, not just print or television. It has been shown repeatedly that the major print sources are in the process of failing into unimportance.

This will be interesting to watch as former news leaders fall and are eliminated from White House press briefings.

“Trump Team May Move West Wing Briefings to Expand Capacity”

White House Press Room

The incoming Trump administration is considering moving White House press briefings out of the West Wing to accommodate more than the “Washington media elite,” President-elect Donald Trump’s press secretary said.

“This is about greater accessibility, more people in the process,” Sean Spicer said Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Media Buzz.” Involving more people, including bloggers and others who aren’t from the mainstream media, “should be seen as a welcome change,” he said.”

Read the rest at Bloomberg