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The trials, tribulations and distortions of the Mainstream Media

“Oath Keepers Webinar Friday, Jul 22, 2016 8:00 PM CDT…”

“What Patriots Must do to Counter Wave of Marxist Engineered Terrorist Violence”


If you are interested they ask that you register at:

Presenters will be:

Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers Founder and President, Matt Bracken, Peter White, former-prosecutor from Western Rifle Shooters, John Karriman, Missouri Defensive Tactics Instructor, Greg McWhirter, Rich Grumbine, South Carolina Oath Keepers Chapter President, Duncan Simmons, Louisiana Oath Keepers State Coordinator.

More info here

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Does Hillary Clinton Support America’s Police?

Does she want racial healing in our country?

No. To both questions. She has invited Michael Brown’s mother Lesley McSpadden to speak at the Democrat National Convention. By doing this she will reignite the racial discord and the anger against the nation’s police officers the broke out in Ferguson, Missouri and in other places. It is still manifesting itself today. Cops are being hunted down and murdered by young black men as a result.

This is a big, fat spit in the eye to law-abiding Americans. It is evil but evil is what we expect from Hillary Rodham Clinton.

FILE - In this March 5, 2015, file photo, Lesley McSpadden, mother of Michael Brown Jr., listens to the family attorney during a news conference in Dellwood, Mo. Lawyers for the parents of Brown, the unarmed, black 18-year-old who was fatally shot by a white police officer in a St. Louis suburb, announced Wednesday, April 22, 2015, that they planned to file a civil lawsuit the following day against the city of Ferguson. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast, File)

FILE – In this March 5, 2015, file photo, Lesley McSpadden, mother of Michael Brown Jr., listens to the family attorney during a news conference in Dellwood, Mo. Lawyers for the parents of Brown, the unarmed, black 18-year-old who was fatally shot by a white police officer in a St. Louis suburb, announced Wednesday, April 22, 2015, that they planned to file a civil lawsuit the following day against the city of Ferguson. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast, File)

We already know that Democrat convention kicking off on July 25 will be a heinous pagan spectacle where the attendees will, as they’ve done in the past, cry out in rebellion against God and truth, and cheer as they hand the nomination to a lying crook who hates this country and everyone who lives here. That much we must expect. It’s hard to imagine that any specific moment will stand out as more debased or diabolical than the next, but I have an early candidate for that distinction: the headlining speech to be delivered by Lezley McSpadden, the mother of Michael Brown.

We’ve grown so accustomed to blatant race baiting and mob incitement on the part of the Democrats that this move may not seem extraordinary. Indeed, there appear to be very few people making a big deal out of it. And I admit it’s not necessarily surprising that today’s Democrat Party would honor the mother of a violent brute on such an important stage. But that doesn’t make it any less disgusting, especially considering the current climate.”

From The Blaze


You May Have Missed This

Congressman Steve King, from Iowa, asks this MSNBC panel just why we should honor minorities that have added little or nothing to western civilization. No one has ever talked to them like that before.

The discussion began with someone expressing his opinion that old white people are losing their hold on the Republican party and then saying that the old white people he saw are fired up and ready to act.

Fellow panelist Charlie Pierce, of Esquire, had said on Monday: “If you’re really optimistic, you can say that this is the last time that old white people will command the Republican Party’s attention, its platform, its public face,” adding, “That hall is wired by loud, unhappy, dissatisfied white people.”
“Now, that’s disparaging a group of people, and ‘old white people’ — can you trade that language out by adding any other group in there as an adjective?” King said Wednesday. “And by the way, I am wise enough not to even do that for people, because then it blows the whole Twittersphere up again. But he was disparaging a group of people, a subgroup of people, ‘old white people,’ and saying they’re going to be out of the politics of the Republican Party. That’s gotta be answered….

“And so, yes, any civilization, you can look down through that and say these are things that we’re not proud of. I could go back and give you that list,” King acknowledged. “But the sum total that’s been contributed by Western civilization, it surpasses any other culture or civilization, partly because we borrowed from them along the way, and we’re flexible enough to do that. And so I don’t think we should apologize for our success. And the idea of multiculturalism, in that every culture is equal — that’s not objectively true. And we’ve been fed that information for the last 25 years in this country, and we’re not going to continue to become a greater nation if we don’t look at this objectively.”

Whining leftists are demanding that King back away from his remark. Do you think he will?

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Another Violent Democrat Uncovered

Until now have you heard of this? If it were a Republican delegate pledged to Trump or Cruz you certainly would have. The media covers for the Democrats.

“One Of Hillary Clinton’s DNC Delegates Literally Tried To Murder Someone, But Media Are Silent”

Who caught Bill's eye?

Who caught Bill’s eye?

A Democratic National Committee delegate pledged to Hillary Clinton tried to murder her husband with a gun on Sunday, but the national media won’t talk about it.

Deanna Vicites, a 47-year-old Hillary Clinton delegate from Pennsylvania, was charged with attempted homicide after shooting her husband in the neck with a revolver over the weekend. The two admitted to authorities they had been drinking all day, and while Deanna initially told authorities it was a mistake, the district attorney said there was no way the shooting was an accident.”

From The Federalist


Dateline Massachusetts:

“Massachusetts Attorney General Unilaterally Rewrites the State’s Gun Laws”

glenda ar15

Without the legislature, without the governor, and without any form of public consultation, the attorney general of Massachusetts has today rewritten the state’s 1998 Gun Control Act. In an edict sent out this morning, AG Maura Healey explained that the law no longer meant what it had meant since 1998, but instead would mean what she wanted it to mean. Writing in the Boston Globe, Healey outlined the changes:

The Massachusetts assault weapons ban mirrors the federal ban Congress allowed to expire in 2004. It prohibits the sale of specific weapons like the Colt AR-15 and AK-47 and explicitly bans “copies or duplicates” of those weapons.”

More at National Review


NIMBY: “Oh, Nooo. A Mormon!”

People in places like Texas and Alaska can identify with the negative reactions of the people who just moved in. People are fleeing places like California and Illinois because of the way local ordinances restrict their rights to be different. They don’t just want to be different. They also want things to stay the same as they were when they moved in.

In many, if not most, cases they moved where they did to enjoy the low cost of living that happens in poor communities. That is what they could afford.

The trouble is that the newbies bring with them the same prejudices they had where they came from.

This man is willing to spend his own money to buy land for his dream. The people who sold to him are happy but their neighbors are not. They don’t want anything to interrupt their rural lifestyle. But their way of living is fleeting. The history of the world includes primitive people being overrun by others with superior force or more money.

They want what they want. No amount of reasoning will change their minds. It seems to me that their dreams would be better served by moving to Venezuela.

“A Mormon Tycoon Wants to Build Joseph Smith’s Mega-Utopia in Vermont”


David Hall is snapping up farmland to bring his vision of a sustainable high-density community to life. The neighbors are horrified.

Nicole Antal, a 30-year-old librarian in Sharon, Vermont, was putting together a town report in late January when she stumbled upon a series of odd land purchases: In just three months, a Utah-based foundation had quietly bought more than 900 acres of nearby farmland, an area larger than Central Park. All of the land was either adjacent or close to the birthplace and memorial of Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church. “I’ve always loved mysteries,” says Antal. “And this seemed like a good one.”

That evening, when Antal got home to the 450-square-foot house she’s building with her husband, she strapped on a headlamp. The house doesn’t yet have electricity and she needed to prepare dinner for her 5-year-old son, Robin. She also wanted to poke around online. Standing next to her wood-burning stove, Antal flipped open her precharged laptop and Googled the name of the Utah organization: NewVistas. “This strange website popped up,” she says. “It had all these architectural models with fake people walking around. I didn’t know what to think.”

NewVistas, Antal soon discovered, was started by a wealthy Mormon engineer named David Hall, who wants to build sustainable, high-tech, high-density communities all across the globe. From the looks of things, he hoped to build one right in her backyard, in rural Vermont.


Out in Provo, Utah, Hall began arranging a series of trips to meet with angry Vermonters.

Hall’s opponents have put up signs on the streets of Sharon.

Hall’s opponents have put up signs on the streets of Sharon.

Two days later, Antal is making crepes in her tiny house, which sits on 47 acres of farmland. She and her husband, a computer engineer for Dartmouth College, say they chose to build small only because it was what they could afford. Outside, they’ve dug a well, built and hand-painted a chicken coop, and planted sprawling vegetable gardens. Inside, jars of maple syrup line a windowsill. Robin watches The Lion King in French on a laptop.

The couple moved to Vermont five years ago, oddly enough, from Salt Lake City. The previous night, Antal had invited Hall over for a simple dinner of bread, cheese, and salad. She’d showed him her petite house, and they’d talked, off the record, for more than two hours. “He’s a really nice guy,” Antal says. “Part of me feels bad for exposing his plan, because I think he means well.” One of Hall’s mistakes, she suspects, may be that he’s an engineer who tries to solve everything as if it were a math or physics problem without factoring in human emotion. “He’s nerdy, and I love that,” she says. “He sees these issues in the world, and he’s trying to find a way.”

From Bloomberg News


Hillary’s Plan To Lower Age Requirement For Medicare

Expand Medicaid for the younger people and expand Medicare for the old and not-so-old. Eventually they will meet in between and we will have a single payer system. Simple. She has been trying to accomplish this for decades.

As the writer points out, though, it has become increasingly difficult for those on either Medicare or Medicaid to find a doctor. The systems don’t pay them enough. People on Medicare must buy insurance to cover what the system will not.

kid, hillary

Hillary Clinton is taking a sledgehammer to Medicare. In a move calculated to fire up the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton pledges to open Medicare to people 55 to 64, and make a “public option” insurance plan for all ages.”

Read the rest at Right Wing News


Puff Ho Writer Describes Hillary Clinton Well

Tony Brasunas posted this at Huffington Post. First he tells readers that media will not look closely at Clinton’s flaws because they blow them off as inventions from the GOP. He challenges that assumption and gets into facts.

“The Deeper Reason Many Intelligent Progressives and Independents Will Not Support Hillary Clinton”


Just because a Republican says something doesn’t automatically mean that it’s false. Just because you don’t like the news that a messenger brings doesn’t mean that the messenger is wrong. Just because a journalist writes about the many reasons intelligent progressives are unlikely to support Clinton does not mean that that journalist is sexist or supports the atrocious and fraudulent candidacy of Donald Trump. Trump is very bad, and must be defeated, but that doesn’t automatically make Clinton good in the minds of independent and progressive voters.

The truth is that poll after poll finds that people across the political spectrum do not trust Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders polls way ahead of her on the topic of honesty and trustworthiness — by as much as 50 points — and if he’s the nominee, polls show he would unite the left and independents in a way that Hillary will not.

Voters find even Trump — who seems to concoct his own facts and policy positions during each and every speech — more trustworthy than Clinton, by 8 points and growing.”

Brasunas then lists the reasons that “Thinking Progressives” can not support her. There are plenty. He discusses the cocaine connection in Mena, Arkansas and also how people around the Clintons continue to wind up dead – Ninety three so far.

It’s interesting reading. So is the comments section. Clinton’s support is weak among progressives.


Patricia Smith: “If Hillary Clinton Can’t Give Us The Truth Why Should We Give Her the Presidency?”

Patricia Smith’s son Sean was one of four Americans killed in the attack on the US compound in Benghazi, Libya.

Update: “GQ ‘Journalist’ on Pat Smith: ‘I would like to beat her to death’”

beat pat smith to death

From here


With The RNC Convention In The News, Let’s Not Forget Hillary

This is from Fred Barnes at the Weekly Standard:

“Yup, She’s Crooked”

Credit: Dave Clegg

Credit: Dave Clegg

Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt person ever to get this close to becoming president of the United States. Aaron Burr was corrupt, but his treason didn’t occur until after his presidential possibilities had dried up. Ulysses Grant was a great man whose administration was riddled with corruption, but he wasn’t personally involved. Warren Harding wasn’t a great man, but he wasn’t party to the corruption in his administration either. Hillary Clinton stands alone.

Her corruption has many dimensions. It encompasses her personal, professional, and political life. There are lots of overlaps. Her use of a private email server engulfs all three aspects. With Clinton, one never has to exaggerate. Her malfeasance speaks for itself, loudly. She lies to get out of trouble and fool the press and voters. But she also lies gratuitously—when it’s not required to avoid trouble. Face to face with the parents of CIA commandos who were killed in Benghazi while protecting Ambassador Chris Stevens, Clinton lied.”

There is more at the link.

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Gretchen Carlson Wins Big

“Murdochs to Remove Fox News Chief Roger Ailes: NY Magazine”

Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes

21st Century Fox Inc. plans to remove Roger Ailes, the chairman and chief executive officer of Fox News who has been accused of sexual harassment by former anchor Gretchen Carlson, according to New York Magazine.

Fox Co-Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch and his sons James and Lachlan have agreed that Ailes should depart, though they haven’t settled on the timing or terms of his exit, the magazine reported, citing people it didn’t identify.”

From Newsmax

Update: “Sources: Megyn Kelly Told Murdoch Investigators That Roger Ailes Sexually Harassed Her”

According to two sources briefed on parent company 21st Century Fox’s outside probe of the Fox News executive, led by New York–based law firm Paul, Weiss, Kelly has told investigators that Ailes made unwanted sexual advances toward her about ten years ago when she was a young correspondent at Fox.”


He’s toast.


Campus Closes In Cleveland To Protect Students From Police

Poor widdle kids are watching too much MSNBC.

“Cleveland students protest ‘mere presence’ of cops on campus for RNC”


Students at a Cleveland, Ohio college are petitioning to halt the billeting of riot police officers on campus during the Republican National Convention (RNC) next week.

Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) will close down most campus activity next week out of concern that rioting outside the RNC may spill over onto their campus five miles away.

Some students, however, think the closure is really a response to their concerns about whether students would be safe in an environment with so many police.”

Read the rest at Campus Reform


Timing Is Everything

On Sunday three police officers were shot dead in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in an ambush attack by a Nation of Islam member.

Three more were injured.

This came a week after five police officers were shot dead in Dallas by a Black Power activist.

On Monday Hillary Clinton told police officers to quit killing black people.”

Courtesy of Gateway Pundit


CNN’s Don Lemon Tries To Steer The Narrative

Sheriff Clarke is having none of it. He tries to make the point that black lives do not matter to the Black Lives Matter movement because they don’t care about the police and they don’t care about the black lives that are taken by other black people. Lemon tries to shut him up and eventually does.

Lemon spouts the moonbat line. Clarke has the law and order line.

From Moonbattery here are the words to Ice T’s 1992 hit, ‘Cop Killer’. The hatred for police has been orchestrated for a long time.
Sheriff Clarke has seen it coming.

Cop killer, yeah!

I got my black shirt on
I got my black gloves on
I got my ski mask on
This sh**’s been too long
I got my twelve gauge sawed off
I got my headlights turned off
I’m ’bout to bust some shots off
I’m ’bout to dust some cops off

I’m a cop killer, better you than me
Cop killer, f*** police brutality!
Cop killer, I know your family’s grieving
(F*** ’em!)
Cop killer, but tonight we get even, ha ha

I got my brain on hype
Tonight’ll be your night
I got this long-assed knife
And your neck looks just right
My adrenaline’s pumpin’
I got my stereo bumpin’
I’m ’bout to kill me somethin’
A pig stopped me for nuthin’!

Cop killer, better you than me
Cop killer, f*** police brutality!
Cop killer, I know your momma’s grieving
(F*** her!)
Cop killer, but tonight we get even, yeah!

Die, die, die, pig, die!

More below the fold…

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Artificial Black Man Tweets Artificial Threat

“If Donald Trump becomes President, you are fooling yourself if you think we’re far from having a coup our own selves,” King tweeted. “I’m dead serious.”

Shaun King

Shaun King

After the failed (and possibly staged) coup in Turkey, Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King took to Twitter and said there will be a coup in the United States if Donald Trump wins the election.”

More at Gateway Pundit


Another Lesson: If You See Something Keep Your Mouth Shut

Yep. Americans are learning how to behave properly. Here is another page in the lesson plan:

“Hotel Clerk in Trouble After Calling 911 on Muslim Man Asking Odd Questions About Room Near RNC”


Three weeks before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, a Muslim man in traditional attire asked multiple questions about booking a hotel for a month and refused to leave the hotel despite learning that it was booked for the time he wanted. A hotel clerk, disturbed by his actions, asked her family to call 911. The police responded immediately, because the clerk’s sister said the man had mentioned the Islamic State (ISIS).

The clerk was fired in less than a week, and now the police may charge her, thus setting a dangerous precedent that if you point out a potential threat, you yourself will land in jail.”

More at PJ Media

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I Agree. Shepard Smith Should Be Fired

Who does he think he is? He picked an argument with former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal because Jindal said, “All lives matter”.

I know. A few people have decided the phrase is a microaggression but listen to the context of the good Governor’s comment. Smith is a news reader, nothing more. As Jindal says we need to get past the point where we can’t say, “All lives matter”.

“Here’s what Shepard Smith said that caused viewers to call for his immediate firing”

Read some of the people who cry for Smith to be fired at Twitchy.


Head Of Cleveland Police Union On Baton Rouge: Obama Has ‘Blood on His Hands’

He does, too. This guy is emotional but he’s right.


A Cogent Argument For ‘Scorched Earth’ Against Violent Islam

We haven’t tried overwhelming violence against our enemies for quite some time and more’s the pity says David P. Goldman in Asia Times. The rather deceiving title to his essay is ‘Nice attack: Why the terrorists are winning the intelligence war’. In it he tells us that the terrorists are framing the terms of terrorism and the west’s reactions to it.

The West fears the power of Islam: it evinces such fear by praising Islam as a religion of peace, by squelching dissent in the name of fighting supposed Islamophobia, and by offering concessions and apologies to Muslims. Ordinary Muslims live in fear of the terror networks, which have infiltrated their communities and proven their ability to turn the efforts of western security services against them. They are less likely to inform on prospective terrorists and more likely to aid them by inaction.


As a result, western European Muslims fear the terrorists more than they fear the police. The West will remain vulnerable to mass terror attacks until the balance of fear shifts in the other direction.”

He estimates that there are hundreds of millions of Muslims who believe in some form of terror:

Most Muslims are peaceful people who disapprove of terrorism, but many are not. Opinion polls show a large and consistent minority of 20% to 40% approves of at least some form of terrorism. Support for ISIS generally is low, but much higher for Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist groups. By any reasonable count there are a few hundred million Muslims who in some way approve of terror, although very few of them would take part in terror attacks. But they are the sea in which the sharks can swim unobserved.”

As a result of Muslims fearing Islamic terrorists more than they do authorities he says we should make them fear our agents instead.

As the Prussian army drove into France during the 1870 war with France, Germany’s Chancellor Otto von Bismarck sought the advice of the American military observer, none other than Phil Sheridan, whose cavalry had burned out the farmers of the Shenandoah Valley in the last stages of the conflict. What should Bismarck do about French snipers and saboteurs from villages along the Prussian route of march? Sheridan told Bismarck to burn the villages, leaving the people “with nothing left but their eyes to weep with after the war.” That, and hang the snipers, Sheridan threw in.

Like Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, who burned a great swath through Georgia and the Carolinas, Sheridan believed that war is won not just by killing soldiers but by denying them support from a broader civilian population.”

This is how wars are won. We have lost sight of it in our pushes to ‘Change the hearts and minds’ of the enemy. We defeated Nazi Germany with overwhelming power and ruthlessness. Remember the fire-bombing of the city of Dresden.

dresden fire bombed

We did the same with the Japanese city of Tokyo.

fire bomb tokyo

Those were terrible decisions. They killed civilians and they destroyed our enemy’s industrial bases. But they allowed us to prevail and win the war.

War requires terrible, unpleasant things be done. The Islamic terrorists are doing them to us. Sheridan knew how to deal with that. You have to be more terrible than they.


Erdogan Starts His Purges

Just lately I have learned that the ‘G’ is silent in Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s name. Actually it’s not silent. For some reason it’s pronounced as though it is a ‘W’. As in Erdo Wan Kenobi.

Anyhow, there are plenty of people who believe the alleged coup attempt in his country the other day was actually orchestrated by him so he could further strengthen his ownership of Turkey. That’s not too far-fetched but who knows if it’s true. Purges of opponents and suspected opponents have historically been the way strong-man governments have increased their hold over their tribe.

It doesn’t matter if you are innocent or guilty. If you make the dear leader uneasy for some reason that is enough to put you on the list of enemies.

This morning we learn that the purges have begun.

“Turkish govt cracks down after coup try; 6,000 detained”

Erdogan, Obama

Erdogan, Obama

ISTANBUL (AP) — The Turkish government accelerated its crackdown on alleged plotters of the failed coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with the justice minister saying Sunday that 6,000 people had been detained in the investigation, including three of the country’s top generals and hundreds of soldiers.

In addition to those mentioned by Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, dozens of arrest warrants have been issued for judges and prosecutors deemed to be government opponents.

The government has also dismissed nearly 3,000 judges and prosecutors from their posts, while investigators were preparing court cases to send the conspirators to trial on charges of attempting to overthrow the government.

“The cleansing (operation) is continuing. Some 6,000 detentions have taken place. The number could surpass 6,000,” Bozdag said in televised comments.”

More here


Cruz Still Makes News

‘Willful Blindness’ is an excellent description of how our President refuses to even utter the words necessary to describe attacks by radical Islamists. We can wonder why he won’t do it all we want but it is plain to anyone with even a little common sense that a man with a name like Barack Hussein Obama, who was raised a Muslim and has praised Islam many times, in speeches and in writing, is a Muslim sympathizer. Foreign leaders know it – bot Muslims and non Muslims.

He does not want a policy to protect Americans from Muslim terror attacks.

“Ted Cruz to Obama after Nice attack: ‘Willful blindness is not a policy’”

cruz signs ar rcvrs

We have to remove the blinders and recognize this for what it is: radical Islamic terrorism,” Mr. Cruz said. “We need to stop radicalized individuals from coming into the United States. We need to empower our law enforcement to target this specific threat, whether imported or homegrown. After seven and a half years of the Obama administration denying this danger, it is getting worse, not better. Willful blindness is not a policy.”

More at the Washington Times


Now We Have ‘BLM International’

The hate is strong in this one. It won’t be long and we will see this here in the US.


“‘Black Lives Matter’ march in Cape Town”


Terrorist hate-group Black Lives Matter surrogates marches to the US Consulate with mass mobilisation.

The march was in Khayelitsha.”

From South Africa Today

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Turkey’s Erdogan Is No Friend Of The United States…

… Which means Obama is no friend either.

“Obama: All parties in Turkey should support Erdogan gov’t.”

Erdogan, Obama

Erdogan, Obama

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama on Friday urged all sides in Turkey to support the democratically elected government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan amid a military takeover of the key NATO ally.

In a statement issued after a meeting with his national security advisers, Obama also urged everyone in Turkey to show restraint and avoid violence or bloodshed.”

Read the rest at the Washington Times


National Review Writer Mark Krikorian Was In Nice During Attack

“On the Scene in Nice”

Mark Krikorian

Mark Krikorian

After a little while, I headed down to see how close I could get, and there were still police cars and ambulances rushing to the scene:


Later, I saw a convoy of minivans from the Nice coroner’s office arrive. The local paper reports that the terrorist was “of Tunisian origin,” which surprises no one, of course. But since he was killed by police, President Obama may never know his real motive.”

Read more at National Review


It Was The Truck’s Fault

Blame the tool. Not the Muslim. Ever.

“Truck rams crowd in Nice, France”

“Bastille Day celebrations turned to tragedy in Nice, France, after a truck plowed through a crowd walking on the waterfront.”Source: CNN

“Truck attack in Nice: ‘We had to run for our lives'” CNN