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NRO: “Bundy vs. BLM: A Visceral Reaction”

I think this National Review writer gets it. He has put into words what many of us couldn’t. Throughout the Bundy stand-off the question we had wasn’t. “Did Bundy break the law”. He admits that he did.

The concern instead has been about the fierceness and violent way the feds reacted.

Bundy’s cattle should have been prevented from grazing on public lands if the fees had not been paid. Instead the BLM destroyed his property, killed two prize bulls, threw a woman to the ground, and tasered at least one of the Bundy’s.

dead bull

Now they are talking about an attack on the Bundy ranch. For what?

To intimidate them and others; to display a level of force that discourages others from resisting. Simple as that.

One can be a supporter of the rule of law and still recoil in anger and disgust from the militarized display of force by the federal government toward Clive Bundy.

The disproportionate nature of the government’s reaction to Bundy suggests this has less to do with delinquent grazing fees than it does with the selective assertion of raw governmental power — sending a message not just to Bundy or a disfavored group, but to America as a whole. The same federal government that deploys Bureau of Land Management shooters tricked out like SEAL Team 6 directs Border Patrol agents to flee from aggressive illegal immigrants. The same federal government that would fire and prosecute federal agents who physically restrain border-crossers sends agents to tase and sic German shepherds on ordinary Americans exercising First Amendment rights.

One can acknowledge that the government has the right — in fact, the responsibility — to enforce the law, yet object that this administration habitually enforces the law in a capricious, arbitrary, and discriminatory manner. They imperiously go after a Bundy while excusing scores of miscreants whose get-out-of-jail-free card is membership in a politically-correct class. They regularly waive legal requirements out of sheer political expediency. They fail to defend duly enacted statutes with which they, the enlightened, disagree.”


Gawker: “Income Inequality Institute Will Pay Paul Krugman $25,000 Per Month”

This is a joke, right?

No it isn’t.

Progressives take care of their own.

I'd be smug too

I’d be smug too

In late February, the City University of New York announced that it had tapped Princeton economist and New York Times blogger Paul Krugman for a distinguished professorship at CUNY’s Graduate Center and its Luxembourg Income Study Center, a research arm devoted to studying income patterns and their effect on inequality.

About that. According to a formal offer letter obtained under New York’s Freedom of Information Law, CUNY intends to pay Krugman $225,000, or $25,000 per month (over two semesters), to “play a modest role in our public events” and “contribute to the build-up” of a new “inequality initiative.” It is not clear, and neither CUNY nor Krugman was able to explain, what “contribute to the build-up” entails.

It’s certainly not teaching. “You will not be expected to teach or supervise students,” the letter informs Professor Krugman, who replies: “I admit that I had to read it several times to be clear … it’s remarkably generous.” (After his first year, Krugman will be required to host a single seminar.)”


Borepatch: “The Thought-Terminating Cliche”

I Like reading Borepatch. Not all of his essays are as pertinent and well thought out as this one but most are. In this one he discusses an effective weapon that is costantly used by people of the left. We would do well to understand the technique. Even if we don’t choose to use it we can at least recognize what they are doing and mount a resistance.



The Thought-Terminating Cliche

Al Fin has a link-rich post about groupthink and the hive mind:

A large part of the dominant left’s ideological battle against all others, is keeping alternative thought as far away from “authoritative” public platforms as possible. So no commencement address at Brandeis for Ayaan Hirsi-Ali.”

A thought-terminating cliche is a canned response that drops a listener into a default protective mode where challenging propositions can be rejected out of hand. These cliches have (as all cliches must) a kernel of truth surrounded by vast shades of gray that are skipped over. The usefulness of the thought-terminating cliche is that the Faithful can resist sin.

When avoiding the group mind, one is not looking for things to believe. Rather, one is looking for provocative ideas capable of jarring the mind into alternative levels and avenues of thought. A mind looking for something to believe is a mind ripe and ready for recruitment into the hive.”

This explains the hypocrisy of the Academic Left: in the 1960s and 1970s they were all for free exploration of new ideas, because they were on the outside looking to get in. Free expression helped them. Since the 1980s they have become the dominant ideology and so new ideas are most definitely not welcome. Thus the focus on punishing thought crime (Campus speech codes) as being harmful to diversity.

Of course, “thought crime” and “diversity” are both cliches. However, only one stops the thought process.”

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Remember. The Chinese Protester Died

Here is a new cartoon that is supposed to say something important.


It is a take-off on the image of the protester in Tianenmen Square. It looks heroic but the story is he was killed. From Wikipedia:

In a speech to the President’s Club in 1999, Bruce Herschensohn, former deputy special assistant to President Richard Nixon, reported that he was executed 14 days later; other sources say he was executed by firing squad a few months after the Tiananmen Square protests.[5]“



“Child sex trafficking in D.C. a $100M industry”


Said Powell says, “There’s kids as young as 5, 6, 7.”

The average age of entry into this dark and devastating underworld is 13.

“A child who’s a victim of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation cannot go to school, is most likely not able to speak unless they’re asked to speak, they can’t even go to the bathroom without getting permission,” she said. “They’re probably having sex with 5 to 10 men a night.”

And it is happening here in the nation’s capital, where wealth and power are next-door neighbors to poverty and despair.”

This story begins with the story of the disappearance of 8 year-old Relisha Rudd:


Washington DC authorities suspect her parents of selling her into a child prostitution ring.

As the days pass with no sign of Relisha, some who are following her case believe she may have been sold into a child sex trafficking operation.

They point to the wads of cash and expensive items Relisha’s mother and boyfriend flaunted on Facebook in the days following the little girl’s disappearance.”

As sad as her story is, the real story is the fact that this $100 million ‘Industry’ exists in our nation’s capitol. Perhaps the ‘Allegations’ of pedophilia and pederasty we have heard against some law makers have some merit.

Here is another link to the story.




Hope n’ Change doesn’t actually have a lot to add to today’s cartoon because it pretty much sums up exactly what we believe the Obamacare strategy to be – a deliberate fustercluck designed to force people into an unworkable system and destroy the private insurance agency. The eventual goal being a single payer system for everyone…and cost-saving euthanasia (“painkillers not pacemakers” in the president’s words) for the old, infirm, and inconvenient.”

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Barnhardt: “There is Nothing New Under the Sun. Know Your History”

Here is a little history from Ann Barnhardt.


Did you know that President Franklin D. Roosevelt used the US Army to forcefully remove the CEO of Montgomery Ward in Chicago? Did you know that he seized the Philadelphia Transportation Company and installed US Army Major General Philip Hayes as CEO?

Barnhardt has studied history, unlike today’s public school students. She reminds us of the actions taken by what she calls the most dangerous President until Barack Obama.

If FDR had been ten years younger than he was and had lived, I honestly think that he could have become a full-blown dictator. FDR died in April of 1945 after having just been sworn in to his FOURTH term as President. Harry Truman then became president and after the conclusion of the War appointed the Hoover Commission which promptly recommended the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution which limited Presidents to two terms. Truman knew that we had dodged a bullet with Roosevelt and made certain that a tyrannical dynasty like FDR’s would never happen again.”

Of course in these days of instant communication and nearly instant transportation it wouldn’t take four terms to complete the ‘Fundamental Transformation of the United States of America’.


Professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds’ Second Amendment Abstract

Professor Reynolds

Professor Reynolds

You may want to read this. Reynolds is Professor of Law at the University of Tennessee. He also blogs at Instapundit.

I will print it out for future use.

Here is a link to the nine page abstract.


Bill Whittle Discusses The Intentional Destruction Of The US Military

He is right. How can you argue with him?

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Maybe It’s Not Caused By The Guns…

… Maybe something else needs attention.

“24 Injured In Stabbing At Franklin Regional High School”


There is a sickness that is causing these young people to suddenly become violent. It’s not the access to knives or guns. It’s something more.

Are the kids becoming perpetually angry? Have they lost the respect for others – or perhaps never learned it – because they no longer interact with them? Are they becoming desensitized to violence? Are they being taught to hate?

I suspect all of these things enter into the equation but there is more. The authorities will likely determine that this boy has been showing signs of a mental illness.

Blaming these violent acts on the tools used by the madmen is intellectually lazy. It is far easier to blame the tools used than to look for, find, and correct the underlying problems that are encouraging acts of violence.

Politics controls the discussion, though. If the perpetrator is a minority or someone on the left their acts are somehow OK. If a gun is used it is blamed, but where are the ‘Mayors Against Illegal Knives’? That whole argument is phony and contrived.

The causes are much deeper. That is where we should look. It’s so sad.

MURRYSVILLE (KDKA/AP) – At least 24 people have been injured in a stabbing at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville.

The attack occurred in crowded hallways just minutes before the start of school.
Westmoreland County updated the victim count late Wednesday evening, saying 24 people had been injured. (21 students stabbed, 1 security guard stabbed, and 2 others injured).”


You Know How A Magician Does That Thing With One Hand So You Don’t Look At The Other?

Democrats are doing it wholesale:

boxer air pollution

Barbara Boxer accuses GOP of wanting air pollution like China has.


Schumer: Dems Have Turned Corner On Obamacare Because We Keep Talking About Pay Equality….

Harry Reid

WaPo Fact Checker Eviscerates Harry Reid Super PAC’s Koch Brothers Ad, Gives It “Four Pinocchios”…

There are plenty of examples. We don’t have to list them all. Why are they doing it? Perhaps to distract attention away from this:

New Dem Poll Warns Of Midterm Disaster For Democrats, Only 64% of Obama’s Base Plans To Vote In 2014…

Whatever the reason it looks like a pre-planned concentrated effort by Democrat leaders to redirect attention away from something.

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Eric Holder Publicly Threatens Congressman Gohmert

Holy crap! The Attorney General is threatening a sitting Congressman. The Obama administration is getting bolder and more confrontational.

Holder to Gohmert on Contempt: ‘You Don’t Want to Go There, Buddy’

( – Attorney General Eric Holder clashed with Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) at a House Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday, telling Gohmert, “You don’t want to go there” when Gohmert suggested “contempt” was “not a big deal” to Holder.
“You don’t want to go there, buddy. You don’t want to go there, okay?” Holder told Gohmert.”

Reminds me of this image:


Will Gohmert and the House leadership react?



At Al Sharpton’s annual National Action Network Annual convention, Attorney General Eric Holder spoke about civil rights and referenced his back-and-forth at Tuesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing, with Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX)…

“I have been proud to stand along side of you in supporting efforts to advance the cause of justice that has always been at the center of this , this administrations work I am pleased to note that the last five years have been defined by significant strides and lasting reforms, even in the face, even in the face, of unprecedented, unwarranted ugly adversity. And if you don’t believe that, you look at the way …forget about me… forget about me , you look at the way the Attorney General of the Untied States was treated yesterday by a House committee. Had nothing to do with me what Attorney General has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment? What President has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment ”

From Breitbart


A Republican Waste Of Time

Does anyone in the world think Holder will do what they ask him to do?


The House Ways and Means Committee will vote this week to formally ask the Justice Department to pursue criminal charges against former IRS employee Lois Lerner, an official at the center of Republican probes of the matter.
The committee will mark up a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday accusing Lerner of committing three crimes relating to the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups seeking tax exempt status, a Republican staffer said.”



Jesse Jackson Jr. “Shanks A Guard”, Gets Transferred To Alabama Prison

The news this morning includes the story that Jackson Jr. was transferred. Second City Cop, who should know, has what they say is the back story:

Former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has been moved from a federal prison in North Carolina to a minimum-security prison camp in Montgomery, Ala., after clashing with prison officials and being placed in solitary confinement, a source told the Chicago Sun-Times.

The 49-year-old former Chicago congressman had been advising other inmates in North Carolina about their rights in prison, according to the source, who said a guard took exception to that.

As a result, the longtime South Side politician was placed in solitary confinement for four or five days more than a month ago, the source said.”

That’s the official story. The way we heard it, Junior led a riot after stabbing a guard with a homemade shank that was delivered in a cake, allegedly from his daddy, and hidden in his ass for the past five months. Screams of “Attica! Attica!” were heard from the “hole” after the guards tossed him in solitary.”

Jesse Senior must be proud.

jesse crying


“Florida Senate Demands a “Convention of the States” to Stop Obama”

Is this getting traction in other states?

One of the most exciting movements to restore liberty going on at the state level is the growing demand for an Article V “Convention of the States” to bypass Congress and draft constitutional amendments to restore our Republic to the design the Framers envisioned.

Term limits, balanced budgets, limited executive power, and other items are on the top of most activists’ agendas for a potential amendment-drafting convention.

Already, the legislatures of Alabama and Georgia have signed onto this proposal and demanded a convention to limit the power of the federal government, which has grown even larger and more intrusive under Obama.”

More at the Conservative Tribune

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Chicago Cops: “No charges for man with concealed carry permit who fired at armed male”


A 53-year-old South Austin man with a valid concealed carry permit was able to shoot at two men who tried to accost him outside of his home early this morning.

The incident happened about 2:40 a.m. on the 5400 block of West Van Buren Street, said Chicago Police Department News Affairs Officer Michael Sullivan.

The man was walking from his garage to the front of his home when two males in hoodies appeared in a gangway between his home and the neighbor’s home, Sullivan said.

One of the two men pulled a handgun from his waistband and pointed at the man who took out his own gun and managed to fire several times at the males, Sullivan said.

The males fled the area without being struck and the shooting did not result in any property damage, police said.

After the shooting, police responded and determined that the man was shooting in self-defense. The man had a valid firearm owner’s identification card, a valid concealed carry permit and police were able to determine that he had completed a required concealed carry class and was properly trained, Sullivan said.”

Anti-gun police superintendent Garry McCarthy was unavailable for comment.

garry mccarthy

Interestingly, the Second City Cop blog reported it this way:

Concealed Carry Works!
It only took about 35 or 36 days, but we guess guns can prevent crime, even in Chicago, IL”

More at the Chicago Tribune


Trey Gowdy Lays Out Jim Moran

This is his response to this story.

A retiring Democratic lawmaker from Virginia says most members of Congress are paid too little.

Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) says lawmakers can’t afford to stay in Washington, D.C., and he wants to grant them a per diem expense reimbursement.”

“Given our job performance and our salaries we are grossly over-compensated.’


So Here Is What Andrew Sullivan Said…

…Now that I am on Chrome I can read the article.

Andrew Sullivan: ‘We Are No Better Than The Anti-Gay Bullies’


Author Andrew Sullivan, himself a gay man, voiced strong disgust on his blog The Dish towards Mozilla Firefox forcing CEO Brandon Eich to resign for having donated $1000.00 to California’s Prop 8 campaign in 2008 seeking to ban gay marriage, saying Eich had been “scalped by some gay activists”

Read it here

Sullivan sounds like an honest man. Unfortunately, not all on any side are. Expect him to be crucified for his tolerance.

Things look a little different with Chrome but there have been no issues so far. I need to finish setting up my toolbar but no hurry.


Muslim Made Sad Because Someone Planned Easter Egg Hunt

Majed Moughni, 43, of Dearborn holds flyers given to students at Howard Elementary School in Dearborn. / Ryan Garza/Detroit Free Press

Majed Moughni, 43, of Dearborn holds flyers given to students at Howard Elementary School in Dearborn. / Ryan Garza/Detroit Free Press

Here’s a thought: Don’t attend – and don’t let your kids take part. Get over it.

Some Muslim parents are concerned about public schools in Dearborn handing out flyers to all students advertising an Easter egg hunt, saying it violates the principle of church and state separation.

A flyer headlined “Eggstravaganza!” was given to students this week at three elementary schools in the Dearborn Public Schools district, which has a substantial number of Muslim students. The flyer described an April 12 event at Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church in Dearborn featuring an egg hunt, relay race, and egg toss. It asked students to RSVP “to secure your free spot” and included images of eggs and a bunny.”

From the Detroit Free Press


Hillary Clinton Confirms That She Has Neither The Conviction Nor The Guts To Be President

Hillary Clinton bails on San Diego appearance after Benghazi protest scheduled


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton canceled plans to to appear at an April 11 event after a demonstration was announced to protest her role in the attack on the American foreign mission in Benghazi, Libya.

Clinton originally agreed to attend the three-day 17th Annual Western Healthcare Leadership Academy in San Diego, and deliver its keynote address, according to Fox5 San Diego.

Shortly after that announcement, a group organized by local resident Jan Iverson called “The Difference Matters,” planned to be among those greeting the former secretary.

“She is not welcome here in San Diego by so many of us. We don’t want her here,” Iverson told Fox5.

Pat Smith is scheduled to take part in the demonstration. Smith is the mother of Sean Smith, an information management officer who was killed along with Ambassador Chris Stevens and security officers Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods at the Benghazi attack.”

More at BizPacReview


A Fascinating Take On The Mozilla/Eich Brouhaha

Mozilla forced Eich out; not just as CEO but entirely out of the company. By doing that, rather than demoting him, they made a decision that was not based on business, excellence, nor the company’s future. They ignored all that to destroy Eich.

Mozilla has turned their back on all of that. It is a big move for the company and a bad one. People everywhere are talking and writing about uninstalling the browser. People don’t trust the leaders of Mozilla. It was a bad move for them to make.

firefox logo

From Borepatch:

This has nothing to do with gay marriage (which I support) or the Progressive desire to burn heretics (which I find to be profoundly disturbing, in a fascist-meets-religious-fanatic sort of way). Rather, it goes back to the very roots of why I have run Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape for 20 years: technical excellence.

That is quite questionable now. It appears that Mozilla has serious organizational issues, (by implication) serious morale issues, and that their employees and Board of Directors would prefer to jettison* one of the tech industry’s premier CTOs than violate non technical Progressive social norms.

And so, the only logical conclusion is that Firefox will (is?) become a second tier browser. Technically speaking.

And so the question is what to replace it with. I’m not sure, but I’m going to start looking around. And from Mozilla’s perspective, this is a Very Bad Thing – once your users begin to think about changing, it’s very difficult to get them not to. It’s like with friction – the big energy input is to overcome static friction and inertia, to get the object sliding. It takes much less effort once that’s happened.”


Very Well Done… But Is It Too Late?


Disconnected President On Vacay Again

And where was he during the shooting at Fort Hood? He was attending two fund raisers.


Yet Another Nail

“Obamacare Takes a Life”

This is all part of the plan. After a few more people die due to Obamacare there will be an outcry for something different. There will no longer be health insurers. The only thing left to do will be single-payer, government run universal health care.

Pleased as punch, these liars killed Frank Alfisi

Pleased as punch, these liars killed Frank Alfisi

Yesterday the Obama Administration boasted that six million people had signed up for Obamacare.

There was not a word about Frank Alfisi.

Frank Alfisi was killed by Obamacare.

His daughter, Amy DiFrancesca, is furious. And yes, she quite specifically blames the President of the United States for her father’s death. As did the doctor who told Amy: “You can thank Mr. Obama for this.”

More at the American Spectator


Want To Know Why Republicans Will Not Win The Senate In 2014?

In a word, Diebold.

Joseph Stalin: “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this—who will count the votes, and how.”

Can the votes on this Diebold system be hacked using the memory card? “2 people voted Yes. 6 people voted No. The machine reported 7 Yes, 1 No.

As a software “hacker” (in the proper, non-malicious definition), I can say this is definitely a completely valid and utterly shocking “hack” that may have affected countless elections over the years…

“If I had not seen what was behind this, I’d have no reason not to, I would have certified this election as a true and accurate result of a vote.” – Ion Sancho, Supervisor of Elections, Leon County, Florida.

From the highly underrated documentary, “Hacking Democracy”. See more about the hack and its background:”

From LiveLeak