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LTC McSally Wins GOP Primary In AZ

LTC Martha McSally

LTC Martha McSally

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Martha McSally has won the Republican primary for the House seat once held by Gabrielle Giffords. She will face incumbent Rep. Ron Barber who was appointed to the seat when Giffords stepped down after being shot. McSally faced Barber two years ago and lost to him in a close race.

McSally was an A-10 pilot during her time in the Air Force. She was also the first woman to command a USAF fighter squadron, the 354th Fighter Squadron (354 FS) based at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson. She saw combat while flying her A-10 over Iraq and Kuwait in support of Operation Southern Watch.

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Andrew Klavan And The History Of Democrats At War

He has his facts right and he presents them in an entertaining way.

Devastating, really.


“That First ‘I’ In ISIL Isn’t Really There. It Doesn’t Mean Islamic.”

“And, and, and, they’re not at war with us! Listen to meee!”

What is the right word? ‘Inept’? ‘Stupid’? Nah, let’s just go with paid liar.

Marie Harf

Marie Harf

Thursday at the daily briefing, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf declined to acknowledge ISIS’ declaration of war with the Untied States of America.

When a reporter said,”The reality is ISIS has announced it’s in a war against America,” adding, “Right or wrong that is what they are saying.”

Harf replied, “Well, they can say whatever they’d like, but what I am making clear is that’s not what ISIL represents. And they don’t represent any religion. They are at war with everybody they come into contact with.”

Read more here where they are calling her ‘State Department Barbie.

barbie harf_thumb[1]_thumb


CBC Wants Federal Control Of Local Police


The Congressional Black Caucus wants President Obama to appoint a ‘Police Czar’. They say they want to prevent ‘More Ferguson’s’. That could mean that they want looting stopped but I take that to mean they want a task force to prevent young black men from getting shot by white cops.

Speaking for the CBC, Rep. Elijah Cummings believes that this utopia can be attained if only the federal government is given just a little more control over Americans.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, along with other members of the Congressional Black Caucus, sent a letter Monday to President Barack Obama, urging the administration to pursue changes to local law enforcement structure to “prevent more Fergusons,” including a federal czar to oversee local law enforcement.

“The administration must quickly establish a national commission to review existing police policies and practices,” the letter reads. “And identify the best policies and practices that can prevent more Fergusons and vastly improve policing in communities across the nation.”

In addition to the commission, the letter calls for the appointment of a federal czar within the Justice Department to monitor and oversee local police departments that receive federal funding.”

OK. Now I understand. They want this oversight under the control of the Department of Justice whose head is Eric Holder.

Bad idea… as a matter of fact it’s a terrible idea. Holder has shown himself to be uninterested in justice. He is a revolutionary whose focus is on control. That is not American.

Read more at Politico


Bolton: “Destroy the ‘Islamic State’ “


Former US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, writing is National Review Online, outlines the proper response to ISIS. He says the west, especially the United States, should destroy them. As he notes, the Obama administration and most in the media say Americans are war-weary. That may be but he is questioning the truth of that statement:

is flag

America’s basic objective is clear: We must seek to destroy the Islamic State. It is simply not enough to block the group’s threat to the Kurds or other vulnerable minorities in the region. The risks of even a relatively small “state” (or “caliphate,” as they proclaim it) are chilling. Leaving the Islamic State in place and in control only of its current turf in Iraq and Syria (including northern-Iraqi hydrocarbon deposits and associated infrastructure) would make it viable economically and a fearsome refuge for terrorists of all sorts. Just as Afghanistan’s Taliban gave al-Qaeda a base of operations to launch terrorist attacks culminating in 9/11, a similar result could follow if the Islamic State successfully erased and then redrew existing boundaries.

But, many ask, how can the Islamic State be removed from the territory it now holds without U.S. combat forces’ being centrally involved? Aren’t we too “war weary” to do much of anything? Perhaps, but this is surely a debate worth having. And that debate’s central “organizing principle,” as Hillary Clinton might say, is this: The United States must prevent a new terrorist state from emerging in the Middle East. Period.

If there are American political leaders who are truly content to have this embodiment of evil consolidate its current position, let them say so unambiguously. The vast majority of Americans, however, will be profoundly concerned at the likely consequences for America, Europe, Israel, and our Arab friends in the region if we do nothing. After the Holocaust, we said “Never again,” not “Well, maybe a little.”


Delicious – “We Don’t Want You Here, Jesse”

Jesse Jackson confronted by Ferguson resident.


Rick Perry Owns It Again

Texas Governor Rick Perry was indicted by a Grand Jury for vetoing funding for a part of the office of District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg. He had to have a mug shot taken. He turned that to his advantage. Now he is selling a T-shirt on his Rick PAC website with both his mug shot and that of Lehmberg.

He is owning the charges. He is ridiculing those who brought them. Here is an image. The shirt is printed both sides.



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Obama Appoints New ‘Negro Czar’

Obama ‘Trusts’ Sharpton. Why is he a ‘Negro Czar’ and not a ‘Minority Czar’? It’s simple. Sharpton claims to represent minorities but actually only notices things that happen to black people. Has anyone ever seen him support a Native American or an Asian American? How about Latinos? Nope. His focus is laser like on black issues.

‘Black Czar’ or ‘African American Czar’ are clumsy and can be misleading. ‘Negro Czar’ it is – like the United Negro College Fund.

This is from Politico Magazine:


I’ve known Al since he was 12 years old, and he’s arrived at the level he always wanted to arrive at, which is gratifying,” the Rev. Jesse Jackson, a colleague and sometimes rival, told me. “He’s the man who’s the liaison to the White House, he’s the one who’s talking to the Justice Department.”

Sharpton has a history. Even the Politico writer relates it:

During the 1991 Crown Heights riots in Brooklyn, Sharpton stoked black rage after a Hasidic Jewish driver killed a young boy with his car. At the child’s funeral, Sharpton railed against Jewish “diamond merchants” who bought their wares from apartheid South Africa, then ran down black kids in Brooklyn. There was his much-mocked stint as an FBI informer in the 1980s.”

Sharpton does not have the best interests of the country nor the black community close to his heart. That must be why Barack Obama is so close with him.


Leftists Outraged Over ‘Racist’ Plasma TV Cartoon in Missouri Newspaper

I think this was taken from a photo.

The cry of ‘Racism’ is meant to shut people up, not to cure a problem.

no 60 inch

Liberals have their panties in a bunch over a Missouri Newspaper cartoon that depicts the protest and looters in #Ferguson.”


More at Gateway Pundit


14,646 duplicate voters flagged in Virginia, Maryland

ACORN may have been broken up but this is their legacy and it lives on. Remember when ACORN was paying people to register voters? Those people registered the same voter many times – as many as 72 times has been documented. Allk those registrations are still on the books. It’s no wonder the Obama administration is opposed to requiring photo ID to vote. That step could undo the fraud.

SEEING DOUBLE: </p><p class=

An election-watch group says 14,646 people hold voter registrations in Maryland and in Fairfax County, Va." width="600" height="379" class="size-large wp-image-121096" /> SEEING DOUBLE:

An election-watch group says 14,646 people hold voter registrations in Maryland and in Fairfax County, Va.

An election-integrity group is challenging the status of nearly 15,000 voters reportedly registered in both Fairfax County and Maryland.

Virginia Voters Alliance on Wednesday urged Fairfax’s electoral board to do what state officials have so far not done across the commonwealth: Purge those duplicate voters.

VVA President Reagan George complained the state Department of Elections is classifying all duplicate registrations as “inactive voters.”

That means 43,896 voters alleged to be registered in both Virginia and Maryland would stay in Virginia’s statewide database — and remain eligible to vote — until 2019.”



It’s Not ‘The Gulf War’. It’s ‘The Golf War’

Obama doesn’t care about the optics of his perpetual golfing but everyone else does. Even his supporters. Here is the cover of the New York Daily News:

golf war

And here is a ‘killer’ cartoon suggestion. Will it work?



Be Careful What You Ask For

This is from Instapundit.

wants more govt


No Fair. Bill Whittle Uses Facts.

He says there is an epidemic of racism in America. He then, Spock-like, shows us the numbers.

And more.


Ominous: “Holder: ‘Change is coming’ after Ferguson police shooting”

What does this lizard mean? “Change is coming”?


Attorney General Eric Holder sought Wednesday to reassure the people of Ferguson about the investigation into Michael Brown’s death and said he understands why many black Americans do not trust police, recalling how he was repeatedly stopped by officers who seemed to target him because of his race.

Holder made the remarks during a visit to the St. Louis suburb that has endured more than a week of unrest fueled by the fatal shooting of the black 18-year-old by a white officer. The Obama administration intended the trip to underscore its commitment to civil rights in general and the Ferguson case in particular.

The attorney general described how he was stopped twice on the New Jersey Turnpike and accused of speeding. Police searched his car, going through the trunk and looking under the seats.

“I remember how humiliating that was and how angry I was and the impact it had on me,” Holder said during a meeting with about 50 community leaders at the Florissant campus of St. Louis Community College.”

From the Sun-Times


Investor’s Business Daily: “Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Indictment The Work Of Soros-Funded Minions”


Now that the indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry is coming up as the mother of all nothingburgers, and even Democrats are steering clear, it’s time to look at those behind this scam: George Soros-funded front groups.

Friday’s news erupted with a Texas-sized gusher of political mud — Gov. Perry indicted on two felony counts of corruption and abuse of office! And it was all over his decision to defund a “public integrity office” run by a convicted drunk whose failure to resign left an office unable to straighten itself out.

With the news breaking late at week’s end, the governor’s efforts to defend his actions found relatively few immediate listeners. But as facts came out about the utter meritlessness of the case, it turned out to be just a game:

Drape corruption charges around the neck of a successful governor and, however false, let them dangle there until the case gets dismissed, as it surely will. And the aim? To derail his plans to run for president.

It’s a trick so old and practiced by the group that brought the complaint to the district attorney last year, Texans For Public Justice, that it took all of a minute to find the sordid template on a Google search.”

From Investor’s Business Daily


Rick Perry Aces His Booking Photo

You know the big reason that Texas Governor Rick Perry suffered an indictment by an Austin Grand Jury is because his Democrat opponents wanted his booking photo to use against him. It might have worked, too. Perry, though, looks amused, not sinister in the photo. Good for him.

rick perry booking foto

More at Ace of Spades


Meet Erica Payne And Her ‘Agenda Project’

Erica Payne

Erica Payne

Payne is the founder of The Agenda Project. Somehow Scott Johnson at Powerline Blog got on her mailing list. She sent him an unsolicited email asking him and others to download and print copies of this phony cover for Paul Ryan’s book:


Click to enlarge. The text of her email is:

hi scott

Is this the kind of sophomoric things that ‘Progressives’ think will have an effect? Do they think it’s funny? It most certainly is. How many remember when Bill Clinton turned the White House over to George W. Bush? The outgoing Democrats stole all of the ‘W’s’ from all of the computer keyboards.

Sophomoric is too kind a term for them.


I Don’t Always Agree With Ron Paul…

… But when I do it’s because he’s right.

ron paul

Ron Paul: Local police not ‘warriors’

Former Rep. Ron Paul on Monday called for the elimination of the Defense Department program that has transferred billions of dollars in surplus military equipment to local and state agencies.

“It should be gotten rid of,” the Texas Republican said on MSNBC of the Pentagon 1033 program, which has come under increased scrutiny because of the equipment used by St. Louis County police forces in Ferguson, Missouri.

“Police are supposed to be local people, and they’re supposed to be peace officers,” he added. “They’re not supposed to be warriors.”

Read more at Politico

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“Man-Made Global Warming Is Causing The Drought In California”

You’ll believe that only if you don’t look at history. This is “An Inconvenient Truth”.



Hat tip to Kate

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Plan On Power Outages This Winter

Might want to get a wood stove. No, they are now illegal. How’bout a generator?

This isn’t about the promised, “Electric bills will necessarily skyrocket”. This is about really, significantly reduced capacity causing outages. It almost occurred this last winter. Now one-fourth of coal-fired power plants are being shut down.

cold weather

In order to comply with the new Obama era EPA regs, American Electric Power, which supplies a major portion of the electricity used on the east coast, will be closing almost one quarter of their coal fired plants between now and next June. This is because they were economically unable to come into compliance with the new regulations in the impossibly short window of opportunity offered by the EPA. This is going to reduce the total surge capacity available for some of our most densely populated areas just when we may get hit with weather related demand spikes beyond anyone’s control.

Having the power go out in the summer when you’re trying to run the air conditioning is bad enough. Losing heating when the temperatures head below zero for weeks on end is a recipe for disaster.”

More at Hot Air


For Five Years Obama Has Been Working To Make Congress Irrelevant…

… Now – “House Democrats can’t figure out why Obama won’t talk to them.

Duh. You are irrelevant to him.

From The Hill:

obama wry

House Democrats are frustrated with what they say is a lack of election-year communication from the White House.

The lawmakers say it’s difficult to defend President Obama from GOP attacks, when he doesn’t confer with his allies about his strategy and intentions.

Some are scratching their heads why, after nearly six years in office and a reshuffling of his legislative affairs team, Obama’s working relationship with Congress remains prickly.
“It’s hard for us to fathom; I mean, is it just lack of full staffing and resources? [Is it] professional commitment? Is it a disdain for the legislative branch? I mean, what is it?” asked Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.). “People like me want to be allies — I mean, I am an ally. So work with us, reach out to us; you know, we’re not the enemy.”

He doesn’t care about you or anyone else. You are a non-event. He has been demanding that Congress cede its authorities to him and you have done so.

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This Is The Democrat’s Candidate For Senate In Montana

Amanda Curtis is the Democrat party’s choice to replace John Walsh in the race for US Senate. Walsh was the incumbent until he resigned because he plagiarized his Master’s thesis at the US Army’s War College.

She is a teacher and has been serving in the Montana State House. She apparently is unaware that other people can see what she has posted on her social media sites. She is a moonbat and the Montana GOP are using it against her.


This Indictment Of Rick Perry Is Likely Not The Last Attack By Democrats


Unless you have been off somewhere taking the boy to see Mount Rushmore you have heard plenty about Texas Governor Rick Perry lately. He used his veto power to defund the office of Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg. She was arrested for drunk driving and mistreated the police and others who dealt with her when she was drunk. And she’s a Democrat. Perry is a Republican.

Now the Democrats in Texas have managed to get a Grand Jury to indict Perry for his action, claiming it was all politics. He has to fight the charges in court.

This is how the Democrats started with Sarah Palin when she was Governor of Alaska.


In her case they started filing ethics complaints. She had to respond to them. Eventually she was acquitted of all complaints but she said that most of her time was spent dealing with the numerous complaints, preventing her from doing her Governor’s job.

Watch and see if there are not more charges filed against Perry. They want to smear him and make him irrelevant.

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“If we don’t attack Isis, they will attack us”


But we won’t.

This is from the UK Telegraph:

So that’s all right then. We can all relax, and go back to playing boules. The Yazidi are apparently off the mountain, there’s a nice new Iraqi prime minister in office, Isis have been stalled outside Irbil, and Hitler has agreed to watch the fifth Test match with an eye to mastering the rules of LBW.
Except, it’s not all right, is it. Because Isis (Or ISIL, or IS, or Nightmare on Arab Street, or whatever they lately call themselves) aren’t going to stop here. They are sucking in power, they possess a third of Syria and a third of Iraq, they are attracting hormonal, spotty, sex-deprived Islamist yoofs with an eye for a blonde Yazidi concubine from right across the world, they have tanks, missiles, $2 billion, an income of $3 million a day, and, most of all, they are utterly fanatical and they revel in their cruelty.

But for the moment, that is, merely, a prayer. And until that prayer comes true, the fact of the matter is this: we will have to attack Isis militarily, as the Prime Minister suggests, and try and destroy them – before they try and destroy us. And the longer we wait to strangle the snake, the bigger the snake becomes.”


Here Is The Real Story About The Michael Brown Robbery Video

Eric Holder’s Department of Justice told Ferguson Police To NOT Release the video

The video below, from the store’s surveillance cameras, allegedly shows Brown strong-arming the person at the store. It doesn’t justify his getting shot. More investigation needs to be done before the shooting can be classed as justified or unjustified.

The real, big, story is that the DOJ told the police to not release the video. What could have been their motive for making this demand?

The DOJ does not represent justice. They represent lies and distortions in the name of skin color.

video DOJ

Goldie Taylor is an MSNBC contributor who’s followed this case closely. She tries to spin it as evidence that the Ferguson police were acting rashly in releasing the video, but doesn’t it show that the Obama administration is trying to keep information away from the public?”

More here