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Politico: “Uprising in the Rust Belt”

Democrats have turned their backs on union workers. Barack Obama swore to destroy the coal industry and Hillary Clinton has said the same thing. That means coal workers lose their jobs. These workers can see that their jobs are at risk, too, from Democrat regulations. Democrats have become tools of the socialists, the communists, and the greens. That has put them at odds with American workers.

“They used to be Democrats. Now they really could hand Donald Trump the White House.”

iron workers

In the past, people here have turned to the Democrats,” said Chris Borick, director of the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion in Allentown, Pa., 200 miles to the east. “They were the ones who looked after working-class interests, in their minds. But there is a belief that that isn’t the case anymore—and now they’re shopping around for an alternative.”

Read more at Politico


Once Again Democrats Choose The Side Opposing Civil Rights

Throughout American History Democrats have opposed civil rights. They were the people who supported slavery. The Republican party was formed to fight it. After slavery was abolished they continued to teach their children that blacks were sub-human. They passed laws embracing the notions that black people should be segregated from whites.

Democrats have been the party of gun control, passing laws and regulations restricting your God-given right that is further guaranteed in the Bill Of Rights of the US Constitution. Recently they threw a tantrum on the floor of the House of Representatives because their demands that people placed on a no-fly list be prohibited from buying a gun. They had no proposal to allow due process for anyone finding themselves on such a list. They envisioned the list growing until everyone on the right was included on it.


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“Professors investigated for presenting opposing viewpoints”

The University of Northern Colorado charges good money for wasting student’s time. Checking the costs there I found this page which explains how much it costs for a year’s ‘Education’ there. With the kind of attitude that prevails at UNC the students are not being educated. Rather they are being indoctrinated. Only one viewpoint is allowed. Professors are forbidden from discussing alternative viewpoints.

unc tuitions and fees

“Two professors at the University of Northern Colorado were investigated after students complained that they were forced to hear opposing viewpoints.”

"Coexist, baby"

“Coexist, baby”

The complaints were made to Northern Colorado’s “Bias Response Team,” an Orwellian office on campus that asks students to report their peers and professors for anything that upsets or offends them. When the news outlet Heat Street made an open records request for some of the complaints, it discovered that two students had become so upset about having to hear an opinion they disagreed with they filed reports with school administrators.

And rather than telling the students to buck up because they might hear those opinions outside of college or on the news or in the media, the schools told the professors to stop teaching that there’s an alternate viewpoint.”

More at the Washington Examiner

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“‘Europe will fall very soon'”

“Now even MEPs say EU will CRUMBLE within five years after shock Brexit result”

Panic: European Parliament President Martin Schultz, right, meets with presidents of political parties at the European Parliament in Brussels today amid deep shock over the Brexit result

Panic: European Parliament President Martin Schultz, right, meets with presidents of political parties at the European Parliament in Brussels today amid deep shock over the Brexit result

Sweden, Germany, Italy and France all under pressure to hold referendums”

Read more at the UK Daily Mail

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The FBI Has The Manpower, It Has The Resources, But It Is Being Misdirected

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is the entity that is charged with looking into federal crimes. They have ‘Task forces’ that are specialized for different jobs. They have law enforcement arm and they have a terrorism group. Their leaders are sending law enforcement people to investigate acts of terrorism.

Amy Zegart has noticed this problem. She writes about in Lawfare in a piece titled, “Lessons from Fort Hood and Asking the Right Questions in Orlando”.

Amy Zegart is the Davies Family Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, a professor of political science (by courtesy) at Stanford University, and co-director of Stanford’s Center for International Security and Cooperation. She teaches and writes about intelligence challenges, congressional oversight, and national security policy. Her books include Spying Blind: The CIA, the FBI and the Origins of 9/11, and Flawed by Design, which chronicles the development of the CIA, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and National Security Council. From 1999 to 2011, she was a public policy professor at UCLA. She also spent four years as a McKinsey & Company management consultant. Follow her on Twitter @AmyZegart

Amy Zegart is the Davies Family Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, a professor of political science (by courtesy) at Stanford University, and co-director of Stanford’s Center for International Security and Cooperation. She teaches and writes about intelligence challenges, congressional oversight, and national security policy. Her books include Spying Blind: The CIA, the FBI and the Origins of 9/11, and Flawed by Design, which chronicles the development of the CIA, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and National Security Council. From 1999 to 2011, she was a public policy professor at UCLA. She also spent four years as a McKinsey & Company management consultant. Follow her on Twitter @AmyZegart

We must remember that the FBI is under the control of the Department of Justice, making Loretta Lynch its supremem leader. We have plainly seen how Lynch is attempting to steer investigations away from radical Islam even though all facts point toward it.

Zegart notes in her article the following:

4. Law enforcement ain’t intelligence.

In Fort Hood, the FBI approached the investigation of Nidal Hasan through a law enforcement lens, not an intelligence lens. The investigation asked whether Nidal Hasan was a current terrorist danger, not a gathering one. In the email closing the case, the investigator wrote that the FBI field office “does not currently assess Hasan to be involved in terrorist activities.” What it should have asked was whether Hasan might in the future be involved in terrorist activities, whether his relationship with Aulaqi might yield important information about radicalization more generally or Hasan more specifically. The FBI missed the threat because it stopped looking too soon. The FBI was not collecting intelligence. It was hunting a suspected criminal.”

It is plain that the good people in the Bureau are being misdirected from the top.

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So, This Gay Guy Goes Into A Gay Bar And Shoots It Up. Obama Team Calls It ‘Intolerance?

They say he was intolerant of the LGBT lifestyle/ They refuse to mention that he was Muslim and claimed himself to be a fighter for the Islamic State and its leader.

They have been doing this for the entire time Obama has been in the White House. They will not acknowledge that radical Islamists are waging war on us. Instead, they label the killings as workplace violence or intolerance.

The Obama administration is lying to us again. They have an agenda and it is to protect violent Muslims against criticism. They make lame excuses for them and point in another direction and the attacks continue.

Just like Mateen’s wife who drove him around to inspect potential sites they are accomplices.

“Loretta Lynch, Black Lives Matter Blame Intolerance, Not Islamic Terrorism, For Orlando Massacre”

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch made no mention of radical Islam in her remarks about the June 12 massacre at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday, instead blaming “hatred and intolerance” in American society for the nation’s deadliest mass shooting.

In a 9-1-1 call to Orlando Police, shooter Omar Mateen – a 29-year-old Muslim who killed 49 people and wounded 53 others – described himself as an “Islamic soldier” and said he had pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).”

More at CNS News


House Democrats Don’t Like It When You Say, “No”

“Democrats Stage Gun Control Sit-In on House Floor”

What do you think?  Six years old?

What do you think? Six years old?

The U.S. House of Representatives finally adjourned until July 5 after sit-in protests by Democrats halted business in the chamber for more than 17 hours.

Despite the decision to end the legislative session, more than a dozen Democratic members, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., were still protesting on the House floor as of this morning. It’s unclear exactly how Democrats will proceed with their efforts to bring up a vote on gun control.

The unprecedented demonstration, which was broadcast live through C-SPAN and social media across the country, started Wednesday morning and ended early this morning.”

Some of the children.

Some of the children.

ABC News


Here’s A Reasonable Question From

So far they have been unable to pass a ban in the Congress but one day it will happen. Either the opinions of Congressional members will shift or our President will try to do it via Executive Order. As the writer notes there have been other prohibition laws that were ignored by the people and eventually reversed.

“What Will Gun Controllers Do When Americans Ignore an ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban?”


Prohibition was kneecapped by Americans’ widespread refusal to stop producing, selling, and drinking booze. Millions of Americans smoked marijuana decades before majority sentiment creeped toward legalizing the stuff. Gays and lesbians not only surreptitiously lived and loved when they were targeted by the law—they also famously (and righteously) stomped cops who raided the Stonewall Inn, ultimately precipitating liberalization. And restrictions on exporting encryption were eased only after cryptographers illegally exported code—even printing it on T-shirts as an act of civil disobedience.

But in the wake of Omar Mateen’s bloody rampage in Orlando, gun control advocates think that overcoming the passionate opposition of firearms owners and imposing a ban on a difficult to define class of “assault weapons” is a swell idea whose time has come. This prohibition will somehow be different.”

Read it all at


This Was Planned By Somebody

These bullies ruined Roberson’s retirement celebration. As you can see in the video several people surrounded Rodriguez and forced him off the stage. This was an act of assault. Someone arranged this act of cowarly violence. That person and the ones who took part in it should be arrested.

Obama’s military:

“USAF Vet Forcibly Removed from Flag-Folding Ceremony for Mentioning God”

A USAF veteran who has for years delivered a stirring “flag-folding speech” at military and civic events was recently forcibly removed from a retirement ceremony because his speech mentions “God.” As Senior Master Sergeant Oscar Rodriguez, Jr. (ret.) was about to begin his remarks, several uniformed airmen got up, surrounded him, assaulted him, and dragged him out of the room.

This is Obama’s military now:”

Master Sergeant (MSgt) Charles “Chuck” Roberson is a USAF veteran who retired on April 3, 2016 at Travis Air Force Base. A month before his retirement, Roberson saw Rodriguez perform the flag-folding speech at a friend’s retirement ceremony. Moved by the speech, Roberson personally asked Rodriguez to give the same speech at his own retirement ceremony. Rodriguez readily agreed.


When Rodriguez stood up to perform his speech as requested by Roberson, a uniformed airman approached him and warned, “You’re really going to do this?” — as if Roberson was about to something offensive like burn the flag or give a profane, anti-American speech.”

Read the rest at PJ Media


“Get Out Of Chicago”

This is from Karl Denninger at Market Ticker. It’s no longer just the south and west sides that are being destroyed.

“The Death of Chicago”


A robbery crew targeted people along the Lakefront Path near Belmont Harbor yesterday afternoon—repeatedly tossing bikes in front of oncoming bicyclists in an effort to knock people down so they could be robbed according to multiple witnesses and one known victim.


Why would anyone continue to live in such a ****hole? Why does anyone put up with the wildings on Michigan Avenue, assaults near North Avenue on the beach, problems at Navy Pier and now, it appears, the inability to ride a bike worth more than $100 on the Lakefront path — unless you want to be assaulted and robbed.

Time to leave folks, if you’re one of the producers, and let the city implode into a writhing mass of dependency, rot, ruin and crime.”

How did this happen? How did the north side become so violent? Heather MacDonald, writing for the Wall Street Journal tells us.

Someone was shot in Chicago every 150 minutes during the first five months of 2016. Someone was murdered every 14 hours, and the city saw nearly 1,400 nonfatal shootings and 240 fatalities from gunfire.


The growing mayhem is the result of Chicago police officers’ withdrawing from proactive enforcement, making the city a dramatic example of what I have called the Ferguson effect. Since the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., in August 2014, the conceit that American policing is lethally racist has dominated media and political discourse, from the White House on down. Cops in minority neighborhoods in Chicago and other cities have responded by backing away from pedestrian stops and public-order policing; criminals are flourishing in the vacuum.”

The police are staying in their cars and leaving the criminals alone.

On Jan. 1 the department rolled out a new form for documenting investigatory stops to meet ACLU demands. The new form, called a contact card, was two pages long, with 70 fields of information to be filled out. This template dwarfs even arrest reports and takes at least 30 minutes to complete. Every card goes to the ACLU for review.

The arrangement had the intended deterrent effect: Police stops dropped nearly 90% in the first quarter of 2016.”

It sounds like Denninger is right. If you live in the Chicago area it’s time to get out – for the safety of you and your family.


Obama Administration Tries Again To Rewrite History

Some people can laugh about the silliness, the arrogance, of them trying to write Islam out of the killer’s words to the 911 operator in Orlando.

Somehow it doesn’t make me laugh all that much.

const accident

From Kate


Senator Feinstein Explains How To Get Off A Terror Watchlist

It’s really rather simple. Americans must, “Prove their innocence and petition to be removed.” It’s exactly as we feared. She and the rest of the Democrats want some bureaucrat to decide which names go on the list. Then they will design a mechanism that instructs the list maker to pursue people on the right. They will also include a small mechanism for getting off. It will require you prove you are not a terrorist in training and the process, if successful, will take years.


But Would GOP Elites Accept Ted Cruz?

The Washington State Republican Party has already rejected Trump and voted to support Cruz. But if it comes down to choosing between the first rated, Trump, and the second, Cruz, will they support Cruz? He is hated among the old guard in Washington DC because he is dedicated to the US Constitution. The progressives in the GOP hate that.

“Halperin: GOP Elites Orchestrating ‘Grassroots’ Revolt Against Trump”

‘Trump is right: there are people plotting against him.’

More at Legal Insurrection


World’s Best Gun Salesman Must Have Been Taking Sales Classes

“Just One Week After Orlando Massacre, Online Gun Store Sells 30,000 AR-15s”

ari15 on christmas

Hunter’s Warehouse Owner Tom Engle told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, his online operation consisting of 300,000 to 400,000 weapons has sold 30,000 AR-15’s since Sunday.”

More at Fox Business

I’ve never heard of that retailer. There are others as well. I wonder what the total is of all on-line and brick and mortar retailers.

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Political Word Of The Day: ‘Mendacity’

We have had liars as Presidents before. This time everything that comes from the Oval office is not just lied about, it’s based on lies. Here are a few examples:

“Dangerous Denial: Just 29% Of Democrats Say Orlando Was An Islamic Terror Attack” from Investor’s Business Daily.

“By Rejecting ‘Radical Islam’ Obama Rejects Reality” at Right Wing News.

“Shaffer: 15% of refugees are ISIS” from Hot Air

mendacity def

“The Mind of the President”

What the recent revelations about the Iran deal tell us about America’s new guiding philosophy in the world.”

President Obama and Ben Rhodes scheming

President Obama and Ben Rhodes scheming

Two recent devastating profiles—one of President Barack Obama by Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic and the other of Obama’s communications chief Ben Rhodes by David Samuels in The New York Times Magazine—have revealed a kaleidoscope of mendacity so sophisticated, creative, consuming, and substantively boundless as to give rise to a sense that something essential has changed in the relationship between truth and falsehood, between the actual policies of an administration and its efforts to sell them.

At a deep level, spin displaced policy. Not only were key promises in the deal’s favor knowingly fabricated for the purpose of persuasion; not only were the scope and ambitions of the deal, the timeline of when talks began, the internal dynamics of the regime in Iran, and the priorities driving the American side during each stage willfully distorted; not only were journalists and experts whose entire reputations should have been at stake enlisted in the government’s sorcery; not only were official records doctored; but the process of decision-making within the administration appears to have been short-circuited as well.”

Read the rest at The Tower. It’s devastating.

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“Loretta Lynch Overrules The FBI: No Fly List Can Be Used To Ban Gun Buyers”

8 ways you can end up on the no-fly list

The face of a vacuous tyrant

The face of a vacuous tyrant

1. Being suspected to have been involved at some point in time of terrorist activates. Whatever that means, because no one seems to know.
2. Travel to other countries. Given the prism that this State Department views certain countries as either “good” or “bad”, I can see how this is pretty arbitrary. Moreover, not one State Dept. bureaucrat was held responsible for letting these people back in. I’d like to have that conversation with Loretta.

3. Complaints from SJW’s on social media. No really, that’s it.

4. Have a name that sounds the same as someone on the No Fly List. Which is in no way arbitrary or against the rule of law.

5. When the alphabet agencies call you out, you don’t play ball. As in, if you don’t snitch, you don’t fly. Or own a gun apparently.

6. Because Bureaucracy. Typing errors can get you on the list. Try defending yourself to the machine that you, Mr. John Q. Smith from Anytown USA is not Mohammed Salafist .

7. Bench warrants, too many parking tickets, whatever.

8. Again, Social Media. Tweeting your displeasure in the Hillary/Bernie 2016 ticket can catch the eye of Mordor and keep you from flying.

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Bill And Hillary Are Insensitive, Racists

From the UK Daily Mail

“EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton once called disabled children at an Easter egg hunt ‘f***ing ree-tards’ and referred to Jews as ‘stupid k***s’ while Bill called Jesse Jackson a ‘damned n****r,’ claims Bill’s former lover”

Truly one of the most disgusting images ever of Hillary

Truly one of the most disgusting images ever of Hillary

Bill Clinton’s former lover Dolly Kyle claims the Clinton couple regularly used racial epithets in her new book, Hillary: The Other Woman

She writes that Hillary was caught on record blurting out the terms ‘stupid k**e’ and ‘f***ing Jew b*****d'”

Why am I not surprised? Considering the ways she treated her Secret Service agents, it seems everyone is beneath her feet.

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Moonbat Demands Civil War

Look at this guy. His name is Dylan Matthews. He writes for Vox. Vox is a leftist site. I’d say this lizard has no idea what real life looks like.

“Vox Writer: President Should Unilaterally Ban Everyone From Buying Guns”

Dylan Matthews

Dylan Matthews

He has no idea what he’s calling for. He has no idea of the repercussions, either. He just doesn’t think things through. Someone pointed out to him that if he thinks Obama should make decrees like that from the throne, how is he going to like, say, a President Trump doing royal decrees?

Read the rest at Mediaite


Washington Post Lauds Trump As A Progressive

I guess we knew that already. This is the kind of article that tends to make progressives support him. The writer tells us that Trump gave democrats an opening where they could push gun control. They are in the minority in both houses of Congress but the fact that Donald Trump opened his pie hole and called for additional restrictions on gun ownership has empowered them.

“Despite Trump’s calls for action, Senate gun debate headed down familiar path”

sen. chris murphy

An effort to pass new gun-control legislation in the wake of a deadly mass shooting in Orlando is poised to end in a familiar impasse in the coming days — and potentially pit Republican lawmakers against their presumed presidential nominee, Donald Trump, who called for congressional action.

The long-contentious issue quickly gripped Capitol Hill anew this week after a shooter killed 49 people at a nightclub early Sunday in Orlando. The 29-year-old assailant had been on the FBI’s terrorist watch list, but he was removed in 2014 because of a lack of evidence that he would commit an immediate crime.

Trump said this week that lawmakers should find a way to bar terrorism suspects from obtaining guns and that he planned to meet with the nation’s top gun lobby to build support. At the same time, some Republicans and Democrats jumped at the chance to renew their efforts to reach compromise.”

More at the Washington Post


I’ve Been Wondering Why Democrats Insist On Using The Word ‘Democracy’

The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic but Democrats insist on calling it a democracy. I have wondered about that for a long time. Now I find out from the Miami Herald that the left also considers Venezuela a democracy. Who knew?

“Venezuela will test Latin America’s faith in democracy, ex-presidents warn”

From left: former Presidents Laura Chinchilla of Costa Rica, Alejandro Toledo of Peru and Jorge Quiroga of Bolivia at the Organization of American States in Washington on Friday. Luis Alonso Lugo AP

From left: former Presidents Laura Chinchilla of Costa Rica, Alejandro Toledo of Peru and Jorge Quiroga of Bolivia at the Organization of American States in Washington on Friday. Luis Alonso Lugo AP

A group of former Latin American presidents warned the hemisphere’s head of state Friday that the region’s commitment to democracy will be tested next week when the Organization of American States debates whether to intervene in Venezuela’s economic and political crisis.”

Maduro has driven one of the richest nations in the western hemisphere into failure. Venezuela sits atop one of the richest deposits of petroleum in the world but its people are eating garbage and street animals. Socialism does that every time.


The JayVee Team Scores

“The Taliban now hold more ground in Afghanistan than at any point since 2001”


KABUL, Afghanistan — The new U.S. commander in Afghanistan has submitted his first three-month assessment of the situation in the war-torn country and what it’s going to take to defeat the Taliban, a U.S. military official has told The Associated Press.

And though the content of the review by Army Gen. John W. Nicholson is secret, the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan received a major incentive this month when President Obama decided to expand America’s involvement with more airstrikes against insurgents, giving the U.S. military wider latitude to support Afghan forces, both in the air and on the ground.”

Read the rest at Military Times

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“Vladimir Putin Has Everything He Needs to Blackmail Hillary Clinton”

“American intelligence officers are asking not ‘if’ but ‘when’ the Kremlin will dip into its arsenal of Clinton collateral”

Finland v Canada - 2016 IIHF World Championship Ice Hockey: Gold Medal Game

RUMINT (Rumor Intelligence) is rife with reports that Russian intelligence agencies are preparing to release emails “hacked” from Hillary Clinton’s rogue Internet email server.

Agreed, this sounds a bit like a blackmail plot in a 1940s radio detective thriller or a soap opera. Except it isn’t. We live in a world where blood gets spilled.

I’ve read through several reports about the possible Russian information release, ranging from the staid, professional analysis to the wild Hollywood excitement—breathless. “

More here

We reported on this a couple days ago here. Hillary Clinton has turned over a lot of secrets to foreign governments that have the ability to hack her emails. One of those governments is Russia. A Clinton Presidency would be a disaster for the United States for a lot of reasons. Her greed and her stupidity, and the greed and stupidity of her husband, have given control of the US government to Russia, Saudi Arabia, and China, to mention a few.


“Media Ignores Fact That Hillary Takes Money From Countries That Execute Gay People”

What are they buying? It ain’t a house in Chappaqua.

“Saudi Arabia Has Funded 20% Of Hillary’s Presidential Campaign, Saudi Crown Prince Claims”


In what may be the pinnacle of hypocrisy, moments ago Hillary Clinton, while speaking live on national security and addressing the Orlando shooting took some time from her constant bashing of the Second Amendment and calling for a ban on assault rifles, to say some less than kind words about Saudi Arabia whom it accused of supporting radical organizations. This is what she said:

The third area that demands attention is preventing radicalization and countering efforts by ISIS and other international terrorist networks to recruit in the United States and Europe. For starters, it is long past time for the Saudis, the Qataris and the Kuwaitis and others to stop their citizens from funding extremist organizations. And they should stop supporting radical schools and mosques around the world that have set too many young people on a path towards extremism. We also have to use all our capabilities to counter jihadist propaganda online. This is something that I spend a lot of time on at the State Department.”


The report was later deleted and the news agency has not responded to requests for comment from Middle East Eye.”

More at Zero Hedge

H/T Progressives Today

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No Wonder Obama Liked Rahm Emanuel

From Second City Cop comes this:

“9.5 Fingers, No Balls”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, left, and then-police Supt. Garry McCarthy at a news conference announcing first-degree murder charges against Officer Jason Van Dyke in the death of Laquan McDonald. AP file photo

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, left, and then-police Supt. Garry McCarthy at a news conference announcing first-degree murder charges against Officer Jason Van Dyke in the death of Laquan McDonald. AP file photo

It’s a reference to an article in the Chicago Sun Times titled, ‘Ex-top cop McCarthy on Rahm: ‘He didn’t even have the balls …’’.

Here is what he was referring to:

Former Chicago police Supt. Garry McCarthy wasn’t too impressed with how Mayor Rahm Emanuel handled his firing in December, apparently criticizing the mayor’s manhood — or lack thereof — in an email.

Emanuel announced McCarthy’s ouster on Dec. 1. Sixteen days later, Eileen Mitchell, the mayor’s chief of staff, emailed the former top cop a formal termination letter stating his last day on the job would be Dec. 31.

“Please let me know if you have any questions,” wrote Mitchell, who signed the termination letter, which was attached to the email.

McCarthy forwarded the message to his wife, attorney Kristin Barnette, with a cutting remark.

“He didn’t even have the balls to sign it himself,” McCarthy wrote, an apparent reference to Emanuel.”


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Listen To A Warrior Who Loves Peace

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu speaks to the world in the wake of the massacre in Orlando. He makes me want to live in Israel. If only we had leaders who understand the dangers of Islam the way he does.

But we don’t.