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NYPost: “Hillary Clinton’s legal adviser warns her — Time to lawyer up”

Hillary is in denial. If she thinks she can outlast the patience of the FBI she’s nuts. The FBI is part of the Department of Justice. That department is no longer controlled by the Clintons. It is controlled by Obama. He doesn’t like the Clintons. Bill knows this. Hillary does not. She thinks the problem is Republicans.


One of the Clintons’ oldest and most trusted legal advisers has urged Hillary to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent her in case she’s indicted for mishandling classified documents on her private e-mail server and for lying under oath.

The adviser, who has been a Clinton confidant for more than 30 years, laid out his concerns about Hillary’s legal exposure in a wide-ranging interview.

“This e-mail thing is spiraling out of control,” he said. “To paraphrase John Dean of Watergate fame, it’s a cancer on her candidacy.”

The unicorns must be holding sway with her:

I think Bill takes the matter seriously. But Hillary is still acting as though it’s a political smear job by right-wing zealots.”

Read the rest at the New York Post




Or, as in the case of Ukraine, the state takes them both and gives you nothing. It is called Holdomor.

By June, at the height of the famine, people in Ukraine are dying at the rate of 30,000 a day, nearly a third of them are children under 10. Between 1932-34, approximately 4 million deaths are attributed to starvation within the borders of Soviet Ukraine.”

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We Are Missing New Workshop At Yale: “In Defense Of Looting”

It’s being put on by race pimp Deray McKesson. This is all fun and games until someone gets hurt – or killed.


This was the ‘reading’ the class was assigned, ‘In Defense of Looting’. Apparently burning and looting black and minority businesses in Ferguson equals fighting ‘white supremacy’. Some fun excerpts:

In fact, anti-black racism remains the foundational organizing principle of this country. That is because this country is built on the right to property, and there is no property, no wealth in the USA without the exploitation, appropriation, murder, and enslavement of black people[…]

When rioters take territory and loot, they are revealing precisely how, in a space without cops, property relations can be destroyed and things can be had for free[…]”

Read more at Weasel Zippers


CNN Intentionally Tries To Blame Umpqua Shooting On White People

“CNN Alters Photo of Umpqua Killer XXX to Make Him Look White”

They altered the image of the mixed-race killer to make him look white. This is not responsible journalism. This is the sort of thing that got CBS and others in trouble in the past. Instead of just reporting the news honestly they falsified parts of it to fit the narrative they wanted to portray. This is dishonest at the very least. It is lying.

Update: Look closely at the images. CNN did not just change the skin tone. They also changed the shape of his nose and lips.


Below are pictures of his parents.

The killer  was the son of Ian Mercer from Great Britain and Laurel Margaret Harper.

The killer was the son of Ian Mercer from Great Britain and Laurel Margaret Harper.

His parents divorced in 2006. At 29 years old he lived with his mother. He is as white as President Obama.

Read the rest at Conservative Treehouse


If The White House Can’t Incite A Race War To Justify Martial Law This Would Do It

“Obama Goes Beyond Mere Gun Control, Hints At CONFISCATION”


When President Obama spoke in reaction to the heinous October 1 attack on Umpqua Community College, he went beyond his usual calls for more gun control and suggested instead that America consider following the path blazed by Australia and Great Britain.”

From Breitbart

Confiscation. Both countries completely outlawed the ownership of firearms and went from door to door collecting privately owned guns. Not surprisingly Obama did not mention Mexico. Guns and ammunition ownership have been completely outlawed there as well. But. Mexico has far more gun violence than the United States.

gun control image obama

Britain and Australia did not have traditions like the United States. Americans will fight to keep their guns. One of America’s premier gun rights activists, Mike Vanderboegh, puts it this way:

Apparently you have not heard of the ironclad Law of Unintended Consequences. Provoking a bloody civil war seems an odd way to prevent “gun violence,” for to get what you want will require the deaths of millions of your “bitter clinger” fellow citizens. How many of us are you willing to see dead in the pursuit of your “benevolent” proposal? Go ahead and revoke the Second Amendment and you’ll find out why the Founders insisted upon it (although you will not like the result, for it will upset your entire collectivist apple cart). Go ahead, do it and quit boring the rest of us with your idle tyrannical threats. I may not survive the opening blows, but at least my children will get to march in the victory parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. We might even finally get to the truth about Fast and Furious when our side takes over the bullet-pockmarked, paper strewn hallways of the Justice Department and delves into the files left behind by the would-be tyrants. The honesty of the war crimes trials that follow such a fratricide will at least be refreshing.

Mike Vanderboegh”

Yep, the most dangerous job in the country will not be fishing for crab in the Bering sea in winter. It will become confiscating firearms from lawful owners. Not all will fight back or resist. Some will meekly comply. They will never know, though, which house or apartment contains a resister until they try.


This Will Make Your Day

Bill Ayers wants to be Secretary of Education.


From here


Gun Free Zones: “Willful Retardation At Its Finest”.

He and I agree.

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The Problem Is That Halperin And The Left Want To Act Based On Emotion Instead Of Reason

This revealing exchange took place on MSNBC. The panel was discussing what might be done about mass killings. One member pointed out that all the leftist talking points have been tried and have failed to change anything. The moderator then asked journalist Mark Halperin for his input. He said we must ;Do something’ but did not have a plan. He also said that, “We passionately need to find solutions…”.

Passion is what has brought us to the point where we can not say certain things, we can not even talk about logic.

Halperin also slides in a comment about the problem being young white men. That is a red herring. It’s not true that the perpetrators are all young or white but he seeks to make that the narrative even though it’s false.

This shows us just what it is about the media people that disgusts conservatives and libertarians. Halperin is not an aberration. He is an example of the typical mainstream journalist. Their answer is:

When in trouble, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.”

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Obama Administration Flexes Its Flaccid Muscle

Another ‘Hashtag’ campaign. Yep. That’ll bring Putin into line. Nothing like hashtags to scare the Russians.


Stuff like this used to embarrass me. Not any longer. The people running the United States are naive children.


Mullah Krekar Describes Religion Of Peace To Norwegian News Man

He answers every question openly and honestly. Those who do not fear Islam should watch this. Those who do fear Islam should as well. We all need to know. Our own Notamobster has been warning us about this. He studied Islam and understands more than I.

It’s all very simple when you understand. It is not the Mullahs who are sending people to jihad. It is the Koran. They are just quoting it.

This Mullah makes the point also that the Koran is not just a book of religion. It is also filled with instructions for living and for politics. They are not separate.


“Carson: Hitler could happen in US”

Dr. Carson is right but he will be ridiculed by the media and progressives. Those two groups are supporting the ever-growing intrusions into the freedoms Americans enjoy. If a Hitler did take control of the United States they would be the people who helped make it happen.

Actually, anyone who took over the US as a tyrant would be far worse than Hitler. Germany did not have energy and raw materials that were necessary for winning the war. They had to conquer areas that had what they needed first. There would be no such need in the United States.


GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson said Wednesday that a government like Nazi Germany’s could reign over the United States.

Carson argued during a campaign stop in New Hampshire that a similar regime is possible in any nation that relinquishes its freedoms.”

Read the rest at The Hill


Why Are Conservative Republicans Calling For Ouster Of Mitch McConnell?


It’s because he will not fight – or even consider – fighting progressive Democrat policies. He gives them everything they want. Now he’s trying to do it again.

The Conservative indictment of the “leadership” of Boehner and McConnell has been that they have regularly failed to stand for conservative policy and have all too readily caved-in to Obama on matters such as funding Planned Parenthood, Obama’s illegal executive amnesty, spending, the deficit and raising the national debt ceiling.

So what is Mitch McConnell’s response to conservative calls for his resignation?

He called for another deal with Obama, this time on a two year spending plan.

“We’d like to settle the top line for both years so next year we can have a regular appropriations process,” McConnell said according to reporting by The Washington Examiner’s Susan Ferrechio. “The president, Speaker Boehner and I spoke about getting started on discussions last week, and I would expect them to start very soon.”

McConnell and Boehner have been talking with Obama for a week about giving him a two-year spending plan that will take away Congress’ control of the purse. That is the only thing they have to control the Executive branch and they are planning to give it away. It’s no wonder Conservativess are disgusted and are calling for McConnell’s removal. He and Boehner are giving away the only control that Congress has. And to this out-of-control President.

Read the rest here

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There Is Talk Of Trey Gowdy Leaving The House

Gowdy has been a bulldog. His history as a prosecutor has shown him that people make up lies when they are in trouble and he sees through them.

House Select Committee on the Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attack in Benghazi

Trouble is he is being undermined in his efforts by House leadership. While John Boehner is leaving, his likely replacement has stupidly begun undermining the House committee investigating the death of four Americans in Benghazi. Kevin McCarthy, Boehner’s likely successor, appeared on Sean Hannity’s TV program and all but said that the Benghazi committee was convened to damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Now there are rumors that Gowdy may be stepping down next year. Who could blame him if House leaders treat him and his efforts so foolishly. Gowdy’s office was asked about the rumor but they denied it.


“Congresswoman Defends Abortion: “We Don’t Do Children a Favor By Forcing Women To Give Birth””

It’s sad but true. This woman says abortion is somehow good for the aborted children? She is mad.

Rep. Gwen Moore, Democrat, Wisconsin's 4th district

Rep. Gwen Moore, Democrat, Wisconsin’s 4th district

On September 28th, Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wisconsin, 4th) elaborated on her support of abortion and Planned Parenthood at a press conference held by the Congressional Black Caucus. The Daily Caller reports that the Congresswoman indicated that some women are forced into carrying their unborn children to term because they can’t afford abortions.

She said, “It has all kinds of implications on a family — not just financial, but emotional, social and the ability of a family to provide for their children really relies on that family being able to decide when and how many children and if they will have any children at all.” She added, “I don’t think we do children a favor by forcing women to give birth.”

From Life News


So, Mayor Rahm, What Exactly Are The Values Of The People Of Chicago?

Wisdom from the man who can't count past nine and a half.

Wisdom from the man who can’t count past nine and a half.

Fourteen people were shot in fifteen hours last weekend. To date there have been 2,300 shootings in Chicago. Mayor Rahm Emanuel responds by saying this:

You can say this happened in the neighborhood of the Back of the Yards, but everybody (who) woke up this morning, or heard it last night, felt a pain of anguish, and it’s time that our criminal justice system and the laws as it relates to access to guns and the penalties for using ’em reflect the values of the people of the city of Chicago,”

rahm the dancer

2,300 shootings so far in Chicago is about 400 more than the same time last year. It sounds to me and a lot of other people like the values of the people of Chicago include shooting other people of Chicago. If you want to change that it requires action, not just words. Ah, well.

From the Chicago Tribune but there is a pay wall there.


Solar Energy Is A Stupid Idea In Places Like Minnesota

But that has not stopped the Minnesota legislature. They have mandated that one and a half percernt of energy generated in the state be solar by 2020.

solar array

Why is the north country a bad place for solar power? There are many reasons – as they are learning. First is that Minnesota is far north of the equator. That means the sun is closer to the horizon even in the middle of summer. The Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn are where the sun is directly over head on the longest day in the summer for the relative hemisphere. The further away from the tropics you travel the more atmosphere the sun’s rays have to travel through to get to you or your solar panel. That same added atmosphere attenuates, or weakens, the solar power. Minnesota is a long way from the tropics.

Next is weather. For solar to be effective you need cloudless days. Even the little cumulus clouds in the image above are reducing the output of the array. Minnesota has clouds and weather.

Great River Energy in Minnesota installed a 240 kilowatt array as a demonstration project in 2014. First results are in. As some predicted they are disappointing:

GRE recorded ideal weather conditions — clear, sunny days from sun-up to sunset — just 10 percent of the time. Surprisingly, none of the perfect days came during typically sunnier, summer months.

Fair-to-partly-cloudy “partially ideal” days occurred 20 percent of the year. Cloudy and overcast conditions blocked out direct rays 70 percent of the year, with November, December and January particularly bad due to snow.

Overall, the solar facility produced power at an average of 13.6 percent of its potential capacity, generating enough electricity to supply about 30 homes.”

Too bad they didn’t wait for the results of the test before passing that mandate.


“ISIS planning ‘nuclear tsunami’”

“The west is drastically underestimating the power of ISIS.” I’ll say. Actually, the west is not just underestimating them. We are enabling them. We are inviting them into our homes. We are doing nothing to slow or stop their spread and we are ensuring that Iran has the nuclear capabilities that the Islamic State wants.

The west, including the United States, is committing suicide.

nuclear explosion

This is from the Washington Times:

Nuclear annihilation across the globe. This is what a German reporter who successfully embedded with the Islamic State says the terror group is planning. Jurgen Todenhofer released his findings in a book titled “Inside IS – Ten Days in the Islamic State,” reports the UK’s Daily Express.

“The terrorists plan on killing several hundred million people. The west is drastically underestimating the power of ISIS. ISIS intends to get its hands on nuclear weapons,” says Todenhofer, calling the group a “nuclear tsunami preparing the largest religious cleansing in history.”


“House chair: Planned Parenthood doesn’t need federal money”

Everyone has lost sight of the fact that Americans were promised that federal money would never be used to fund abortions.


WASHINGTON (AP) — In Planned Parenthood’s first congressional appearance since being embarrassed by surreptitiously recorded videos, a House committee chairman insisted Tuesday that the organization does not need federal money and spends much of it on political activities.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, made the remarks to Cecile Richards, the group’s president, as she waited to testify before his House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. “

Read it all at Yahoo


They’re Calling It A ‘Conservative Rebellion’ Inside The GOP

That is what caused John Boehner to resign and now they’re going after Senator Mitch McConnell. Who, you ask? Roger Villere, the RNC vice chairman says the ‘GOP brand is being damaged’. The Washington Times has an article titled, “Under pressure: McConnell pushed to resign as Senate Majority Leader”.


From the article:

With John Boehner now departing as House speaker, an influential Republican Party official is now seeking the ouster of another GOP leader who has frustrated conservatives: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“McConnell needs to resign!!” Louisiana GOP Chairman Roger Villere wrote in a Facebook posting.

Mr. Villere isn’t just any Republican. He’s the longest-serving state GOP chairman in the nation, with 12 years on the job, and is the vice chairman of the Republican National Committee, the GOP’s national governing body. He also serves on the RNC’s executive committee that makes decisions alongside Chairman Reince Priebus.”

Rush Limbaugh has some observations as well. On his website he has an article titled, “Boehner Ouster Is Beginning, Not End”. He notes that there is some power behind the move. He says it is coming from one or more big donors. He says the Iran nuclear deal is important because of the $150 Billion that they will have freed up. He says it’s likely that Boeing is pushing to sell the Iranian airline a bunch of new airliners that they will be now able to afford.

So the Iranian nuclear deal, when it comes to the debate in Washington, never really was about Iran and nuclear weapons. It was about money, economic news. It is about American corporations. And Boeing’s not the only one that want to do business with Iran. And when Iran’s got $150 billion freed up that’s been frozen, they can buy enough terrorism with that and have some left over to revamp their airline. I’m gonna have to find out what… It was Bloomberg that had this story.

It was Bloomberg News that had the story that it was Boeing and Airbus combined that wanted to make a deal with Iran on new aircraft for this dilapidated Iranian airline. Now, all the while this debate’s raging, we’re treated to story after story that the parameters of the debate center on whether or not it makes sense that Iran permitted to get a nuclear weapon. It was never what this was about. And all of us were incredulous about the Corker Bill. Why even do it?

If you’re the Senate and you oppose Obama and you oppose Iran having nukes, just insist on the treaty clause, just insist on this being a treaty. If you just do that, you solve the problem. Then you need two-thirds of it Senate to ratify it, and it’s not automatic. But the Corker Bill went into action and reversed the whole procedure for the treaty and basically turned this into nothing more than a statutory elimination or lifting of the sanctions.”

He has a lot more at the link but it makes sense that a hundred fifty billion bucks would make a lot of people’s mouths water.

There is even talk that this ‘Conservative Rebellion’ could bring down Sen. Marco Rubio because of his support for McConnell’s amnesty and Obamatrade:

Now that the Republican base has its sights set on Mitch McConnell, it could pose a serious problem for the campaign of Sen. Marco Rubio, whose two notable accomplishments are closely tied to Mitch McConnell’s agenda—namely co-authoring the Gang of Eight amnesty bill and casting the 60th and deciding vote for Obamatrade.”


Boehner Replacement Kevin McCarthy Having Affair With Congresswoman?

Renee Ellmers

Renee Ellmers

Got News says It’s Congresswoman Renee Ellmers who represents North Carolina’s 2nd district. If this is true McCarthy’s chances of becoming Speaker have gotten smaller.

Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) (center) at the U.S. Capitol July 28, 2011 in Washington, DC.

Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) (center) at the U.S. Capitol July 28, 2011 in Washington, DC. first published this article earlier this year and has received numerous confirmations about it since then.

Neither McCarthy, nor Ellmers has denied it and now that McCarthy is next in line for the speakership of the House the affair has taken on new relevance.”


“House plans special committee to probe Planned Parenthood”

Marsha Blackburn speaks at the Iowa Freedom Summit on January 24, 2015 in Des Moines. | Getty

Marsha Blackburn speaks at the Iowa Freedom Summit on January 24, 2015 in Des Moines. | Getty

The House is considering a vote this week to create a special panel to investigate Planned Parenthood — the most direct move by congressional Republicans to probe allegations of improper fetal tissue sales by the group.

The subcommittee would fall under the jurisdiction of the influential Energy and Commerce Committee. It was announced over the weekend by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), who would serve as the panel’s chairwoman.

“What people want us to do is to get to the bottom of what has transpired with Planned Parenthood and the utilization of taxpayer funds. There is frustration from our constituents,” Blackburn told POLITICO on Sunday. “The more we know, the more questions we have.”

A vote is expected this week, according to a Republican leadership aide.”

Read more at Politico


“Fiorina’s Road: Carly is Officially in the Game”

I love the artwork. Click to enlarge:

Fiorina_1024 Regarding the second GOP debate:

Both Trump and CNN wanted a reality TV show, and they were getting it. But as the cliche goes, be careful what you wish for. When primary long shot and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina was given her moment, the target of Trump’s Biff Tannen-level attacks in the days before the debate took it, channeled it, unleashed it and transformed one of Trump’s one-liner quips about Jeb Bush into the viral moment of the night. It stung — and now a restless GOP base has their own Duke, screaming in their face between early rounds Trump isn’t a machine. He can be cut. He can bleed.

Fiorina’s response to Trump’s attacks on her physical appearance left him grinning like a goofy idiot, silent as the audience cheered for the first time of the night. This was the beginning of the end of Donald Trump, and seemingly the end of the beginning for Fiorina.”

And more:

To members of our dutiful media, Carly Fiorina is a cipher who mysteriously exploded onto the scene two weeks ago twirling Trump’s testicles around in her hand like a pair of luxuriously classy gold-plated Ben Wa balls. But in fact she’s always been a bit of a campaigning ninja — it’s just that nobody was paying attention before. If anything, this proves that nobody in the media actually watches Seth Meyers’ late night show. Back in May, when Fiorina was a guest on Meyers’ show, he tried to needle her with the trollish point that her campaign had failed to secure her own name as a URL for a website. Fiorina turned the tables when she revealed she had actually just registered “” in the green room before appearing on his show. It was a deft media move that proved Fiorina understands the new rules of the late-night game, where hosts moonlight for the Left as political point-scorers. Chris Matthews didn’t fair much better in a post debate dressing down that left him speechless and tingle less. Trump should have done his homework.”

Read the rest at The Wilderness


Carly Fiorina And “The Character Of Our Nation”

Fiorina has been repeatedly accused of lying about what she saw in the Planned Parenthood videos. Most recently, yesterday Chuck Todd interviewed Carly Fiorina and began by accusing her of citing a video of a born-alive fetus termination that did not exist. Now she is using footage from the video that shows a live, kicking child lying on a stainless table with forceps beside it.

A New York Times writer claims to have seen the videos and says the scene she described doesn’t exist. Leftist media people are hanging their arguments on what was written in the NYT instead of viewing the videos themselves. Fiuorina has upped the ante with this ad.


Putting It Into Words

“What The Hell Is An Angry Conservative Supposed To Do?”

This is written by Kurt Schlichter for Townhall.

Kurt Schlichter

Kurt Schlichter

Something is going to end up a smoldering ruin. Maybe it will be the whole country. Maybe it’ll just be the elite-run GOP. Hopefully it will be whatever painfully white, elderly, socialist creep the Democrats nominate. But regardless, I’m one of those many people who is so angry he just wants to see something burn.

Boehner down, plenty to go. Now is this reasonable? Is this a smart, savvy strategy? I’m not sure we even care anymore.

See, we’ve been shafted too long– these hacks can’t even keep the government from spending money on baby dismemberment – and someone or something has got to pay. I’d prefer it be the Democrats, but I’m happy to wreck unholy vengeance on the GOP elite that has lied to us, cheated us, and run away faster than Brave Sir Robin.”

Schlichter then discusses the GOP candidates. He has a pretty good handle on them, too.

Trump has the aggression – that’s the only thing I like about him – but it’s also the only thing he has.”


And learn from Donald Trump – did I say that? Stop sucking up to the media. Let’s practice:

Media Hack: “So, do you think Donald Trump should have corrected that random guy who thinks Obama is a Muslim?”

Rubio: “I think you liberal media hacks should stop asking me stupid questions. Why don’t you scurry off to the Hillary-o-tron and start asking it while it didn’t repudiate President Fail when he compared patriotic Americans to the mullahs for opposing his Iranian nuclear sell-out. Now get out of my face or I’ll slug you. Jerk.”

I’m sick of Rubio coming across like the kid who reminds the teacher she forgot to assign the homework. But on the plus side, he knows foreign policy and his wife is hot, so there’s that.”

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WSJ: “GOP Discontent That Helped Sink John Boehner Isn’t Easing Up”

“Speaker’s exit likely won’t mollify conservative lawmakers or presidential primary voters”

mcconnell boehner

The most militant House Republicans are expected to be emboldened by Mr. Boehner’s departure, and even less likely to agree to a compromise with Democrats in setting spending levels for the rest of fiscal year 2016. Republicans are already divided over whether to raise spending above caps set in a 2011 deficit-reduction deal.

Conservative objections to raising the debt ceiling may also trigger a standoff that could imperil the Treasury Department’s ability to pay its bills on time. Treasury has used emergency measures to avoid breaching the ceiling since the federal borrowing limit’s most recent suspension ended in mid-March. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew has said those steps would run out some time after late October.”

Read the rest at the Wall Street Journal