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Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn Pulls No Punches

He feels pressure from militant, anti-cop media. He does an excellent job of telling them off. His officers should be proud of him. Flynn is no fan of the Second Amendment but he’s right here.

Be careful. There is one bad word in this.

Chief Flynn’s comments should be seen by every American.


“Fuel Me Once…”

Opendejo filling station.



Washington State I-594 Is Very Poorly Crafted

Initiative 594 calls for universal background checks for the transfer of any ‘Firearm’.

This is from the Whidbey News-Times:

Will Home Depot, Walmart, Lowe’s, Cabela’s and countless other sporting goods and hardware stores, as well as construction companies in Washington and even the state Department of Transportation, comply with Initiative 594 when it becomes law, and will this state’s prosecuting attorneys prosecute those who don’t?”

Now why could that be the case?

The definition of firearm contained in state law and in I-594 reads, “… A weapon or device from which a projectile or projectiles may be fired by an explosive such as gunpowder.”

Notice the key words “or device” in the definition.

Walmart and many sporting goods stores sell 12-gauge flare guns used for signaling straight off the shelves.

These flare guns have previously been determined to be firearms by the WSP Crime Lab in Tacoma because they fire a projectile by an explosive.

I-594 requires background checks for these sales, loans and transfers.

Home Depot, Lowe’s and other hardware stores sell Ramset nail guns, which use a gunpowder charge to fire nails, usually into concrete or steel.

These nail guns have actually been used in the past to murder people. I-594 requires background checks on these sales, loans and transfers.

When the Washington DOT sends out their artillery gun with a road crew for avalanche control, there is no exception in I-594 for that temporary transfer.

I-594 requires a background check for it.”

That’s not all, either. If you and I go to a range for some trap shooting I may neither lend you my shotgun nor borrow yours for a round of trap without a background check… and that must be performed at a gun dealer’s premises.

This law will either be repealed quickly or the police will do the same thing they have done with the law that was passed that prohibits the use of cell phones while driving – ignore it because it is so widely violated by the people.


Get To Know RevCom

RevCom is the Revolutionary Communist Party. Here is their website. Also, here you can find some of their positions. Things like these:



Why should you learn about them? Well, look at the images of the people who are rioting in Ferguson. You will see many images of people who were provided posters and other stuff by RevCom. They are helping to organize the goings-on.


RevCom seems to be a pretty well organized far left organization that is dedicated to the destruction of a free United States. That’s why.


BA: ““Gentle Ben” Carson Strikes Out On Guns and Self-Defense, Again”

ben carson

In an interview with Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday Dr. Ben Carson took on the subject of Darren Wilson and Michael Brown, and promptly ticked off Second Amendment supporters for a third time.”

Ah, well. Read the rest at Bearing Arms

What stupidity came out of Carson?

BC: You know, for instance, in a lot of places, police officers aren’t even allowed to go into the more dangerous areas by themselves. They’re always paired. Or you know, people use tasers, people learn how to shoot people in the legs to stop them from charging, things of that nature. And I seriously doubt that he’d been given that information.”


The New York Time Declares War On Police

I found this over at Second City Cop. It is as good a description of what the NYT did as anyone else has come up with. Police officers across the country should take note of this. It’s cowardly and hateful. It is mean-spirited bullying. It’s evil in may ways.

nyt masthead2

Open Warfare on Police

The New York Times went and published Officer Darren Wilson’s new home address and the usual suspects are already planning to invade the neighborhood and march. God only knows what other lowlifes who have openly posted bounties on Officer Wilson are going to do with the information.

This is insane. Rather than report the news that occurred, the media has been complicit in fanning the flames of violence, deliberately misreporting information, propagating lies, refusing to report factual information uncovered at the Grand Jury and pretty much attempting to generate a narrative for a left wing agenda.”

Updated: Day By Day Cartoon in the NYT:


GotNews has the winner:

It would be wrong, for example, to publish Bosman’s address at

CHICAGO, IL 60660-4204

It would be similarly wrong to publish the address of Robertson, too.

NEW ORLEANS, LA 70119-3203

So why do journalists think they are beyond examination?”


“This Thread Brought To You By The Letters C And P”

c and p



Kos: “We have made enormous progress in race relations over past several decades” ….. Really???

Even the Daily Kos is skeptical of this one.


Really Mr. President? I know you are trying to be comforting, strong and you really see it that way but I’m sorry I’m just not feeling it tonight.”


“Jarrett: Boehner Asked Obama For Help Avoiding Conservative’s Ire”

If this is true it is devastating. But it may not be. Jarrett is certainly not above lying.

But, then, it does sound like something he would do.

i need a drink

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) requested that President Barack Obama avoid making a “very public push” on immigration during the midterm primaries, according to White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Valerie Jarrett

Valerie Jarrett

Speaking to the Chicago Sun-Times’ Washington Bureau Chief, Lynn Sweet, Jarrett claimed that the Speaker asked Obama to wait until after the primaries to publicly move with the immigration issue.”

Read more at Breitbart


First Hagel. Now Kerry?

Kerry is having trouble convincing Iran to cut back on their nuclear ambitions in exchange for unicorn farts.

Really. That is what Obama has given him to negotiate with.

Obama wants an agreement badly but he wants it on his terms. He doesn’t want to get tough with Iran with sanctions. He ‘Feels’ that he can just convince them with his charm. Kerry is unable to make it work. There are even reports that the Iranian negotiator hollers at him.

Iran doesn’t want to stop trying to build nukes. There is no convincing them. Seriously, it is extremely doubtful if sanctions would have an effect. Remember, the Mullahs are willing to live in the seventh century.

From Politico:


John Kerry under fire for punting on Iran

There is increased pressure for him to either deliver an agreement or give up.

Official nuclear talks with Iran began in October of last year. The following month they produced an interim deal freezing the progress of Iran’s uranium enrichment activity in return for relaxed sanctions.
That deal was meant to last just six months. “[W]e look forward to, hopefully in a short span of time, being able to put together a comprehensive agreement,” Kerry told reporters after the deal was inked in Geneva on November 24. The deal was extended in July, and again on Monday.
While Democrats are privately frustrated, Republicans responded to the latest extension with blunt talk — and calls for action.
“We’re definitely getting played by the Iranians,” says Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Il.), who believes Kerry is offering Iran a dangerously soft deal.”

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Ferguson Mayor Denied Help From National Guard

Democrat Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has been on the side of the rioters since the beginning.

jay nixon

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles told FOX 2 anchors late on Monday night that he had repeatedly requested the National Guard Monday night… But his requests were ignored.

“I know I’ve been on the phone in contact with the County Executive’s Office. I know he has requested. I am requesting. I’ve requested the National Guard troops to come out from their command post to help restore order along the business district. We have not seen that… Those calls have gone unheeded at this point… We need to have the governor step up and give us the resources that he’s promised from the beginning. He said he would have a strong response. The resources necessary would be provided. They have not been provided so far.“

Absolute Dereliction of Duty!”

This is from Gateway Pundit in Saint Louis


“Ted Cruz Proposes ‘Detailed, Systematic Plan’ to Stop Obama’s Amnesty”

Cruz has to look at the problem from his vantage point. He is a Senator – a member of the Congress. His options are limited. This is what the Senate can do.

It takes balls to propose this. It will take a Majority Leader with balls to actually do it. Does Mitch McConnell have what it takes? We shall see.

In this clip Chris Wallace warns Cruz several times that bucking the President didn’t work well for Republicans in the past. What do you suppose he is referring to? As Cruz points out, the results were not dire like Wallace remembers them. As a result of GOP spine the Democrats and the media squalled like mashed cats. That’s all. The real result was the election of 2014 when the GOP took control of the Senate and increased their control of the house.

Wallace appears to be more afraid of Republican success than anything else. It shows where his political positions lie.


“Is Ted Cruz Eligible To Run For President Of The United States?”

Mark Levin says yes. Levin is not just a Conservative talk show host. He is also an attorney. Here he makes a good argument for Cruz’ eligibility.


Warriors Exist

Go if you can. Melt the phone lines if you can’t.


Michele Bachmann has just confirmed what we already knew. Despite all their big talk, John Boehner and the rest of the RINOs have no intentions of fighting Obama’s destruction of our constitution. They are going to fold on this just like they did with Obamacare.”

Read more at I’m 41

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Red State: “This Means War”

It looks like the beginning of a declaration of war. The warriors are assembling. The enemy is in sight and easy to recognize. The weapons have been in the arsenal for more than two hundred years.


What we are waiting for is a leader. We need someone who has a warrior spirit and can be trusted. We need someone who is not afraid to use the weapons at hand.

Impeachment has been derided by the media, the Democrats, and some Republicans. They all point backward to the Impeachment of Bill Clinton and mock the actions. Why do they do this? It’s because Impeachment is the only answer and they fear it. Their only defense, now that Republicans own both houses of Congress, is to try to make the GOP afraid to use it.

That is why we need leaders with the warrior spirit. We need leaders who will go toward the perceived danger. We have a few like that, too. It’s time they act.

obama fuck constitution

The emperor has struck. Grow a pair, withstand the inevitable blowback, and do what the Framers would have wanted.

For reasons I will soon explain, I think it is entirely legitimate and indeed quite possibly salutary for the long-term health of the republic for the House of Representatives to formally draft articles of impeachment pursuant to its Art. I, § 2, cl. 5 prerogative.

Very few seem to be urging this course of action, and the reasons cautioning against impeachment have much merit. Indeed, only two presidents have ever been impeached by the House, and both were acquitted by the Senate. Republicans, even in the subsequent Congress, will not have control of the two-thirds Senate majority needed to convict. Furthermore, the impeachment tool post-Bill Clinton has contemporarily largely been stigmatized as inextricable from a partisan witch hunt, and even though Obama’s unilateral amnesty itself is procedurally unpopular with the citizenry, the reality is that large swaths of the country are more substantively sympathetic to “comprehensive immigration reform” policy itself.

Nonetheless, I — and many others — remain convinced that this is a clear-cut impeachable offense, and it is entirely plausible that if the House fails to act in the 114th Congress by filing articles of impeachment, then the impeachment tool will truly be lost forever. Considering the Framers’ view of the impeachment tool as an indispensable congressional check on executive overreach, that would be nothing short of a travesty.”

Read the rest at Red State


“Fasten your seatbelts, Canada, and get ready for the battle for America”


Here is another example of someone from outside the country of the United States who can see the big picture. We, who live here, are distracted by day-to-day news and have a bit more trouble seeing it.

Canada, being our closest neighbor, both geographically and culturally, is closely allied with us in ways that many do not understand. That country is larger in size than the US but has a bit more than one-tenth of our population. It’s for that reason that what happens in the United States affects Canada far more than what happens in Canada affects the US.

There are a few in Canada who resent Americans but most – the thinking people – know that we are important to the, This writer is one of those thinking people.

canada flag

From the Calgary Sun:

America is on the edge of a second revolutionary war.

It may not be bloody like the first one, but it will be hugely important.

Some might suggest it’s more a civil war, but with liberty and the constitution hanging in the balance, revolution seems a more appropriate comparison.

There are no British troops or monarchy to fight this time.

The ‘shot heard around the world’ wasn’t fired from a musket, it came from the ballot box.

Americans have taken a long hard look at the kind of fundamental transformation promised by Barack Obama and the Democrat party and they want nothing to do with it.

The Republican victory suggests Americans are more than just unhappy with the direction the country is headed.

Such was the devastating scope of the electoral debacle for the Democrats that it appears Americans are mobilizing for war against the Obama agenda.”

This is a very complete look at what is happening in American politics. The writer, Marc Patrone, has a good feel for the conflict:

It’s taken six years, but the ugly truth about Obama’s contemptuous attitudes toward the people who elected him twice is becoming all too evident.

Lame duck? Guess again.

The man probably realizes that a chance to remake the U.S. according to his far left view of the world may not come around again.

His time is running out. Obama’s ‘nuclear’ option is amnesty for millions of illegals.

He expects those illegals will become dependents of the state, thus stacking the electoral deck in favour of Democrats by promising the new ‘wards of the state’ a suite of entitlements.

The depth of this destructive agenda is clear, rip off trillions in wealth (which Obama believes was stolen anyway) and give it to those whom he considers ‘victims’ of capitalism.”


Read more at the Calgary Sun


Looks Like He Wants To Be Prez

Not content to be just a successful neurosurgeon, with a pretty face, Dr. Carson thinks he should be President. He has two qualifications as I see it. First, he is black. Second, he opposed Obamacare while Obama was in the room.

The blackness question is weak. Conservatives are fascinated with the idea of electing an African-American conservative, hoping to pull black voters away from the Democrats. That isn’t going to happen in any significant quantity.

What other qualifications does Carson have for the job? Not many. As far as I can see he is a pleasant but weak speaker. He has not run for office before, so he would be destroyed by the Katie Couric’s in the media. He would be trapped into saying something stupid – or his comments would be edited to make him seem so. That’s what Couric did to Governor Palin.

He has not given us insight into how he would govern – with the exception that he is soft on the second amendment. He tries to speak softly about any subject he is questioned about. That is not the way of a warrior. And a warrior is what we need now.

I am concerned that this toying with a run for the Presidency may be nothing more than another example of the inflated ego that surgeons tend to possess. Whether he won or lost it would make him feel good when he gets the adoration that Americans give to candidates they have decided to support.

“Dr. Ben Carson hosts conference call to ‘clarify’ his 2nd Amendment stance


Last year, Dr. Ben Carson did some substantial damage to his constitutional credentials by suggesting that the 2nd Amendment was somehow limited by a citizen’s geographic location. Asked where he stood on gun ownership, he told Glenn Beck:

It depends on where you live. If you live in the midst of a lot of people, and I’m afraid that that semi-automatic weapon is going to fall into the hands of a crazy person, I would rather you not have it.”

Carson went on to say that if you lived “out in the country somewhere by yourself” he had “no problem” with you owning a semi-automatic weapon.”

Again, not reported in the United States, this is from the Canada Free Press.


Try Harder, I Guess…


… What do you do when a huge document dump from the White House proves there is a President’s Enemies List and you are not on it? I don’t know about you but I’m gonna try harder. has a partial list of the bloggers who are on the list:

Townhall Magazine’s Katie Pavlich, who also authored a book on Operation Fast and Furious; writers Joel Pollak and Ken Klukowski; Fox News Channel’s William LaJeunesse, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Megyn Kelly, Martha MacCallum, Bill Hemmer, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity; Sipsey Street Irregulars blogger Mike Vanderboegh; DirectorBlue blogger Doug Ross; National Review’s Andrew C. McCarthy; and this reporter. (Matthew Boyle of The Daily Caller).”

There is hope, though. The list above is described as a ‘Partial list’.

Graphic courtesy of The Right Planet. Their writer, Brent Parrish, refers to the rest of us who oppose the tyranny as ‘Irregulars’. Until somethinbg better comes along I will embrace that description.


“Tom Steyer, Largest 2014 Donor, Says Americans Worry Big Political Donors Get ‘Special Privileges’”

Steyer donated $67 million to Democrats who promised to support environmental issues. Nearly all those he donated to were beaten.

San Francisco Billionaire Tom Steyer

San Francisco Billionaire Tom Steyer

San Francisco billionaire Tom Steyer, the largest donor in the 2014 election cycle, says the way to win the debate on the environmental issues he cares about is to emphasize how money in elections and industry lobbyists are hindering a healthier environment.

People may not inherently care about big-picture ideas, he said at a panel discussion on climate change Wednesday sponsored by the Center for American Progress. But they do care about special breaks for big business and the influence big money has on policy.”

What? You mean he gave more campaign money than the Koch brothers? Did Harry Reid complain about Steyer, too?

Nope. But he sure was fixated on the Koch brothers because they donated to conservatives. Funny how that works.

Steyer failed to mention that Americans won’t see much impact on policy from the nearly $67 million he spent on the 2014 cycle because most of his favored candidates lost.”

Read more at The Daily Signal

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Hillary Clinton gives amnesty shout-out to the people ‘who served us tonight’

If this is true it shows just how stupid she is. I have my doubts about its validity.

Hillary looking dumb

hillary gaffe 01

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who seems to be testing the waters for 2016 by avoiding commitment to any specific issue, almost immediately tweeted her support for President Obama’s executive power grab Thursday night, thanking POTUS for “taking action on immigration in the face of inaction.”

Clinton repeated her support for Obama at the New York Historical Society Friday night, where she repeated her opinion that “the president took an historic step and I support it.” She also paraphrased a bit of the president’s speech, but instead of implying that all illegal immigrants are fruit pickers or maids or bedpan cleaners, she assumed that they were there among the members of Priorities USA Action, American Bridge 21st Century and Correct the Record — serving dinner.”

Read more at Twitchy


California State Teachers’ Retirement System Polls Teachers

CalSTRS: “We have wasted billions of your dollars. Should we waste billions more?

money toilet

The CalSTRS has a survey for California teachers.

From SDA:

My wife is a school teacher in the Oakland School District – OUSD. Yes, she deserves combat pay … and suffers from PTSD every day after work. In today’s email inbox comes a note from the CTA (California Teachers Association – UNION) an URGENT need to Survey Teachers opinions on “sustainability” as drafted by the STRS State Teachers Retirement System.

Seems as though STRS wants … i-n-p-u-t … on “sustainability” issues from Teachers. More specifically, should STRS PLAY with Teachers Retirement Funds in assorted “Green” Schemes (excuse me … I meant “Green” corporations) ? Since CALSTRS is underfunded by approximately $ 40 BILLION dollars at the moment … the geniuses who are running the system (my wife’s retirement checks) into a ditch … can’t think of anything better to do than GAMBLE on … “ethical” … investments that protect gaia. Don’t ask me WHY the Investment “experts” … PAID massive salaries to MAXIMIZE (I hope) the rate of return on Teachers retirement funds … need the advice of a bunch of leftist Teachers (most of them are) on suitable investments. I suppose the survey results will provide political cover for these MORONS when their investments turn into a thousand Solyndra’s. In fact, I suggest that since the Solyndra debacle raised public awareness about Federal Funding of JUNK Green companies, that the leftists in government have found a NEW source of funding for their pet green projects … PENSION FUNDS!!

Yes … lets swindle Teachers out of their retirement pay (ultimately, the CA Taxpayers who will FUND the shortfalls) to keep lining the pockets of our crony greenist-capitalists.”


Think Like A Commie Thug

Saul Alinsky

Saul Alinsky

If you want to understand what is going on read Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules For Radicals’. Alinsky aligned himself with the mob during his early life and later with the Communist Party of the USA.

rules for radicals

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham studied Alinsky when they were young. Obama taught his methods but Hillary went further. She had a personal relationship with Alinsky. The met several times and exchanged correspondence. Her senior thesis was on Alinsky.

If you also study his writings you will have a better understanding of what is happening right now.

The race war is being set up. None of the leaders cares about black issues. They only know that many in that community feel anger toward non-blacks and they feed it. Witness the fact that federal Justice agents worked with protesters during the Trayvon Martin fracas. They are doing the same thing in Ferguson, Missouri. They have been helping build anger and the pressure is unstoppable. There will be riots.

Non-blacks have had a long time to prepare for those riots. Government Justice officers don’t care about the threats that are being issued against non-blacks. But they will come down hard on anyone who shoots a protester. Self-defense will not be an acceptable defense. It certainly hasn’t been for either George Zimmerman or Officer Darren Wilson. No one wants to hear facts. Emotions will rule.

When protesters are killed they will be treated as martyrs just as Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown have been. The rage against ‘The Man’ and his unfair treatments of blacks will be inflamed. The news media will be complicit in this.

You do not want to be one who must shoot a protester.

Here is a piece of advice I got from two people who have retired from FEMA: Prepare for a siege. Make sure you have food, water, and fuel. Whatever you do, don’t go to the store or anywhere else during a civil disturbance.

Reginald Denny was in the relative safety of the cab of his truck during the riots in Los Angeles in 1992. He was working – driving his truck. He was stopped, dragged from his vehicle, and beaten nearly to death.

That could be you.

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Angel: “When You’ve Really Had Enough”


Hat tip to Angel

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Iowahawk Comments On Obama’s Lawlessness

As no one but he can:



“The president simply isn’t going to tolerate that,”

obama gives us the finger_thumb[41]

Just who does he think he is?

He is not America’s parent. He is not king or ‘Emperor’. He’s a skinny little jug-eared politician with no experience, no credentials, and no past who wants to be King. “The president simply isn’t going to tolerate that,” came from press secretary Josh Earnest today when he tried to blame House Speaker John Boehner for Obama’s upcoming decree.

Just two weeks ago, when Speaker Boehner was doing his post-election news conference, he was asked by reporters in that news conference if he would commit to bringing up immigration reform legislation in the next Congress, and he wouldn’t do it,” Josh Earnest said during an appearance on MSNBC.

Earnest said GOP leadership was scared to allow a vote because “they know, as we do, that if that bill were allowed to come up for a vote, it would actually pass in bipartisan fashion.”
“The president simply isn’t going to tolerate that,” Earnest said.”

More at The Hill