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“Churches are the left’s next target in the gay-marriage war”

Yep.  Scary.

Yep. Scary.

Of course they are. The problem is that religion teaches people that there are rules one should live by. There is the Golden Rule, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’, and there are ten commandments.

Progressives can not have commonly understood rules that apply to everyone. Horrors! If that happened, the rules would apply to … Progressives, too. No, they demand that they make the rules and those rules are one thing for them and something entirely different for ‘The Enemy’. Just look at what NY Mayor DeBlasio is doing. He has decided to punish people with whom he disagrees – especially those he finds disgusting.

It’s not just DeBlasio, either. The same messages are coming from the White House. Valerie Jarrett does not do unto others as she would have them do unto her. Nope. She’s from Chicago via Iran where the rule is, “Destroy others before they destroy you”.

They say power corrupts and that is true. But some people are more corrupted by power than others. Those are the people who dreamed of becoming all-powerful so they could destroy others, either financially or physically. It has been reported that members of Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground talked about killing people by the millions.

It’s easy to see the coming clash of moralities, one enjoying official favor, the other religious sanction. What Kennedy refers to as the “dignitary wounds” of the traditional definition of marriage are also inflicted by the private institutions and people who uphold that definition.
In oral arguments, Justice Samuel Alito asked Solicitor General Donald Verrilli whether, on the model of Bob Jones University a few decades ago when it banned interracial dating and marriage, a college that opposed same-sex marriage could be denied tax-exempt status. “It’s certainly going to be an issue,” Verrilli admitted. “I don’t deny that.”

Read the rest at the New York Post


NYC Mayor DeBlasio Declares War On Donald Trump

Kaiser Wilhelm DeBlasio is ‘Disgusted, disgusted I tell you’, with Trump’s politically incorrect talk about Mexicans. So, he is going to make Trump pay by making sure he doesn’t get any money from the city.

This will be fun to watch. DeBlasio is in over his head. He is ruining his city. This war with Trump is another example of his ineptitude – or alternately – his devotion to the red flag. He has shown he is opposed to any- and every-thing that made the city great.

This will not end well for Bill DeBlasio.

deblasio as nero

“De Blasio: We’re Reviewing Trump’s NYC Contracts over ‘Disgusting’ Comments”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced in a statement today that the city is reviewing all of Trump’s contracts with the city due to his “disgusting and offensive” remarks.

“Trump’s comments do not represent the values of inclusion and openness that define us as New Yorkers,” de Blasio said. “Our Mexican brothers and sisters make up an essential part of this city’s vibrant and diverse community, and we will continue to celebrate and support New Yorkers of every background.”

Read it at Mediaite

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It’s Interesting How Many Formerly Mainstream Groups Are Now Espousing Revolution

fight back or submit

This is from the Rutherford Institute. They describe themselves as a legal aid group:

The Rutherford Institute, a nonprofit civil liberties organization based in Charlottesville, Va., is deeply committed to protecting the constitutional freedoms of every American and the integral human rights of all people through its extensive legal and educational programs. The Institute provides its legal services at no charge to those whose constitutional and human rights have been threatened or violated.”

I do not agree with all of their principles. For instance,

Sixth, an armed revolt will not work. Although we may have returned to a 1776 situation where we need to take drastic actions to restore freedom, this is not colonial America with its muskets and people’s armies. Local police departments have enough militarized firepower to do away with even a large-scale armed revolt. Even attempting to repel a SWAT team raid on your home is futile. You’ll get blown away.”

But there are some points worth sharing.

First, we must come to grips with the reality that the present system does not foster freedom. It denies freedom and must be altered.

Second, voting is practically worthless. “In principle, it is a great privilege,” Aldous Huxley recognized. “In practice, as recent history has repeatedly shown, the right to vote, by itself, is no guarantee of liberty.”

“Slave or Rebel? Ten Principles for Escaping the Matrix and Standing Up to Tyranny”

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

It’s a shell game intended to keep us focused on and distracted by all of the politically expedient things that are being said—about militarized police, surveillance, and government corruption—while the government continues to frogmarch us down the road toward outright tyranny.”

Here is another link


“Hillary Clinton, Get This, Edited the Emails She Turned Over to State to Delete Embarrassing References to Oil, Terrorism”

This witch commits felonious acts, refuses to answer questions, allows people working for her to be killed, and she thinks she should be President of the United States. What gall. And the complicit media will not cover her infractions.

We will.

hillary horns

Hillary Clinton withheld Benghazi-related emails from the State Department that detailed her knowledge of the scramble for oil contracts in Libya and the shortcomings of the NATO-led military intervention for which she advocated.
Clinton removed specific portions of other emails she sent to State, suggesting the messages were screened closely enough to determine which paragraphs were unfit to be seen by the public.

For example, one email Clinton kept from the State Department indicates Libyan leaders were “well aware” of which “major oil companies and international banks” supported them during the rebellion, information they would “factor into decisions” about about who would be given access to the country’s rich oil reserves.”

More here

And here

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“America’s only remaining choices – civil disobedience or collapse”

This was written by Lawrence Sellin, PHD and it appears in Family Security Matters.

The United States no longer has, as the Constitution designed, a government composed of executive, legislative and judicial branches, separate, but equal in power.

The federal government is now an alliance of branches, devoted to the preservation of government itself, separate, not from each other, but from the American people and dedicated to tyranny.

The policies pursued by the Obama Administration and facilitated by cowardly politicians and a compliant media are not simply the intersection of radical ideology and incompetence, but a dangerous subversive element of an anti-American and anti-Western strategy.”


Obama’s transformation is fundamentally the degradation and humbling of a great nation he considers venal and corrupt, but is, in reality, merely a description of the content of his own character.

He and his present anointed successor and Mini Me, Hillary Clinton, are manifestations of modern-day, totalitarian Liberalism, in its insatiable thirst for power, where persuasion is replaced by coercion to implement policies that are inherently damaging to liberty and the national interest.

Unfortunately, the federal government, as an institution, has largely come to reflect those same characteristics, the tyranny that led the Founding Fathers to declare independence.

In their effort to make the central government “too big to fail,” the political-media complex has made it too corrupt to reform.

It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government – Thomas Paine”

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of "Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution ". He receives email at

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of “Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution “. He receives email at


Ted Cruz: “Constitutional Remedies to a Lawless Supreme Court”

His idea is to make supreme Court Justices face retention elections. The people must decide whether the individual Justices are to remain. That would remove the lifetime tenure they currently enjoy.

The time has come, therefore, to recognize that the problem lies not with the lawless rulings of individual lawless justices, but with the lawlessness of the Court itself. The decisions that have deformed our constitutional order and have debased our culture are but symptoms of the disease of liberal judicial activism that has infected our judiciary. A remedy is needed that will restore health to the sick man in our constitutional system.”

justice roberts 2

Judicial retention elections have worked in states across America; they will work for America. In order to provide the people themselves with a constitutional remedy to the problem of judicial activism and the means for throwing off judicial tyrants, I am proposing an amendment to the United States Constitution that would subject the justices of the Supreme Court to periodic judicial-retention elections. Every justice, beginning with the second national election after his or her appointment, will answer to the American people and the states in a retention election every eight years. Those justices deemed unfit for retention by both a majority of the American people as a whole and by majorities of the electorates in at least half of the 50 states will be removed from office and disqualified from future service on the Court.”

Read more at National Review

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Justice Roberts Was Mistaken

justice roberts

He said this when he wrote the opinion that preserved Obamacare: “Congress passed ACA to improve insurance markets, not destroy them.” He was mistaken.

Congress did not intend to help the health insurance market. They meant to destroy it. It’s working, too.

Consider how they regulated insurance carriers. They are forced to cover existing conditions. Uninsured people are allowed to purchase insurance after they discover they have life-threatening conditions.

Insurance companies are restricted in how much they can charge as premiums.

The Obamacare website has never worked properly and is not secure. If you signed up your medical and financial information is available to bad guys.

Obamacare ‘Navigators’ are not vetted, allowing criminals to help those wanting insurance. They will have intimate access to those people’s files.

WASHINGTON - MAY 17:  Senate Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) speaks to reporters after Democratic Caucus policy luncheons on Capitol Hill May 17, 2011 in Washington, DC.  Senate Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) spoke to reporters about pending oil company tax legislation and budget negotiations after a caucus luncheon with Senate Democrats.  (Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON – MAY 17: Senate Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) speaks to reporters after Democratic Caucus policy luncheons on Capitol Hill May 17, 2011 in Washington, DC. Senate Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) spoke to reporters about pending oil company tax legislation and budget negotiations after a caucus luncheon with Senate Democrats. (Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images)

Sen. Harry Reid said, “Obamacare ‘Absolutely’ A Step Toward A Single-Payer System”. He, of all people should know what the plan was.

In the ACA there is a part that allows people having trouble getting insurance to sign up for Medicaid. That system, like Medicare, is a single-payer system.

The regulations on insurers are getting more stringent all the time. Many companies that formerly provided health insurance are opting out of Obamacare. That will continue, I believe, until there are no insurers left in the system. Then the single-payer system will be the only option offerred.


Senator Ted Cruz Speaks For Americans

I hope he is right, that the 2016 election will be a referendum on Obamacare. I’m afraid, though, that the fix is in. Between giving the right to vote to illegals, dead people, the right to multiple ballots to some, and the tampering with voting machines, the public sentiment will have to be strong indeed to prevail.

“Ted Cruz, angered by Obamacare ruling, tells ‘rogue justices’ to resign and run for Congress”

Currently my favorite image of Cruz

Currently my favorite image of Cruz

The Supreme Court willfully ignored the words that Congress wrote, and instead read into the law their preferred policy outcome,” Mr. Cruz said. “These judges have joined with President Obama in harming millions of Americans.”

He continued, “Those justices are not behaving as umpires calling balls and strikes. They have joined a team, and it is a team that is hurting Americans across this country.”

Mr. Cruz said the 2016 election will be a referendum on Obamacare, which he said is hurting millions of Americans.”

Read the rest at the Washington Times


“The Roberts Court renders all laws meaningless as written”

justice roberts

John Roberts is a liar.

Acting as Obama’s champion for the second time, The Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare.”


Roberts has interpreted the law to mean something other than what is written in order to save it. At one time he promised not to do that.”

From DrJohn at Flopping Aces


Here Is A Lesson To Everyday Americans

Non-compliance of illegal laws has gone mainstream.

“NY SAFE Act weapons registry numbers released”

Gov. Cuomo signs New York's Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, otherwise known as the SAFE Act, into law during a ceremony in the Red Room at the Capitol in January 2013. Just under 45,000 assault-style weapons have been registered since then.

Gov. Cuomo signs New York’s Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, otherwise known as the SAFE Act, into law during a ceremony in the Red Room at the Capitol in January 2013. Just under 45,000 assault-style weapons have been registered since then.

In the years since Gov. Cuomo signed the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, otherwise known as the NY SAFE Act, a total of 23,847 people have applied to register their assault-style weapons with the state, according to statistics provided by the New York State Police.

Those individuals themselves registered 44,485 assault-style weapons — a term whose definition under the law was expanded to include military-style features like a pistol grip and popular civilian models of the M16 and AK47 assault rifles — with State Police, the data, which was first obtained by the Albany Times Union, show.

By comparison, individuals in Connecticut, a state with roughly one-fifth the population of New York, registered more than 50,000 assault-style weapons after similar legislation was passed there in April 2013.

Law enforcement experts have estimated there could be nearly 1 million assault-style weapons in circulation across the state, suggesting that many New Yorkers are ignoring a central provision of what had been touted by gun control advocates as a milestone law.”

Doing the math, dividing 45,000 arms registered by the estimated 1,000,000 such arms owned by New Yorkers, we find that approximately 5% have been registered, leaving 95% unregistered. The deadline for registration, in April, 2014, has come and gone. This is important. Is the state going to break down the doors of a half-million of its citizens for non-compliance? That’s when the shooting would start, I bet.

It’s interesting to note that the one-million arms is only an estimate. They don’t have hard numbers. That’s why they wanted the SAFE act registrations. Without them they’re going to be unable to know who has what.


Read more at the NY Daily News


Sometimes The ‘Comments’ Section Really Is The Most Interesting Part

This article appeared in the Floyd County, Kentucky Times. It was written by someone named By Tom H. Hastings who claims to be ‘the founding director of PeaceVoice':

“Four Steps Toward Ending Gun Violence”

Those four steps:

1. Repeal the Second Amendment.

2. Closeout US operations and leave Camp Lemonier, Djibouti, just one of many forward Pentagon bases we do not need.

3. For states that want to radically reduce gun violence, institute much more effective background evaluations that would keep guns out of the hands of those who have websites or any other activities or histories advocating race war or any other violent abomination.

4. Invest in dialog. Explore grievances. Invite open public hearings so people feel heard, not shut down and shut out. “

One comment is from Mike Vanderboegh.

three amigos

It reads:

Starting a bloody civil war seems an odd way to “fight gun violence.” In fact, if you want to see what real “gun violence” is, try to repeal to the Second Amendment and watch the carnage that results. C’mon. We’ll make it easy — we won’t fire the first shot. Your side, if you want to get what you want, must do that. Of course, given the ironclad Law of Unintended Consequences, intellectual apologists for tyranny such as yourself are unlikely to survive such a conflict, so does that make you brave or stupid? I’m leaning toward suicidally stupid, but you tell me. Follow through on your logic at least and tell us how many uncompromising firearm owners’ deaths (and of their families) do you require before you would consider such a benighted, benevolent proposal requiring the iron hand of state violence against its own citizens to have been worth it? A hundred thousand? A million? Six million? Ten? If you want to get your way, you will have to kill us first. Just tell us how many of our deaths you require, you bloodthirsty collectivist. How many? Think it through and give us an answer now.

Mike Vanderboegh
Pinson, AL”

Vanderboegh believes this would be an unintended consequence. I am not so sure about the ‘Unintended’ part.


Why White Supremacists OVERWHELMINGLY voted to elect Barack Hussein Obama to the Presidency (Part One)

BUMPED from it’s original publication date of March 7th 2010…

A worthwhile read republished in advance of the Supreme Court rulings that will be coming down later this week and the Eulogy that President Obama intends to deliver in Charleston when he will no doubt lecture us all on our evil racism. It makes a very interesting read these 5 Years later now that the President and his Administration has proven themselves to be the most powerful and disruptive Racists in American History. When their time in office finally expires it may also be accurate to refer to them as the most deadly Racists in American History as well.

I’m getting a real kick out of the level of sensitivity expressed in the communication of this publication that is over 5 Years old now. Wow, I was really going out of the way to not be offensive. How naïve of me. I doubt that I will make that same mistake twice.


Yes, this may come as a surprise to many, especially those in the Obama Administration, Jimmy Carter, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, the NAACP, ACLU, Coffee Party and the Mainstream Media…

The piece I am now attempting to present has been the most exhausting writing I have done in a while. This is my third attempt. Other times when I have tried this I was angry. When I wasn’t angry anything I wrote didn’t communicate effectively. More than that, it’s a tedious topic filled with taboo subject matter and sometimes trying to run between the raindrops without getting wet just makes for confusion and exhaustion. Thusly, this is a piece that I could never finish. I don’t even know if I will finish it now but if you are reading these words then yes I did.

More below the fold…


So, Someone At The Associated Press Fears Ted Cruz…

Why else would they offer an image at their site of him with a pistol pointing at his forehead?

The Associated Press currently has a photo for sale at its site showing a graphic of a gun pointing at Ted Cruz’s head. It has been there since early Saturday evening.

It would appear that Charlie Neibergall, the person who snapped this photograph, had to patiently wait for the “right” moment to take the photo in question.

Here is the photo (screen grab here), with the AP watermark (HT Breitbart)”



Here is the photo’s caption:

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, speaks during a “Celebrate the 2nd Amendment Event,” Saturday, June 20, 2015, at the CrossRoads Shooting Sports in Johnston, Iowa”

. – See more at:




A lot of people on the left will love this image. They will buy it from AP and print it everywhere. Their hatred for Cruz is strong – much like their hatred of Sarah Palin. Remember her? She’s the on who was accused of inciting violence by the left when her PAC published this map highlighting Congressional seats that were vulnerable:

palin crosshairs

The left in America condemns the peaceful people as violent but uses actual violence and threats of violence to further their goals. It’s stunning, really. Compare these. You know they are representive of the differences:

Tea Party Rally

Tea Party Rally

Rally in Baltimore

Rally in Baltimore

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Daniel Hannan On Socialism And Nazis

Hannan is a Member of the European Parliament. Here he explains National Socialism (the Nazi party) and reminds us that Hitler and his party were avowed socialists. He also describes how leftists in the media and academia have tried to rebrand them as right-wingers.

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Heh. Salon: “Bernie Sanders, Gun Nut”

I love it when the left eat each other.

“He supported the most reprehensible pro-gun legislation in recent memory.”

“Reprehensible.” Them’s strong words. What ‘Reprehensible’ legislation did Sanders support?

Sanders opposed several moderate gun control bills. He also supported the most odious NRA–backed law in recent memory—one that may block Sandy Hook families from winning a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the gun used to massacre their children.”

But wait. There’s more!

But Sanders’ vote for a different kind of pro-gun bill is more puzzling—and profoundly disturbing. In 2005, a Republican-dominated Congress passed the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). This law doesn’t protect gun owners; it protects gun manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and importers. The PLCAA was the No. 1 legislative priority of the National Rifle Association for years, because it shields gun makers and dealers from most liability when their firearms are used criminally. It is one of the most noxious pieces of pro-gun legislation ever passed. And Bernie Sanders voted for it. (Sanders’ campaign has not replied to a request for comment.)”

Read more about Senator Sanders’ sins at Slate

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If Not The Presidency, What Does Hillary Want?

hillary drinking  03

We, here, have suggested that Hillary Clinton doesn’t really care to become President. Why? Every day that goes by illustrates another reason for thinking that. She will not sit for an interview with any news media. How can she run a successful campaign that way? She has more than a dozen unresolved crises that some interviewer is bound to ask about.

Recently she has firmly grasped what politicians on both sides consider to be the ‘Third Rail’ of politics, gun control. It has always, by both Republicans and Democrats, been considered to be a losing position. But she has gone there.


Now we find that her campaign chairman, John Podesta, has, in her name, equated pro-life Christians with ISIS and the Taliban.

Some have described the prospect of a Hillary Clinton Presidency as a third term for Barack Obama. I disagree. If anything, she is further left than Obama and much more ruthless.

bloody hands

But if she doesn’t want to be President, what is she doing? It’s plain that she is pushing the Democrats even further left than Obama has. It’s also plain that she has given them a sense of entitlement and inevitability.

Americans see what she has been doing and find it distasteful. Because of that her positives have been steadily falling until now they are in negative territory. The people don’t trust her and we don’t like her. But that isn’t deterring her a bit. She gives off an air of wanting to be an evil dictator.

Of course we may be wrong. She may not care about her polling. She may be relying entirely on vote fraud to get elected.


Zero Hedge: “Writing’s On The Wall”

“Writing’s On The Wall: Texas Pulls $1 Billion In Gold From NY Fed, Makes It “Non-Confiscatable””

gold bars

The lack of faith in central bank trustworthiness is spreading. First Germany, then Holland, and Austria, and now – as we noted was possible previously – Texas has enacted a Bill to repatriate $1 billion of gold from The NY Fed’s vaults to a newly established state gold bullion depository…”People have this image of Texas as big and powerful … so for a lot of people, this is exactly where they would want to go with their gold,” and the Bill includes a section to prevent forced seizure from the Federal Government.”

If they are worried that the feds will confiscate their gold, you and I should worry that they will confiscate our money.

Read it all at Zero Hedge

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Everything Is Being Hacked

From Fox News:

“Hack the vote: Cyber experts say ballot machines easy targets”


“Our entire democracy depends on systems with minimal, easily bypassed security.”

– Cris Thomas, Tenable Network Security,

Similar vulnerabilities have been previously discovered in machines from Diebold, Premier Elections Solutions, Sequoia, Hart, ES&S and others, Thomas said. reported in 2011 about problems with Diebold Accuvote TS electronic voting machines.”

We reported on this problem here before.

Here, and


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Designed To Intimidate: “Obama’s Gun Speech Gag Order Is Retaliation Against Group That Sued The Gov’t Last Month”

A few days ago we reported on the Obama administrations to stop internet discussion of guns. Now, it seems, we learn what was behind the action. This comes from the State department but they are an arm of the administration.


The Obama administration’s latest anti-gun salvo isn’t about reducing gun violence or stopping the export of dangerous weapons, it’s about pure retaliation against a non-profit that sued the government in federal court last month.

Defense Distributed, a pro-Second Amendment non-profit organization that provides blueprints, plans, and machinery to fabricate or finish firearm components, has been at war with the State Department for nearly two years.

According to a complaint it filed in federal court last month, the organization began to make its data, compiled entirely from publicly available information, available for free on the Internet in December of 2012. Just a few months later, in May of 2013, Defense Distributed received a letter from the State Department alleging that the group was illegally exporting technical data. The federal government then demanded, in contravention of long-standing policy dating back to 1984, that Defense Distributed submit its proposed speech to the federal government for pre-approval.

You read that right: the Obama administration demanded that a pro-Second Amendment non-profit submit its proposed speech, consisting of publicly available information, to the federal government for approval prior to publishing.”

Which is exactly what they are now proposing for everyone on every blog and website on the internet. They demand that any firearms related content be submitted to them for approval before publication.

I have read the First Amendment a few times and somehow I missed this restriction on it.

Read the rest at The Federalist

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BATF To Reclassify AR And AK Pistols As NFA Items

Until now these pistols were classed as legal pistols by the ATF and did not get classification under the National Firearms Act as ‘Destructive Devices’. They had to be originally built as pistols and not converted from rifles. If they were converted they were classed as short barreled rifles and became ‘NFA Destructive Devices’. This ruling will change all that.

ar pistol

This is from Lock and Load Radio. They have a link the ATF proposal. As the proposal comes from the office of the President, what it looks like is President Obama is directing BATFE to do this.

He has directed his anti-gun leaders at the DOJ and ATF to reclassify AR/AK Pistols as an NFA item. See new rule here.

What does this mean? Well, as we all know, or in case you don’t, an NFA item is highly regulated by the ATF. The NFA was originally enacted in 1934. Similar to the current NFA, the original Act imposed a tax on the making and transfer of firearms defined by the Act, as well as a special (occupational) tax on persons and entities engaged in the business of importing, manufacturing, and dealing in NFA firearms. The law also required the registration of all NFA firearms with the Secretary of the Treasury. Firearms subject to the 1934 Act included shotguns and rifles having barrels less than 18 inches in length, certain firearms described as “any other weapons,” machineguns, and firearm mufflers and silencers. As it is described on the ATF’s website,

While the NFA was enacted by Congress as an exercise of its authority to tax, the NFA had an underlying purpose unrelated to revenue collection. As the legislative history of the law discloses, its underlying purpose was to curtail, if not PROHIBIT, transactions in NFA firearms”.

What do they intend to do about the thousands, perhaps millions, of these pistols already in private hands? Will they be made illegal after the fact? Will citizens who bought pistols that were perfectly legal at the time of purchase now be classed as felons? Do they intend to round up all the pre-NFA pistols?


Zerohedge: “Obama Goes Full Stalin: Tells Secret Court To Ignore Law He Signed 4 Hours Earlier, Extend Illegal NSA Surveillance”

If you want to read it all go here.

Just when we thought the absurdity that marks every single day of Obama’s reign could not possibly be surpassed, we learned that 4 hours (3 hours and 47 minutes to be precise) after the US president vowed to sign a new law banning bulk data collection by the NSA (named, for purely grotesque reasons, the “USA Freedom Act”), the Obama administration asked the secret Fisa surveillance court to ignore a federal court that found bulk surveillance illegal and to once again grant the National Security Agency the power to collect the phone records of millions of Americans for six months.”


According to Ackerman, this latest travesty by the administration “suggests that the administration may not necessarily comply with any potential court order demanding that the collection stop.”

Or, in other words, the administration “may” give orders that openly flaunt US laws.”


Obama Intends To Make Discussion Of Gun-Related Stuff Illegal On This Blog

This blog and every other.


Even as news reports have been highlighting the gun control provisions of the Administration’s “Unified Agenda” of regulatory objectives (see accompanying story), the Obama State Department has been quietly moving ahead with a proposal that could censor online speech related to firearms. This latest regulatory assault, published in the June 3 issue of the Federal Register, is as much an affront to the First Amendment as it is to the Second. Your action is urgently needed to ensure that online blogs, videos, and web forums devoted to the technical aspects of firearms and ammunition do not become subject to prior review by State Department bureaucrats before they can be published.”

They’re serious, too. They say that any gun-related posts must be pre-approved by them.

With the new proposal published on June 3, the State Department claims to be “clarifying” the rules concerning “technical data” posted online or otherwise “released” into the “public domain.” To the contrary, however, the proposal would institute a massive new prior restraint on free speech. This is because all such releases would require the “authorization” of the government before they occurred. The cumbersome and time-consuming process of obtaining such authorizations, moreover, would make online communication about certain technical aspects of firearms and ammunition essentially impossible.

Penalties for violations are severe and for each violation could include up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $1 million. Civil penalties can also be assessed. Each unauthorized “export,” including to subsequent countries or foreign nationals, is also treated as a separate violation.”

Read the rest at NRA-ILA

Time is of the essence! Public comment will be accepted on the proposed gag order until August 3, 2015. Comments may be submitted online at or via e-mail at with the subject line, ‘‘ITAR Amendment—Revisions to Definitions; Data Transmission and Storage.”


Government Compassion

This is an excerpt from a piece written by Theodore Dalrymple and published in Taki’s Magazine. It illustrates the kind of compassion that one can expect from the government:

Theodore Dalrymple (pseudonym)

Theodore Dalrymple (pseudonym)

I called a social worker and made a disastrous mistake in my first sentence. ‘I have a particularly deserving case,’ I said, thinking to arouse her interest and forgetting for a moment that desert in any traditional sense was a concept that had long been banned from the lexicon of social work. Far from arousing her interest, let alone compassion, it aroused her hostility. If I thought a case was particularly deserving, it followed that I must have thought that some cases were relatively or even absolutely underserving. In short, I was judgmental, that is to say censorious, cruel and Victorian. I would let the homeless starve and the weak go to the wall.”

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“Rudy Giuliani: I Would Have Already Brought Hillary Before A Grand Jury Over ‘Clinton Cash’”

Trouble is Rudy is not in charge. Instead, the Justice department does not hand out justice. It is a political arm of the Democrats and they do the bidding of Valerie Jarrett.


On the heels of the blockbuster book “Clinton Cash,” former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani says that there is already plenty enough evidence to charge Hillary with quid pro quo corruption and if he were in charge she’d already be facing a grand jury.”

Read the rest here

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“FCC Commissioner: Feds May Come for Drudge”

Ajit Pai, FCC Commissioner:


From CNS News:

It is conceivable to me to see the government saying, ‘We think the Drudge Report is having a disproportionate effect on our political discourse. He doesn’t have to file anything with the FEC. The FCC doesn’t have the ability to regulate anything he says, and we want to start tamping down on websites like that.’”