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Rhymes With Barf

harf kerry

Doing her best impression of Baghdad Bob, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf gave the Iraqi army props following the fall of Ramadi.

Never mind that Iraqi forces cut and ran, surrendering the city to Islamic State militants.

“The Iraqi security forces have held their lines on the outside of the city,” Harf told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Wednesday.”

Leaving all the goodies for ISIS.


Read the rest at Biz Pac Review


Lesson: How To Identify A Weak Candidate

“She’s not perfect but without her we’ll get Scott Walker.” At least this Democrat is honest.

Pitiful, really. I predict a low turnout among Democrats in 2016.


Oberlin College Choir: “Keep Me From The Real World”

Well done.

Keep me in a safe place

Keep me in a safe place

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Well, Since Washington Is Teaching Us That Laws No Longer Exist…

… Why do we obey them?


How many laws are our dear leaders refusing to enforce? There are laws against illegal immigration – they are being ignored. There are laws against public officials accepting money from foreign countries. They, too, are being ignored. Jon Corzine, head of MF Global, illegally took money out of trust funds for customers and invested – and lost – it in risky European investments. Nothing has been done.

There are hundreds more stories like these. The American public is being trained that laws don’t mean anything. But, why is it that only leftist people with government connections ignoring them? Why shouldn’t all Americans also do so?

The goal seems to be anarchy. Why don’t we embrace it? We really don’t have another choice, do we?

What laws do you want to ignore?


More Protests In Ferguson

They are upset because they are not getting their paychecks for protesting on time:

On May 14, protesters, upset with not being paid their promised checks for protesting, protested outside MORE, Missourians Organizing For Reform and Empowerment, an ACORN organization which had received funding through George Soros to fund the protests.”

Hashtags work so well

Hashtags work so well


More here


Slate: “Preaching to the Choir”

Ah, well. I guess they can’t help it. Haters gotta hate.

I have to admit, though, ‘Religious tolerance’ has worked so well that Islamists have stopped killing and raping… haven’t they?

“ISIS’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, sounds like a Republican candidate for president.”

The Republicans don’t just call the enemy Islamic. They criticize Clinton and Obama for preaching coexistence. At last weekend’s South Carolina Freedom Summit, they laughed off the Crusades and defended mockery of Islam. Carly Fiorina, a former Republican Senate nominee now running for president, demanded to know why Clinton has advocated “religious tolerance” and “the need to empathize with our enemies while Christians are being beheaded and crucified.”

Republicans who talk this way think they’re being tough. In reality, however, they’re aiding the enemy. They’re doing for ISIS what they did for al-Qaida: assisting its recruitment, social media, and political strategy. Rhetorically, ISIS and the GOP are in perfect harmony.”

From Slate


“What Stephanopoulis Still Hasn’t Disclosed”


Yeah. He told us, under duress, that he has donated like $75 large to the Clinton Crime Cartel. But he hasn’t told us ‘The Rest Of The Story’. But Peter Schweitzer, the man who wrote ‘Clinton Cash’ is willing to tell us:

In his on air apology for this ethical mess, Stephanopoulos did not disclose that in 2006 he was a featured attendee and panel moderator at the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).

He did not disclose that in 2007, he was a featured attendee at the CGI annual meeting, a gathering also attended by several individuals I report on in Clinton Cash, including mega Clinton Foundation donors Lucas Lundin, Frank Giustra, Frank Holmes, and Carlos Slim — individuals whose involvement with the Clintons I assumed he had invited me on his program to discuss.

Stephanopoulos did not disclose that he was a 2008 panelist at the CGI annual meeting which, once again, featured individuals I report on in the book, such as billionaire Clinton Foundation foreign donor Denis O’Brien.

ABC’s most visible news employee did not disclose that in 2009, he served as a panel moderator at CGI’s annual meeting, nor did he disclose that in 2010 and 2011, he was an official CGI member.

Stephanopoulos did not disclose that in 2013 and 2014, he and Chelsea Clinton served as CGI contest judges for awards, in part, underwritten by Laureate International Universities — a for-profit education company I report on in the book. Bill Clinton was on its payroll until his recent resignation.”

Stephanopoulis gave not just money but his time – lots of it – and every shred of his integrity to the Clinton Cartel.

More at Powerline Blog


Image from Earl of Taint

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Only Progressives Will Be Surprised By This

“Electricity Prices Soaring In Top Wind Power States”

Bird Killers

Bird Killers

The top ten states that have the highest percentage of their electricity produced by wind farms are, not surprisingly, the states with the biggest increases in electric rates. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the 10 states in which wind power accounts for the highest percentage of the state’s electricity generation are:

Iowa – 27%

South Dakota – 26

Kansas – 19

Idaho – 16

Minnesota – 16

North Dakota – 16

Oklahoma – 15

Colorado – 14

Oregon – 12

Wyoming – 8

The 2008-2013 price increases in the top 10 wind power states were:

Iowa – 16%

South Dakota – 25

Kansas – 26

Idaho – 34

Minnesota – 22

North Dakota – 23

Oklahoma – -2

Colorado – 14

Oregon – 16

Wyoming – 33

This is from Forbes


Anti-Gun Combover Donates To Clinton Crime Foundation

More than $100,000. This lizard thinks he should be President.


Potential GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and his daughter have donated “at least $105,000 to the Clinton Foundation,” The Hill reported Thursday. Contributions, per the Foundation website, “advance the work of any part of the Clinton Foundation, including the Clinton Global Initiative.”

Potential GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and his daughter have donated “at least $105,000 to the Clinton Foundation,” The Hill reported Thursday. Contributions, per the Foundation website, “advance the work of any part of the Clinton Foundation, including the Clinton Global Initiative.”

“I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun,” he elaborated.

There is more at The Examiner


Vile Pigs At MSNBC Delight In Injury To Cop


The spokesperson tweeted this:

msnbc dragging cop

It was later removed – but nothing ever goes away once it goes up on the internet.

A cop gets dragged down the street and MSNBC thinks it’s a joke.

MSNBC sunk to a new low on Friday with the posting of a video to MSNBC’s Facebook page that mocks police over a criminal dragging a police officer by a car as he attempted to flee from the officer. MSNBC also promoted the video on its Twitter account.

The headline used by MSNBC: “Does it count as a police chase if you take the cop along for the ride?”

The MSNBC video uses security and police body-camera footage from an incident on May 9 in Savannah, Georgia. The video was released by police on Wednesday and hit the national media the next day.

MSNBC added circus clown music to the video and the caption “Does it count as a police chase if you take the cop along for the ride?”

Read the rest at Gateway Pundit

Speaking about police, here is a video of a recording done by the late Paul Harvey about the police. It’s quite respectful.

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“Yes, The Left IS that Stupid”

This article is from the Gunslinger’s Journal. The writer makes a good point – one that I agree with.

Has it occurred to the jack-rabbits who want to take down The West so they can share in the “goodies” The West has “hoarded”, that if they take down The West, there won’t BE any goodies to share?”

He’s talking about the left. They seem to think that western society is made up of greedy people who have succeeded through a combination of luck and the victimization of the rest of the people.

There is something unusual about countries like the United States. Until now its people have been free to pursue their own self interest. That resulted in successful farms, businesses, and a lot of invention. All the peole in the country have benefited from the wealth they created – both in the case of plenty of food and in the development of and distribution of labor-saving devices. Even in the poorest neighborhoods people have enough to eat and own things like TV sets, automobiles, and cell phones.

The left wants to restrict the freedom to innovate so they can redistribute the wealth to those who have less. What they don’t understand is that by destroying the wealth makers the wealth will go away. There won’t be anything to redistribute. This has happened before in other countries and the result is always the same.

Historically, the closest thing to the current spread of civilization, culture, and technology, was the Roman Empire. It was the high water mark of the ancient world. And when the Empire failed, the world plunged into the Dark Ages…from which it struggled for centuries to emerge.

When Rome fell, it’s wealth, luxury and resources were not shared by the world. They disappeared. They disappeared because it took the organization that was the Empire to produce them.”

And more recently Rhodesia was a successful country on the African continent. The successful were thrown out, the country was renamed Zimbabwe, and:

A more modern example of this is the death of Rhodesia. It was a rich, prosperous, well-fed, functional and successful country. But the idea grew that the white elite, whose farmlands were the backbone of Rhodesian wealth, had “stolen” them from “the People”, and that they should be “liberated” from these oppressors, and returned to the people so they could share in the wealth they produced.

But, when the lands were “liberated” and given to “the people”, they ceased to be successful, profitable or productive farms. What the ignorant “liberators” failed to understand is that there was no inherent wealth in the farmland—nor a mine or well. It requires people with the knowledge, skill, the ambition and motivation, the technology and the culture to exploit its potential.”

Not mentioned but equally a problem for Zimbabwe was the devaluation of their money:

zimbabwe money01

zimbabwe money02

There are many Americans who understand the problem. You can not destroy a society that is working, creating better lives for its citizens without also destroying the advantages those people enjoy.

This is a basic fact of life but the left isn’t interested in the nation’s people prospering. They are only interested in controlling every aspect of their lives. They really are that stupid.

Should The West fail, the world will not suddenly share in its supposedly hoarded wealth. The wealth will fail insofar as The West does. And nothing will be left for anyone but the wisp of smoke and memory.

And a New Dark Age.”


“Science is often flawed. It’s time we embraced that.”

The trouble is that scientists are ‘Adjusting’ their data so they can come up with pre-determined outcomes. Politicizing the scientific method has taken place because of government funding of research and the desire of the ‘Scientists’ to publish their work.

If someone tells you, “the science is settled”, you should ask if it comes from the half that is true or the half that is untrue.


Here are two quotes from the article in Vox:

In his book Derailed, about his fall from academic grace, the Dutch psychologist Diederik Stapel explained his preferred method for manipulating scientific data in detail that would make any nerd’s jaw drop:

I preferred to do it at home, late in the evening… I made myself some tea, put my computer on the table, took my notes from my bag, and used my fountain pen to write down a neat list of research projects and effects I had to produce…. Subsequently I began to enter my own data, row for row, column for column…3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 4, 5, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 5, 4, 3, 3, 2. When I was finished, I would do the first analyses. Often, these would not immediately produce the right results. Back to the matrix and alter data. 4, 6, 7, 5, 4, 7, 8, 2, 4, 4, 6, 5, 6, 7, 8, 5, 4. Just as long until all analyses worked out as planned.”


Because of these now well-known problems, it’s not unusual to hear statements like those from The Lancet editor Richard Horton that “Much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue.” He continued: “Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.”

Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

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“Are You “Oversensitive””

Are you a ‘Special, Sensitive Snowflake’? Do you demand an apology when a Senator thinks you are sexist for referring to another Senator by her first name? Do you think a room full of white people is a microagression? Do you even believe in microaggressions? How about Republicans?

Take the test here.


Most days, I’d rather I was less of an emotionally raw person. I would be so much less exhausted at the end of the day if I weren’t so heavily internalizing devastating headlines, or concerns over my friends’ problems, or hurt over wounds I wish I’d have moved on from already. But if I weren’t this way, would I be such an empathetic friend? Would I be as perceptive? Would I even have the same talents? Would I love as hard as I do and would I still be as good at trusting my gut? The other side of feeling emotional pain so strongly is that in happy moments, I feel joy just as intensely. Would I lose my capacity to bask so fully in the good times if I had the ability to trade away the bad? Being sensitive is as much a part of my personal make-up as my shoe size, and it surely had a hand in shaping my who I am.”

More here

Hat tip to Peter


Yeah. Trains Are Safer Than Pipelines

That’s what Barack Obama’s buddy Warren Buffet would like you to believe.

buffet obama

We’re not supposed to pay any attention to the fact that Buffet owns so many railway oil tankers. He makes a ton of money transporting oil in them. We’re also not supposed to notice all the railway accidents.

Today we learned about an Amtrak train that derailed in Philly killing six people.

The remains of an Amtrak train that derailed on its way from Washington, DC to New York City are seen just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA,13 May 2015. (EPA/JIM LO SCALZO)

The remains of an Amtrak train that derailed on its way from Washington, DC to New York City are seen just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA,13 May 2015. (EPA/JIM LO SCALZO)

The train wasn’t carrying oil but it did have a wreck. There have been some spectacular wrecks, though, of trains carrying crude oil. Here is news of one that happened in West Virginia:


And here is news of one that happened in North Dakota.

nodak train wreck

Here is a report of one in Illinois.

And Here is a report of one in Canada.

I could go on but it’s not necessary. All these accidents are being ignored by media and the Obama administration in an effort to block construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Now look at this image:

Trans-Alaska pipeline

Trans-Alaska pipeline

That is the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline. It’s 700 mile long, was built in the 1970’s – 40 years ago – and has never spilled a drop.

Why do we continue to ship oil by rail?

Politics, not sanity.


Unfortunate Choice Of Images, Mr. Kerry

Secretary of State John Kerry brags here that he had ‘Frank discussions with Vladimir Putin’. He included this image. It shows Putin giving him the stink-eye.

First on Kerry’s list is climate change. First on Putin’s is world domination. No fair.

Putin looks amused

Putin looks amused

Found it here


Where Do All The Perverts Go? California Universities!

It’s not enough that this D-bag requires all students to strip naked, he gets naked with them.

california breaking off

“Mother Outraged Daughter Asked To Perform Naked in Art Class”

A professor at UC San Diego is having his students take their final exam completely in the nude, and he says he’s been doing it for years.”


“DNC Chair: “Ted Cruz Is The Embodiment Of Everything That Is Wrong With The GOP”

This loony tune never changes her ‘Message’. In reality, Ted Cruz is the antidote to everything that is wrong with the DNC.

As someone says in the comments section to the linked article, “The left will always let you know who they fear the most.”.

"Hands Up - Don't Cruz"

“Hands Up – Don’t Cruz”

Ted Cruz says the Constitution is “Our Standard“. The DNC Chair says that Ted Cruz represents everything that is wrong with the GOP.

The Detroit News reports that during a speech to Michigan Democrats at their annual dinner the DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, stated that GOP Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz embodies everything that is wrong with the Republican Party:

Detroit — The chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee took aim at the top 2016 Republican presidential contenders in a speech Saturday night to Michigan Democrats, zeroing in on Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.”

Read the rest at Progressives Today


“The Clinton Foundation’s Behind-the-Scenes Battle With a Charity Watchdog Group”

Hill and Billy contend that there is one set of rules for others and a different one for them – one that they can adjust as they see fit.

You might read this:

He's laughing at you

He’s laughing at you

Bill Clinton Admits What Many of Us Already Knew: There are two sets of rules.”


Charity Navigator is a New Jersey–based nonprofit watchdog group. They were founded in 2002, rank more than 8,000 charities. They are known for their independence.

For a while they rated the Clinton Foundation well and gave it their highest rating.

In September 2014, in fact, the Navigator’s then-CEO, Ken Berger, was invited to speak at the Clinton Global Initiative. Of course that was before the Foundation was placed on a list with scandal-plagued charities like Al Sharpton’s National Action Network and the Red Cross.

Since March, the Foundation has embarked on an aggressive behind-the-scenes campaign to get removed from the list. Clinton Foundation officials accuse the Navigator of unfairly targeting them, lacking credible evidence of wrongdoing, and blowing off numerous requests for a meeting to present their case.

Navigator executives counter that the Foundation has demanded they extend the Clintons special treatment. They also allege the Foundation attempted to strong-arm them by calling a Navigator board member. “They felt they were of such importance that we should deviate from our normal process. “

Read the rest at NY Mag

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“Female Soldiers Fail to Pass Phase One of Army Ranger School”

This is from

All eight female soldiers participating in the first co-ed class of U.S. Army Ranger School failed to advance to the second phase of the grueling infantry course.

On the male side, 115 male students met the requirement to begin the Mountain Phase of Ranger School in Dahlonega, Ga., on Saturday, May 9, according to a Fort Benning press release.

The eight female candidates, along with 101 male candidates, will be recycled to repeat the Darby Phase of Ranger School.

Approximately 35 male Ranger students failed to meet the standards of Ranger School and will not be recycled, the press release said.”


There Are Some Cowards At Fox News

"I wouldn't lie to you."

“I wouldn’t lie to you.”

Bill O’Reilly started it with his condemnation of Pamela Geller for hosting her ‘Draw Mohammad’ contest. He seems to think it is her fault that two Muslim terrorists decided to shoot up the gathering. Apparently, his viewers strongly disagree. He has apparently run a poll of viewers and the results look like this:


Now listen to cretin Juan Williams blame the shootings on Geller:

How does one explain this? It’s not just Fox News, either. Rich Lowry from National Review has an interesting essay about the way the news media is trying to blame Geller for the shootings instead of those who drove nearly a thousand miles so they could kill people. He sums up the media reaction thus:

How dare Pamela Geller get targeted by terrorists bent on committing mass murder?”

Our national media representatives have become so devoted to protecting Muslims and Islamists, but not Jews or Christians, that they are blaming the victims. Why is that?

It is apparent that they are afraid of being targeted. They seem to have an unreasonable belief that they won’t be attacked if they just refuse to acknowledge Muslim atrocities. They are sadly mistaken. Islamists don’t need a reason to kill non-believers. They are instructed by their Prophet to do so. Making nice with them does not protect you. The only thing that might protect you and others is for you to fight back. That is what Geller is doing and that is what that unnamed Texas policeman did.


CBS: “First lady takes on discrimination in Tuskegee address”

Screen shot from video at CBS site

Screen shot from video at CBS site

Mrs. Obama gave the commencement speech it that school. Her speech was entirely about racism and evil racists. And she told the students, “The Sting” of Racism “Didn’t Hold Me Back”.

I wonder. What could it have held her back from accomplishing? What, exactly, has she accomplished?

I can’t figure out what was meant by this comment in the CBS article. Can you?

The first lady, taking head on the issue of racial discrimination, mentioned the strife that has occurred in Baltimore and Ferguson…”

Read the rest at CBS News


Listen To Bosch Fawstin

We have met Fawstin here before. He is the artist who won Pamela Geller’s ‘Draw Mohammad’ contest.

Bosch Fawsten

Bosch Fawsten

Since then he has been cussed and discussed. Breitbart interviewed him and a short version of the interview is here. He has quite a bit to say, being a self-described Muslim apostate. Here is an example:

Breitbart News: What is the best way to defeat Islamic totalitarianism?

Bosch Fawstin: We have to start with the truth. We have to study Islam. We cannot lie about it anymore. We cannot allow the Islamists, so-called intellectuals, and leftists to lie about it anymore. Just look at guys like Bill O’Reilly, who has no idea what he’s talking about. He smeared Pamela Geller because of this event. We are at war. Outside of that building were two savages locked into jihad. People are trying to pretend we were doing something other than celebrating free speech, and demanding our freedom.”

And the writer, not Fawstin, says this:

Islam is not civilized. It is 800 years behind civilization. It is intolerant of homosexuality. It is misogynistic. It is as much a political system as it is a religion. We have a right to insult Islam. We have every bit as much a right to insult Muhammad and Islam and anyone else has to insult Catholicism and Judaism. This garbage cannot stand. It is un-American. Either grow up or get off our goddam American lawn.”

Sounds like the truth.

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“New Jersey Interrogates Homeschoolers, Lawsuit Follows”

I began hearing about this interference recently. The state of Washington is starting with child care companies, forcing them to follow strict regulations written by state bureaucrats. The children must receive the proper indoctrination, you see. Later they will deal with schools, and especially home-schoolers.

They do want to know if you have guns in the home.

A $60 Million lawsuit is a nice response.

obama brownshirt

A New Jersey family is suing the state child-protection agency after it allegedly sent a caseworker to their home to interrogate them on everything from their son’s homeschool education to questions about vaccines and guns in the house.

Christopher Zimmer and his wife Nicole of Belvidere filed a civil rights complaint in April in U.S. District Court in Trenton alleging “unlawful and unconstitutional home intrusion.”

He said Michelle Marchese, a caseworker for the state Division of Child Protection and Permanency, demanded she be let inside the house, “Now!” according to court documents. Startled by the aggressive confrontation, Christopher Zimmer asked the purpose of her visit.

Marchese refused to answer the question, saying only that 15-year-old Christopher Zimmer Jr. was not getting a “proper education” and she was at the Zimmer home under the authority of DCP&P to make sure they were homeschooling their son “correctly,” the suit states.

Not knowing the extent of his rights, Christopher Zimmer phoned local police. The police arrived on the scene but allowed Marchese to enter the home and continue to issue threats to the family and inspect the house, all without a warrant, the lawsuit states.”

Read the rest here


Boy, I’m Glad I Wasn’t Raised To Be Offended By Random Crap…

… Or to buy lottery tickets.

It’s all the rage today to claim you are offended by something stupid. It even makes the news like this instance did. Childish young people are completely incapable of dealing with adversity, even something as innocuous as a randomly computer-generated series of words on a scratch-off lottery ticket.

How will this gentle flower react when he discovers a real trial. How will he react when his employer tires of his antics and fires him?

“A college student in Elmira, New York, said he was offended when he scratched off a lottery ticket that read, “You Elmira trash.”

The offensive lotto ticket

The offensive lotto ticket

The New York Gaming Commission insisted the “Wheel of Fortune” ticket was completely random — a 1 in 900 million chance — but the ticket’s purchaser said that didn’t lessen the initial impact.

“I was shocked,” Nick Lynough, 22, told ABC News today. “I thought it was fake and tampered with.

“I was disrespected by it,” he added. “I thought it was a joke.”

Read the rest at the aptly named Yahoo News

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Old Woman: That Police Are Intentionally Killing Black Men Is ‘Unmistakable And Undeniable’

Some of our readers are – or were once – police officers. Is this the kind of person you want as President of the United States?

hillary lying

In her speech at Columbia University on Wednesday, Clinton stated:

“There is something profoundly wrong when African-American men are still far more likely to be stopped and searched by police, charged with crimes, and sentenced to longer prison terms than are meted out to their white counterparts. There is something wrong when a third of all black men face the prospect of prison during their lifetimes.”

“From Ferguson to Staten Island to Baltimore, the patterns have become unmistakable and undeniable.” “Walter Scott shot in the back in Charleston, South Carolina … Tamir Rice, shot in a park in Cleveland, Ohio … Eric Garner, choked to death after being stopped for selling cigarettes.”

“Yet again the family of a young black men is grieving a life cut short. Yet again the streets of an American city are marred by violence, by shattered glass, and shouts of anger and shows of force. Yet again a community is reeling, its fault lines laid bare.”

“My heart breaks for these young men and their families,” Clinton said of the victims of police brutality. “We have to come to terms with some hard truths about race and justice in America. There is something profoundly wrong when African American men are far more likely” to be stopped, searched and to receive long prison sentences.”

Read the rest, including video, here.