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Obviously A Hand Puppet But These Students Are Captivated By The Character, Ignoring The Puppeteer.


Maybe You Didn’t Notice But That’s Just How He Operates.

This is from the New York Times’ Politics Page:

“Obama’s Lofty Plans on Gun Violence Amount to Little Action”

A woman checked out a handgun at the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas last month. Credit John Locher/Associated Press

A woman checked out a handgun at the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas last month. Credit John Locher/Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The centerpiece of a plan for stemming gun violence that President Obama announced to great fanfare last month largely amounts to this: an updated web page and 10,000 pamphlets that federal agents plan to give out at gun shows.

In a tearful display of anger and sadness in the East Room of the White House, Mr. Obama ordered a series of steps intended to limit gun violence and vowed to clamp down on what he called widespread evasion of a federal law requiring gun dealers to obtain licenses.

But few concrete actions have been put in motion by law enforcement agencies to aggressively carry out the gun dealer initiative, despite the lofty expectations that Mr. Obama and top aides set.

Obama administration officials said they have no specific plans to boost investigations, arrests or prosecutions of gun sellers who do not comply with the law. No task forces have been assembled. No agents or prosecutors have been specifically reassigned to such cases. And no funding has been reallocated to accelerate gun sale- investigations in Washington or at the offices of the 93 United States attorneys.”

Saints be praised. This President has, over and over again, shown himself to be shallow and uncommitted. What matters most to him is that he can Say he has taken action. It is not important that action actually occurs. Look at the nuclear agreement he signed with Iran. He gave them every thing they wanted, got nothing in return. He actually didn’t even Ask for anything. He could have suggested the release of the Americans Iran is hold in but he didn’t.

Now he can say he has taken action toward gun control because his eyes leaked when he talked about it. As the NYT notes there are no actions behind his ‘Promise’. It’s unfortunate that their editorial board is unable to see the big picture with Barack Obama. They can not see past his marvelous skin tone.

It’s not unlike the reason they support Hillary Clinton. It’s entirely because of her supposed genitalia.


Ah. If Only ‘The Force’ Was Real

Someone in Finland has been watching too much Star Wars. This is ridiculous. It’s a PSA from Finland that tells women how to resist a rapist. “Just say, “No!”. is what they advise. If that doesn’t work, hit him with your purse.

More at Moonbattery


What An Opportunity For Fraud!

Oh, man. Who gets to be the city official who decides who gets the dough?


The D.C. Council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a bill that includes a proposal to pay residents a stipend not to commit crimes. It’s based on a program in Richmond, California, that advocates say has contributed to deep reductions in crime there.

Under the bill, city officials would identify up to 200 people a year who are considered at risk of either committing or becoming victims of violent crime. Those people would be directed to participate in behavioral therapy and other programs. If they fulfill those obligations and stay out of trouble, they would be paid.

The bill doesn’t specify the value of the stipends, but participants in the California program receive up to $9,000 per year.


Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie, a Democrat who wrote the legislation, said it was part of a comprehensive approach to reducing violent crime in the city, which experienced a 54 percent increase in homicides last year. Homicides and violent crime are still down significantly since the 2000s, and even more so since the early 1990s when the District was dubbed the nation’s “murder capital.”

McDuffie argued that spending $9,000 a year in stipends “pales in comparison” to the cost of someone being victimized, along with the costs of incarcerating the offender.

“I want to prevent violent crime — particularly gun violence — by addressing the root causes and creating opportunities for people, particularly those individuals who are at the highest risks of offending,” McDuffie, a former prosecutor, said in a letter to constituents last week.

Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser has not committed to funding the program, which would cost $4.9 million over four years, including $460,000 a year in stipend payments, according to the District’s independent chief financial officer. “

Read the rest at the Associated Press


“Cody Wilson Announces Impending Release of 3D Files for $150 Machine Gun”

Actually, that appears to be anti-gun hyperbole. Cody Wilson, owner of Defense Distributed, has available the files with which to print the parts necessary to build an AR-15 rifle lower receiver. That this writer at calls it a ‘Machine Gun is a lie. It takes a lot more than a lower receiver to make a fully-auto gun.


Wilson has stated that he does basically have a 3D printable machine gun, going so far as to include that everything one would need to make it print is available from a hardware store. All that needs to be added is a firing pin–and a basic nail could be used for that.”


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Obama Executive Order: “Make combat weapons safer, not more lethal”

“”The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein”


With that White House history, Mr. Scales (Retired Army Maj. Gen. Robert Scales) said, “I had to laugh” at Mr. Obama’s priority — smart guns.

“Presidential involvement in small arms has been strategic and game-changing in our history,” said Mr. Scales, a former commandant of the U.S. Army War College. “Obama comes along and tells the Army that, in this administration, money is going into small arms to build — not a deadly weapon, not an effective weapon, not a dominant weapon, not a lifesaving weapon, not a technological cutting-edge weapon — but a weapon that prevents accidental discharge. Give me a break.”

More at the Washington Times


Is Segregation Now Okay If You Choose It?

“Segregated dorms for males ‘who identify as Black’ coming to UConn”


The University of Connecticut is hoping that black males will graduate at a higher rate if they spend more time with one another, and is building a new residence hall to facilitate just that.

The ScHOLA²RS House—which stands for “Scholistic [sic] House Of Leaders who are African American Researchers and Scholars”—”is a scholastic initiative to groom, nurture, and train the next generation of leaders to address grand challenges in society through the promotion of academic success in undergraduate programs at the University of Connecticut and in competitive graduate programs,” the website states.


Isaac Bloodworth, a sixth-semester puppetry major, however, ascribed opposition to the plan as simply racist.”

Yep. Puppetry major. Is that really worth the cost of the tuition? U Conn charges $25K a year for residents and $47K for non-residents.


Read the rest at Campus Reform


How Do You Sell A Turd To An American?

BERNIE smiley

You make it cool to own one. How is Bernie Sanders being sold? He’s not doing it himself. He couldn’t. He has never accomplished a thing in his life that he can brag about. Since he has decided to run for the Oval and he saw thousands of people attend his rallies he has found himself on the crest of a wave and it is making both him and his followers crazy.

How would you make a seventy-something socialist goofball look cool to young voters? Here is a bit of what is being done:

The old fart is sexy?

The old fart is sexy?

The young love him

The young love him

He even has a cool poster, even though it wasn’t done by Shepard Fairie.

Obama's said 'Hope'.

Obama’s said ‘Hope’.

Bernie's says 'Together'.

Bernie’s says ‘Together’.

More here

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“Is America Ruled By Law or Ruled by Power?”

Kurt Schlichter asks this easily answerable question. It is easy to answer because we have watched the slide into rule by power and the destruction of the rule of law. We, here at the Real Revo, have covered the way the laws have been ignored without consequence.

Look here,

And here,

Also here,

More here,

And last but not least here.

hillary gabbing

The question is not whether Hillary Clinton is manifestly and indisputably guilty of multiple felonies. She is.

The question is whether we are a nation operating under the rule of law, or one operating under the rule of power. I regret to say that today we are not governed by the rule of law.

General David Petraeus violated the classified material laws, and he was convicted of a federal crime. Sadly, the military declined to regain the honor its leadership has squandered excusing senior leaders’ abuses and incompetence and take his fourth star since he failed to serve honorably as a four star general. If you think a sergeant would retain his rank, or a major his commission, after doing what Petraeus did, you are – like any of Hillary’s apologists – ignorant, a fool and/or a liar.

People are in jail right now for doing what Hillary did. But she will never be held accountable any more than the IRS managers who followed Barack Obama’s unspoken guidance to harass and oppress conservative organizations were.”

We are moving steadily to a point in our country where the elite political class determines what is and is not acceptable. The power is vested in the Executive branch. It has been placed there securely by this President’s use of executive actions. It has been reinforced by the Congress’ lack of interest in slowing, even acknowledging, that he has been doing it. The courts have further given him free rein.

No one is doing anything to try to prevent this usurpation of control so it continues. No. Continues is not the right word. Actually, it is accelerating.

Schlichter is still asking questions. He has not accepted the truth.


“… we cannot let unsophisticated comments stand.”

A few students, in diversity classes, are making professors and others uncomfortable. They are asking unapproved questions.

“Panel discussion prompts UCLA professors to admit truths about diversity courses”


A panel discussion at UCLA on Saturday held to mark the one-year anniversary of the university’s mandatory diversity course requirement prompted professors to acknowledge and bemoan some of the struggles they face in teaching their various courses.

The panel included eight professors who either teach a course currently designated as fulfilling the requirement or who teach a class that will soon be designated as such, including “Understanding Whiteness in American History and Culture,” Hormones and Behavior, “Asian American Personality and Mental Health” and “Information as Power.”


Lau recalled a situation during which a foreign student asked “what if the reason black males are incarcerated more than whites is because they commit more crimes?” She said there was a total silence in the room. She then stated she wished she knew how to answer, because hard questions should be asked.

Shortly after, Assistant Professor Safiya Noble stated “we cannot let unsophisticated comments stand.” She said that as a faculty in residence for the “Afrikan Disapora” dorm floor, she has learned that “those questions outside the norm make black students feel not just microaggressed, but actually aggressed.”

So, once again honest dialog has been shut down in a house of ‘Higher Learning’.

Read the rest at The College Fix

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Anheuser Busch Hires Anti-Gunners For Superbowl Commercial

From the Wall Street Journal: “Bud Light Bets on Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen With Super Bowl Ad”

We need to behave differently,” said Jorn Socquet, AB’s vice president of marketing, adding that there will be a “complete revival” of the Bud Light brand this year. During an interview in September, he said that he wanted the company to make its “advertising memorable again” and criticized its “Up for Whatever” campaign for focusing on “live today and not for tomorrow” — a theme he said didn’t resonate with young adult consumers.”


Amy Schumer is Chuck Schumer’s second cousin. She has called for gun control legislation.

Seth Rogen is a Canadian. He is also a gun-control fanatic.

Seth Rogen labels Ben Carson’s gun ownership comments ‘absolutely despicable’
The Independent
Seth Rogen has expanded on his criticism of Republican candidate Ben Carson, after tweeting “F*** you” to the politician’s Twitter account earlier this month. The actor criticised the former neurosurgeon’s comments defending gun ownership…”

Read the rest at Newslocker

I don’t think I have ever bought a Bud Light. I don’t expect to in the future.


Where Did This Level Of Stupidity Come From?

Here are a couple of examples of sheer, utter stupidity. They are both from Europe. I don’t know if that means anything but…

“German feminist welcomes refugees: ‘Better rapists than racists’”


A Facebook page for the radical left in Germany had a message for young women: “diversity is more important than your security.”

Rote Antifa posted a picture of young feminist on Thursday, holding a sign that stated she preferred rapists from Syria and North Africa over nationalists in Germany who have demanded Chancellor Angela Merkel stop taking in more refugees.

From Red Alert Politics

Then there is this stupidity:

Don’t try it at home.

It’s harder to create movement in water than in air, because water molecules are closer together than air molecules. To show the difference in resistance, physicist Andreas Wahl puts himself in front of a weapon submerged in water and fires it – on himself.”


Bizarro World

Denmark: A 17-year-old girl who was physically and sexually attacked in Sønderborg will herself face charges for using pepper spray to fend off her assailant.”

pepper spray

The teenager told police that she was attacked in central Sønderborg on Wednesday at around 10pm by a dark-skinned English-speaking man. She said the man knocked her to the ground and then unbuttoned her pants and attempted to undress her.

The girl was able to save herself from further assault by using pepper spray on the attacker, but now she may be the one who ends up in legal trouble.

“It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray, so she will likely be charged for that,” local police spokesman Knud Kirsten told TV Syd.”

On the other hand, Dutch politician Geert Wilders has been not only called for women to carry pepper spray for protection, he has been giving out canisters of it.

wilders spray

American women should do at least that. Better, get some training and carry a gun.


Robert Reich Understands Ted Cruz And Fears Him

“5 reasons Ted Cruz is even more dangerous than Donald Trump”

Bill Clinton, Robert Reich

Bill Clinton, Robert Reich

Five reasons Ted Cruz is even more dangerous than Donald Trump:

1. He’s more fanatical. Trump is a bully and bigot but doesn’t hew to any sharp ideological line. Cruz is a fierce ideologue: He denies the existence of man-made climate change, rejects same-sex marriage, wants to abolish the Internal Revenue Service, believes the 2nd amendment guarantees everyone a right to guns, doesn’t believe in a constitutional divide between church and state, favors the death penalty, opposes international agreements, embraces a confrontational foreign policy, rejects immigration reform, demands the repeal of “every blessed word of Obamacare,” and takes a strict “originalist” view of the meaning of the Constitution.

2. Cruz is a true believer. Trump has no firm principles except making money, getting attention, and gaining power. But Cruz really does detest the federal government, and has spent much of his life embracing radical right economic and political views. When Cruz said “we are facing what I consider to be the epic battle of our generation,” he wasn’t referring to jihadist terrorism but to Obamacare.

3. He’s Smarter. Trump is no slouch but he hasn’t given any indication of a sharp mind. Cruz is razer-sharp: It’s not just his degrees from Princeton and Harvard Law, along with an impressive record at Harvard, or even his winning arguments before the Supreme Court. For his entire adult life he’s been a fierce debater with an intensely-logical debater’s mind.”

More at Salon


Angela Merkel Discovers Muslim ‘Refugees’ Are Anti-Semitic

What a stupid, stupid woman.

Nothing between those ears

Nothing between those ears

After allowing more than one million migrants to enter Germany last year, Chancellor Angela Merkel now warns that some asylum seekers have come from countries “where hatred of Israel and anti-Semitism is widespread.”

“We must take care, specifically also in youth [from] countries where hatred of Israel and Jews is widespread,” Merkel said in an interview posted on her government website Saturday, according to translated quotes published in the Times of Israel.


“We can try to reason [with them] again and again but it should also be clear: [anti-Semitism] has no place in our society … We must simply put clear limits,” Merkel said.”

Read the rest at The Blaze


Heh: “Journalist-Registration Bill Is Modeled On Gun Law”

“Criminal background checks and assurances that a person “is competent to be a journalist” are among the requirements put forth by State Rep. Mike Pitts in a new bill in South Carolina’s Legislature. The bill would also create a responsible journalism registry.”

S.C. State Rep. Mike Pitts

S.C. State Rep. Mike Pitts

The bill lays out fines — and prison time — for a “person who works as a journalist without registering,” culminating in a maximum punishment of either a $500 fine or a 30-day prison term. Those who head media outlets that hire unregistered journalists would be subject to the same penalties.

“Basically, it is the (concealed weapons permit) law with journalists and pens instead of guns,” Pitts tells the Greenwood, S.C., Index-Journal.

“My real issue is simply to start to debate about all of your constitutional rights. And that they are all equally important, and they are all separate,” Pitts tells the newspaper. “This was an easy parallel.”

Read the heavy breathing over at NPR


Senator Mikulski, Remember That Oath You Took?

This has been the oath of office for the United States Senate since 1884:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

79 year-old Senator Barbara Mikulski seems to have forgotten it.

Senator Mikulski

Senator Mikulski

From the Daily Caller:

I look forward to…listening to the attorney general and listening to this wonderful panel that you’ve invited to participate today,” Mikulski, a Democrat and ardent supporter of gun control, said in her opening remarks ahead of a Senate Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Subcommittee hearing, which heard testimony from Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

“So let’s solve the problem,” Mikuski urged. “Let’s not get involved in constitutional arguments, and let’s help our American people be safe and secure in their home, their neighborhood, their school and their house of worship.”

Senator Mikulski has succumbed to the ‘Beltway Disease’. She is a prime example of what is wrong with American politics and politicians. She is also an excellent argument for term limits. She is a domestic enemy.


Yeah, But He Thinks It Was Worth It

It’s only the little people who will be killed in a terror attack.

“Sec Kerry: Some Iran Sanction Relief We Gave Likely To Go To Terrorists”



Salon: ‘Marco Rubio Should Be Disqualified Because He Is Catholic’

“Rubio is trying to save his campaign by talking about God. We ought to be terrified if he means what he says”

Photo montage by salon

Photo montage by salon

One of the most annoying things about religious folks is that they just cannot keep their “good news” to themselves.

Not two weeks into the new year, the frocked and beanied capo dei capi of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, chose to impose upon humanity a book of his own authorship, “The Name of God Is Mercy.”

The screed is full of hateful stuff like this. You can read it here if you want.


There’s Something Screwy About This Story

Take a look at this image of the two US Navy ‘Riverine boats’ that were captured allegedly in Iranian waters. See the smaller boats around them? They are allegedly the boats that were used to capture the larger, more heavily armed boats.


I found an article about this here. In the comments section the armaments on these boats are described thus:

It is typically armed with a Mk 49 ROSAM (M2HB), and 4 crew served mounts which can be a mix of Mk 44 Miniguns, M240’s, or M2HB’s. Mk 19 AGL’s are in inventory but not typically in play. The boat can fight, if they make the choice to fight. It is an armored platform.”

It would appear that the U.S. boats were not outgunned. So, why did they surrender?

The only reasonable explanation is that their superiors told them to do so.

Matt Bracken has a piece here on this surrender. He says the boats were not in Iranian waters but were in international waters and the Iranians still arrested them.

Just watch. The released sailors will be ordered not to say a word about the incident, and the Iranians will have taken every GPS device, chart-plotter etc off the boats, so that we will not be able to prove where our boats were taken.

The “strayed into Iranian waters” story being put out by Iran and our groveling and appeasing State Dept. is utter and complete BS from one end to the other.”

The US boats (one of them on right) surrendered to small craft of the IRGC (left) with no attempt at self-defense.

The US boats (one of them on right) surrendered to small craft of the IRGC (left) with no attempt at self-defense.


This Is News Only In New York City

“Marco Rubio Bought a Gun on Christmas Eve, Campaign Says”


A campaign spokeswoman, Brooke Sammon, confirmed later that the senator did indeed buy a gun, and added that, given his campaign travel schedule, Christmas Eve “was one of the only days he was home in Miami recently.”

During his visit to the gun company, Mr. Rubio cradled a rifle in his hands and described himself and his wife, Jeanette, as owners of handguns, not rifles.”

Read more at the New York Times


“Sean Penn has “a terrible regret” about “El Chapo” meeting”

I’ll bet. But it’s not his fault, of course.


The cartel leader was re-captured a week ago, and Penn made headlines the following day when Rolling Stone published his account of visiting the kingpin in hiding last October.

“There is this myth about the visit that we made, my colleagues and I with El Chapo, that it was — as the Attorney General of Mexico is quoted — ‘essential’ to his capture,” Penn said. “We had met with him many weeks earlier…on October 2nd, in a place nowhere near where he was captured.”

“Here’s the things that we know: We know that the Mexican government … they were clearly very humiliated by the notion that someone found him before they did,” Penn said.

Read the rest at CBS

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ABC: “Assault Rifles, Flash Bang Grenades Bought for Park Rangers, Report Finds”

These are real, select-fire, assault rifles. Probably need them for the Joshua trees.


A supervisor at the Mojave National Preserve in California violated policy by buying fully automatic assault rifles and dozens of flash-bang grenades, according to a federal study released Thursday.

A supervisory park ranger at the immense desert park northeast of Los Angeles bought nine Colt M-4 fully automatic rifles between 2008 and 2010, and 24 grenades some years later, according to a report from the inspector general’s office from the U.S. Department of the Interior.

The purchases violated park service policy, which specifies semi-automatic rifles and requires prior approval for defensive equipment, although the policy doesn’t specifically mention flash-bang grenades, the report said.”

mojave national preserve

Read the rest at ABC News


What Is The Difference Between A Souvenir And Religious Self-Flagellation?

Good question. Not a lot of people visit Paris any more but those who do bring back pictures, memories, and little Eiffel models. But what if you are a hipster and are there for a religious observance?

“Why I left the Paris Climate Summit with an activist tattoo”


I never imagined I would get a tattoo during the U.N. Climate Summit in Paris. Yet here it is, newly healed and permanently inked on the inside of my right wrist.

The tattoo is three numbers and a symbol: “355< " in 25-point font, styled as if from a typewriter. It's my commitment to the people of the climate movement, to listening to and sharing their stories of climate justice. When I was born in October 1991, the concentration of carbon dioxide — the primary greenhouse gas emitted by human activity — in our atmosphere was 355 parts per million. In the early 20th century, we topped 300 ppm for the first time in 800,000 years, beginning the destabilization of our climate and society through rising planetary temperatures. I never knew these exact numbers before, but now that they're printed on my wrist, I will never forget."

Nope. You won’t. Compose a little prayer to Gaia in the name of Al Gore and say it five or six times a day. Put down that cup of Chai tea and concentrate on the number. Bow your head and face Paris.

You are a religious nut posing as a revolutionary and you are marked for life.

More, including self-absorbed pictures at Mashable


Ruh Roh: “How Sean Penn’s meeting led authorities to El Chapo: ‘They thought they were being clever, they weren’t'”

“This article originally appeared on”

(Rolling Stone Magazine)

(Rolling Stone Magazine)

Sean Penn’s bombshell Rolling Stone interview with Mexican drug cartel leader El Chapo was one of the “avenues of opportunity” that lead to the criminal’s recapture nearly seven months after his escape from prison, an American official with knowledge of the investigation tells PEOPLE.”

More here