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Senator Schumer Commits Political Suicide And Takes Democrats With Him

Newly elected President Donald Trump selected Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacant seat on the US Supreme Court. Everyone, including many Democrats, agrees that Gorsuch is an impeccable candidate for the bench.

From Wolf Blitzer: “I think he did a great job this morning. I think the Democrats have done a pretty poor job, but I think the reason they have done a poor job is there’s not a lot to beat this man up on.”

From John King: “The democrats have not even bruised, blemished anything to this judge so far.”

From MSNBC’s Ari Melber: “I didn’t see a single glove laid on him. He performed himself admirably.”

From CNN’s Gloria Borger: “Judge Gorsuch is completely qualified and everybody knows it. He is totally and completely qualified and he’s exactly the kind of a nominee you would expect from a Republican, period. This is what elections are about.”

From here

Senator Schumer, however, has decided to oppose him. His arguments are weak and based entirely on politics. Everyone knows it, too. Schumer has raised his opposition to a ridiculous level. Gorsuch will be confirmed and he, Schumer, will be made a fool. Even the Washington Pos admits that Democrats who follow Scumer’s lead and oppose Gorsuch will be fighting for their political lives.

Several Democrats, especially those facing upcoming reelection battles in states that Trump won, are facing opposition from conservative organizations bankrolling a multimillion-dollar ad campaign designed to bolster Gorsuch.

There are also competing views among Democrats about whether to filibuster Gorsuch’s nomination — which could provoke the Republican majority to rewrite the rules — or instead avoid confrontation and preserve the filibuster threat for the future. Retaining the filibuster could force Trump to select a relatively moderate nominee if in the coming years he gets a chance to replace a second Supreme Court justice.”

Schumer is playing the same game that got Democrats minority status after voters rejected them in the 2010, 2014, and 2016 elections. The people know he does not have the future of the country at heart. Rather, he is playing political games in the hope of short-term political gains. This is the game Harry Reid played when he ran the Senate and invoked the ‘Nuclear Option’ to halt Republican filibuster. Now The Republicans in the Senate have that and can use it against a Democrat filibuster.

Democrats have caused their own demise and Schumer is embracing the foolishness.


Is There Anything Smaller Than ‘Micro’?

Macro and Micro are opposites. Macro means large. Macro economics means the study of economics on a large scale. Micro means small. Microscopes are built so we can see things that are too tiny to be seen with an unaided human eye. In normal parlance small means relatively insignificant yet now ‘Micro’ has taken on an unusually powerful significance among the perpetually aggrieved, and spelling challenged, moonbats at university.

The dictionary of Newspeak is getting smaller. Prohibited words will soon outnumber those which are allowed.

“Profs advised to avoid ‘microinequities’ in class”

Two universities are offering faculty guides advising professors to “challenge the gender binary” and avoid “microinequities” in the interest of making classrooms gender inclusive.

Carnegie Mellon University, for one, has produced a guide for creating an inclusive learning environment warning professors that using gendered language, forgetting student names, or other “small unconscious behaviors” in class can make women and minority students feel that they are not valued.

To combat the threat of being non-inclusive, professors are told to steer clear of “microinequities,” which are defined as “small unconscious behaviors…that certain groups experience repeatedly.”

More at Campus Reform


Undoubtedly Unattractive Leftists Seek To Ban Man’s Best Idea

According to the linked article this ‘Study’ was not done by any accredited scientific entity. It was done by a group of ‘Volunteers’. The writers of the article accept the conclusions of these volunteers but they should not. Reporting a ‘Study’ released by a bunch of agenda-driven activists is misleading. The article includes several images of one volunteer, Sarah Egner, and no one else, giving the impression that the ‘Group’ who released the ‘Study’ may consist of just one person.

“Yoga Pants: The newest environmental pollutant”

Yoga pants and comfy clothes blamed for rise in ocean pollution and contaminated seafood because microfibers wash into the sea


Plastic fibers from yoga pants and fleece jackets may be polluting the oceans and finding their way into fish, oysters, and other wildlife, researchers say.

Clothes made from nylon, polyester and other synthetic materials shed microscopic plastic fibers every time they’re washed. The ‘microfibers’ are then flushed into the waterways and eventually make their way into the sea.

One study, conducted by volunteers in Florida, revealed 89 percent of their samples included at least one piece of plastic. Among those, microfibers made up 82 percent of the plastic found.”

From the UK Daily Mail


San Francisco Moonbats Seek To Punish Businesses That Bid On Border Wall

There is no freedom in the City By The Bay. It’s run by power-mad leftists who seek to control others through the use of force. We, here at the Real Revo, have often observed that socialism is such a bad idea that it has always required force to bring people and companies into line with its tenets. Here we see another case of the truth behind that observation.

It is fair to ask if any business that is run by people who want their company to succeed should even consider doing business in San Francisco. The people who run the city are entirely willing to change the rules after agreeing to a contract. If your business finds one city official who is somehow offended by something you did, said, or allegedly said, he or she have the power – and the inclination – to destroy both you and your company.

“2 SF supes seek to punish companies for bidding on border wall”

Any company looking at President Trump’s proposed border wall between Mexico and the United States as a business opportunity may soon want to reconsider if it wants to do business with San Francisco.

Two supervisors will introduce legislation Tuesday that would bar San Francisco from contracting with companies that seek a deal to work on the wall during the bidding period, regardless of whether the companies win a contract.

“It is time to move beyond symbolism and use the power we have as a city to fight for the values we hold most dear,” said Supervisor Hillary Ronen, who is introducing the legislation with Supervisor Aaron Peskin.

“What we are saying is that we are not going to spend billions of dollars and line the pockets of businesses that engage in work that goes against the values that we hold most dear,” she said.”

More at the San Francisco Chronicle

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Americans Have A Term For This. We Call It ‘Stepping On Your D*ck’

Actually, it appears that the change was planned before Schultz made his stupid comment but the Daily Mail is connecting the two. We reported on Schultz’ inanity when it happened and noted that other coffee companies are making hay out of it. Black Rifle Coffee, for instance, consequently promised to hire as many veterans.

“Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz prepares to step down amid on-going boycott by Trump supporters following his vow to hire 10,000 refugees and rumors of a Democratic presidential bid”

Howard Schultz will step down as Starbucks CEO on April 3, as announced in December of last year

Howard Schultz, the current CEO of Starbucks, is weeks away from stepping down from his role at the giant coffee chain next month.

The move was announced in December 2016, and Schultz will remain at the company as executive chairman. Kevin Johnson, Starbucks’ chief operating officer, will take on the role as CEO on April 3, 2017.

Earlier this year, Schultz made a vow to hire thousands refugees in response to President Donald Trump’s first travel ban. Trump supporters have called for a boycott of the chain since January 29, when Schultz vowed to hire 10,000 refugees over five years.”

More at the UK Daily Mail

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Democrats Don’t Care About What’s Best For The Country…

… Nor do they care about what is best for the people. They are the party of division and hate. They are willing to destroy the United States for a short-term gain. They are desperate because we the people have turned our collective back on them and their foolish claims and their illegal actions. They are angry at the people because they lost the 2016 election so badly as well as 2010 and 2014. They are doing destructive things instead of doing what is best for the future and the people. They are digging their grave ever deeper.

They are unable to block the new President’s nominee for the Supreme Court because they don’t have the votes. Instead they are cynically trying to destroy a good man. If they succeed in getting the Judge to reply to their demands he will be destroyed by a Democrat-complicit media. From all accounts he is too good a man to have treatment like that.

“Democrats hope to corner Gorsuch in confirmation battle”

Judge Neil Gorsuch

Senate Democrats hope to force Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch into revealing his opinions on abortion rights and the legality of President Trump’s travel ban during confirmation hearings that begin Monday.

Supreme Court nominees are usually circumspect when asked to share their views on issues that could one day make their way to the court, a standard that Gorsuch’s defenders say was set by liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg during her confirmation hearing in 1993.

But Democrats argue that Gorsuch’s nomination is different given Trump’s repeated attacks on judges.

“I think he has an obligation to show unequivocally and emphatically his support for an independent judiciary and his own independence from Donald Trump,” Sen. Dick Blumenthal, D-Conn., told Yahoo News.


Democrats, including Blumenthal and Schumer, have threatened to filibuster Gorsuch’s nomination if they decide he is outside of the “mainstream,” but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said he would have no problem changing the chamber’s rules to let Gorsuch pass through on just 50 votes.”

More here


From Ninety Miles From Tyrrany

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Once In A While A Progressive Reveals His Real Reasons

There is so much exposed in the headline below. The writer says everyone’s wrong. Only he, or she understands, I don’t know if Anis is a male or female name.

Open borders are first uncontrolled and second a tactic with which to destroy a political rival. This is not sympathy for immigrants. It is brainless, hate-filled, sociopathy.

Then again there is the reference to the left’s Utopian goal.

“Everyone’s wrong on immigration: Open borders are the only way to defeat Trump and build a better world”

The distinction between legal and illegal is meaningless.”


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Portland, OR: Invite A Homeless Family To Live In Your Yard

“Would YOU let a homeless person live in your backyard? Portland offers residents free tiny homes if they rent it to families who are on the street”

Faced with an intractable homeless problem, officials in Portland are thinking inside the box.

A handful of homeless families will soon move into tiny, government-constructed modular units in the backyards of willing homeowners.

Portland officials are looking for four backyards to place its Accessory Dwelling Units, what some people may call a granny flat, or a tiny home minus wheels.

Under the pilot program taking effect this summer, the homeowners will take over the heated, fully plumbed tiny houses in five years and can use them for rental income.


‘We said to ourselves, “What does FEMA do when they have to house 10,000 people after an earthquake?” Well, they grab a bunch of trailers and they plop them in a field,’ Li said.

‘Well, there’s underutilized space in people’s backyards. What if we provide a lower-cost – but very habitable option – in people’s backyards?”

Two-hundred square foot houses are not cheap, either.

Housing officials are still ironing out many details, but they will buy the first four modular units with $365,000 in government money and a charitable donation.”

It’s easy to spend other people’s money foolishly.

More at the UK Daily Mail.


Two Views Of Socialism

Ami Horowitz compares the images many Americans have of socialism with the reality that is Venezuela. The reality is far, far different than the concept that has been sold to the west. The people in power have what they want and take whatever they don’t have. The poor people are robbed, beaten, and killed. Often by agents of the government.

“I would advise Americans to not commit to that madness.”


Giving Snowflakes Legitimacy

Unhappy Democrats are complaining that they can’t sleep well since Donald Trump was elected to the Presidency. They have been obsessing over their unhappiness. Yahoo News has begun trying to give their inability to cope with reality a name and some sympathy. It must be a common ailment – or a slow news day.

“Sleepless in Seattle, and other places: Trump-induced insomnia stalks blue-state America”

Irrational Fear stalks moonbats

Blue America is having trouble with sleep — tossing and turning as they lie awake, then falling into nightmares. And those who are suffering tend to blame the 45th president of the United States.

To be sure, a state of heightened anxiety over whoever is in the White House is not new. Two presidents ago, columnist Charles Krauthammer coined Bush Derangement Syndrome, the symptoms of which were the “acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency — nay — the very existence of George W. Bush.” Next came Obama Derangement Syndrome, memorialized by a conspiracy-spouting satirical character on the “Stephanie Miller Happy Hour” radio show.

And now there’s what Hollywood screenwriter Sam Friedlander has spoofed as Trump-Induced Anxiety Disorder.


“I fall asleep and wake up and get a snack and toss and turn and try to make sense of what’s going on,” says Linda Allen, who counsels parents of special-needs children on Long Island. “It’s unfathomable and that inability to reason with it is frustrating, and the whole situation is also enraging. Who could sleep?”

This is beginning to sound like more than a syndrome. Reading the ‘Article’ gives one the impression that it is the edge of insanity.

Another link for your convenience

Related: “Anti-Trump talk — even at my mother’s funeral”

Here a writer in the Boston Globe gives some decent advice to Democrats who are doing everything they can to destroy Donald Trump. I call what she says, “Practicing Mental Health.

I agree with fellow Globe columnist Alex Beam: Get used to Trump. He’s not about to self-deport out of the White House and, for now, impeachment is a liberal pipe dream. Meanwhile, he’s delivering on campaign promises his opponents find hateful. But until Trump backers come to hate Trump policies, the wailing from the other side is little more than Shakespeare’s sound and fury. Rather than signifying nothing, however, all that noise signifies something very specific to Trump backers: Trump Derangement Syndrome. And there’s some truth to it.”

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Nan, Nan, Nan

She’s been into the Guinness.

She also believes that the most important consideration is how much money flows into Washington.

Is ‘Comity’ anything like Jameson’s?


Maybe Free Maps Of Our Northern Border Will Help

Illegal immigrants are not feeling welcome any more in the United States. The new President is sending enforcement agents out to round them up so they can be sent home or jailed if they are serious law breakers. Americans who oppose this enforcement of existing law are not just surprised. They are aghast that someone would actually enforce immigration laws that they don’t like.

Here is an interesting story of an illegal being arrested who has been practicing immigration law in California for fifteen years.

“Illegal Alien Supporters Are Aghast At ICE Arresting Illegals At Courthouses”

Octavio Chaidez was walking out of a Pasadena courtroom with a client last month when four men jumped up from a hallway bench and rushed toward them.

The men asked his client’s name. Then they pulled out badges.

“They say, ‘You’re Mr. So and So?’ and he says, ‘Yes,’ ” Chaidez said. “They show him a badge, and they say, ‘We’re from Immigration and Customs,’ and they took him in.”

Chaidez, who has worked as a defense attorney in Los Angeles County for nearly 15 years, said he had never seen federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents make an arrest inside the confines of a courthouse.


What’s barely mentioned in this article, and barely or not mentioned in so many that mimic the LA Times one above, is that Mr. Chaidez’s client was a “previously deported Mexican national with a prior felony conviction for drug trafficking”. Coming back into the U.S. after being deported is also a federal felony. Why are we concerned about a criminal like this being made scared?”

People who are in the United States illegally are sad – and worried. But there is a solution.

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has told them they won’t be arrested in his country, that it has great social programs they can enjoy, and they are welcome.

As a result illegals are deciding to emigrate to Canada. It’s easy. You can walk across the border. That should be a win-win for both countries.

The American state of Hawaii is also determined to protect the rights of illegal emigrants and others from middle-eastern countries. It has been suggested that we ship them there. That sounds good when you say it fast but it would be much more expensive than simply allowing them to deport to Canada. They would need airline tickets because Hawaii is in the middle of an ocean.


The ‘Get To Cuba Before It’s Ruined’ Crowd Isn’t Going To Cuba

When President Obama removed the US travel ban to Socialist ‘Paradise’ Cuba a group of neo-socialsts all got together and declared thet wanted to see the ‘Paradise’ before it was westernized with clean hotels, fast food joints, and jobs.

It appears they are staying home instead. Home is where there are clean hotels, decent restaurants, and jobs.

“U.S. airlines flee Castro’s island hellhole”

Today, JetBlue has cut back its flights “to better match demand.” And in the last few days, it has been joined by two other airliners, Silver and Frontier, fleeing for their lives like Marielitos. They all said demand isn’t what they expected.

This is a fancy way of saying what’s really going on: Cuba is a tourist hellhole. The service stinks, the amenities are gross, the place is thick with thieves and woman-gropers, the cost is high, and the alternatives are out there. In fact, the Caribbean is loaded with pleasant, accommodating destinations well worth a tourist’s dollar for a vacation. Taking a vacation at a communist military-run resort really falls more into the Gulag category.

How is this for tourist hell? Observers noticed Cuban customs officials rummaging through tourist luggage and taking what they wanted. When the tourists complained, they were thrown in jail.”

More at American Thinker


Is Chocolate Milk Racist, Too?

More unhinged charges of racism from immature haters. When everything, even your glass of milk, is deemed racist by people who never learned the parable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, the sting of the charge turns into laughter and finger pointing.

“Student op-ed: Yes, milk is racist”

In an op-ed featured in the California State University-Long Beach student paper Daily 49er, Samantha Diaz follows up on stories about the silly usurpation of milk by white supremacists by arguing that yes, the dairy beverage really is racist.

All of us have been “so accustomed to hearing the benefits of milk,” Diaz writes, “that you probably didn’t even realize the subtle racism hidden in our health facts.”

More at the College Fix

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If The Government Can Give It Can Take Away

Politicians use promises of subsidies to sell expensive public works and other projects. That’s how they sold Obamacare. They told us that we peasants wouldn’t have to pay full premiums if we couldn’t afford them because we could get a subsidy from them.

The same thing has taken place in the field of alternative energy. Solar panels are expensive. In order to get more of them installed the government offered a subsidy. Not just in the US but other countries as wwell.

The United kingdom was one. Now they are taking it away. They say they are, “Taking their profits”. In the process they are killing companies that provide jobs.

You know how you can tell if a politician is lying? His lips move.

“Dark Days Ahead For UK’s Solar Industry”

Solar power in Britain has been comfortably subsidized for years now, allowing it grow substantially in a short amount of time. Last year, the subsidies stopped. Now, the government plans to enact further change with a new tax policy.

44,000 solar rooftop panels, previously exempt from business taxes, will now face a wall of expenses as the government finally takes its share of profits. This does not bode well for the UK’s solar industry, which seems to be extremely sensitive to governmental policy changes – when subsidies were cut last year, the industry lost 12,000 jobs and growth fell 85 percent.”

More at Oil Price

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Promising Stuff You Can’t Produce Is A Definition Of Losing

For those who don’t frequent her show you should know that Maddow tried to boost her ratings by telling people that she had a scoop. She has the first couple of pages of Donald Trump’s 1040 tax returns – from 2005.


It doesn’t seem to make any difference that it is a felony violation to reveal someone else’s tax returns without permission. No, laws don’t apply to left-wing television people.

David Gregory produced a 30-round AR magazine on his TV show even though they are illegal where the show was taped. Nothing happened to him.

Maddow must not have read what she had because what she showed her viewer is that Trump paid a lot of taxes that year. Thirty-eight million dollars in taxes on an income of $150 million is a lot.

She spent most of her show building suspense before she revealed what she had illegally obtained and she illegally shared it.

Slate says, “Rachel Maddow Turned a Scoop on Donald Trump’s Taxes Into a Cynical, Self-Defeating Spectacle”

That’s kind.

“Rachel Maddow’s career committed suicide live on national TV tonight”

The unattractive, incompetent Rachel Maddow

Trump had paid $38 million on income of $150 million that year. An hour later, about 20 minutes after The Rachel Maddow Show started, Maddow would confirm these numbers, turning her big scoop about Donald Trump’s long-missing tax returns into a cautionary tale about overhype. Rachel Maddow, you played yourself—and us too.”

You don’t have to do anything to people like Maddow. They volunteer to do it to themselves.


Yeah, Yeah, I Know… Racism again

Iowa’s Congressman Steve King has come out in support of The Netherlands’ Geert Wilders. Wilders is running for office there and wants to stop and reverse the influx of military-age Muslims who have been coming into that country.

On Sunday, King retweeted a political cartoon featuring Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician whose anti-Muslim rhetoric and blown-out hairstyle have drawn plenty of comparisons to Donald Trump. The cartoon depicts Wilders, chairman of the far-right Party for Freedom and a member of the Dutch parliament, plugging a hole in the wall protecting “Western Civilization” as a flood of water bearing the star-and-crescent symbol of Islam comes crashing over the top.

“Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny,” King wrote on Twitter. “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

Yahoo News has tried to link Wilders with Donald Trump because of his hair and connects King with KKK leader David Duke. It’s a hatchet job but the left loves hatchets as much as Lizzy Borden did.


It’s Okay When Democrats Do It

This does not rise to the level of being a threat against the President, I guess. I see it differently. Putting all the white people in whiteface is a racist comment. Shooting the President in the head while singing, “One shot one kill”, is not designed to create racial harmony – nor harmony of any kind. Third, there are some hip-hoppers who will be encouraged by videos like this. We have seen it with Ferguson, Baltimore, many places. But before the videos were about rioting and burning.

Apparently Mr. Dogg thought he could mitigate the threat by showing a ‘Bang’ flag pop out of the gun barrel. That is not included in the clip below.

“Snoop Dogg Fires Gun at President Trump’s Head in New Rap Video”

More here


Yep. That’s Exactly How To Do It

How can an uneducated teacher educate students?

“New York State to ditch new teacher literacy exam because too many minorities fail it”

The New York State Board of Regents will consider tomorrow whether to go with a task force’s recommendation to scrap a teacher literacy exam known as the Academic Literacy Skills Test.

“Part of the reason,” NBC New York reports, is because “an outsized percentage of black and Hispanic [teacher] candidates were failing it.”

It is expected the Board will abandon the assessment.”

More at the College Fix


A Word You Will Hear From Snowflakes: ‘Offended’

I found it interesting. The other day I was talking with a twenty-something woman about people being polite and actually doing what they said they would do. She said my opinion ‘Offended’ her. Maybe I live a protected life but this is the first time I have encountered this. The ‘Offended’ line was used as a cudgel to make me silent. You see most of us old-timers don’t want to cause offense. But this time the charge was ludicrous. Instead of being silent I reiterated my earlier comment. Since then I have thought of more possible responses. Things like, “Oh, you’re a snowflake. I don’t want to talk to snowflakes”.

Today in the Washington Examiner there is an article titled, “New Trump executive order hurts Hawaii’s feelings”. Yes, they say that the Hawaiian archipelago has somehow become offended. The islands have gotten their feelings hurt.

I have only one comment:


ACLU Has Gone Full Retard

Or, perhaps, Full Temper Tantrum. There are two stories this morning. Yahoo has this:

“How the ACLU is gearing up to take on Trump, one city at a time”

They have their panties in a wad because Hillary Clinton was beaten fairly by Donald J. Trump and his flyover supporters. Imagine: He wants to actually enforce existing laws.

An ACLU legal observer with Rep. Don Beyer, D-Va., during the protest against the administration’s travel ban at Dulles International Airport in Virginia on Jan. 29. (Photo: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Trump’s administration is currently asking for cooperation from local law enforcement for the president’s crackdown on illegal immigration and on immigration from certain predominantly Muslim countries. The ACLU’s new strategy is designed to pressure city officials to reject that request. According to an ACLU strategy memo, the group is pushing local authorities to force the federal agencies focused on immigration enforcement to jump through a set of legal hoops that will “impede objectionable policies the president is pursuing.”

The ACLU has always leaned left. Now it seems that the frustrated progressives among them have taken over the group.

Then there is this story from the Washington Pos:

“ACLU is leading a million-dollar resistance effort against Trump’s policies”

A million bucks. Imagine that. In American politics it takes hundreds of millions to affect changes but ACLU has dedicated one million.

ACLU resistance training in Florida

People Power debuted this weekend in south Florida and, by the organization’s estimate, at thousands of weekend house parties nationwide. Everyone who showed up received a nine-point plan to turn blue America into a network of “freedom cities” by defying the president’s executive orders, his health-care agenda and his Justice Department. Anyone who missed it could click on, the latest catchall website to find actions that would get results.”

The People Power logo is three different colored communist clenched fists.



Robert Reich Is As Sick As Maxine Waters

“High crimes and misdemeanors’ are not a part of either’s dreams of impeachment. Innuendo and slander are all they have. They are both from California. Maybe that explains something.

“Donald Trump could be impeached on four grounds, former Labor Secretary says”

There are now four grounds to impeach Donald Trump and a fifth is “on its way”, according to former Labour Secretary Robert Reich.

Posting on Twitter, Mr Reich outlined the four reasons he thinks Mr Trump could be impeached.

He said Mr Trump is “‘unfaithfully’ executing his duties” by accusing former President Barack Obama of “undertaking an illegal (and impeachable) act.”

Is that a high crime or a misdemeanor?

Read the rest from Mr. Reich’s small mind. It’s carried appropriately by Yahoo.


Bad News For Gun Owners In Illinois

“Illinois Bill Would Authorize Gun Confiscation Without Owner’s Input”

Illinois Senator Julie A. Morrison (D-29) is pushing a bill that allows judges to confiscate guns without input from the firearm owner.

This is part of the continuing effort to fight gun crime that gun control has failed to stop in Chicago and the rest of the state.

SB 1291 would create a “Lethal Order of Protection” whereby the firearms of Illinois residents could be confiscated if a family member or “law officer” files a petition stating the gun owner “poses an immediate and present danger of causing personal injury to himself, herself, or another by having … [a firearm] in his or her custody or control.”

More here


In Case You Forgot, Today Is The ‘Day Without Women’ Strike

Women across the nation will be staying away from work. They call it a strike but they don’t have a ‘Women’s Union’ to protect them. How many will return to their workplace tomorrow only to find they no longer have a job? Employers rely on employees. Any employee who puts his or her emphasis more strongly on imagined slights and refuses to come to work has placed their employment in second position.


An Oregon Leftist Explains Her Opposition To Donald Trump

This happened in Lake Oswego, Oregon on March 4. A group of Trump supporters were having a pro-Trump rally and this ‘Person’ made her way into the crowd to explain why she opposed the new President. She started screaming and only stopped to take a breath now and then. The Trump crowd started laughing at her and asking her questions but she answered with only more screaming and the display of both middle fingers.

Leftism/progressivism is truly a mental illness.

I watched it all the way through. I doubt that you will. It doesn’t get any better.

From here