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So, Will Beckel Ease Up On Limbaugh For Getting Caught Up In Pain Killer Abuse Now?

No, of course not.

“Bob Beckel in rehab for addiction; Fox News releases statement, fans wish him well”

beckel bird

The Fox News resident liberal everyone loves to hate has been absent from the set of “The Five” since Feb. 16, recovering from back surgery.

Bizpac Review has been reporting on his absence since early March.

Fox News confirmed that Beckel did undergo back surgery, but then relapsed into a pain medication addiction associated with the surgery.”

Read the rest at BizPac Review


A Picture Of White Supremacy…

… And police brutality. These are the mug shots of the six Baltimore police officers that are being sacrificed by the political machine in and around the city.

They don’t look like they are all racists to me, but I could be wrong.

The Mayor set the tone with her comments. She passed that on to the prosecutor. These cops are going to be destroyed by the Democrat political machine and the media.

That destruction is what we should be opposing. There may be some culpability due to some actions taken by one or more of them but it should be discovered through a competent investigation. Instead, they are going to trial for various charges – all of them serious. How will they afford their defense? How will they regain their lives if acquitted? How will they live with the death threats?

the baltimore six


Tough Love From Bill Whittle

As he says, his hair is on fire. Good for him.

We are not going to need graphic designers or video game developers. We’re going to need warriors!”


Baltimore Mayor: “We also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.”

Does this mean that the city will repair all the damage to private property? Of course not. You’re on your own. No charges will be filed.

She gave them permission to destroy other people’s stuff.


Out: Mud Packs. In: Foreskin Facials


What is the secret to a smooth, younger-looking complexion?
Foreskin, apparently. Baby foreskin to be exact.

The anti-aging industry is a billion dollar one, and both men and women will try just about anything to get a youthful appearance.

Better known as a HydraFacialMD, the treatment claims to be highly effective at improving overall skin health and remedying fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture and advanced signs of aging — among other things.

Dr. Gail Naughton, who developed the technology, told NY Magazine, “As we age, our cells divide at a slower rate, which contribute to the telltale signs of aging, like wrinkles and loss of firmness and luminosity. Growth factors captured from the donated foreskin of a baby (just one can generate over a million treatments) are at their peak ability in promoting rapid cell turnover. Applied topically, they spur adult skin cells to regenerate. This is said to have a smoothing effect on the skin.”

Not surprisingly this is from CBS News New York


Hillary: ‘Your Love Of God Is Less Important Than A Woman’s Access To Abortion’

Evil pig.

Hillary Clinton told attendees at the Women in the World Summit in New York that religious beliefs must change to accommodate more abortions.”

From Gateway Pundit


NASA,s New Job: Searching For Extraterrestrials

They are not just trying to make Muslims feel better about themselves.

“Nasa beefs up its team of ‘alien hunters’ – and says we may be on the verge of finding extraterrestrial life”

Read it all at the UK Daily Mail


Looks Like The Violence Is Starting In Berkeley

Protesters have formed ‘Blockades’ to prevent students from going to class or anything else.

A student who appears to have just given blood attempts to get through the blockade in order to get to class

A student who appears to have just given blood attempts to get through the blockade in order to get to class

A group of about 50 students and some community members gathered at Sather Gate on Tuesday, (April 14th,) protesting police brutality and what they called a hostile campus atmosphere for the underrepresented minority population.

Initially led by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, the protest was organized as part of a series of coordinated responses nationwide to police brutality.

More than 50 individuals blocked pedestrian traffic through the passageway under Sather Gate.

On a few occasions, passers-by’s attempts to break through the blockade were met with violent responses. UCPD spokesperson Lt. Marc DeCoulode said there were three reports of assault during the protest, while no arrests were made.”

More at Progressives Today


More About The ‘John Doe’ Raids On Conservatives In Wisconsin

Remember this? Wisconsin Lawmen Invade Home Of Conservative Family. The homeowners were told by lawmakers that they were prohibited from talking about the raids. Three women have defied that order.

wisconsin home invasion

Here are the culprits:


A Wisconsin District Attorney is being accused of conducting partisan political raids on the homes of conservative advocates. Democrat DA John Chisholm orchestrated “John Doe” raids on the homes of multiple families who had donated to conservative groups.”


At Chisholm’s request, Wisconsin Circuit Judge Barbara Kluka granted prosecutors outrageously sweeping subpoena powers that led them to conduct dozens of raids on conservative organizations in Wisconsin.”


Read the rest, including video of the Megyn Kelly interview at The Right Planet

Update: Here is Fox News’ Megyn Kelly last night on her show:


Gaia Does Not Recognize Earth Day

According to Greek Mythology Gaia was the personification of the Earth.



As we learned yesterday Gaia does not recognize Earth Day because she allowed the volcano Calbuco to erupt in Chile on the day the moonbats were celebrating. That volcano emitted even more pollutants into the atmosphere than Air Force one did on both the trip to Florida and the return trip yesterday. That is something.

More, including pics and text at Gateway Pundit

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“MSNBC – the place for tax cheats”

How do they do that and get away with it? You or I couldn’t. It’s a puzzle.

lien forward
Art by C.Steven Tucker

Add two more MSNBC leftist nut jobs to the list of tax cheats employed by that network. Touré Neblett and Joy-Ann Reid are the latest revealed tax cheats from MSNBC, adding to AL Sharpton and Melissa Harris-Perry. The MSNBC tag line is Lean Forward. Maybe it should be Lien Forward instead.”

National Review’s Jillian Kay Melchior reported Wednesday that, along with Al Sharpton and Melissa Harris-Perry, two more MSNBC stars are not paying their fair share of taxes. Touré Neblett, co-host of “The Cycle” owes the IRS a cool $59,000. Joy-Ann Reid, a former anchor and now a regular contributor to the “Lien” Forward network, owes New York almost $5,000 in back taxes.

As we reported last week, Melissa Harris-Perry owes the IRS $70,000. Al Sharpton’s tax bill is upwards of $3 – $4 million.

Read the rest here


What Is The Right Word? Hypocrisy? Clueless? Both?

The ‘Science Guy’ is so proud to be riding on Air Force One that he fails to see how stupid this tweet is. Taking a ride on AF One to celebrate Earth Day does not further the cause. It makes you look – well, a lot of things; stupid, unaware, shallow, foolish, and…

bill nye earth day flight


Childish Special Snowflakes At Cal Poly Are Making Demands Again

Stamping their little feet and being distasteful.

The Queer Student Union at California Polytechnic University recently orchestrated a three-day “sh*t-in” at which students preached “Gender Diversity” and encouraged students to use solely gender-neutral bathrooms on campus.”

From their Facebook page:


Hat tip to Breitbart

Auto-start video below:

More below the fold…

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Another Brilliant Argument From A Far-Left Progressive

Wish I could think fast on my feet the way O’Malley does. He is so clever. But, like Hillary, he doesn’t have a solution. Just curse words.

“O’Malley: GOP’s take on the economy is ‘bulls—‘”


Possible presidential contender Martin O’Malley (D) on Monday mocked Republican arguments that federal regulations keep poor and middle-class people from moving up the economic ladder.

“It is not true that regulation holds poor people down, or regulation keeps middle class from advancing,” O’Malley, the former governor of Maryland, said Monday in an interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep. “That’s kind of patently bulls—.”

“That’s quite a last word, by the way, on that subject. … I’m just going to leave it right there,” Inskeep responded.”

From The Hill


Bone Stupid

Somehow the out of touch Hillary Clinton has become aware of the trouble small businesses are having in the United States. She says she was ‘Surprised’.

Interestingly enough she does not have a proposal to turn this slide around. But she is a far-left Progressive. You can be assured that whatever she comes up with will make things worse. It is because of the policies of far-left Progressives that this problem exists.

In case anyone is interested, those policies include taxation, regulation of business practices and employees, and micro-management of the businesses from the state and national capitols.

In a statement, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus mocked Clinton for expressing such surprise, pointing to reports of the cost increases Obamacare has imposed on small businesses.

”At every turn, Hillary Clinton has supported top-down Washington-driven policies that have stacked the deck against small businesses,” Priebus said. “Hillary Clinton can’t possibly be a champion for everyday Americans when she doesn’t understand their most basic economic concerns and was ‘surprised’ to learn that small businesses are struggling.”

Read the rest at National Review

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Next Step: Register Them As Democrat Voters

Chimps are legal persons according to the law but fetuses are not. Bizarro.

“U.S. Court Recognizes Chimpanzees As “Legal Persons” For First Time”

Not the same chimps

Not the same chimps

In a historic moment for animal rights, two chimpanzees, Hercules and Leo, were recognized by a New York court as legal persons Monday.

Hercules and Leo, who are currently used for biomedical experiments at Stony Brook University on Long Island, were granted habeas corpus by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jaffe.

Habeas corpus is a legal petition that detainees use to seek relief from unlawful imprisonment, and by granting habeas corpus to chimps, Jaffe endorsed the idea that they deserve the rights of a human being.”

Read the rest at Buzzfeed


NYT: “Has the N.R.A. Won?”

This is from The uniquely named Charles Blow who writes an opinion page for the New York Times.

Charles Blow

Charles Blow

Blow asks if the National Rifle Association has won. The real question is not that. It’s whether the Constitution and the American people are winning. By singling out the NRA he is continuing to try to demonize the Association. The NRA has been moving strongly to defend the rights of Americans but they are hardly the only entity doing so.

nra logo

Read how Blow writes about the NRA:

It was after the Newtown shooting that President Obama established a task force, led by Vice President Joseph Biden Jr., to develop a proposal to reduce gun violence, which the president said he intended to “push without delay.”

Those proposals, including expanded background checks (which were characterized as “misguided” by the N.R.A.’s Chris Cox) and a ban on some semiautomatic weapons, were roundly defeated in the Senate, although polls showed about 90 percent public approval for expanded background checks.”

And Blow’s conclusion:

One may begrudge and bemoan the fact, but it is hard to deny it: the N.R.A. appears to be winning this round.”

I would say, and the NRA as well would say, that the winner is not the Association. It is the American people and the Constitution. Why is that so hard for Blow to see?


Tim McGraw Defends His Decision To Play Benefit For Anti-Gun Group

McGraw doesn’t need to defend his decision. He made it and now he owns it. Gun owners across the country have reacted to his choice in their own ways.

He is not going to change anyone’s mind. He has two choices now: Retirement or a long, slow slide into irrelevance. He does not understand that Progressives will not embrace country music, buy his CD’s, or tickets to his concerts.

It’s interesting reading the comments section of the linked article.

take off that hat

Heh. It is kind of a dumb looking hat.

He has made his bed. It is interesting that Billy Currington bailed as soon as the uproar started.

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw defended his decision to headline a a concert to benefit a Sandy Hook group after gun advocate groups called the event a “gun control fundraiser.”

“Let me be clear regarding the concert for Sandy Hook given much of the erroneous reporting thus far,” McGraw told FOX411 in a statement. “As a gun owner, I support gun ownership. I also believe that with gun ownership comes the responsibility of education and safety – most certainly when it relates to what we value most, our children. I can’t imagine anyone who disagrees with that.”

Fellow country singer Billy Currington withdrew from the Connecticut show because he’s “never been one to take on controversial issues.”

From Fox News


“California continuing its quest to brand all men as rapists”

If they pass this law every man in the state will either be subject to legal action or will leave.

California has been on the leading edge of leftist hate for a long time. Nothing is sacred there. And it looks like the feel-good leftists have chosen mass suicide to save the little fishes.

california breaking off

Last year California passed a law that defined nearly all sex on college campuses as rape unless proven otherwise. Now, in addition to making it easier to label someone a rapist for just about every sexual encounter, state legislators want to go further to ensure that accused students’ lives are severely disrupted — if not ruined — by introducing mandatory minimums for their punishment.

The mandatory minimum would be a suspension of two years for students found responsible for sexual assault. But bear in mind that the burden of proof already lies with the accused, thanks to California’s “yes means yes” law. Accusers do not have to provide any proof that that they failed to give consent or were unable to consent due to incapacitation, and now a guilty finding would carry a minimum punishment under this new proposal.

First they made it easier to brand a student a rapist, and now they want to make it easier to ruin that student’s life.”

Read it all at the Washington Examiner


Americans Left In Yemen Rescued By …. Russians

Yemen got too scary for American diplomats so they were pulled out a couple of weeks ago. Our State Department made a big deal about getting US diplomats out. Trouble is there were still some US citizens left there. The State Dept. did not try to get them out.

A reporter asked State Department spokesgirl Marie Harf, “How are they supposed to get out, Swim?” she didn’t respond. She just gave him an evil eye.

She, and the rest of the department didn’t have a plan.

Now it is reported that the Russian Navy has rescued 300 people from Yemen including 18 Americans.

The Russian Navy vessel Priazovye has helped to evacuate 308 people from war-torn Yemen. The Russian Defense Ministry stated citizens from 19 countries had been rescued, including Russian, Ukrainian, US and Yemini nationals.

The Russian warship departed the southern Yemeni port of Aden on Sunday night and is due to arrive in Djibouti, on the east coast of Africa on Monday morning.

“Among those evacuated from the zone of hostilities in the Aden area, were citizens of 19 countries, including 45 Russian nationals,” Igor Konashenkov, a Defense Ministry spokesman said on Sunday.

There were also a number of foreign citizens aboard the Priazovye, including 18 Americans, 14 Ukrainians, nine Belorusians, five UK citizens, as well as 159 Yemeni nationals.”

Were we just going to leave those people there? Why isn’t this more well reported? Those people were being sacrificed because of the incompetence and the lack of concern of the Obama administration. That is evil


There Ya Go – Getting Logic Involved…

Republican Assemblywoman Shannon Grove — who represents part of Kern County, California, the second largest agricultural sector in the country asks, “What Civilized Society Destroys Its Own Food Source for a Three-Inch Fish?”

An uncivilized society run by moonbats and leftists.

Hat tip to Moonbattery for finding this.


Scratch Tim McGraw Off The List

This is the kind of moonbattery that ruined the Dixie Chicks’ career.

tim mcgraw anti gun

Tim McGraw has announced that on Friday, July 17, at XFINITY Theatre in Hartford, he will hold a concert to benefit Sandy Hook Promise. One-hundred percent of the net proceeds of this event will support Sandy Hook Promise, founded in the wake of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, with a mission of protecting children from gun violence.”

Next thing you know he’ll be a forgotten singer.

Out of this tragedy a group was formed that made a promise to honor the lives lost and turn it into a moment of transformation,” said Mr McGraw. “Sandy Hook Promise teaches that we can do something to protect our children from gun violence. I want to be a part of that promise — as a father and as a friend.”

From Bearing Arms


CNN Opposes Capitalists

cnn cuba

This tweet is actually an ad for an article at titled, “Why you should travel to Cuba before it looks like everywhere else”.

Cuba is not like other places, or rather, not like anywhere that exists today.

To some outsiders, it looks firmly stuck in the 1950s. Vintage cars roam the streets, the landscape is absent of strip malls and global chains, and the buildings — though crumbling — hark back to a grander time.

It is these throwbacks that lend Havana, the country’s capital, an undeniable charm. A charm that, some worry, is in peril once the U.S. embargo lifts.

“We’re still in 1959, that’s the beauty of the city, and eventually all of this is going to change,” says Hugo Cancio, a Cuban-American entrepreneur and president of Fuego Media Group.

“Real estate developers from the U.S. have been flying to Cuba very quietly, taking notes, taking photos and putting together their Cuba investment plans. I don’t blame them. There are a lot of opportunities here,” he says.”

Somehow CNN believes that is a bad thing.


Judge Orders California To Waste 4 Billion Gallons Of Water To Save Six Fish

This is the kind of stupid moves that have caused this drought to be so bad. A few fish are more important than the California farmers and those who consume fruit and vegetables from there.

melones reservoir

According to the Manteca Bulletin, a local paper that has been covering the standoff, this flushed out 15,000 acre feet of water and 23 steelhead trout. But this latest order, which would reportedly use another 12,000 acre feet to save only six fish, was too much for Shields.”


The environmental argument is that steelhead trout are important to mountain ecosystems, which have downstream benefits. And the flows themselves keep the briny water from the San Francisco Bay from creeping into the Sacramento Delta. “

More at Wired

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“Why College Campuses Are Insufferable, In 2 Minutes”