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A Discussion Of Politicized Science Mixed With A Little Philosophy

“People are open-minded about new things as long as they’re exactly like the old ones.” Charles Kettering

“People are open-minded about new things as long as they’re exactly like the old ones.” Charles Kettering

Judith Curry writes on Partisanship and Silencing Science. If you have the time it is worth reading. Like most blogs the comment section is not to be missed. An example:

If a society believes that developing the earth’s resources is morally right and in fact is approved by God (as evidenced by Gen. 1:28; Ps. 8:6-9; 24:1), then people will think of the world as a place of opportunity, where hard work and inventiveness will lead to further discoveries of beneficial uses of the earth’s resources.

By contrast, in some primitive societies, the world is viewed primarily as a place of danger. People are unwilling to take risks because something bad might happen. In these places, economic development is viewed with fear and even moral condemnation, because change is more likely to bring harmful results than helpful ones. ~Grudem and Asmus”

Curry begins the article with this:

A collection of articles from the health science community on the fate of papers and scientists that challenge the consensus.

Christopher Snowden has an article Groupthink attacks on science has a long history (behind paywall; google the title and you can get in). Excerpts:

Take Katherine Flegal, a statistician at the US Centres for Disease Control. Last year, she and her colleagues published a systematic review of 97 studies in The Journal of the American Medical Association and concluded that mild obesity produced no extra mortality risk and being merely overweight resulted in a small reduction in mortality risk.

Despite being supported with a ream of data, the study was savaged by the public health lobby. Walter Willett, one of the world’s most prominent anti-obesity campaigners, said: “This study is really a pile of rubbish and no one should waste their time reading it.”

Other topics like saturated fats research are dealt with as well.

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FBI Domestic Threat Assessment Doesn’t Mention Islam

The sixty-page document, titled, “2013 National Threat Assessment For Domestic Extremism”, was released on August 13. It lists several groups that might be a threat to Americans. Nowhere do they include Muslims or Islamists. The groups they are concerned about include

…anti-government militia groups and white supremacy extremists, along with “sovereign citizen” nationalists, and anarchists. Other domestic threat groups outlined by the FBI assessment include violent animal rights and environmentalist extremists, black separatists, anti- and pro-abortion activists, and Puerto Rican nationalists.”

fbi treat assessment

It appears that every bureaucracy in Washington has become politicized to the point that they are impotent – except when it comes to assisting Democrats. The FBI is supposed to investigate crimes and help ensure that they don’t happen. Instead they are watching peaceful people and ignoring the violent ones.

Laws are being broken every day by Democrat operatives and officials – even the President. All that is small potatoes. Yep, the real problem is people like Cliven Bundy.

Read more at the Washington Free Beacon


This Guy Does Not Look Sane

What if the iceberg doesn’t melt?

Seriously, one thing I learned about icebergs while in Alaska; Since about seven-eighths of the berg is under water, the warmer water melts the ice faster than the air does. At some point enough melts under water that the berg turns over. You don’t want to be on the ice when that happens.

I wonder if Bellini has a death wish. How long do you think he will last?



Starting in spring of 2015, Bellini plans to find a suitable iceberg in the northwest region of Greenland, where he will remain for up to a year as it slowly melts. Provisioned with with 300 kilograms (661 pounds) of dried food, Bellini will shelter in a survival capsule, the Kevlar-reinforced kind used for ocean oil rigs, until it becomes too risky — at which point he will take to the sea in the capsule, floating adrift until he is rescued.”

Read more at WUWT


EPA Chief Says Her Job Is To Bring Justice To ‘People Of Color’

Just as NASA has been repurposed to provide outreach to Muslims, the Environmental Protection Agency is not about the environment. It’s about ‘Justice’ for blacks.

EPA head Gina McCarthy

EPA head Gina McCarthy

The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed global warming regulations aren’t just about stemming global temperature rises — according to agency’s chief, they are also about “justice” for “communities of color.”

“Carbon pollution standards are an issue of justice,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy in a teleconference call with environmental activists. “If we want to protect communities of color, we need to protect them from climate change.”

McCarthy is referring to the EPA’s proposed rule that would limit carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants. The agency says the rule will not only help fight global warming, but will also improve public health as coal-fired power plants are shuttered. McCarthy, however, put special emphasis on how the rule would reduce asthma rates, which affect African-American children.”

That makes us all feel better, right?

No. It’s BS. It’s all about charging businesses for alleged ‘Pollution’ of carbon dioxide. That money will go to the government for dolts like this to use. It will also destroy jobs.

More here


1,400 Girls Held In Rape Camp In England. Police Ignore Because Rapists Are Muslim

There are no words to describe horror like this. It is evil – but on a level that most civilized people can not fathom. The fact that these savages did this to all those girls and women is cause for the death of all who took part but British authorities let it go on. Their excuse? They didn’t want to be accused of racism.


Sex Abuse Ignored in Britain: 1,400 Girls Raped by Muslim Sex-Trafficking Gangs as Police Feared ‘Racism’ Accusations

Imagine if more than a thousand girls, some as young as 11, were sexually exploited by members of a fundamentalist religious cult. Now imagine that authorities refused to act to stop this heinous abuse of young girls because of their fear of offending public opinion. Except you don’t have to imagine this. It actually happened. And the fundamentalist religious cult? Yeah: Islam.

Children as young as 11 were trafficked, beaten, and raped by large numbers of men between 1997 and 2013 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, the council commissioned review into child protection revealed.
And shockingly, more than a third of the cases were already know to agencies.

But according to the report’s author: ‘several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought racist’.

Professor Alexis Jay, who wrote the report, condemned the ‘blatant’ collective failures by the council’s leadership, concluding: ‘It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered.’
The landmark report which exposed widespread failures of the council, police and social services revealed:
Victims were doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, terrorised with guns, made to witness brutally-violent rapes and told they would be the next if they spoke out;

They were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten and intimidated;

One victim described gang rape as ‘a way of life’;

Police ‘regarded many child victims with contempt’;

Some fathers tried to rescue their children from abuse but were arrested themselves;

The approximate figure of 1,400 abuse victims is likely to be a conservative estimate of the true scale of abuse.

More here

And Here

And especially Here


“That First ‘I’ In ISIL Isn’t Really There. It Doesn’t Mean Islamic.”

“And, and, and, they’re not at war with us! Listen to meee!”

What is the right word? ‘Inept’? ‘Stupid’? Nah, let’s just go with paid liar.

Marie Harf

Marie Harf

Thursday at the daily briefing, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf declined to acknowledge ISIS’ declaration of war with the Untied States of America.

When a reporter said,”The reality is ISIS has announced it’s in a war against America,” adding, “Right or wrong that is what they are saying.”

Harf replied, “Well, they can say whatever they’d like, but what I am making clear is that’s not what ISIL represents. And they don’t represent any religion. They are at war with everybody they come into contact with.”

Read more here where they are calling her ‘State Department Barbie.

barbie harf_thumb[1]_thumb


CBC Wants Federal Control Of Local Police


The Congressional Black Caucus wants President Obama to appoint a ‘Police Czar’. They say they want to prevent ‘More Ferguson’s’. That could mean that they want looting stopped but I take that to mean they want a task force to prevent young black men from getting shot by white cops.

Speaking for the CBC, Rep. Elijah Cummings believes that this utopia can be attained if only the federal government is given just a little more control over Americans.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, along with other members of the Congressional Black Caucus, sent a letter Monday to President Barack Obama, urging the administration to pursue changes to local law enforcement structure to “prevent more Fergusons,” including a federal czar to oversee local law enforcement.

“The administration must quickly establish a national commission to review existing police policies and practices,” the letter reads. “And identify the best policies and practices that can prevent more Fergusons and vastly improve policing in communities across the nation.”

In addition to the commission, the letter calls for the appointment of a federal czar within the Justice Department to monitor and oversee local police departments that receive federal funding.”

OK. Now I understand. They want this oversight under the control of the Department of Justice whose head is Eric Holder.

Bad idea… as a matter of fact it’s a terrible idea. Holder has shown himself to be uninterested in justice. He is a revolutionary whose focus is on control. That is not American.

Read more at Politico


Maryland Colleges Also Get Military Gear

Yep. I’m sure they need it. And along with the gear they will institute a proper training plan, right?

I’ll bet.

Campus police need to look like this?

ferguson police 03

Officials at the University of Maryland, College Park, Morgan State University and Coppin State University said the shotguns and rifles are or will be used for training purposes.

UM has a $65,000 armored truck, 16 “riot type” 12-gauge shotguns, 49 M16 rifles, and a handful of other items, according to Pentagon data. Coppin received five similar 12-gauge shotguns and 29 40-caliber Glock pistols. Morgan has six 12-gauge shotguns and 13 M16 or M14 rifles.”

“… said the shotguns and rifles are or will be used for training purposes.”


Training? For what? Campus police are going to use select-fire rifles and riot shotguns to train for what? Disruptions at the student union? No, they have fallen victim to the ‘Militarization Craze’. Besides, it’s ‘Free’, right?

Oh, and what kind of training are they planning to do with a $65,000 armored truck?

Read more at the Baltimore Sun


NYT: “The Problem With ‘Evil’”

The Times of New York has published an opinion piece by Michael J. Boyle.

This is what ISIS has been doing

This is what ISIS has been doing

Michael J. Boyle, an associate professor of political science at La Salle University, is the author, most recently, of “Violence After War: Explaining Instability in Post-Conflict States.”

He thinks it is a mistake to call ISIS names. He specifically objects to the terms, “Evil” and “Cancer”. He calls it a ‘Moral Hazard’.

The Moral Hazard of Calling ISIS a ‘Cancer’”

Boyle seems to be afraid of ‘Hazards’. He must think being nice to ISIS will make us safer. If that is the case he is a fool.

Unlike Al Qaeda, whose dreams of forming a caliphate were little more than mysticism and hyperbole, ISIS now occupies large swaths of Syria and Iraq, administering social services and running rudimentary Shariah courts in its claimed Islamic State. In other words, it operates less like a revolutionary terrorist movement that wants to overturn the entire political order in the Middle East than a successful insurgent group that wants a seat at that table.

This fundamental difference, as well as disagreements over strategic priorities and tactics, explains why Al Qaeda’s leadership expelled ISIS in February. Depicting ISIS as another iteration of Al Qaeda-style “evil” ignores these distinctions and shifts attention away from ISIS’ strategy and sources of revenue and support.

Moralizing rhetoric also defines groups on the basis of their tactics rather than their goals. However appalled we might be by a group’s actions, our objective should always be to understand our enemies as they do themselves: in this case, a highly organized insurgency with specific strategic objectives.”

Academics are the dumbest people.


California: “SWAT team responds to college staff member carrying umbrella”

Sounds like his girlfriend, or boyfriend, SWATTed him.

I really hate to see loaded guns pointed at people.

Yep.  Looks just like an AR15

Yep. Looks just like an AR15

A SWAT team on the campus of California State University San Marcos surrounded a staff member equipped with protective rain gear this week.

The incident, which occurred early Wednesday morning, was prompted by a call to the San Diego County Sheriff’s office of a bald white male, wearing a black shirt and jeans and walking across campus carrying a rifle. This resulted in a shelter-in place order for some 400 staff and students going through orientation before the start of the fall session. Rapidly, facility and classmates banded together to barricade doors with tables and chairs, expecting the worst.”

Can't take any chances.  I see at least nine cops.

Can’t take any chances. I see at least nine cops.

If umbrellas are so dangerous, why did this happen? It’s really something just how courageous our President is.

obama umbrella



How Many Has It Incited To Violence?

And Roy Rogers would have to rename his dog… And his horse. And Willie Nelson will have to rename his guitar.

College Newspaper Can’t Be Called ‘The Bullet’ Anymore Because It’s Too Dangerous

the bullet paper

A Virginia university has decided to stop calling its newspaper “The Bullet” over concerns that the name was so insensitive and inappropriate that it could even make people violent.

The University of Mary Washington’s 96-year-old newspaper will now be called The Blue and Gray Press.”

From National Review


Be Careful What You Ask For

This is from Instapundit.

wants more govt


Performance Street Art In Chicago

The performance is titled, “Don’t Sleep There’s A War Going On”. Here is how the performers describe it in their own words – from their website:


Two women in denim dresses stand at the I-90/I-94 onramp of Milwaukee and Augusta Ave in Chicago, IL. Using large feather pillows, each performer beats herself about the head and face. The performance is a physical act of frustration–an ambiguous response to the implicit guilt of inaction and the weight of overwhelming knowledge. The lack of clarity serves two purposes: to show the expansiveness of war and to allow all audience to access the image first and the meaning second.

This was a durational performance that lasted one and a half hours. It was a part of the 2013 Rapid Pulse International Performance Festival in Chicago, IL.”

Yep. They stood there and hit themselves in the face with feather pillows – for 90 minutes. I could only watch the first minute or so of the video.

I wonder if they got a federal grant to do this.


He’s Not So ‘Sly’ After All

He’s no friend of mine.


From Moonbattery


“Man-Made Global Warming Is Causing The Drought In California”

You’ll believe that only if you don’t look at history. This is “An Inconvenient Truth”.



Hat tip to Kate

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Streamers: “Solar Plants Scorch Birds in Mid-Air”

solar power

Workers at a state-of-the-art solar plant in the Mojave Desert have a name for birds that fly through the plant’s concentrated sun rays — “streamers,” for the smoke plume that comes from birds that ignite in midair.

Federal wildlife investigators who visited the BrightSource Energy plant last year and watched as birds burned and fell, reporting an average of one “streamer” every two minutes, are urging California officials to halt the operator’s application to build a still-bigger version.”

Read more at ABC News


For Five Years Obama Has Been Working To Make Congress Irrelevant…

… Now – “House Democrats can’t figure out why Obama won’t talk to them.

Duh. You are irrelevant to him.

From The Hill:

obama wry

House Democrats are frustrated with what they say is a lack of election-year communication from the White House.

The lawmakers say it’s difficult to defend President Obama from GOP attacks, when he doesn’t confer with his allies about his strategy and intentions.

Some are scratching their heads why, after nearly six years in office and a reshuffling of his legislative affairs team, Obama’s working relationship with Congress remains prickly.
“It’s hard for us to fathom; I mean, is it just lack of full staffing and resources? [Is it] professional commitment? Is it a disdain for the legislative branch? I mean, what is it?” asked Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.). “People like me want to be allies — I mean, I am an ally. So work with us, reach out to us; you know, we’re not the enemy.”

He doesn’t care about you or anyone else. You are a non-event. He has been demanding that Congress cede its authorities to him and you have done so.

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“EPA Blames Texas For Illinois Air Pollution”

EPA Administratrix Gina McCarthy

EPA Administratrix Gina McCarthy

These federal agencies are out of control. The IRS has been targeting conservative groups, Homeland Security is doing everything it can to reduce security in the homeland, and the Environmental Protection Agency is trying to shut down every successful entity in the country. Now they are going after the state of Texas.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is blaming power plants in Texas for Illinois air pollution and is using the accusation to justify restrictions on Texas power plants. EPA claims its cross-state pollution rule, intended to protect communities in one state from pollution drifting from other states, justifies placing restrictions on Texas power plants EPA claims are polluting Granite City, Illinois.

EPA’s assertion Texas power plants are causing Illinois pollution raised eyebrows for several reasons. Granite City is approximately 500 miles from the Texas border and even farther away from Lone Star State major metropolitan regions. Granite City is northeast of Texas, with prevailing winds rarely trekking in that direction from Texas. In addition, a local steel mill, which has been an important source of the town’s prosperity since the 1890s, has long been recognized as a primary source of air pollution in Granite City.

EPA, however, claims it has devised computer models that indicate some sulfur dioxide from Texas power plants may reach Granite City, which has a population of 30,000.”

They have devised, “Computer models”. Again, the scientists have come up with a theory and then found, or manufactured, evidence to support their position. This is quite common in the environmental movement and their assertions are always wrong. This one is as well.

Texas was only included in portions of the rule based on the projected impact on a single county in Illinois. And the air quality monitor in Illinois which EPA claims had the fingerprints of Texas pollution on it was located right next to a smelter. On this thin legal reed the EPA is imposing restrictions on Texas several times as severe as states with much more significant interstate pollution problems,” said Kathleen White, director of the Armstrong Center for Energy and the Environment at Texas Public Policy Foundation.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) agreed, saying EPA failed to account properly for the steel mill’s influence on Granite City’s air pollution. Of the three air pollution monitors in the town and surrounding Madison County, the only one allegedly linked to Texas is the one downwind of the steel mill.”

Phony data from a flawed source. That’s typical of the environmentalists and the Obama administration in general.


Two Related Stories About Civil Rights Abuse By The State

First in Connecticut:

Connecticut Supreme Court Says State Cops Can Detain You Simply For Being In The Vicinity Of Someone They’re Arresting”.

Officer safety trumps rights because credible threats are credible even when they’re not threats (a probation violation rather than an “armed and dangerous” suspect) and even when they’re not credible (no witnesses stating anything to the effect of “armed and dangerous”).”

This allows the police to prevent anyone they want from photographing, video taping, or audio recording an arrest. There can be no other reason for it.

Next comes an incident from Ferguson, Missouri. Two legitimate reporters are arrested.

Police Shooting Missouri

Reporters from The Washington Post and The Huffington Post were arrested in Ferguson, Mo., on Wednesday night while covering the protests that have rocked the St. Louis suburb.

Wesley Lowery, a Washington Post political reporter, and Ryan Reilly, a Huffington Post justice reporter, were arrested in a McDonald’s shortly before 8 p.m. EDT. Police entered the restaurant and told patrons to leave, the reporters wrote on Twitter after their release. The police then asked Lowery and Reilly for their identification and, according to the reporters, arrested them because they weren’t packing their bags fast enough.

Lowery also said the police officers “assaulted” him. “Officers slammed me into a fountain soda machine because I was confused about which door they were asking me to walk out of,” he wrote on Twitter. Lowery also said that he and Reilly were released without paperwork or charges, and that the officers refused to provide the reporters with their names.”

I know these police are on edge and it seems that at least one of the reporters, it sounds like Lowery, challenged them.

Thanks to Dutchman for the leads.


Feminism Circles The Drain

circle the drain

Feminists have completely lost sight of their stated goal of helping downtrodden women. Not a one of them speaks out about the terrible ways women are treated in the middle east. Women are regularly whipped, killed, sold, and mutilated. They are considered to be the property of their husbands.

Not one feminist leader has taken up the mantel of champion for those women unfortunate enough to be born into Muslim society.

muslim woman

No. Today’s feminists are expending their energy in different places. Jessica Valenti writes for the UK Guardian:

The case for free tampons


The cost of a product that half the world’s population needs multiple times a day, every month for approximately 30 years, is simply too much

It’s sad, really, that this women’s movement ignores women who are truly in need of help. Instead they are demanding free tampons, free birth control, and free abortions. The movement has been taken over by greedy, selfish psychopaths.


Denial Is Not Just A River In Egypt

The White House says we are not at war with the Islamic State. IS or ISIS, or as the White House people, for some reason, like to call them, ISIL, is at war with the west. That includes the United States.

Ben Rhodes

Ben Rhodes

But Ben Rhodes, writing in White, tells us what we need to know about the air strikes in Iraq. He asks and answers nine questions. Number eight and number nine are particularly strange.

8. Are we at war with ISIL? Will we be sending troops back to Iraq?

No. There is no U.S. military solution to the larger situation in Iraq. The United States’ chief goals are to protect our personnel and facilities, and to prevent a potential act of genocide. That is the scope of these operations. As the President said, we will support Iraqis as they take the fight to these terrorists, but no American combat troops will be returning to fight in Iraq.

9. What’s our plan moving forward?

We will protect our citizens, and we will work with Iraqis and the international community to address the humanitarian crisis facing the Yezidi people.

As we carry out that mission, we will pursue a strategy that empowers Iraqi leaders to come together, forge an inclusive government, and build security forces that can fight back against threats like ISIL. The Iraqi people have named a new President, a new Speaker of Parliament, and a new Prime Minister–an important step towards forming a government that can unite communities in Iraq. The U.S. will work with this new government and other countries in the region on a broader counterterrorism strategy moving forward.

So, according to our President we are not at war with IS and we don’t have a plan to defeat them.

But they are at war with us.

They have told us so.

message from isis

And the man who is leading IS, al Baghdadi, famously told America when he was released from custody, “We’ll see you in New York.

Yes. We had him in custody. We let him go. Now he is leading IS and has declared a new Caliphate with him as leader.

I think it is time to invent a new word that means ‘Childlike denial by Barack Obama’. Husseinial maybe?


Islamic State Is Selling Yazidi Girls As Slaves For $10

A displaced Yazidi Iraqi carries his daughter as they cross the Syrian border at Fishkhabour.

We knew that IS forces have taken girls and women as hostages. Some are Yazidis, some are ordinary Iraqis, and some are other. Here is the story of one girl who was captured and will be sold. She phoned her family and spoke with her father. I can not imagine his state of mind – or hers.

This is from the UK Guardian:

For the past week, Khandhar Kaliph’s hands have trembled whenever his phone has rung.

He nervously greeted his daughter, who had been kidnapped when the Islamic State (Isis) overran the Yazidi city of Sinjar. There was a minute of silence, before he broke down sobbing.

“She said she is going to be sold as a slave this afternoon, for $10,” Kaliph said, his tears dropping into the brown dust. “What can a father say to that. How can I help? We all feel so useless.”

Kaliph’s daughter, who he did not want to name, had access to a group phone passed around between other girls imprisoned by the Islamic State in Bardoush prison in central Mosul.

All face the imminent prospect of being married off. Or worse, being used by the jihadis as a sex slave.

“The world needs to know that is where our women are, where they are being enslaved, young and old alike,” he said, sitting in the dirt outside a building site near the Iraqi Kurdish city of Dohuk that he and some 70 other Yazidis are now using as shelter.”

Where are the western feminists? They are only concerned with themselves. They care nothing for other women. Not one of them is speaking out against this outrage. Feminist leaders in the United States turn their backs on women who are actually being mistreated. They, instead, invent stories of mistreatment in order to do what their primary goal is: To raise money to pay themselves large salaries.

They are despicable.


WHO: “Ebola outbreak likely to get worse, go for months”

Maybe years. This is from Reuters:

Aug 8 (Reuters) – The world’s worst Ebola outbreak, which has already affected four countries in West Africa, is likely to get worse in the coming months, the World Health Organization said on Friday.

“The likelihood is that things will get worse before they get better,” Keiji Fukuda, the WHO’s head of health security, told reporters. “We are fully prepared for the outbreak to be at a high level for a number of months.”

And now for the first time people suffering from Ebola are in the United States.

And then there are people like this couple from Rhode Island. They just got married and are planning to spend their honeymoon in Nigeria, one of the most affected countries.

ebola carriers

A Providence couple honeymooning in Africa is getting ready to fly into one of the cities where health officials are racing to contain the deadly Ebola virus. Jeremy Ogunba and new wife Charity have been staying in Abuja for the last week, and on Sunday will board a plane to their next destination, Lagos, which has been affected.

“We’ve watched some of the different stories going on related to the Ebola virus here but we haven’t been sitting in front of the TV for too long. We don’t want to soak all of that in as much as most people are,” said Jeremy Ogunba.

On Friday The World Health Organization has declared it an international health emergency. The couple says they were checked for symptoms as soon as they stepped off the plane.

“When we came in through the airport they were testing peoples temperatures to see if people had a high enough temperature to see if they had Ebola or not,” said Charity Williams- Ogunba.

US officials say the current crisis in West Africa is on pace to sicken more people than all past outbreaks combined. Nearly 1,000 have died, and more than 1,700 are sick.

The couple feels confident the government in Lagos has the situation under control. The newly weds aren’t going to let the outbreak stop them from enjoying their time together.

“We’re not going to fear it,” said Ogunba.

Jeremy’s dad is from Lagos the couple will be staying with family. They will be there for 12 days.”

This story is from ABC6 in Prividence, RI

How many more people are volunteering to help bring the deadly virus to the US?


Racist Michael Bloomberg PAC Makes $150,000 Ad Buy Against Milwaukee County Sheriff

Chris Moews, a lieutenant with the Milwaukee Police Department (left), is challenging Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (right) in Tuesday’s Democratic primary election.

Chris Moews, a lieutenant with the Milwaukee Police Department (left), is challenging Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (right) in Tuesday’s Democratic primary election.

You may remember Sheriff Clarke. He famously told the people in his county to arm themselves for their own protection.

Bloomberg is supporting a white man, a lieutenant in the Milwaukee police department, against African American Clarke.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s political action committee, Independence USA, has purchased $150,833 in television ads in an effort to defeat Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. and support his opponent, Milwaukee police Lt. Chris Moews.

In response to the news of Bloomberg’s ads, Clarke said in a statement: “I trust the voters. The voters can’t be bought.”

The ad buys by Bloomberg’s PAC come on top of $400,000 in media ads purchased by the Greater Wisconsin Committee to try to beat Clarke, who is seeking his fourth term in Tuesday’s Democratic primary election.”

Read more at JSOnline


GSL: “CALL TO ACTION: Pennsylvania mom needs your help.”

This woman legally owned a firearm for protection of herself and her children. Then she made the mistake of entering New Jersey. She was arrested and now faces as much as five years in the clink.

I blame this on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. His anti-gun positions prohibit him from coming to her aid. There is no doubt that she violated New Jersey’s illegal anti-gun laws. It was a mistake and she had no illegal intent. She should pay a fine or get some other reasonable punishment. She should not be sent to the big house for five years.

Christie could make this happen but he won’t.

He is not who we need in the White House.

Shaneen Allen and her kids

Shaneen Allen and her kids

Help Stop New Jersey’s War On Women

When a prosecutor seeks a minimum five year sentence on an otherwise law-abiding mother who makes an innocent mistake yet allows a NFL star who brutally knocked his then fiance’ unconscious off with deferred prosecution, that is a war on women.

And it disgusts me and many others.”

More at Guns Save Life

Update: Shaneen has friends in the NRA. This video has a lot more information:

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