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Looks Like The SOB Did Have A Callus On His Forehead

From Israel Matsav: “Gee, do you think this is relevant? Germanwings co-pilot reported to be a ‘recent convert to Islam’

While French authorities are refusing to discuss Lubitz’s religion, Christian websites are reporting that Lubitz was a recent convert to Islam.”

Muslim Convert Co-Pilot Andreas Günter Lubitz Committed Jihad

Muslim Convert Co-Pilot Andreas Günter Lubitz Committed Jihad

From the Roman Catholic Imperialst: “Muslim Convert Co-Pilot Andreas Günter Lubitz Committed Jihad By DELIBERATELY Slamming The Plane Into The Mountain! Murdering All On Board”

Update: There’s more here including a screen grab of a page where the Islamic State praises Lubitz for his jihad.

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PuffHo: Now It’s Hair Shirts For Homosexuals

What an unfortunate idea. The idea that LGBT people should wear a hair shirt sounds like they need to do penance for their transgressions.

Hair shirt: n. noun
1. A coarse haircloth garment worn next to the skin as an act of religious asceticism or penance.


From the Huffington Post:

“TheGaySweater Knitted From ‘Gay Hair’ Challenges Homophobic Language”

‘That jumper is so gay,’ is a comment that one designer is hoping to hear emanating from the front row of Toronto Fashion Week.

The garment in question was knitted from the donated hair of more than 1,000 LGBT people by the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CCGSD).

“The idea for the sweater was born from a desire to educate and encourage everyone to use ‘gay’ the correct way,” says Jeremy Dias, director of the CCGSD, regarding their decision to to create ‘the world’s first and only 100% gay object’.”


“Your References To God Offend Me!”

This is from the editorial board of My San Antonio:

“Please leave God out of the gun debate”

I'm soooo offended

I’m soooo offended

As Texas stampedes toward guns everywhere, we’ve occasionally heard politicians and activists mention their God-given rights to own and carry guns.

For example, state Sen. Brian Birdwell, R-Granbury, recently invoked such rhetoric during “debate” over his campus carry bill, which we oppose.

“A fundamental right granted by the creator is not subordinate to the financial costs or speculation of our public universities,” he said.”

The final line:

We can debate how much regulation comes with that right before it is infringed. But, please, leave God out of it.”


Rhymes With Barf

Marie Harf, Spokesgirl for the Department of State, calls soldiers liars. She says, “Don’t believe the troops who worked with Bergdahl when he deserted.

Because of this there are a lot of people calling for her firing. That would be a start but remember: She was told to say this. The firings should go a lot deeper.


These Are The Men Who Died Looking For Bowe Bergdahl After He Deserted


From Weasel Zippers

And the Daily Beast


Great Idea: Don’t Bury Grandma When She Dies. Compost Her!

The Urban Death Project is the happy name for this idea.

Grandma!  You never looked so good!

Grandma! You never looked so good!

What, exactly, is being proposed for the Urban Death Project?
The Urban Death Project (UDP) utilizes the process of composting to safely and gently turn our deceased into soil-building material, creating a meaningful, equitable, and ecological urban alternative to existing options for the disposal of the dead. The project is a solution to the overcrowding of city cemeteries, a sustainable method of disposing of our dead, and a new ritual for laying our loved ones to rest.”

katrina spade


CNN’s Sally Kohn Trying To Raise Money For Abortions

She says it’s unfair that women have to pay for abortions.

Somehow it seems strange to me that an avowed lesbian is an abortion activist. Maybe she’s also a closet eugenicist as well.


sallykohn bowling

Because of unfair and unnecessary laws, safe and legal abortions can be out of reach of those who don’t have the money to pay for them. I don’t think that’s right, so I’m doing something about it. I’m bowling to break down barriers to abortion access.”

If you want to donate here is the website


An Academic Spills The Beans

Apparently, academia is not heaven. You have to be careful what you say around leftist students.

“A personal account of how call out culture has harmed teaching”

533 If Math were taught like science

Personally, liberal students scare the shit out of me. I know how to get conservative students to question their beliefs and confront awful truths, and I know that, should one of these conservative students make a facebook page calling me a communist or else seek to formally protest my liberal lies, the university would have my back. I would not get fired for pissing off a Republican, so long as I did so respectfully, and so long as it happened in the course of legitimate classroom instruction.

The same cannot be said of liberal students. All it takes is one slip—not even an outright challenging of their beliefs, but even momentarily exposing them to any uncomfortable thought or imagery—and that’s it, your classroom is triggering, you are insensitive, kids are bringing mattresses to your office hours and there’s a twitter petition out demanding you chop off your hand in repentance.”

You can read the whole thing here


“The UN Just Condemned a Single Nation for Women’s Rights Violations”

Can you guess which one? Israel.

The U.N.’s Commission on the Status of Women released nine official documents over the course of its annual meeting this week, but as Ynetnews reported, only one of the U.N.’s 193 member nations was singled out for a reprimand: Israel.”

This did not take place in Israel

This did not take place in Israel

The report blames the Israeli occupation of the West Bank for ”[h]igh levels of unemployment and poverty” among Palestinians that hit women especially hard.”

More at The Blaze


“Hillary Clinton Wants to Send Citizens to Camps—Fun Camps!”

Fun camps. That’s just what the government needs to do; build camps for old people. That’ll work fine.

So Clinton hands over to us all to consider the idea of a progressive sending adults to camps, and the idea of a politician infamous for being humorless and suspicious being an arbiter of “fun,” wrapped in a great big bow.”

This is from where they note also that, ” …On an entirely unrelated note, “joycamp” was the Newspeak term for forced labor camps in George Orwell’s 1984.”



Rhymes With Barf

State Department spokesgirl Marie Harf is asked what she thinks her biggest gaffe has been as spokesgirl. She recalls what she calls a ‘Totally innocent comment’. It seems she is referring to when she said jihadis need jobs. Instead of taking responsibility for her gaffe she balmes it on others, “Because of the way I look, because I am a woman.”

It would seem to be impossible for her to lose more respect from others – but she did with this comment.


“California Bars Judges From Joining Boy Scouts”

Not even judges have rights in California.

boy scout

Effective on Jan. 21, 2016, judges will be barred by the state from being members of the Boy Scouts because the organization, while allowing gays to be Boy Scouts, still bans openly gay scout leaders, the Christian Post reports.

Cathal Conneely, spokesman for the Judicial Council of California, told the Christian Post that the California Supreme Court decision removes an exemption in the California Code of Judicial Ethics allowing membership in youth organizations, which brings the state into line with recommendations of the American Bar Association’s Model Code of Judicial Conduct and 21 other states with “sexual orientation as a protected class.”

More at Newsmax


Now Here’s A Resume’ Enhancement

Yep. This’ll surely get you hired. Another way to inflate student debt.

U of M Duluth adds LGBTQ minor

lgbt Flag

Starting in the fall of 2015, the University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMD) will offer a LGBTQ minor and gender-inclusive housing options for students.

“This minor will prepare students for life,” Gesa Zinn, head of the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department, told Campus Reform. “‘The job’ the LGBTQ minor prepares students for is to understand and embrace all members of an increasingly diverse society.”

To complete the minor, students will have to take classes such as An Introduction to LGBTQ Studies, Queer Theory, Queer Cinema in International Perspective, History of the Homosexual Rights Movement 1895 – Present, and Queer Media.”

From Campus Reform


Starbuck’s Begins It’s Slide To Failure

Politico reports: “Starbucks wants its baristas to talk about race in America”

Starbuck's CEO Howard Schultz

Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is taking on another fraught political debate, with his company launching a new initiative this week to get employees to discuss with customers the state of race relations in the United States.

“We at Starbucks should be willing to discuss these issues in America,” Schultz said in a company statement released Monday announcing its “Race Together” campaign.”

Great. The company that is named for the First Mate on a whaling ship in the book Moby Dick has decided to ask its ‘Baristas’, otherwise known as coffee sellers, to propagandize their customers.

Many of these ‘Baristas’ are young and full of themselves and their importance. Like many young people they want to change the world. Let me say a couple things:

First, you can’t change the world with talk; especially obnoxious talk. Change requires action.

Second, You will soon see business decline. Places like Dunkin’ Donuts will see increased business… unless they also become holier than thou smartypants.


Chicago Police Paychecks Bounce

This isn’t good. We knew that Chicago, and therefore all of Illinois, is in financial trouble. Their pension debt is twice as bad as second place California which is considered to be terrible and a threat.

chicago police badge

Second City Cop tells us today that their paychecks are beginning to be returned for non-sufficient funds:

Minutes ago, I talked to an old timer in 1600 hour Michigan Ave VRI roll call. He works in 016 and said when he went to deposit his 16 Mar regular payroll check in the drive-thru of a Bank of America location, IT BOUNCED. The teller told him it was Insufficient Funds, and that he needed to come inside to see a manager. The manager confirmed that there was insufficient funds to deposit the check. He immediately notified FOP, and – hard to believe here – they told him it “wasn’t their problem” and that he should contact Finance. A call to Finance went unanswered.”

The VRI acronym refers to the city’s ‘Violence Reduction Initiative’. It’s administered by the Chicago Police department. According to the linked piece it is not doing much good.


Not Radical Islam. Expansionist Islam Is A Better Term

Islam is and has always been expansionist. Those who follow it are directed to bring it to the rest of the world. Whether it should be called Radical is an open and undecided discussion. But there can be no question that their dictates include bringing their belief systems to everyone else.

This article explains pretty well what is happening in the west. The writer uses a metaphor. He compares Islam to a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It’s an apt description on several levels.


IT GOES LIKE THIS: Two men at the corner of Fifth and Main are engrossed in conversation. As they jabber away, one of them looks over the shoulder of the other and sees a Tyrannosaurus Rex coming down Main Street. He says to his friend, “Hey, there’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex coming our way!” The other guy says, “Oh, come on, that’s impossible,” and he resumes talking about what he was talking about. The other man says, “I’m not kidding. Just turn around and look for yourself.” But his friend is adamant. “Don’t be silly,” he says. By then the man who sees what’s coming is frantic because the monster is getting closer and closer. In exasperation, he says, “Look, all you gotta do is turn around, and you will see for yourself what I’m talking about!” But the other man crosses his arms and says in a scornful voice, “I refuse to listen to this nonsense.” By then the T-Rex is up behind him, and with its massive jaws wide open it sinks its teeth into him and swallows him whole. The other man, meanwhile, runs off to look for a gun and rally people to defend themselves against the monster.

Islam is the Tyrannosaurus Rex. It has consumed a fifth of the human race. Yet the part of the human race that has not yet been devoured is divided between a small number of people who understand it for the carnivore that it is and the larger number who believe it is herbivorous. The ones who understand try their best to warn about it. They shout, jump up and down, pay for ads on buses, write articles and books, and blog about it until their fingers are bleeding. But the rest of the people cross their arms and say, “I refuse to believe what you are saying. It is not at all what you are talking about. It is a religion of peace.”

Read the rest here.

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Progressives Really Are That Stupid

Men have abortions? How, exactly does that work?


Who has abortions? For most of human history, the answer was obvious: women have abortions. Girls have abortions. Not any more. People have abortions. Patients have abortions. Men have abortions.”

Read the rest at The Nation


Jen Psaki: “I Can’t Spin This One”

This is not just about Hillary Clinton destroying her records. It’s the entire Obama administration. We know it’s common in the State Department. It’s not clear yet if Clinton started the file destruction but we know she did it.

She is unfit to be President.


State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said it would be incorrect to call the emails destroyed since some might be retrievable through technology. But she acknowledged that regular archiving of the work email in-boxes of senior officials besides the secretary did not begin until “February of this year.”

“I wouldn’t state it’s ‘lost to history’ because there are technical means of gaining access to past information,” Psaki said.”

It looks as though her problem of not keeping records of emails – or of deleting the ones that look bad – has been rampant throughout the Department of State.

Later in the briefing, however, Psaki suggested that there was confusion among some State Department employees about what was and was not being automatically saved.

“I assume some assumed that was happening at the time as well,” Psaki said. “We’re updating it because it’s an imperfect system.”

Speaking without reference to Clinton, Psaki said the duty was on individual employees to save records that met standards for permanent archiving. “Clearly, individuals — any top officials — would also be expected to preserve their documents,” she said.”

Believe it or not this article is from left-leaning Politico


Dom Raso knows a liar when he sees one. Hillary Clinton did not start lying with this email destruction thing.


Prof: “I hate Republicans.”

This is from Susan J. Douglas, a professor of communications at the University of Michigan.

Susan J. Douglas

Susan J. Douglas

It appears in a blog called ‘In These Times’. We visited with Professor Douglas briefly back in December in a piece about leftists and their hate of the right. This article is another example of the hate that is being taught to our kids and grandkids by academics.

I hate Republicans. I can’t stand the thought of having to spend the next two years watching Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Ted Cruz, Darrell Issa or any of the legions of other blowhards denying climate change, thwarting immigration reform or championing fetal “personhood.”

This loathing is a relatively recent phenomenon. Back
 in the 1970s, I worked for a Republican, Fred Lippitt, the senate minority leader in Rhode Island, and I loved him. He was a brand of Republican now extinct—a “moderate” who was fiscally conservative but progressive about women’s rights, racial justice and environmental preservation. Had he been closer to my age, I could have contemplated marrying someone like Fred. Today, marrying a Republican is unimaginable to me. And I’m
 not alone. Back in 1960, only 5 
percent of Republicans and 4
 percent of Democrats said they’d
 be “displeased” if their child married someone from the opposite
 party. Today? Forty-nine percent 
of Republicans and 33 percent of
 Democrats would be pissed.”

I can not imagine spending my life consumed with hatred. It’s one thing to disagree with or disapprove of the opposition. This woman, though, sounds like she is consumed with her hatred of those who don’t agree with her. She is proud of her hate.

Besides that, she is blind to the fact that she and her ilk are the ones doing the bulk of the hating. It’s childish, really.


World Affairs: “Let Iraq Die”

According to this article Iraq is a severely divided nation. It is populated by different factions who hate each other. It was formed as a mistake by politicians who didn’t understand those divisions. The writer suggests letting the Iraqi people decide how their future should look.

This position does not factor in the brutal aims of the Islamic State, though. Their goal is not to allow the others in Iraq to live in peace. They want a world that is dominated by Them and are eager to kill everyone who stands in the way of that goal.

It is shallow, unrealistic thinking like this that today dominates American foreign policy.

let iraq die

“A Case for Partition”

The Kurds in the north, who make up roughly twenty percent of the population, want out. They never wished to be part of Iraq in the first place. To this day, they still call the bathroom the “Winston Churchill,” in sarcastic homage to the former British prime minister who shackled them to Baghdad. Since the early 1990s, they’ve had their own government and autonomous region in the northern three provinces, and they held a referendum in 2005 in which 98.7 percent voted to secede and declare independence. The only reason they haven’t finally pulled the trigger is because it hasn’t been safe; the Turks—who fear the contagion of Kurdish independence inside their own country—have threatened to invade if they did.

The Sunni Arabs in the west, who make up another rough twenty percent of Iraq, aren’t itching for independence necessarily, but they sure as hell aren’t willing to live under the thumb of Shiite-dominated Baghdad any longer. Millions of them live now under the brutal totalitarian rule of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, which has declared its own state not only in a huge swath of Iraq but also in much of northeastern Syria. ISIS either controls or has a large presence in more than fifty percent of Iraq at the time of this writing.

Iraq’s Shiite majority, meanwhile, is terrified of its Sunni minority, which oppressed them mercilessly during Saddam Hussein’s terrifying rule and which now flies the black flag of al-Qaeda and promises unending massacres.”

Read the rest at World Affairs Journal


“Could Michelle Obama run for President?”

Last week we asked ‘Who if not Hillary?‘. With all the scandals swirling around her and her husband, coupled with the way she is delaying her announcement, it seemed like a perfectly reasonable question to ask. So now Preston Brady III, writing for the online Mobile, Alabama ‘Mobile Tribune’ comes up with an answer: Michelle Obama.

mrs obama

The writer is an Obama supporter:

While I was lamenting the fact that Barack Obama’s term will be over in 2016, and to bad he couldn’t run for office again because he would surely win, a friend suggested that maybe Michelle Obama could run up against Hillary Clinton.image Talk about an epiphany, I was estatic that he made this suggestion and for a moment I imagined the possibility.”

And maybe Barack could be her running mate. Imagine an Obama/Obama ticket for a moment. ‘Estatic’ is not a word I would use.


In California American Flags Are Offensive

antiwar moonbat

California students remove offensive American flag from ‘inclusive’ space

The Associated Students of University of California, Irvine (ASUCI) voted Tuesday to remove all flags, including American flags, from an inclusive space on campus because of their offensive nature.

The bill, R50-70, was authored by Social Ecology Representative Matthew Guevara, and accuses all flags, especially, the American flag, of being “symbols of patriotism or weapons for nationalism.”

A leftist describes the offensive flag:

[T]he American flag has been flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism,” the bill continues, arguing that “symbolism has negative and positive aspects that are interpreted differently by individuals.”

The anti-flag hanging bill adds that free speech, such as flags in inclusive spaces, can be interpreted as hate speech.

“[F]reedom of speech, in a space that aims to be as inclusive as possible[,] can be interpreted as hate speech,” the bill reads.”

From Campus Reform


… And I Demand That He Stop Calling Himself By An Anglo Name.

This is not a buffalo.  It is a bison.

This is not a buffalo. It is a bison.

If this lizard really is a member of the Navajo nation why does he insist on calling himself Mark Beasley? He should forsake that name and call himself something like Tuba Chinle or Black Horse. My demand is as sensible as his.

This is a petition. So far he has gotten 179 people to sign it.

“Tell the Mayor and City Council of Buffalo, New York, and Berkshire Hathaway, owner of Buffalo News, to change the racist titles of the municipality and the news outlets, respectively, to no longer include the word “Buffalo.””

As an enrolled member of Navajo Nation, it is mine, Mark Beasley’s, and my Native American colleagues’ position that the City of Buffalo and the the news outlet Buffalo News, owned by Berkshire Hathaway, should change their offensive and racist names containing the word “Buffalo.” Buffalo is the name of the animal that was driven almost to extinction by the non-Native forces in order to annihilate and drive out my ancestors from the American landscape.”

This is real. It comes from


Boston: Anti-Gun Dean Of Students Arrested For Shooting Student

Shaun Harrison

Shaun Harrison

Shaun Harrison terminated after being charged in incident involving 17-year-old

BOSTON —The dean of students at Boston English High School, who is accused of shooting a student execution-style, is terminated.

Shaun Harrison, 55, was arraigned in Roxbury District court Thursday on charges of armed assault with intent to murder and other offenses stemming from Wednesday’s shooting of a 17-year-old boy on Magazine Street.

Prosecutors said the teen, who was shot in the back of his head, was working for Harrison, selling marijuana.”

The kid either didn’t make his quota or was ripping him off. And yes, Harrison was a gun control freak. He probably used both hands.

In 2008, NewsCenter 5 interviewed Harrison, who at the time, ran an organization called Operation Project GO, which counsels kids in crisis, trying to convince them to give up their guns.

When asked about trying to get guns off the streets, Harrison replied, “You’re looking at an ant trying to beat an elephant, you know? Guns are always going to come into the city one way or another.”

Harrison added, “No matter how many guns we get off the street, if we take off 12 guns today, there’s probably 24 more out there.”

Read the rest at

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Raciss! Mother Jones: “Why You Should Stop Eating Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner”

“Dogmatic adherence to mealtimes is anti-science, racist, and might actually be making you sick.”

By Kiera Butler:

Kiera Butler

Kiera Butler

Doesn’t she look like someone whose advice you’d want to follow?

I have read and reread the article and lost a few brain cells in the process. Nowhere does the writer mention race in it. The word ‘Racist’ was just added to the sub-headline to make impact.

Funny thing, though, the widespread use of the charge, like this, has accomplished one thing. It has taken all of the pain out of being called a racist.

Read it for yourself here.