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Boston: Anti-Gun Dean Of Students Arrested For Shooting Student

Shaun Harrison

Shaun Harrison

Shaun Harrison terminated after being charged in incident involving 17-year-old

BOSTON —The dean of students at Boston English High School, who is accused of shooting a student execution-style, is terminated.

Shaun Harrison, 55, was arraigned in Roxbury District court Thursday on charges of armed assault with intent to murder and other offenses stemming from Wednesday’s shooting of a 17-year-old boy on Magazine Street.

Prosecutors said the teen, who was shot in the back of his head, was working for Harrison, selling marijuana.”

The kid either didn’t make his quota or was ripping him off. And yes, Harrison was a gun control freak. He probably used both hands.

In 2008, NewsCenter 5 interviewed Harrison, who at the time, ran an organization called Operation Project GO, which counsels kids in crisis, trying to convince them to give up their guns.

When asked about trying to get guns off the streets, Harrison replied, “You’re looking at an ant trying to beat an elephant, you know? Guns are always going to come into the city one way or another.”

Harrison added, “No matter how many guns we get off the street, if we take off 12 guns today, there’s probably 24 more out there.”

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Raciss! Mother Jones: “Why You Should Stop Eating Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner”

“Dogmatic adherence to mealtimes is anti-science, racist, and might actually be making you sick.”

By Kiera Butler:

Kiera Butler

Kiera Butler

Doesn’t she look like someone whose advice you’d want to follow?

I have read and reread the article and lost a few brain cells in the process. Nowhere does the writer mention race in it. The word ‘Racist’ was just added to the sub-headline to make impact.

Funny thing, though, the widespread use of the charge, like this, has accomplished one thing. It has taken all of the pain out of being called a racist.

Read it for yourself here.


Nancy Pelosi Had A Hissy Fit At Netanyahu Speech

She imagined Bibi had somehow slighted her, I guess. Maybe she forgot that she is no longer Speaker of the House. Old age causes people to forget things.

The Botox isn't working any more, Nan.

The Botox isn’t working any more, Nan.


Rhymes With Barf

State Department spokesgirl Marie Harf tells us that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu doesn’t have a plan for dealing with Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions. Unlike her boss, Bibi has military experience and, also unlike her boss, he would never reveal a military plan before its implementation.

She also lied about the purpose of the talks the US is having with Iran. She said the goal of the talks is to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

Lying is what this White House and its spokespeople do best and most often.

Marie Harf

Marie Harf

We believe that it is in Israel’s security interest that we get a diplomatic agreement with Iran to prevent it from getting a nuclear weapon. I didn’t hear Prime Minister Netanyahu put forward any alternatives today and some of the alternatives we heard before to a negotiated agreement either put more sanctions on and they capitulate taking a military option. Many of those alternatives are wholly unrealistic – all experts agree on that.”

Read the rest at Grabien


Idiocy From Slate: “Climate Change Helped Spark Syrian Civil War”

Nope. Not Islam. Nope not Islam. Nope. Not Islam.

Gotta be that most feared of all – Global warming.

Nope. Not Islam.

Syrian Novias

Syrian Novias

A new study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science provides the clearest evidence yet that human-induced global warming made that drought more likely. The study is the first to examine the drought-to-war narrative in quantitative detail in any country, ultimately linking it to climate change.

“It’s a pretty convincing climate fingerprint,” said Retired Navy Rear Adm. David Titley, a meteorologist who’s now a professor at Penn State University. After decades of poor water policy, “there was no resilience left in the system.” Titley says, given that context, that the record-setting drought caused Syria to “break catastrophically.”

“It’s not to say you could predict ISIS out of that, but you just set everything up for something really bad to happen,” Titley told me in a phone interview. Given the new results, Titley says, “you can draw a very credible climate connection to this disaster we call ISIS right now.”

Read the rest at Slate but your IQ will be reduced if you do.


No Surprise Here: “German Black Forest Wind Turbines Yielded Only 11.8% Of Rated Capacity In 2014″

Construction of wind turbine farms across the globe has not resulted in a decrease in the need for conventional generation systems. They have been an expensive boondoggle whose only function is to enrich those who build them and those who give the public money to those who build them.

The breakdown of the operating hours of wind power output shows just how pathetic wind energy really is.

* 339.75 hours (= 14.2 days = 3.9%) saw zero wind (0 MW), no power was generated at all!

* 1403.50 hours (= 58.5 days = 16.0%) power output was under 7 MW (1% of rated capacity).

* 3614 hours (= 5 months = 41.3%) power output was under 5% of rated capacity

* 5308 hours (= 7.4 months = 60.6%) wind power was below 10% of rated capacity.”

Read the rest here


Pachauri Didn’t Just Lie About Climate Change

Rajendra Pachauri was the head of the UN’s IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. He is also a serial sexual abuser. He was arrested in India for his sex crimes.


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has today accepted Rajendra Pachauri’s resignation from the Prime Minister’s climate change council.

According to the Indian Express;

R K Pachauri, who has been accused of sexual harassment, has resigned from the Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change as well, a government statement today said.
“The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has accepted the resignation of R K Pachauri from the Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change,” said the one line statement.”

The job must not have paid too well. Being vain about his receding hairline, Pachauri often wore a hairpiece made from a dead cat.


BBC has more

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PuffHo: ‘Outlawing Green Tip Ammo Is A Dumb Move’

5.56 green tip

In his Huffington Post article titled, ‘Executive Order M855‘, Dennis Santiago says it’s a dumb move to change the classification of green-tip ammunition to make it illegal. Santiago actually has his facts straight. His writing style is difficult because he is so verbose but he is knowledgeable about his subject.

First he says the move will not make police officers safer:

There is no evidence or analysis shown in the BATFE’s proposal that indicates that its considerable technical division did one iota of analysis to determine whether this ammunition poses a unique and extraordinary threat to the soft armor of law enforcement officers any different from other AR-15 ammunition that will continue to be available.

The answer is that it does not. Whether you examine 5.56/.223 ammunition from a muzzle energy or penetration energy concentration perspective, at urban law enforcement engagement ranges, all of it does the same thing. It all hits with around three times the energy of a .357 magnum with about four times the soft armor defeat potential or “burn through efficiency” of true pistol ammunition. It doesn’t matter if it’s Vietnam era M193 55 grain ammunition, M-16A2 era M855/SS109 62 grain ammunition, or borrowed from the competition world Mk262 Mod 0/1 77 grain ammunition. In a gunfight with an opponent one and one half car lengths from you, it all performs about the same. All of it will defeat Level IIIA soft body armor.”

He worries that this move by BATFE will alienate gun owning voters.

As the 2016 election cycle begins, one hopes that issues such as the nation’s continued struggle towards economic recovery and our foreign policy strategy to deal with a world we seem less and less able to positively influence should dominate our selection of the next president. Into this tenuous hope for a more cogent debate, the BATFE has introduced a proposed executive branch rule regarding ammunition that will likely pivot the election cycle back towards the same driving forces that caused so many blue states to turn red in the November 2014 midterm.

Fueled by a seeming need to create a “we’re doing something,” optical illusion, the executive branch threatens to raise the hunger of the gun lobby to fight even harder for its political values in the critical opening phases of the primaries by infuriating gun owners.”

He’s right about all of it. It’s worth a read even though it is a bit tedious.


“Moody’s drops Chicago’s bond rating another notch — to two levels above junk status”

Good news for Chuy Garcia. Bad news for Rahm. Progressive spending fails again.


Chicago’s plummeting bond rating took center stage in the race for mayor Friday after a Wall Street rating agency dropped it another notch — to two levels above junk status — citing Chicago’s $20 billion pension crisis.

The decision by Moody’s Investors Service to drop Chicago’s rating for a fifth time under Mayor Rahm Emanuel — from Baa1 to Baa2 — may cost the City of Chicago tens of millions of dollars.”

Read the rest at the Chicago Sun Times

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Jonathan Gruber’s Gravy Train In Mass. Has Been Derailed

He has been fired for fraudulent billing practices. Three others were fired as well.

Jonathan Gruber, liar and thief

Jonathan Gruber, liar and thief

Republican Governor Charlie Baker, who took office in January, has fired embattled Obamacare architect MIT professor Jonathan Gruber from the Massachusetts Health Connector Board.

It’s a blow to Gruber, who played a key role in the establishment of the board when it was set up to administer RomneyCare. Gruber went on to play a similar role in the passage of the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

As first reported by Jon Keller at WBZ-TV, Baker “demanded and received the resignations of four members of the state Health Connector board, including MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber…Gruber was appointed to the board in 2006 by then Governor Mitt Romney and re-appointed by Governor Deval Patrick. The other three board members asked to resign – John Bertko, Rick Jakious and George Gonser – were all original Patrick appointees.”

According to the Auditor’s report, Gruber overbilled the state of Massachusetts to the tune of at least $48,000.

On December 30, Gruber submitted a bill for $65,000 to the State of Vermont: $40,000 for 80 hours of work he conducted between October 15 and November 15, billed at $500 per hour, and $25,000 for 250 hours of work performed by research assistants (plural) billed at $100 per hour.

Gruber submitted a second invoice on December 30, in the amount of $25,000 for work performed by research assistants (plural) for 250 hours of work, billed at $100 per hour, performed from November 15 to December 19.

All told, Gruber has billed the State of Vermont $290,000 for work performed on his contract. $150,000 of this billing is for work he says was performed by research assistants, $140,000 is for work he performed himself.

To date, the State of Vermont has paid Gruber $160,000–$80,000 for work he performed, and $80,000 for work he says research assistants performed.

But in his memo released today, Vermont State Auditor Hoffer says Gruber had only a single research assistant, not several. In addition, that research assistant was an employee of Gruber’s who was paid $32,000 for work perfomed in 2014, according to a W-2 Gruber provided to Hoffer.”

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Missy Teaches Hate At Cornell University

My guess is that this hate session was longer than two minutes. And she was paid for this.

“Melissa Harris-Perry spoke Monday at Cornell University for the school’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Lecture.”

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry said Monday that she hoped that Trayvon Martin “whooped the shit out of George Zimmerman.”

Martin Luther King Jr. is rolling over in his grave.

From Campus Reform

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Stupidly, FedEx Joins The Realm Of Politics

fedex logo

“FedEx Refuses to Ship a Digital Mill That Can Make Untraceable Guns”

The Ghost Gunner, which measures about a foot in each dimension.  Defense Distributed

The Ghost Gunner, which measures about a foot in each dimension. Defense Distributed

Last week FedEx told firearm-access nonprofit Defense Distributed that the company refuses to ship the group’s new tool, a computer controlled (CNC) mill known as the Ghost Gunner. Defense Distributed has marketed its one-foot-cubed $1,500 machine, which allows anyone to automatically carve aluminum objects from digital designs, as an affordable, private way to make an AR-15 rifle body without a serial number. Add in off-the-shelf parts that can be ordered online, and the Ghost Gunner would allow anyone to create one of the DIY, untraceable, semi-automatic firearms sometimes known as “ghost guns.”

Read the rest at Wired


Yup. She’s From California

Non Sequitur Definition:

n. noun
1. An inference or conclusion that does not follow from the premises or evidence.
2. A statement that does not follow logically from what preceded it.

boxer shorts


‘The Science Guy’ Says Jews Just Need To Be Nicer To Their Neighbors

How does ‘Be Nicer’ look to this d*ckhead?

Allow the enemy to take part in Israeli elections? Check.

Allow them the same rights as Jews to hold office in Israel? Check

Care for others regardless of race or ethnicity? Check

Develop medicines and cures that help all mankind? Check

Make concessions to their enemies like ceding the entire Sinai peninsula back to Egypt after capturing it during the six-day war? Check

No. Nye would, it seems, prefer that Jews line up for slaughter without resistance.

Bill Nye, Junk Science Propagandist And Anti-Semite

Bill Nye, Junk Science Propagandist And Anti-Semite

Captured by Newsbusters:

Bill Nye, foppish self-proclaimed Science Guy, appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher this past Friday night and demonstrated why he ought to stick with his true vocation as a global-warming bedwetter.

During a panel discussion on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s suggestion that European Jews fearful for their lives should come “home” to Israel, Nye mocked the idea and blamed Jews for not being friendlier to predators who consider it a holy rite to slaughter them…”

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It Looks Like Iran Will Have The Bomb


The leaders of Iran want a nuclear weapon. As a matter of fact they want a whole arsenal of them. They have been working hard to make it happen. They have defied every move to either slow or stop that development.

Now it looks like the President of the United States has agreed to let them have it.

He has sent Secretary of State John Kerry over to work out a deal with Iran. Kerry is dealing with Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iranian Foreign Minister in Switzerland.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (right) shakes hands with US Secretary of State John Kerry (left) in Geneva, January 14, 2015. (photo credit: AFP/Rick Wilking/Pool)

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (right) shakes hands with US Secretary of State John Kerry (left) in Geneva, January 14, 2015. (photo credit: AFP/Rick Wilking/Pool)

Kerry is out of his depth. Zarif has been bullying him. He has been warned by Iranian leaders to stop screaming at Kerry. Now he has threatened to walk out of the talks.

American commenters have called this action by Kerry, “The Worst Possible Outcome”. They note:

As Walter Russell Mead noted last week, “a process that began with the goal of eliminating Iran’s potential to produce nuclear weapons has evolved into a plan to tolerate and restrict that capability.” It is quite possible that the most important foreign policy legacy of Barack Obama, who began his presidency by winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his nuclear non-proliferation efforts, will be the death of non-proliferation.”

Israel Hayom, representing the interests of the State of Israel, calls Obama and Kerry’s actions as, “An American about face, into the arms of Iran”.

But if this is the way things are, Israel must prepare for a harsh period, at the end of which we will see a changed region, because once the powers that be in the Middle East understand the proportions of the American about face, everything will look different. Among other things, just as Henry Kissinger predicted recently, the important Sunni states (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey) will begin a nuclear arms race because they, unlike the U.S., do not believe in stability predicated upon a Shiite country that with America’s support will become the most influential power in the region.

In the U.S. there is a considerable number of people who understand the scope of trouble such a decision would cause for Israel, the Middle East and eventually, the U.S. as well. They need to be called upon to join the struggle.”

Yep, Kerry, under Obama’s direction, is willing to allow Iran to become a nuclear power. Now, at least we know how the Islamic Armageddon will come about.


‘Practicing Mental Health’

That’s a phrase I use sometimes to describe how I make conscious choices to refrain from becoming angry about something. A couple of examples: Let’s say someone cuts me off in a parking lot and zips their car into the space I have been waiting patiently for while the former occupant clips his seat belt, starts his car, and backs out. Some people come unglued and rant at the person who ‘stole’ the space.


There is nothing to be gained by yelling and getting my blood pressure up. The man or woman who aced me out has already taken possession and I’m just going to have to look elsewhere.

There are a lot of people like the man in the image above who give in to rage. It can ruin their entire day, and, if they insult another rager, it may escalate into violence.

How about a perceived injustice? You may be passed over for an award you might have expected. You can either choose to accept that life is not fair or you can become angry and resentful.

What you choose says a lot about you.


Neither of the images above shows someone practicing mental health. They both show people who have given in to the sickness that is anger.

There are places for rage – instances where it is the right choice – but those instances are not an every day occurrence. If they are for you, you might want to rethink your anger management.

We see lack of control like this among the young, but lately we have noticed that many never seem to grow out of it. In fact, young people are being taught rage in schools by older teachers who never outgrew instant anger. There is something about rage that makes people need to express it. Who does it most?


Angry people; people who are proud to be angry and want everyone to know it.

There is also something childish about it, just as there is something adult about practicing anger management. Today we are ruled by the childish ones but there is a possibility that that may be reversing course. The 2014 election was an indication. We shall see. Don’t forget, those angry people are still teaching our kids. They are also populating the bureaucracy.


Oscars Performance Reaches New Low

Neil Patrick Harris decided to strip down to his BVD’s. I still don’t understand the black shoes and sox.

Showing off: The funnyman looked quite comfortable in the underwear as he introduced the next presenters

Showing off: The funnyman looked quite comfortable in the underwear as he introduced the next presenters

I’d say that it’s no wonder American Sniper didn’t win anything.


Democrats Admit Their Koch Addiction Cost Them Dearly

Could be. Harry Reid didn’t do much while Senate Majority Leader but he did attack the Koch’s relentlessly. Americans, though, saw through his BS. We also saw that he refused to allow bills to come to the floor for a vote.

But Democrats made more mistakes than just attacking Conservative donors. The outcome of the meeting mentioned below sounds more like excuse making than a desire to actually learn why they lost so big.


Democratic officials are second-guessing the party’s obsession with attacking the Koch brothers, saying it bears some of the blame for last year’s devastating election losses as the focus on the conservative billionaires diluted a party message already struggling for clarity.

Doubts about the relentless attacks on the Koch brothers surfaced as the Democratic National Committee held its annual meeting Thursday in Washington, where state party officials from across the country mulled what went wrong in 2014.

Led by then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Democrats repeatedly shifted attention during the 2014 election cycle to Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch, who spent more than $100 million supporting conservative candidates through their various political organizations, most notably Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Partners Action Fund.”

Read the rest at the Washington Times


“Wah!” Academics Upset That Their Indoctrination Centers Are Being Closed By Republicans


From the New York Times:

Ideology Seen as Factor in Closings in University of North Carolina System

An advisory panel of the University of North Carolina’s Board of Governors has recommended closing three academic centers, including a poverty center and one dedicated to social change, inciting outrage among liberals who believe that conservatives in control of state government are targeting ideological opponents in academia.”

Leftist ideology was behind the establishment of these centers. Now that people other than leftists are in charge it’s going to change. The leftists don’t like it.

Professor Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit, has a great observation:

MEH. MOST EVERYTHING ABOUT UNIVERSITIES IS DRIVEN BY IDEOLOGY, SO WHY SHOULDN’T IT BE THE SAME FOR THEIR CRITICS: Ideology Seen as Factor in Closings in University of North Carolina System. “An advisory panel of the University of North Carolina’s Board of Governors has recommended closing three academic centers, including a poverty center and one dedicated to social change, inciting outrage among liberals who believe that conservatives in control of state government are targeting ideological opponents in academia.”

Yeah, because ideology had nothing to do with the establishment of those centers in the first place.

Here’s a lesson: Universities are like the trial lawyers. I’m not unsupportive of the trial lawyers, and I think that some reforms are unfair to plaintiffs. But when you align yourself exclusively with one party, and weaponize yourself in that party’s cause, you’re going to pay the price when the other party is in power. That’s the price you pay for whoring yourself out.”


Peters: “Marie Harf Is Exhibit A for the Comprehensive Failure of the US Educational System”

Peters is right about this but what he says is incomplete. Harf does not come up with this idiocy on her own. What comes out of her mouth is scripted by the Department of State officials and they get their orders from the White House.

Harf is a sacrificial lamb. She is being destroyed by her superiors and she either doesn’t know it or she doesn’t care – it’s all or nothing for the revolution.

The fact that she came before a national television audience and spouted her inanities does not mean she made them up. It means she was sent out to say them. The only reason she would be sent out to look like a fool is to make the media, especially the media on the right, pay attention to her and distract from something else.



Why Do Leftists Support Islamists?

leftists islamists

From here

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Good. They Ain’t Leaving Little Marie Alone. Neither Am I

marie harf

"Stupid Is as Stupid does"

“Stupid Is as Stupid does”

Update: Marie Harf to Critics: “Maybe My Comments Were ‘Too Nuanced’ for You”

Includes video from CNN at Mediaite.


Rhymes With Barf

State Department Spokesgirl Marie Harf tells Tingles McFeely that the key to defeating the Islamic State is not killing them. It’s getting them jobs.

We’re killing a lot of them and we’re going to keep killing more of them. So are the Egyptians, so are the Jordanians. They’re in this fight with us. But we cannot win this war by killing them. We cannot kill our way out of this war. We need in the medium to longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it’s lack of opportunity for jobs…”

Even Tingles ain’t buying her BS.


NYT Tool Says, “‘Death To America’ Slogan Is Not Meant Literally”

No, of course not; At least in your infantile mind.

And PBS viewers actually believe this crap.


News Media Is Trying To Make Scott Walker Look Bad

ABC News: “Gov. Scott Walker ‘Punts’ on Foreign Policy, Evolution Questions in London”


Walker avoided other questions, including the U.K.’s membership in the European Union, what his foreign policy would look like, and on a completely different topic: whether he believes in evolution.

Walker weighed in on the issue after the speech, saying that “both science and my faith dictate my belief that we are created by God.”

Of course they are trying to make him look bad. He’s a Conservative. Can’t have one of them in the Oval. I like this tweet. It illustrates just how bad the media bias against Conservatives is:

evolution pba

Of course they have not – and they won’t ask her.

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