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Students At Wesleyan University Are Unhappy

wesleyan children

They have a list of demands, too. They also have a website called, “Is This Why?”. Here is a quote from it:

This campus cannot function without the intellectual and emotional labor of Students of Color. As promised, we will be taking further action. We will be demanding more.

We know our power.

Poor children. Someone is paying nearly $50,000 a year for them to attend this school. Is this what they are paying for?

Wesleyan University has several campuses. They have one in Oklahoma. Some of the children there have been unhappy as well. The President, Dr. Everett Piper, has noted that the children need to grow up rather than pouting. He wrote an essay and posted it on the University’s website. He titled it, “This is Not a Day Care. It’s a University!”.

His discussion begins with this:

This past week, I actually had a student come forward after a university chapel service and complain because he felt “victimized” by a sermon on the topic of 1 Corinthians 13. It appears that this young scholar felt offended because a homily on love made him feel bad for not showing love! In his mind, the speaker was wrong for making him, and his peers, feel uncomfortable.

I’m not making this up. Our culture has actually taught our kids to be this self-absorbed and narcissistic! Any time their feelings are hurt, they are the victims! Anyone who dares challenge them and, thus, makes them “feel bad” about themselves, is a “hater,” a “bigot,” an “oppressor,” and a “victimizer.”

Dr. Piper may be starting something here. Or he may be ensuring his own retirement. One way or another he should be applauded.


So… DOJ Leader Lynch Has Decided Already What The Motive Was For Colorado Killer

How clairvoyant. How convenient. How unprofessional.


Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch released the following statement on yesterday’s attack in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

“This unconscionable attack was not only a crime against the Colorado Springs community, but a crime against women receiving healthcare services at Planned Parenthood, law enforcement seeking to protect and serve, and other innocent people.”

Read more here


PETA Employees Steal, Kill Pet Dog From Porch Of Owners

Employees of PETA, People for Euthanizing Tiny Animals, stole a little Chihuahua from the porch of its owners and killed it the same day. PETA has come full circle. It was founded to protect animals but it has morphed into a fund-raising scam that is run by people who have no interest in animal welfare. They are very good at sending out solicitations with pictures of sad looking animals. They are also very good at collecting and killing animals.

Huffington Post tells us that PETA ‘Kills a lot of animals’:


They also tell us how much money they raised:

How much money did PETA take in last year from unsuspecting donors who helped pay for this mass carnage? $51,933,001: $50,449,023 in contributions, $627,336 in merchandise sales, and $856,642 in interest and dividends.”


A family is suing People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for $9 million after two senior employees stole their pet Chihuahua Maya off their porch and had the dog killed.

The family captured video on their home surveillance system of two PETA employees, Victoria Carey and Jennifer Woods chasing Maya down, taking her off the family’s porch and shoving the dog into a white van. PETA admitted four months later it euthanized Maya later that day.”

Read the rest at the Daily Caller

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Obama Didn’t Require Iranian Leaders Sign Nuke Deal Because It Is Not “Legally Binding”…

I love this part: “The success of the JCPOA will depend not on whether it is legally binding or signed, but rather on the extensive verification measures we have put in place.” Are those verification procedures a part of the ‘Non-Binding’ agreement? If so, they are ‘Non-Binding’ as well.


President Obama didn’t require Iranian leaders to sign the nuclear deal that his team negotiated with the regime, and the deal is not “legally binding,” his administration acknowledged in a letter to Representative Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.) obtained by National Review.

“The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is not a treaty or an executive agreement, and is not a signed document,” wrote Julia Frifield, the State Department assistant secretary for legislative affairs, in the November 19 letter.


“The success of the JCPOA will depend not on whether it is legally binding or signed, but rather on the extensive verification measures we have put in place, as well as Iran’s understanding that we have the capacity to re-impose — and ramp up — our sanctions if Iran does not meet its commitments,” Frifield wrote to Pompeo.

This is from National Review

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RevAl: “Invite A Muslim To Thanksgiving Dinner”

Should you say grace before eating? What if you’re having ham? Or wine?

reval muslim thanksgiving

Today, when so many children, elderly, women and families are fleeing the devastation and horror in Syria and elsewhere, we cannot turn our backs on them, nor can we succumb to fear and panic. Let us remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words:

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Happy Thanksgiving and in Jesus’ name, invite a Muslim to your table if you can.”

Read his ‘Column’ here

H/T to Weasel Zippers


A Leftist’s Idea Of A ‘Tough Decision’

“Obama’s Former CIA Director Says Obama Didn’t Hit ISIS Oil Targets Because He Didn’t Want To Cause Environmental Damage”

And Charlie Rose, who can’t look anyone in the eye, just accepts that.


I’m Surprised Obama Didn’t Think Of This



Newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is determined to bring a mess of Syrian refugees to Canada and he’s not wasting any time. Today it was announced that he has decided that Canadian military forces must move out of their housing to make room for the little angels.

canadian troop moves out

Soldiers and military personnel at a Kingston, Ont. base are being asked to clear their barracks to make room for an early wave of Syrian refugees arriving in just over a week, CTV News has learned.

Multiple residences at CFB Kingston are being cleared for Nov. 30 to house the refugees, according to an internal memo obtained by CTV News.

The orders will also affect some officer cadets attending the Royal Military College, many of whom are nearing exams.”

Read the rest at CTV News


“This Top Democrat Vows to Push New Gun Controls in 2016”


Chuck Schumer, who sleeps next to a life-sized cutout of Barack Obama, has brilliantly decided that now is the time, with Republicans in control of both houses of Congress, to introduce new gun control legislation.


One of the Senate’s top Democrats has promised to renew a push to pass sweeping gun control legislation in 2016.

At an event sponsored by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., announced that Senate Democrats will “bring a universal background check bill to the floor of the Senate early next year.”

Schumer’s pledge Friday comes as Senate Democrats take aim at illegal gun sales and background check loopholes. Schumer and his colleagues launched the new effort for comprehensive gun control after the mass murder at an Oregon community college earlier this year.”

Read the rest at The Daily Signal


This Is What Happens When You Make Moonbats King

Sweden is being overrun by young men from the middle east, Swedish women and children are being raped, and this lizard is concerned about the amount of energy used to make hot water for a bath.


“King of Sweden calls for a ban on BATHS”

King Carl XVI of Sweden

King Carl XVI of Sweden

The King of Sweden has called for a ban on baths to help save the environment.

King Carl XVI Gustaf, who once had a reputation as a lothario and is now a staunch environmentalist, said he realised how much water and energy they used when he was recently staying somewhere without a shower.

The 69-year-old ‘green king’ told Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet: ‘It hit me how much water and energy it used.

‘I thought “I can’t believe I’m having to do this”. I felt quite ashamed.’

Read the rest at the UK Daily Mail


Got This From Canadian Bob…

… I can’t figure out why they used a narrator with a non-American accent. I have no doubt it’s true.


Media Lining Up Against Donald Trump

big mouth trump

He has them scared to death. When they are that frightened they do stupid things that make Them, Not Trump, look bad.

First there is CNN:

CNN Caught Selectively Editing Trump’s ‘Muslim’ Comments”


Left-wing cable news network CNN has been caught red-handed selectively editing Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s comments about a “Muslim registry,” and doing so in order to make it sound as though he is agreeing to this registry. He is not.

The edited video is yet another lying log on the left-wing garbage fire that is CNN, and yet in just three weeks, this very same garbage fire is hosting the next Republican presidential debate!”

Then there is the supposedly impartial ‘Fact Checker’ at the Washington Post. Glenn Kessler is the guy who hands out ‘Pinocchios’. He awards Trump four Pinocchios for saying that thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the 9-11 attacks.

kessler trump

As it actually turns out Trump was correct.

But wait, look what Powerline quickly found in Kessler’s own Washington Post, dated September 18, 2001:

In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners’ plowing into the World Trade Center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.”

Who gets the four Pinocchios now?”

There will be more of this. It started some time ago with trump and has been spreading to Dr. Carson and Ted Cruz. These people think they can affect the elections but they are not counting on the alternative media fact checking Them. Rather than damaging politicians they don’t cotton to they are damaging the companies they work for.


Now For Your Warm, Fuzzy Feeling Update:

Transportation Insecurity at it’s finest. Bureaucratic bungling is rampant throughout the federal government.

And some people think we should give them more power. Fools.

“TSA Says 73 Employees Were On Terror Watch List”

tsa agent

A recent U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) report found that 73 aviation workers, employed by airlines and vendors, had alleged links to terrorism.

The report, published by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Inspector General on June 4, blamed bureaucratic mistakes. Though the TSA says it frequently cross-checks applications and employee lists with the DHS’s “Consolidated Terrorist Watchlist,” both are incomplete.

The TSA’s employee lists, which consist of thousands of records, “contained potentially incomplete or inaccurate data, such as an initial for a first name and missing social security numbers,” the report found. The DHS Consolidated Terrorist Watchlist was also incomplete because “[TSA] is not authorized to receive all terrorism-related categories under current interagency watchlisting policy.”

More at American Spectator


“State Dept Says Syrian Refugees Can Live ‘Wherever They Want’”

Not in my house they can’t.


The State Department said Tuesday that it believes state governors have little say over whether they will house refugees from Syria or anywhere else in the world, and that once they arrive, refugees can choose to live in any state they want.

“They can ultimately choose wherever they want to go,” State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters.”

From the Washington Examiner


“Meet The Mizzou Student Responsible For Hyping The Poop Swastika”

My mother used to tell me that the one who reports something is usually the one who did it.

Billy Donley

Billy Donley

On October 28, Mizzou student dorm association president Billy Donley dropped a bomb on his fellow students: somebody at the University of Missouri drew a swastika in one of the school’s dorms. Donley’s claim, which was later expanded to include allegations that the swastika was drawn with human feces, ignited a racial firestorm that eventually led to the resignations of Mizzou’s top two university administrators.


By all accounts, Donley, a class of 2018 undergraduate student who serves as the president of the Mizzou Residence Halls Association (RHA), was the first person to publicly reference the poop swastika incident. That announcement occurred on Twitter on October 28.”

donley poop swastika

Read the rest at The Federalist


Gore In Paris

Gore is an unfortunate name to have today in Paris.

The Islamic State stole his thunder. No one cares about what Fatboy Man Bear Pig has to say today.

Gore in Paris

From iOTW


How Democrats Roll

Not only do they use their government positions to try to enrich themselves, they don’t even try to hide the acts. They believe they are ‘Entitled’.

Hillary Clinton is one of the best examples. She used her position as Secretary of State to wheedle large speaking fees for her husband and her daughter.

“California governor ordered state workers to research oil drilling on family land”

FILE - In this Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015, file photo, California Gov. Jerry Brown gestures during a news conference in Sacramento. Brown directed state oil and gas regulators to investigate the oil and gas potential of his family's ranch land in Northern California, state records obtained by the Associated Press show. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File)

FILE – In this Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015, file photo, California Gov. Jerry Brown gestures during a news conference in Sacramento. Brown directed state oil and gas regulators to investigate the oil and gas potential of his family’s ranch land in Northern California, state records obtained by the Associated Press show. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File)

SAN FRANCISCO – Gov. Jerry Brown last year directed state oil and gas regulators to research, map and report back on any mining and oil drilling potential and history at the Brown family’s private land in Northern California.

After a phone call from the governor and follow-up requests from his aides, senior staffers in the state’s oil and gas regulatory agency over at least two days produced a 51-page historical report and geological assessment, plus a personalized satellite-imaged geological and oil and gas drilling map for the area around Brown’s family ranchland near the town of Williams.”

More at Fox News

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“Vocal supporter of sanctuary cities on short list to be next head of Border Patrol”

The Obama administration doesn’t have a lot of time left in which to do it’s dirty work. But, they are doing what they can, including appointing far-left radicals, who want to destroy our country, to positions where they can do the most damage. This is just another example.

“A former San Francisco police chief and vocal supporter of a sanctuary cities policy is on a short list of candidates to become the new chief of the Border Patrol, according to sources.”

Former SFO Police Chief Heather Fong

Former SFO Police Chief Heather Fong

As police chief, Heather Fong shielded illegal immigrants, including aliens who committed crimes, from deportation. In contrast, it is the job of the U.S. Border Patrol to catch and deport all illegal immigrants, including those with a criminal history.”

Read the rest at Fox News

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz To Democrats: “Go After The Guns!”

Apparently determined to start a second civil war in the United States, leading Democrats are inching stampeding toward firearm confiscation. They will tell you publicly that they don’t want to confiscate guns but privately they admit that that is their goal. Confiscation has been tried in some areas, notably during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. It’s also being threatened in New York after passage of the SAFE act. So far it hasn’t happened there but with Democrat leaders like Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton fanning the flames it is only a matter of time before they get up enough courage to send others, their police minions, to try.

That will be when the shooting starts and they know it.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

BAY LAKE — In revving up Florida Democrats gathered at Walt Disney World for their annual convention this weekend, U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz made an impassioned appeal for the party to push for gun control.


“Democrats! We must close the gun show loophole! Democrats! We must require background checks for all gun purchases!” Wasserman Schultz, of Weston, demanded. “We can’t sit idly by and allow thousands and thousands of lives to be mowed down!”

Read the rest at the Orlando Sentinel


Bill Nye Wants An End To You And Your Climate Denial

Bill Nye, 'The Science Guy'

Bill Nye, ‘The Science Guy’

He is stuck solidly on ‘Utopia’. People who say they want to change the world will do so at the cost of human lives; many of them. We have seen it before. The causes he espouses – and the methods – have been tried before and they cost more than a hundred million people to die.

So why did you write this book? Why now? And what’s your central message?

My goal is to change the world! Really, that’s what I’m trying to do. Obviously, this book isn’t going to change the world, but it is part of the bigger idea that we all have to think optimistically about this. We’ve got to go into this knowing we have a hard challenge but that we’re going to win this fight, and we’re going to save the earth for humanity.”

So, what is his ‘Ultimate Solution’? He wants to ‘Eliminate’ climate deniers.

Part of the solution to this problem or this set of problems associated with climate change is getting the deniers out of our discourse. You know, we can’t have these people – they’re absolutely toxic. And so part of the message in this book is to get the deniers out of the picture, and along that line – I’ve been saying this a lot the last few weeks as I listen to the Republican debates – maybe one of these people will go out on his or her own, thinking for him or herself, and say, “You know, I’ve been thinking about this and climate change is a very serious problem. So if I’m president, we’re going to address climate change.”

He must be emboldened by the Bernie Sanders/Hillary Clinton talk about socialism.

Read more at Salon. It’s very revealing.


Hat tip to Dutchman



How Democrats Roll

‘If you come after me I will destroy you all.’ That’s the mantra espoused by Democrats. Harry Reid knows it well. He has used it.

Just wait. If Hillary Clinton is elected President she will pursue anyone and everyone who has either released evidence against her or has investigated her. She will be ruthless and cruel. The message will be, “Anyone who opposes me will be obliterated; not just destroyed, atomized. It will be a warning to others.

Top prosecutor, Kathleen Kane (D), keeps releasing raunchy emails.

Kathleen Kane

Kathleen Kane

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Facing criminal charges, relieved of her law license and threatened with removal by the Legislature, Pennsylvania’s attorney general seems to have decided that if she has to go, she’s going to take others down with her.

Since all three branches of state government began moving against her over the past year, Kathleen Kane has released hundreds of sexually explicit or otherwise crude emails that had been sent or received by current or former public officials on their government accounts.


Kane has threatened to release more, and the state Capitol is ablaze with speculation about whose emails may be next in the drip-drip-drip of disclosures.”

Read more at Yahoo


Campus Coeds Make Themselves Irresistable

Or, ‘How To Turn Your Date Off And Then Complain About Him Being Turned Off’

“Campus anti-rape activists gripe about the travails of ‘hooking up’”


Chrissy Keenan, a UCLA senior, is the president of Bruin Consent Coalition, a campus group that works to raise awareness regarding sexual assault on campus. “When people know of me but they don’t really know the work, they hear the term ‘feminist’ or ‘sexual-violence prevention,’ they think, ‘super-extreme, bra-burning feminism,’” she explains, which often puts people on the defensive.

Keenan herself, though, sometimes finds it hard not to go on the offensive. She’s so used to laying down the nitty-gritty details of consent that she’s been known to open romantic interactions with a spiel that feels straight out of a student handbook.

She animatedly tells a story about a recent Tinder rendezvous: “One time, I agreed to meet with this guy at 8 or 9 at night. Before we met, I said to him, ‘This is the work I do, I know the chief of police … so, don’t try and get creepy; I know all my rights.’ And five minutes later, he was like, ‘Actually, I’m really not OK with how you just assume I’m a bad guy. And I get very bad vibes from that, so we shouldn’t hang out anymore.’”

“I was in a rage. He was a total f*ckboy about consent,” she said.”

Moral of the story is don’t try to date campus activists. They tend toward rages.

Read the rest at the College Fix


“14000 Abandoned Wind Turbines In The USA”

“If Greens love nature so much, why aren’t they more concerned about carpeting unspoilt, pristine landscapes with bat-chomping, bird-slicing, industrial wind turbines?

“Imagine the outraged Green chorus if those turbines were abandoned oil drilling rigs.” – indeed.”

abandoned wind turbines

This story is all over the internet. Here is my source. Here is another.

Of course greens are saying it’s all a lie. Wind Works calls it propaganda. They go into a long discussion of how propaganda works but do nothing to disprove the claim.

The ‘Green Energy’ movement has been a scam that is designed to reward people and companies that donated to the Democrat candidates. It’s a money laundering scheme. Federal money is paid to wind turbine builders and installers and also to solar pane makers. They, in turn, donate part of their money to Democrats.

Like all scams, the money went for construction and installation but no one figured on maintenance and repair.


I’ll Be Darned. San Francisco Voters Throw Out Sheriff

This is the lizard who released the illegal alien who killed Kate Steinle. He had previously been arrested for abusing his wife.

mirkarimi mugshot

Even San Francisco voters eventually have enough of the dirtbags they elect.

“Hennessy defeats scandal-plagued Mirkarimi in S.F. sheriff race”

ross mirkarimi1

Read the rest at SF Gate


And They All Vote

Of course we must remember, this is in California.

“Hillary Clinton supports Sharia law in the United States. Do you think that’s a good thing?”


Some People Are Probably Surprised By This

“Seattle lost 700 restaurant jobs from January to September of this year”


The $15 minimum wage increase in the Seattle area “is getting off to a pretty bad start,” according to a new report.

Data shows that the Seattle Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) lost 700 restaurant jobs from January to September of this year, and a report from the American Enterprise Institute suggests that this could be the product of adverse effects of minimum wage hikes on restaurant jobs.

“What is also noteworthy about the loss of Seattle restaurant jobs this year is the fact that restaurant employment in the rest of Washington state is booming this year,” writes Mark Perry, an AEI scholar and professor of economics and finance at the University of Michigan’s Flint campus.

A report by Perry, published Wednesday on AEI’s public policy blog Carpe Diem, notes that there has been an increase of 5,800 new restaurant job positions in the rest of the state of Washington.”

From the American Enterprise Institute via The Daily Signal