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Another Violent Democrat Uncovered

Until now have you heard of this? If it were a Republican delegate pledged to Trump or Cruz you certainly would have. The media covers for the Democrats.

“One Of Hillary Clinton’s DNC Delegates Literally Tried To Murder Someone, But Media Are Silent”

Who caught Bill's eye?

Who caught Bill’s eye?

A Democratic National Committee delegate pledged to Hillary Clinton tried to murder her husband with a gun on Sunday, but the national media won’t talk about it.

Deanna Vicites, a 47-year-old Hillary Clinton delegate from Pennsylvania, was charged with attempted homicide after shooting her husband in the neck with a revolver over the weekend. The two admitted to authorities they had been drinking all day, and while Deanna initially told authorities it was a mistake, the district attorney said there was no way the shooting was an accident.”

From The Federalist


NIMBY: “Oh, Nooo. A Mormon!”

People in places like Texas and Alaska can identify with the negative reactions of the people who just moved in. People are fleeing places like California and Illinois because of the way local ordinances restrict their rights to be different. They don’t just want to be different. They also want things to stay the same as they were when they moved in.

In many, if not most, cases they moved where they did to enjoy the low cost of living that happens in poor communities. That is what they could afford.

The trouble is that the newbies bring with them the same prejudices they had where they came from.

This man is willing to spend his own money to buy land for his dream. The people who sold to him are happy but their neighbors are not. They don’t want anything to interrupt their rural lifestyle. But their way of living is fleeting. The history of the world includes primitive people being overrun by others with superior force or more money.

They want what they want. No amount of reasoning will change their minds. It seems to me that their dreams would be better served by moving to Venezuela.

“A Mormon Tycoon Wants to Build Joseph Smith’s Mega-Utopia in Vermont”


David Hall is snapping up farmland to bring his vision of a sustainable high-density community to life. The neighbors are horrified.

Nicole Antal, a 30-year-old librarian in Sharon, Vermont, was putting together a town report in late January when she stumbled upon a series of odd land purchases: In just three months, a Utah-based foundation had quietly bought more than 900 acres of nearby farmland, an area larger than Central Park. All of the land was either adjacent or close to the birthplace and memorial of Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church. “I’ve always loved mysteries,” says Antal. “And this seemed like a good one.”

That evening, when Antal got home to the 450-square-foot house she’s building with her husband, she strapped on a headlamp. The house doesn’t yet have electricity and she needed to prepare dinner for her 5-year-old son, Robin. She also wanted to poke around online. Standing next to her wood-burning stove, Antal flipped open her precharged laptop and Googled the name of the Utah organization: NewVistas. “This strange website popped up,” she says. “It had all these architectural models with fake people walking around. I didn’t know what to think.”

NewVistas, Antal soon discovered, was started by a wealthy Mormon engineer named David Hall, who wants to build sustainable, high-tech, high-density communities all across the globe. From the looks of things, he hoped to build one right in her backyard, in rural Vermont.


Out in Provo, Utah, Hall began arranging a series of trips to meet with angry Vermonters.

Hall’s opponents have put up signs on the streets of Sharon.

Hall’s opponents have put up signs on the streets of Sharon.

Two days later, Antal is making crepes in her tiny house, which sits on 47 acres of farmland. She and her husband, a computer engineer for Dartmouth College, say they chose to build small only because it was what they could afford. Outside, they’ve dug a well, built and hand-painted a chicken coop, and planted sprawling vegetable gardens. Inside, jars of maple syrup line a windowsill. Robin watches The Lion King in French on a laptop.

The couple moved to Vermont five years ago, oddly enough, from Salt Lake City. The previous night, Antal had invited Hall over for a simple dinner of bread, cheese, and salad. She’d showed him her petite house, and they’d talked, off the record, for more than two hours. “He’s a really nice guy,” Antal says. “Part of me feels bad for exposing his plan, because I think he means well.” One of Hall’s mistakes, she suspects, may be that he’s an engineer who tries to solve everything as if it were a math or physics problem without factoring in human emotion. “He’s nerdy, and I love that,” she says. “He sees these issues in the world, and he’s trying to find a way.”

From Bloomberg News


Hillary’s Plan To Lower Age Requirement For Medicare

Expand Medicaid for the younger people and expand Medicare for the old and not-so-old. Eventually they will meet in between and we will have a single payer system. Simple. She has been trying to accomplish this for decades.

As the writer points out, though, it has become increasingly difficult for those on either Medicare or Medicaid to find a doctor. The systems don’t pay them enough. People on Medicare must buy insurance to cover what the system will not.

kid, hillary

Hillary Clinton is taking a sledgehammer to Medicare. In a move calculated to fire up the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton pledges to open Medicare to people 55 to 64, and make a “public option” insurance plan for all ages.”

Read the rest at Right Wing News


Campus Closes In Cleveland To Protect Students From Police

Poor widdle kids are watching too much MSNBC.

“Cleveland students protest ‘mere presence’ of cops on campus for RNC”


Students at a Cleveland, Ohio college are petitioning to halt the billeting of riot police officers on campus during the Republican National Convention (RNC) next week.

Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) will close down most campus activity next week out of concern that rioting outside the RNC may spill over onto their campus five miles away.

Some students, however, think the closure is really a response to their concerns about whether students would be safe in an environment with so many police.”

Read the rest at Campus Reform


CNN’s Don Lemon Tries To Steer The Narrative

Sheriff Clarke is having none of it. He tries to make the point that black lives do not matter to the Black Lives Matter movement because they don’t care about the police and they don’t care about the black lives that are taken by other black people. Lemon tries to shut him up and eventually does.

Lemon spouts the moonbat line. Clarke has the law and order line.

From Moonbattery here are the words to Ice T’s 1992 hit, ‘Cop Killer’. The hatred for police has been orchestrated for a long time.
Sheriff Clarke has seen it coming.

Cop killer, yeah!

I got my black shirt on
I got my black gloves on
I got my ski mask on
This sh**’s been too long
I got my twelve gauge sawed off
I got my headlights turned off
I’m ’bout to bust some shots off
I’m ’bout to dust some cops off

I’m a cop killer, better you than me
Cop killer, f*** police brutality!
Cop killer, I know your family’s grieving
(F*** ’em!)
Cop killer, but tonight we get even, ha ha

I got my brain on hype
Tonight’ll be your night
I got this long-assed knife
And your neck looks just right
My adrenaline’s pumpin’
I got my stereo bumpin’
I’m ’bout to kill me somethin’
A pig stopped me for nuthin’!

Cop killer, better you than me
Cop killer, f*** police brutality!
Cop killer, I know your momma’s grieving
(F*** her!)
Cop killer, but tonight we get even, yeah!

Die, die, die, pig, die!

More below the fold…

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Artificial Black Man Tweets Artificial Threat

“If Donald Trump becomes President, you are fooling yourself if you think we’re far from having a coup our own selves,” King tweeted. “I’m dead serious.”

Shaun King

Shaun King

After the failed (and possibly staged) coup in Turkey, Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King took to Twitter and said there will be a coup in the United States if Donald Trump wins the election.”

More at Gateway Pundit


I Agree. Shepard Smith Should Be Fired

Who does he think he is? He picked an argument with former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal because Jindal said, “All lives matter”.

I know. A few people have decided the phrase is a microaggression but listen to the context of the good Governor’s comment. Smith is a news reader, nothing more. As Jindal says we need to get past the point where we can’t say, “All lives matter”.

“Here’s what Shepard Smith said that caused viewers to call for his immediate firing”

Read some of the people who cry for Smith to be fired at Twitchy.


Remember Philandro Castile’s ‘Girlfriend’?

You know, the woman who watched him get shot and then excitedly took videos of the dying man, complete with false commentary? She got her ten minutes of fame.

But Castile’s mother says she got something else.

“#PhilandoCastile’s Mama Is Mad About #LavishReynolds Stealing GoFundMe Cash”

Diamond 'Lavish' Reynolds

Diamond ‘Lavish’ Reynolds

Philando Castile’s mama Valerie Castile is very, very mad that the lying side bitch Lavish Reynolds is claiming a close relationship with her son and taking GoFundMe cash for herself.


Valerie Castile’s account $175,906
Big Sis Allysza’s account $67,598
Lavish Reynolds $51,850
Total $295,354″

From Gotnews


Are The Black Lives Matter Protesters Being Paid To March?

Or are they just black people who are angry because the police are killing them? Tell me what you think. Here are booking pics of the BLM protesters who were arrested in Minneapolis:

BLM (1)



On Sunday evening, St. Paul Police learned one of the officers injured last night had a large concrete block dropped on his head. That officer is now suffering from a spinal fracture.”

From KARE11


Here Is What Happens When You Falsely Accuse Police Of Murder

This follows as surely as wet follows rain. Hateful politicians accuse police officers of wrongdoing in the death of Freddy Gray. Police stop patrolling and many quit the force. What happens then is that the criminals take advantage of the lack of policing. Robberies, shootings, and deaths increase.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake and State’s Attorney Mosby decided to charge six cops with the unlawful death of Gray. Juries and judges have been saying that the charges were not warranted. They are finding the officers innocent.

This is how Detroit was destroyed. Baltimore is right at that city’s heels.


Baltimore State's Attorney  Marilyn Mosby

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

Jermaine Schofield was gunned down in Baltimore on Sunday, one of three murder victims in the city that day. Today, Schofield’s family held a vigil for him.

During the vigil, a gunman fired at attendees. Five were hit. Thankfully, all are expected to survive.

These events are not an aberration. Baltimore has descended into chaos since, in the aftermath of Freddy Gray’s death, the city failed to back its police force.


Meanwhile, Baltimore’s police force is shrinking dramatically. According to Blake Neff of the Daily Caller, at the beginning of 2015, Baltimore had 2,805 police officers. By the end of the year, the force was down to 2,634 officers, a drop of 6.1 percent. In June of this year, there were only 2,445 officers in the force, a decline of 6.8 percent since January.”

More at Powerline Blog

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I Would Have Ignored Her, Too

Precious snowflake doesn’t like the will of the people. She did get a chance to look stupid, though.

“Cambridge academic stages nude protest over Brexit in front of 30 economists during faculty meeting”

“Victoria Bateman has ‘Brexit leaves Britain naked’ written across her body”

Princess Leia she ain't

Princess Leia she ain’t

Victoria Bateman, a fellow in economics at Cambridge University, arrived at the meeting on Wednesday with the words “Brexit leaves Britain naked” written across her stomach and breasts.

Ms Bateman reportedly sat through the two-hour meeting, in which 30 other economists were discussing teaching material and courses at Cambridge University’s Faculty of Economics, without anyone mentioning her lack of clothing.”

More at the UK Independent


‘Educated’ Nut Calls For Killing NRA Employees

From Campus Reform:

“James Pearce wrote a Facebook post on June 13 calling on other “anti-gun types” to “storm the NRA headquarters” and “make sure there are no survivors.”


An adjunct professor at Southern State Community College (SSCC) in Ohio is under investigation for threatening to shoot up the NRA.”

Yup.  Looks scary.

Yup. Looks scary.

More here


Whew! That Explosion In NYC’s Central Park Was Not An IED

According to city officials it was a ‘Homemade Explosive’ made of fireworks.

“Man injured by homemade explosive in Central Park”

ied firework deblasio

Now, we all know just how easy it is to make a package of Black Cats blow up. All you have to do is step on them… Right?

No. Wrong. In order to get fireworks or anything else to blow up and amputate someone’s foot, there has to be some form of pressure-sensitive trigger that will cause it all to ignite at once. Whether the device was an improvised explosive device, commonly called an IED, or a ‘Homemade Explosive’ makes no difference. It was rigged to explode when it was stepped on. That makes it a weapon of war.

Hizzoner, NYC’s Mayor DeBlasio, is trying to tell the citizens this was all an accident when it was an attack. He’s lying = but that’s what he does.

Emergency personnel carry a man wounded in an explosion in Central Park. (Source: WABC via CNN)

Emergency personnel carry a man wounded in an explosion in Central Park. (Source: WABC via CNN)

Interestingly, the bomb went off just a short distance from where the funeral of Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel was being held. Wiesel was a Jew who dedicated his life to uncovering Nazi officers after World War II.

Read more at Fox 8 Live


How Brexit Vote Has Scrambled Obama’s Version Of Reality

“Seeking post-Brexit calm, Obama walks back UK trade warning”

Said to be the smartest man in the world

Said to be the smartest man in the world

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is backtracking on his warning that Britain would go to the “back of the queue” for a U.S. trade deal, as he tries to contain the fallout of the U.K.’s decision to leave the European Union.

The shift in tone illustrates how Britain’s vote has abruptly scrambled Obama’s reality. Where the president had tried to encourage the U.K. not to rashly abandon the European bloc, he now must reassure Britain that its decision to do so won’t mean its demise. His priority of locking in trade deals before leaving office now becomes a distant second, behind the more urgent task of restoring confidence in the financial markets and in Europe’s future.”

From here

BTW, here’s a good story. It gives a little insight into why Britons wanted out of the EU. It goes along with stories about the EU dictating that cucumbers and bananas must not be too curved.

“That Time the European Union Tried to Ban Cinnamon Buns”



I Guess I’d Shut Down And Lock The Doors

Just another way to drive job-creating businesses out.

Los Angeles seems to be competing with San Francisco for moonbattiness.

“LA City Hall panel backs fining companies for asking applicants about past crimes”

app for employment

Businesses that ask a job applicant about his or her criminal history during the hiring process could be fined and forced to pay the applicant up to $500 under a new law being considered by city leaders.

A Los Angeles City Council committee backed a plan Tuesday to penalize businesses that weed out applicants based on criminal convictions.

The rules are part of a law under consideration by the council aimed at giving former convicts a better shot at obtaining employment.

The Ban the Box ordinance, approved in concept last year by the council, bans private employers with 10 or more workers from asking questions related to an applicant’s criminal history before a conditional offer of employment has been made.”

More at the LA Daily News

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What Happens To Trouble Makers In Real Life?

This snowflake calls this a proposal even though it was a petition with signatures. That might work on campus where academics are afraid of you but not in industry where there are hundreds more in line behind you.

I’d have handled it in much the same way.

“I was fired from my internship for writing a proposal for a more flexible dress code”

This does not meet the company's dress code

This does not meet the company’s dress code

I was able to get a summer internship at a company that does work in the industry I want to work in after I graduate. Even though the division I was hired to work in doesn’t deal with clients or customers, there still was a very strict dress code. I felt the dress code was overly strict but I wasn’t going to say anything, until I noticed one of the workers always wore flat shoes that were made from a fabric other than leather, or running shoes, even though both of these things were contrary to the dress code.

I spoke with my manager about being allowed some leeway under the dress code and was told this was not possible, despite the other person being allowed to do it. I soon found out that many of the other interns felt the same way, and the ones who asked their managers about it were told the same thing as me. We decided to write a proposal stating why we should be allowed someone leeway under the dress code. We accompanied the proposal with a petition, signed by all of the interns (except for one who declined to sign it) and gave it to our managers to consider. Our proposal requested that we also be allowed to wear running shoes and non leather flats, as well as sandals (not flip-flops though) and other non-dress shoes that would fit under a more business casual dress code. It was mostly about the footwear, but we also incorporated a request that we not have to wear suits and/or blazers in favor of a more casual, but still professional dress code.

The next day, all of us who signed the petition were called into a meeting where we thought our proposal would be discussed. Instead, we were informed that due to our “unprofessional” behavior, we were being let go from our internships. We were told to hand in our ID badges and to gather our things and leave the property ASAP.”

Read the rest at Ask A Manager


Angela Merkel Says Britain Must Accept Refugees

It has been said that Britons voted to leave the European Union because they did not want their country to be inundated by middle-eastern ‘Immigrants’ who are almost all young men, are refusing to assimilate into European culture, and are committing crimes against Europeans. Chancellor Merkel here makes it plain that Britain must accept the mandated immigration or face being prohibited from doing business with EU countries.

“Merkel: UK cannot keep EU privileges”

Angela Merkel speaks in the German Parliament Credit: RTV

Angela Merkel speaks in the German Parliament Credit: RTV

Ms. Merkel is threatening the UK. She says they must follow the lead of Norway:

Angela Merkel has said that the UK cannot “cherry pick” the terms of Brexit – if a country decides to leave the EU it cannot keep its privileges, the German Chancellor said.

This, Ms Merkel said, would mean that for access to the free market, the EU’s basic values must be adhered to.

Ms Merkel cited Norway as an example. While not a member of the EU, Norway has access to the free market because it accepts the free movement of people.”

From ITV News


Know Any Feminists? Ask Them This Question…

‘Why don’t western feminists fight for Muslim women?’

Better yet, have them watch this video from Ayaan Hirsi Ali for Prager University. In it Ali explains the differences between how western culture treats women and how they are treated under Sharia. She also describes the excuses given by western feminists when asked why they ignore the plight of Muslim women.

Ali grew up a Muslim. She knows Sharia. She has a pretty strong accent which sometimes makes her a bit hard to understand but the Prager U people have helpfully provided everything she says in printed form so you will miss nothing.

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‘An Inconvenient Truth’

One of the things that leftists use to acquire power over their subjects is fear. They can make people afraid of Jews as the Nazis did in the 1930’s and 40’s. Muslims are doing it today. They have tried to cause fear among the populace, and especially the young, by warning that the increases in world population are unsustainable. We will eventually run out of food and people will starve.

More recently they have told us that the world is getting warmer and it is our fault for embracing technology and assembly lines and for heating our homes. The guilt they sell is supposed to make us accept the increased controls they intend to place on our lives and the wasting of our money to install solar farms and wind generator farms.

In order to pull this off they must have something they can point to and say, “See? It’s happening.” The actual temperature records won’t support their claims of warming so the data must be ‘Adjusted’ to make it appear that they do.

It’s all a sham. The world is cooling.

This has been going on across the western world. The elites have been consolidating their control. The people are rejecting them. It’s the reason we have Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders appealing to so many Americans. It’s the reason for the Brexit vote in Britain.

“To The Horror Of Global Warming Alarmists, Global Cooling Is Here”

cold weather ahead

At first the current stall out of global warming was due to the ocean cycles turning back to cold. But something much more ominous has developed over this period. Sunspots run in 11 year short term cycles, with longer cyclical trends of 90 and even 200 years. The number of sunspots declined substantially in the last 11 year cycle, after flattening out over the previous 20 years. But in the current cycle, sunspot activity has collapsed. NASA’s Science News report for January 8, 2013 states,

“Indeed, the sun could be on the threshold of a mini-Maunder event right now. Ongoing Solar Cycle 24 [the current short term 11 year cycle] is the weakest in more than 50 years. Moreover, there is (controversial) evidence of a long-term weakening trend in the magnetic field strength of sunspots. Matt Penn and William Livingston of the National Solar Observatory predict that by the time Solar Cycle 25 arrives, magnetic fields on the sun will be so weak that few if any sunspots will be formed. Independent lines of research involving helioseismology and surface polar fields tend to support their conclusion.”

That is even more significant because NASA’s climate science has been controlled for years by global warming hysteric James Hansen, who recently announced his retirement.”

Read it all at Forbes

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Once Again Democrats Choose The Side Opposing Civil Rights

Throughout American History Democrats have opposed civil rights. They were the people who supported slavery. The Republican party was formed to fight it. After slavery was abolished they continued to teach their children that blacks were sub-human. They passed laws embracing the notions that black people should be segregated from whites.

Democrats have been the party of gun control, passing laws and regulations restricting your God-given right that is further guaranteed in the Bill Of Rights of the US Constitution. Recently they threw a tantrum on the floor of the House of Representatives because their demands that people placed on a no-fly list be prohibited from buying a gun. They had no proposal to allow due process for anyone finding themselves on such a list. They envisioned the list growing until everyone on the right was included on it.



“Professors investigated for presenting opposing viewpoints”

The University of Northern Colorado charges good money for wasting student’s time. Checking the costs there I found this page which explains how much it costs for a year’s ‘Education’ there. With the kind of attitude that prevails at UNC the students are not being educated. Rather they are being indoctrinated. Only one viewpoint is allowed. Professors are forbidden from discussing alternative viewpoints.

unc tuitions and fees

“Two professors at the University of Northern Colorado were investigated after students complained that they were forced to hear opposing viewpoints.”

"Coexist, baby"

“Coexist, baby”

The complaints were made to Northern Colorado’s “Bias Response Team,” an Orwellian office on campus that asks students to report their peers and professors for anything that upsets or offends them. When the news outlet Heat Street made an open records request for some of the complaints, it discovered that two students had become so upset about having to hear an opinion they disagreed with they filed reports with school administrators.

And rather than telling the students to buck up because they might hear those opinions outside of college or on the news or in the media, the schools told the professors to stop teaching that there’s an alternate viewpoint.”

More at the Washington Examiner

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House Democrats Don’t Like It When You Say, “No”

“Democrats Stage Gun Control Sit-In on House Floor”

What do you think?  Six years old?

What do you think? Six years old?

The U.S. House of Representatives finally adjourned until July 5 after sit-in protests by Democrats halted business in the chamber for more than 17 hours.

Despite the decision to end the legislative session, more than a dozen Democratic members, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., were still protesting on the House floor as of this morning. It’s unclear exactly how Democrats will proceed with their efforts to bring up a vote on gun control.

The unprecedented demonstration, which was broadcast live through C-SPAN and social media across the country, started Wednesday morning and ended early this morning.”

Some of the children.

Some of the children.

ABC News


Well, If They Can Erase Obama’s Life History…

… They should be able to pull this off.

Why would they want to do this? There must be a reason. Don’t they want Americans to be able to identify the enemy?

“The White House has endorsed a plan to suppress ISIS images on the web”


This is what ISIS has been doing

This is what ISIS has been doing

If you could search out the beheading videos, or the picture of the ISIS fighter all in black carrying the Daesh flag across the sands of Syria, if you could do it with video and audio, you’d be doing something big,” said Mark Wallace, chief executive of the Counter Extremism Project (CEP), a nonpartisan policy group. “I believe it’s a game-changer.”

The White House has signaled its support. “We welcome the launch of initiatives such as the Counter Extremism Project’s National Office for Reporting Extremism (NORex) that enables companies to address terrorist activity on their platforms and better respond to the threat posed by terrorists’ activities online,” said Lisa Monaco, President Obama’s assistant for homeland security and counterterrorism.”

From Hot Air

More at the Washington Post


“Get Out Of Chicago”

This is from Karl Denninger at Market Ticker. It’s no longer just the south and west sides that are being destroyed.

“The Death of Chicago”


A robbery crew targeted people along the Lakefront Path near Belmont Harbor yesterday afternoon—repeatedly tossing bikes in front of oncoming bicyclists in an effort to knock people down so they could be robbed according to multiple witnesses and one known victim.


Why would anyone continue to live in such a ****hole? Why does anyone put up with the wildings on Michigan Avenue, assaults near North Avenue on the beach, problems at Navy Pier and now, it appears, the inability to ride a bike worth more than $100 on the Lakefront path — unless you want to be assaulted and robbed.

Time to leave folks, if you’re one of the producers, and let the city implode into a writhing mass of dependency, rot, ruin and crime.”

How did this happen? How did the north side become so violent? Heather MacDonald, writing for the Wall Street Journal tells us.

Someone was shot in Chicago every 150 minutes during the first five months of 2016. Someone was murdered every 14 hours, and the city saw nearly 1,400 nonfatal shootings and 240 fatalities from gunfire.


The growing mayhem is the result of Chicago police officers’ withdrawing from proactive enforcement, making the city a dramatic example of what I have called the Ferguson effect. Since the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., in August 2014, the conceit that American policing is lethally racist has dominated media and political discourse, from the White House on down. Cops in minority neighborhoods in Chicago and other cities have responded by backing away from pedestrian stops and public-order policing; criminals are flourishing in the vacuum.”

The police are staying in their cars and leaving the criminals alone.

On Jan. 1 the department rolled out a new form for documenting investigatory stops to meet ACLU demands. The new form, called a contact card, was two pages long, with 70 fields of information to be filled out. This template dwarfs even arrest reports and takes at least 30 minutes to complete. Every card goes to the ACLU for review.

The arrangement had the intended deterrent effect: Police stops dropped nearly 90% in the first quarter of 2016.”

It sounds like Denninger is right. If you live in the Chicago area it’s time to get out – for the safety of you and your family.


Senator Feinstein Explains How To Get Off A Terror Watchlist

It’s really rather simple. Americans must, “Prove their innocence and petition to be removed.” It’s exactly as we feared. She and the rest of the Democrats want some bureaucrat to decide which names go on the list. Then they will design a mechanism that instructs the list maker to pursue people on the right. They will also include a small mechanism for getting off. It will require you prove you are not a terrorist in training and the process, if successful, will take years.