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The Progressive Murder Fantasy Is Everywhere

“University of Georgia Socialist Group Under Police Investigation After Calling for Beheading Republicans”

A student group at the University of Georgia is facing a police investigation after saying on Twitter that Republicans should be “guillotined.”

Responding to a story about a professor at the Art Institute of Washington who allegedly claimed that House Republicans should be “lined up and shot,” the Young Democratic Socialists at the University of Georgia reportedly tweeted that the Republican members of the House should instead be “guillotined.”

Called on it, the head of the group says it was all a joke. He should. This kind of ‘Jest’ will catch the attention of the Secret Service.

David Littmann, the founder of the Young Democratic Socialists chapter at the University of Georgia who graduated in 2016, claimed that the tweet was made in jest.”

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Are You Triggered Yet?

Irish wonders if this song would be considered racist today.

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CBS’s Scott Pelley, Others Blame Republicans For Alexandria Attack

The perpetrator in the shooting at the baseball practice was a hard-left Bernie Sanders supporter who clearly wanted to kill Republicans. A favorite tactic of those on the left is to stir up violence and then blame it on the right. They see nothing wrong with this kind of lying. Anything, no matter how vile, may be used against their enemies.

Pelley cherry picks his examples of violence, leaving out the vastly more numerous attacks by leftists.

“Scott Pelley: D.C. Attack on Congressmen Was ‘to Some Degree Self-Inflicted'”

It’s clear from Pelley’s subsequent commentary that his answers to all three elements are “Yes.” It’s equally clear from the examples he supplied as support that he sees (or wants viewers to see) the problem as predominantly about the conduct of those on the right.”

More here

Also, on CNN, the former Editor of the New York Times, Jill Abramson says the violence we are seeing is the product of Republican rage:

“Former NYT Editor: Republican “Rage Machine” Responsible For Current Political Climate”

Abramson put the blame on Republicans for the divisive political climate and accused them of “benefiting from a kind of rage machine that operates in this country.”

There is something twisted in Abramson’s visage.

More at Legal Insurrection


A Course In Leftism.

This is interesting. The inability to accept an opinion that differs is on display. So, too, are Prospective ‘Enforcers’. The man holding the sign that reads, “Queers For Muslims”, seems to have pissed his pants.


James Woods Posts Bernie Video On Twitter, ” Republicans Are On Defensive, Keep Fighting”.

“For those of you who haven’t taken action yet, we need your action… Only when millions show up can we create the revolution that will turn this country around.”

If Bernie doesn’t think this will incite the crazies into violence he is a fool. But we knew he’s a fool. That’s the only was one can embrace socialism.

Watch it here

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This Is Not How You Calm The Crazies

“‘Hunt’ Republicans, says Union County Democrat in response to shooting”

Democrat operative James Devine

RAHWAY — A longtime Democratic operative from Union County has responded to the Wednesday shooting of a congressman by calling for a “hunt” of Republicans.

James Devine posted several messages on Facebook and Twitter following the Alexandra, Virginia, shooting of U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise and several others by a gunman with a history of violence and of making online rantings against Republican officials and their policies.

“We are in a war with selfish, foolish & narcissistic rich people. Why is it a shock when things turn violent?” Devine posted on social media, ending the message with the hashtag: #HuntRepublicanCongressmen”

Read more here

Related: “Extremism Experts Warn: There’s ‘Something Coalescing On The Hard Left'”

Read it at the Daily Wire

Also this:

“This List Of Attacks Against Conservatives Is Mind Blowing”

The Daily Caller

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The Crazy Is Strong In The Leftist Media

This is beginning to look like a celebration. The only thing that prevents a full-scale house party is that none of the Republicans were killed.

Watch for the media sycophants to double down on their hate of anything and everything Republican.

“Progressive Writers Agree: Those Republicans Deserved To Get Shot”

This guy writes for Huffington Post. He previously published an article saying that Trump opponents were morally justified in wanting to commit violence against him:

He thinks it was just not well enough organized:

There’s lots more here

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What Is The Difference Between Socialism And Democratic Socialism?

Nothing. It’s a sophistry designed by supporters of Bernie Sanders to allow them to lie to and through the media to other Americans. It’s designed to make everyone think that Sanders and his supporters do not support the violence against others that is the hallmark of Socialism.

As we see today Socialism is a mental disorder. A man from Illinois who believed in Socialism and its natural violence traveled a thousand miles to attempt to kill people who are not Socialists. He was a great fan of Democratic Socialist Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

I blame many on the left for creating the monster who perpetrated this attack. I blame Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. Obama especially, because he fostered the divide between Americans. He did this between whites and people of color. He did it between the left and the right. When leftists rioted, damaged property, and hurt people he sent people from his Justice Department to train the rioters. I blame those who have called for violence; people like Louis Farrakhan, leaders of the New Black Panthers, University teachers and administration who taught our young people to hate, to be angry, and to act out violently. I blame those who gave in to the childish demands of studens and further emboldened them.

I blame many, many in media who have quoted the violent, race-charged rhetoric of the far left, silenced people who thought otherwise, highlighted regular Americans who acted in self defense, calling the murderers, and refused to cover people from the left who acted violently. I blame apologists who refuse to see violence for what it is and who imagine violence where there is none.


NSFW – Language And Lots Of It

Portland man dressed as a woman acts like a man – full of testosterone – and succeeds in picking a fight with a black man. After throwing the first punch he gets his butt kicked and starts acting like a girl. Wants it both ways.

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Illinois Is In Terrible Financial Shape And The Proposed Solution Is More Democrats

Illinois’ economy is controlled by the political machine in Chicago. It has been for a very long time. The Democrats in Second City have spent money like no other city in the country.

The headline of the article, below, is deceiving. It promises to tell how Illinois became a failed state but the article doesn’t tell us how. Instead it an indictment of Illinois’ Republican Governor.

“How Illinois became America’s failed state”

Democrats have flooded the primary to challenge GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner. | Getty

Illinois has compiled $14.6 billion in unpaid bills. It’s running a deficit of $6 billion and its pension liability has soared to $130 billion.

That’s not the worst of it. The state’s nearly two-year failure to pass a budget has sent its bond ratings careening toward junk level, downgraded a staggering eight notches below most other states.


Democrats have flooded the primary to challenge GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner, with billionaire J.B. Pritzker among them. Pritzker has already poured $14 million into his campaign for a general election that’s still 15 months away.”

More at Politico

Related: “FBI Wiretap Reveals J.B. Pritzker’s Corrupt Dealings with Rod Blagojevich”

Pritzker, Blagojevich

From here

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No One Knows How Much Data Pakistani IT Brothers Stole From Democrats

But they do know that they stole from them. Foolish Democrats hired them and trusted them.

We reported on these brothers some time ago.

“Awan Brothers Scandal Creates Fears About Scope Of Data Leak”

Imran Awan with Bill Clinton / Facebook

Over the past few months, the story of the Awan brothers has been largely ignored by mainstream media. However, the brothers Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan are at the center of a criminal investigation by U.S. Capital Hill Police. The Awan brothers were Pakistani IT specialists, whom worked for more than 30 house and senate democrats, as well as Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The substantial scandal has raised questions about who may have been passed data which the Awans had access to, given Pakistan’s history of collaborating with a number of foreign countries who have demonstrated past willingness to influence U.S. politics.


One bombshell that has been all but ignored by the main stream media is that Imran Awan had access to Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s iPad password, meaning that the brothers also had direct access to the notorious DNC emails.

The brothers are accused of removing hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment from congressional offices, including computers and servers, while also running a procurement scheme in which they bought equipment, then overcharged the House administrative office that assigns such contractors to members.

Some congressional technology aides believe that the Awan’s are blackmailing representatives based on the contents of their emails and files, due to the fact that these representatives have displayed unwavering and intense loyalty towards the former aides.”

More at Zero Hedge

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What’s Up With The University Of Iowa?

First story:

“Prof: ‘white marble’ in artwork contributes to white supremacy”

Prof. Sarah Bond

A University of Iowa professor recently argued that appreciation of “white marble” used in classical artwork contributes to “white supremacist ideas today.”

Professor Sarah Bond demonstrates in an article published in Hyperallergic that “many of the statues, reliefs, and sarcophagi created in the ancient Western world were in fact painted,” meaning the “white marble” often seen in such pieces of art were intended to be colored.”

From Campus Reform

Second story:

They have this:“Pediatric Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) Clinic”

Pediatric? Doesn’t that mean young children are involved?

University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital is home to Iowa’s only pediatric lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning (LBGTQ) clinic. This specialized clinic is staffed by a pediatric endocrinologist – a doctor who works with the system that produces hormones – as well as a family medicine doctor.”

From the University of Iowa’s children’s website


After Comey Will The Media Notice The Way The Story Has Changed?


Artificial Black Man Shaun King Wastes A Tweet

Shaun King is a white man who thinks he is a black man.

Shaun King

Like a few other people he seems to believe it gives him some kind of advantage to play this role.

Any way, he is upset that Colin Kaepernick is not being picked up by an NFL team. He says it’s because of racism. That is hard to believe. Most NFL players are minorities after all.

King might take note. No one in the world cares what his television watching preferences are.

He even wasted a bunch of pixels writing about this inanity at the New York Daily News.


Megyn Kelly Blows It

She moderated a discussion in Saint Petersburg for NBC News that included Vladimir Putin. Afterwards NBC tweeted the results but had to correct it because it completely misrepresented what Putin said.

Brit Hume from Fox News had a one-word response.

Also not reported correctly by NBC was Putin’s reaction to Kelly’s obsession about Trump/Putin collusion:

“Putin to Megyn Kelly: ‘Are You Completely Out of Your Mind?’ Suggests She Medicate For Her Trump-Russia Obsession”

There is video at the link


The First Of The NSA Leakers Has Been Arrested

Her name is Reality Leigh Winner. I wonder if Winner is an anglicanized version of the Germanic ‘Weiner’. They could be related.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper admired her work

Image from here

The Daily Caller reports she is a Bernie Sanders supporter who was ‘Resisting Trump’. That article and others show that she also likes to take ‘Selfies’ and post them. Another article in the Daily Caller notes that she hated being white:“NSA Leaker: ‘Being White Is Terrorism’”

Interestingly, Errata Security explains just how she was discovered.

Today, The Intercept released documents on election tampering from an NSA leaker. Later, the arrest warrant request for an NSA contractor named “Reality Winner” was published, showing how they tracked her down because she had printed out the documents and sent them to The Intercept. The document posted by the Intercept isn’t the original PDF file, but a PDF containing the pictures of the printed version that was then later scanned in.

The problem is that most new printers print nearly invisibly yellow dots that track down exactly when and where documents, any document, is printed. Because the NSA logs all printing jobs on its printers, it can use this to match up precisely who printed the document.

In this post, I show how.”

You see, she thought she was smart. Rather than emailing the documents from government computers, where she knew there would be a trail, she printed them on a government printer and sent them out via US Mail. She didn’t know that there is a code on all printed materials that identifies the printer that was used. She knows now – and so do we.


Portland OR Antifa Goons Take Violence To New Level

There was a rally in Portland and Antifa leftists tried to stop it. Last time they tried to do it they were beaten back by the other side. This time the goons decided they wouldn’t lose. They brought some serious weapons with them.

“Portland Police Confiscate DYNAMITE, Brass Knuckles, Knives and Sticks from Leftists at Violent Antifa Protest”

From here


Bureaucracy Protecting Clinton Again

“NSA Won’t Release Clinton/Lynch Tarmac Tape – Claims “National Security”

A citizen researcher from Florida is attempting to have the recording of the infamous Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch tarmac tape released to the public, but apparently, the National Security Agency claims they won’t release it due to “national security.”


It’s being reported now that the NSA has declared the recording of the conversation that took place between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch in Phoenix, Arizona on June 27, 2016.”

More here


Canadians Are Objecting To Spending Taxpayer Money On A Giant Rubber Duck

“‘What the duck?!’: Cost of giant rubber duck that’s coming to Brockville under fire”

A giant rubber duck coming to Brockville this summer as part of the Ontario government’s celebrations of Canada’s 150th anniversary has taxpayers taking a bath, says a provincial politician.

Ontario PC MPP Vic Fedeli said the $200,000 duck tour – more than half of it covered by Ontario – is a sure sign of a government with “messed up” priorities.

“I cannot imagine what the rubber duck’s connection is to the 150th,” Fedeli said. “They’re laying off frontline health-care workers right across Ontario … They can’t find money for alternative level of care beds, but they can find $200,000 for some kind of a duck promo?”

More here

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An Invitation To The Michael Moores Of The Country

Oh, boy. If we could get people like Michael Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, Cher, and Bernie Sanders to relocate to France it would make life in these United States much more pleasant.

“Macron invites Americans to flee to France after Trump chooses to exit Paris agreement”

French President Emmanuel Macron offered Americans a “second homeland” in France to help “make our planet great again,” a clear jab against President Trump after he announced that his administration will reject the Paris climate agreement.

In a short video posted online Thursday, Macron said that while he respects Trump’s decision, it was a “mistake” for the U.S. to exit the international accord.

“Tonight, I wish to tell the United States: France believes in you. The world believes in you. I know that you are a great nation,” Macron said.

He called on certain types, like scientists and “responsible citizens” who were disappointed by Trump’s announcement, to come to France.

“I call on them. Come and work here with us. To work together on concrete solutions for our kind, our environment. I can assure you France will not give up the fight,” Macron said.”

From the Washington Examiner


“S&P, Moodys Cut Illinois To Near Junk, Lowest Ever Rating For A U.S. State”

You can bet the Einsteins that run the state will expect a bailout from Washington.

The monetary problems plaguing the state of Illinois (not to mention its public pensions) have been widely documented here over the past few years, and today the rating agencies finally noticed, when in the span of a few hours, first S&P, then Moody’s downgraded Illinois to BB+/Baa3, respectively, both just one notch above junk, the lowest rating ever given to a U.S. state, as both agencies cited a long-running political stalemate over a budget shows no signs of ending.”

More at Zero Hedge

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“No one noticed the collusion conspiracy theory just ‘blew up,’”

That is a quote from National Review’s Andrew McCarthy. He says the left is accusing Jared Kushner of trying to set up what they have been saying already exists: Collusion between Trump and the Kremlin.

National Review’s Andrew McCarthy said that the WaPo story claiming Jared Kushner requested a Russian back-channel actually destroyed the conspiracy theory about collusion with the Trump campaign. Image Source: YouTube screenshot.

There’s no there there as far as the collusion conspiracy is concerned,” McCarthy answered.

“But I think the thing that happened this weekend that is really important that people missed because they’re so giddy about this story about Kushner, is that it blew up the collusion conspiracy,” he explained, “because if there had actually been a collusion conspiracy, there would already be back channels to Russia.”

More at The Blaze

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Illinois Is Pushing People To Leave

Really. They can’t keep taxing the productive and expect them to stay. The state is run by short-sighted Democrats. They don’t care about how their decisions will affect the future.

“Illinois’s ‘Privilege Tax’ Proposal Forgets Citizens’ Right to Leave”

“The state can’t even pass a budget, but it wants to put a new 20% levy on fees to financial professionals.”

Chicago is becoming Detroit

Proponents here call it the “privilege tax.” In their continuing quest to punish the productive areas of the economy, liberal groups are pushing legislation in blue states that will force finance professionals to pay up—or move out.

The Illinois bill would put a 20% levy on fees earned by investment advisers. It passed the state Senate in a 32-24 vote Tuesday, and backers are hoping to get it through the House before the legislative session ends May 31.

The new tax is pitched as a way to squeeze more revenue—as much as $1.7 billion a year—from hedge funds and private-equity firms, which purportedly get off easy on their federal taxes because of the “carried interest loophole.” But under the current version of the bill, Illinois would keep collecting the privilege tax even if Congress were to cease taxing carried interest at the lower capital-gains rate.”

More at the Wall Street Journal


Surprise! Another Experiment Into Socialism Fails

Is Anyone surprised?

Lentil as Anything Forced to Close

The pay-what-you-can-afford Footscray venue didn’t collect sufficient donations.

Lentil as Anything’s Footscray outpost has been forced to close.

Despite a Go Fund Me campaign that raised $5000, the restaurant was forced to close on May 19.

Like Lentil’s other locations in Melbourne and Sydney, the restaurant used a pay-what-you-feel system that, while providing a lifeline to those struggling economically, also left the business open to exploitation.

Speaking to Broadsheet in March, the venue’s Footscray manager Renae Greer Burt said despite the good will promoted by the restaurant, “The food isn’t free, we’re exchanging it for a contribution of some sort.”

From Broadsheet Australia


Kathy Griffin Needs Attention

This is the same woman who stripped down to her underwear during live CNN coverage of New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Now she has found a mask of Donald Trump, doused it in fake blood, and posed with it as if she had beheaded him.

P.J. O’Rourke was right:

Update: “Secret Service Now Looking Into Kathy Griffin…”

From here