SE Cupp and Van Jones go head to head on gun control

In a discussion about how an Atlanta school bookkeeper talked down a teenager with an AK-47 who had dedicated himself to shooting up the Georgia school, Jones and Cupp were asked to weigh in on the debate over whether to arm school teachers.

“When I go to a college campus, I can’t bring my gun,” Cupp began in a defense of the right to bring a gun onto a college or high school campus. “And we wonder why we have so many rapes and sexual assaults, because we are disarming people that would orderly be allowed to carry guns to protect themselves.”

She said that “gun-free zones” are putting people in danger.

“I don’t understand no why we’re not wanting to talk about these sort of exotic ideas of arming teachers and that kind of stuff, when we still haven’t done what the law enforcement community is saying, which is to tighten up the background checks,” Jones countered.

Cupp replied that no one disagrees that dangerous people or convicted felons should not have access to guns. “The problem with this argument is always the same: criminals do not submit to background checks,” she shot back.

“This gun control that you all talk about as a salve for things like this is a fantasy,” Cupp added. “It’s delusional.”

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One Response to SE Cupp and Van Jones go head to head on gun control

  1. James says:

    Notice Van Jones never suggests that schools hire security consultants to instruct them when to lock doors, change their habits, and develop emergency plans.