A Moonbat Mom Freaks Out Because Her Little Boy Plays With GUNS!

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I Never Thought My Son Would Play With Guns

By Vered Benhorin

What happened to my gentle little boy who would cradle his dolls if they happened to fall on the ground? Where is the boy who would never consider the possibility of intentionally hurting another? And where did this one, who pretends to shoot others, come from? “My son will never do that,” I used to say.

Guns first showed up last year. Amidst his love affair with Mary Poppins and Annie, he also started asking about weapons. He wanted me to cut a gun out of cardboard so he could take it to school. Mortified, I imagined his teachers’ reactions when they saw it.

We talked about how guns are best used for protection, only by those whose job it is to protect — the police, the army. I told myself that he was interested in guns in the same way he was interested in a policeman’s pad, handcuffs and hat — fun tools of the trade.

My own associations to guns and violence are not the same as my son’s. At just the mention of guns, I feel a wave of sadness and despondence. I think about school shootings, accidental shootings in homes with guns, and wars.”

Must not be a dad in the picture. This woman is trying to raise her boy to be a girl.

And she claims to be a therapist. Anyone getting advice from her is getting robbed.

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9 Responses to A Moonbat Mom Freaks Out Because Her Little Boy Plays With GUNS!

  1. Ray Davies says:

    Damned near sounds like my daughter. What’s that sharp,pointy thing the kid has. Oh Well, the grandson is starting to understand “Some things we don’t tell Mom.”

  2. Frank in Texas says:

    My wife would never let our oldest grandson play with toy guns or anything shaped like guns, even though I told her it was natural for little boys to want to play with them. He is now 15 years old, has a pellet rifle and is a great shot with it. I have hope that he will turn out to be a normal boy despite his early years being deprived of guns.

  3. DocO says:

    All during my early childhood my favorite game was “War”. Running around with plastic military looking guns and making machine gun sounds as I triumphantly cried “I Got You!!!”.

    As a young man I learned war wasn’t a game.

    I also learned about the horrors that man can perpetuate against man, (the Holocaust, the Holodomor, the Great Leap Forward, the Killing Fields, etc.)

    I know that War is not THE answer, but sometimes it is the least bad answer.

    I also never went on a killing rampage as a result of my early exposure to playing with guns. I’ve never fantasized about shooting someone I was angry at.

    • notamobster says:

      Doc – we played war too. Spent many years killing Russians in the woods. Of course when you were a kid, you would have been killing red coats? Or was it rebels?


  4. dukkaA says:

    This is my next door neighbor. Our home is kid central in the neighborhood. I have neighbor kids in my house all the time….especially in the summer. I carry uber supplies of popsicles just keep up with the traffic. My moonbat neighbor has forbid her grandchild from stepping foot near our home because I have secured guns, a gas guzzling 69 carbon foot print Camaro, beer in my refrig, a ferocious shit-zu, and a cat that shits in her garden. Her granddaughter is almost 12 and still cannot ride a bike. Enough said.

    • reboot says:

      You can move into my neighborhood, well, if you like Guam. hehehe…..

  5. Siborg says:

    Being armed is the only true badge of liberty.

    I have an inalienable right to be armed. For hunting and protection against animals and humans that might do me harm.

    The most weak and cowardly among us believe in a government monopoly on force. They often claim individuals attempting to defend themselves are somehow engaging in ‘bizarre’ behavior. The depths of their psychosis and irrational need of a nanny state and helpless citizenry is more disturbing than any other form of danger I know.

    There are conservatively 50 million guns in the Commonwealth of Kentucky alone. Hundreds of millions nationwide. The tragedies that do occur(have remained average over last 34 years) are almost always occurring in ‘gun free’ zones, where the victims are guaranteed to be disarmed and helpless. Even liberal academia admits that states with concealed carry have less violent crime. Cities with gun bans are notoriously the most dangerous of all.

    This woman is a petty, authoritarian whether she realizes it or not(I’m sure she would deny this undoubtedly having no understanding of it’s meaning).

    This Republic is being eroded by not only Cultural Marxism = Collectivism but also militarized police totalitarianism. These leftists generally applaud this movement toward an all powerful state(but not all of them).

    The AG E. Holder said that the public “needs to be brainwashed against gun ownership” actual quote. Undermining individualism and the belief in inalienable rights is necessary to progress the nation towards Democratic Socialism and eventually Militant Communism.

    It’s not only sad that there are people as cowardly as her in America, it’s downright terrifying.

  6. reboot says:

    My daughter understands what real guns are, and what they are used for. She also knows where they are and not to touch them.
    She’ll be taught how to use them when she’s older.
    As for playing war? We used to hunt the neighbors 1/2 wolf with bb guns and shoot each other in the orchard. At six years old, I found dad’s stash of 22 rounds, stood on a cement block and was caught dropping a large rock on them to make them blow up. I only took a couple of minor shrapnel wounds to the shins, but it was FUN.

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