The Real Revo Post You Have Been Waiting For!

That’s right, we are finally going to really thrill you with the exact type of hard hitting reading you have been looking for. This is the kind raw, edgy stuff we seek out to share with you. This post is courtesy of ABC News and it is really going to grab your attention.

Now, without further ado, here are 50 Ways to Celebrate Michelle Obama’s birthday.

I have added to the list

    51) Thank Reggie Love for making Barack so much easier to live with.

    52) Celebrate the glorious proletarian revolution and call for the death of the bourgeois swine, imperialist oppressors.

    53) Celebrate “marriage-of-convenience equality.”

    54) Take seven fabulous vacations costing hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next six months.

    55) Pretend you have a vegetable garden you take care of.

    56) Host a “Patrick Ewing in drag” lookalike contest.

    57) Pack your kids’ lunchboxes with kale and parsnips.

    58 ) Heckle a fat kid.

    59) Fawn over the elegance, beauty and toned arms of Aunt Ester from Sanford and Son

    60) Give Han Solo a big high five for being such a good friend and partner.

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9 Responses to The Real Revo Post You Have Been Waiting For!

  1. Otto says:

    Yes, because celebrating First Ladies’ birthdays are very big in America. We always take extra time out from our lives to make sure our Presidents’ wives dates of birth are celebrated with great fanfare. We never miss it.

    No wonder we’re being taken over by freakin’ Mexico. Sheesh.

  2. Bman says:

    61) Fold a flag while rolling your eyes and repeat, “All this for a flag?” over and over.
    62) Empty the septic tank on your RV.
    63) Knit a “Proud of my Country” American quilt.
    64) Organize a neighborhood scowl contest.
    65) Sweat to the oldies.
    66) Wear a disguise and shop at Target.
    67) Play the knock-out game with the Danish prime minister.

  3. DarthJay says:

    68) Scowl, moan, complain and be visibly upset every time your significant other appears to be having even the slightest bit of fun.

    69) Show up at one of your local daycare centers, remove the junk food and replace it with healthy food. Sit in your car in the parking lot and wait until the kids start to leave. Eat the junk food in plain view.

    70) Bring an entire city to a halt so you can have another vacation. You’ve only had 7 this year so far.

  4. DarthJay says:

    71) Demand the attention of Hollywood. Try and have as many big names to your parties as you can. Those who refuse the invitation get audited.

    72) NEVER, EVER, EVER, throw a Tea Party.

  5. Dave J says:

    This hits a bit too hard for me….Bman’s #67 takes the cake.

  6. reboot says:

    73) Inject 4 pounds of botox into each buttocks cheek.

  7. Eddie Willers says:

    I’m liking #60. I’ve wondered what you would get if you shaved a Wookie. Now I know.

  8. R.D. Walker says:

    74) Celebrate by watching six and a half hours of OFA “Get Covered” Obamacare propaganda featuring Richard Simmons.

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