Freaky Friday Night Musical Madness

Here’s a little something to warm your mood on the last Friday Night of January. Our upcoming Friday Night Flight takes us into the most dangerous year of the Cold War. What a wonderful time it was. Here’s some music video from the era to help set the mood for our movie tonight…

Awesome video from an awesome time…

For many, probably most Americans, this is the only version of the Soviet National Anthem they had ever heard as of the 80’s…

Well I’ve got a smile, for everyobne I meet. As long as you don’t try draggin’ my bay or droppin’ the bomb on my Street.

Now come on baby…

There’s a Party at Ground Zero…

The Communards. An exhibit on how to capitalize on the whole Cold War thingee in music video.

We didn’t start the fire. It’s been burnin’ since the world’s been turnin’.

We didn’t ignite it but we tried to fight it…

Is it East -vs- West or Man -vs- Man?

In the Warrior’s Code there’s no Surrender.

Here’s one heck of a prediction and it was made by Jackson Browne in 1983. He said that the USSR would be open soon as vacation land for Lawyers in Love. Given the political persuasion of so many nationally known Lawyers that immediately come to mind, I’m sure that the USSR was definitely their fantasy vacation land.

Here’s a very cool music video made just as the Cold War was coming to an end. Lot’s of historical film/photos/video included.

Russian life was very sad but such was life in Leningrad.

Cold War kids were hard to kill, under their desk in an air raid drill.

Haven’t they heard we won the War? What do they keep on fighting for?

Having lived long enough to get to meet some babes from the former workers paradise, I’m all the more happy that we never incinerated them.

WARNING: The video that follows seems to have a hypnotic effect.

It is my firm belief that if we would have had a Stripper Exchange Program with the Soviet Union that the Cold War would have never gotten so incredibly dangerous at times.

All’s well that ends well, right?

One hour from now we will go back in time to the most dangerous year of the Cold War.

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2 Responses to Freaky Friday Night Musical Madness

  1. reboot says:

    Nice, I thought 99 red balloons one was done by Berlin.

  2. MadBrad says:

    Here’s a Cold War music video.. of sorts. I don’t know what this song is about but it’s full of old Soviet imagery and the musicians are wearing Spetnaz gear. Everybody seems to know the song so it must be some kind of old school patriotic music…