“John McCain Funded By Soros Since 2001”

Yesterday we learned that McCain met with Soros last week in Switzerland.



Now comes this new information:

As Sen. John McCain assumes the GOP front-runner mantle, his long-standing, but little-noticed association with left-wing donors such as George Soros and Teresa Heinz Kerry is receiving new attention among his Republican critics.

In 2001, McCain founded the Alexandria, Va.-based Reform Institute as a vehicle to receive funding from George Soros’ Open Society Institute and Teresa Heinz Kerry’s Tides Foundation and several other prominent non-profit organizations.

McCain used the institute to promote his political agenda and provide compensation to key campaign operatives between elections.”

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Senator McCain has also been censured by the Maricopa county Republicans and the Arizona Republicans for his leftist moves.

As Mrs22 says, “It’s no wonder Obama won in 2008. It will be interesting the hear what Sarah Palin has to say about this”.

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14 Responses to “John McCain Funded By Soros Since 2001”

  1. Otto says:

    I think I had read about him receiving the Devil’s money. I don’t remember where, at any rate I am glad to have it confirmed.

  2. messup says:

    Have to read this for what its worth. It’s all about McCain’s upcoming battle with Arizona Tea Partiers and Conservatives who recognize him and his personal vendetta against everything America, for what it is…A Socialist! See, Arizona GOP censured him this month of January…he gets no support from Arizona Republican Party, period. It is also said he did it in the Hanoi Hilton. This would make him a turn-coat par extraordinaire and seemingly has done it repeatedly in his political career (taking donations from “well heeled” upper income donors, Keating Five, Immigration surveillance companies and-on-and-on-and-on). Here, with Soros, (see, he’s guaranteeing Soros his vote) he is merely “greasing” the skids for his up coming re-election campaign soon to unfurl in his State of Arizona. If he could figure out a way to represent a “BLUE” state while residing in Arizona, John McCain would do it. THIS is a classic example why the 17th Amendment HAS to be repealed…no Senator has the best interest of their State at heart. Once these “SENATORS” hit the hallowed halls of We The Elite People’s culture of corruption in all of WashingtonDC,they’re in it for the “donations”and “get rich quickly as possible,” at the National level. Need proof? Look at McCain’s “Flaky” Jeffery boy buddy and the Immigration Reform Bill both rammed thru the Senate and personally handed it to Speaker Boehner!!!! Vote McCain out of office and his Flaky “buddy,” too! Humm!! Now, We The People ask, was this Immigration flimflammery a Soros ploy? Pray. Amen. God Bless America. Join a Tea Party, urgently.

  3. Roy Ryder says:

    This explains a lot. Might be worthwhile to see what other Republican Senators are also on the payroll.

    • RJ says:

      I’m thinking dozens, he has more money than king midas and is determined to see a one world govt before he cashes in his chips.
      Soros is evil incarnate.

  4. DarthJay says:

    Crooks and liars….nearly every one of them. DC needs the toilet flushed.

  5. notamobster says:

    I don’t have any proof, but I’d be willing to wager that Grahamnesty has his hands out to Soros, as well.

  6. BarbaCat says:

    I have to wonder what the US’d look like today had McCain been elected Pres instead of 0

  7. sortahwitte says:

    Soros looks like that creepy guy darth vader worked for.

  8. ColdWarrior says:

    Watch two progressives defend their fellow progressive over his censure by the AZ GOP committees:

    Timothy did okay under the circumstances, including in his remarks a good overview of what precinct committeemen are, etc.




  9. reboot says:

    GOP front-runner mantle
    For what? A recall, impeachment or a direct vote out in November. They are gearing up to fight his libtard backers.

  10. Doc says:

    Sarah Palin won’t say a WORD. It’s probably NOT that she doesn’t have something to say. It IS however, that she knows better than to poke a stick @ that hornet’s nest. She’s seen it, Firsthand.