Am I a climate change denier?

“Denier”. The left has tagged me with the term that used to be reserved for Nazi apologists who denied the Holocaust. Accusing me of being similar to those cretins probably constitutes fighting words justifying my punching said warmist in the throat.

But I won’t. I am a peaceful man.

I am just going to assume that, like most leftists, the warmists don’t really “get” history and really don’t understand the tie in between Holocaust denial and the the term “climate change denier”. They just figure I am denying what they believe I should hold true and, therefore, I am a denier.

So what is it that I am denying?

Am I denying that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas? Nope. I am not denying that.

Am I denying that humans have released a bunch of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? No, I know that is true.

Am I denying that the global climate changes? Of course not. I am typing this from a location that, in geological time-frames, was just yesterday under a continental glacier. Of course the climate changes.

How about this: I am I denying that there was global warming during the last decades of the 20th century? No. I acknowledge that.

Am I denying that human released CO2 affects the climate? No. It makes sense that it would.

So what in the world am I denying?

  • I am denying that it is certain, or even evident, that human influenced changes in the climate will be catastrophic for mankind.
  • I am denying that there is evidence that trillions of dollars in self-imposed energy austerity today will make the world better tomorrow.
  • I am denying the denials of the left when they claim that climate change alarmism isn’t simply socialism by other means.
  • I am denying the argument that the net effect of a minor increase in global temperatures must be, always and everywhere, negative for life on earth,
  • I am denying the fear mongering, the ┬ápropaganda and the outright lies of the warmist movement.

Human released CO2 is a greenhouse gas, humans are releasing it and it has some effect on the environment. That is where the science ends, however. The scare mongering that comes next isn’t science at all. It is propaganda in the pursuit of an economic and social agenda that has nothing to do with scientific fact.

The real deniers are those who turn their backs on and deny science in the service of politics. The real deniers are the warmists.

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10 Responses to Am I a climate change denier?

  1. dmaul7 says:

    I could’t agree more! Archaeologist’s have found fossils of Plesiosaurs (swimming dinosaurs) on the earth where the current climate is desert, obviously the earth’s climate has changed drastically even without man’s industrial force being born yet.

  2. Raxter54 says:

    As I’ve mentioned before, I believe in climate change. When my Air Force tour in Alaska ended, I flew from the Aleutians to San Francisco. The climate changed, end of story.

    As for CO2 being a green house gas, true dat. But – it is a very weak green house gas whos effect has been greatly exaggerated.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      “it is a very weak green house gas “

      Yep. Every single warmist model depends on “forcing”. Every model also depends on universally positive feedback. CO2 must increase water vapor and the water vapor must cause further warming. It can’t, for example, increase cloud cover.

  3. notamobster says:

    I’m an ideological idiocy denier.

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