Two Related Stories About The Obama administration

First, ‘Does Obama Have Any Foreign Policy Successes?’

Read it here.

At all? Any? Just one?

President Obama hired a Secretary of State who had no relevant experience for the job because he wanted to avoid criticism from her – or even a 2012 challenge – and because he read in a book that Lincoln surrounded himself with rivals.

Then he hired someone who was qualified but who thinks global warming is a bigger threat than terrorists with airplanes or Mullahs with nuclear weapons.

And the results speak for themselves. Let’s take a short trip around the world to see if we can find any foreign policy successes.”

Second there is this: This is not a parody: Obama’s nuclear negotiator pleads with Israel to stop making talks harder

Wendy Sherman
We’ve already established that President Hussein Obama’s chief nuclear negotiator, Wendy Sherman, is an incompetent hack, who is in way over her head.

Now, this complete failure has come to Israel to urge our government not to make ‘negotiations’ with Iran ‘harder.’

In what appeared to be a warning to Israel, she said the United States hopes no one will interfere with the talks.

“We don’t enter these talks with rose-colored glasses and we don’t know yet if we can resolve this diplomatically,” Sherman said, according to Haaretz.

“It will be critical that our negotiators and partners have the space to get this done diplomatically. The talks with Iran will be very hard and we can’t afford to make it even harder.”

Incompetence. Is it accidental or planned?

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3 Responses to Two Related Stories About The Obama administration

  1. Ventucky Local says:

    IMO Jim, planned. I’d just like to know by whom?

    • reboot says:

      Agreed, they are driving Israel to attack Iran, every damn day they are driving.
      They’ve totally pissed off everybody else in the area, but have been so incompetent that the match of all out war has not been lit.
      The Sauds might get nukes from the Paki’s, WHAT THEN?

  2. Roy Ryder says:

    Bad managers hire people who mirror them.

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