Navy develops ‘world’s smallest guided missile’


As the military relies more and more on unmanned aerial vehicles to carry out pinpoint strikes, the services need smaller munitions to arm them.

And that’s where Spike comes in. Weighing 5 pounds, this mini-missile developed by the Navy is many, many times lighter than the 100-pound Hellfires typically carried by UAVs — but still packs a precision punch. Scott O’Neil, who is overseeing its development, calls Spike “the world’s smallest guided missile.”

Guided by tiny camera

Spike is designed to fire at stationary or moving soft targets like people, lightly armored vehicles, structures, boats and small aircraft, while minimizing the chances for collateral damage, Wheelock said.

“It gives a person a guided missile that’s going to take out the target without blowing up the rest of the neighborhood,” he said.

It’s guided by the same technology as a cellphone camera, O’Neil said. A camera on the missile takes an image of what it sees. The person shooting can then enlarge the picture and pick a target, putting a box around the person or boat or airplane, and Spike will track it.”

Read more at the Navy Times

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3 Responses to Navy develops ‘world’s smallest guided missile’

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    I pine for the days when I would see something like that and think, “yeah, that’s awesome military tech, go USA!” instead of, “golly, I wonder when they will start using it for no-knock raids.”

    Those were the good old days.

    • Roy Ryder says:

      Amen. Worse, all technology will eventually fall into terrorists hands and possibly give the authorities an excuse to use it.

  2. reboot says:

    This one is being designed for some very unique applications. The jack booted thugs won’t ever get the equipment to deploy it.

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