Samantha Power Is Another Obama Dimwit


Samantha Power was recently made the US’s Ambassador to the United Nations. That’s the position that was formerly held by Susan Rice who, you’ll remember, was promoted for lying to the American people repeatedly about the cause of the attack on the US compound in Benghazi, Libya.

Today we learn that Power has posted one of the most ignorant, simple-mided comments. Here it is:

sam power on dan pearl

Do you remember Daniel Pearl? In 2002 he was kidnapped in Pakistan by local militants. He was killed by having his head cut off in front of a movie camera. The video of the killing has been seen by millions.

Samantha Power thinks that being nice will prevent outrages like this. It is sad that the United States is represented by such a small-minded idiot. Not just sad, mind you, also dangerous. Her ilk will be the destruction of the finest country in the history of the world.

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10 Responses to Samantha Power Is Another Obama Dimwit

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    Yes, by all means, let’s reconcile with head cutting savages.

    Here she attempts to apply some lipstick to that pig.

  2. notamobster says:

    What the fuck does that even mean? Dude gets his head cut off by f-king animals and she thinks we just need to hold hands and sing Kumbaya?

    News flash: When someone kidnaps & murders you, that’s not a “cycle of violence” – it’s an act of violence. There is a vast – cavernous difference between the two. And how, pray tell, do you reconcile a severed head? There’s pretty much no going back from that, I think.


  3. Roy Ryder says:

    How can the rest of the world respect us when dimwits like this are in charge? She’s going to be eaten alive at the UN and is too dull to realize when it’s happening to her.

  4. RUDE JUDE says:

    WTF?!?! Really? Really??

  5. Matt says:

    Since I have known for a good, long time that Powers is a complete idiot, this does not surprise me. What does actually surprise me is that she is wearing that gosh-awful, nasty, low-cut, sleeveless prom dress of a drape for her official State Department portrait.

  6. Dave J says:

    In my mind, The only way this statement would have made any sense as written would have been if “smart power” Sam had directed it to @KSM ….

  7. reboot says:

    Wow. The epic perfect picture of a dumb scrotumite. What controversy did she resign for? I’ll have to look it up.
    Deport the UN and put something useful there like a Pizza Hut.

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