So Now Pornography Empowers Women

“I’m The Duke University Freshman Porn Star And For The First Time I’m Telling The Story In My Words”


Here is a link to her story. There is a huge image there that I will not post here.

But why would you do porn?”

People often ask me this question. They know I am a freshman at Duke University, and their shock and incredulity are apparent when the rumor they’ve heard whispered or read on a chat board turns out to be true.

However, the answer is actually quite simple. I couldn’t afford $60,000 in tuition, my family has undergone significant financial burden, and I saw a way to graduate from my dream school free of debt, doing something I absolutely love. Because to be clear: My experience in porn has been nothing but supportive, exciting, thrilling and empowering.

The next question is always: “But when you graduate, you won’t be able to get a job, will you? I mean, who would hire you?”

I simply shrug and say, “I wouldn’t want to work for someone who discriminates against sex workers.”

And she’s proud of being able to do a good day’s work.

For me, shooting pornography brings me unimaginable joy. When I finish a scene, I know that I have done so and completed an honest day’s work. It is my artistic outlet: my love, my happiness, my home.

I can say definitively that I have never felt more empowered or happy doing anything else. In a world where women are so often robbed of their choice, I am completely in control of my sexuality. As a bisexual woman with many sexual quirks, I feel completely accepted. It is freeing, it is empowering, it is wonderful, it is how the world should be.

It is the exact opposite of the culture of slut-shaming and rape apology which I have experienced from certain dark corners of the Internet since being recognized on campus a few months ago.”

And she is surprised and hurt that others don’t approve.

A freshman, eh? That’s one way to learn about life – the hard way.

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8 Responses to So Now Pornography Empowers Women

  1. RUDE JUDE says:

    Yeah, she’ll be another statistic someday. In an alley somewhere, naked and cut up. StOOpid scrunt!

  2. Roy Ryder says:

    Yeah, nothing says “supportive, exciting, thrilling and empowering” like Anal Sluts Go Nuts!

  3. notamobster says:

    She’s definitely over-selling the career choice, there. She may start out making decent cash, but the life span is short and she’ll be blowing dudes for spare change before long.

    It’s her choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a poor one.

  4. rj says:

    I’m sure she will be seen by some daddy warbucks and have a wonderful life of leisure, after all every decent man wants to marry a ex-porn star and live happy ever after.

  5. sortahwitte says:

    How very sad. It’s right out of the alinsky handbook.

  6. Bman says:

    Her grandparents must be so proud.

  7. reboot says:

    Ah, but remember, Miley is worth almost a Billion…..

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