What Your Grandpa Did During The WWII Air War – In Color

After watching this I have an increased respect for the courage of the men who fought the air war. It was terrifying. The bomber crew had to fight their way to their targets and then fight their way back home. Many didn’t make it back.

Hat tip to Peter

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  1. reboot says:

    On a port visit to FT. Lauderdale we stumbled across a WWII Bomber pilot’s convention at a hotel and stopped in. It was late and we weren’t charged as we were in sailor uniforms.
    Oddly enough, another person had noticed the sign also. He was a WWII Luftwaffe pilot who started flying/fighting in his teens that was doing a east coast vacation trip from Germany. He flew a BF-109 hunting said same bombers, and only survived the battle of the bulge because he was shot down the week before and broke both his legs.
    Amazing the interesting things you can run into at the oddest times. It turned out to be a enjoyable, humbling night.

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