Obama claims the mantle of God

“We are very pleased with the labors of our subjects.”

Touting the latest White House Obamacare benchmark, President Barack Obama told his political base not to be discouraged by partisan attacks and stressed that their cause is divine.

“We’re going to make a big push these last few weeks,” Obama told OFA volunteers and officials. “I can talk, my team can talk here in Washington, but it’s not going to make as much of a difference as if you are out there making the case. The work you’re doing is God’s work. It is hard work.”

I can’t help but think of this guy.


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One Response to Obama claims the mantle of God

  1. Roy Ryder says:

    Deus Vult! If you make your followers believe that they are doing not just your will, but God’s will, it has two benefits: It cements in their mind that you are God’s favored son and prophet and it makes anything they do to, no matter how low and vulgar, approved in the eyes of God.

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