CNN Staff: “I’m Glad Piers Mogan Is Gone”

Piers Morgan arrives at the T-Mobile Magenta Carpet pre NBA All-Star Game event in Los Angeles

“He was such an A$$hole.”

Who is surprised by this?

His own co-workers are glad he’s getting the boot. Staffers at “Piers Morgan Live” are actually relieved that CNN has canceled the show, sources tell Confidenti@l.

“He was always such an a—— to people working for him,” one insider says of the bombastic Brit. Morgan’s last show is likely to be this week, but no specific date has been set. We hear it was low ratings and a bad attitude that killed it, and the decision was made by network boss Jeff Zucker. “The makeup girls suffered the worst — he was rude and belligerent,” says our source. “The general feeling is Morgan didn’t show any respect to anyone working under him — the people who were trying to make him look good.”

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7 Responses to CNN Staff: “I’m Glad Piers Mogan Is Gone”

  1. Roy Ryder says:

    It’s no wonder the makeup girls got the brunt of Morgan’s ire. Imagine the difficulty they had hiding the rectum on his head and making it look like he had a face.

  2. Frank in Texas says:

    It is no surprise that this pompous gasbag was colossal a–hole. This just shows the lengths that TV producers will go to try and corral the almighty buck. It is my sincere hope that CNN continues to sink slowly in the ratings until they become the black hole of television. That is the least they deserve for the inane drivel that they try to pass off as intelligent political conversation.

  3. dukka says:

    Ultimately liberals never succeed. On another note I hope he takes his crumpet eating ass back across the pond, gets caught up in another phone hacking scandal and ends up on the street drowning in warm bitter.

  4. reboot says:

    When does he start for al jazeera America?

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