Cash for Repos

Since I was born my Father has spent his professional life in the Electrical Industry or selling Pontiacs. He now works at a GM dealership. The scenario I describe takes place in dealerships across this country on a daily basis. It goes like this…

A city worker and upstanding union member with an annual salary of $27,000.00 per year, enters a GM dealership looking for a new vehicle to buy. A salesman offers assistance. The new customer wants to test drive a fully-loaded Cadillac Escalade. The vehicle costs $67,000.00 . The salesman is happy. The customer wants the vehicle with ALL the options because “That’s how I roll”.

The only problem is that the salesman seems to KNOW that this customer can’t afford the vehicle. After gathering some very basic income and personal information, his gut instinct is confirmed. In addition to not being able to afford the vehicle the customer has a bad credit rating.

The salesman tries to steer the customer to a vehicle that he can actually afford, but the customer is having nothing to do with that suggestion. In fact, the customer begins to act angry with the salesman for suggesting that he shouldn’t have the vehicle that he wants. The customer further insinuates that the salesman may be discriminating against him by merely suggesting that he is not worthy of driving a Cadillac Escalade. The salesman and sales office cave in to this intimidation and instructs the finance office to get a loan for that customer regardless of the terms. The sales office finds a way to finance the purchase and the buyer signs on the dotted line, sealing the deal.

The buyer drives away in his new Escalade and is promptly on the phone with all his friends to meet him somewhere to show it off. One of his friends ask him how much he paid for it, and he says; “Nothing. I didn’t put any money down and my first payment is two months from now”. The new Escalade owner is asked “How much is your payment” and he answers “I don’t know, I haven’t gotten my book of payment coupons yet”. The only thing the buyer knows is that he wanted an Escalade, he went to a dealership that sold them, did a song and dance and drove away in a new vehicle. He knows it is more than he can afford, but because he never had any intention on actually paying for it, he doesn’t care.

He drives that Escalade like he stole it, because essentially he has. Months go by. The Escalade is driven hard and gets no maintenance. Eventually when the Repo Man catches up with the Escalade, it is actually worth only a fraction of its original cost and must undergo extensive repairs before it will be a suitable vehicle again.

I could stop here and say “The End”.

I could say that the name of the customer is Barack Hussein Obama, a guy who did a song and dance to have the opportunity to drive a vehicle he isn’t qualified to drive right into the dirt and then walk away from it saying; “It ain’t nuttin’ but a thang, I really stuck it to da Man”.

What I am really going to enjoy laughing about is how many of the vehicles that have been purchased under the “Cash for Clunkers” program are going to be driven like they were stolen (because they were) and will then be reposessed after they have been mostly destroyed and are only worth a fraction of their original value.

Cash for Repos Part Two is found HERE

UPDATE – January 21st 2010…

The preceding paragraph in this publication comes to pass in less than a year.

Cash for Clunkers Buyers have a high rate of Repo, Late Payments and Buyers Remorse – Read it HERE

Uh-Oh! ANOTHER UPDATE! This one comes two years and a few days after I wrote the original piece you see here and got called a Racist for doing so. I plainly spoke the Truth. I knew what was going to happen before it happened and relayed that information to this forum in a manner that is plainly understood by all. You see what kind of Heat I got for it. Obviously the Truth is just too offensive for MANY Americans and here is the rude awakening that came two years after the Truth was plainly spoken here…

President Barack Hussein Obama and his Administration become responsible for the first Credit Downgrade of the United States an ALL of History. – Read it and weep HERE

Here’s something that helps with some perspective…

Obama increased the Debt more in FOUR DAYS than Presidents Truman and Eisenhower did in TEN YEARS! – Read about it HERE

But wait, there’s MORE…

In less than Three Years the Obama Administration becomes an all-time chart topper on Debt – Read it HERE

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12 Responses to Cash for Repos

  1. Yougotz Bigbalz says:

    Dude, you risk the ‘wrath’ of the Obombatons, who will see this and say; “you racist m.f. bastard, why don’t you post using your REAL NAME and then you’ll see them make comments about what a republican you are, and how you just hate good government…yada yada yada…..”

    unfortunately, you’re right the fuck on target. We have a puppet again, like the last one, only this one is even more disconnected from the reality that he’s carjacked the U.S. and is going to drive it till the thing blows a damned rod. And he’ll walk away in just about 4 years time, after destroying the country as the coup d’ grace of the GOP’s last 8 years of fatal death blows to the republic.

    the Obombya has no clothes.

  2. R.D. Walker says:

    Brad tosses out an apt metaphor.

    Nowhere in the description of the Escalade buyer does he identify the buyer’s race. It could be anybody of any race. Ironically, those who claim his metaphor is racist are making racist assumptions about the buyer of the Escalade.

  3. Ivory Garcia says:

    Let me guess the brothers do this and the dealerships let them get away with it. Just like all the sub prime home loans that were given to degenerates. It’s a rotten system and all the wheels have fallen off the cart. I really don’t give a shit what happens to the dealerships or car companies. All the kings horses and all the kings men will never put Humpty dumpy back together again. Better stock up on guns and ammo. You will need them shortly. When the dealerships are gone Rasmus will be after your car!

  4. Doug says:

    What kind of moron sells a $67,000 vehicle to someone he knows cannot afford it and lets them drive the car out of the dealership without any down payment or any other proof that payments will be made on the car? Let me guess, the salesman was on commission and was only concerned with how much money he was going to get out of the deal and didn’t care whether the “buyer” paid anything ever, because his commission would have been paid long before the dealer found out the buyer couldn’t and wouldn’t pay for the car. Am I right?

  5. dwall says:

    Edmunds calculates the cost of the vehicles sold above those that would have been sold anyway, marginal sales, is between $20,000 and 43,500 in C4C money.

    Plus the cost of the plan. GS 13’s in vegas plannnig how to screw this program up and retire maintaining it. Whats a govt lawyer and executive accountant go for now, plus industry expert consultants.

    are they crazy?

  6. LijEyasu says:

    I’m astonished by the blatant racism in this article. I am no defender of Obama, but for the writer to speak in “ebonics,” and use stereotypical “black speak,” is plain tasteless.

    But then again, I’m sure that the majority of people feel this way.

  7. Mad Brad says:

    Nice Lilly White Attitude there Lij, I’m surprised that you saw racism in this piece that doesn’t mention race. Don’t let reality get in the way of your race consciousness there little girl. The only racism you saw is the racism in your own heart. I also think that YOU are tasteless when you refer to the broken English known as “Ebonics” as “TYPICAL Black Speak”. I know quite a few black folks who would take insult at that remark. Of course it DOES sound like you really DON’T associate with many of the people you assign that “Typical” remark to.

    I guess you don’t listen to Eminem on the way to your Klan rallies either.

  8. GM Dealer says:

    How True! Racist, NOT. Reality ISN’T Racist.

  9. robert says:

    Hey–What kind of guy sells an Escalade… the same kind of guy that will sell him a house he can’t afford. Then bill it back to the taxpayer. Ain’t socialism great?

  10. n0b0dy says:

    Anyone saying that “those who assume this article is racist are assuming racist ideas themselves” are full of it and 100% correct. YOu’re right because we are assuming its “racial” because, last time i checked, i didnt see a bunch of farmers saying “thats how i roll” when buying a new tractor. you’re also full of ish too because if you don’t think that saying “that’s how i roll” is attached in ANY WAY to black culture, you probably learned that phrase from watching FRIENDS. (see how FRIENDS automatically ties your mind to “white” people. You did the same thing with “thats how i roll”) Bottom line, the CFC program lets ALOT of people take advantage of the system. THe dealership is in no way shape or form a victim as they’re making cash from cars that would, without CFC, just sit on their lots COSTING them money. Like someone here already said, they are on commission and these salesmen, in any economy, do NOT care if a customer can make a payment or not. All they care about is that paycheck and putting food on the table. They are doing their “job” and the banks lending to these “Obama’s”, as you put it, are just as Guilty as the customer themselves for being stupid enough to sign a loan they know they can’t pay. YOur example in this article is poor but paints a nice picture of how a system is setup to let everyone take advantage of it without thinkin twice about the consequences of their actions. if that was the aim, bravo! if not, sorry homie but your attempt to mask stereotypical slang as not racist was poor and you banked on the assumptions as your “get out of jail free card”. regardless, decent article if what you tried to show was how everyone involved in the transaction has some responsibility in the f**kin of America.


  11. R.D. Walker says:

    Nobody: So it is not racist to make generalizations about the way black people speak?

    Who assigned you the arbiter of what racial generalizations are racist and which are not. I mean, you get to tell us what how black people talk? Who the hell are you to define that?

    Like white people can’t talk about how they roll. Man, you are making racist assumptions. Frankly, I found your whole rant to be racist garbage.

  12. n0b0dy says:

    R.D., first my hat off to you cuz from your post it seems like you are for the uniting of all races, everyone get along, which is how it should be. we’re all one race, the human race. thats great, props to you and this statement contains no sarcasm.

    now, frankly, if you read what i posted and all you got was racist garbage, then thats your opinion. im not gonna sway you from it. its yours, keep it, cherish it, do wutever you want with it. its all yours. but only yours.

    All i am saying, in case you missed it, was that the article was poorly written since it left the door open to the race issue on an article that i am assuming should’ve been about the Cash for Clunkers program. Thats all. If anyone here, including you R.D., are able to read this article and not find anything remotely racial about it, you probably haven’t been around racism and its many forms. or maybe you have been and you have conquered it so now no racial thoughts ever creep into your head. in that case, you are tha man! please show the rest of us how to do it.

    so again, wutever with the race was NOT meant to be the main point of my post and i would hate to see the “race issue” to be the main focus on peoples posts about this article.

    The BULK of my comment above was about the program and the many parties that are taking advantage of it at the cost of the every tax paying american, which includes me. This program is a scam and the honest tax payer is the one gettin the shaft. regardless of race! When the gov’t bends over the public, they dont care what color your skin is. Puppet Obama and Bank Bailouts clearly demonstrated that.