Blue Cross hires swastika carrying astroturfers?

Nancy Pelosi is one very stupid woman but, damn, I really am starting to wonder how she feeds herself. We are talking hand picked, Grade A, farm fresh idiocy here. She explains that, yes of course, the town hall protesters are astroturf hired by the insurance company “villians.” Then, in the very next breath, by way of evidence of her astroturfing claim, she says they are carrying “swastika’s and those kinds of symbols.” “You be the judge,” she says.

Where to begin? First, I don’t recall seeing any swastikas among these very non-Nazi protesters. That is bullshit. Second, how in the hell would the existence of swastikas at a demonstration be evidence that demonstrators were being hired by vested interests to look like ordinary citizens? How stupid do you have to be to believe that swastikas carried by protesters is evidence that they have been hired by corporations to fraudulently simulate a grassroots movement? On what planet does that even start to make sense? This woman may be mentally retarded.

Here is the real deal.

Nope. No swastika carrying employees of Blue Cross/Blue Shield there. Pelosi… well, as Squirrel said elsewhere about Barbara Boxer, “every time she opens her mouth, stupid falls out.”

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4 Responses to Blue Cross hires swastika carrying astroturfers?

  1. MadBrad says:

    Get used to it. Any expression that is contrary to the Commisar will be demonized so that the expressionists may be looked upon as criminals. We had better get our shower shoes ready for a walk into the Gas Chamber.

  2. Roy Ryder says:

    This mob of one is getting pretty damn tired of having assholes point to everyday people and call them evil.

  3. BigEdsBlog says:

    Nancy was taped saying that people attending town hall meetings were “carrying swastikas.” has nothing on it. If a Republican said anything like this, the MSM would be on it like white on rice.

    Never forget that Liberals hold complete contempt for America.

    You can watch the Pelosi comment here, and stick around for more good content.

  4. Van says:

    We my friends are headed right towards communism. I just don’t trust this Obama guy. He has a hidden agenda. He can’t tell me that he wasn’t influenced by this Rev. Wright moron after 20 years and not walk away withouth a hidden attitude. Give me a break!