More Failed Socialized Medicine In The US

It’s not just the Veteran’s Administration that provides socialized medicine. And it’s not just the VA that is incapable of doing it right. From the Great Falls, Montana Tribune comes this story of the same problems in the Tribal Health Care:


Misdiagnosed illnesses, denied payments and a shortage of trained medical personnel in government-run clinics are wrecking the federal health care system for Native Americans, tribal leaders said Tuesday as they pressed officials to overhaul a system beset with problems.

With the head of the Indian Health Service listening on, representatives of seven Montana and Wyoming reservations delivered a litany of health care woes suffered by their members during a U.S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee field hearing in Billings.

They described an agency compromised by a bloated bureaucracy and unable to fulfill its core duty to provide health care for more than 2 million American Indians and Alaska Natives.

“All too often, tribal members complain of ailments but get sent home from the Indian Health Service with cough medicine or pain killers. Later we learn the situation is much more serious, like cancer,” said A.T. “Rusty” Stafne, chairman of the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of northeast Montana’s Fort Peck Indian Reservation.

“We have lost fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers and future leaders because they were unable to get the health care they need,” he said.

Indian Health Service acting director Yvette Roubideaux said in response that changes are underway, including reforms meant to streamline the bureaucratic hurdles faced by patients. But she acknowledged greater efforts were needed at the local level, and that more money will be required than the $4.4 billion the federal agency receives annually.

“I’ve never thought you could fix the Indian Health Service in a day or overnight,” Roubideaux said.”

Sounds like the same kind of mistreatment our veterans are experiencing.

The really stupid thing that is going on is that there is a very strong push among US Democrats to extend this kind of ‘Care’ to all Americans. It’s madness.

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16 Responses to More Failed Socialized Medicine In The US

  1. Roy Ryder says:

    Before anyone is allowed to vote for a Democrat, they should have to spend a year with VA or tribal medicine. That will put an end to that.

  2. captain*arizona says:

    Government health care is better then no care. I was around in the 50’s and 60’s before medicare and in arizona up until the 1980’s in arizona and even very recently when only mothers with children were eligible for health care. People died for lack of health care including children in emergency rooms because their parents had no insurance. I know you don’t think people have a right to health care and you wonder why americans loathe you. As the kleons say revenge is a dish best eaten cold! Every day their are more of us and less of you! 5 millii minority kids turn 18 every election cycle for president. Were are even slowly turning blue in nazi arizona and we will get you soon here!

    • R.D. Walker says:

      “Every day their are more of us and less of you!”

      There is only one of me.

      I will live well regardless of what you effete, collectivist cowards do. Enjoy your depraved dependency, I will continue to live free, independent and far more comfortably than you can ever imagine.

    • Meshuggahboy says:

      Maybe instead of health care, you should worry about education so that our country can stop producing illiterate mouth-breathers like you.

      • Uke says:

        They already worry too much about education. I’d just as soon prefer they ponder their own navels and stop screwing everything up.

    • RJ says:

      If you are gonna spout bullshit at least get it right ya idiot,
      It was not a Klingon it was Kahn (a genetically improved later marooned in space human) he was marooned due to his thoughts that his superior intellect meant he should rule regular humans (like leftist think) and the correct phrase is “revenge is a dish best served cold” of course you can eat your revenge if you like.

      I have been reading your worthless drivel comments for days and will not reply again, my final comment to you.
      Go away troll, this is a grown up site.

    • slinger says:

      Dude, you haven’t lived in AZ in 30 years, and you still keep the state in your handle?

      Again, I say you need to get off your ass and help your fellow man instead of expecting the government to do that job for you. If you really have compassion for these people, your compassion will show up in your check book.

      Nah … your just a socialist douche bag that thinks it is always someone else’s job to be the good Samaritan. You’re clearly too busy looking like a fool here.

  3. Uke says:

    Captain*Arizona wallows a bit too much in “Demographics as Destiny” and not enough in what various policies actually DO to help people prosper. A bit too much in what political party will help it’s constituents earn a slave’s wage merely by virtue of existence, and not enough in what beliefs will empower people to actually *thrive* rather than being mere vote-producing chattel.

    Not surprising, though, since all statism does is grant people crumbs as long as they submit to chains. Statism empowers the haves, and feeds from society’s have-nots.

  4. captain*arizona says:

    Obama now next Mrs. Clinton Then our first latina president! I see no one disagreed with me that conservatives don’t believe in health care for everyone just for those who can afford it!

    • TN-Cat says:

      We’re you around in the 40’s too CP? So far you have claimed the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, just curious.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      I absolutely, positively believe that everyone has a right to work to attain health care. Nobody who has ever existed or will ever exist in any country, however, has the right to anything that must be provided by another person… including health care.

      That’s a pretty sophisticated concept. Don’t try to understand it. It will strain your pea brain.

  5. reboot says:

    ‘Bout ~2 years ago, took the wife in for an odd thing that was occuring. She would have episodes of palpitations, dizziness, weakness and they were infrequent. After about 30 minutes of discussion with the military doctor at the Naval hospital she had subscriptions for 3 narcs and something else. Needless to say, we didn’t fill them.
    I’d forgotten about it for a couple of months when it really started occuring frequently. Made another appointment, on this time we got a NP. In the middle of the check up and interview, my wife had a attack and were immediately told to take her to the ER.
    Turns out she had a hyper thyroid as the result of Grave’s.
    All they had to do was read her goddamn blood tests. Damn near killed her.
    So, C*A, you can lick my boots.

  6. BaconNeggs says:

    CA – ” Every day their are more of us and less of you! 5 millii minority kids turn 18 every election cycle for president. Were are even slowly turning blue in nazi arizona and we will get you soon here!”

    CA your true blue colours are clear for all to see and ironically like the Nazis you revile, are more interested in one race or group and their ability to breed, rather than Americans as one people.

    There is Government provide Medicare and Medicaid costing billions already, no one goes without government Health Care if they have an emergency and need it, and surely you know that. But your really aim is to get other people to pay for your healthcare, however, economics is a curious thing, like a parasite over whelming a host eventually we reach a tipping point when the host dies. In other words, economic parasites will eventually overwhelm and kill the sought after government mandated health care and it usually start with poor patient care and just get compounded over time.

    Free and independent people with the means and common sense will seek to establish their own health care to prtect themselves and their family.

    The solution is really very simple and it is for individuals of all races and creed not to outbreed and increasingly vote for government socialist handouts, but to get off their ass and take responsibility for themselve and their family by working and providing for themselves.

    I am curious how many of the 5 million new minority voters you mentioned actually have good jobs or any jobs at all, to pay for their government health care under since Obama came into to office? What is the unemployment rate among minorities under Obama?

    Obama is not a magician he can not provide jobs out of thin air and even with all the Billion dollar bailouts and stimulus, where are the minority jobs under Obama? The reality is government can not be a parasite handing out billions devaluing currency and taxing other people to pay for it. It weakens the economy and business go elsewhere or die. When those 5 million new minority voters you mentioned, have good jobs as should be their destiny, they wont need no stinkin government health care.