Friday Night at the Movies – Cherry 2000

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Welcome one and all to yet another incredible Friday Night Flight. For many of us it has been a grueling week on the grind and we need a time and place to unwind, which is what movie night is all about. I view my efforts to bring the quality entertainment you expect on a Friday night as a labor of love. This week there was a lot of labor involved.

I waded through a cesspool of cinematic masterpieces all week. I don’t want to name any of them as you may find them to be frightening. One of the movies came with a warning very early on that if I continued to watch that I would empty my bowels into my pants. How very arrogant of them. I can do that all on my own without viewing their movie. Nonetheless I was intrigued and continued to watch until shortly after Ten Minute mark, at which point it became too silly even for me.

The continuous shuffle of selections went on all week until a couple of hours before show time. I just wasn’t as happy with what I had as I needed to be. I just wasn’t feeling it. I did have a cult classic from the 70’s lined up. It is a great movie but the mood just wasn’t right. I needed something with a little more action to it.

Then on a whim I searched for this one. It would have made the perfect movie for Valentine’s Day. I looked for it then but it wasn’t available. As crazy as it seems, I’ve never seen this movie. I’ve heard about it plenty but I’ve never seen it. I have had plans of ordering it from FYE on my next trip there but never quite made it. I finally found it available online just a short time ago and sight unseen I’m going for it. Tonight’s the night I’m finally going to get to see this cult classic from the 80’s starring Melanie Griffith. This is going to be totally cool.

So kick back, relax and fasten your safety belt. Our Friday Night Flight takes us to a pockeelyptic wasteland, looking for Love in all the wrong places. I don’t know. Maybe in the future (2017) men will have been beaten down for enough generations to discover and apply the accumulated technologies of the ages into solving the issue that tortures us most. Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket.

I have no idea as to the content of this movie as far as scenes which the viewer may find objectionable are concerned. I know what the basic storyline is. I know this is a weird movie, recommended to me by a weirdo and is considered to be of the science fiction action genre. Having not seen the movie (not any of it, no Ten Minute Test nor even a Ten Second Test was performed here) I have no idea if it violates any of our rules but if it does… well… Melanie Griffith is the leading lady. I’m sure that you won’t be very highly offended.

Canned Spam, canned Cheese and Tequila are most appropriate for your in-flight snack and beverage tonight. What you choose is up to you. I just know that if I was running across the desert in a hot car with a hot chick, heavily armed and looking for trouble, those items would be along for the ride.

Let’s see if we can find a Cherry 2000…

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5 Responses to Friday Night at the Movies – Cherry 2000

  1. Ray Davies says:

    I was thinking about this flick today but couldn’t remember the number. I guess next week you’ll have to give equal time to her husband Don Johnson (Miami Vice) with “A Boy And His Dog”? Good Choice Brad, I guess you could always run a collection of you and Unknown doing your Greatest Hits.

  2. MadBrad says:

    This is weird. There is a scene at the Clu Clu Club early in the movie. Roughly Five Years before this movie was made the term “Clu Glu” became part of Jacksonville Northside speak, specifically among my friends. “Let’s got to the Westside and get some Clu Glu”.

    This is very weird.

  3. reboot says:

    Hmm, I don’t have this one in my collection. Thank you.
    Oddly enough, I just finished reading “Do androids dream of electronic sheep” this week. The source book for Blade Runner. I haven’t decided on which is better, the book or the movie. I’ve read that Ridley Scott is doing a sequel to it now.
    Rock on!

  4. Little Miss Texas says:

    Melanie “E Johnson” reminds me of Molly Ringwald…thats weird.

  5. sortahwitte says:

    LMT, that is certainly strange, but I thought the same thing as the movie started. She sounded and looked like ringwald.