“This Just Isn’t Done In Congress”

That is a line I used to describe the left’s reaction to Rep. Trey Gowdy’s fierce examination of witnesses in the comments section to this post below. Of course that is what the House members on the left would claim. It’s because Gowdy is being effective – as well as persistent.

Now it is time to compare what Gowdy has been doing with what the Democrats have been doing. This diary entry by Rep. Marsha Blackburn gives us an insight into what took place the other night when the House of Representatives debated – and finally passed – an immigration bill. It’s titled, “What I Saw During Our Vote To Secure The Border”.


Nancy Pelosi disrupted the House during business when Rep Tom Marino was speaking. “This isn’t done in Congress” – except by a Democrat. Watch:

But Blackburn goes further in her description of that evening:

During the debate on H.R. 5272, my legislation to freeze the DACA program and halt the issuance of work authorizations for those in the country illegally, the Democrat side of the aisle tried to drown out Michele Bachmann and Steve King as they spoke in favor of the bill. They jeered when Ted Poe of Texas described the situation he witnessed on the border with people from around the world rushing to and thru the southern border to try to get to America to get amnesty from this President. They elevated their voices in opposition as Raul Labrador, one of the members who led the conference to a resolution, spoke about the need to take action. They talked over Chairman Goodlatte as he worked to manage the bill on the floor. During my remarks, I twice had to call for order in the chamber so my remarks could be heard over their unruly jeers.

They would clap and cheer for delegating their vote and power to the President, they would cheer that he could and would use his pen. They would cheer in favor of those who are overrunning our border and making a mockery of the Constitution.”

There is more. Read it here

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3 Responses to “This Just Isn’t Done In Congress”

  1. Roy Ryder says:

    The Democrats know that they are about to be shoved rudely out the door by American voters and are reverting to their true nature: Brownshirt louts who refuse to respect and tolerate others while demanding the very same for themselves.

  2. reboot says:

    The Brownshirts, yessss, that is a good term for them. They probably don’t know what it means.