Cop: “If Obama Doesn’t Follow Constitution We Don’t Have To”

Looks like President Obama is setting an example for all public servants, not just in the IRS.

At 2:18 in this video Helmetta, New Jersey police officer Richard Recine says:

Obama has decimated the frigging Constitution. So I don’t give a damn because if he doesn’t follow the Constitution, we don’t have to.”

From Moonbattery

Update: This cop was forced to resign for saying this.

Can’t say anything against Dear Leader.

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4 Responses to Cop: “If Obama Doesn’t Follow Constitution We Don’t Have To”

  1. Tatersalad says:

    We conservatives and especially the Tea Party members need to help this woman who might have made a simple mistake just like Sgt. Tahmooressi did when crossing into Mexico. She crossed into New Jersey and “forgot”! A special fund needs to be established to help pay for her legal fees to help her get relief from this mess she is in. Does anyone have any ideas?????

  2. Testa Sterone says:

    If the preezy isn’t following the Constitution, all the more reason for you to step up to the plate and honor your oath of office!!!!

    • reboot says:

      I think that’s what the majority of us are thinking when we see that scrap.

      We call that pussying out and blaming somebody else in the Navy I used to be in.