You Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up

Moonbat Amanda Marcotte at Slate: The U.S. Won’t Ratify a Treaty to Help Child Migrants Because Conservatives Want to Spank Their Kids

The United States’ treatment of the influx of child migrants from Central America, an influx caused in part by young people fleeing violence, has exposed some serious problems with our country’s system of dealing with undocumented immigrants. The children are too often kept in overcrowded and unhealthy detention centers and they face nearly insurmountable legal obstacles that put them in real danger of being sent straight back to the violent situations they had to cross 1,500 miles to escape.”

How does a moonbat mind take this information, which is happening under the leadership of President Barack Obama, a Democrat, and pretzel it into a condemnation of Conservatives and spanking? It’s unbelievable.

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3 Responses to You Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up

  1. Roy Ryder says:

    Marcotte is why we have warnings on cups of hot coffee, not to eat packs of desicants that come with electronics, and have banned lead in paint. She takes a preconceived notion that’s stupid, finds some random element, and then converts it to prove her preconcieved notion to herself.

  2. Tatersalad says:

    Hispanic conservatives, with the help of the Koch brothers, is ramping up an aggressive campaign to attract Hispanic voters as part of an ongoing effort on the right to bring more minorities into the fold.

    The Koch Brothers and Libre, Their Hispanic Voter Project.