Roof Koreans For Hire!

Hat tip to “the bronze”.


Real Craigslist ad…

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6 Responses to Roof Koreans For Hire!

  1. tjay says:

    Here are some other folks out for hire. To any cause that will pay them.!bCZuVa

  2. reboot says:

    Korean, so they can’t be accused of racism.


    They’ll just say they are yellow caucasians and still yell RAAY_SSISSSSS!!!

  3. Rich says:

    The Koreans on the roofs during the LA riots was when the lights went on for me as to the wrongness of gun control and the rightness of the 2nd Amendment. At that moment it suddenly became soooo obvious that I had been soooo stupid for soooo long as hardly to be believed. And that moment was really the start of my journey to conservatism … thank GOD!