Boots On The Mountain Are Boots On The Ground


There is a concentrated effort by the media to spread disinformation about US troop strength in Iraq. Today Business Insider tells us that, “Less than 20…” troops have been sent to help the Yazidi’s on Mount Sinjar in Iraq.

That means that President Obama is honoring his pledge to prohibit any ‘Boots on the ground in Iraq’ – or nearly so. Right?

Wrong. A month and a half ago told us that we were sending 300 more troops into Iraq, bringing the alleged total to, “… approximately 750, the Pentagon said.”. Since then more have been dribbling in ‘To protect Americans there. Here’s 130 more from yesterday’s news.

Here is another 300 from a month ago.

That took less than ten minutes to look up.

The cult of Obama in the media is as strong as ever.

Update: Defense One says the US has 1,000 troops in Iraq now.

Meanwhile, even with the hundreds of troops on the ground and fighter pilots in the air, the Obama administration insists there isn’t a combat mission in Iraq.”

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6 Responses to Boots On The Mountain Are Boots On The Ground

  1. Dave J says:

    “there isn’t a combat mission in Iraq.”….and “we are not at war with ISIL/ISIS/IS”

  2. jacksonsdad says:

    Of course we know that Da Prez is a punk-ass bitch. I doubt he has any real desire to Sack-Up and go against the wishes of the political left anyway — they are one in the same — but he nor they should not get away with pretending they don’t have blood on their hands… rivers of blood.

    Time and time again they sit on their hands while good people are mowed down… all the way up to and including the point where people are literally driven to the mountaintops and starved to death. Even then they would choose to let the cards fall where they may but politics won’t allow it. So they finally decide to ‘do something’ but they do it half-assed… putting OUR GUYS at increased risk and IT’S ALL ABOUT POLITICS.

    Time and time again it the same plot unfolds. Different days and different places but same old story as liberal politics kill people (of all ages) by the millions.

  3. notamobster says:

    It’s not politically palatable to send in enough troops to do the job right, so let’s send a couple hundred to die for a cause we don’t support. I f-king hate politicians.

    Either man-the-fuck-up and be a leader, or say “NO” and accept the consequences of your decision. Stop this half-assed, whiny, flip-flopping, lead-like-a-7-year-old-girl bullshit!

    Gawd, I miss having grown-ups in the White House.

  4. Roy Ryder says:

    Obama has created circumstances that vastly increase the likelihood of a Black Hawk Down situation happening. He’s creating Mogadishu on the mountain and some poor bastard American soldiers are going to pay for it with their lives.

  5. Dave J says:

    Our SF troops must be wearing sandals in country :-/
    SOP is lies 24/7 out of this administration. They would rather lie to everyone one of us to keep from upsetting their base constituency those that have no problem with lies coming out of the mouths of democrats.

  6. reboot says:

    God bless to the SOC guys that are tasked. It’s going to be a long road to hoe until Jan 2017.

    I hope they don’t completely decimate what’s left of our specialists.