Two Related Stories About Civil Rights Abuse By The State

First in Connecticut:

Connecticut Supreme Court Says State Cops Can Detain You Simply For Being In The Vicinity Of Someone They’re Arresting”.

Officer safety trumps rights because credible threats are credible even when they’re not threats (a probation violation rather than an “armed and dangerous” suspect) and even when they’re not credible (no witnesses stating anything to the effect of “armed and dangerous”).”

This allows the police to prevent anyone they want from photographing, video taping, or audio recording an arrest. There can be no other reason for it.

Next comes an incident from Ferguson, Missouri. Two legitimate reporters are arrested.

Police Shooting Missouri

Reporters from The Washington Post and The Huffington Post were arrested in Ferguson, Mo., on Wednesday night while covering the protests that have rocked the St. Louis suburb.

Wesley Lowery, a Washington Post political reporter, and Ryan Reilly, a Huffington Post justice reporter, were arrested in a McDonald’s shortly before 8 p.m. EDT. Police entered the restaurant and told patrons to leave, the reporters wrote on Twitter after their release. The police then asked Lowery and Reilly for their identification and, according to the reporters, arrested them because they weren’t packing their bags fast enough.

Lowery also said the police officers “assaulted” him. “Officers slammed me into a fountain soda machine because I was confused about which door they were asking me to walk out of,” he wrote on Twitter. Lowery also said that he and Reilly were released without paperwork or charges, and that the officers refused to provide the reporters with their names.”

I know these police are on edge and it seems that at least one of the reporters, it sounds like Lowery, challenged them.

Thanks to Dutchman for the leads.

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3 Responses to Two Related Stories About Civil Rights Abuse By The State

  1. Roy Ryder says:

    The Connecticut ruling is such a blatant violation of rights that it won’t stand up to Supreme Court scrutiny. Unfortunately, it’s got to go through the process and the cops can intimidate and ban people from filming until then.
    As for the two journalists getting arrested, that’s bullshit. I despise most “journalists” as slackjawed biased hacks with politics just to the left of Satan, but this just isn’t done in America. The Al Jazeera crew that got tear gassed is another example of abuse of police power. The MO governor is stepping in and removing the St. Louis police from Ferguson and it’s about time.

    • Jim22 says:

      It is entirely likely that the two journalists taunted the police, causing them to react the way they did. According to the linked source one of them said he, “Wasn’t 100% sure he had identified himself as a journalist.” That makes me believe they were being jerks.

      Even so, journalists or not, the police had no business arresting them. The fact that they released them as soon as they learned they were journalists actually makes the arrests worse. An average citizen, non-journalist, would not have been released so promptly. That is wrong. Also wrong is throwing one of them into the wall. That cop should be charged with assault and battery.

      • reboot says:

        Oh come on, stop the crocodile tears. You are laughing inside because two lib tards received their own gotcha moment.

        Are there any witnesses to said such act?