“Holder dispatches team that ‘inflamed’ Trayvon case”

He’s sending the aptly named CRS. In the Martin case they helped organize protests demanding conviction for Zimmerman. That is not blind justice. It is not justice at all. It is a perversion of the notion of ‘Justice’.

Holder’s definition of ‘Justice’ is not the same as the rest of America’s. He doesn’t want justice. He wants retribution.

holder drawing

Responding to news that the Justice Department has dispatched its Community Relations Service to the scene of racially charged unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, the head of the Washington watchdog group Judicial Watch says it’s time for a civil rights investigation of Attorney General Eric Holder’s agency.

Fitton points out the Community Relations Service intervened in the Trayvon Martin case in Florida, helping organize protests that pressed for the prosecution of George Zimmerman, who later was acquitted by a jury of murder.

Holder said in a statement Monday that the fatal shooting Saturday night of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, a St. Louis suburb, which has led to rioting and looting, deserves a full review. The FBI, the Associated Press reported, is looking into possible civil rights violations.”

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5 Responses to “Holder dispatches team that ‘inflamed’ Trayvon case”

  1. reboot says:

    Community Raysisss Sniffers?

  2. Rich says:

    Well Reboot, my Dad always said he had CRS disease, Can’t Remember Shit disease. Sadly, I seem to be coming down with the same shit myself. 🙂

    How about: Creating Raysisss Scenes? or
    Concocting Raysisss Scenarios? or
    Condemning Raysisss Situations or …….

    • reboot says:

      Ayup, CRS is a Navy term also. My theory is that your brain is full and you muddled up the tabs to sort your thoughts out so it takes longer to remember.

      Let’s see how this “investigation” goes. Notice with the state cops there now, everybody is hugging and singing hymns? That bodes BAD.

      I think the thieves figured out the easy pickings were gone and didn’t want the ride into the city.

  3. Rich says:


    Also bad the notion that truth and light can only come from the feebees. Very bad juju there. I just hope this situation simmers down – though at present that does not seem to be the direction it is heading.

    • reboot says:

      Rich, I think they are getting bolder every month. After the November elections, expect our administration to go full up around retard communist. There is no doubt in this pin headed dude.