GOP Ditching Amnesty?

Border Agents Struggle To Keep Immigrants From Illegally Crossing AZ Border

I found this over at Politico. Politico has a strong leftward bent. The writer, Alexander Burns, sounds a bit panicked, they way he reports this. I take that as a good sign.

He says three prominent Republicans who are up for reelection this year are running commercials opposing amnesty and the Democrats who support it.

In a dramatic departure from their determination only months ago to win a second look from that rapidly-growing community, national Republicans have embarked on a sustained campaign to make the immigration crisis a central issue in 2014 and exhort voters to punish the White House for failing to lock down the U.S.-Mexico border.

Three major Republican Senate hopefuls – Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Scott Brown of New Hampshire and Terri Lynn Land of Michigan – are airing commercials blasting their Democratic opponents for supporting “amnesty” and attacking “lawlessness” and “chaos” on the border. Other candidates are expected to join them.

At the start of August, the House of Representatives voted to reverse the White House action – dating to 2012 – that deferred action on deportations for illegal immigrants brought into the country as minors. The measure was hugely popular among Latinos during the presidential campaign that year, but it caused an outcry on the right as an example of brazen executive overreach.

Border control would seem to be a case in point: At the end of July, an AP/GfK poll showed that 68 percent of Americans disapproved of Obama’s handling of immigration. About the same fraction called illegal immigration an “extremely” or “very serious” problem.

National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Brad Dayspring predicted that go-it-alone immigration actions from the White House “would be the political equivalent of nuclear explosion for Democratic candidates.”

“President Obama’s Executive Amnesty would inject adrenaline into an electorate already eager to send him a message of disapproval,” Dayspring wrote in an email.”

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3 Responses to GOP Ditching Amnesty?

  1. DocO says:

    I support securing the border, but I think Terri Lynn’s new found religion concerning this matter is desperation. I live in Michigan where she is running for senate I can testify she has run a terrible campaign and is behind in the polls. I believe that Scott Walker is in the same boat. Maybe this will work. I doubt it though.

  2. notamobster says:

    I loathe these people – and the entire Republican Party – with every fiber of my being. If I loathe the Republican Party, what are the chances that someone less “decided” than I, also loathes them?

    There is no moral courage, no principle, no sense of identity and what they stand for. I hate them.

  3. reboot says:

    Make it a good election year. Clear out the obola supporters. Just wipe the floor clean of them. I don’t care what party.