Pro-Gun Milwaukee Sheriff Thumps Bloomberg; Wins Re-election!

Bloomberg spent $1/2 Million funding his anti-gun opponent. The people of Milwaukee County rejected that.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (shown) won his primary election on Tuesday over Bloomberg-supported Chris Moews, a Milwaukee police lieutenant, 52 percent to 48 percent. Because there is no Republican candidate running for the position, Clarke’s win virtually assures him of another four-year term in November.

Chris Cox of the National Rifle Association, which had been helping Clarke’s campaign, offered his congratulations:

On behalf of the NRA’s five million members, we would like to congratulate Sheriff David A. Clarke on his hard fought victory in yesterday’s Primary election for Milwaukee County Sheriff. Sheriff Clarke’s outspoken commitment to the Second Amendment earned him the admiration of NRA members and gun owners nationwide.

Cox then noted one of the main reasons that Clarke won and Moews lost: Bloomberg was helping Moews. “His dedication to freedom and the Constitution also earned him the wrath of gun control elitist Michael Bloomberg and his allies, who spent over half a million dollars (more money than both candidates in this race combined) trying to defeat Sheriff Clarke. But in the end, Bloomberg’s money could not buy the hearts and minds of the voters,” Cox said.

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  1. reboot says:

    If I was him, I’d go to a quicky mart, buy a 24 oz. slurpy or soda and make sure that was on the front page of the paper for that pompous ass to see. 😉 He’s got reason to kick dirt in his face.