Saturday Night Special – Triple Cross

It’s not every Saturday Night that we have a special presentation. Friday Night is for theatrical presentations but Saturday Night is wide open for just about anything. Often times a documentary is selected for the evening. The catalyst for our featured presentation this evening appeared on the Revo a short time ago. Since that time I’ve had this story on my mind.

There is one thing that you can be very sure of. The Islamic Jihadists who attacked us on September 11th 2001 lived and trained among us. Right now as you read this there are even more of them among us who are doing exactly the same thing. Just this week it has come to our attention that the President is doing what he can to insure that our enemies receive the training they need to carry out future attacks against the West. The National Geographic Documentary we are watching tonight is a trip into the past, showing us a little slice of history that has and no doubt continues to repeat itself.

This is especially chilling to me because the subject of the documentary, Ali Mohamed, was a Specialist Fourth Class in an S4 Company of 5th Special Forces Group when the Father of my Godchildren became acquainted with him.

He met Ali while on some mundane work detail. The Specialist was talking major smack but there’s always been a lot of that going around Ft. Bragg since the first Pup Tent was pitched there. This guy was outright claiming to have been a commissioned officer of the Egyptian Army, serving in its Special Forces. Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket. All of that I’m sure lead him to his lofty position of E4 as a Supply Company Clerk. The bullshit was already too deep from the start but bored Soldiers will tolerate ANY kind of bullshit story as long as it’s good and is effective at combating boredom.

This was talk of a different nature. At the height of the Cold War all this guy talked about was the evil nature of the United States and its support of Israel. There came a point in the conversation when my friend considered what this Spec Four was saying was downright treasonous but there was an equal part of his reasoning that said that everything this guy was saying was so outrageous that he would sound stupid just trying to explain it to someone.

Everybody pretty well thought this guy was full of shit until one Christmas when the Battalion was given block leave. I guess someone asked him what he was going to do with his 30 Days and he said “I’m going to Afghanistan to fight the Red Army”. Everybody got a good laugh out of that because by this time they had somehow developed an appreciation for this guy’s shtick. They totally thought this guy was full of shit but he was so convincing in his delivery, they thought he was truly twisted and funny as hell.

It was as if he was playing a character and had all the stereotypical expressions and responses. It was as if he was making fun of Middle Eastern Terrorists by pretending to be one. He certainly had a name for it. Whereas Muhammad Ali refused to serve in the Army because of his religious beliefs, Ali Mohamed made it his goal to serve in the U.S. Army for the very same reason.

When Specialist Mohamed returned from 30 Days of Block Leave he was considerably thinner. He was darker too. He had some interesting bits of clothing and personal gear that he claimed to have captured on the battlefield. That funny, twisted character that he had been playing all this time just got a whole lot more believable.

This documentary is very frightening when you consider that Ali Mohamed is only the first of his kind. Major Nidal Hassan would have done the same if he had been in a position to. He waged War against the United States for the very same reason as any of the Islamic Jihadis do. As you read this they are crossing into the United States from Mexico. They will set up their lives here. They will continue to infiltrate the U.S. Military and our communities. There will come a moment when they wage War against the United States as per their purpose here. It’s just a matter of time.

This is how it began…

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12 Responses to Saturday Night Special – Triple Cross

  1. MadBrad says:

    They say this guy was promoted to E-5 prior to arriving at Ft. Bragg. That was not the case.

  2. MadBrad says:

    Ah, William Kunstler defending Sa’id Nosser.

    That sounds about right.

    Communists and Jihadis have a history of collaboration.

  3. MadBrad says:

    As per my previous statement, another Communist Attorney is eager to free the Blind Sheik and return him to Egypt.

  4. MadBrad says:

    I might also add that Ali Mohamed never “trained alongside Delta Force Troops”.

  5. MadBrad says:

    I know that all of you who have met me will think that it is quite hilarious that I would have attempted to re-enlist after 911. I actually updated my personal gear and began a rigorous PT program that included rucksack marches on the weekends. On December 7th 2003 when I showed up at Ft. Bragg in response to a solicitation by my previous unit for Prior Service Veterans of my MOS and Pay Grade, I was told that I would not be able to qualify because I would never be able to get the required security clearance, due to my felony conviction on a firearms charge.

    What a bunch of morons.

    I should be thankful things went they way they did.

  6. MadBrad says:

    This is actually the first time I’ve seen this documentary and all I can say is… wow.

    I learned about it from a Redneck friend of mine who has commented on this forum. He wondered if I had ever heard of this guy. I told him what I knew and he told me that I’ve got to see the documentary I just watched.

    Interestingly enough, the Soldier I got this story from, the Father to my Godchildren, is a Soldier I did Federal Time with. They called us “Terrorists”.

    Well guess what?

    After all these Years I finally got the last laugh. I’m probably the only one who’s laughing but what are you going to do in the face of such absurdity? The dumbasses who are running the show today are even bigger dumbasses who were running things in the days leading up to the events shown in this documentary.

    Do you know who is crossing the border into the United States from Mexico tonight? How about every night since September 11th 2001? The conclusion is only logical. They do live among us. While they get stronger, we get weaker. It’s just a matter of time.

  7. reboot says:

    The people we run across during life….. I’ve been around some of McVeigh’s crowd back in ’92. You can pick them out like a bent nickel.

    Most of them like to talk about themselves and what they are going to accomplish.

    As for the felony firearms charge and a clearance? Methinks they can wave that if they want to do the paperwork.

  8. BaconNeggs says:

    Brad thank you so much, excellent insights in just how deep into the shit we really are.

    I read about the first World Trade Centre bomb plot, some years back, how the FBI and CIA knew the Jihadist, even willfully supplied them with explosives, so busy trying to cross and double cross instead of just killing these F–kers where ever they find them. After all, how much more Intel do they still need.

    Anyway I appreciate your post, its nice to put a documentary face, to all shite.

    I also agree that it is worse, much worse than before 9-11. Who would have imagined after 9-11 that barely 14-15 years later, political correctness would be so rampant in our nations that Muslims are not only making demands within other nations but with the help of traitorous politicians turning us into a global Sharia states to appease Muslims.

    If all the secret service like the FBI and CIA etc are prepared to do is simply “watch and report” to their higher ups, what these Jihadist do, then its will be up to private individuals to kill the Islamic snakes that are slithering among us and slowly tightening another coil around our necks.

    I knew Bin Laden visited the US but did not know that Al Zawari also got a visa too. The US with all its drones and NSA survelliance and yet.

    And yet, and yet this very week, the ISIS chief Head-cutter can jump in a convoy of 40 former Iraqi Humvees and Armoured Trucks and drive from Mosul to Al Raqqa and all the US drones can do, is watch from above and report to their safe journey and arrival to Syria.

    Great just f–king great!

    The entire war on terror is F–ked up and we will never win fighting this way.

    • Ray Davies says:

      please keep us informed about how things are going in GB. We appreciate your posts from the trenches, so to speak. Most of us are well aware that what goes on over there will be here in a couple years. It’s just I think they hate us more over here. In the US they’re out to destroy and over there they’re going to breed you out of existance.
      Stay safe, friend

      • BaconNeggs says:

        Thanks Ray I appreciate your kind words. You know its thanks to the Internet and videos like the one Brad posted here, that I am actually re-learning the truth about world events that happened years ago which the MSM deliberately lied, twisted or simply refused to tell us the truth about, the first time around. I used to listen to the VOA, Radio Canada, Radio Netherlands, BBC World Service, read the broadsheets – NYT, Guardian, consider Chomsky, Friedmann, Pilger, etc, the “alternative media” wisemen, who were supposedly far more intelligent and honest but who in reality wore rose coloured leftist world view spectacles.

        For example Egypt, Israel, Saddat, Lebanon and Palestine, Hezbollah, the US military involvement as peace keepers in the region and their withdrawal, I remember that media spin was the constant message of Cowboy Reagan and the US bully once again supporting Israeli domination of Arabs. But thanks to the Internet, and people like Bridgette Gabrielle born and raised in the region I have been enlighten and have had to dump a lot of the shit and lies I had floating around my head all these years about those events. Cross, double-cross, triple-cross, its only in recent years I have begun to understand just WTF have been going on and is going on today. And yes, I dont know it all, but I am still learning.

        This Ali Mohamed, is such an important figure in Global Jihad and yet how many people know anything about him and others like him in similar positions today?

        Two years ago when Lee Rigby the English soldier was attacked on the streets of London by Nigerian Muslims who partially decapitated him I was shocked, angry, enraged. I thought finally something was going to be done to combat these savages in our midst. Well like I said in another posts, at work we got a prayer room for Ramadan and Sharia toilets, because what we really needed to do as a society, was to be more accommodating to Muslims.

        Since those event, it seems many other Muslims have been in a beheading competition, I have seen so many people suffer this fate, that I am sadden to say, it doesnt shock me as much any more. Slowly we as a society are getting used to barbarism and evil and that is really very sad because worse than that, this evil is growing by leaps and bounds and our “leaders” are doing little to eradicate it.

        Last night I went to Church with my wife for the first time in a while and I couldn’t help but think sitting there, that the light of Christianity had grown dim and gone out in some places entirely, since the last time I sat there, more than six months ago. In the land of Christ other than Israel, there are virtually no openly practicing Christians. Those who remain are being forced to convert. I thought about the Pastor (from Uganda or Kenya) who had acid thrown in his face by Muslims simply because he was a Christian and I wonder how any God can allow such things to happen.

        14 years ago, like many people I had never heard of Al Queda or Jihad, did not have any idea about Islam or what Muslims truly want. Today its a whole different ball game, we all know the truth but our politically correct leaders pretend its not really that bad, and so we do not act and kill our enemies.

        The time to watch and report on the Jihad networks, is over. We know enough. Islamic Jihad can not be fought in a Court of Law, because Islam is not a religion, it is a political ideology that calls for the submission or destruction of all that do not bow down to its ideology.

        Freedom of religion is one thing, but Islam may have to be be outlawed outside of Mecca-land, because it is not a religion. Islam is a call to Jihad and war with others. Islam is a call to arms and will have to be fought in brutal combat, the Muslim are prepared for that but are we?.

  9. Rich says:

    ” … we will never win fighting this way. …'” as long as we are led by our traitor in chief and all his traitorous slime. Put in genuine Americans at the top, and in all the important supporting roles, and things could change for the better.