Obama to choose Senator Joe Biden as his running mate

Based on my informants who are well placed Senator Barack Obama will choose Senator Joe Biden as his running mate. As you will recall Jokin’ Joe was the first to inform the American people that Barack Obama is clean and articulate. Now Senator Biden has come to his reward.

This isn’t a totally bad move for Obama, but he has a field of nothing but bad choices. The VP choice will not mitigate the personal weaknesses of Barack Obama. My speculation of the outcome of this election has as much doubt in it as my speculation of the Undertakers next match at Wrestlemania.  

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11 Responses to Obama to choose Senator Joe Biden as his running mate

  1. McLaren says:

    Joe has the uncanny ability to lie through his teeth and sound credible. He mixes enough little truth-drippings with total bullshit that the left-media won’t dare question his line of crap.

    It’s a good pick for Barry. He needs the old senator who will undoubtedly start every lie with: “John McCain is a friend of mine, and I respect him, but…..”

  2. R.D. Walker says:

    Biden huh? I am a little concerned that the combined arrogance of Obama and Biden on the same stage will create a nexus of ego which will tear the space time continuum and create a sigularity of vainglorious self regard that may well threaten the destruction of the greater Denver area and maybe the entire planet.

    Also, Biden is 65 and has been in the Senate since he was 30. He is the definition of a Washington insider. He is the archtypical inside-the-beltway-Washington-wonk. Tell me again about the Obama promise of “change” and a new kind of politics.

  3. MadBrad says:

    This is hilarious. I understand Obamas reasoning, but due to his failure to understand his errors, he has placed himself in the unfortunate tactical situation of having no good options. Arrogance creates blindness and the choice Obama has made is for more arrogance. They are utterly confused and will not regain order or command of the battlefield.

    What I am enjoying about this MOST OF ALL is how we here at The Real Revo have scooped the entire mainstream and not-so-mainstream media on this story.

  4. McLaren says:

    R.D.: Very good.

    Brad: If this is true, you may have countered the swirling portal of doom of which R.D. wrote.

  5. Pat Hash says:

    Welcome to the wide and wonderful world of journalism Brad, get ready to take up your new position in Fox, when all this is made official.

    Yes? LOL

  6. Brooklynite says:

    Obama will need much more than Biden; He need to explain his change to the American people.

    How could he be running neck and neck with Mccain when the price of gas is so high.

    I always voted for the Dems but for now I am think of staying home.

    Part of the reason is Obama and the poor performance of congress with a Democractic Speaker. This speaker must be the worst ever.

  7. WH Man says:

    Biden is a certified narcissist who also happens to be a mental midget………

  8. MadBrad says:

    I love it! Yes, the Democrats will have two communistic mental midgets to complete their tickets. Everyone knows Obama is an empty suit and Biden is a serial liar. I identified Senator Biden as a Communist in 1991. The Biden choice was made on based on the best advice of a confused effort.

    I look forward to my next fifteen minutes of fame coming up today. I also look for a good selection out of McCain but have no source for that information. The source I have was probably a once in a lifetime type of thing that happened due to no effort or pre-meditation of my own. The source is credible and I stand by the story I broke over 48 hours ago.

  9. joe buzz says:

    “source is credible” Yeah Ive been happy with craigslist myself.

    Found a typo though “pre-meditation” should have been “pre-medication”.

    I agree you are the resident expert on midgetry though given all that wrasling you watch. keep up the good work bro!

  10. McLaren says:

    All Hail, the MadBrad has spoken.

    So it was written, so it shall be done…..

  11. MadBrad says:

    “And he said , Verily I say unto you , No prophet is accepted in his own country” -The words of Jesus Christ at Luke 4:24

    Yes, DAYS before it was “News”, you got the straight scoop here at THE Real Revo FIRST!